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^ Re: [Iowa-talk] Re: iowa segfault
33476 [julian beta4] [Still cross-posted for the length of this thread]

^ locale
33477 [Vitaliy.Mora] How to change locale in ruby? I want to use national representation of day,
33524 [alex_oscol y] As I understand at the current moment of development of Ruby you
33586 [Vitaliy.Mora] day,
33602 [alex_oscol y] it's strange, i find ruby-locale v0.2  at RAA

^ Is www.rubycentral.com down
33481 [edjbaker med] I've been trying to reach www.rubycentral.com since Friday night
+ 33482 [Alexander Or] I have the same problem.
| 33483 [Dave Pragmat] And me :)
+ 33497 [phasis korne] ...
  33498 [Dave Pragmat] Yes - I'm trying to get hold of someone to renew it.

^ Expert at HTML, JavaScript...?
33496 [ mx yeah.net] ...

^ SourceForge Foundry for Ruby ?
33499 [quadzero use] creation of a "Ruby Foundry" on sourceforge.net and to that end, here's
33501 [ljohnson res] ...
33525 [quadzero use] I don't mean to diminish the viability of any of the other resources you
33526 [ jimm io.com] It may not be mutually exclusive, but it would be redundant. The only
33531 [quadzero use] Well then, it seems (so far, anyway) that my view about this is in the
+ 33536 [james rubyxm] <snip/>
| 33566 [dsafari xtra] James,
+ 33541 [ jimm io.com] I do it all the time. Drives everyone around me crazy, too.
  33546 [ jimm io.com] [Just correcting my own stupid spleling errrrors.]
  33548 [quadzero use] Hah!  A "Freudian slip," perhaps  ;)

^ Ruby Embedded Documentation
33500 [billtj z.glu] ...
33502 [ljohnson res] ...
+ 33504 [Dave Pragmat] Volunteers always welcome :)
+ 33506 [decoux moulo] ...
| 33510 [gotoken notw] But this is not good at least when the target library is modified.
| 33511 [decoux moulo] ...
| 33513 [gotoken notw] Sorry, I didn't think such case.  I've put new version which does not
| 33514 [decoux moulo] ...
| 33517 [Dave Pragmat] If you mean in the comments, then it automatically hyperlinks the
| 33527 [decoux moulo] ...
| 33538 [Dave Pragmat] I'm sleep deprived at the moment (Henry's in a "can't sleep, won't
| 33540 [decoux moulo] ...
| 33545 [Dave Pragmat] I map 'initialize' to the class method ::new for output: for 99.99% of
+ 33507 [tom.hurst cl] Yeah, I can barely think of a *worse* way to do inline documentation
| + 33508 [tobiasreif p] Just send Dave your suggestions, ideas, code, or/and complete templates;
| | + 33512 [tom.hurst cl] I'll look into the templates.
| | | + 33515 [james rubyxm] If the RDoc markup contained at least as much information as DocBook, such that
| | | + 33528 [tobiasreif p] The mentioned one-page output format would be a fit for the requirements
| | + 33516 [dblack candl] True, but the standard here is really XML, which is nice because it
| |   33521 [tobiasreif p] Sure. I listed Docbook as an example for which conversion tools exist; I
| + 33522 [Dave Pragmat] I agree it's a mess. I know next to nothing about HTML, and I've been
|   33530 [tom.hurst cl] Looking at that, it's even more old-style HTML 4 Transitional.
|   33539 [Dave Pragmat] My point is that writing templates is hero's work: feel free to add
+ 33509 [aamine mx.ed] Many people said that RDtool is hard to install, so I'd prepared

^ Anyone still using Ruby < 1.6?
33503 [ljohnson res] ...
33505 [tobiasreif p] < 1.6 (subject) or < 1.4.6 ?

^ Ruby interpreter's stability (hosting companies etc.)
33518 [tobiasreif p] I nicely asked my main hosting company to install Ruby.
+ 33523 [Dave Pragmat] Ask them what they mean. They may well have reasons, or they may have
| 33549 [tobiasreif p] Very good idea.
| + 33553 [joe vpop.net] <blatant_plug>
| | 33554 [tobiasreif p] Great! Is there a link to a page on your site where Ruby is listed as being featured?
| + 33559 [roy milican.] Greetings,
+ 33529 [tom.hurst cl] Perhaps they'd like to see some of my nice httpd-error logs full of PHP
+ 33558 [john.carter ] Tell them you know about the BOfH excuse server...
+ 33562 [sevillar tea] Threaten to switch hosting companies.  If they don't care about their
  33595 [jfreeze free] You could always use a virtual server hosting company (like iserver.com)
  33671 [tobiasreif p] I asked them (my german host) what exactly they meant by "not stable

^ UML and Ruby
33532 [mcix gmx.net] I use ruby on a linux platform.

^ Ruby for Windows Download Site
33533 [edjbaker med] Can anyone recommend a download site for a Windows compatable
+ 33534 [joe vpop.net] Best regards,
+ 33543 [jonas NOSPAM] ...

^ Class variable madness
33535 [stern rowlan] Can someone tell me what's going on here?  Or has this already been fixed?
+ 33537 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 33544 [matz ruby-la] Because you didn't prepare @@v in A.  No @@v is known for class A.  The
  33594 [stern rowlan] Matz, I guess I didn't express my meaning very clearly.  What I want
  33597 [matz ruby-la] Oops, "a.set(5)" should fail just like "A.set(5)".
  33604 [vjoel PATH.B] ...unless you define it in the subclass *first*, right?
  + 33611 [dblack candl] This came up in some discussion about class variables last year.  Matz
  | 33629 [chr_news gmx] Ruby already issues a warning about this. That said, if you throw in class
  + 33633 [matz ruby-la] Don't do that.  If you give -v to the 1.7 interpreter, it warns you.

^ ruby.spec for RPM-Package
33542 [grandor gmx.] ...

^ Ruby Developer's Guide shipping :)
33547 [rich infoeth] Just notified via Amazon!

^ [patch] Ruby 1.7 dir.c, get rid of warning
33550 [matt lickey.] I don't think Dir::glob should warn (in the "ruby -w" sense) when it
33564 [matz ruby-la] Reasonable.  Thank you for suggestion.

^ where to start? (parted frontend)
33551 [fabio.spelta] I've searched a bit for exercises for make pratice in ruby, and
33552 [tobiasreif p] I'm not sure if I understand correctly, but
33616 [fabio.spelta] Well, thanx, but it was'nt exactly what I was lookin for :)

^ [ANN] Ruth 0.8.0
33555 [triptych ntl] The latest version of Robert Feldt's Ruth (version 0.8.0) is now available

^ [ANN] ByteCodeRuby 0.1.0
33556 [triptych ntl] The latest  version of ByteCodeRuby is now available from the RubyVM project
+ 33557 [joe vpop.net] George, I assume this will speed up execution time?  Do you have any
| 33565 [stern rowlan] I would like to know what are the expected benefits to using
+ 33600 [alan digikat] All right, I'll ask since nobody else has. :) What are the
  33606 [alex_oscol y] I am afraid, when the Parrot will be realised , Perl disappier as a
  + 33612 [erik bagfors] Care to explain why you feel like that?
  + 33614 [dan sidhe.or] Nope, not gonna happen. Well, not short of me being replaced by some
    + 33653 [george.marro] I'm *hoping* it'll speed up execution time, but it's unlikely to make much
    + 33705 [ser germane-] Yes, I encountered this with REXML, while running benchmarks against

^ syntax across languages
33560 [pixel mandra] - the page has now much more entries
33567 [decoux moulo] ...
33584 [pixel mandra] merci !

^ module behavior
33561 [chris darkro] If you have a native module and a script module called 'foo' - with their
33563 [matz ruby-la] "foo.rb" has higher priority, so that it is loaded.  You can load
33583 [chris darkro] Ok, thats what I thought, thanks :)

^ Ruby Weekly News
33568 [Dave Pragmat] ...
33571 [tobiasreif p] Dave and Holden et al, thank you very much for the Ruby Weekly News!
33572 [dsafari xtra] Sorry Tobi - I jumped the gun a bit I guess...would you prefer me to retract
33582 [tobiasreif p] You could change it to reflect what I posted @

^ handling errors
33569 [tobiasreif p] somehow I had this working.
+ 33573 [dsafari xtra] I don't know if you can do that without specifying an exception type? Anyhow
| 33574 [tobiasreif p] Holden,
| 33575 [WYS helbling] ruby versions 1.7.x have no "problem" with your script.
| 33578 [tobiasreif p] ruby 1.6.5 (2001-09-19) [i386-cygwin]
+ 33576 [nobu.nokada ] NameError isn't StandardError in 1.6, and rescue without
  33577 [tobiasreif p] Does
  33579 [nobu.nokada ] Yes, and it's right if you want so.

^ array diff
33570 [tobiasreif p] I need to get the difference of two arrays; more precisely, the rest of
33580 [nobu.nokada ] Array#- actually treats arrays as Sets.
33581 [tobiasreif p] But
33588 [flori eavesd] ...
33589 [tobiasreif p] Florian,
33590 [dblack candl] [1,1].minus([1,1,1]) => [1]
+ 33591 [tobiasreif p] that's what I did first.
+ 33592 [decoux moulo] ...
| 33596 [dblack candl] Yikes.  Forget my earlier code.
+ 33599 [martindemell] ...

^ [SPAM] Re: syntax across languages
33585 [pixel mandra] oops, i wanted this private.

^ gtk and threads
33587 [ps radiac.mi] I am writing an application using ruby and ruby-gtk. From what I understand I
33593 [decoux moulo] ...
33598 [ps radiac.mi] oops.. seems it was an error on my part in another place. threads seems ok

^ rescue syntax
33601 [alan digikat] I know it's Does anyone else find themselves trying to abbreviate error handling code as follows?
+ 33603 [Dave Pragmat] Shazzaam! And so it shall be.  :)
| 33610 [alan digikat] Well, I feel a little stupid. :)  Thanks for pointing this out.  I guess I missed that
+ 33605 [vjoel PATH.B] irb(main):036:0> def div x

^ Ruby browser similar to Smalltalk browsers?
33607 [clarkej cuug] This quote on amazon.com from an interview of some Ruby authours caught
33608 [hfulton aust] Hmm. I'm not sure what was being referred to there.
+ 33609 [rcalco corte] # My money at the moment is on the FreeRIDE project
+ 33628 [james rubyxm] Ahh, unless they practice XLP: eXtremely Lazy Programming.
+ 33636 [clarkej cuug] Thanks for the pointers, Hal. I've not tried Ruby, but will stay tuned -
  33637 [Dave Pragmat] Unfortunately (says the person who made the prediction). At the time a
  33704 [anany ece.vi] Although it's probably not what you are looking for per se, you can try

^ FreeRIDE Update [was  RE: Ruby browser similar to Smalltalk browsers?]
33613 [curt hibbs.c] Actually, Rich has written *all* of the code, so far -- very impressive (and

^ Name resolution in Ruby
33615 [stern rowlan] I've been struggling to understand how name resolution is supposed to
33652 [decoux moulo] ...
33665 [stern rowlan] Thanks for your response, Guy.
+ 33667 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 33789 [chr_news gmx] The current class variable behavior is really very usefull but it is
  33818 [pcs3 mailhos] Here here.  After reading about Self
  + 33822 [chr_news gmx] Hm, one of the self team member Craig Chambers later became team leader
  | 33824 [pcs3 mailhos] "Cecil has a classless object model. Objects have methods attached
  | 33826 [pcs3 mailhos] Hmmph, but you do get the last laugh.  You have destroyed about two
  | + 33827 [david.simmon] ...
  | | 33835 [pcs3 mailhos] I'd seen it mentioned in comp.lang.smalltalk, but I hadn't realized it
  | + 33866 [chr_news gmx] I am glad you liked the pointer - the sources tree of the project seems to
  |   33920 [pcs3 mailhos] If you want to experiment with MOP's, then a prototype-based system is
  |   34305 [chr_news gmx] Thanks for this pointer.
  + 33825 [matz ruby-la] JavaScript?
    33867 [chr_news gmx] Hm, the following

^ choice of HTML templating system
33617 [paul atdesk.] I am not a web developer, nor do I pretend to be one.
+ 33622 [Dave Pragmat] First, would you mind if I copied this list to the wiki?
| + 33659 [paul atdesk.] Go right ahead.  You might want to add Radical to the list, and mention
| + 34181 [sean chitten] Anyone thought of a ruby-talk <=> ruby-wiki gateway?  I never have the
+ 33623 [oliver jelly] Obviously the article is only in relation to perl, but it helped me make a
+ 33627 [james rubyxm] I'm using ruby-tmpl for www.rubyxml.com, and cooked up a way to build and emit
+ 33631 [julian beta4] The desire to seperate the code from the HTML is one of the main goals
| 33693 [paul atdesk.] I tried 0.15 and I still see segfaults.
| 33709 [julian beta4] Hmm... are you using mod_ruby or calling it as a cgi?
+ 33635 [tom.hurst cl] [Template systems]
+ 33655 [steve-clr da] ...
+ 34180 [sean chitten] ...

^ load scripts in irb
33618 [fabio.spelta] I have not found how to load files into irb (as classes definitions) and
33625 [vjoel PATH.B] load "my-file.rb"
33660 [fabio.spelta] No! it is the first, quite intuitive :) thing I have tried.

^ [newbie] make first letter lowercase
33619 [sebi cyte.de] sorry for this very simple question, but how would i turn the first
+ 33620 [tobiasreif p] class String
| 33624 [jeffp crusoe] Ick.  Am I the only one that finds that syntax a little disappointing?  I
| + 33632 [matju sympat] Here's a new part of MetaRuby (samples/SubArray.rb)
| | 33641 [tobiasreif p] I like that.
| | + 33643 [matz ruby-la] Hmm, how about
| | | + 33644 [WYS helbling] I'd vote for this!
| | | + 33646 [tobiasreif p] ... so that
| | | + 33656 [Dave Pragmat] It isn't very orthogonal.
| | |   + 33663 [tobiasreif p] better suggestion(s)?
| | |   | 34736 [ruby fourthc] ...
| | |   | 34768 [tobiasreif p] The solution was not the problem :)
| | |   + 33686 [matz ruby-la] I guess I understand what you mean, but could you tell me how it's not
| | |     33689 [Dave Pragmat] Sorry - I was feeling minimalist this morning :)
| | |     + 33691 [tobiasreif p] This
| | |     | 33692 [Dave Pragmat] I guess we'll have to disagree on all but the 'shorter' part, and in
| | |     + 33699 [martindemell] ...
| | |       33714 [dff180 yahoo] Cool ideas with the parts/expose...
| | + 33658 [matju sympat] Well, it depends whether what you want is #part or that particular
| + 33640 [tobiasreif p] I agree.
+ 33621 [vjoel PATH.B] x = "FOO"
  33634 [ronjeffries ] What may not be obvious to a newbie is that

^ Weekly RCR Summary
33626 [RubyGarden t] ...

^ Help with i18n and RDoc, please....
33630 [Dave Pragmat] I'd like to add proper internationalization and multiple language
33648 [hermit-jah y] My nick is Jah, Dave :)
33654 [a.bokovoy sa] This is a valid point. For proper definition of langauge specification it
33669 [Sergey.Yanov] standard languages. That means if you use --lang=ru, ALL pages must be
33682 [a.bokovoy sa] There are two different problem domains here. First is

^ ruby 1.7
33638 [andy_neagu h] From where I can download ruby 1.7? www.ruby-lang.org seems to be down
33639 [andy_neagu h] Sorry!! My DNS server has some problems!

^ Ruby Weekly News
33642 [Dave Pragmat] ...
33819 [eirikm einn.] ...

^ Ruby article in March 2002 Linux Journal
33645 [ptkwt shell1] ...
+ 33647 [tobiasreif p] Is that online too?
+ 33651 [mjais web.de] where did you find the information ?
  33694 [ptkwt shell1] ...
  33707 [info mjais.d] thanks for your answer. Here in Germany I have not even received the