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334477 [pdigonzelli ] Saji N. Hameed escribióº
334484 [gooigpi gmai] #!/bin/bash
334486 [gooigpi gmai] #!/bin/bash

^ Polymorphism
334479 [michael webl] As much as I like Ruby, I do miss the polymorphic behavior of routines
334480 [phlip2005 gm] That's "overloading", not "polymorphism".

^ create a text file with data custom positioned?
334488 [mmc_collins ] Do you know how to create a text file with data custom positioned?
+ 334489 [phlip2005 gm] El Goog will lead you to sprintf. Then look at the %s pattern, such as
| 334492 [mmc_collins ] sprintf didn't work, it did position them however it positioned them
+ 334505 [ruby-bucket ] Your example doesn't match either the number of args (5) or their order.
| 334516 [cidza tin.it] I have a function; it receives a string, a char with possible values l
| 334548 [mmc_collins ] Thanks everyone! :-) MC
+ 334677 [alan is.co.z] @col1 = 'SL_ewer00'

^ Accessing ruby objects across VMs
334495 [piyush.pr gm] I have 1 ruby instance running for a website. I do heavy polling using in
334503 [vjoel path.b] AFAIK there's no way for two VMs to share live, writable object storage.
334504 [piyush.pr gm] Thanks Joel.
+ 334506 [vjoel path.b] Marshal #load and #dump _is_ what drb is doing.
+ 334514 [shortcutter ] I am not sure what you mean by this. As Joel pointed out, DRb does use

^ questions about embedding ruby 1.9
334502 [funkaster gm] I'm facing some problems about exception handling using the ruby 1.9.1-
334511 [nobu ruby-la] I can't see any problem with following code.
334522 [funkaster gm] totally right... you don't need to create a new to just require a
334533 [graham.agnew] Do you nee to add rb_init_loadpath()?
334579 [funkaster gm] VALUE load_path = rb_gv_get(":");
334583 [funkaster gm] it's working now :-)

^ Netbeans Plugins - how do I run them i
334507 [reg nospam.c] I have just installed a Plugin (Startup Settings) for my Netbeans IDE

^ Creating an HTTPResponse manually
334508 [bryan millz.] I'm working on an application that reaches out to a web service. I'd

^ directory watcher, trying to match filename to directory name.
334510 [draygen80 gm] Here's an issue I can't seem to figure out, regardless of the hours i've
334515 [david.gaya g] "*/*", :pre_load =3D> true
334524 [draygen80 gm] Thanks David,
334537 [tim.pease gm] uess
334541 [draygen80 gm] Thanks for the reply, since your the developer of the gem it is really nice
334543 [hassan.schro] There's nothing about a name that distinguishes a directory from a
334544 [draygen80 gm] I do realize this :) , but if I could at least assume that "STRING" without
+ 334546 [hassan.schro] Still a dicey assumption, IMO, but
| 334549 [draygen80 gm] I agree, not a good assumption in most cases - and its a bit wasteful since
+ 334547 [tim.pease gm] No regular expression required ...
  334552 [draygen80 gm] Tim,
  334563 [martindemell] en I

^ How to uninstall Ruby 1.9.1p0 in Red Hat Linux
334521 [jayakumar.ja] I want to install ruby 1.8.5 version and hence need to uninstall ruby
334526 [shortcutter ] Depends on how it was installed.  If you build it from sources you

^ Ruby or JRuby
334529 [martin g-nes] on Rails. My question is wich between Ruby or JRuby should i learn. What
+ 334530 [charles.nutt] For learning, there's not a whole lot of difference. JRuby is almost
+ 334531 [james.herdma] Don't look at is as "JRuby versus Ruby", so much as two different
  334532 [robert.dober] This is a tough call, I would rather learn Ruby1.9, but that will not
  334696 [ninja slapha] It really wasn't, for me. The easiest way is to simply give the executables a
  + 334703 [juan_zanos t] Probably the installation difference is minor if you just want to
  + 334710 [robert.dober] At first I thought it was a brilliant idea, so I did it but gem1.9
    + 334712 [hassan.schro] ?? When I have multiple versions of anything on one system, I just
    | 334714 [robert.dober] I had absolutely no problem running Ruby this way. The problem I had
    | 334721 [hassan.schro] Just out of curiousity, what kind of problem?
    | 334734 [robert.dober] Joel explained it better than I did, it comes down to the fact that
    | 334737 [hassan.schro] Ah, that's why the suffix thing makes no sense to me -- if you use
    | 334760 [robert.dober] hmm that indeed looks promising, I must have hosed things with links,
    | 334766 [shevegen lin] It is a breeze if you use Application-like approaches (like on
    | 334778 [hassan.schro] Never thought of it as a 'workaround' -- just the way to install multiple
    + 334713 [vjoel path.b] I've gone the '--program-suffix=19' route, just to play with ruby19, and
      + 334715 [robert.dober] 42+
      + 334790 [ninja slapha] gem19 install rake --format-executable
      + 334800 [mguterl gmai] d not

^ Re: Python on LLVM
334535 [rogerpack200] Appears that macruby "intends" to use LLVM JIT for its next release
334602 [kirill.konon] I hope they will consider use libJIT as an alternative.

^ Re: HOWTO: Authenticating with a Windows Active Directory se
334538 [grudzien gma] This is a really good HowTo and I used something similar in my Rails

^ Merb + Sequel + mysql transactions
334539 [ulag hotmail] I don't seem to get the transaction to rollback the inserts performed.
334555 [jeremy bitsw] r =3D>

^ Rubyzip problem on Vista?
334540 [bdezonia wis] I bundle my Ruby application in a zip file that I created using
334542 [bdezonia wis] I went to Rubyzip's sourceforge page and found a good number of open

^ uninitialized constant Ruport::Report (NameError)
334545 [mmc_collins ] I got this code off the website below. I wanted to run and watch the
334550 [mmc_collins ] Nevermind this - I see a thread just like this one. Sorry guys.

^ Is there a better way to do this?
334551 [pmckibbin gm] I recently had code which needed to work with the same structure twice,
+ 334557 [robert.dober] A time bomb!
| 334558 [pmckibbin gm] Thanks Robert,
+ 334559 [matt tidbits] I would have thought that key? is the basic form here.
| 334564 [pmckibbin gm] absolutely right. I'd forgotten about that method.
+ 334568 [shortcutter ] If I understand the rest of your post correctly it is not exactly the
  + 334569 [robert.dober] rite
  | 334581 [pmckibbin gm] Cool and will generate the same error type, I've used a modification of
  | 334605 [robert.dober] obably write
  + 334574 [pmckibbin gm] True, but it is a 3rd party object library that I don't have access to
    334601 [shortcutter ] I see.  But: if file storage means XML then you can still create a data

^ special characters screwing up string operations
334556 [tennisbum200] Im doing some manipulation of strings, and there are some characters
+ 334561 [robert.dober] With the information at hand it might be an encoding issue,
+ 334566 [pjb informat] Perhaps you could try a real programming language?
| 334567 [robert.dober] Adam do not pay attention, Pascal is convinced that CL is a real
+ 334572 [drbrain segm] My console doesn't allow me to paste these characters into irb (OS X, =20=

^ gtk container add/remove malfunction
334562 [kevredon gma] i'm trying to remove and add a widget to a container when an event
334586 [gooigpi gmai] It looks that your {{ @options_list }} variable is defined in different
334600 [kevredon gma] @options_list is a class instance variable defined in no class (so in
334612 [kevredon gma] the added elements are there, but not visible

^ [ANN/ADV] My book, "The Well-Grounded Rubyist" (PDF)
334571 [dblack rubyp] I'm very happy to announce that my book "The Well-Grounded Rubyist" is
+ 334573 [gregory.t.br] Definitely pick this book up if you need to learn the fundamentals of
+ 334578 [robert.dober] I assume that the lady at the cover page is not Lady Ada Lovelace, right ;)?
+ 334580 [charles.john] Any plans on a Kindle version?
  334621 [dblack rubyp] Not yet. Manning is ramping up for Kindle production, I believe, so

^ Spreadsheet development
334575 [ahmed amanzi] I'd like to create a Spreadsheet model, where I can access cells like
334576 [martindemell] method_missing should do it
334615 [ahmed amanzi] Thanks martin for your response. I've tried it with ruby and it's OK.
334617 [mark thomasz] Upgrade? There were problems with method_missing in older versions of

^ Can't install hpricot gem
334577 [boriscyber g] I can't install hpricot gem on CentOS 5, you can check the error message
+ 334594 [drbrain segm] What is your ruby version?
| 334629 [ruby.student] I, also, can't installed hpricot on Windows/XP, and I have the latest Ruby
| 334680 [drbrain segm] Seems pretty clear to me.
| 334687 [ruby.student] Yes! It is also clear to me. What is not clear, to me, is which "development
+ 334635 [boriscyber g] hpricot and other gems that I could not install, ther might be some
  334638 [ruby.student] What's Ruby "enterprise"?
  334639 [rick.denatal] Basically, it's a version of Ruby 1.8.x with some changes (primarily a
  334654 [ruby.student] Interesting!Thank you for the explanation!

^ undefined method `close' for OpenSSL::SSL::SSLSocket
334584 [brad rumblec] I'm having a problem with 1.8.6 and soap4r that I don't understand. I'm
334701 [brad rumblec] I've determined that "include Buffering" is somehow being ignored for
334731 [brad rumblec] I resolved my problem. My load paths were 'reversed', i.e. the machine

^ emacs, rdebug, and ^M
334585 [tbeatie taci] This is hopefully a simple issue, but google has not found me an answer
334587 [michael.malo] this is indicative of dos line endings.....  Don't know how to sort it
334589 [tbeatie taci] I figure it's some sort of translation issue, but it only appears in the

^ Any url with documents, articles about how to study Rhtml?
334590 [cjq.999 gmai] I am new to Rails and I would like to study the Rhtml grammar and practice
+ 334591 [phlip2005 gm] What did Google tell you about them?
| 334592 [cjq.999 gmai] Thanks to Phlip, I still can't find any useful resource when I search "ERB"
| + 334655 [mark thomasz] [ BTW, The Rails mailing list is more appropriate for Rails
| + 334698 [ninja slapha] No you don't. That would be a horrible book.
+ 334593 [daveh allhel] y.

^ rubygem installation problem
334595 [sunny.bak gm] I installed ruby 1.8.7 and now I am trying to install rubygem 1.3.2.
334681 [drbrain segm] Why did you use --prefix instead of installing RubyGems into the

^ how to test for existence of a method
334596 [tomcloyd com] I'm a little stumped on this one. I looked at several ideas, and none
334597 [chris chrisk] Object#respond_to? doesn't do it for you?
334599 [tomcloyd com] Thanks. Does just fine - now that I know about it. Handy!
334609 [shortcutter ] irb(main):001:0> o = Object.new
+ 334652 [jgabrielygal] Just a question: isn't it good practice to override respond_to? when
| 334673 [tomcloyd com] How would you do this?
| 334675 [robert.dober] Well by mirroring the logic of method_missing
+ 334699 [ninja slapha] I think that depends on the situation. If respond_to? is known to work, it's

^ [ANN] isi-1.2.0 is released with isi2bibtex and isi2html
334598 [t_nissie yah] I release isi-1.2.0, a converter from ISI Export Format to BibTeX Format.

^ [ANN] wilson 1.0.1 Released
334604 [ryand-ruby z] wilson version 1.0.1 has been released!

^ ruby plugin for eclipse
334606 [sayakyi gmai] Dear all Rubyist,
334607 [phasis gmail] Did you try Ruby Development Tool?
334870 [sayakyi gmai] Thankyou verymuch.
334893 [sayakyi gmai] Solve.!

^ [noob question] convert 7 in 07
334608 [cyril.staff ] I would like to display numbers with a 0 before when there is only one
+ 334610 [shortcutter ] Please look up sprintf, printf and String#%.
| 334613 [rimantas gma] And keep in mind that you will have to convert to string anyway,
+ 334614 [dandiebolt y] irb(main):001:0> n=7

^ Re: convert 7 in 07
334611 [shevegen lin] counter = 1; sprintf("%02d", counter) # => "01"
334616 [mark thomasz] I don't see how to
334619 [dandiebolt y] Well I just picked it up on one of the n-tips for ruby lists. This isn't th=

^ Needed only the Domain name from an url
334618 [sri.jjhero g] Suppose if i give,
+ 334632 [andrew andre] Technically google.com is the domain
+ 334896 [jazzezravi g] Are you got the solution ?
  334983 [kranthicu gm] In the application controller
  334982 [kranthicu gm] subdomain = request.subdomain  # for the

^ problem with Nokogiri::HTML::Element#line
334622 [malikbakt gm] I have a problem with Nokogiri::HTML::Element#line, it always returns
334676 [aaron tender] It *should* return the line.  This is most likely a bug in libxml2.
334678 [aaron tender] Also, make sure to include the version of libxml2 you're using.  Just

^ [ANN/ADV] Ruby 1.9 Envycasts: "What You Need To Know", parts 1 and 2
334623 [dblack rubyp] Rails Envy (the "I'm xxx", "And I'm Ruby on Rails" people) has produced

^ best/better way of md5suming of really large file in ruby?
334641 [kyleaschmitt] I've got a script that is going through data, and in some cases,
334643 [yun nomitor.] yun
334646 [reid.thompso] rthompso@raker /cpartition/hold $ ls -rlt dummyfile
334650 [reid.thompso] more realistic...
334651 [kyleaschmitt] Thanks both of you.  I'd rather not shell out using %x[, but I may end

^ Trouble with module/class inheritance
334645 [byrnejb hart] class ForexCASource
334647 [byrnejb hart] I implemented my own xpath method which calls

^ JRuby problem
334656 [ahmed amanzi] ScriptContext sct = jruby.getContext();
334659 [james.herdma] My guess is that the context fails to keep track of local variables. Try an
334662 [ahmed amanzi] Thanks for response. the code you sent is missing using sct, but I
334664 [ahmed amanzi] Take a look: markmail.org/message/ze4vwkscc6w3cpc7

^ Error when reading file from command prompt
334658 [mmc_collins ] prompt. It reads in the input ok but doesn't initialize to the file. I
+ 334660 [sureshkkgvr ] input = gets
+ 334661 [jgabrielygal] input = gets.chomp
+ 334689 [alan is.co.z] Wow you seem to be a little confused her
  334690 [alan is.co.z] puts 'Enter Filename: '
  334700 [mmc_collins ] thanks!

^ How to distinguish blocks of certain arity in 1.8
334665 [bp50fathoms ] I'd like to distinguish the two following blocks by means of their
+ 334670 [bp50fathoms ] I respond to myself. I've done this, admittedly in a bit ugly way, by
+ 334672 [higgs.bozo g] I suppose the answer is that they have the same arity.  These are all
  334852 [renard nc.rr] According the ri documentation
  334856 [nobu ruby-la] It was a miss in rdoc which has been fixed already.

^ rb_raise problem in C extension
334668 [bdezonia wis] I am using Ruby 1.8.6-26 from the One Click Installer on Windows. I
334683 [drbrain segm] If ruby is out of memory how could it allocate more memory to raise an
+ 334691 [bdezonia wis] =A0
| 334706 [drbrain segm] In that case, rb_raise should do what you want, however you may need
+ 334805 [kbloom gmail] Is rb_memerror() exposed for him to call? He could just call that, and it
  334806 [drbrain segm] yeah, looks like it's in intern.h.

^ Calling java function from JRuby
334669 [ahmed amanzi] I'd like to call java function from inside JRuby. For example, when a
334674 [nicksieger g] Cheers,
338574 [brusch4_remo] "Nick Sieger" <nicksieger@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
338583 [minilith gma] Do you happen to know how much energy was wasted by my entirely

^ gnuplot timeseries
334702 [rob.webinato] Does anyone have an example of plotting a timeseries with gnuplot and
334704 [phlip2005 gm] I'm not sure where the +00:00 comes from.
334705 [rob.webinato] That's the default format of DateTime.new.to_s

^ [ANN] Diamondback Ruby - Static Typing for Ruby
334711 [furr cs.umd.] I am pleased to announce that the first public release of the
+ 334719 [phlip2005 gm] How about the language journal all the results of running the
+ 334723 [default spir] Ho..., there is a typo in the first example of the quick start
+ 334733 [djberg96 gma] Looks interesting. I managed to get all the dependencies installed (I
+ 334735 [james.britt ] But otherwise, quite cool looking.
+ 335595 [rogerpack200] Cool.  I wonder if it could integrate with yard or what not.
+ 336047 [pat.eyler gm] Mike Furr and his co-worker Mike Hicks were kind enough to
+ 337384 [rogerpack200] What's an example of it in use? Could it theoretically be used to create
  337484 [furr cs.umd.] Diamondback Ruby is intended to be another development tool in the
  + 337554 [rogerpack200] gotcha--it shows you paths you may not have anticipated.
  | 337578 [furr cs.umd.] There have been several projects that attempt to translate high level
  | 337856 [rogerpack200] Perhaps you can explain this slightly more so I know what you meant
  + 338058 [rogerpack200] Gotcha--so currently diamondback ruby is basically used to "double check

^ hygienic startup file
334716 [thomas faun.] a startup file to be loaded by RUBYOPT should have minimal side
334718 [vjoel path.b] Can't you use local variables to do the same thing?
334791 [thomas faun.] I can. That's it, thanks!
334797 [shortcutter ] Now you made me curious: why?
334831 [thomas faun.] I guess that using local variables is not exactly the same thing like
334863 [shortcutter ] Of course it's not the same, but it always depends on the use case.
334953 [thomas faun.] First I defined constants rather than variables simply because each of
334985 [shortcutter ] robert@fussel ~
335011 [thomas faun.] by Class.new, it's OK. Seems that I need an anonymous class for ruby