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^ ruby/sequel/mysql problem
333374 [stangbos gma] newbie here.
333465 [code jeremye] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ [ANN] gmail_contacts 1.0 Released
333376 [drbrain segm] gmail_contacts version 1.0 has been released!

^ filelocking
333379 [derekbellner] I have posted the same code b4, but could not find my original post,
333380 [vjoel path.b] That should be File.flock.
333381 [derekbellner] OK tried that...thx!, but now I am seeing
+ 333383 [vjoel path.b] sorry, my fault... should be
+ 333384 [michael.malo] File#flock => f.flock

^ Ruby, Wesley Chen has invited you to open a Google mail account
333386 [cjq.999 gmai] I've been using Gmail and thought you might like to try it out. Here's

^ Re: bluecloth-2.0.0 released
333387 [ymendel pobo] I don't think you necessarily need to use Perl Markdown as an

^ Exit loop after checking for some time
333390 [cartajo gmai] my email every 5minutes and after 20minutes of no new mail it will
+ 333401 [bosko.ivanis] def repeat_every(seconds, checks_count)
| 333402 [cartajo gmai] hey there, thank you so much..you save me!!! my heartfelt thanks :)
+ 333447 [lasitha.rana] FYI, if time_spent > seconds in the above method, the call to sleep
  333698 [cartajo gmai] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ A hopefully simple question
333392 [chuft tampab] I downloaded an irc bot written in Ruby. I haven't programmed in many
333393 [michael.malo] /Everybody stand back/
+ 333394 [phlip2005 gm] Our hero!
| + 333395 [john.sikora ] It seems that if msg.text was a String object, then the include? method
| + 333396 [michael.malo] %r{\Wlol\W}i
+ 333397 [chuft tampab] You are a god among men. You have my thanks!

^ Seo Services India, Seo Forum India
333404 [seo.kishore8] Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy to understand and

^ Why ruby license?
333406 [johan.postbo] All these different licenses makes me confused.  As I been understand it
+ 333448 [kyleaschmitt] I hate to answer so flippantly, but, because.
+ 333536 [matz ruby-la] Just because Ruby is older than Apache.
  333543 [jeff schwabc] Thank you.  This kind of licensing makes it a lot easier to justify GPL

^ Hash key : string or symbol!?
333408 [abboura84 ya] I had to manipulate a hash (delete pairs, add pairs, )
+ 333416 [dvyjones clu] If you have control of adding things to the hash you could call to_s
+ 333417 [blambeau gma] The easiest would be to decide which kind of key you really want
+ 333419 [andrew andre] new_hash = {}
  333422 [abboura84 ya] if we have nubers in the hash that we'll be converted to nil with to_sym
  + 333423 [dvyjones clu] You could still loop through them and make them into strings instead
  + 333424 [andrew andre] Then you could use

^ The public face of ruby - propaganda
333411 [jayeola gmai] Documents like this [0] helps developers and sys admins to get a
333430 [julian coret] Look on ibm's Website

^ Having trouble using ruby-debug.
333413 [rquadling go] I'm on Windows.
+ 333588 [rogerpack200] Can you reproduce it somehow easily [and post an easy to reproduce
+ 333606 [ksruby gmail] Just FYI, -rdebug option doesn't activate ruby-debug, but instead it

^ Ruby & Watir
333414 [dominator_le] Hey guys,
+ 333420 [benjamin.lov] While I'm not trying to dissuade you from using ruby (heresy!) you could use
| 333421 [dominator_le] Many thanks for your comments,
| 333429 [benjamin.lov] You can learn basic ruby here [1] and take a look at the Watir docs here [2]
+ 333435 [nigel.hennan] You can define a test_helper.rb to  have methods to do what you
  333441 [dominator_le] How can i do that? Sorry I know nothing about Ruby.
  333510 [nigel.hennan] John,
  333553 [dominator_le] Hey guys,
  333644 [nigel.hennan] John,
  334534 [dominator_le] Hey guys,
  + 334536 [dominator_le] Hey,
  + 343703 [xflibble hot] I've posted how to do this here -

^ Ruby WGet
333425 [shevegen lin] I would need a ruby "wget version" which works on linux and windows.
+ 333427 [shortcutter ] It seems Net::HTTP is everything you need, especially since you just
+ 333428 [benjamin.lov] Ben
+ 333436 [matt harpsta] I'd suggest using openuri -- it's a lot more flexible than net::http.

^ calendar
333431 [sushruts.con] I want to show the record in between two dates which i taken form

^ Gnuplot zooming and grids
333438 [rob.webinato] I have the basic Ruby gnuplot interface working.  I don't seem to get
+ 333483 [vjoel path.b] It's tricky. See if this helps you...
| 333653 [rob.webinato] Thanks for the ideas!
| 333773 [vjoel path.b] Looking at their examples, I am flashing back to a bad Excel trip.
+ 334984 [aespinosa cs] I don't know the internals of rgplot myself, but might be similar

^ calendar event
333449 [sushruts.con] In my application i use such table(table as follows) in which the
333450 [shortcutter ] Then you should use class Date.

^ Hash questions
333451 [jona.hunt777] p {"foo" => 1, "bar" => 2, "baz" => 3 }
+ 333452 [caduceass gm] p( {"foo" => 1, "bar" => 2, "baz" => 3} )
+ 333454 [adam.oddfell] From what I can tell, ruby is interpreting the beginning of your hash as
  333456 [adam.oddfell] Actually, on a bit more inspection, both puts and print work the same
  333458 [rick.denatal] No, I'd say that the parser is correctly parsing an initial '{' after a
  333460 [shortcutter ] Here's an alternative
  333462 [phlip2005 gm] The freedom to skip () parens nearly everywhere comes at a price. You gotta

^ HTML equivalent to my link_to_remote statement
333453 [tanealbhanda] I have the following link_to_remote statement that I need to convert
333459 [phlip2005 gm] I need help understanding the question. (But please consider the Ruby-on-Rails
333467 [tanealbhanda] Good call.  I didn't even think of that.  Basically, I'm using an rjs
333472 [phlip2005 gm] Call link_to_remote directly inside your RJS - that's what its for
333478 [tanealbhanda] Cool!  That worked.  I think I had an extra set of quotes that was

^ Ruby Regex
333457 [sriram.varah] I am working on extracting some data from a file.
333461 [shortcutter ] /Direction\s+([^,]+)/
333466 [sriram.varah] Hey Robert,

^ Help connecting to a web page, doing a search and filtering out the  returned data!
333473 [ruby.student] I need recommendations on what to use to accomplish the following with a
+ 333523 [jwang376 gma] 2009/4/10 Ruby Student <ruby.student@gmail.com>
+ 334523 [reid.thompso] take a look at mechanize.

^ Testing builds from svn repo and reporting errors
333475 [jayeola gmai] Are errors from svn builds reported here or to another list? For

^ Calling a Function Before It's Defined
333479 [mark cosmicp] I would like to be able to call a function (or a class,
+ 333481 [vjoel path.b] foo
| 333487 [mark cosmicp] Thanks! Just to make it clear for other beginners
| 333584 [mark cosmicp] A friend thought of another way,
+ 333486 [matt tidbits] ...
+ 333491 [sepp2k googl] The reason why you have to declare a function in C before you call it (before

^ ruby and vista
333488 [4pbears eart] i just got a new computer with vista home premium and was wondering if i
333489 [benjamin.lov] You most certainly wouldn't ;) Go forth [1] and chose a version!

^ Hide "gets" method output, for passwords..
333490 [draygen80 gm] I'm trying to find a platform independent way of hiding the STDOUT when a
+ 333498 [ymendel pobo] I'm not sure because I haven't done this sort of thing myself, but I
+ 333499 [TimHunter nc] I think Highline will do this: http://highline.rubyforge.org

^ Output UTF-16LE BOM to file - 1.9
333493 [the.chrismo ] ruby 1.9.1p0 (2009-01-30 revision 21907) [i386-mswin32]
333670 [james graypr] Yeah, it's easy stuff.

^ http://maik90.gratis-webspace.de/ http://maik30.gratis-webspace.de/ 
333495 [wilkemirko7 ] ...

^ A trivial formatting question.
333504 [rwschaaf com] I've been looking around for a Ruby IDE, and came across the soon to
+ 333505 [adam.oddfell] always leave 'when' indented to the same level as the case statement,
+ 333513 [RichardDummy] =A0

^ regex woes with breaklines
333507 [aawilso1 vt.] and I'm no closer to a solution.  The issue is that I have a string
333533 [andrew andre] Replace the <br> along with the new line
333552 [aawilso1 vt.] Thanks a million.  It feels like a waste replacing something that's
333592 [shortcutter ] Not necessarily: with 1.9's regular expression engine there is negative

^ [ANN] rake-compiler 0.4.1 Released
333511 [luislavena g] rake-compiler version 0.4.1 has been released!

^ DRY up consecutive gsub's - How to
333512 [RichardDummy] I have a csv file suitable for an Excel display.  The file has column-
+ 333514 [phlip2005 gm] col_name = col_name.to_s.gsub(/[\s]/, ""). gsub(/[&]/, "And").gsub(/[#]/,
+ 333515 [robert.dober] ]/,
+ 333520 [RichardDummy] On Apr 9, 9:25=A0pm, RichardOnRails

^ Help with http get, and filtering out the returned data!
333516 [ruby.student] I need recommendations on what to use to accomplish the following with a

^ [ANN]  April Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting
333517 [james.britt ] April Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting

^ how do you manage your gems' gemspecs?
333521 [gabriel.horn] I'm curious how people manage creating their gemspecs. I'm not
+ 333525 [luislavena g] aster/.gems.yml.
| 333528 [gabriel.horn] Nice rake task. I didn't know github gems allow for yaml gemspecs. For
| 333554 [luislavena g] In theory to be SAFE, the gem builder prefers YAML over Ruby code.
| + 333556 [juan_zanos t] DRY is a useful principle, but when the code required to implement it
| | + 333569 [ninja slapha] Worth mentioning, it still might be worthwhile. For example, it might be
| | + 333581 [gabriel.horn] =A0
| |   333583 [luislavena g] =A0
| |   333593 [gabriel.horn] =A0
| + 333579 [gabriel.horn] Luis,
+ 333801 [drbrain segm] This makes it harder for other people to develop with your gems.  Now
  333826 [gabriel.horn] /master/.gems.yml
  333917 [drbrain segm] With what you've described, if I want to build a gem of yours from
  333958 [gabriel.horn] ob/master/.gems.yml
  334034 [ryand-ruby z] That's what I thought, and I was wrong. It is exactly the reason why

^ strange result from to_a
333526 [paul.denize ] I had unexpected results and could not figure out why
+ 333527 [botpena gmai] works fine here, running ruby1.9
| 333530 [paul.denize ] Ok, I'm on ruby 1.8.6
| 333531 [paul.denize ] Yep, upgraded and the problem is gone.
+ 333539 [sepp2k googl] That's because "9".succ is "10" instead of ":"

^ Configure SciTE - accept keyboard inut
333538 [staylor supe] How do I configure SciTE so that when code ( gets() ) asks for user
334103 [staylor supe] bump...

^ unsubscribe
333545 [amrmagdyfath] ...

^ [OT] Python on LLVM
333546 [djberg96 gma] Regards,
333560 [gregory.t.br] I don't know anyhting about the details, but isn't MacRuby also heading to LLVM?
333570 [ninja slapha] I believe MacRuby is on LLVM, but is Mac-bound, as it also relies on some

^ Join strings
333547 [gigatavu gma] What is the simples way to join strings?
+ 333548 [minilith gma] local_variables.select {|v| v != '_'}.map {|v| eval(v)}.join
| 333550 [minilith gma] The problem & answer is almost the same as those to your question from
+ 333549 [rick.denatal] [tmp1, tmp2, tmp3, tmp4, tmp5].join
+ 333551 [jeff schwabc] def join_tmp(indices, bind)

^ Help watir
333557 [ruby.student] While attempting to install watir I came across the following errors.
333645 [nigel.hennan] I don't think Watir is working with Ruby 1.9.1 yet, and will be happy to
333758 [ruby.student] Nigel, Thank you for your reply. I guess I'll wait until it works on 1.9.1.

^ Float.finite ?
333558 [Aldric Giaco] How does one use .finite? effectively? I tried with (1.0/3).finite? => true...
+ 333559 [jeff schwabc] ITYM Float#finite?
| 333590 [Aldric Giaco] I see. Thank you..I misunderstood what the function did :)
+ 333561 [caduceass gm] 1.0/3 is most certainly finite.  Here is how #finite? works...
+ 333567 [stefano.croc] According to the ri documentation, Float#finite? only returns false if self is
  333589 [Aldric Giaco] Ah! Understood. Thank you.. Big help :)

^ logfile rotate
333563 [derekbellner] Is there a gem that rolls logs for you?  if so how and where can I get
+ 333565 [tim.pease gm] Take a look at the "logging" gem. It has a rolling logfile appender --
+ 333664 [jarmo.p gmai] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ RubyGemInstallError
333564 [chandu.sheno] I have installed ruby 1.8.6
333798 [drbrain segm] gem -V --backtrace install watir

^ date formatting bug?
333566 [mark ociweb.] Why does the year get changed in this code?
333568 [matt tidbits] ...

^ Canvas#top=  in Shoes
333573 [agnel.joel g] In the hunt for a bug in Shoes, which I need to fix for my app, I have

^ load testing tool -  Please advise?
333576 [mmc_collins ] Will you point me in the right direction to which program will be good
333603 [kyleaschmitt] I'd go straight for JMeter.
+ 333604 [kyleaschmitt] Just one more thought..
+ 333618 [rubfor recit] Could you expand on that? I would have thought using a browser is the
| + 333620 [the.7th.ghos] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
| + 333621 [kyleaschmitt] Well, if you think about it, what does the server care about?  Sending
| + 333622 [phlip2005 gm] Watir runs a browser and your web server. Both those systems have timeouts and
+ 333656 [pbooth nocoi] ...
  + 333746 [mmc_collins ] Using what?
  + 333747 [kyleaschmitt] Hear hear
    333762 [mmc_collins ] LOL ;-) thanks

^ [QUIZ] Finding Quiz Responses (#200)
333578 [yahivin gmai] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

^ Re: Python on LLVM
333585 [rogerpack200] Hmm.  Looks somewhat like Python psyco.  Except psyco boasted to boost
333586 [tony medioh.] It could potentially work for Python 3.0, but that is not one of their
333591 [charles.nutt] It's probably also worth pointing out that the majority of Ruby
333605 [rogerpack200] Interesting.  Now that you mention it, I do remember seeing a comparison
333611 [charles.nutt] Very true...we're happy to be posting 10-20% faster Rails numbers over
333613 [rogerpack200] No joke.  Rails is a tough one.  AR does things like regenerate the
334211 [kirill.konon] I suggest everyone use libJIT instead of LLVM. See
334228 [rogerpack200] Nice to know that libjit is moving forward.  Any benchmarks? :)
+ 334231 [kirill.konon] We everyone is that interested in benchmarks? All results that we
+ 334232 [kirill.konon] Why everyone is that interested in benchmarks? All results that we
  334234 [kirill.konon] for an improvement it gives.
  334236 [kirill.konon] The Russian language audience can have a look at this presenation with

^ a few thoughts for ruby...
333607 [rogerpack200] Thought I'd pass these thoughts by the readers here before sending them
+ 333610 [vjoel path.b] It's not really symmetrical. Array has an #include? method because it is
| 333612 [rogerpack200] Thanks for the reply Joel.
| + 333614 [nobu ruby-la] gettext, and printf in 1.9.
| + 333646 [vjoel path.b] Yes, quite extensively when generating C code. Would hate to have to use
|   339247 [jeanjulien.f] So do I when generating LaTeX code.
+ 333616 [shortcutter ] -0
| + 333635 [rogerpack200] I kind of agree with Joel on this one, too.
| | + 333642 [colinb2r goo] Sometimes the best (or better) usage depends on the context.
| | | + 333672 [cmdicely gma] True, so I'd agree that encouraging Float -> BigDecimal conversions
| | | + 339230 [rogerpack200] The good news is that with current ruby trunk I believe that Float#to_s
| | + 333659 [shortcutter ] That's not exactly an override situation because the "global" select is
| + 333818 [julian coret] Why aren't they? What do you mean by this out of interest?
|   333835 [shortcutter ] Please do not top post.
|   333930 [rogerpack200] Good examples.
+ 333617 [nobu ruby-la] Dir.exist? exists in 1.9.
+ 333643 [adam.oddfell] Object#in? can be very useful in keeping code legible; it more likely to
| 333808 [ehames gmail] Before reading your email I was writing my own Object#in? and came up
+ 335600 [rogerpack200] 1) have load not "necessarily" require the .rb suffix, (i.e. make it
| + 335601 [shevegen lin] some_var = '/tmp'
| + 335618 [vjoel path.b] What about getting in the habit of
+ 335647 [dblack rubyp] Could you possibly start a different thread for each topic? Bunching
  336133 [rogerpack200] Great idea.