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^ Loading classes in order
332869 [elioncho gma] I have a folder that contains several classes. There are some some
+ 332872 [vjoel path.b] Can you insert requires in these files to make the dependencies explicit?
| 332873 [elioncho gma] specifying requires inside each class. I have seen that when I put a
| 332897 [ninja slapha] which means people have no context.
+ 332874 [ibc aliax.ne] path =3D File.dirname(__FILE__) + "/files_dir"
| 332875 [elioncho gma] Thanks Inaki, but in that example I will have to specify the require
| + 332876 [shortcutter ] to
| + 332877 [ibc aliax.ne] When failing due to a non existing class, Ruby raises a NameError exception.
|   332885 [elioncho gma] Hey Inaki thanks,
|   + 332931 [shortcutter ] I do not understand why you seem to be so reluctant to declare
|   | 332972 [elioncho gma] The app I'm working on is an online editor where a user create classes
|   | 332975 [ibc aliax.ne] Another approach would be loading first a file containing all the classes=20
|   + 332974 [tony medioh.] Look at Merb.  Don't go the horrible ActiveSupport route.
|     332978 [ibc aliax.ne] nd
|     333032 [doug dseifer] circular dependency comes to mind ...
|     333036 [phlip2005 gm] Ruby can't require the classes so strictly. C++ could, and maybe Java could. But
+ 333156 [rick.denatal] I finally got around to writing about the Kernel#autoload and

^ "".upcase  =>  " "  ?
332878 [ibc aliax.ne] IsOxw6HDqcOtw7PDusOgw6jDrMOyw7kiLnVwY2FzZQo9PiAiw7HDocOpw63Ds8O6w6DDqMOsw7LD

^ Re: "סביםףתאטלע.upcase  =>  " סביםףתאטלע  
332886 [stephen.celi] % gem install unicode

^ Re: "סביםףתאטלעש¢.upcase  =>  "  =?iso-8859-1?b?8eHp7fP64Ojs8vk=?="  =?iso-8859-1?b?vz8=?=
332891 [ibc aliax.ne] Great, thanks a lot.
332892 [ibc aliax.ne] Unfortunatelly this gem doesn't install on Ruby 1.9.

^ Popups in Watir
332893 [j_m_all sbcg] I've serched through the posts and I'm having another issue with

^ open-uri 414 Request-URI Too Large
332898 [rislejay gma] I am hitting a wall. This is my first attempt at ruby programming and I
332927 [benjamin.lov] And
332932 [rislejay gma] Thanks!!! I changed it to a constant and it worked as needed.

^ Kill a process by name and PID - needs refinement
332902 [sanjaya.yogi] #!/usr/bin/ruby -w
332903 [sanjaya.yogi] Cleaned up the commenting because of the formatting changes after
332920 [sanjaya.yogi] This works pretty well but does not ask you for confirmation before
332921 [martindemell] As a matter of style, you should separate out the part of your program

^ Re: ruby-audio, rosc, batphone, others now on github
332906 [rogerpack200] Greetings hans.
333039 [sandro.pagan] Ruby audio is cool :D

^ Help! Window user needs help installing ruby 1.9 on mac
332907 [devrubygem g] I just purchased a new macbook pro and would like to install ruby 1.9,
332925 [benjamin.lov] sudo port install ruby19
332946 [devrubygem g] Thanks Ben, that helped a great deal, 1.9 is installed successfully on
332950 [benjamin.lov] Great. You'll find macports pretty handy for installing many things.
332952 [devrubygem g] Cool. One thing I'm noticing is when I type /usr/bin/ruby -v it is
+ 332957 [benjamin.lov] Although it is a little hackish I'm not sure of any easier method.
| 332964 [hassan.schro] I always install alternative versions of any software into different
+ 332962 [dominant_sev] at the prompt, type which ruby <return> and that will give you the
  333157 [devrubygem g] Sorry but I cannot find the file to modify my path env variable.

^ Got some syntax error I can't spot.  Can you (I hope)?
332908 [RichardDummy] I pulled my problem code from my app into a test on http://www.pastie.org/436616.
+ 332909 [billk cts.co] puts(("Considering saving the trade-group"   +
| 332944 [RichardDummy] g/436616.
+ 332910 [martindemell] /436616.
| 332945 [RichardDummy] g/436616.
+ 332914 [RichardDummy] On Apr 4, 2:04=A0am, RichardOnRails
+ 332954 [minilith gma] Instead of
  333005 [RichardDummy] g/436616.

^ Timed Socket Programming / HTTP Coding Challenge
332911 [israelagnouh] =begin
332912 [martindemell] Do you mean you need to first log into the site, and then get the

^ is it ruby 1.9? (was: Re: [Ann] Verify, a very basic testing tool.)
332918 [jens.wille u] there is: <http://isitruby19.com/>
+ 332940 [tomcloyd com] Oh double flippin' damn! That's exactly what I had in mind. Ya just
+ 332990 [tomcloyd com] Oh double flippin' damn! That's exactly what I had in mind. Ya just
+ 333057 [kmcfadden gm] A week or so ago I created Am I Ruby 19, which uses the new Is it Ruby
  333067 [tomcloyd com] Fantastic - this stuff ought to be on the Ruby home page, is people are

^ how come i cant grab all rss items from a feed
332922 [adamtemporar] When i try and access the bbc feed it will only return the latest 40
332926 [benjamin.lov] I'd suggest you check which headers your browser is sending. Particularly
332941 [adamtemporar] When i type the address into the browser it shows 40 items just as the
+ 332942 [snaury gmail] I think this could be because google caches items internally, from the
+ 332953 [benjamin.lov] Ah I have to admit I glossed over the fact you were using Google Reader. As
  333002 [adamtemporar] ahhh thank you for confirming my suspicions. Customized Deloreans with
  333045 [benjamin.lov] If it is utterly important you _could_ possibly use the google reader api to

^ darkfish-rdoc (1.1.5) not working with rdoc (2.4.3)
332928 [ibc aliax.ne] to=20
333079 [drbrain segm] RDoc 2.4.3 ships with the latest Darkfish.
333091 [ibc aliax.ne] ry

^ Mechanize  gem -- help
332929 [jazzezravi g] require 'mechanize'
333074 [jazzezravi g] I tried

^ Importing/converting regex patterns
332930 [sshaikh hotm] I have a couple of regex patterns used and stored in a MySQL DB. As

^ Error installing gem "mysql" in Ruby 1.9.1
332934 [ibc aliax.ne] =E2=80=99
332936 [ibc aliax.ne] r=E2=80=99

^ Using require, cant pass parameter..
332947 [krazz17 hotm] I am very new to ruby and am trying to create a form using fxRuby. There
332949 [cmdicely gma] I can't reproduce the problem you are having. If I do what you
332963 [krazz17 hotm] Ah, my apologies. I had made a typo, my LoginForm.rb was called

^ [ANN] rake-compiler 0.4.0 Released
332951 [luislavena g] rake-compiler version 0.4.0 has been released!
333054 [TimHunter nc] Very timely, Luis! I just started a new project and I'm using

^ zlib Deflate to java.util.zip inflate problem
332956 [dominant_sev] tests an  existing web app. Part of the request I need to post
+ 332986 [dominant_sev] Anything, anybody? Little help here...;-)
+ 332987 [jeff schwabc] Did you find rubyzip?  It doesn't seem to work under Ruby 1.9, but it
| 332996 [dominant_sev] Thanks for the reply,
| 333012 [snaury gmail] Could it be that your java side is expecting the new zlib format?
| 333082 [drbrain segm] Agreed, you probably only want -MAX_WBITS when implementing a gzip
+ 333083 [drbrain segm] I think you're asking for a gzip stream here with your -MAX_WBITS

^ How to download cookies in ruby?
332959 [chutsu gmail] So I was trying to figure out how to download cookies in ruby, I know
332965 [phlip2005 gm] Add watir, mechanize, webrat, or just "net::http" to your El Goog search terms!

^ RubyCocoa question
332960 [arcadiorubio] I'm trying to build a simple Cocoa app using RubyCocoa.
332969 [dominant_sev] haven't used rubycocoa, but I'll try...;-)
332973 [arcadiorubio] Thanks.

^ [ANN] Lone Star Ruby Conference 2009 - Call for Speakers
332966 [jimfreeze gm] Lone Star Ruby Conference 2009

^ Function as Parameter?
332977 [krazz17 hotm] I am new to Ruby so I don't know a great deal about the language, but
+ 332980 [krazz17 hotm] in `onHandleMsg': undefined method `call' for :TestFunc:Symbol
+ 333038 [ninja slapha] Search for blocks.
  333049 [gooigpi gmai] Symbol is not really what you think. It is merely a special code/name
  333050 [gooigpi gmai] Sorry, the in the above  TestFunc {{ var }} is out of scope. I just

^ Ruby 1.9.1 - invalid multibyte escape: /[\xC0-\xDF]/ (RegexpError)
332983 [ibc aliax.ne] =20
333081 [drbrain segm] Regexp.new '[\xC0-\xDF]', nil, 'n'
333092 [ibc aliax.ne] Great! Thanks a lot.
333094 [ibc aliax.ne] However I don't understant these parameters for Regexp.new.

^ How to get "irb1.8" using Ruby1.8 instead of Ruby1.9.1 ?
332984 [ibc aliax.ne] packages, and Ruby 1.9.1 installed from sources, so /usr/bin/ruby is Ruby=20
+ 332991 [gooigpi gmai] What you are saying is very likely incorrect. You or someone else must
| + 332992 [gooigpi gmai] For instance If I wish to make my {{ irb }} to point to {{ 1.8 irb }}, I
| + 332993 [ibc aliax.ne] This is not what I clearly explained in my mail.
|   332994 [gooigpi gmai] Your symbolic link here is clearly wrong. If you didn't make a mistake
|   332995 [ibc aliax.ne] That makes sense, but when I installed Ruby1.9.1 from sources, the binary i=
+ 333004 [kbloom gmail] Please tell me what the shebang in irb1.8 is, by running
  333020 [ibc aliax.ne] Thanks. As I've explained in this thread, I had Ruby1.8 installed as DEB=20
  + 333027 [rick.denatal] re
  | + 333028 [rick.denatal] ad
  | | 333031 [ibc aliax.ne] Really interesting and useful information. Thanks.
  | + 333030 [ibc aliax.ne] Yes, you are completely right. I expected installation from sources to crea=
  + 333033 [gooigpi gmai] The above clearly shows that the compilation messed up the links in your
  | 333035 [ibc aliax.ne] ./configure --prefix=3D/usr/local/ --program-suffix=3D1.9
  + 333044 [kbloom gmail] the TARGET of the /usr/bin/irb link rather than the /usr/bin/irb link
    333047 [ibc aliax.ne] Yes, wierd and really strange, I can't imagine how a "make install" process=

^ retrieve ruby script file name
332998 [ash.route gm] Is there any way to retrieve the file name of the script that you are
332999 [hugh artpop.] puts File.basename(__FILE__)
+ 333001 [ash.route gm] Thanks, Hugh.
+ 333009 [shortcutter ] Note that there is $0 as well.  __FILE__ will contain the name of the
  333723 [ash.route gm] Thank you for the additional information.

^ parsing a file's contents
333000 [ahack70596 h] posting this in the right area but here goes. My problem is I have a
+ 333006 [andrew andre] Here's some code that does what you need: http://gist.github.com/90389
| + 333025 [rick.denatal] Snippage deleted.
| + 333043 [ahack70596 h] yes I mostly work in java so ruby is kind of new to me, although there
+ 333026 [parsiya gmai] # while( allNumbers = infile.gets)
+ 333034 [snaury gmail] cols = []

^ [ANN] Loquacious 1.0.0
333003 [tim.pease gm] Loquacious version 1.0.0

^ Error in designing Ruby WebService Cleint
333010 [bhargavi.vel] I am relatively new ro ruby. I need to design a ruby client for a soap

^ Tons of unwanted mail in my E-Mail
333011 [bob_emmett s] Will you please quit sending your mail to my mailbox. Every since I gave
333013 [iwasinnamukn] Have you tried unsubscribing? This isn't an unsolicited list, we are all
333069 [phrexianreap] Exactly. There should be a web interface that you can use to

^ How to Check Decimal in Ruby.
333017 [sayakyi gmai] Dear all,
333019 [shortcutter ] You can use a regular expression.

^ [ANN] reek 1.0.0 released
333024 [kevin ruther] Reek version 1.0.0 has been released!
333190 [ryand-ruby z] congrats!
+ 333205 [kevin ruther] Ok, thanks for the warning. Do you know when it will go away?
| 333285 [ryand-ruby z] Officially, it'll end of life when 1.8 does... when that is I have no
+ 334491 [kevin ruther] ParseTree will create a parse tree for any object; right now, I can't
  334493 [ryand-ruby z] nope.
  334497 [ryand-ruby z] nope. not possible in ruby 1.9.

^ how to beat minimal wiki features out of redcloth?
333040 [phlip2005 gm] I always see "redcloth" everywhere - a textile implementation for Ruby. So I try
+ 333041 [phlip2005 gm] ...
| 333145 [drbrain segm] lines!)
+ 333042 [ben bleythin] That's expected.
  333046 [vjoel path.b] maruku is one of those libs and it adds some features such as tables and
  333066 [tomcloyd com] Those aren't additions. Redcloth certainly has tables and footnotes. I
  333073 [phlip2005 gm] That was me... I'm more shocked at the blogosphere than stuck with Textile (-;

^ [ANN] Localmemcache-0.2.1: The beauty of memcached.  For local data.  Blazingly fast.
333051 [schween snaf] this release addresses some bugs that people were experiencing and brings
+ 333052 [ibc aliax.ne] installed from sources in /usr/local.
+ 333053 [ibc aliax.ne] Now I've installed it in Ruby1.8 with no problem but I think there is=20
  + 333059 [ninja slapha] require 'rubygems'
  | 333061 [ibc aliax.ne] Sure you are right. Thanks for pointing it out.
  + 333060 [schween snaf] I just checked it with my ubuntu machine and it's fine for me.  Most
    333062 [ibc aliax.ne] Yes, sorry, I forgot to load rubygems in 1.8.

^ [ANN] amalgalite 0.9.0 Released
333056 [jeremy hineg] amalgalite version 0.9.0 has been released.

^ how to dynamically create search term for array.find_all
333063 [adamtemporar] i want to be able to create a mehtod that will filter results in an
+ 333064 [phlip2005 gm] In general, why not use ActiveRecord and sqlite3? Maybe you have other reasons
| 333108 [adamtemporar] Thanks for your advice.
| 333109 [adamtemporar] ahh robert, sorry i missed your reply there, i was looking at
| + 333113 [srijayanth g] Set is used primarily for membership testing and is thus great for lookup.
| | 333118 [adamtemporar] Thanks Jayanth. Ill have to read up more about sets then. They look like
| + 333121 [shortcutter ] No problem.
|   333135 [rick.denatal] I think you meant to say that Array lookup is O(n).
|   333146 [shortcutter ] Yes, exactly.  Thank you for the correction!
|   333178 [adamtemporar] Ahh sorry Robert re: eval - categories are only half of the problem. Im
|   333196 [shortcutter ] This approach is inefficient each eval is very costly: the string needs
|   333506 [adamtemporar] wow, thats excellent. I wouldnt have thought about doing it like that
+ 333097 [shortcutter ] Could be because you traverse the array multiple times.  IMHO it is

^ what's wrong with these?
333065 [hpalba yahoo] Is there something wrong with this version?
+ 333071 [michael.malo] Have you checked to see if you do have directories inside /tmp other
| + 333072 [nobu ruby-la] require 'tmpdir'
| | + 333076 [hpalba yahoo] Thanks.
| | + 333120 [kbloom gmail] Yeah. The core rdoc on http://www.ruby-doc.org/ has a pitfall that it
| + 333075 [hpalba yahoo] Yes, there are directories inside /tmp
+ 333078 [sepp2k googl] Dir.foreach("/tmp") {|f| puts f if File.directory?("/tmp/#{f}") }
+ 333098 [shortcutter ] Well, what do you conclude from that?

^ Localmemcache-0.2.2
333068 [schween snaf] Ok, I just released localmemcache-0.2.2 which should fix the problems
333101 [ibc aliax.ne] Thanks, it works!

^ www.yellshoe.com Sell T-Shirts Cheaper $16
333070 [torisaxu gma] We are a professional exporting company which supplies many kinds of

^ [QUIZ][SUMMARY] Diamond-Square (#198)
333077 [yahivin gmai] Since there were no solutions submitted on the mailing list this week

^ File copy
333088 [gandhi.tush ] I am facing a problem to copy the file.
+ 333089 [jazzezravi g] Try this code which is mentioned in my blog
| 333090 [gandhi.tush ] I write the code like this
| 333095 [jazzezravi g] Oops. please try with separate .rb file first.
+ 333093 [loganathan_g] Why can't you use wget command in system or popen to download it ?
| 333096 [gandhi.tush ] I went through this link
| 333099 [jazzezravi g] Please try to run the code in separate .rb file. Update here in case you
+ 333139 [lasitha.rana] For example the following code will download and save the ruby logo
  333144 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):001:0> require 'open-uri'

^ Connect Another Database
333102 [saurabh ciph] I'm trying to connect another database using rails
333103 [ibc aliax.ne] Ruby maillist).

^ runit assertions from other thread
333104 [manish gslab] I am using a sip framework (sipr) to test my sip server. sipr provides a

^ Where is Wee?
333107 [saji apcc21.] From where does one grab the latest version of wee?
333114 [mneumann nte] The best way is to download the most current version from
333211 [mneumann nte] gem install wee --version=2.0.0

^ Ruby 1.9.1 + Tk problem
333110 [Diego.Viraso] I have a Ruby/Tk code that runs perfectly in 1.8.x but stalls in
333164 [nagai ai.kyu] I'm very sorry, but I cannot check troubles on Mac OSX.
+ 333180 [jykim altiba] tested on linux (ruby 1.9.1, tk8.5.3, tcl8.5.3)
| 333199 [nagai ai.kyu] Yes.
+ 333316 [Diego.Viraso] Thanks for the effort then. :)
  333361 [nagai ai.kyu] Well, could you try the following patch?
  333446 [Diego.Viraso] I'll try as soon as I can (though I am a bit busy right now).
  333501 [nagai ai.kyu] May not be...
  + 333834 [jykim altiba] charset=EUC-KR;
  | 334176 [nagai ai.kyu] Thank you for your report.
  + 334527 [Diego.Viraso] s.com>