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^ Strange errors with Net::SSH and all network libraries
332688 [swittenk yah] I'm getting the strangest errors today whenever I use a library that
332699 [vjoel path.b] You can buy fresh tcp packets in bulk at an office depot or equivalent.
332701 [swittenk yah] Nope - you got it! ; )

^ Ruby script to rebuild a directory structure
332689 [ emmek o2.pl] I have the following problem to solve.
332696 [fred lacave.] /.../
332734 [ emmek o2.pl] Thanx for reply. It almost works but... what if a particular user does
332760 [fred lacave.] Even easier : iterate over Dir.glob("path/to/orig/**/*.{jpg,png,gif}").
332766 [ emmek o2.pl] Sorry, what do You exactly mean? I want to copy just images from
332770 [fred lacave.] It won't work that way ; cp_r copies the whole directories.  You need to

^ RDoc::usage has gone
332690 [james squish] charset="iso-8859-1"
332692 [drbrain segm] There's no reason you can't take rdoc/usage.rb from RDoc 1, modernize

^ Incrementing field through a link
332693 [tanealbhanda] I'm still new to Ruby, so am having issues even beginning to deal with
332707 [ninja slapha] Ruby does not have forms, items, or columns on its own. You probably want to
332756 [tanealbhanda] Cool.  Thanks.  Yeah, such a noob, didn't even realize that I wasn't

^ GNU Radio with SCA
332697 [sheng_uc yah] Does anyone try to build a system with GNU Radio(BBN 802.11 or OpenBTS)
332717 [lw299792458 ] sorry ,i couldn't help u

^ ask bout net-ping
332704 [junior_12788] can anybody help me?
332708 [ninja slapha] I'm guessing @arr_stat[i] is nil at some point.
332712 [junior_12788] ups..

^ official poll - unit testing
332705 [jayeola gmai] My name is Mr Official and I am hereby asking you to participating in
+ 332706 [phlip2005 gm] the wind blows...
+ 332709 [ninja slapha] I only unit test when I have enough of a concept of what I'm trying to build
| 332722 [julian coret] Personally, bdd rocks.
| 332728 [jayeola gmai] Julian,
+ 332710 [michael.malo] In truth, I only unit test after something breaks.  I guess I start
+ 332713 [tomcloyd com] And from whatever data you get what do you expect to infer?
+ 332723 [eleanor game] I only unit test for satirical effect.

^ Nilling for GC
332719 [noway fakenu] I have a background script that runs continuously and threads some tasks
+ 332721 [rick.denatal] @workers.map{|k,v| v.map{|worker| (Time.now - worker[:started_at] > 5  #
| 332743 [noway fakenu] But can I miss this sort of things for hours ???
+ 332725 [eleanor game] def thread_dead? worker
  332773 [noway fakenu] Your delete_if solution is quite elegant because self explanatory !
  332776 [eleanor game] Thank you :)
  + 332777 [michael.malo] Yes, I find it equally annoying that strip! has the same bahviour
  + 332778 [martindemell] yeah, it seems like a very c-like thing to do :( i'd rather have it
  + 332783 [ninja slapha] hs.delete_if { |k, v| (v.map! { |worker| thread_dead?(worker) ? (cleaned += 1;
    332785 [eleanor game] I've only just started moving over to 1.9 so I've not used tap(), I'll

^ How to create blocks with arity known at runtime
332729 [arcadiorubio] is it possible to create blocks of arity known at runtime, other than
+ 332730 [arcadiorubio] I respond to myself, eval could be an option
+ 332731 [pjb informat] You can, using eval.

^ How to get a writable FILE* from RFile in Ruby 1.9.1?
332735 [bbr322 gmail] rb_io_t *fptr;
332905 [rogerpack200] is that a question or an answer? :)

^ vim pplugin
332737 [vetrivel.bks] I need  Automatic Header to *.rb file.
+ 332741 [jayeola gmai] why not write a script in ruby to generate that for you?
+ 332749 [lasitha.rana] This actually doesn't have anything to do with ruby per se, but this might =

^ String#capitalize more complex
332738 [ibc aliax.ne] upcase or a mix). For example, the following header names are
+ 332739 [andrew andre] oute"
| 332742 [ibc aliax.ne] there
+ 332744 [ibc aliax.ne] require "benchmark"
+ 332765 [transfire gm] oute"
  332767 [ibc aliax.ne] Thanks, but finally I've decided to create a Ruby C extension for that. The=

^ [ANN] Ritex 0.2 released: Latex -> MathML converter
332747 [wmorgan-ruby] It's been almost four years since the last release, but I dusted off
332762 [vjoel path.b] Is it supposed to look like this?
332763 [wmorgan-ruby] Nope. The magic of MathML is that, 10 years later, it's still a fight to
332764 [vjoel path.b] Ah, I was using Konqueror (so probably same as Safari or any
332769 [wmorgan-ruby] This is presumably why sites like Wikipedia, which actually care about
332771 [vjoel path.b] Webby does this too.

^ rb_thread_blocking_region documentation?
332748 [praveendevar] I am working on  making our Ruby-C extension support Ruby-1.9's
+ 332904 [rogerpack200] The only thing I've found helpful was to examine the code where
| 332919 [kubo jiubao.] quote from the blog.
| 334328 [rogerpack200] The third parameter appears to be "interrupter" which is a void * is
| 334333 [rogerpack200] Oh I see it now--when I was using the function I was passing "8" instead
+ 332916 [kubo jiubao.] No. It depends on the type of the unblocking function.

^ RubyScript2Exe
332751 [charlieopens] I am a complete novice to ruby, so please feel free to ask for more
+ 332799 [a99.googlegr] Maybe, the console prompt shows the right messages for, say, some
| 332800 [charlieopens] Axel,
+ 332802 [larschbelunk] I had a quick look at rubyscript2exe yesterday. It's not currently
| + 332810 [charlieopens] Lars,
| | 332812 [draygen80 gm] I've been using rubyscript2exe with 1.8.7 without any problems.
| | 332831 [charlieopens] Brian,
| + 332811 [higgs.bozo g] Nah, rubyscript2exe.rb works like a charm.  I assume you are talking
|   + 332822 [charlieopens] Thanks for your post, it's good to know that there's an update.
|   + 332835 [larschbelunk] Sorry, it does work with your fix, but still not via the gem. I need
|   | 333141 [charlieopens] Lars,
|   + 332851 [charles.john] Something like "Verander dat lijn." ought to do it.
+ 333149 [larschbelunk] You are trying to build a .exe from a Ruby library. Nothing is
  333197 [charlieopens] Lars,

^ An array problem
332755 [george.githi] i have a 3 arrays(A,B,C) which are results of some analysis.
332758 [shortcutter ] I'd rather not make those constants (A,B,C) because they aren't as you stat=
+ 332793 [george.githi] Thanks a lot Robert, However this solution does not seem to preserve the
| 332796 [shortcutter ] I don't see how the order in a could not be preserved.  Please check
| 332798 [george.githi] Here is the code
| 332801 [shortcutter ] George, you claimed that the code *I* presented does not maintain order.
| 332804 [george.githi] True, the error is in my code. Thank you for providing the clues.
+ 332813 [cmdicely gma] ated.
  332833 [shortcutter ] Right, I should have made the check.  Thank you for pointing this out.

^ pick your sport shoes,bag,jean,t-shirt
332757 [shoes159 liv] welcome to our www dot shoes159 dot com

^ Re: how to make a[2][3]=4 wrk? (auto-initialize nested hash)
332759 [gabe websavi] That's clever, but I think the way it automatically creates keys is

^ [ANN] Heist 0.2.0, now with full list support
332768 [jcoglan goog] I just released the 0.2.0 version of Heist, my Ruby Scheme runtime. Changes

^ How to set the default year for DateTime.parse
332774 [kyleaschmitt] I'm running into an odd little issue.  I banged out a quick script on

^ hash with files
332779 [derekbellner] I am trying to run File.size? on each file in my hash, yet I am getting
332780 [martindemell] Dir.glob returns an array of matches. Could you post the code where
332781 [derekbellner] here it is. its also in the attachment.
332784 [martindemell] Note that Dir.glob returns an array, since there could be several matching =

^ tagz and entities
332782 [vjoel path.b] Is this how tagz.<< is supposed to work? It seems that << and #concat
332792 [ara.t.howard] correct.  escape in the normal case (<<) but concat works directly
332839 [vjoel path.b] Thanks. That seems a bit arbitrary since these methods are the same for
333037 [ara.t.howard] yeah i can see that.  i was thinking more of erb's concat - which

^ Class in a Class problem
332787 [denize.paul ] My intent is to create a class that has access to call a method in an
+ 332788 [phlip2005 gm] def B(*args)
+ 332789 [phlip2005 gm] You have only a _leetle_ bit more to learn about Ruby, Young Grasshopper!
| 332790 [michael.malo] Here be dragons.  Have you considered the inheritance idea?  If a class
| 332884 [gooigpi gmai] +----------------------------------------------------+
+ 332791 [matt tidbits] Maybe I'm reading your question wrong, but the concept "has access to
  332797 [shortcutter ] You are creating new classes all the time.  I don't think this is a good
  332844 [matt tidbits] I'm not sure what you mean about new *classes*. It is certainly true
  332850 [shortcutter ] There is a Class.new in your definition of method b which means, every

^ following url redirect
332794 [arunkumar in] I'm using net/http in order to scrap html contents of different

^ ri is suddenly empty
332795 [pedrolito la] I don't understand what happened: today I wanted to look up for: ri
332840 [matt tidbits] Oooh, oooh, call on me teacher, call on me, I know I know. It's because
+ 332842 [hramrach cen] Then take it one step further: have it examine the command line, use
| 332843 [ryand-ruby z] patches welcome
| 332858 [matt tidbits] Actually the patch I really want is the ability to enter numbers instead
| 332867 [drbrain segm] find / -name "*squeeze-i.yaml"
| 332879 [matt tidbits] No, I don't think so. I mean, yes, I did, but I deleted the second set
| 332889 [drbrain segm] That webpage is not built with a stock RDoc template.  RDoc HTML
| 332899 [matt tidbits] Big-iMac-Attack:~ mattneub$ ri --list-doc-dirs
| + 332915 [ryand-ruby z] find `ri --list-doc-dirs` -name \*squeeze-i.yaml
| | 332961 [matt tidbits] /usr/local/share/ri/1.8/system/String/squeeze-i.yaml
| | 332976 [ryand-ruby z] So write a patch. We don't really care what you really care about or
| + 332979 [ryand-ruby z] builder-2.1.2.tgz
+ 332866 [pedrolito la] nice catch! But I didn't directly create an alias for ri, instead I
  332881 [matt tidbits] Sure, if you don't like the way ri behaves when --interactive is

^ Multipart form POST
332806 [kwicher gmai] I have a webpage with a multipart form containing among others two
333100 [shaun 27star] Is name defined? Or is it supposed to be in quotes?

^ net/http - adding an HTTP method
332807 [sardaukar.si] I've made this patch to http.rb in the net/http module to add the TRACK
332862 [drbrain segm] Your indentation is broken for the second chunk.

^ rdoc question: C v Ruby
332808 [schween snaf] I have one class that gets defined in C and has some methods which were
332863 [drbrain segm] This is correct.  Which RDoc are you using?  The latest is 2.4.3.
332982 [schween snaf] I am using RDoc V1.0.1 - 20041108, which seems to be the version that
333080 [drbrain segm] Installing the latest RDoc would be the best solution.  RDoc 1.x is

^ Compiling problem with WxRuby on mswin-32, Ruby 1.9.1
332809 [sutniuq gmx.] I'm trying to compile WxRuby for my mswin32-version of Ruby 1.9.1 for

^ unable run \copy command via PGconn.( exec || query )
332814 [ashikali.m g] require 'postgres'

^ unable run \copy command via PGconn.( exec || query )
332815 [ashikali.m g] require 'postgres'
332820 [ara.t.howard] all of the \*** commands are implemented by the psql command line
332832 [ashikali.m g] Thanks for your response . But I found the solution using psql command .

^ different id_field
332816 [sushruts.con] In my table there is no id field,i.e. I have the field with the name
332887 [stephen.celi] Assuming you mean Rails, you may have better luck next time asking on

^ Rotate object in superengine for ruby
332817 [geasy6 gmail] I need help. I use a ruby superengine software to virtualize 3D object.

^ Adding a method to String class as Ruby C extension
332818 [ibc aliax.ne] be defined in C.
332819 [ibc aliax.ne] ject);

^ annoyance with gems and zlib
332821 [thespobo gma] OS X leopard. updated ruby to 1.8.7. Installed ruby 1.9 with a suffix
332825 [ara.t.howard] did you even try clicking the above link?
332828 [thespobo gma] Well ... to tell the truth I only got that reply once. The 90 other
332864 [drbrain segm] Did you try fetching either URL (using wget or curl or telnet)?
332870 [thespobo gma] I completely agree. Turned off opendns and everything started working
332895 [ninja slapha] Nah, they just hate the Internet. Maybe they're Flash fanbois?

^ (Ruby 1.9.1) error: °∆struct RString°« has no member named °∆ptr°«
332823 [ibc aliax.ne] =E2=80=99
332824 [ibc aliax.ne] =98ptr=E2=80=99
332826 [ibc aliax.ne] I=C3=B1aki Baz Castillo

^ Add a method as C extension to a class defined in Ruby
332827 [ibc aliax.ne] in pure Ruby, must I also create the class in C?
332829 [andre digira] static VALUE
+ 332834 [ibc aliax.ne] Thanks a lot!
+ 332865 [drbrain segm] require 'rubygems'

^ Can't find table with ActiveRecord in different thread.
332830 [juan_zanos t] I create an ActiveRecord table in one thread I can't find it in
332857 [ninja slapha] Rails question.
332859 [juan_zanos t] I'm not using rails, just ActiveRecord.   Foo.find works in the
332896 [ninja slapha] Which is part of Rails. It's one of three or four major components that make
333272 [glennswest y] This is common in migrations.

^ Problem with String encoding when modifying it in C method
332836 [ibc aliax.ne] The problem is that after the method execution, the new String has
+ 332848 [andre digira] rb_funcall(str, rb_intern("force_encoding"), 1, rb_str_new2("utf-8"));
| 332849 [ibc aliax.ne] Thanks a lot, I will check it.
| 332855 [ibc aliax.ne] c =3D rb_enc_codepoint(s, send, enc);
+ 332923 [kubo jiubao.] rb_encoding *enc =3D rb_enc_get(original_string)
  332924 [ibc aliax.ne] Thanks.

^ [ANN] hpricot 0.8.1
332837 [why ruby-lan] Well, due to a very bad conflict between Hpricot 0.8 and 32-bit

^ ANN: Sequel 2.12.0 Released
332838 [code jeremye] Sequel is a lightweight database access toolkit for Ruby.

^ how to substitute group of words in a line with another text
332845 [mregupathy g] I am trying to create a routine which will convert text to SMS lingo
332852 [shortcutter ] msg.gsub Regexp.union(@smsdictionary.keys) do |match|
332856 [mregupathy g] Thanks Robert

^ rubyforge.org DNS registration down?
332846 [sthorpe gmai] Anyone else having this problem?
332847 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II

^ Why is "rb_define_method(rb_cSymbol, ..." needed?
332853 [ibc aliax.ne] e=20
332854 [ibc aliax.ne] ks

^ Array#insert with negative index
332860 [matt tidbits] p [1,2,3].insert(-1, "howdy")
+ 332868 [drbrain segm] -4  -3  -2 -1
| 332880 [matt tidbits] No, I don't follow.  I don't get what your diagram is a diagram of. In
| 332883 [drbrain segm] irb(main):001:0> [1, 2, 3].insert -4, 'x'
| 332900 [matt tidbits] Cool, I'll buy that, but it is certainly not what the docs say (as
+ 332968 [cmdicely gma] Clearly, a more accurate statement of the existing behavior would be
  332985 [ian.hobson n] This is wrong. (and therefore confusing).

^ [Ann] Verify, a very basic testing tool.
332861 [robert.dober] The Verify tool is a KISS verification and test tool, it is inspired
+ 332871 [ryand-ruby z] (assert: I like assert)
| 332882 [robert.dober] Never heard of that word before, just checked it on Websters, thanx
| + 332888 [robert.dober] Thanks to Ryan I have changed #verify_not to #refute.
| | 332890 [robert.dober] oops I forgot something important
| | 332894 [tomcloyd com] Damn. I love this sudden burst of creativity around the topic of
| | + 332901 [phlip2005 gm] Oookay. Here's a sneak preview of assert{ 2.0 } 0.4.8.
| | + 332917 [robert.dober] Maybe, indeed I had the very strong intention to write Lab419 to make
| |   332935 [phlip2005 gm] task :default do
| |   + 332937 [robert.dober] This is a very valuable and helpful thing, but you still got lots of
| |   | 332939 [phlip2005 gm] _after_ setting up the Rakefile to hammer several Ruby versions, then I simply
| |   + 332981 [ryand-ruby z] sudo gem install ZenTest
| + 333007 [charles.nutt] I still contend that "refute" means to prove something is not true, not
| | 333188 [ryand-ruby z] As I said on ruby-core: You can have your bike-shed for yourself. I
| + 333008 [charles.nutt] Drat, I didn't explain it well, and a quick check shows that refute is
|   333014 [sean.ohalpin] st
|   + 333015 [phlip2005 gm] You wanna know what sucks? The basic problem here is 'assert_no' is redundant,
|   | + 333016 [jeff schwabc] That's uglier than sin, but I like where you're going with it.  How
|   | | 333018 [phlip2005 gm] ...
|   | + 333021 [sean.ohalpin] ird
|   |   333202 [robert.dober] What did you do???? Be careful man, pop has a meaning...
|   + 333055 [charles.nutt] Hey, this is exactly my kind of pedantry.
+ 332933 [chris vuxu.o] Without proper announce, I'd like to show that I had something similar
+ 332967 [jeremymcanal] Not to be contentious, but you use both define_method and *_eval to
  + 332997 [phlip2005 gm] Expensive setup is a design smell.
  | 333189 [ryand-ruby z] Then go use an instance based inheritance language like self. Classes
  | 333201 [robert.dober] If you English native speakers cannot decide I will make this your problem ;)
  + 333203 [robert.dober] I do not speak for everyone, but using closures just seems to be