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^ eruby / profiler magic?
33260 [patrick-may ] I'm trying to use the profile library with eruby.  But I don't seem to
33274 [paul atdesk.] I don't know of any way to do that.  There are a couple of problems.
33377 [patrick-may ] Thanks for the ideas...

^ unsubscribe
33264 [moumar netco] unsubscribe

^ Variable over function
33270 [thucdat hotm] <html><div style='background-color:'><DIV>Hello all,</DIV>
33273 [erik bagfors] You have one method named aNum and one variable with the same name.

^ combining Tk and irb as interfaces to app
33272 [vjoel PATH.B] What's the best way to use both Tk and the irb command line as
33284 [Jean-Francoi] the only way I know working well is to launch Tk.mainloop in the main

^ drb+gtk
33277 [ps radiac.mi] has anyone tried to use gtk and drb together? i am and i have absolutely no

^ FXRuby: dialog editor?
33279 [josb cncdsl.] Is anybody working on a dialog editor that generates FXRuby code? I'm thinking
33322 [ljohnson res] thinking

^ TkTextImage
33280 [alwagner tca] Can you tell me what the <keys> argument in the TkTextImage.new is?
33283 [nagai ai.kyu] Usually, a <keys> argument is a Hash to give options of Tcl/Tk command.
33449 [alwagner tca] Thanks, Hidetoshi.  I should have known that.  I got it working now.  Thanks

^ MYSql on Windows - help!
33281 [Dave Pragmat] OK - I've just blown two hours trying to get mysql-ruby-2.4.2 to
33328 [nobu.nokada ] <http://rubysdl.s1.xrea.com/archive/mysql-winpkg/mysql-ruby-2.4.2-1-winpkg.zip>.
33353 [Dave Pragmat] I tried this. His binaries are for cygwin and mingw only, and I
33389 [nobu.nokada ] You might try 2.4.2, 2.4.2-1 contains mswin binary too.  And
33392 [Dave Pragmat] Thank you. Actually, Lyle sent me a Makefile that he'd put together,

^ new version of Ruby/Qt2
33285 [horie smail.] I am very glad to inform you I have just uploaded new version (0.15) of

^ returning multiple values from a method
33286 [ptkwt shell1] irb(main):001:0> def foo; return 1,2,3; end
33288 [matz ruby-la] Although it might not follow your expectation, they are consistent,
33291 [ptkwt shell1] So the general principle is that you can avoid the '*' prefix if you are
33296 [matz ruby-la] You mean
33347 [ptkwt shell1] Oops.  Right.

^ Current Ruby Projects
33289 [pit capitain] When someone has an idea for a nice Ruby project, sometimes
+ 33294 [tom.hurst cl] A page on a Wiki won't scale too far, but this sounds like a good thing
+ 33490 [quadzero use] I'm pretty new to Open Source stuff myself, as well as being new to Ruby
  33491 [dsafari xtra] You bet'cha Richard - several projects reside there. Welcome aboard!

^ shuffle (all possible sequences)
33292 [tobiasreif p] I need to get an array of all possible sequences.
33295 [tobiasreif p] "abc".consists_of?("abc") # -> true
+ 33300 [tobiasreif p] class String
| + 33302 [decoux moulo] Well, it depend what you want to do but try it with
| | + 33303 [barry_shultz] Your solution will test true ( 0, in your case )
| | | + 33305 [tobiasreif p] No :|
| | | + 33316 [seichi air.n] This is anagram problem.
| | | + 33319 [dblack candl] Or, if you want to use the fabulous strbsrt extension available
| | + 33304 [tobiasreif p] class String
| |   33334 [jeffp crusoe] [posted & mailed]
| + 33308 [chr_news gmx] Well it depends if you want to permit repetitions - i.e. what would
|   33320 [chr_news gmx] I guess it is worthwhile to point out that it is possible to turn
|   33330 [barry_shultz] The same one I should have credited with my split/sort version (
+ 33307 [ronjeffries ] There might be some really cool way that isn't coming to mind this

^ API questions
33306 [andy_neagu h] I'm working on an extension to ruby that will allow me to work directly with
+ 33312 [decoux moulo] RARRAY(ary)->len
+ 33313 [Stephan.Kaem] ary = Array.new
| 33314 [andy_neagu h] I'm sorry,
+ 33315 [tony perforc] The same way you would if you were using Ruby. i.e. call Array#length.
+ 33318 [andy_neagu h] Thank you all!!! It perfect. Now I can continue without problems.

^ XML::SAX2 critique
33309 [msergeant st] This isn't exactly a critique of XML::SAX2 per-se, but more of the
+ 33310 [Pierre-Charl] Element = Struct.new('Element', :uri, :qname, :localname, :attrs)
| 33397 [msergeant st] Damn! I really must switch to ruby soon. ;-)
+ 33338 [maki rubycol] First of all, I'm very glad to read a critique and suggestion by
| + 33398 [msergeant st] Well I guess I'd like to see this benchmarked. There's always going to
| | 33774 [maki rubycol] I made rough test XML::SAX2 with REXML and XMLParser.
| | + 33843 [msergeant st] Seems like a good tradeoff to me. I wish that Perl only slowed down that much! ;-)
| | + 33986 [ser germane-] I didn't do this in REXML because I didn't see the benefit of encapsulating
| + 33415 [kentda stud.] I agree that you need to be cost-sensitive wrt SAX, but IIRC then SAX
+ 33894 [maki rubycol] I read Paul Prescod's EasySAX/EventDOM article.

^ [ANN] RubyCocoa 0.2.6
33317 [hisa imasy.o] RubyCocoa 0.2.6 released!

^ ruby and vim
33321 [fastjack cam] To edit my ruby code I rediscovered the good old vim. vim6 even has
+ 33323 [paul atdesk.] Do you think it is a good idea to name a method "do"?  It's quite vague,
| 33325 [jfontan cesg] This is a method of Ruby/DBI, but the thing is that it does not hilight well
+ 33326 [Pierre-Charl] It's not a Vim bug, Ruby itself gives a "parse error" on this code.
| + 33327 [jfontan cesg] this bit of code does work well but is not well hilighted
| + 33339 [mmaciaszek g] I'm sorry I copied this code wrong. My example was more like
|   33369 [pit capitain] I was surprised that Ruby allows method names "do", "class",
+ 33380 [benoit.cerri] this is a more generic problem with using any keyword as a method name,
+ 33485 [neumann s-di] It's there! You can find Vim/Ruby related resources at
  33488 [jfreeze free] Uhmm, how to you get it to fold a function or class
  + 33519 [erik bagfors] If that file has folding-syntax like it should you should be able to use
  + 33520 [erik bagfors] If that file has folding-syntax like it should you should be able to use

^ Class variable bug
33324 [chr_news gmx] It seems that the following class variable bug feel through the
+ 33329 [chr_news gmx] Hm, the following might also be illuminating
+ 33331 [matz ruby-la] First of all, if you put '-v' option to the interpeter, it warns you
  + 33332 [decoux moulo] Well, you have at least this problem no ?
  | 33336 [matz ruby-la] Oops, it's a bug.  I will fix it.
  + 33335 [sean chitten] Is -v any different from -w (other than printing $VERSION)?  -sc
  | + 33342 [paul atdesk.] if (verbose) {
  | + 33372 [matz ruby-la] It termitates the interpreter without waiting for stdin when no
  + 33352 [chr_news gmx] Isn't this mainly to warn me about something like ...

^ Adding rockit power to Rdoc?
33344 [W.L.Kleb LaR] While researching the feasibility of teaching Rdoc to
+ 33345 [hgs dmu.ac.u] And given that many of the modules have components written
+ 33354 [Dave Pragmat] I think that would be great. And if you can make it handle Ruby using
  + 33363 [W.L.Kleb LaR] You think even grander than I do! ;)
  | 33367 [Dave Pragmat] Thanks - fixed in latest CVS.
  + 33403 [feldt ce.cha] There is still some work to do on testing the Ruby parser bundled with

^ Ruby/ODBC; tables(pattern)
33350 [alwagner uar] Does anyone know how the <pattern> in
34145 [520079130762] ODBC/ISO CLI uses % as matching operator AFAIK.

^ Why is one slower than the other?
33351 [khaines enig] z = 0
+ 33358 [pcs3 mailhos] In B you're instantiating a new Regexp on each iteration.
| 33374 [alan digikat] you might try replacing this with
+ 33371 [jeffp crusoe] [posted & mailed]

^ SMTP and attachments
33356 [STUCKNER MUL] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
+ 33357 [elanthis awe] I'd imagine you'd have to MIME encode your message.
| 33360 [STUCKNER MUL] OK, anybody know how to do MIME encoding in ruby? Or is there a C library
+ 33359 [ysantoso jen] Have you look at TMAIL or other similar/descendent packages?
+ 33365 [ cyo gmx.net] Steve,

^ catching timeout in net/telnet
33361 [probertm nor] I am using net/telnet and realise that I am not
33906 [wakou fsinet] one short example.
33913 [wakou fsinet] and one short example.

^ Question about array expansion in 1.7/1.8
33366 [ptkwt shell1] In the book "The Ruby Way" there is a section entitled "What's new in
33376 [matz ruby-la] Yes.
33385 [ptkwt shell1] irb(main):001:0> p RUBY_VERSION

^ RE: Change in latest net/http.rb
33368 [jdicioccio e] Well, I've found out that this is an apparent incompatibility between
33399 [aamine mx.ed] What is "apparent incompatibility"?

^ unexpected error:
33373 [dcorbin impe] unexpected error: invalid regular expression; empty character class: /[]/
33375 [alan digikat] This does seem like a nonsensical regexp to me.  Just for my curiosity, what would it match?
33378 [hal9000 hype] /[]/
33383 [dcorbin impe] No

^ Latest CVS/Win32 build error
33381 [robert.calco] I'm trying to build the latest CVS on Win-doze, and I'm getting an error
33391 [nobu.nokada ] Nothing changed since one and a half years ago.  Which version
33410 [robert.calco] Wow. Well it was definitely an NMAKE version issue. Another program have

^ FXRuby: how to create a static status line?
33382 [josb cncdsl.] I'm trying to create a status line at the bottom of the application window
33426 [ljohnson res] FXStatusline,
33430 [josb cncdsl.] That's a good idea, but I would still need some kind of container because I
33452 [ljohnson res] (``Log
33455 [josb cncdsl.] Adding
33905 [josb cncdsl.] to use ``true'' and ``false'' instead of ``return 1|0'', and that seems to

^ off
33384 [blainewishar] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
33390 [pcs3 mailhos] Broadway?

^ RubyConf.new(2002).info?
33386 [ptkwt shell1] I know it's kind of early.... but have any dates or locations been settled
33387 [vruz ruby-es] The OOPSLA will take place by  November 4th. in Seattle,
33388 [vruz ruby-es] oops,  my typo,  the right IRC server name is

^ destructors
33395 [fastjack cam] I'm writing objects that maintain a connection to a database and all
33405 [jweirich one] You might want to take a look at the Ruby DBI design.  For one

^ Setting the Ruby
33396 [ahumphr DELE] Around 1994 I was writing a book on Perl. I mentioned this to an old timer.
+ 33400 [sevillar tea] The reason why languages like Python and Ruby seem to be gaining
+ 33401 [erik bagfors] think there is another important thing to think about.
+ 33432 [ptkwt shell1] I did a search for Ruby on the perlmonks.org site a few weeks back and
  + 33434 [gehlker fast] I think two tools would make a Ruby Cocoa a killer scripting language for
  + 33436 [cboos bct-te] I'm working on it (Rubuild), but so far, it has not "crystallized".
    33440 [pate network] People thinking about replacing CVS might want to go see www.regexps.com

^ irb problem in latest ruby tarball
33402 [feldt ce.cha] I compiled and installed latest Ruby 1.7.2 (2002-02-08) from CVS on a
33448 [matz ruby-la] It's a bug.  I will fix it soon.

^ glade development
33404 [alex_oscol y] I found glade well for crossplatform development.
33416 [mjais web.de] don't worry. many people on this list (including me) do not have
33418 [alex_oscol y] Thanx, but it's source code, I need compiled.

^ NT Service
33409 [gulopine hot] I know this topic has been discussed before, but none of the previous
33412 [feldt ce.cha] You might want to check out FireDaemon. And you'd probably be better off
33419 [gulopine hot] Thanks Robert, that got the service started finally. Now to finish the
33420 [feldt ce.cha] Glad to hear that. Would be great if you'd like to write a few simple
33422 [Dave Pragmat] Good idea. How about chaining it off

^ Small Rdoc patch
33414 [chr_news gmx] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
33417 [Dave Pragmat] Many thanks. The patch is in the latest CVS.

^ iowa segfault
33421 [paul atdesk.] I know there used to be a mailing list for iowa, but listbot seems to be
33428 [avi beta4.co] No, unfortunately.  I'll try to set one up this weekend and let you
+ 33441 [josb cncdsl.] That's what I ended up doing and it does indeed work set up that way.
+ 33443 [avi beta4.co] Ok, there's a defunct list at sourceforge that nobody was using,
  33461 [josb cncdsl.] I think I have found the cause of the mod_iowa problem I have been seeing (a
  33463 [josb cncdsl.] [Posted for completeness' sake. Followups on iowa-talk.]

^ Need help with ruby-gimp please
33423 [jfreeze free] I have installed ruby-gimp, but I have not
33680 [zvm01052 nif] I'm author of Gimp-Ruby.
+ 33681 [tobiasreif p] I've never read anything as polite as this :)
+ 33690 [jfreeze free] Wow! Thanks. That helps immensely. I was wondering

^ tiny contest: who's faster? (add_a_gram)
33425 [tobiasreif p] Better than Superbowl, bigger than the Olympics;
+ 33427 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Not looked at this site yet...
+ 33459 [pc000 passth] Interestingly I was also looking at this recently & had
| 33460 [joe vpop.net] Try Dave Thomas' version.  I get an answer in 12 seconds (6 seconds
+ 34392 [chr_news gmx] Hm, the Olympics are winding and I got some time on my hand.  I was

^ General questions about building Ruby
33429 [tgphelps igl] I want to understand the Ruby build process in particular, and the
+ 33433 [gehlker fast] /Developer/Documentation/Commands/Autoconf/AutoConf_1.html
+ 33438 [pate network] (See below)
  33453 [ljohnson res] To follow-up on Pat's comments, Ruby modules tend to use one of the

^ eruby and conflicting names
33431 [paul atdesk.] (Oops, I originally sent this message to ruby-lang@ruby-talk.org...

^ Reg: tiny contest: who's faster? (add_a_gram)
33435 [grady xcf.be] My solution takes under a minute on my machine; the majority is the
+ 33439 [tobiasreif p] half a minute here. Wow!
+ 33442 [joe vpop.net] This reminds me of an anagram problem we had quite a while ago...
+ 33447 [Dave Pragmat] I'm not sure if we're necessarily going for speed, but the following
| 33456 [pit capitain] nitons
| + 33457 [alwagner tca] What about gaps?  In 'WORD.LST' there are no length 26 words.  So nothing
| + 33458 [Dave Pragmat] I report 'attorneyship' for this sequence (Steven's code reports
|   + 33464 [pit capitain] No, you didn't. It was me who didn't remember the starting
|   + 33466 [tobiasreif p] Me too.
|   | 33468 [behrends cse] There are quite a few. A nice mixture of mathematical analysis and actual
|   | 33469 [tobiasreif p] etc.?
|   | 33479 [r2d2 acc.umu] "Dynamic programming" is the general technique of caching computation
|   | 33484 [matju sympat] f1(100) is run f1(1) times
|   + 33480 [dblack candl] I agree, though I'm happy to see the strbsrt extension getting some
+ 33450 [alwagner tca] Damn!  This is as bad as Jeopardy.  I know the answer, but always a second
  33465 [tobiasreif p] If you have a solution, post it :) It's not really about being the
  33467 [tobiasreif p] It's not *only* about the fastest program, but elegant concepts and

^ Postgress backend for CGI::Session
33437 [stephen_scha] I'd like to contribute this original code, and would

^ OT: Open3.popen3 in C?
33444 [jfreeze free] I need the functionality of Open3.popen3 in the C language.

^ RE: Open3.popen3 in C?
33445 [cbroult sapi] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
33446 [jfreeze free] I thought of that, but if I could do that (ie, use Ruby from C) I would just
33451 [ptkwt shell1] I think he meant to steal Ruby's Open3.popen3 implementation from the Ruby
33475 [jfreeze free] You are probably familiar with the situation Phil. :)

^ Itk/Iwidgets ports
33454 [mwilson crt.] I have been working on a port of [Incr Tk] and [Incr Widgets] to Ruby.  You

^ Google programming contest....
33462 [lists heleni] Im a little amazed that this hasn't been brought up yet...
+ 33486 [elanthis awe] I don't have the time/skill for this, but after reading it, I thought
+ 33487 [pcs3 mailhos] Check out google.public.programming-contest.
  + 33489 [nat.pryce b1] The contest allows an entry to use other open source packages.  Since Ruby
  + 33494 [james rubyxm] Might be fun to see what sort of program wins, then implenment it in Ruby

^ 'is a quine' is a quine
33470 [tom.hurst cl] In case anyone's bored, how about another of those nice challanges?
+ 33492 [flori eavesd] _=["print'_=',_.inspect,';',_\n"];print'_=',_.inspect,';',_
| 33495 [tom.hurst cl] Right, now check for a command line argument and print
+ 33493 [joe vpop.net] #!/usr/local/bin/ruby

^ case question
33471 [ docx io.com] I'm using case to do stuff based on some options that get passed on the
33472 [decoux moulo] This is valid only in a string, otherwise this is just a comment
33474 [ docx io.com] DOH!  Thanks for pointing out my newbie mistake.