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^ [QUIZ] Diamond-Square (#198)
332283 [yahivin gmai] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

^ I just can't get rubygems to work.  Can anyone help?
332284 [bbxx789_05ss] My problems started with a wxruby gem, but the whole gem system on my
332294 [lasitha.rana] In your original thread, Mario suggested cleanuping up anything
332298 [bbxx789_05ss] Well, Mario said that would "probably" work, so I thought I would see if
332301 [caduceass gm] roblems I am
332303 [bbxx789_05ss] Ok.  I did

^ [ANN] gnip-1.0.0 (http://gnip.com)
332286 [ara.t.howard] a bad dependancy (restclient vs rest-client) so please either wait for

^ Encoding problem when i use unpack
332287 [informatique] I've a very strange problem when i use both unpack and encode, lets me

^ [PATCH] tagz-5.0.0 -- processing instruction support
332291 [ast atownley] I'm sure you're sick of me by now, but I've added processing instruction

^ Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting!!!!!!
332297 [pohribtodere] PREMIUM WORDPRESS BLOG HOSTING!!

^ Re: Problem installing gem
332305 [travisbell m] That fixed the issue for me as well. Completely stock CentOS 5 install

^ Wisconsin real estate - The #1 Choice
332306 [sksimperpeop] wisconsin real estate

^ Monitoring folder for changes
332307 [felipe.coury] Is there any gem or code example that would help me to watch a given
332308 [ara.t.howard] sudo gem install directory_watcher
332309 [felipe.coury] Now that was fast! Thanks Ara!
332338 [lojicdotcom ] If speed is more important than portability, you may want to consider utilizing operating specific features. I believe Linux, OSX & Windows all provide notifications of changes to the file system so you wouldn't have to periodically poll.

332311 [jpickett eXc] =20

^ Sorting decimal index numbers?
332312 [aaron vegh.c] I'm working with a list of items that contain decimal-based index
+ 332314 [ymendel pobo] $ irb
+ 332315 [matt tidbits] These are not numbers; they're strings. Or at least, they need to be; if
| + 332316 [aaron vegh.c] Are you _the_ Matt Neuburg, of AppleScript fame? It's a privilege to
| + 332318 [reitinge in.] arr = arr.sort_by do |x|
|   + 332321 [nobu ruby-la] enc/depend file in 1.9 has more generic code.
|   + 332329 [shortcutter ] arr.sort_by {|x| x.scan(/\d+/).map(&:to_i)}
|   + 332343 [matt tidbits] Yes, that's better; my first answer failed to take into account Array's
|   + 332355 [ymendel pobo] Durr, of course that's better than my solution of transforming the
+ 332334 [chris-usenet] Probably the Dewey Decimal Classification, or the Universal Decimal

^ mysql gem fails to install using Ruby 1.9.1
332317 [gdonald gmai] I can't get the MySQL gem to install using Ruby 1.9.1.
332336 [bbxx789_05ss] sudo gem install??
332342 [gdonald gmai] No.

^ where to declare project path for require
332322 [adamtemporar] Untill now whenever i made a script Id put all its files into a
332376 [adamtemporar] ok ive been hacking away at this trying to figure out why its going
332385 [b.candler po] No - all files are searched for relative to the $LOAD_PATH ($:) entries
332386 [radek.bulat ] I don't know how it's related to this topic but remember that with
332805 [adamtemporar] sorry for the late reply, i had a small break from programming.

^ Regular Expression interesting problem
332324 [arunkumar in] I'm learning about regular expressions right now for a html scraping
+ 332327 [drbrain segm] I suggest you use Nokogiri.
| + 332328 [arunkumar in] Nokogiri is a good option. But i want to use net/http for my assignment
| | 332330 [jcoglan goog] 2009/3/28 Arun Kumar <arunkumar@innovaturelabs.com>
| + 332331 [shortcutter ] I'd probably rather scan for each <link> tag and then analyze it, i.e.
+ 332332 [sean.ohalpin] In your last post you were telling us about a strict 'boss' who
  + 332333 [arunkumar in] You have completely misunderstood me. I'm working as a software engineer
  | 332337 [sean.ohalpin] If I have misrepresented you, then you have my sincerest apologies.
  + 332335 [bbxx789_05ss] That was my first thought when I read the other post.

^ Onion 0.0.1 Released
332325 [ian.trudel g] Onion 0.0.1 has been released.

^ Regular Expression interesting problem
332326 [arunkumar in] At present I'm learning about regular expressions in order to do an html

^ ffi-0.3.2 # Fails to build native extensions
332339 [vtypal gmail] I'm trying to install the latest version of ffi (0.3.2)as a gem, on a
332344 [andrea.fazzi] I suggest you to post your message also on users@ruby-ffi.kenai.com

^ [ANN] BiteScript 0.0.1 - a DSL for JVM bytecode
332346 [charles.nutt] BiteScript is a Ruby DSL for generating JVM bytecode and classes. It is
+ 332348 [charles.nutt] I should have mentioned I'm open to suggestions for API/DSL
+ 332350 [charles.nutt] And blogged, with a bit more information and links to JVM spec docs,
+ 332367 [tony medioh.] That's some awesome use of blocks
  332375 [charles.nutt] Thanks! I know the instance_eval'ed pattern for executing blocks is
  332382 [radek.bulat ] Charlie, you can also use some 'trick' to allow programmers choose if

^ Re: Problems with Rubygems
332347 [flo andersgr] Rubygems updating is somewhat broken for old versions (and 0.9.5 is
332356 [pedrolito la] /usr/local/ruby, then update your $PATH accordingly, otherwise

^ tkToplvel remove close,restore and minimize buttons
332349 [jesussalas18] i need to remove close,restore and minimize buttons from tk toplevel
+ 332351 [gregory.t.br] So what is your question?
| 332352 [jesussalas18] what is the way to do that?
| 332353 [gregory.t.br] What have you tried so far?  What websites / documentation have you
+ 332363 [fixxie.wits ] I don't know if it is possible to remove the x, -, or + but i know it is
+ 332618 [nagai ai.kyu] For example,
+ 334337 [jesussalas18] require 'tk'

^ [ANN] testy.rb - ruby testing that's mad at the world
332357 [ara.t.howard] NAME
+ 332361 [phlip2005 gm] How about you simply let the programmer write anything they want, and then if it
| 332370 [ara.t.howard] that's interesting indeed.  one of my goals with testy is that output
+ 332364 [Bil.Kleb nas] It's nice to see you finally riffing on testing.
| 332371 [ara.t.howard] ;-) more to come
+ 332407 [jeremy hineg] Up to a limit of course.  how about exiting with the percentage ?  Exit status
  + 332410 [phlip2005 gm] screwed anyway...
  | + 332415 [james graypr] I really feel counting the errors and reading the output are both
  | | 332416 [phlip2005 gm] What, besides instantly fix it (or revert) do you want to do with an error
  | | + 332417 [james graypr] The default writer wants to write them out to the console for the user
  | | + 332431 [ara.t.howard] report it in your ci tool
  | |   332444 [phlip2005 gm] Don't integrate a broken build!
  | |   332450 [ara.t.howard] i'm saying that whatever you are doing with automated tests, be it ci
  | + 332430 [ara.t.howard] indeed.  i was vaugely thinking of a status report with failure
  + 332429 [ara.t.howard] good catch - that was uh, tired of me ;-)

^ Re: testy.rb - ruby testing that's mad at the world
332359 [ymendel pobo] You call this beautiful, but I don't understand it. This says that 'a'
+ 332360 [ian.trudel g] Actually, it seems to be YAML format. It's readable and can be parsed.
| 332368 [ara.t.howard] bingo.  emphasis on the latter.  think unix pipes.
+ 332369 [ara.t.howard] it's a valid complaint.  but compare it to what you'll get in most
  + 332418 [b.candler po] I'm afraid I'm missing something. Why is this better than
  | + 332420 [phlip2005 gm] name = 42
  | | + 332425 [ldenman gmai] Hey Ara,
  | | | 332438 [ara.t.howard] my stupidity.  i hadn't considered having more that one in a file ;-)
  | | + 332437 [ara.t.howard] well, for one that won't run ;-) assert takes and arg and not a
  | |   332442 [sean.ohalpin] but
  | |   + 332445 [phlip2005 gm] Tx, but it sucks! Here's the ideal test case (regardless of its .should or it{}
  | |   + 332447 [ara.t.howard] ah - reports via the binding i assume - that *is* a nice idea.
  | |     332449 [phlip2005 gm] If only the binding were enough...
  | |     332452 [ara.t.howard] dude - that is *hardcore*  ;-)
  | |     332454 [billk cts.co] I think some examples might help.  These are from Phlip's
  | |     + 332455 [ara.t.howard] yes.  it addresses one of my biggest issues with the current
  | |     + 332457 [billk cts.co] Er, sorry, I think I failed at reconstructing that from
  | |     + 332460 [phlip2005 gm] Who was just fussing about "too many lines of code in the framework"?
  | |       + 332461 [ara.t.howard] i meant hardcore in a good way - really!  ;-)
  | |       + 332772 [vjoel path.b] So you have to be careful in the block to avoid side effects, right?
  | |         332775 [phlip2005 gm] No, I just document: Don't put anything in the block with a side-effect. The
  | + 332436 [ara.t.howard] you can basically do that too, but i continually forget which is
  |   + 332448 [jeremy hineg] This, of course, just means you are not writing big enough rails apps :-).
  |   | + 332451 [ara.t.howard] doh! i knew i was doing it wrong!
  |   | + 332453 [phlip2005 gm] I incredibly don't understand that. Our apps are big by Rails standards, yet our
  |   |   332456 [ara.t.howard] i'm not talking about code to test ratios, but code to test
  |   |   + 332459 [phlip2005 gm] Well, the good news is Ruby is essentially a "post-Agile" environment. Your boss
  |   |   + 332492 [Bil.Kleb gma] =A0
  |   |     332493 [Bil.Kleb gma] IIRC, PragDave suggested the at_exit trick to Talbott during
  |   + 332475 [b.candler po] Perhaps - but it's one rule that only needs to be learned once.
  |   | + 332512 [ara.t.howard] ( a LOT of good stuff to which i'll reply to selectively here)
  |   | | 332575 [b.candler po] A nice thing about tiny test frameworks like this (and yours) is that
  |   | + 332516 [phrogz mac.c] I disagree. I 'learn' it each time I look at it, and then I forget it.
  |   |   332519 [ara.t.howard] 100% agree on both counts.  i personally would always use the options
  |   |   332528 [higgs.bozo g] Ha, and I thought it was only me with alias_method and assert_equal
  |   + 332477 [b.candler po] Just a thought: I've found myself doing that too, but in particular I've
  |     332494 [Bil.Kleb gma] Sounds like you're pining for Python's doctest?
  |     332495 [b.candler po] Ah, now that's a really interesting way of thinking about
  |     332496 [michel demaz] This has been done : I found it quite some time ago on the Web and
  + 332515 [ymendel pobo] Quite a bit of discussion since I looked at this last. It's almost as

^ Re: [PATCH] tagz-5.0.0 -- processing instruction support (BROKEN)
332362 [ast atownley] I was wondering if you might be able to help me.  It seems that by

^ Dynamic object creation in ruby
332365 [bangclash ya] I'm trying to do dynamic object creation in ruby.
+ 332372 [ninja slapha] Because there is no constant named Master::Person. There's a constant
+ 332373 [lasitha.rana] Object.const_get("Master")::Person.new("Frank")
+ 332384 [b.candler po] frank = Master.const_get("Person").new("Frank")
  332389 [shortcutter ] Erm, that's a hybrid solution.  If you know the names beforehand, you
  332392 [pjb informat] frank = Object.const_get("Master").const_get("Person").new("Frank")
  332395 [shortcutter ] Why would anyone want to use Strings when he knows the names (and

^ [ANN] ruby-audio, rosc, batphone, others now on github
332366 [hans fugal.n] My humble projects are now hosted on GitHub. Forks and patches welcome!

^ Footwear (paypal payment)www.12315store.com )
332374 [gjuyjfh sina] Footwear (paypal payment)www.12315store.com )
332378 [nolaw surrey] Would not it be better if you yelled at pasar-malam (flee market) ?

^ [PATCH] tagz-5.0.1 -- processing instruction support
332379 [ast atownley] I was actually working on another machine where I had to install tagz.

^ ruby1.9 - to make it real
332380 [chas valley.] How make ruby1.9 the default? (but don't want to eliminate 1.8.6 yet)
332383 [jaco neottia] You may configure the port with +nosuffix to clear the
332387 [flo andersgr] I would pay a bit of attention, because there is software relying on
+ 332388 [shortcutter ] A variant of that is to create a script called ruby which execs the 19
+ 332390 [chas valley.] by interactive....do you mean irb?
+ 332394 [james graypr] We've been working to make TextMate 1.9 friendly.  I'm sure we haven't
  332472 [chas valley.] sudo ln -s /opt/local/bin/ruby1.9 /opt/local/bin/ruby

^ Passing block in C
332391 [whitequark w] How can I call Ruby function from C with block?
+ 332393 [phlip2005 gm] Let me Google that for you!
| 332396 [whitequark w] Ehm. I meant 'what function must be in place of
| 332398 [shortcutter ] I think that Phlip understood this.  If you look at the results you'll
| + 332400 [whitequark w] ss.cpp&q=3Drb_proc_new
| | 332406 [shortcutter ] Right, stupid me.  Should have looked more closely.  My apologies for
| | 332412 [whitequark w] lass.cpp&q=3Drb_proc_new
| + 332404 [phlip2005 gm] Actually I didn't. I was just having a "let me Google CodeSearch that for you"
+ 332401 [andre digira] static VALUE

^ Is there an idiom for mass-populating Hash keys?
332397 [ shot hot.pl] I was wondering whether there=E2=80=99s a Ruby
+ 332399 [ara.t.howard] hash =3D {}
+ 332402 [rick.denatal] Why bother?  The only reason I can thing of is that you want to use
  332423 [ shot hot.pl] Right, I was thinking about this approach on and off all day today,=20
  332544 [ snk gna.org] Hash.new {|h,k| h[k] = nil }
  332548 [ snk gna.org] Whoops, I forgot to store the computed value in the hash!

^ why a require 'activerecord' takes up to 1 second?
332403 [jarkael gmai] Ok, I might not have the best machine in the World (Intel 2.66Mhz 1 CPU)
332478 [b.candler po] It's a long time since I used a machine as slow as 2.66MHz. Even the

^ Ruby 1.9, OS X, command line: negative string size (ArgumentError)
332405 [bartlomiej o] I'd like to get Ruby 1.9 working on OS X 10.5.6, but so far I get the
+ 332408 [radek.bulat ] Does ruby -e "puts 'hello worl'" give you the same error?
+ 332409 [jaco neottia] Could it be possible to see x.rb contents?
  332422 [bartlomiej o] $ ruby -v
  332424 [jaco neottia] %  ruby1.9 -v
  332426 [bartlomiej o] $ ruby1.9 -v
  332428 [jaco neottia] 1) sudo port selfupdate
  332432 [bartlomiej o] $ ruby1.9 -v
  332434 [jaco neottia] What about you environment? encoding, lang, etc. ?
  332440 [bartlomiej o] Ok I found it
  332443 [jaco neottia] For my own, i don't rely on LC_* variables. I've only set LANG
  332463 [matt tidbits] I've got that LC_CTYPE setting because of svn, which will choke on
  332483 [jaco neottia] Agree. Unfortunately, i have not the answer.

^ [OT] Shoes, Gems, Oh, My!
332411 [cwdinfo gmai] I'll ask this question that I asked on stackoverflow (to a resounding
332413 [phlip2005 gm] Ask on the Shoes Adventurers Mailing List. I am quite certain that what will
332421 [cwdinfo gmai] charset=US-ASCII;
332761 [spox modspox] Anyway, this looks more like a stdlib question than a shoes question. What

^ [ANN] sys-admin 1.5.0
332414 [djberg96 gma] I'm pleased to announce the release of sys-admin 1.5.0.

^ Is there a ruby way to get the disk size of a directory?
332419 [juan_zanos t] I was wondering if there was something to du -h?
+ 332465 [jazzezravi g] puts files =  `cd`,`dir /s`
+ 332466 [john.carter ] Umm, it's pretty ugly what I do have... it invokes the Linux statfs
| 332487 [djberg96 gma] gem install sys-filesystem
+ 332470 [shortcutter ] Not sure such thing exists.  You could check RAA.  If not, you can

^ test
332427 [gregory.t.br] testing my ability to create a new topic on RubyTalk, please ignore.
332462 [martindemell] ruby-lang, where even our posts have tests :)
332464 [tomcloyd com] Aren't you getting a bit testy about this?
332497 [rick.denatal] Well with two, or make that three now, replies to the original post, I guess
332503 [gregory.t.br] ess

^ [SUMMARY] Midpoint Displacement (#197)
332433 [yahivin gmai] This week's quiz received several interesting solutions. Summary also

^ Ruby 1.9.1-p0, llvm: all tests pass!
332435 [keltia gmail] One pet peeves of mine regarding 1.9 seems to have very recently been
+ 332439 [keltia gmail] Apparently, it compiles, runs tests but "require" of gems is broken, so
+ 332473 [luc honk-hon] Version 0.5 of MacRuby apparently uses LLVM already: "This future
  332521 [Usenet Googl] That's not what this is about. Ollivier's post is about compiling the
  332569 [luc honk-hon] Eh, good point, not the same thing indeed.
  332570 [ryand-ruby z] yes.

^ Exposing an API over HTTPS
332446 [felipe.coury] I run a website that is written in Rails that uses the standard
332458 [alan blogome] GitHub uses gitosis, which is a Python application built on top of

^ Re: tagz-5.0.1 -- processing instruction support
332467 [ymendel pobo] I love the beauty of open source as much as the next guy, but I'm
332471 [abhishek_a_k] unsubscribe....=20

^ Agile Ruby on Rails Developers  [Latin America and India]
332469 [hr decidesta] Need to find experienced Ruby on Rails developers

^ Symbols garbage collector in Ruby1.9, fixed?
332474 [ibc aliax.ne] since they remain in memory and are never removed.
+ 332476 [ibc aliax.ne] Is there any way to check if a Symbol already exist before creating it?
+ 332479 [fred lacave.] It depends on what exactly you are trying to do with your hash.  If you
| 332480 [ibc aliax.ne] you
| + 332482 [billk cts.co] potential_new_symbol = "xyzzy"
| | 332485 [ibc aliax.ne] Benchmark.realtime{ Symbol.all_symbols.map {|s| s.to_s}.include? "qwe" }
| | 332488 [billk cts.co] I assumed you had a plan for that.  :)
| | 332489 [ibc aliax.ne] }.flatten
| + 332484 [fred lacave.] Symbol.all_symbols.find { |s| s.to_s == "string" }
+ 332498 [rick.denatal] Which is why Rails (actually activesupport) which implements a
+ 332499 [b.candler po] It's not "solved" in 1.9, because this is intentional and necessary
| + 332501 [ibc aliax.ne] Ok, thanks for your explanation.
| + 332502 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II=
| | + 332506 [ninja slapha] That article looks like pure speculation.
| | + 332510 [ksruby gmail] Unfortunately, symbols are still not garbage-collected at the moment.
| + 332509 [matz ruby-la] Garbage collection for Symbols is planned, but not implemented yet.
|   332659 [julian coret] Is the garbage collection in 1.9 better than 1.8?
|   332698 [matz ruby-la] Yes, but slightly.  For example, it returns unused memory regions to
+ 332700 [tony medioh.] Use symbols... FOR SPEED!  Unfortunately that speed comes at a price... you
  332702 [ibc aliax.ne] ou
  + 332711 [Rob AgileCon] headers =3D { 'from' =3D> "alice@qweeq", 'to' =3D> "bob@qweeq" }
  | 332720 [rick.denatal] Actually, I'm pretty sure that Symbols are faster as hash keys because
  | 332726 [ibc aliax.ne] the string.
  + 332724 [mneumann nte] I'd figure out what very common headers are and make them freezed constants,
  + 332727 [ibc aliax.ne] ts,
    332733 [mneumann nte] No!
    332736 [ibc aliax.ne] This seems a wonderful solution :)