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^ Re: Looking for a method to kill all children for my
332027 [jos catnook.] Here's a trick I use, maybe it is useful. Note that even if push-to-slaves
332061 [jos catnook.] If those many processes were being started by the push-to-slaves script as in

^ gsub and single quote issue
332034 [neeraj.jsr g] a = " Ruby's gem "
332037 [shortcutter ] The sequence \' in a replacement string is interpreted as the post
332062 [bbxx789_05ss] I assume that has something to do with ruby's crazy global variables,
332069 [shortcutter ] The replacement string is interpreted by sub and gsub and this is just

^ Share your vimrc
332040 [Aldric Giaco] I've just started using vim (Windows at work, Gentoo at home, a Macbook
332049 [deathtoallfa] here's mine, sans the stuff I've cargo-culted and don't understand.
+ 332050 [jameskilton ] I've got a lot of stuff in my .vim dir. It's up on github, along with
+ 332059 [Aldric Giaco] dotfiles is -awesome-. Thanks!

^ Re: Midpoint Displacement (#197)
332045 [reitinge in.] My solution utilizes Builder to print a SVG representation to stdout.

^ For the vim folks
332052 [lists source] I've been using vi/vim since '97 for various quick edits and
332073 [lasitha.rana] It lets you define a set of tag files vim will use for tag lookups (Ctrl-]).
332100 [lists source] ]).

^ no such file to load
332056 [edu.cirilo g] I cannot get my ruby application to run :( ... This is what's appening
332057 [scott therei] sudo gem install test-unit.
332058 [edu.cirilo g] (in /Users/macmini/Desktop/kshema910)
332341 [vtypal gmail] Rails version 2.2 is not supported in ruby 1.9. As i can see from your

^ IBM_DB version 1.0.5 supports ruby-1.9.1
332060 [praveendevar] New version (1.0.5) of ibm_db Rails Adapter/driver for IBM dataservers

^ confirm while uploading file
332064 [mailtorajuit] Iam new to ruby.

^ how to call instance method from within Treetop gem
332075 [tomcloyd com] I'm trying to call an instance method from within a gem (Treetop), and
332083 [justincollin] You seem to be trying to call the showhelp method from within your
332087 [tomcloyd com] That's the problem I didn't know how to address!

^ write a method to every possible class
332080 [oguzaltu gma] def fun(ob)
+ 332081 [phasis gmail] class Object
+ 332082 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):010:0> class Object

^ appending an array to a frozen array
332084 [James.French] Morning all,
332086 [lasitha.rana] += creates a new array and assigns it to @dependencies.  The original
332088 [James.French] Ah, I understand - thanks. My next question is - is it possible to prevent =
+ 332108 [vjoel path.b] Use an attr_reader rather than an instance variable?
+ 332109 [shortcutter ] Since you are using an instance variable you control how it is

^ creating an array by reusing code
332085 [sijo maxxion] I have
+ 332089 [jgabrielygal] recordcount =3D (1..12).map do |month|
+ 332090 [lasitha.rana] Let's build this up a step at a time...
  332105 [shortcutter ] counts =3D Hash.new 0

^ ruby sqlite error
332092 [w3gat nwlaga] Can anyone tell me how to correct the following error?
+ 332094 [phasis gmail] Move sqlite3.dll to somewhere in your PATH.
| 332097 [james graypr] Or switch to Amalgalite so you don't have to worry about issues like
+ 332134 [ryand-ruby z] Please don't thread hijack. It bothers those of us who use real mail
  332164 [w3gat nwlaga] So educate me --
  332166 [phlip2005 gm] It might be when one hits "Reply To", changes the Subject line, and changes the

^ [ANN] tournament 2.5.0
332093 [doug dseifer] tournament version 2.5.0

^ [ANN] Sup 0.7 released
332096 [wmorgan-ruby] I'm happy to announce the release of Sup 0.7.
332103 [jgabrielygal] I am trying to get started with sup, and I got some problems regarding
332104 [wmorgan-ruby] None of these are requirements from Sup. None of those strings exist
332107 [jgabrielygal] I'm no rubygems expert either, so I though I'd mention the problem I had.

^ REG: Debugging a ruby script
332101 [ext-golla.an] =20
+ 332102 [rick.denatal] Rick DeNatale
+ 332133 [ryand-ruby z] On Mar 25, 2009, at 08:55 , <ext-golla.anil-kumar@nokia.com> <ext-golla.anil-kumar@nokia.com

^ delete from array while iterating
332106 [tarscher gma] I want to delete an element from an array when it matches a condition.
+ 332110 [RubyTalk gma] [2,3,4,5,6].delete_if{|x| (x%2=3D=3D0) && (puts x) }
| 332113 [lasitha.rana] Err, that won't work.  puts returns nil so the block will never return
+ 332111 [stefano.croc] In the block you can do anything you want. Just make sure you return a true=
+ 332114 [shortcutter ] What makes you think you cannot print in the block of a delete_if?

^ Parsing xml
332112 [arunkumar in] Is there any way in Ruby to parse an xml file without using REXML or any
332115 [whitequark w] Of course. You can write a finite state machine, read XML from file
332116 [arunkumar in] Thanks. Can u please give me details of it.
+ 332118 [whitequark w] As a clue, I can recommend you define following states: "text",
| + 332119 [arunkumar in] The problem is that my boss donot want me to use any libraries to parse
| | + 332123 [whitequark w] <?xml version=3D"1.0" encoding=3D"utf-8"?>
| | | 332128 [sepp2k googl] =A0
| | | + 332129 [whitequark w] =A0
| | | + 332130 [jameskilton ] Regex is not stateful, thus you can't use it to parse XML. Oh there
| | | | + 332140 [shortcutter ] Funny as it goes, REXML is actually named that way because it uses
| | | | + 332148 [billk cts.co] But, regexps work just fine to lex XML.  The parser, then,
| | | + 332153 [overlord gmx] If you modify it to /<some-tag.*?>(.*?)<\/some-tag>/ it will ignore
| | |   332211 [sepp2k googl] document = "<some-tag> lala <some-tag> lulu </some-tag> lili </some-tag>"
| | + 332125 [phlip2005 gm] Your boss is micromanaging you, and does not understand the relationship between
| |   332131 [phlip2005 gm] Next, REXML will break if you point it at nearly any website.
| |   + 332132 [whitequark w] Yes, at average HTML code will break it, but he need to parse RDF (or
| |   + 332138 [ninja slapha] irb(main):001:0> require 'open-uri'
| + 332120 [jameskilton ] ny
|   332122 [arunkumar in] One problem is compatability. I'm developing an application that
|   + 332126 [phlip2005 gm] I had a boss once who wouldn't let us use keyboards, because we might use them
|   + 332136 [ninja slapha] Compatibility with what?
|   | 332143 [shortcutter ] require 'open-uri'
|   + 332142 [shortcutter ] Between what and what?  REXML is pure Ruby so it runs on all platforms.
+ 332124 [phlip2005 gm] He told you to write a parser. That's the same as using REXML or any other library.

^ Modules, require, include, toplevel constants and Watir
332145 [chadwickvm y] Despite working in IT for almost 2 years now I consider myself a
332161 [bpettichord ] There is an autoload set on Watir::IE. This is new with Watir 1.6.
332243 [chadwickvm y] That explains a lot.  Thanks Bret.  As it turns out, I was previously

^ HOWTO: Authenticating with a Windows Active Directory server.
332149 [phrogz mac.c] I have a Ramaze-based web application at work. I wanted it to

^ [ANN] RDoc 2.4.2 Released
332150 [drbrain segm] rdoc version 2.4.2 has been released!
+ 332190 [matt tidbits] Better and better. But OMM (still using ruby 1.8.6) I still often
+ 334955 [nobu ruby-la] Any plan to update the bundled rdoc in the repository?
  334956 [ryand-ruby z] Yes. Eric and I both need to update the repo w/ stuff we've released. :/
  334972 [nobu ruby-la] FYI, there're a couple of fixes, specific and non-specific to
  334987 [ryand-ruby z] Hrm. Either ruby svn and rdoc svn have diverged, or something else is

^ Posting to PayPal with  Net::HTTPS
332165 [ddjolley gma] I'm trying to post to PayPal using Net::HTTPS.  I found the following

^ ruport in ruby1.9
332167 [botp delmont] running ruport-based program in ruby1.9, i always get the ff errors,
332192 [gregory.t.br] No, sorry.  Ruport 1.x will never be Ruby 1.9 compatible unless

^ Help on down_load_time function
332168 [sandeep.gupt] I needed help on down_load_time function as i was trying to automate my

^ Operator precedence of exponentiation (**) and complement (~)
332169 [ajsavige yah] The operator precedence table at:=0A=0A http://phrogz.net/ProgrammingRuby/l=
332171 [phasis gmail] n Python
332215 [ajsavige yah] //doc.loveruby.net/refm/api/view/spec/operator),=0A> this is not a bug.=0A>=

^ program design - template design pattern
332170 [adamtemporar] although im making a rails app this is more specific to ruby and general
332177 [srijayanth g] While a lot depends on several other aspects of your project, this specific
+ 332178 [shortcutter ] ic
| 332180 [srijayanth g] Yeah I thought of that too, but God knows what his criterion for choosing
+ 332231 [adamtemporar] thanks for you comments. Yes Im referring to rss feeds and i am in full
  332240 [shortcutter ] Actually those were not class names but class _objects_ themselves in

^ https html parsing
332172 [arunkumar in] Can anybody please give me the details of how to parse html from a
332268 [b.candler po] This error isn't useful unless you also post your example.rb
332319 [arunkumar in] Thanks for ur reply.
332320 [drbrain segm] This is explained in `ri Net::HTTP` under "Following Redirection"
332323 [arunkumar in] I solved the redirecting problem. But still the https problem remains.
332345 [b.candler po] The error is just telling you that it doesn't have any local CA root

^ passing parameter
332179 [arunkumar in] This is my code strip
332182 [shortcutter ] to fetch the url
+ 332183 [shortcutter ] tool for the job. Multiple have been named already (REXML, Nokogiri,
+ 332187 [arunkumar in] The problem is that i need to parse the xml from the feeds url and the
  332191 [shortcutter ] I don't see how the fact that variable "xml" goes out of scope at some
  332195 [arunkumar in] Thanks for the advice. As u mentioned i'm new to ruby and i have still

^ [ANN] assert2-0.4.6 provides assert_xhtml, an alternative to assert_select
332186 [phlip2005 gm] assert_select "div#logo_box img[src=/0000/0001/logo.gif][alt=My Company]"

^ Should I use Daemonize or something else?
332189 [mfurmaniuk y] I'm trying to make a small Client that will run on a machine and send

^ https post with xml data?
332193 [rochkind jhu] I need to post some XML (not form encoded, just raw XML in the body) to
332199 [ara.t.howard] give up. use restclient.
343471 [ruby-forum s] Excellent advice. I wish I had stumbled upon it 4 hours earlier...

^ basic xml parsing question
332194 [geocooper gm] I am just starting to program and am learning by using ruby, so this
+ 332201 [shortcutter ] Well, using REXML you have two options
| 332203 [geocooper gm] Yes, the tables correspond to the XML tags.
+ 332232 [mark thomasz] Well, you have hierarchical data (calldetails inside of callsummary)

^ 400 "Bad Request"
332196 [arunkumar in] I'm developing a program to fetch the html contents of a site using
+ 332197 [lparravi gma] You can try getting the page with Mechanize [1].
+ 332198 [cminear secu] From a quick look at the Net::HTTP RDoc, it would look like your best

^ Update latest Ruby Version 1.9 on Mac OSX
332206 [sayakyi gmai] Dear All,
+ 332207 [jeremy bitsw] Install it separately instead of upgrading.
| 332210 [flo andersgr] The release version of Ruby 1.9 automatically configures itself to use
| 332214 [luc honk-hon] % port info ruby19
| 332252 [flo andersgr] Oh, the embarassment...
+ 332209 [stadeschuldt] Just install MacPorts and then install 1.9
| 345196 [email reghel] use ruby 1.9.
| + 345197 [mcamou tecno] Add /opt/local/bin to the front of your PATH, that's where MacPorts stores
| + 345200 [rick.denatal] I'm not sure because I installed Ruby 1.9 from source, but others have
| + 345201 [fxn hashref.] I had /usr/local/bin in /etc/profile and it was being ignored after
|   345206 [mcamou tecno] Note that for MacPorts it's /opt/local/bin, not /usr/local/bin.
+ 345226 [jonathan.bor] I would use RVM (ruby version manager)
  345238 [email reghel] Thanks to all, I'll try each way, then post back to let you know! Thank
  345239 [email reghel] Another little question then: how do I know which ruby version is used

^ Using Net/FTP to download a file (FTP Error 550)
332208 [loadeddesign] Hey guys,

^ How to monitor memory consumed by a method ?
332212 [noway fakenu] Files are big, themselves related and the conversion rules needs several
332213 [whitequark w] Try doing GC.disable before calling method and then ps aux, for
332279 [shortcutter ] That way you will see how much memory the process uses up but not, how

^ Shipping a gem with jruby.jar
332216 [juan_zanos t] Is it possible to ship a gem with jruby.jar in a way that jruby
332218 [drbrain segm] You need Ruby to install a gem via RubyGems, so I don't see how this
332219 [juan_zanos t] So shipping a Ruby application that uses a gem is impossible?
+ 332220 [juan_zanos t] I wonder if it's possible to write a gem to jar converter.
| 332224 [nicksieger g] You may be interested in
| 332226 [juan_zanos t] Thanks, I will do that.
+ 332222 [drbrain segm] You said that you want the gem to install without ruby or jruby.
  332225 [juan_zanos t] Sorry for the confusion.  I don't want someone to have to separately

^ unit testing with ruby1.9.x
332217 [jayeola gmai] Built ruby from a recent svn. Builds fine and works.
+ 332223 [drbrain segm] What's wrong with minitest that ships with 1.9?
| 332227 [jayeola gmai] Uh, can you point me to some useful docs? Not come across this module
| 332228 [drbrain segm] $ ri MiniTest::Assertions
+ 332235 [tomcloyd com] At the risk of stating what is obvious to some and may not be to all,
  332265 [jayeola gmai] the

^ SOAP and NTLM Authentication
332230 [partydrone m] I'm trying to integrate with Sharepoint Services, and need to connect
332242 [mark thomasz] ...
332280 [partydrone m] The example you give on your blog, like all the others I've seen,
+ 332281 [dbw aber.ac.] adding extra header using SOAP4R may point you in the right direction.
+ 332285 [mark thomasz] Since you have shown you can get the WSDL, can't you just use it
  332289 [partydrone m] require 'rubygems'

^ Restrict Platform for RubyGem Update
332236 [joseph.workm] I am working on a windows box attempting to develop a rails application.
332237 [ryand-ruby z] rubygems will download any platform specific gem first if it exists.
332238 [joseph.workm] Thank you for the information. I have reviewed the information for both
332296 [drbrain segm] As of RubyGems 1.3 (IIRC), a failed build shouldn't result in an

^ How to correctly require my own DLL in ruby 1.9.1?
332239 [davidlee_cos] I made a example.dll by using SWIG with Visual C++ Express 2008 Edition
332241 [nobu ruby-la] Rename it as example.so.  1.9 doesn't use .dll extension
332304 [davidlee_cos] It works just as you said.

^ Huge problem installing Postgres ruby 1.9 on Vista
332244 [d_rems yahoo] Werent there times when windows gems were precompiled for Windows.

^ Re: Sup 0.7 released
332247 [keltia gmail] Is it 1.9 compatible?  I do not see any mention on that.  I tried to
332255 [wmorgan-ruby] Very far from it. If nothing else, it has 10 gem dependencies, and I'd

^ gem update
332248 [tamilselvi15] am getting this error while updating or installing any gems
332249 [dbw aber.ac.] QXJlIHlvdSBiZWhpbmQgYSBwcm94eT8NCg0KaHR0cDovL3J1YnlnZW1zLm9yZy9yZWFkL2NoYXB0
332259 [tamilselvi15] I checked the browser proxy setting. It is set to auto

^ Ruby 1.9 # coding: utf-8
332250 [d_rems yahoo] I am trying some ruby 1.9. taste for the first time and I have got to
+ 332251 [gregory.t.br] -Ku does this but it's not recommendable.  If your code needs to run
+ 332254 [radek.bulat ] You should get to like it. It's only *1* line per file. Image that
  332256 [d_rems yahoo] Yeah. But it kind-a iratete me since I haven't seen this in all those
  + 332260 [gregory.t.br] Why do you expect they should?  Ruby 1.9 represents a completely new
  + 332277 [james graypr] I've been working on character encoding documentation for both Ruby =20

^ [PATCH] tagz-5.0.0
332257 [ast atownley] Here's a fix for the empty tag problem.  With this fix, I now have a

^ Using HTTParty to post a very large set of name/value pairs
332258 [dmorin gmail] I've got a pretty large text file (a few thousand lines on average)

^ Re: Using HTTParty to post a very large set of name/value pa
332261 [dmorin gmail] Aha, may have solved my own problem.  Looks like using the :body option

^ Bug: Ruby 1.9.1 File io on Windows is slooooow
332262 [d_rems yahoo] time = [Time.new]
+ 332264 [alex deletem] I'm pretty sure from your other message that it's using Ruby 1.9 with
| + 332276 [higgs.bozo g] Unfortunately it appears to be a designed-in pessimization, though I
| + 332313 [nobu ruby-la] Slow-read is caused by universal-newline.
|   332377 [d_rems yahoo] Should'nt fread be reading binary file or should that be forced by 'rb'
+ 332381 [shortcutter ] Do you have a virus scanner on that Windows box?  If so, how are
  332468 [d_rems yahoo] I swithed it off and times are pretty much the same.

^ Re: howto gem thru a proxy
332263 [tamilselvi15] i tried the above solution. but still i get the same error
332278 [a99.googlegr] gem query --remote --name-matches doom -p  http://terra.sol.proxy.org:8080
332340 [vtypal gmail] To install gems behind a proxy server just append at the end " -p

^ Re: ruby openssl
332267 [b.candler po] Don't post homework (or worse, commercial work) problems, because we

332271 [johnmattocks] you @ usa.com

^ =?windows-1252?Q?very_important_for_your_life=85?=
332272 [ahmedabdalla] very important for your life=85

^ =?windows-1252?Q?Re=3A_very_important_for_your_life=85?=
332273 [rlp1938 gmai] Perfectly good toilet paper ruined by the application of printers ink.
332274 [rustam8338 g] =?windows-1252?Q?Re=3A_very_important_for_your_life=85?=
332275 [default spir] =?windows-1252?Q?Re=3A_very_important_for_your_life=85?=