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^ Can rubygems do rdoc on update?
331848 [andrew avit.] exclude .*test.* --exclude .*spec.*
331852 [ryand-ruby z] it is a known bug, but I don't think it has been filed officially.
331853 [andrew avit.] Done, thanks.

^ Windows : Retrive Quick Launch toolbar items
331861 [ak3003 ymail] How can I get Quick Launch toolbar items, present in the explorer/
331863 [phasis gmail] puts Dir.entries(ENV['USERPROFILE']+'\Application
331867 [ak3003 ymail] Thanks a ton! works fine.
331882 [phasis gmail] If you mean system tray icons, that's not easy as you think.
331929 [ak3003 ymail] Thanks for your code! I mean for System tray icons and code worked like

^ loading offline html files with mechanize
331869 [adamtemporar] this may be a dumb simple question yet ive googled and cant find out

^ Deleting Cookies
331877 [venkatesh.th] My requirement is deleting cookies and cache.

^ Look This One
331883 [edysusanto_i] how do you think about my simple blog, please give your opinion for my

^ [SUMMARY] Sliding Puzzle (#196)
331890 [yahivin gmai] The sole submission to this week's quiz comes from Martin Boese.

^ comparing xml
331891 [ara.t.howard] this is a rough start
331892 [phlip2005 gm] Use LibXML-Ruby, Nokogiri, or REXML, read both documents, and convert them to DOMs.
331893 [ara.t.howard] err - that is precisely what that code is doing?
331905 [phlip2005 gm] I should have explored that. Isn't the code simply printing out both XMLs, with
331913 [ara.t.howard] it *is* comparing strings, but strings built up inside rexml using the
331914 [phlip2005 gm] I caught it because I just recently solved a subset of your problem.
331915 [ara.t.howard] next version is up
331916 [phlip2005 gm] 2kewt. Now you are using XmlSimple.==, so it will walk the object model for you,
331917 [ara.t.howard] latest version handles the first and i'm ok with the later.  feeling
331919 [phlip2005 gm] That is _supposed_ to be XSLT's space. Don't hold your breath. I'm beginning to
331922 [ara.t.howard] that is the one with 'bacon' isn't it?

^ ruby tkentry tkvariable with class wrappers problem
331895 [cristiach ya] I try to create a tkEntry with a tkVariable attached in the class
331896 [nagai ai.kyu] Hmmm...
331900 [cristiach ya] problem solved ; thanks for the help
331910 [cristiach ya] the fix is good but i hit another problem
331920 [nagai ai.kyu] It's a typo.
331926 [cristiach ya] that fixed it again hope i'll be more carefull next time and not post

^ 1.9.1
331897 [ron.green gm] I tried to instal Ruby 1.9.1 based on the instructions at

^ GSoC applications open today
331898 [jeremy bitsw] Google Summer of Code student applications start today!
332310 [jeremy bitsw] Aaaand we've started a mailing list!

^ Test::Unit - same test, different "args"
331899 [secureboot g] I need to run the same unit test case more than 10 times (around 150
+ 331902 [michael.malo] my first thought is to have your test_something methods call protected
+ 331903 [phlip2005 gm] class ATest < Test::Unit::TestCase; include Suite; setup; @me = 'a'; end; end
| 332020 [secureboot g] d; end
| 332151 [secureboot g] The biggest issue I'm running into right now is not having startup(),
| + 332154 [secureboot g] Better yet, is there some way to get around this?
| + 332155 [phlip2005 gm] There are code samples and I think plugins which add that.
| | 332156 [secureboot g] Yes, that's clearly the best way for me to do this outside of startup
| | 332163 [phlip2005 gm] I was thinking I don't know if that runs once per suite or once per test run...
| + 332184 [kou cozmixng] In <55f56345-3524-40d0-8a9a-85bef4448ae7@d7g2000prl.googlegroups.com>
+ 331911 [b.candler po] Shoulda sits on top of Test::Unit and may be helpful. Something like
  332021 [secureboot g] This seems incredibly useful - unfortunately, I can't use shoulda.
  + 332048 [b.candler po] Out of interest, why not? Policy constraint?
  | 332152 [secureboot g] Basically, yes.
  + 332185 [kou cozmixng] In <03af6afa-9ba0-4124-bc2b-185f907c24f7@a5g2000pre.googlegroups.com>

^ Re: how to use Ruby / Tk to display a text message status box
331908 [jurij.veresc] Now all examples are here: http://www.readytouseexamples.com

^ Script throws error whenever I require mysql gem
331918 [cgallagher g] Ive been working on a small script and Im about to place some
331990 [lasitha.rana] cheers,
332054 [cgallagher g] OK, I've now done a complete uninstall and reinstalled with macports

^ Windows Automation
331921 [wooingruby g] So, I'm trying to figure out how to automate various programs using
+ 332047 [cbciv yahoo.] I don't know if there are any alternatives, but for automation on
+ 332055 [david.mullet] In addition to Charles' recommendations, you'll find a lot regarding
  332221 [wooingruby g] Thanks for the replies; very useful stuff.  Maybe I'm blind, but I've
  + 337262 [cbciv yahoo.] I suspect that it doesn't expose and OLE interface.  Many of
  | 337271 [bosko.ivanis] I also doubt iexpress has OLE interface. Anyway if you are interested
  + 337268 [vikkous gmai] Kernel#system works the same on windows and unix. Command line options

^ Problem writing a text file
331923 [RichardDummy] I imported some test data from Excel as a CSV file.
331928 [hassan.schro] Quick glance: File.open('fn', 'w') -- you're opening a file named 'fn',
331936 [RichardDummy] On Mar 23, 11:56=A0pm, Hassan Schroeder <hassan.schroe...@gmail.com>

^ Mimic AES_ENCRYPT and AES_DECRYPT functions in Ruby
331924 [felipe.coury] I need to mimic what MySQL does when encrypting and decrypting strings
+ 331925 [felipe.coury] You may find weird that I tried padding the key, and even using \000
| 331927 [Rob AgileCon] 16 * (string_length + 15)/16
+ 331931 [giovanni.cri] @cipherAES256=OpenSSL::Cipher::AES256.new("CBC") if @cipherAES256.nil?
  331938 [felipe.coury] Giovanni / Rob,
  331940 [felipe.coury] Some more discoveries...
  331941 [felipe.coury] Just as a FYI, it works!!!
  331948 [Rob AgileCon] I'm glad you got it.  Your key-building function doesn't need to be
  331974 [felipe.coury] Rob, you nailed it. Thanks a lot!

^ [ANN] tagz-5.0.0
331930 [ara.t.howard] NAME
332078 [ast atownley] How does tagz handle namespaces?  I have to say that what you've done
332095 [ara.t.howard] nothing explicit, but it'd be pretty simple to make some helper
+ 332098 [james graypr] foo_in_bar_ { =85 }
| + 332099 [tim.pease gm] me,
| | + 332135 [ryand-ruby z] *brain asplodes*
| | + 332158 [ara.t.howard] wow.
| + 332157 [ara.t.howard] i actually did that with xx at one point.
|   332159 [ast atownley] I think in order to do namespaces correctly, you'd still need some kind
+ 332141 [ast atownley] Thanks.
  332160 [ara.t.howard] how about this
  + 332162 [ast atownley] I like it, but would change it a bit to allow you to initialize the
  + 332181 [ast atownley] Apologies.  Forgot to say thanks for your help.  Your suggestion is
    332205 [ara.t.howard] if that's the case i might roll something like that into tagz.
    332246 [ast atownley] That would be fantastic.
    + 332253 [ast atownley] Apologies for the typo earlier.  I think I have it mostly working now,
    + 332266 [ara.t.howard] this by design.
      332269 [ast atownley] Fair enough.
      332288 [ara.t.howard] there is actually one other important usecase  br_  etc, and other
      332290 [ast atownley] Who uses HTML4 anymore???? ;)
      332292 [flo andersgr] Actually, there are enough reasons for sticking with HTML. Especially
      332293 [ast atownley] I hadn't seen this article, but I'm quite familiar with the differences.
      + 332295 [flo andersgr] All the better :). It's just that I see a lot of aggressive talk against
      + 332299 [ara.t.howard] quite a while back
        332300 [ast atownley] I can see the family resemblance! :)
        332302 [ara.t.howard] it ensures valid xml and supports some xml-ish stuff.  otherwise i

^ Pictures from scanner in ruby
331933 [er3c hotmail] I am working in a project and I need obtain pictures directly form  a
331955 [k5mmx yahoo.] well scanning is a task very OS dependant , for helping you we need more
332001 [er3c hotmail] I'm using win32ole and I try with scanners and cameras wizard for

^ Re: tagz-5.0.0
331934 [transfire gm] =A0
331935 [ara.t.howard] it uses method_missing, just not in a lame way ;-)
+ 331963 [b.candler po] Looks interesting.
| 331979 [ara.t.howard] you mean combining erb with the dsl i assume?
| 331985 [b.candler po] At a lower level, the use of hashes to represent attributes is
| + 331996 [ara.t.howard] gotcha.
| | + 331997 [martindemell] ake
| | | 331999 [ara.t.howard] i use that actually - but it really really crawls on large xml docs
| | + 332004 [b.candler po] With HAML, such validation isn't necessary: it always generates
| + 332229 [jontyjont bt] I have been using haml out of necessity recently (sinatra), erb is too
|   + 332233 [ara.t.howard] it's fairly fast, but not as fast as erb.
|   | 332270 [jontyjont bt] Have tried it out this morning - I am delighted with it - natural ruby
|   + 332234 [ryand-ruby z] ...
+ 331995 [matt tidbits] Not in a lame way, but in a way that means it can't be used in some
  331998 [ara.t.howard] you are trying too hard ;-)
  332013 [matt tidbits] Well, it wouldn't be the first time!
  + 332019 [ara.t.howard] yeah.  i means 'globally' in the target scope.  aka - a_{} works
  + 332144 [sean.ohalpin] b.extend(Tagz.globally)

^ [ANN] amalgalite 0.8.0 Released
331942 [jeremy hineg] amalgalite version 0.8.0 has been released.
331956 [botp delmont] # amalgalite version 0.8.0 has been released.
331978 [jeremy hineg] I have a few changes to make in the extension to make it 1.9 compatible.  So
332051 [botp delmont] # I have a few changes to make in the extension to make it 1.9=20

^ [ANN] activerecord-amalgalite-adapter 0.8.0 Released
331943 [jeremy hineg] activerecord-amalgalite-adapter version 0.8.0 has been released.

^ Please instruct how to work with Mac XCODE and INTERFACE BUILDER
331945 [sureshrajche] Dear ALL
331981 [matt tidbits] MacRuby questions to the MacRuby list, please.

^ get process id by using it's name.
331947 [jykim altiba] first )
331958 [phasis gmail] s.
331967 [jykim altiba] I know the sysproc library supports very good interface for this kinds =20=
332012 [drbrain segm] Since you seem to have access to an aix machine, I'm pretty sure it'll
332065 [jykim altiba] yes, I also believe that is the best option for me :)
332091 [djberg96 gma] I don't have access to an AIX machine, but this might get you started on

^ Re: how do you install a local gem?
331950 [bbxx789_05ss] I finally got around to messing with this install again, and this time I
332000 [jballanc gma] You're welcome!
332063 [bbxx789_05ss] Your post was the key to the puzzle.  Thank you.
332076 [bbxx789_05ss] Ok.  I decided to go for broke and upgrade from ruby 1.8.2 to ruby
+ 332077 [bbxx789_05ss] $ gem -v
+ 332121 [drbrain segm] Compare the RUBY EXECUTABLE entry from `gem env` to `which ruby`
  332174 [bbxx789_05ss] $ gem env
  332175 [bbxx789_05ss] $ find /usr -name 'wxruby*'
  332188 [bbxx789_05ss] $ gem install -r BlueCloth

^ Re: Please instruct how to work with Mac XCODE and INTERFACE
331951 [bbxx789_05ss] How do you do that?
332006 [has.temp3 vi] Refer to the Cocoa documentation for NSDatePicker and NSDate, in

^ Advice Please
331952 [edysusanto_i] i need advice for my new blog

^ How to set my default ruby back to 1.8 version after install ruby  1.9?
331959 [blogdriver g] I use opensuse11.1 and it has it's ruby1.8.7 rpm installed , later I
331960 [schouery gma] If you change your PATH variable to start with /usr/bin and after
332046 [blogdriver g] On Mar 24, 9:07=A0pm, Rafael Crivellari Saliba Schouery

^ Buiulding multiple versions of Ruby
331962 [jayeola gmai] This is the way that I build ruby from the latest svn sources. This
331988 [b.candler po] This is correct, except ruby 1.8.6 and 1.8.7 clash, so if you want both

^ wxRuby setting the Frame's icon - getting started example
331964 [bbxx789_05ss] It's the second example in the wxRuby tutorial entitled "Getting
331966 [aff28 delete] Frames in the OS X desktop don't have icons - not in the same way as

^ unsubscribe
331965 [jad.saklawi ] unsubscribe

^ Re: wxRuby setting the Frame's icon - getting started exampl
331969 [bbxx789_05ss] Thanks for the response.  Ok.  Maybe the wiki should mention that?

^ Props - Nokogiri's Builder notation has class and ID shortcuts
331970 [phlip2005 gm] builder = Nokogiri::HTML::Builder.new do

^ [Q&A]: HOWTO start irb on a different object
331971 [onepoint sta] I wanted to have irb start its session on an object other than the
331982 [ben bleythin] Do you find that you often want to start irb in the same object's
332005 [onepoint sta] You're right that  there's little reason to use  this hook in ~/.irbrc
332008 [ben bleythin] =A0And

^ What is Ruby's Contribution to Programming?
331972 [kunjaan gmai] I am just learning this awesome language Ruby and entering the
331976 [phlip2005 gm] Almost none. What it really did is put...
331977 [luc honk-hon] - joy

^ problem with gsub! in file
331973 [jcarlile gma] I am new to Ruby and trying to do a find and replace on a text file
331980 [jcarlile gma] OK, I see now it's not trivial to read and write from a file at the
331983 [adam.oddfell] You'll want ruby -pie 'gsub(/foo/,"bar")'  myfile.vcproj
331984 [adam.oddfell] Er, sorry, make that ruby -p -i.bak -e 'gsub(/foo/,"bar")'
331993 [jcarlile gma] ruby -p -i.bak -e 'gsub(/foo/,"bar")'  myfile.vcproj
331994 [adam.oddfell] Are you sure you did just 'myfile.vcproj' and not '< myfile.vcproj'?
+ 332031 [michael.malo] The problem is this: you're reading the contents of your file into
+ 332074 [jcarlile gma] aha!  that was it!

^ Strange bug in irb1.9
331975 [whitequark w] I am developing bindings for libconfig and discovered a strange bug in =20
+ 332003 [shortcutter ] Spontaneously two things come to mind: garbage collection (because of
| 332007 [whitequark w] Disabling GC solved this problem. I think only this
| 332016 [shortcutter ] I have to create a C extension yet, but you certainly need to clearly
| 332017 [whitequark w] The problem is that I do not allocate that memory in _extension_. It =20
| 332018 [shortcutter ] I consider the lib as part of the extension for this example.  The
+ 332036 [dmitry.sever] Peter, this is bug in your code, not ext lib or ruby-1.9
  332041 [whitequark w] Thanks, fixed everything. Added these arrays as constants.

^ Re: : HOWTO start irb on a different object
331986 [b.candler po] I'm not interested in setting up a different default object in .irbrb,
331992 [onepoint sta] Yes, that's  what I  found too.  AFAICT  that solution copies  the irb
332010 [shortcutter ] But wouldn't you have to start irb then with either
332147 [onepoint sta] No,  because irb  automatically  looks  for a  .irbrc  in the  current
332173 [shortcutter ] =A0current
332176 [onepoint sta] Sonething that I didn't understand: irb only loads the first .irbrc it

^ Ruby Central rejected as a Google Summer of Code organization
331991 [dblack rubyp] I think many of you know this already but I just wanted to confirm it.
332038 [jeremy bitsw] This is disappointing, but not a death knell for interested students

^ A rake question...running rspec tests in different directories
332002 [jknowlton525] So, I have something I need to do with Rake that I don't know how to
332011 [ymendel pobo] Nice use of box-drawing characters.

^ [OT] perl6 logo
332009 [gdonald gmai] I thought some of you might find this humorous.
+ 332014 [shortcutter ] A language needs only a logo if it really exists.  I had thought perl6
+ 332127 [ninja slapha] Humorous, sure.
  332137 [default spir] i don't think Perl6 needs any protection,
  332139 [ninja slapha] Versus what?
  332146 [default spir] 2009/3/25 David Masover <ninja@slaphack.com>

^ Re: perl6 logo
332015 [transfire gm] Many a good snicker, thanks.

^ Looking for a method to kill all children for my Timeout::Error contingency
332022 [xeno.campano] Do I really need to collect all the pids from fork to kill them in that case, or
332033 [xeno.campano] The problem with that is I have many processes, so I would be doing this with
332053 [barjunk attg] Maybe this could help?
332117 [xeno.campano] Yes thank you.

^ ruby and 2D graphics
332023 [me alienempe] I'm searching for a way to get simple graphical output in ruby for a
+ 332025 [funkaster gm] regards,
| 332042 [me alienempe] ok, maybe this is getting off-topic now, but when I
| + 332043 [adam.oddfell] That's... pretty weird. That never happens to me when I'm using gosu.
| + 332044 [me alienempe] nevermind.
+ 332026 [whitequark w] I used Ruby/OpenGL in my physics simulator. It gave me 60 fps on ~20 =20
| 332029 [me alienempe] Interesting. What do I need to use OpenGL in ruby and where can I get
| + 332030 [jameskilton ] Ruby/OpenGL is a 1-1 mapping of the functions under the GL module.
| + 332032 [whitequark w] They have a site, http://ruby-opengl.rubyforge.org/. There are also a =20
|   332035 [shawn42 gmai] Rubygame and Gosu are great options. I use Rubygame; I have started a
+ 332028 [vjoel path.b] It's written in ruby, but you can pipe it data from anything, and it
+ 332079 [koflerjim ma] 1.