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REST vs Parameters (Rails)
331659 [chris-usenet] I'm still trying to get my head around REST based URIs vs slightly more
+ 331661 [jcoglan@go g] 2009/3/20 Chris Davies <chris-usenet@roaima.co.uk>
+ 331676 [user@do ai .] My own understanding of REST concepts is : be CRUD. And being CRUD don't
  331694 [chris-usenet] That's very useful to know, as it doesn't seem to be described in any of

Tracing method definition in core and stdlibs?
331666 [lists@so rc ] I'm interested in tracing method definition in core and stdlibs.
331688 [shortcutter@] Probably not as many methods of the standard library are define in C
331691 [lists@so rc ] ", and
331699 [lists@so rc ] Is there any way to accomplish this in 1.8.x?
331733 [shortcutter@] Lack of responses to me indicates that you probably need to hack Ruby's
331740 [lists@so rc ] ons

331673 [greg@gl dh n] I am trying to download a remote file and preserve the file

Difference between 1.8.6(7) RDOC and 1.9.1
331678 [ruby.student] Team,
331715 [justincollin] The new features are at http://ruby-doc.org/core-1.9/index.html
331716 [ruby.student] Great!

[QUIZ] Midpoint Displacement (#197)
331683 [yahivin@gm i] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
+ 331798 [sandro.pagan] === BEGIN
+ 331989 [michael.c.li] Here's my version. Starts with a flat line and displaces the

display computation time in IRB
331686 [jason.lillyw] Is there an easy way to display the time it takes to compute any
+ 331709 [david_v_wrig] If I understand correctly, there is the Benchmark module
| 331712 [jason.lillyw] yes, that is what I wanted. I just didn't know how to ask for it.
+ 331713 [cmshea@gm il] On Mar 20, 10:18=A0am, Jason Lillywhite <jason.lillywh...@gmail.com>
  331714 [vjoel@pa h. ] irb(main):005:0> def time

self.inherited but wait until subclass is fully defined?
331687 [matt@ti bi s] Howdy. I am a class. There are certain rules for what you are supposed
+ 331690 [shortcutter@] Even after the class definition methods can be added.  You could catch
| + 331697 [ryand-ruby@z] I agree with this in general for Matt's particular problem. The
| | + 331700 [jcoglan@go g] 2009/3/20 Ryan Davis <ryand-ruby@zenspider.com>
| | + 344895 [robert.dober] I am not sure I understand. Do you mean "class frozen hook"? I do not
| + 331703 [matt@ti bi s] That's a good idea, I'll look into it - thanks! m.
+ 344893 [dwineman@gm ] Is this even a good idea?

Troubleshooting Ruby, Netbeans, sqljdbc
331689 [victormac@ho] I posting this after doing a good deal of unsuccessful researches.

Hash sort
331692 [shandybleu@y] I am trying to sort a hash and it seams to be working, the issue is that
331706 [shandybleu@y] Figured it out. Part of my issue was that the key - which are string -

ruby-odbc and OUTPUT params not working
331693 [christopher.] connecting to an SQLExpress database to run a stored procedure, and

Manual dependency management w/RubyGems (Was: hpricot 0.7)
331701 [drbrain@se m] $ gem help install
331762 [hirogeek@gm ] sh-3.2# gem19 install hpricot --source http://code.whytheluckystiff.net
331767 [noway@fa en ] Have you checked if latest hpricot version is 1.9 compatible ? May be it
331776 [phlip2005@gm] I got the exact same result, with Ubuntu's out-of-the-box Ruby 1.9.0...
332685 [hirogeek@gm ] Works fine with hpricot 0.8

how to know where ERB stopped?
331702 [matt@ti bi s] text1
331754 [reitinge@in ] The following code illustrates how this could be accomplished (also
331764 [matt@ti bi s] Very much so, thank you. Grepping and parsing the backtrace is the exact

YAML config files with environment specific settings
331717 [calvin98115@] I need to store settings by environment but started off simply with my
+ 331719 [phlip2005@gm] ...
+ 331720 [phlip2005@gm] Is that a transmission error, or does \\atlas really start in the first text
  331722 [calvin98115@] That's a transmission error.  Strange thing I just realized for me ( on

&   -  FixNum - method doubt
331723 [jazzezravi@g] it contains & method
331724 [randall.alex] I am just learning Ruby but it looks like the binary intersection of the
331725 [jazzezravi@g] Thank you very much for your quick reply.
331726 [jazzezravi@g] And few more ..
331728 [minilith@gm ] ...
+ 331730 [jazzezravi@g] Thanks for your reply.
+ 331731 [jazzezravi@g] find the methods like,
  331732 [cmdicely@gm ] Methods that appear for instances of a particular class may be defined
  331735 [jazzezravi@g] Yes. Finally I got exact solution.Thanks for your help.
  332490 [jazzezravi@g] I spent more time to find the solution for all methods. So I created one
  332491 [jazzezravi@g] one small change

Directory monitoring
331727 [loganathan_g] Is there any pre-defined module available in ruby to monitor a given
331743 [phrogz@ma .c] Yes, there are at least two.

Monitoring the directory
331729 [loganathan_g] Is there any pre-defined module available in ruby to monitor a given
331742 [sean.ohalpin] that
331871 [loganathan_g] Ya both the modules are working fine. Thank you for your reply.

Run a Ruby script (.rbw) from a dock shortcut in Mac OS X (Leopard)?
331737 [kpkilburn@gm] I can't seem to find out how to do this...  Thanks for any help.
+ 331741 [TimHunter@nc] From the Finder, right-click and choose Get Info. On the Get Info
| 331749 [aipir@sy pa ] This looks fine, except you will not find ruby from within the "Choose
| 331768 [TimHunter@nc] Well, rats. I can find ruby but OS X doesn't think it qualifies as an
+ 331750 [matt@ti bi s] Try FastScripts Lite. It's free and gives you a menu of scripts, and you
+ 331782 [kpkilburn@gm] Thanks everyone.  I'll give these a try.
  331880 [default@sp r] Well, rats. I can find ruby but OS X doesn't think it qualifies as an
  331881 [default@sp r] ok, here is two quick options, both have limitations but they work to some

Love poem in code for a Grooms Cake
331744 [jaswitalski@] I am engaged to a programmer.  I, however, know very little about code
+ 331745 [jcoglan@go g] 2009/3/21 Jen Switalski <jaswitalski@gmail.com>
| 331746 [codeblogger@] while(true)  I.love(you)
| + 331747 [jaswitalski@] Thanks for the ideas, but since I don't actually know code, could you
| | 331771 [codeblogger@] I didn't even notice the rhyme.
| | + 331772 [vjoel@pa h. ] $ yes "I love you"
| | + 331773 [pjb@in or at] irb(main):208:0> while(true)
| | | 331775 [phrogz@ma .c] On Mar 21, 8:33=A0pm, p...@informatimago.com (Pascal J. Bourguignon)
| | + 331801 [michael.malo] Whenever I've seen anything like this done, it's always been done in C.
| |   + 331826 [transfire@gm] Probably a little to long...
| |   + 331827 [michael.malo] I maintain that it should be 'death do *us* part'
| |     332039 [jaswitalski@] All great ideas, thanks everyone!
| + 331748 [djberg96@gm ] Let's make it a one-liner.
|   331755 [djberg96@gm ] BTW, this isn't "real" code, though it's legal syntax.
+ 331753 [ian.trudel@g] Weird! :P
+ 331849 [ninja@sl ph ] Well, you might want to ask over on ruby-sonnets...

How is alias magic?
331751 [blambeau@gm ] Is there any way to create a alias-like method allowing arguments not
331752 [vjoel@pa h. ] Nope, alias is a keyword, not a method, so it has special syntax.

installing ruby
331756 [4pbears@ea t] i just got a new computer with vista home premium, and was wondering if
331759 [phlip2005@gm] I switched from Vista to Kubuntu and the difference was like night and day. I
331783 [shortcutter@] Actually it may be less on cygwin (didn't try yet).  And if you use the

[ANN] GemsOnRuby v 0.0.0 (vaporware release / RFP)
331757 [peter.fitzgi] I am pleased to announce the vaporware release of GemsOnRuby gem, currently
+ 331758 [radek.bulat@] ly
| 331763 [peter.fitzgi] Being v. 0.0.0, I haven't actually changed anything from the fork.  :)
+ 331906 [drbrain@se m] gem unpack gemname

Ruby GUI Libs
331760 [ntwrkd@gm il] Is there a nicer GUI framework for Ruby other than RubyGoo?
+ 331761 [shawn42@gm i] rubygoo is made as an add-on to rubygame or gosu.  There are way better
| 331829 [theyojimbo@g] If you are looking for a desktop app GUI library, I'd suggest wxRuby2.
+ 331847 [philippe.lan] Have a look at FXRuby, here: http://www.fxruby.com
+ 331862 [stefano.croc] If you mean Qt (http://www.qtsoftware.com, I believe QT stands for QuickTime),
| + 331865 [jaco@ne tt a] Nope. Qt isn't related to QuickTime at all. Qt is the Trolltech toolkit (used
| | 331866 [stefano.croc] I know. What I meant (and reading that sentence again, I understand it is not
| + 331868 [richard.j.da] ime),
| | 331872 [pilz@os -d .] We're using QtRuby bindings 1.4.10 on Windows and Linux and it works
| + 331884 [th@tp .r b. ] In my experience the Qt bindings are quite nice to use, especially with the
+ 331874 [reid.thompso] there is also
+ 331904 [charles.nutt] Lots of people are using JRuby + Swing now. There's probably 6 different

rdoc, link to another class instance method
331766 [pedrolito@la] Is it possible that rdoc generates a link to an instance method that is
331909 [drbrain@se m] $ cat lib/foo.rb

Re: Run a Ruby script (.rbw) from a dock shortcut in Mac OS
331770 [nospam7272@m] You should save the file as a Ruby file, but it must be made

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[ANN] Ruby-GetText-Package-2.0.0
331785 [mutomasa@gm ] Ruby-GetText-Package-2.0.0 is now available.

How #{} works
331786 [zerohalo@gm ] Can anyone explain this?
+ 331787 [sepp2k@go gl] "#{ ["b"] }" =3D=3D ["b"].to_s #=3D> true
+ 331789 [minilith@gm ] => ["b"]
+ 331799 [noway@fa en ] Because, since it's embedded in a string Ruby does a .to_s against the

REG: A link containing ruby programs
331788 [ext-golla.an] Can anybody suggest a link which contains more programs on ruby.
+ 331791 [TimHunter@nc] ...
+ 331792 [sean.ohalpin] Lots of good stuff here: http://codeforpeople.com/lib/ruby/

Re: A link containing ruby programs
331790 [billk@ct .c ] Regards,

Newbie needs help with first project
331793 [dochappy@gm ] I was told about Ruby several weeks ago and started my journey lol. I've
+ 331795 [vikhyatk@gm ] I think your problem is that the class is named 'Games' but you are
+ 331796 [fixxie.wits@] def
  331797 [TimHunter@nc] No, Daniel had it right. A class's #to_s method is expected to _return_
  331800 [dochappy@gm ] Thanks for all the help. I appreciate it. just had a thought though.
  + 331802 [fixxie.wits@] Yes there is a way to do that...
  | 331830 [theyojimbo@g] You could eventually use YAML or XML to store your data and get it back
  | 331840 [dochappy@gm ] thanks for the example Stefan. it doesn't seem to ask the user to
  | + 331873 [phlip2005@gm] That's syck!
  | + 331878 [jaco@ne tt a] What's wrong with "ri YAML" ?
  | | 331879 [stefano.croc] In my opinion, it's not very informative. True, it does have a (very minimal)
  | + 331888 [fixxie.wits@] OH... If you want the user to enter something you can have something like
  |   331946 [dochappy@gm ] thanks again . I'll look into those links about YAML
  |   331957 [phasis@gm il] The pathname "C:\ruby\gamesdb.txt" should be
  + 331885 [b.candler@po] - Marshal.dump and Marshal.load will store an arbitrary graph of Ruby

need advice about Blog
331794 [edysusanto_i] need advice about Blog

convert PNG to hex
331803 [jeljer@me co] Hey people! ..
+ 331804 [pjb@in or at] __Pascal Bourguignon__
| 331805 [jeljer@me co] Wohw thanxs for the fast reply Pascal! ...
| 331810 [pjb@in or at] def to_hex
+ 331806 [phlip2005@gm] Are you asking how to convert the PNG file to one of its colors?
| 331807 [jeljer@me co] yes I want to convert it to one of its colors ... but the image has only
+ 331808 [jaco@ne tt a] Without knowing exactly what you want to do...
  331809 [jeljer@me co] well to explain why I want to do this! :P ..
  + 331811 [jeljer@me co] This is what i now tried (image is ofcourse a array so I did 2 just to
  | + 331812 [ben@bl yt in] Of course it's not.  The image appears as an array when you view it as
  | | 331815 [jeljer@me co] etc. etc.
  | + 331816 [phlip2005@gm] The summary of your requirements: You have a PNG that looks like an
  |   331819 [jeljer@me co] Haha ok ok ! ... i will confess ! :P
  |   331821 [phlip2005@gm] That's funny. I thought https://github.com/ was a site for random programming
  |   331831 [jeljer@me co] Ok for the people who are interested what the answer is of this verry
  + 331813 [pjb@in or at] And what's the relationship with lines and hex?
  | 331814 [jeljer@me co] now it is a task I would like to complete..
  | 331818 [pjb@in or at] Well it's easy enough to do that with the methods I proposed
  | 331820 [jeljer@me co] ah thanxs ! .. I will post the real answer as soon as I have got it ...
  + 331817 [TimHunter@nc] With RMagick you can get the pixel values with #get_pixels

RMagick error: " no such file to load -- RMagick"
331822 [jeljer@me co] Hee people (again today :P) ...
331824 [serabe@gm il] require "rubygems"
331825 [jeljer@me co] PFF !...

[ANN] RMagick4J 0.3.7 Happy Birthmonth released.
331823 [serabe@gm il] RMagick4J 0.3.7 Happy Birthmonth has been released!
331828 [TimHunter@nc] Congratulations and Happy Birthday, Serabe!

Cond: Resolve errors without unwinding the stack
331832 [quixoticsyco] Here is a portion of the readme for this new project.  For those

[ANN] nokogiri 1.2.3 Released
331833 [aaron@te de ] nokogiri version 1.2.3 has been released!
+ 331855 [phil@pr co .] Building native extensions.  This could take a while...
| 331857 [rasputnik@he] yum install libxml2-devel ?
| 331864 [phil@pr co .] Dick,
+ 331894 [ara.t.howard] can builder generate nodes like <type>  yet?
  331907 [aaron@te de ] It's possible, just not easy.  ;-)
  331912 [ara.t.howard] have a look at this

send email in ruby
331834 [vetrivel.bks] How to attach the filename in ruby. I have attach 1.txt as a file name .
331835 [david_v_wrig] I haven't personally used this module but looking at the docs,
331836 [scott@th re ] I would suggest looking at the MailFactory gem (
331854 [d_rems@ya oo] r = Ruport::Report.new
331875 [loganathan_g] In the above code, what are the libraries I need to use in require.
331932 [loganathan_g] Awaiting reply................
331953 [loganathan_g] Awaiting reply................
332066 [loganathan_g] Expecting Reply .........
332067 [mo_mail@on h] Obviously, this is not working out for you.  I haven't seen your
332068 [loganathan_g] #! /usr/bin/ruby
332070 [d_rems@ya oo] Yep. Thats it.
332071 [loganathan_g] uninitialized constant Ruport::Report (NameError)
332072 [botp@de mo t] #  uninitialized constant Ruport::Report (NameError)

[ANN] rspec-rails 1.2.1 Released
331837 [dchelimsky@g] rspec-rails version 1.2.1 has been released!

[ANN] rspec 1.2.1 Released
331838 [dchelimsky@g] rspec version 1.2.1 has been released!

Reg IO class
331839 [abirami.janu] Should we close the file after reading it?
331844 [shortcutter@] Yes, of course.
331851 [abirami.janu] Thank you for your qucik reply

Defining a "followed by" operator or function in Ruby
331841 [andy.elvey@p] As part of doing a parsing lib in Ruby, I want to create a "followed
331876 [b.candler@po] Are you talking about regular expression syntax?
331939 [andy.elvey@p] Thanks very much for that - it should be a big help!

[ANN] rspec 1.2.2 Released
331842 [dchelimsky@g] rspec version 1.2.2 has been released!

[ANN] rspec-rails 1.2.2 Released
331843 [dchelimsky@g] rspec-rails version 1.2.2 has been released!

Regular expression
331845 [arunkumar@in] I know that what i'm going to ask is for the solution for a simple
+ 331846 [ryand-ruby@z] regexps are about the worst thing to use in this case. Look at this
| 331850 [arunkumar@in] I know that using mechanize or hpricot is a far better option in this
+ 331856 [bbxx789_05ss] s = "<a>hello world</a>"
| + 331858 [bbxx789_05ss] ...oh, yeah.  Normally, a . matches any character except a newline.  The
| + 331859 [bbxx789_05ss] To be a little clearer, the 1 says to return whatever matched the first
+ 331860 [yaserbuntu@g] <html>
+ 331870 [arjun4ruby@g] Check out the site http://www.rubular.com/