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^ Re: How fast does your Ruby run?
331462 [summercoolne] Ruby 1.9.1 patch 0 on i386-mswin32

^ [ANN] MountainWest RubyConf videos appearing on Confreaks site
331467 [james.britt ] Videos from this past weekend's epic MountainWest RubyConf 2009 are now

^ local state variables unique to different objects
331474 [jason.lillyw] Is there a way to get local state variables to be unique for different
331475 [vjoel path.b] @@balance is a _class_ variable, shared by all instances of the class
331477 [jason.lillyw] ah, thank you.

^ Complex sort of matrix possible, e.g. like Excel?
331476 [RichardDummy] I've got an array of rows (and thus a matrix) created user FasterCSV
+ 331481 [cmdicely gma] Enumerable#sort lets you do this fairly easily with just a pure array
| + 331490 [shortcutter ] Alternatively with less intermediate Arrays and less comparison operations.
| | + 331501 [RichardDummy] s.
| | + 331512 [gwtmp01 mac.] arr.sort_by { |item| [item[0], item[1]] }
| |   331515 [shortcutter ] Yes, you're right.  Copy & paste error.  However, your solution is not
| + 331500 [RichardDummy] re
| + 331519 [Rob AgileCon] arr.sort {|a,b| (a[0] <=> b[0]).nonzero? || b[1] <=> a[1] }
|   331600 [RichardDummy] On Mar 18, 12:31=A0pm, Rob Biedenharn <R...@AgileConsultingLLC.com>
|   331605 [Rob AgileCon] arr.sort {|a,b| (a[0] <=> b[0]).nonzero? || b[1] <=> a[1] }
|   331623 [RichardDummy] On Mar 19, 5:18=A0pm, Rob Biedenharn <R...@AgileConsultingLLC.com>
|   331625 [RichardDummy] On Mar 19, 8:57=A0pm, RichardOnRails
|   331626 [Rob AgileCon] Richard,
+ 331631 [ryand-ruby z] sorted = matrix.sort_by { |row| [row[0], -row[1]] }
  331633 [Rob AgileCon] Actually, it was suggested, but it assumes that row[1] has a -@
  331636 [ryand-ruby z] kk. sorry. I made assumptions based on him using Matrix. I couldn't
  331653 [Rob AgileCon] Only if you have any characters that aren't lowercase letters.
  331658 [Rob AgileCon] => ["d", "c", "b", "a"]

^ REXML get specific element
331478 [theyojimbo g] All,
+ 331479 [theyojimbo g] Obviously, in the second example, it's 'programmer' instead of
+ 331493 [shortcutter ] You forgot the single quotes around #{}, i.e. you must only replace
+ 331498 [dvyjones clu] You are missing the '-s.
  331499 [phlip2005 gm] Then that croaks if the name contains an apostrophe.
  331530 [bbxx789_05ss] That doesn't work for me.  And I couldn't figure out the escaping
  331531 [phlip2005 gm] You understand Ruby escaping - just not XPath escaping. There is none. If you
  331534 [bbxx789_05ss] Ah.  Ok.
  + 331535 [bbxx789_05ss] The following code works when the user types in John or Joh'n but not
  + 331542 [reitinge in.] There are several flaws in your code:  First, $input_name is not the
  | + 331550 [theyojimbo g] Thanks guys!
  | + 331554 [bbxx789_05ss] how in the hell would anyone know to use a $ variable in there, and that
  | + 331558 [theyojimbo g] Since I'm now digging one level deeper in my xml and again trying to
  |   331562 [theyojimbo g] Ha, actually, I hadn't worked with XPath before, so I didn't really know
  + 331571 [phlip2005 gm] It is a typo.

^ regexp html scraping
331480 [arunkumar in] I've to extract the full html from a website url using regular
+ 331488 [bbxx789_05ss] require 'net/http'
+ 331489 [shortcutter ] What kind of question is that?  Use net-http OR regular expressions -

^ Directory within directorry??
331482 [saurabh ciph] Dir.mkdir("#{RAILS_ROOT}/public/public1/public2/public3")
+ 331483 [phasis gmail] require 'fileutils'
+ 331484 [no spam.plea] require 'fileutils'

^ Timeouts with Thread#join and Net:HTTP
331485 [rushi.v gmai] I have a script doing some multi-threaded work. Every thread is a call
+ 331606 [barjunk attg] There is a reference to a timeout tool called terminator that you
+ 331619 [bbxx789_05ss] I don't see how join can timeout at all the way you've called it.  join

^ Using Fixnum, Strings etc. in Modules
331497 [brambomail g] I'm stuck on why this occurs. (using jRuby 1.1.5 & Ruby 1.8.6)
331506 [cmdicely gma] I don't think its possible to do exactly what you are trying to do
331508 [shortcutter ] Absolutely agree!  Fiddling with core classes is a bad idea(TM).

^ Derived-class initialization
331503 [btrichardson] I'm having some trouble with extending an existing Ruby class in order
331504 [jcoglan goog] 2009/3/18 Bryan Richardson <btrichardson@gmail.com>
331505 [btrichardson] Yep... that worked. :)

^ Introducing the Ruby 1.9 or Bust Project
331516 [rgkaufman gm] The other day I was talking with some friends about Ruby 1.9.  We

^ free games download and PC error solution
331518 [arularulp gm] ==================

^ MacRuby Help
331520 [tomsdepot-fo] I'm new to MacRuby and I was hoping to find anyone that could answer a
331525 [has.temp3 vi] At a guess, you need to capitalise the first letter of the contant name,
331532 [tomsdepot-fo] That was it!  Thanks much.

^ Is it safe to override #hash and #eql? to enable hash key equality?
331521 [james.d.mast] I would like to use object instances as hash keys where two objects
331522 [shortcutter ] Not only that: this is exactly how one should do it.
331524 [james.d.mast] Excellent - thanks for confirming!

^ how to output two data elements from simple XML
331536 [mmc_collins ] I don't understand how to output the exact data that I need from my xml
+ 331544 [michael.malo] Call me suspicious, but are you trying to get us to do your homework for
| 331546 [mmc_collins ] Michael I am not going to call you suspicious. But yes and no. The xml
+ 331547 [michael.malo] doc.elements.each("*/Field FieldId") { |element| puts element.attribute('Path')}
+ 331548 [michael.malo] require 'rexml/document'
  + 331552 [mmc_collins ] Thanks Michael for helping me with this issue. -MC
  + 331563 [phrogz mac.c] s.

^ Ruby monitoring websites, databases and more on windows
331537 [di3go.bernar] Im happy now, hehe, the company im working only using .net technology
+ 331539 [Rob AgileCon] Install nagios?
+ 331540 [justincollin] Depending on what you have to monitor, you can probably use SNMP for
+ 331769 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II

^ problem installing mysql gem
331545 [joey.da3rd g] For some reason I can't get mysql gem installed. I have the libmysqlclient

^ Wrapping applications in Ruby
331549 [jphastings g] Variants on this theme have been posted time and again, but I can't find
331557 [dylan.star g] I won't go into details but you should look into pipes in this case. By
331574 [jphastings g] Thanks for the prompt response - I'm assuming you mean Ruby pipes not
331575 [shortcutter ] I have no idea what you mean by "bash pipes" but the underlying
331603 [jphastings g] Robert,
+ 331674 [shortcutter ] No idea what you're doing, but it works for me
+ 331677 [shortcutter ] This will read the whole stream to the end!  Which means, it will return
  331695 [jphastings g] IO.popen method with io.each "\r" works spot on! Thanks so much!
  331734 [shortcutter ] You're welcome.  Good to hear that your issue is fixed now!

^ Is this how you start a hash?
331551 [arghx1 yahoo] I'm looking at the code below but still not clear about how this hash
+ 331553 [lists kalama] Yes, you'd normally create a new has with either Hash.new or hash =
| 331561 [arghx1 yahoo] This helps me a lot! :)
| + 331566 [Rob AgileCon] No, you can assume that it is the [] method sent to the object
| + 331887 [b.candler po] Any object can implement its own [] method with whatever semantics it
+ 331555 [bbxx789_05ss] h = {:name => "Joe", :age => 20}
+ 331556 [dylan.star g] Not sure what the author was getting at but YAML#load will probably return a

^ Deploying a rails app on Cherokee
331559 [ubernoobs gm] been learning Rails I've been hosting it on Mongrel. I want to be able
331614 [rick.denatal] I doubt that there is anyone here who will be able to answer your question,

^ [ANN] Unicorn HTTP server (v0.2.1)
331560 [normalperson] I've released Unicorn v0.2.1, the threadless fork of Mongrel optimized
331589 [vjoel path.b] Would that have to be a virgin guinea pig?
331643 [normalperson] Nope, any guinea pig will do just fine.

^ How to use plugin as a gem? Have Sloution?
331564 [nileshk afla] I use  following command for installing thinking-sphinx plugin but I got

^ Eval Weird Behavior
331567 [rsisnett gma] into a weird "bug" or behavior with the "eval()" function.
331572 [rsisnett gma] Ok I'm answering my own question, just in case anyone stumbles across

^ Modulo ?
331568 [devrubygem g] Maybe i need to get some sleep, but can someone explain how modulos
+ 331570 [bbxx789_05ss] result = 7 % 3
+ 331580 [lojicdotcom ] "Let a be an integer and m be a positive integer. We denote by a mod m
+ 331581 [shortcutter ] ...
  + 331583 [Rob AgileCon] This seems completely unnecessary.  There was already a great response
  | + 331585 [shortcutter ] I did.
  | + 331587 [devrubygem g] Thanks guys,(singing) I can see clearly now the rain is gone :). Maybe I
  |   331598 [michael.malo] Though there is one thing I would like to point out: 0 % 7 = 0
  |   331601 [sepp2k googl] Sorry I don't follow you. What's the remainder of 0/7 if not 0?
  |   331604 [michael.malo] Many people I know and work with simplify the modulo operator to
  |   + 331607 [Rob AgileCon] [I hope this survives email formatting...]
  |   + 331608 [sepp2k googl] Maybe I'm slow, but I don't get it.
  |     + 331609 [michael.malo] Sorry for confusing everyone here, I just know of a particular case
  |     | 331632 [ymendel pobo] This is confusing. As in 0%7 =3D 7 is very confusing.
  |     + 331627 [jwkenne attg] Going by the usual definition of "remainder", there is a difference
  + 331610 [lojicdotcom ] That is *awesome* !  Sponsored by "Backpack" - interesting.

^ force gem to use a given version of library
331573 [edrd.dantes ] i have to install a gem and force it to use a given version of two
331578 [Rob AgileCon] require 'rubygems'
331611 [drbrain segm] I just updated those chapters to remove require_gem.  Let me know if

^ Problem compiling c extension with ruby-1.9.1 on windows
331577 [praveendevar] I am trying to compile a ruby-c extension with ruby1.9.1 (binaries
331579 [phasis gmail] `try_link0'
331582 [praveendevar] Thanks. Will try with the other version.

^ Installing Ruby and Ruby Gems in a USB Flash Stick
331584 [ruby.student] Had anyone installed Ruby in a USB Flash Stick?
331680 [alex deletem] You should look into setting a PATH environment variable to tell the
331681 [ruby.student] Thanks Alex!

^ Initializing an NxN array
331588 [ruby.student] Team,
+ 331590 [matt tidbits] ary = Array.new(9,[0,0,0])
+ 331591 [adam.oddfell] require 'Matrix'
+ 331592 [marcelo.maga] N=3
+ 331593 [evanfarrar g] Since * is defined on array, you can start with a 1x1 array and multiply
  331594 [evanfarrar g] irb(main):026:0> ary[0][0] = :foo; ary
  331595 [ruby.student] Thanks to all, your help is appreicated!

^ OpenSSL symbol not found error
331596 [s0nspark gma] I have compiled ruby-enterprise with a patch to address a compile issue

^ ActiveLDAP StartTLS connection problem
331599 [dvyjones clu] I'm having trouble using ActiveLDAP connecting using starttls. When
331624 [kou cozmixng] In <105B5A07-2B9D-4A6F-B6CB-C8494643B586@cluenet.org>

^ Re: hpricot 0.7
331602 [villa.hxc gm] powerbook-g4-15-de-villa:/opt/local/bin villa$ sudo gem install hpricot
331641 [shevegen lin] I have had issues after mechanize migrated to nokogiri. In fact I am
+ 331650 [transfire gm] Since Mechanize can use either Nokogiri or Hpricot as a backend, it
| 331668 [Usenet Googl] Actually, IMO they should both be alternative dependencies. Which, of
+ 331672 [phlip2005 gm] ...

^ ANN: Hirb - Irb on the good stuff
331612 [gabriel.horn] I'm announcing Hirb, a mini view framework for console applications,
+ 331620 [martindemell] Good stuff!!
+ 332354 [pedrolito la] Adopted!

^ String comparision help
331613 [pradgnya gma] I am new to ruby. I am trying to get input from the user and then trying
+ 331615 [TimHunter nc] command.chomp does not change command, it returns a new string, which
+ 331616 [TimHunter nc] Forgot to add, if you use the p method to print the command instead of
  331663 [pradgnya gma] Thanks Tim it worked. p command is also very useful to see what is the

^ (none)
331617 [randy2lakes ] unsubscribe

^ load vs. instance_eval
331621 [matt tidbits] Assuming f is an absolute path, is there any important difference
331622 [matt tidbits] Never mind, I see now that load pollutes the global namespace. m.

^ Passing a named function instead of a code block?
331628 [once 9stmary] I have a question about ruby's feature that when you call a method, you
331630 [reitinge in.] puts c.collect(&method(:fib))
+ 331638 [bbxx789_05ss] def square1(x)
| 331639 [jcoglan goog] 2009/3/20 7stud -- <bbxx789_05ss@yahoo.com>
| 331645 [bbxx789_05ss] Ok.  But there is a certain amount of hypocrisy in that explanation
| 331646 [jcoglan goog] 2009/3/20 7stud -- <bbxx789_05ss@yahoo.com>
| 331774 [bbxx789_05ss] Thanks for the explanation.  You said that (&) casts between block and
| + 331780 [flo andersgr] There are no casts in Ruby.
| + 331781 [cmdicely gma] Actually, its casting a Method to a Proc (by calling to_proc on it)
+ 331652 [once 9stmary] Thank you for your help; this does just what I wanted.
  331656 [once 9stmary] Okay, now how about when you want to reference a method on an instance?
  331657 [jcoglan goog] 2009/3/20 Paul Jungwirth <once@9stmaryrd.com>
  331667 [once 9stmary] puts [1, 2, 3, 4].collect(&a.method(:use))

^ Wanted: Ticket to Golden Gate Ruby Conference
331635 [friscodelros] Would hate to miss Rich Kilmer's Cocoa/MacRuby presentation!

^ no such file to load -- popup
331637 [aravindkumar] i am newbie and i'm trying to open a popup from a ruby code which
+ 331640 [shevegen lin] What is popup.rb? Or from where did you get it, or which code requires
| 331642 [aravindkumar] please check the code below, which needs the Popup library
| 331665 [vikhyatk gma] It could be because of the capitalization. Try replacing that require
| 331671 [aravindkumar] i tried capitalizing also.. it's still not working
+ 331682 [adam.oddfell] The code you are referring to is part of the "Try Ruby" web app [1], and
  331684 [aravindkumar] I din't know this . :)
  331685 [adam.oddfell] Yes, but how you do it depends on what 'platform' you're working with.

^ INeedzPrepend
331644 [transfire gm] Ruby's gone too long now without something --anything, in the way of
+ 331696 [ryand-ruby z] You do realize that we all know that you two are the same person, right?
| 331698 [transfire gm] What two people?
| 331704 [ryand-ruby z] nice try...
| + 331705 [ymendel pobo] I'm going to help out here because I don't want to see a slight
| | + 331738 [transfire gm] Yossef, as anyone that's been around here for more then a few months
| | | 331765 [ymendel pobo] An acronym? Really? That's some Kiefer Sutherland action you have
| | | 331784 [transfire gm] Wow! Starts to remind me of <a href=3D"http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/
| | + 331778 [ryand-ruby z] Aaaaactually, I was taking a much further leap. I was insinuating that
| + 331736 [transfire gm] Hey Ryan, did you know matz is actually Yukihiro Matsumoto! Yes, the
+ 331707 [cmdicely gma] Isn't ruby-core the place to suggest changes to the Ruby language?
| 331708 [lists source] You're not fooling us either..."Chris".
| 331710 [vjoel path.b] Please, it's Friday afternoon (here anyway), so everybody just crack
+ 331739 [shortcutter ] I am not sure what you mean by "put this a fast track" but the feature

^ nested methods
331647 [bbxx789_05ss] def toggle
+ 331648 [jcoglan goog] 2009/3/20 7stud -- <bbxx789_05ss@yahoo.com>
+ 331654 [minilith gma] There are no nested methods in ruby (similar to smalltalk, eiffel,
  331655 [jcoglan goog] 2009/3/20 Leo <minilith@gmail.com>
  331660 [lojicdotcom ] Isn't being defined in the same scope the antithesis of nesting?
  331662 [jcoglan goog] 2009/3/20 Brian Adkins <lojicdotcom@gmail.com>
  331675 [minilith gma] I don't think I understand what you mean with "lexically nested" here.
  331679 [jcoglan goog] 2009/3/20 Leo <minilith@gmail.com>

^ Writing a language converter in Ruby ?
331651 [user domain.] language source code to Ruby source code or from Ruby to XX ?
+ 331664 [dylan.star g] It's a good idea to use a parser generator, it will simplify your code and
| 331886 [b.candler po] Parsing is only half the answer. Once you have parsed, you will normally
+ 331721 [justincollin] -Justin
| 331954 [albertschlef] rule additive
| 331961 [b.candler po] Because it's not Ruby.
| + 331968 [b.candler po] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
| + 332200 [albertschlef] But I was not talking about TXL. I was talking about Treetop
|   332202 [alexg rugged] Treetop grammers aren't written in Ruby (or TXL) they're their own
|   332204 [jcoglan goog] 2009/3/26 Alex Gutteridge <alexg@ruggedtextile.com>
+ 331889 [ian.trudel g] Perhaps, you would just be better off a completely different tool. A