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^ Jobs blogs
331247 [sajad0786 gm] Meat 700 blogs about Job Business Politics Fashion and much more Plz

^ Does Ruby support package for GUI Testing?
331252 [prakashm hcl] I would like to know if Ruby support some package for GUI Testing?
+ 331253 [phlip2005 gm] Your question reveals the heartbreaking distance between the state of the art in
+ 331275 [rubfor recit] The package is Win32API. There is book all about this called GUI

^ Format number as currency in controller
331257 [michael moul] I am trying to prepare a string in a controller and that to format a

^ [ANN] Climate Information Tool Kit
331258 [saji apcc21.] I am pleased to let you know of the release of the first version of the

^ Need basic help
331260 [jazzezravi g] word="busae"
331261 [martindemell] The common terms for this are "permutations" and "anagrams". Googling
331262 [jazzezravi g] Thank You deMello

^ Adding new xml element with hpricot
331263 [knirirr gmai] <preferences>

^ rudamentary question
331264 [tardis.tardi] ...
+ 331265 [justincollin] -Justin
+ 331269 [chris chrisk] - Dir#glob (http://www.ruby-doc.org/core/classes/Dir.html#M002347)
+ 331274 [badboy heart] '\1-').gsub(/\s+([-+\w])/){"_#{$1.upcase}"}.gsub(/^-/, '')

^ Need help  to install ROR with MS-SQL
331267 [sankarkumar.] I have already installed ROR with sqlite & mysql .

^ Help  to install ROR with MS-SQL
331268 [sankarkumar.] I have already installed ROR with sqlite & mysql .
331354 [d_rems yahoo] You need to install odbc support on linux. This is my short rundown on

^ Routers and dot in string parameter.
331271 [gigatavu gma] map.page ':sex/:word', :controller => 'say', :requirements => { : sex =>

^ handling many files inside dir
331277 [sxetikos hot] im trying to process a directory that contains many text files. I want
+ 331289 [lasitha.rana] Your error probably has nothing to do with ruby.  Check whether you
+ 331290 [shortcutter ] Where do you get that error?  Can you provide the stacktrace and

^ Shoes and Mechanize
331280 [transfire gm] Did mechanize switch to Nokogiri?
331285 [aaron tender] Yes.
331397 [transfire gm] On Mar 16, 1:29=A0pm, Aaron Patterson <aa...@tenderlovemaking.com>
331418 [phlip2005 gm] You ditz.
331438 [transfire gm] Lol! Now I feel so stupid ;-)

^ upping numerical precision
331286 [rpardee gmai] Hey All,
+ 331310 [s.korteling ] Are you sure you required 'mathn' before defining your calc_prob method?
| 331334 [rpardee gmai] Thanks for the response!  I think the issue may be that I'm not doing
| 331413 [t3ch.dude gm] Roy,
+ 331456 [sander.land ] log(a*b) =3D log(a) + log(b)

^ Problem while installing rdoc-2.4.1 under Ruby 1.9.1
331288 [ruby.student] While installing, via gem, rdo-2.4.1 I ran into an error.
331294 [drbrain segm] What does gem install rdoc --backtrace say?
331297 [ruby.student] Successfully installed rdoc-2.4.1
331423 [drbrain segm] I'm not going to have time to look at it just yet, but can you file a

^ How to get just hour and minute?
331299 [a_g_lyph hot] I have a Ruby project with a User object that consists of various
331300 [cdemyanovich] Have a look at time_select.
+ 331301 [cdemyanovich] Regards,
+ 331302 [a_g_lyph hot] Had I included content that was not 'legal'? Apologies to all if I

^ Trying to install Fox, FXRuby, and IFMapper on Mac OS X
331307 [kpkilburn gm] I can't seem to find a specific answer on this...
+ 331308 [lyle lylejoh] The easiest way to do it if you're using the built-in Ruby that comes
| 331311 [kpkilburn gm] Thanks for the help.  I tried that, but it didn't work.  Do I need to
| 331312 [kpkilburn gm] Sorry, I wasn't clear in the first post.  That is actually Fox I'm
| 331314 [kpkilburn gm] to
| 331357 [kpkilburn gm] ODO.txt =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0docs =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0=
| 331360 [kpkilburn gm] =A0TODO.txt =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0docs =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0=
| 331362 [kpkilburn gm] =A0TODO.txt =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0docs =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0=
| 331366 [justincollin] One thing to be aware of when dealing with Fox and FXRuby is that the
| 331383 [kpkilburn gm] =A0TODO.txt =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0docs =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =
+ 331385 [lists kalama] This may not apply exactly, but here are notes to myself from the last
  331421 [kpkilburn gm] Thanks for the help.  I finally got it working.  Seems that Leopard

^ [ANN] JRuby 1.2.0 Released
331309 [Thomas.Enebo] The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.2.0!
331336 [james.britt ] Fantastic.  Amazing work.

^ [ANN] vlad 1.3.2 Released (rawr!)
331315 [ryand-ruby z] vlad version 1.3.2 has been released!

^ [ANN] jruby-openssl 0.4 released!
331316 [charles.nutt] I just pushed jruby-openssl 0.4 to RubyForge.

^ Ceding commandline control to child process
331318 [juan_zanos t] Say I want to launch a child process and allow the user to interact
331320 [sean.ohalpin] it
331322 [juan_zanos t] Thanks,  that works perfectly.

^ BigNum optimizations
331319 [artem.vorozt] Time for multiplication of BigNums grows quadratically with number of
331323 [matz ruby-la] True.
331430 [zznmeb gmail] It might be easier to link to a standard open-source multi-precision
+ 331463 [matz ruby-la] We cannot link pure GPLed library to Ruby for licensing issue.  Last
| 331464 [zznmeb gmail] I just checked ... GMP is LGPL. Would that work?
| 331465 [matz ruby-la] Well, it's not impossible (i.e. 1.8 regex was LGPL), but not ideal.
| + 331634 [jeremy hineg] enjoy,
| | 331669 [matz ruby-la] It's public domain.  We will have no licensing problem.  The only
| + 331670 [zznmeb gmail] Yeah ... the PostgreSQL community mostly uses BSD-style licenses
+ 331472 [charles.nutt] We're mostly just wrapping the JDK's builtin BigInteger class, which is

^ gem hanging in Windows
331324 [michael webl] I'm trying to setup an environment on a Windows XP machine. Note: I do
+ 331337 [globyy3000 h] Perhaps windows firewall or another fw is blocking the server? (McFagee
| 331415 [michael webl] This hung as well. Thanks for the idea, though.
| 331450 [globyy3000 h] Can you ping the repository?
+ 331454 [drbrain segm] ...

^ Dynamically extending modules once they have been included
331326 [pete p373.ne] It doesn't seem possible to dynamically extend modules once they have
+ 331327 [ryand-ruby z] because including a module affects the ancestors, not the class/
| 331339 [librarising ] I get it now...the ancestors list of the module is copied over to the
| 331359 [jcoglan goog] 2009/3/17 Synth <librarising@gmail.com>
| 331364 [shortcutter ] That's true, but the point made was that it is _built_ on inclusion time.
| 331368 [jcoglan goog] Sorry, I should have been more clear. By using the word 'tree' I was
| 331369 [shortcutter ] Good point!  Still the question remains, how often is this used and who
| 331392 [librarising ] In my case, I suppose, I was being a bit *lazy*, but I could say I was
| 331407 [jcoglan goog] Yes, this is very yucky and you shouldn't have to do it. Unfortunately I
| 331410 [librarising ] Indeed, if every module had pointers to other included modules, I
| 331414 [jcoglan goog] 2009/3/17 Synth <librarising@gmail.com>
+ 331400 [transfire gm] This is know as the Module Include Problem (and variations there-of)
| 331404 [librarising ] They also say this might be fixed in ruby2?? :D
+ 331461 [calamitates ] Below is code taken from my FOSDEM presentation. It tries to tackle

^ Windows Media Player - Controlling Playback Speed
331328 [alex.decaria] I'm using WIN32OLE to control Windows Media Player.  I want to be able

^ [ANN] flog 2.1.0 Released
331330 [ryand-ruby z] flog version 2.1.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] hoe 1.11.0 Released
331331 [ryand-ruby z] hoe version 1.11.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] flay 1.2.1 Released
331332 [ryand-ruby z] flay version 1.2.1 has been released!

^ File.open().read.length result incorrect on Windows Server
331335 [vitalaaron g] I need to open and read a 7.6M file on an EC2 Windows Server 2003
+ 331338 [globyy3000 h] Not a good explanation of WHY per'se but I've previously encountered
+ 331340 [phasis gmail] Try
  331341 [vitalaaron g] This did the trick. Thanks tons.

^ Youtube...urgent, please help
331342 [arunkumar in] I'm new to ruby and my co. has given me an assignment in ruby. It is
331347 [ninja slapha] You probably want Mechanize.
331348 [arunkumar in] Sorry to say David, I tried that but the same error is producing. Is it
331349 [martindemell] examples setting the user agent. Google around and see what the
331350 [arunkumar in] Can i use user-agents in hpricot? or if it can be used only for
+ 331351 [serabe gmail] It scraps gmail. If my memory doesn't fail, it is one that gives you
+ 331353 [martindemell] Hpricot is an html parser, I don't think it concerns itself with
  331433 [ninja slapha] What's more, mechanize doesn't even use hpricot anymore -- it uses nokogiri.

^ numeric boolean check
331343 [jason.lillyw] Is there a way to check for numeric in Ruby similar to the way you can
331345 [saji apcc21.] irb(main):021:0> (10/3.0).is_a? Numeric

^ wsdl
331356 [vetrivel.bks] wsdl in ruby. Example program using wsdl in ruby.
331363 [non.sto.gioc] require 'rubygems'
331492 [vetrivel.bks] Thanks for Reply.

^ detect rogue DHCP server
331365 [henders254 g] I want to write a program to detect rogue DHCP server on my (switched)
331372 [eleanor game] First up grab a copy of RFC 2131 (assuming it's still current, this
+ 331381 [lists kalama] Ellie, you generously reference your slides pretty frequently.  Had
| 331386 [eleanor game] I'd love to if I can find the time to do it justice :)
+ 331448 [vjoel path.b] FWIW, bit-struct includes a couple of raw socket examples.

^ PostgreSQL Dump
331367 [saravanankri] I'm using  following command to take dump from my sql database.
331373 [saravani20 g] I fixed that issue thanks

^ XML to CSV with REXML - I'm sure this should be easy...
331370 [rhubarbcrumb] Ok, I'm taking a fairly simple xml file containing a series of events
+ 331387 [shortcutter ] Here you need to iterate through all the "performance" elements _below
| 331391 [rhubarbcrumb] Thank you Robert, I'm getting closer...
| 331393 [rhubarbcrumb] That should read e.elements.each.... but the result is the same
+ 331388 [matt tidbits] ...
  331398 [rhubarbcrumb] Ok, so this is plainly much neater, thanks Matt :)
  331420 [matt tidbits] ...
  331426 [rhubarbcrumb] Choices indeed, but it works perfectly now so I'll go with it :)

^ free RAM problem
331371 [edrd.dantes ] I am doing some text processing.
331374 [eleanor game] Without seeing code it's hard to comment, but two things which spring
331389 [edrd.dantes ] Thanks for answer,
+ 331390 [edrd.dantes ] Note that this RAM load 'noise' leads to an increasing average RAM load.
+ 331396 [eleanor game] I'm not sure it'll make much difference but moving the regex creation
| 331517 [shortcutter ] This is generally less efficient and AFAIK there are no memory leaks
| 331523 [eleanor game] Interesting, I'll have to do some tests to see what the difference is
| 331528 [shortcutter ] It seems, the difference has decreased with 1.9, but you can at least
| 331538 [edrd.dantes ] Well I replaced the Nokogiri::HTML with a Hpricot an now my Ram usage
| + 331541 [TimHunter nc] I hope you'll report this issue to the Nokogiri developer(s) so that
| + 331543 [aaron tender] require 'nokogiri'
|   331565 [edrd.dantes ] I run libxml2 2.7.1 & ruby 1.8.7 patchlevel 72 x86-64
+ 331405 [jan.svitok g] Use /o (once) flag for regexen (gsub(/\s+/o,"")), or make them
  331513 [edrd.dantes ] thanks for your help,

^ dealing with piecewise arrays
331375 [yajnaval gma] I want to perform the following in Ruby, could someone please help

^ Delete any file beginning with some character
331376 [surekha_pati] I am trying to delete files in a folder whichever beginning with any
+ 331378 [andrew andre] Dir.glob('A*.jpg').each { |file| File.delete(file) }
+ 331380 [phasis gmail] require 'fileutils'

^ facebooker gem 1.0.13 broken
331382 [deanholdren ] I just installed the latest facebooker gem, 1.0.13 (no earlier version
331987 [rockabe goog] Hey Dean,

^ 2 Ruby -Watir positions in columbus, OH
331384 [lgeorge ever] I am Leah, corporate recruiter with Everest Technologies. One of my

^ Unicode Character 'SUBSTITUTE' (U+001A) troubles...
331395 [grieve gmail] I'm implementing a version of the "Mini-AES" (http://findarticles.com/
331399 [grieve gmail] =EC
331408 [rmagick gmai] Open the file with "rb" instead of "r".
331449 [grieve gmail] I tried using rb and the output spits out 1/2 plain text and 1/2

^ Reia -- a Ruby fork?
331401 [transfire gm] Has anyone played around with Reia?
+ 331403 [pat.eyler gm] It's a ruby-like language, but not really a fork.  You
| 331409 [tony medioh.] Yes, this is correct.  Reia is its own language and is not a fork of Ruby.
| + 331437 [Usenet Googl] Talk about coming full circle ...
| | 331458 [tony medioh.] 2009/3/17 J=F6rg W Mittag
| | 331469 [sean.ohalpin] reia is the first language since I first came across ruby that made my
| | 331514 [default spir] seeing the mailing thread not turn into a flame war when talking about an
| + 331533 [hramrach cen] Is it possible to install outside of the Erlang lib directory (ie as non-root)?
+ 331436 [Usenet Googl] The syntax is Ruby-like, but the execution model seems very close to

^ [ANN] ruby-oci8 1.0.5 and 2.0.1
331402 [kubo jiubao.] Ruby-oci8 1.0.5 and 2.0.1 are released. These are Oracle modules using

^ RubyKaigi 2009 CFP deadline extended
331406 [l.g.chin gma] RubyKaigi is the annual Ruby conference held in Tokyo, Japan.

^ [ANN] hpricot 0.7
331411 [why ruby-lan] Please enjoy a succulent, new Hpricot. A bit faster, some Ruby 1.9
+ 331419 [matt tidbits] ...
| + 331424 [phlip2005 gm] Yeah, and
| + 331427 [ryand-ruby z] no. I've had a bug open for years on hpricot because it couldn't deal
+ 331422 [phlip2005 gm] Firstly, major props, and keep up the good work...
+ 331429 [ryand-ruby z] You _do_ have to question it (as you should question all benchmarks,
+ 331446 [suppakilla g] It seems like my port of Hpricot to IronRuby did not go unnoticed
+ 331447 [jbarnette gm] Don't be an ass. Code (and benchmark results) speak much louder than
+ 331453 [aaron tender] Thank you for pointing out my mistakes.  The repository[1] is public in
| 331459 [why ruby-lan] No no, don't be silly, I'd much rather complain and be a sore
| 331460 [aaron tender] I agree, but who will write them?  So far, we only have either poorly
+ 331468 [charles.nutt] Welcome to my personal hell.
| 331495 [lists source] Ironic that Peter just posted a positive note about new JRuby benchmarks ;-)
| 331569 [charles.nutt] I don't mind benchmarks as much as the constant cat-and-mouse game we
+ 331470 [sean.ohalpin] [snip the yak]

^ What does it take ?
331412 [devrubygem g] I guess I'm asking this question for all of the people that are new to
331486 [chris chrisk] There was a post on Ruby Inside last week called How to Get a Job at a Top

^ Interpolating $1, etc., from within a gsub block
331425 [ljz asfast.c] I'm trying to use the block form of gsub in order to do substitution
+ 331439 [ljz asfast.c] Well, I came up with the following, but I'm still wondering if there
| 331510 [kbloom gmail] I think you're going overboard with variables (and global variables in
+ 331442 [matt tidbits] ...
+ 331511 [kbloom gmail] Variable interpolation only works for string literals inside ruby code.

^ DRb documentation ?
331428 [user domain.] (http://www.ruby-doc.org/stdlib/libdoc/drb/rdoc/index.html) are poorly
331432 [synfinatic g] Is what I used to write my DRb based solution.
331434 [seki.at.drub] ...

^ [ANN/ADV] Ruby training in Atlanta: bring a friend for 1/2 price!
331431 [dblack rubyp] You can now sign up for Ruby training in Atlanta, April 1-3, and add a

^ Non-rdb persistence
331435 [lojicdotcom ] I'm interested in persistence options for Ruby other than relational
331445 [vjoel path.b] vjoel : Joel VanderWerf : path berkeley edu : 510 665 3407

^ How do I get a name translation for a symbolic link inside Ruby?
331441 [xeno.campano] ln -s 20090317 latest
331443 [jos catnook.] File.readlink
331444 [xeno.campano] Thank you.  Staring right at me on page 471 of my old pickaxe.

^ to_time doesn't do anything??
331452 [picpic72 hot] I have a date: creation_date which is a DateTime object. I want to
+ 331455 [picpic72 hot] Nobody knows?
+ 331471 [justincollin] I don't see this behavior.

^ Convert from DateTIme to Time
331457 [picpic72 hot] How can I convert from DateTIme to Time?
331473 [horacio.sans] require "date"
331496 [rick.denatal] One little glitch. Time can only represent values through January 1, 2038,
331502 [jan.h.xie gm] This problem seems only exist on mac.
331507 [justincollin] Pretty sure it's a 32 vs. 64 bit thing.
331509 [jan.h.xie gm] 38,

^ [ANN] MountainWest RubyConf videos appearing on Confreaks site
331467 [james.britt ] Videos from this past weekend's epic MountainWest RubyConf 2009 are now