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^ Ruby - Imperative Language Features?
330387 [rubfor recit] "Ruby supports multiple programming paradigms, including functional,
+ 330402 [sandor.szuec] Yes.
| 330410 [sepp2k googl] No, you don't. Java has anonymous classes.
| 330456 [sandor.szuec] Yes that's true, but you can instantiate an anonymous class just once =20=
| + 330470 [jeff schwabc] You am miss something.
| + 330491 [shortcutter ] This is not exactly true.  You can instantiate it in one code location=20
|   330515 [jeff schwabc] ITYM "lambda expressions," not "function parameters."
|   330743 [sandor.szuec] Thank you both for pointing it out.
+ 330403 [shortcutter ] Yes.  Although IMHO reflection is not a programming paradigm but rather
  + 330424 [MartinRineha] Reflection is not a programming paradigm, but "reflective programming"
  + 330449 [rubfor recit] "imperative" in this context just means
    330490 [shortcutter ] IMHO then they have a bad teacher.  I view OO as a superset of plain old

^ CGI newbie
330397 [ruby net153.] I am starting a personal project to build a configuration webpage for a
+ 330412 [funkaster gm] ;-)
| 330416 [phlip2005 gm] For future reference, posting that thing is the equivalent of saying "I am too
| + 330421 [jeff schwabc] I google a Rails error message the other day, and the first thing that
| + 330459 [ninja slapha] Or it's the equivalent of saying "Your question is so simple it could be
+ 330415 [phlip2005 gm] Speaking from copious personal experience with raw CGI in both Perl and Ruby...
+ 330422 [tim burlyhos] Considering you don't know Ruby or understand CGI (which is something
+ 330446 [b.candler po] Then click on "Ruby and the Web"
| 330468 [ruby net153.] Yes that is about the best example that I have found.  Unfortunately
| 330550 [ninja slapha] Probably.
| 330553 [b.candler po] I second that. The HTML form processing is already included. Try this
| + 330584 [ruby net153.] Interesting... Thanks!
| + 330596 [b.candler po] Actually, I second Sinatra, but not Ruby 1.9.1. (Although the version of
| + 330600 [thanks4liste] Since this was a newbie question about writing CGI apps with ruby: If
|   330612 [b.candler po] - you need the most recent Sinatra (0.9.1)
+ 330608 [cmdicely gma] one

^ add a string on the end of values before  splitting new line
330400 [mmc_collins ] as my original topic started this morning. "It builds on to that
+ 330503 [jg samdorr.n] You could use Array#map method.
+ 330506 [jazzezravi g] 1. Collect all data from file and store it as a single String variable
  330513 [jgabrielygal] @file=3D"value1,value2,value3,value4"

^ [ANN] mechanize 0.9.2 Released
330407 [aaron tender] mechanize version 0.9.2 has been released!

^ Please help with fixing output
330413 [cmakalinaw g] I'm having trouble with a hash output.
+ 330428 ["William Jam] Try this.
| 330454 [cmakalinaw g] =A0 =A0 # for every new key
+ 330469 [w_a_x_man ya] This doesn't look right.  Consider the Epsilon column.
  330539 [cmakalinaw g] =A0 =A0 # for every new key
  331088 [cmakalinaw g] new

^ pre-newbie question
330418 [MartinRineha] I want to add Sketchup features, a product that has an API only for
+ 330420 [phlip2005 gm] What is the question?
| 330425 [MartinRineha] What tutorial or book or ??? is best for learning Ruby?
| + 330429 [caduceass gm] The best learning resource sort of depends on where you are coming
| + 330451 [ninja slapha] Of course, it's a little bit outdated, especially the download links it
|   330516 [MartinRineha] Thanks! (Make that "hobix", Google tells me.)
|   330517 [phasis gmail] You can also try your code at http://codepad.org/?lang=3DRuby
+ 330444 [b.candler po] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ Can't require rubygems on osx
330427 [chris.websta] Hey there!
330461 [sandor.szuec] On Mac OSX 10.5 is ruby,irb,gem preinstalled in /usr/bin/ . I am not =20
330496 [chris.websta] You got me on the right track. When installing rubygems from source, I

^ Re: What is the =?windows-1252?Q?Qur=92=E2n=3F?=
330432 [tomcloyd com] Fear not schisms, Robert, for where there is more than one, there be the

^ GSoC
330434 [pat.eyler gm] Hey there, are you a college student with a great idea for a project
+ 330450 [charles.nutt] I'd love to see another GSoC on RubySpec stuff, especially geting 1.8.7
| 330466 [charles.nutt] - Add support to JRuby for full ParseTree compatibility
+ 331050 [charles.nutt] Feel free to add to the list, add comments, or seek me out personally,

^ Referencing Variables By Name in a String
330439 [michael webl] I can think of several (rather ugly) ways to accomplish this, but
330455 [blashyrkh1 h] Is this what you're looking for?

^ Re: What is the =?windows-1252?B?UXVykuJuPw==?=
330453 [ jupp gmx.de] He revealed to His

^ Re: Referencing Variables By Name in a String - THANKS
330457 [michael webl] Exactly. Thanks ... I forgot about eval.
330679 [r.basura gma] Would it be possible to do the same thing, but generating the variable
330681 [badboy heart] hm....if you have several variables with names like pauseBox1,

^ Re: What is the Qurn?
330458 [0limit rock.] thats is flat our bigot statement to call a culture fake after slavery

^ bug in Ruby 1.9.1 or me? ERROR: While executing gem ... (TypeError)  can't convert Pathname into String
330462 [toddqmiller ] I installed ruby on Ubuntu 8.1 in the following manner

+ 330473 [nagai ai.kyu] $ irb -r tk
+ 330475 [phlip2005 gm] downcase...

^ Re: What is the =?windows-1252?Q?Qur=27=E2n=3F?=
330471 [tomcloyd com] There's a little cross-cultural problem here. There is no anti-Islam

^ =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Re:_What_is_the_Qur'=E2n=3F?=
330477 [ryand-ruby z] Tom, just stop. You're off topic. Either reply off list or don't reply

^ Re: What is the Qur'?
330479 [tomcloyd com] My apologies - I should have replied backchannel. Sorry.
330480 [rustam8338 g] If it`s genuine,Please don`t take your personal talk into this list .

^ What's wrong with lambda and class
330484 [hronya gmail] def call_block(&c)
+ 330485 [hronya gmail] Sorry the topic is "lambda and call"
+ 330499 [b.candler po] All fully explained at
  330500 [b.candler po] Actually, the question for me was "why 1?" in your second case. Passing
  330504 [lasitha.rana] That's what i'm trying to figure out, too.
  330572 [cmdicely gma] )?
  330587 [b.candler po] But the object_id is the same, so it's not wrapped in a "block" object.

^ Selenium RC in ruby
330486 [karthiraja4u] can any help me how to compile and execute the ruby in selenium Remote
330507 [jazzezravi g] if you want quick reply about  your selenium question then please go to

^ How to kill processes by it's name?
330493 [jykim altiba] as I mentioned it by mail title, How I can kill processes by it's name?
330497 [andrew andre] I know it's not exactly what you're looking for but you could use a

^ debug ruby extension via gdb
330495 [zhangaigh gm] I created a c++ class who is wrapped through swig. Now I'd like to
330505 [alex deletem] Assuming (1) you have successfully compiled your SWIG-based extension to
330514 [zhangaigh gm] thank you very much! I followed your advice. It works!
330519 [TimHunter nc] At a gdb prompt, type "help".

^ Guru Web Developer - Pune
330501 [vandanajj gm] If you are a master of either Ruby on Rails (or Hibernate/Swing or
330502 [john unklee.] unsubscribe

^ regexp problem /[]/ || /|/
330509 [jonatasdp gm] irb(main):001:0>

^ calling same page using two url with the help of routes.rb
330511 [salil cipher] I want to access same page using two different url's for that i had done
330524 [lasitha.rana] Cheers,
330525 [salil cipher] Thanx lasitha

^ script for CSS html buttons using ruby watir
330512 [ksb25201 gma] <div class="buttonholder">

^ New Version of IBM_DB Rails Adapter/Driver for IBM DataServers now  available
330520 [praveendevar] New version of IBM_DB gem 1.0.2 is now available. This release

^ Re: regexp problem /[]/ || /
330521 [lasitha.rana] Looks to me like an encoding problem.  What source encoding are you working=
330527 [minilith gma] If the source is in utf-8, then ruby 1.8 interpretes [=E9=EA] as a choice

^ rubyscript2exe on osx error
330522 [kwicher gmai] I tried to do an executable of a simple script using rubyscript2exe on

^ fashion ED boot,UGG boot,Jordan 24
330523 [shoes-great ] top quality,safe shipping,sincerity serince,perfect prices!!

^ Proper way to include module methods with dynamic code?
330526 [webmanager a] (This is in a Rails context, but I believe is much more of a Ruby
330528 [zhao axonsof] Methods in module will become the instance methods of the class which
330546 [webmanager a] Thanks for your response... you were indeed correct sir, it was my

^ Pure ruby iconv?
330529 [djberg96 gma] It looks like Rails 2.x requires the iconv library. Unfortunately,
+ 330533 [james graypr] I sure hope you're planning to offer considerable more than $100 for
| 330538 [charles.nutt] That's for sure...Iconv is a brute. I'd love to see a pure Ruby version
| 330541 [djberg96 gma] On Mar 6, 10:03=A0am, Charles Oliver Nutter <charles.nut...@sun.com>
+ 330562 [rogerpack200] You could download mingw :)

^ Question about GServe and IO
330534 [mfurmaniuk y] I'm trying to make just a pass through TCP server, utilizing GServer and
330554 [b.candler po] You don't need the select/readpartial stuff. Each connection is handled
330746 [mfurmaniuk y] This worked great!  I can keep my connection up and running and thin.
330751 [b.candler po] If you use "telnet 3472" and type in commands by hand, does it
330773 [mfurmaniuk y] Ok, now I see.  I did a telnet and there was no issue, just some
330863 [b.candler po] ideal way to delimit responses, but may be OK for you.

^ [QUIZ] Rhyming Words (#195)
330535 [yahivin gmai] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
330907 [rubify softo] My solution takes the quiz idea, but not really its requirements :)
330996 [reddvinylene] Super duper!

^ inochi newbie question - error running WordCount example on windows
330537 [paqs140482 g] (in E:/projects/word_count)
336081 [sunaku gmail] create  word_count/CREDITS

^ Re: regexp problem // || /|/
330540 [jonatasdp gm] WORKS! setting $KCODE or using /u

^ ANN: Dao, the official 1.0 version is released
330542 [phoolimin gm] This is to announce the first official release of Dao.
+ 330544 [skip pobox.c] What's the connection to Python?
| 330547 [phoolimin gm] Honest to say, there is no solid connection between Dao and Python.
| + 330548 [tim burlyhos] I don't see it as a threat at all (I'm not sure how you read that from
| + 330560 [skip pobox.c] Saying just that in your announcement would have been enough, in my opinion
|   330566 [gregory.t.br] ons and
+ 330545 [tim burlyhos] So, you pimp your language in news groups for other languages?  I see
+ 330549 [dominikho gm] As long as your language doesnt look like Lisp, this thread is about to tur=

^ [ANN] RubyForge gems RSS feed
330552 [drbrain segm] Thanks to the assistance of Tom Copeland, RubyForge now has an RSS

^ [ANN] JRuby 1.2.0RC2 Released
330555 [Thomas.Enebo] The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.2.0RC2
+ 330590 [robert.dober] Please be careful: I have a slow machine, if you continue your release
+ 330599 [zac zacbrown] I'm hurt, JRUBY-3237 isn't on there and I fixed that a couple days
| 330621 [charles.nutt] Gotta draw the line somewhere :) It will certainly be in JRuby 1.3.
| 330626 [zac zacbrown] Haha, I know. We need a good test for that which will be fun to figure
+ 331282 [roberto REMO] Is there anyone who would have a look at JRUBY-3032 please?
  331296 [charles.nutt] JRUBY-3032 turned out to be a larger chore than we wanted to swallow in

^ 2000-1992.2 - is this a known bug?
330557 [some.r ndom.] ruby 1.8.7 (2008-08-11 patchlevel 72) [i486-linux]
+ 330558 [gregory.t.br] ...
+ 330559 [rimantas gma] It is known non-bug: http://docs.sun.com/source/806-3568/ncg_goldberg.html
+ 330575 [cmdicely gma] The use of inexact floating point numbers by default in Ruby (which
  + 330576 [cmdicely gma] Or, while that works for the case presented, if you want it to work
  + 330578 [phasis gmail] Why not use BigDecimal.to_s('F') ?
    330580 [cmdicely gma] gDecimal.html#M000032

^ which gcc version
330565 [rogerpack200] Is there a way to know which version of gcc was used with a certain ruby
330568 [drbrain segm] no.
330593 [jeff schwabc] I'm curious:  Why would someone want to know that?
330760 [rogerpack200] I was looking for a way to include it in the output of the ruby
+ 330770 [drbrain segm] You only want the options passed to GCC?  They're in rbconfig.rb
+ 330772 [ryand-ruby z] why not build the ruby yourself as part of the benchmark suite? then
  330775 [rogerpack200] Good idea.

^ Create App Store and iPhone icon lookalikes with RMagick
330567 [TimHunter nc] I've written a Ruby script that takes a 512x512 image and produces icons
+ 330570 [lists source] Very, very cool....
+ 330573 [vjoel path.b] .chomp("l") ==

^ Re: [Ruby] [ANN] vlad 1.3.1 Released
330569 [ryand-ruby z] *sigh* I'm changing the way I'm generating my history files and

^ Re: text processing
330571 [kumartec gma] I am new to ruby and trying to create a flat file with fixed column
330583 [chris.hulan ] sprintf allows you specify formatting that can be used to print fixed

^ Extending has for default value, can't get it to work
330574 [nous.placidu] When I instantiate MyHash.new I get an empty hash. Just not sure how to
+ 330577 [cmdicely gma] ruby 1.8.6 (2008-03-03 patchlevel 114) [i386-mswin32]
| + 330579 [chris.hulan ] Doh! I copied the pastie and did see the typo unitl I copied the
| | 330582 [nous.placidu] Well that was easy, thanks all
| + 330581 [nous.placidu] I don't know what I'm dong wrong but I'm not getting anything from
+ 330654 [shortcutter ] If initializing the Hash with particular values is the only reason for

^ LDAP authentication
330586 [palani.apk g] Can anyone please help how can i implement the LDAP
+ 330595 [b.candler po] Suggested approach.
+ 330597 [d_rems yahoo] The same question was questioned by me few months ago on this forums and

^ QT Integrace using Ruby
330589 [rajibalan24 ] I am working on QuickTime Automation. I did not see any documentation on

^ Love Relations
330591 [zahid sunzte] need your precious feedbacks & comments to improve our functionality and

^ [ANN] Localmemcache-0.0.1, efficiently sharing a Hashtable on a local Unix machine
330592 [schween snaf] today I am releasing the very first version of localmemcache (version 0.0.1).

^ Compiling Ruby 1.9.1
330598 [kadelfek kad] Some years ago, I used Exerb and Rubyscript2exe to compile my scripts
330609 [tomcloyd com] This is a good question, although I don't see this as a Windows problem
331025 [kadelfek kad] I wonder why nobody make this...
331027 [ian.trudel g] Crate would certainly do the trick. However, it's not yet safe and sound

^ how to un-ragged a 2D array?
330601 [phlip2005 gm] [ [ 1    ],
+ 330606 [martindemell] a.each {|i| i[1] ||=3D i[0]}
+ 330607 [sepp2k googl] a) we have variable "size" which contains the size of a full subarray
  330614 [phlip2005 gm] Ktx! Now, on to Round Two!
  + 330618 [martindemell] class Fixnum
  | 330622 [phlip2005 gm] That thing with the colon and paren, is it Ruby's operator to
  | 330625 [martindemell] martin
  + 330623 [m.fellinger ] ude
  | 330627 [phlip2005 gm] Look, ma! No .flatten!
  + 330657 [lasitha.rana] needs.map {|x, y| [x, y ||=3D x] }
    330663 [phlip2005 gm] needs.map{|x, y| [x, y || x] }
    330671 [lasitha.rana] Doh!  And i was feeling so clever just a minute ago :)

330602 [wujian4411 g] Wallet

^ Flaw in ruby-crypt's GOST implementation
330603 [hartog.de.mi] ...
330604 [hartog.de.mi] ... is it that I PGP sign my messages that no text appears?
330735 [nobu ruby-la] It can be done more concisely.

^ [ANN]  March Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting
330605 [james.britt ] March Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting

^ Funny Barack Obama photos in his 2008 elections ... very funny  posters
330610 [venseaaa yah] ...

^ [SUMMARY] Polyrhythm Trainer (#194)
330611 [yahivin gmai] This quiz may be worthy of a revisit in the future. Until then, here

^ in car entertainment
330613 [nicola7765 h] great  deals on sat navs and dvd &cd players and all your in car

^ Static web site generators
330615 [lojicdotcom ] After Googling a bit, it appears that nanoc, webby & webgen seem to be
+ 330616 [tomcloyd com] I'll jump right up and say that there cannot be enough praise for Webby.
+ 330617 [transfire gm] There certainly nothing wrong with static site generation --in some
| 330619 [lojicdotcom ] For sites that have a reasonable chance of becoming dynamic, I
+ 330620 [pbooth nocoi] I did a similar survey a few months ago and went with nanoc because
| 330624 [pbooth nocoi] I'm a bit of an obsessive about website performance. I recently
| 330632 [transfire gm] =A0
| 330633 [tim burlyhos] Indeed, it could be the server used, host used (or how the server is
+ 330634 [jack jncsoft] I've been happy with webby.

330628 [kmurph79 hot] I remember reading about ARAX on slashdot, and after writing some
+ 330656 [flo andersgr] As the Article on Slashdot states: it might be possible in Silverlight
+ 330764 [eleanor game] You might find HotRuby or Red suits your needs. HotRuby is fast but
+ 330766 [mark thomasz] You can do it with BrowserPlus -- Yahoo's answer to Google Gears. It
+ 330778 [ninja slapha] I remember that article -- it was mostly just an idea.
+ 330780 [charles.nutt] JRuby already works in a browser, and has for a couple years. You can
  + 330784 [mike cargal.] Is there a site somewhere that elaborates on this a bit to get you
  + 330786 [bill.walton ] You got any links a fella could follow to find out more about how this =