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^ ruby-opengl gem not working on 1.9?
330197 [tpreal gmail] Windows.
330243 [jan.dvorak k] Yes, ruby 1.8 and 1.9 are not binary compatible in general, the binary
+ 330244 [tpreal gmail] Seems to work with no problems. Thank you very much! I'm going to use
+ 330254 [drbrain segm] You should set required_ruby_version in for your gem as well.
  330259 [jan.dvorak k] Thanks, it should be set now for both binary gems.

^ double quote problem in CSV
330203 [salil cipher] i am using following method to read the csv file and i want to save it
330211 [b.candler po] That would be because that line is indeed wrongly formatted.
330215 [salil cipher] Thanx Brian ,
+ 330220 [james graypr] As multiple people have told you for days now, you will need to build
+ 330221 [b.candler po] If the fields don't contain commas, maybe
  330264 [salil cipher] i found  solution to this problem i don't know it's correct way or not
  330265 [Rob AgileCon] Oh, sit back down James, let me take this reply. ;-)
  330312 [james graypr] Thanks very much.  :)

^ Reading result of a command
330207 [venkatesh.th] I am using system("dir") to execute commands in Command Prompt.
330208 [b.candler po] result = `dir`

^ expanding environment variable
330209 [trash tekwis] I have a string
330212 [dominikho gm] What do you mean by environment variables? The stuff in ENV, or the
330213 [trash tekwis] I mean the stuff in ENV.
+ 330214 [dominikho gm] Thats how I would do it.
| + 330217 [trash tekwis] Perfect, thanks. I sometimes have a hard time with those efficient
| | + 330223 [dominikho gm] Well, the only really cryptic thing about this one is the regexp, but
| | | 330230 [trash tekwis] That is true. I'm used to the old-fashioned programming of C, assembly
| | + 330258 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogRGFuaWVsIFNjaG9jaCBbbWFpbHRvOnRyYXNoQHRla3dpc3N1c2EuY29tXSANCiMgRG9t
| + 330222 [b.candler po] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
|   330224 [dominikho gm] Probably depends on whether you like global variables or not. It is
|   330231 [gwtmp01 mac.] $1 isn't a true global variable.  It is a per-thread variable.  It
|   330236 [rick.denatal] Actually its really a frame local variable. heres a bit of artificial code
+ 330233 [shortcutter ] s = "#{ENV["DIR"]/test/#{ENV["FILE"]}"

^ Variable number of parameters on SOAP call?
330232 [john.allen e] Is there a way to specify a variable number of parameters on a SOAP
330234 [shortcutter ] Did you try the splat operator?
330235 [john.allen e] That just gets me a 'wrong number of arguments (6 for 3)' error.

^ Queue/IO blocking in threads
330238 [martin.ceron] I am coding a client/server in which requests and responses are handled
330239 [martin.ceron] I am very sorry; I just realized that in the response_handler thread I

^ fixnum problem plz help
330246 [guy_dols hot] hy
+ 330248 [dominikho gm] 22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222
+ 330249 [michael.malo] Please paste your ask() Method.  That appears to be where the problem is.
+ 330250 [pjb informat] I think you are lying. Twice.
| + 330252 [michael.malo] Unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful.
| | 330302 [ymendel pobo] I had to re-read the post to be sure it actually came from Pascal.
| | 330438 [robert.dober] But the nested parens occur in Lisp, right, Pascal is the thing with
| + 330256 [tomcloyd com] And for the benefits, such as they are, of strong typing, we get to a
| + 330267 [w_a_x_man ya] Typo.  Should be Commune Lisp.
| | 330280 [thopre gmail] printf("%d\n",'2'*9);
| + 330268 [b.candler po] This is nothing to do with "strongly typed". Ruby's concept of the
| | 330273 [pjb informat] Right, it is too much overloading, not weak typing.  Sorry for the confusion.
| + 330436 [robert.dober] What?? There are other languages than CL??? You must be kidding? I
+ 330255 [kbloom gmail] 222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222

^ parse a tree
330260 [fbogdanovic ] How can I parse a tree (arrays within arrays), for example a tree of
+ 330261 [michael.malo] tree walking hints at a recursive routine...
| + 330262 [botp delmont] #..
| + 330271 [b.candler po] I think it's fine. You need some way to distinguish between a leaf node
+ 330276 [shortcutter ] Do you want to _parse_ or _print_?  This is totally unclear to me.  For=20

^ implement "paste" using ruby
330263 [fwang2 gmail] I have a programming question: in the *NIX world, there is a small
+ 330270 [b.candler po] Assuming the number of files to paste together is reasonable (say under
+ 330274 [ryand-ruby z] system "paste", *ARGV
| 330289 [ymendel pobo] To me, the reasoning behind the question seemed to be what to do if
| 330313 [ryand-ruby z] I disagree. The OP emphasized the _most_ cost efficient way. In terms
+ 330298 [rick.denatal] #!/usr/bin/env ruby -wKU

^ Creating a automated script
330266 [devrubygem g] I wanted to create a small automated script using Ruby. I just need to
330279 [mark thomasz] RDP is a proprietary Microsoft protocol used for Terminal Services

^ ANN: Rake 0.8.4 Released
330282 [jim weirichh] = Rake 0.8.4 Released
+ 330288 [aaron tender] ZOMG!
+ 330296 [rick.denatal] We knew you could do it Jim! <G>
+ 336286 [charles.nutt] Hey Jim...I just noticed Rake 0.8.5 got pushed out at some point
  336345 [luislavena g] On May 11, 3:05=A0am, Charles Oliver Nutter <charles.nut...@sun.com>

^ gem cleanup problem
330283 [tomcloyd com] I'm running Kubuntu Linux 8.10, and Rubygems 1.3.1.
+ 330297 [lasitha.rana] h-4.1.1
| + 330303 [tomcloyd com] Thanks very much for the assist. I have no knowledge of this problem, so
| + 330305 [tomcloyd com] OK, after digesting the information you kindly directed me to, here's
|   + 330307 [drbrain segm] Some areas are covered very well, others are not.
|   | 330318 [tomcloyd com] Ahem. Familiar with the problem am I.
|   + 330310 [lasitha.rana] As Eric noted, the trouble comes about when you have multiple
|     331618 [pedrolito la] Thanks for the tip, I just run into this issue, and you saved my day. Is
+ 330306 [drbrain segm] gem cleanup doesn't handle multiple gem repos well yet, this may be
  330319 [tomcloyd com] Bingo. That's it. I have ruby 1.8.7 installed, and recently installed
  330340 [drbrain segm] sudo sh -c 'GEM_PATH=`gem env home` gem cleanup'
  330341 [tomcloyd com] Ah, lovely. Thanks a lot!

^ Compiling ruby on Windows 7 x64
330284 [stan wozniak] I've been trying to compile newest 1.9.1-p0 ruby on windows 7 x64 but no
+ 330285 [chris.hulan ] bj
+ 330563 [rogerpack200] If you're not afraid of 32 bit there's the mingw oneclick

^ Compiling 1.9.1p0 on AIX 5.3 using xlc
330286 [graham.agnew] I'm trying to compile Ruby using the native compiler xlc on AIX.  Ruby
331494 [graham.agnew] Not sure if it's the root-cause at this stage, but I've found that core
331586 [graham.agnew] So, I've gotten over this hurdle by modifying the enc.mk file to use the
+ 331597 [keltia gmail] I have a similar issue when compiling trunk with llvm (version does not
+ 331629 [nobu ruby-la] Why not register to http://redmine.ruby-lang.org ?
  331649 [graham.agnew] I've tried to register on redmine to be able to log these things as
  332282 [kinpoco gmai] It seems that some symbols are not exported.
  332505 [graham.agnew] Thanks for the patch.  That's resolved the problem.

^ Any solutions to Ruby's inconsistencies?
330287 [c-soc-rubyfo] Ruby has definite positives over Java and even other scripting
+ 330291 ["William Jam] on your hard-drive, would you blame Ruby or me?
+ 330292 [ymendel pobo] There's been endless discussion and confusion about Symbols, Strings,
| + 330294 [jcoglan goog] I've always found Java's naming of collections to be contrary to its idea of
| | 330301 [kbloom gmail] No, no, no. In Java, you have the interfaces Set, and SortedSet (no
| + 330322 [c-soc-rubyfo] I'm happy I didn't miss anything and sad to hear I'm not alone in that
|   + 330325 [tony medioh.] You can also use String#casecmp to avoid making a new downcased string
|   + 330326 [ibc aliax.ne] =2D----------
|   | 330399 [c-soc-rubyfo] Nope, didn't hear about that, nor Benchmark.realtime.  Thanks - these
|   + 330388 [ymendel pobo] 'detect' is a synonym for 'find' (or maybe it's the other way around).
|     + 330401 [c-soc-rubyfo] Interesting...  I hadn't learned about the *ect's.  I have used collect
|     | + 330406 [rick.denatal] Think of it selecting the elements of the enumerable for which the block is
|     | + 330426 [caduceass gm] Hmm, let me think about that method name... you are "mapping" a set of
|     |   + 330437 [eleanor game] Collect makes much more sense to me than map as I'm collecting a bunch
|     |   | + 330443 [caduceass gm] Agreed.  But you are collecting a collection, which seems inane and
|     |   | | 330498 [hramrach cen] e using
|     |   | | + 330531 [caduceass gm] I knew that someone would pipe in that we are collecting objects and
|     |   | | + 330543 [mike.gold.44] Again I would submit that this is the Lisp way of thinking about it, as
|     |   | + 330508 [albertschlef] You're describing #select....
|     |   |   330530 [eleanor game] Actually the description is sufficiently generic to be valid for both
|     |   + 330441 [mike.gold.44] (loop for i from 1 to 3 collect (* i i))
|     + 330408 [jgabrielygal] Interesting. Now that I think about which versions I use, I don't have
|     + 330532 [robert.dober] As so often genius goes undetected and unrewarded (but also
+ 330295 [flo andersgr] What was the exact error? I don't know how ERB in Rails work, but
+ 330300 [kbloom gmail] I don't use rails, and I don't know what a partial is, so I can't answer.
| 330474 [registration] arr2 = arr.collect {|i| break if i == 3; i + 1 } # arr2 == nil
+ 330321 [dblack rubyp] I can't duplicate that problem. What error message are you getting?
+ 330510 [albertschlef] What do you mean in that last sentence?
  330536 [c-soc-rubyfo] A set simply contains values while mathematically a hash is a process

^ SOAP simple and complex types
330299 [anisbet avai] I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction here. I am

^ wsdl2ruby generating broken ruby code
330304 [david agilei] The piece of schema below is  producing a broken ruby class (further
330308 [drbrain segm] Did you file a bug or check the tracker to see if it has been fixed?
330430 [david agilei] Thanks for responding --- the first thing I did was go to that page (I was

^ openssl and SHA*
330311 [chobolt gmai] I'm quite new to ruby, and I'm facing a problem I can't seem to be able
330320 [b.candler po] str = File.read("my_file")
330370 [chobolt gmai] Thanks for your response Brian.

^ Array to string
330315 [gigatavu gma] If I have a array: a = [ "a", "a", "b", "b", "c" ]
+ 330316 [badboy heart] [ "a", "a", "b", "b", "c" ].join(', ')
+ 330317 [dominikho gm] By using Array#join

^ Processing the errorArray-subset returned by IO.select()
330323 [sebastien.ra] I am posting my question to this list really as a last recourse after

^ Problems with ruby 1.8.6 on uClinux
330324 [yuri.mlists ] After watching David Goodlad's RubyConf2008 presentation "Ruby for
330368 [b.candler po] No userland application should be able to crash the kernel - not even
+ 330423 [yuri.mlists ] I know that it's not supposed to happen. Blackfin processor does not
+ 330431 [vjoel path.b] We've been using ruby 1.8.6p114 on OpenWRT for about a year (not the

^ Next stable 1.9.x
330327 [michael.malo] Does anyone know if there's a projected timeline for the next 1.9.x
+ 330330 [jameskilton ] I hope it's quick. One of the extensions I work with and on (Rice)
+ 330433 [robert.dober] =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=
  330440 [michael.malo] Yeah, our mail server attaches them to every outgoing message.
  330445 [jeff schwabc] If you put a "-- " line at the end of your email, it might at least make

^ Getting the original file path on argument
330328 [dan appcabin] parameter. Given the company standards, the script has to be deployed on
+ 330329 [jeff schwabc] Do you mean that Ruby's current working directory is some_path/bin, even
+ 330331 [shortcutter ] So you have a symlink "run_process" which points to
  330378 [dan appcabin] Thanks guys, I think I didn't explain myself very clear.
  330384 [shortcutter ] Yes.  The error must be in your script.  As long as you do not change
  330452 [dan appcabin] Thanks Robert. It's curious, I don't do any chdir on my code. But you

^ How to force \n in RDoc?
330332 [ibc aliax.ne] # This methods does blablabla...
+ 330343 [ryand-ruby z] <br>
| 330435 [ibc aliax.ne] Thanks :)
+ 330344 [ryand-ruby z] or are you trying to show a code sample?

^ Is GServer the best to use?
330333 [mfurmaniuk y] I am in need of a TCP Server, basically something multithreaded that I
330334 [ibc aliax.ne] GServer is in fact appropiate for that.
330335 [justincollin] I agree. Start off with GServer. It's really easy to use and works well.
+ 330337 [ibc aliax.ne] But consider that EventMachine is not a threaded model, but a reactor one.=
+ 330338 [eleanor game] You can find code examples covering GServer, EventMachine and various =20=
  330372 [mfurmaniuk y] This would be great, I need an example sometimes to get me started in

^ Cheap sell nike,adidas,AFI,max,Jordan,bape,Timberland, sandal etc
330339 [wujian3377 g] Our company cheap sell china nike sneaker and clothing ,.such as:air

^ [ANN] vlad 1.3.0 Released
330342 [ryand-ruby z] vlad version 1.3.0 has been released!

^ Cut a string each 80 character
330345 [picpic72 hot] I want to do cut a string each 80 character. Do you know how to do?
+ 330346 [picpic72 hot] Ooops!
| 330348 [kyleaschmitt] I'm thinking you want scan.
| 330350 [Gennady.Byst] PiAtLS0tLU9yaWdpbmFsIE1lc3NhZ2UtLS0tLQ0KPiBGcm9tOiBLeWxlIFNjaG1pdHQgW21haWx0
+ 330347 [Gennady.Byst] PiAtLS0tLU9yaWdpbmFsIE1lc3NhZ2UtLS0tLQ0KPiBGcm9tOiBwaWNwaWM3MkBob3RtYWlsLmNv
  330356 [minilith gma] string.gsub(%r{.{1,80}}, "\\0<br />")
  330359 [Gennady.Byst] Almost. The latter produces a string with "<br />" after every 80 chars, wh=
  330369 [lasitha.rana] Doesn't appear to be.
  330371 [shortcutter ] There is an inconsistency in your test: the gsub version creates the
  330391 [lasitha.rana] nd

^ Re: OT: This system must have been written in Ruby...
330349 [w_a_x_man ya] Wasn't it programmed in Lisp?
+ 330351 [nntpspy janv] You mean (L)anding (i)nterface for (s)illy (p)ilots?
+ 330354 [tim burlyhos] Seems a bit hard to believe that the pilots wouldn't notice the plane
| 330360 [robert.dober] Well maybe the pilots were as competent as the programmers/testers of
+ 330374 [rick.denatal] Rick DeNatale
  330377 [phlip2005 gm] The same idiocy circulated in the DBC community after the Ariane 5 malfunction...

^ [ANN] amalgalite 0.7.7 Released
330355 [jeremy hineg] amalgalite version 0.7.7 has been released.
330409 [shawn42 gmai] Congrats! Keep up the good work.
330411 [james graypr] Definitely.  This library is one of my new favorites!

^ with YAML can I retrieve the class type back???
330357 [greg.hauptma] If I wanted to persist different Ruby types (e.g. float, BigDecimal,
330358 [ninja slapha] If you're using Rails, there's a helper built in. For example, if your
330361 [greg.hauptma] 2009/3/5 David Masover <ninja@slaphack.com>

^ noob question on writing a script in ruby
330362 [helloween ma] a bit confused on how to make a program do what i will explain in the
330364 [jazzezravi g] I don't have script.But i will give simple idea to you.

^ Ruby  -Question about Framewroks
330363 [jazzezravi g] How many web application frameworks(like rails)available in ruby ? .
+ 330365 [eleanor game] The simple answers are: lots, and no it isn't easy to identify the
| 330379 [james graypr] You may benefit from reading Sinatra's source.  I use to agree with
| + 330380 [eleanor game] I intend to when I have the time :)
| | 330381 [james graypr] That's another plus for it:  it's pretty short and very readable.  It
| + 330382 [gregory.t.br] Same here.   Camping is very cool, but Sinatra is a better Camping
| + 330405 [rick.denatal] community, including rails, merb and sinatra driven to some extent by the
|   330442 [eleanor game] At the end of last year I added Rack support to the Brix framework,
+ 330367 [b.candler po] Depends what you're trying to do.
+ 330373 [phlip2005 gm] In addition to the other answers, what will you do with the 'best' if you find it?
  330483 [jazzezravi g] Now I want to build one application. I learned  ruby. Many of them
  333105 [jazzezravi g] Anyway I started work with rails...

^ Users, Groups, Pages and Permissions
330375 [shiloayalon ] Basically, the permission model holds the group_id, page_id and

^ add a new line after, w/txtfile thats comma delimited
330383 [mmc_collins ] How do you add a new line after you have split a text file with
+ 330385 [cdemyanovich] You should just be able to split each line on ',' which will give you an
| 330386 [mmc_collins ] I tried that, it didn't work that way. I am not sure what is hidden in
+ 330389 [shortcutter ] This creation of the empty Array is completely superfluous as you do
| + 330392 [reid.thompso] rthompso@raker /tmp $ echo "value1,value2,value3" >/tmp/file.txt
| | 330414 [mmc_collins ] Reid is that for rake only?
| | 330478 [reid.thompso] I don't understand your question.
| | 330518 [reid.thompso] $ ruby -pe 'gsub(/,/, " comments\n")'  file*.txt
| + 330393 [mmc_collins ] Do you know how to attach a string on the end of each value before
|   330398 [shortcutter ] You'd rather choose the variant with gsub for this.
|   330419 [mmc_collins ] Robert I used the variant gsub and it only puts a comment behind one
+ 330390 [andrewhoho g] I'm new to Ruby but I just read a book that had an example that is
  330394 [jgabrielygal] Just a comment here. It's usually better to use the block form of open,
  330395 [andrewhoho g] On Mar 5, 11:10=A0am, Jes=FAs Gabriel y Gal=E1n <jgabrielyga...@gmail.com>
  330396 [mmc_collins ] Do you know how to add a comment before each line splits values?