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^ double colons in class def
329951 [matt tidbits] ...
329956 [aaron tender] It's explicitly telling ruby where to find the "String" constant.
329958 [matt tidbits] ...

^ Linux headers
329966 [kristerj gma] I'm using rake to install rubygame and I'm running into an error where

^ Ruby beginner Problem
329967 [devrubygem g] undefine method 'bottles _of_beer' for #<Bottles:0x2be1e1c>
+ 329968 [phlip2005 gm] Ruby is space sensitive between the end of a method name and its first
| + 329971 [devrubygem g] Whoa, thats all to it, I need to get my formatting down right now =)
| + 330028 [ninja slapha] Erm, what? No it's not. I just tried something like this in irb, and it
+ 329972 [lasitha.rana] In Normal mode, hitting == will format the current line.
  + 329973 [devrubygem g] Thanks Lasitha that worked perfect. I'm slowly getting more comfortable with
  | 329975 [justincollin] All the code past this point is in a very odd place. You seem to be
  | 330012 [devrubygem g] Thanks Justin.
  | + 330013 [phlip2005 gm] Short term, use accessors to get to your instance variables.
  | | 330033 [devrubygem g] bottles song. I'm sure theres some cleaning up to do, Am I still doing to
  | | 330062 [rubfor recit] I don't think you actually need a class at all You're just calling a
  | | 330127 [devrubygem g] <<< I don't think you actually need a class at all You're just calling a
  | + 330132 [caduceass gm] Just to explore the language a bit...
  |   330136 [devrubygem g] Cool!, Wow, there are so many ways to do one thing. I'm going to try and
  |   + 330143 [caduceass gm] This obviously was supposed to read...
  |   + 330147 [caduceass gm] Yeah, I know.  You should check out ruby quiz answers; so many good
  |     330151 [devrubygem g] I think I'm going to try a few quiz's out, I never tried before, I just
  + 330030 [gregory.t.br] Thanks for posting this, even though I've been using vim forever, I

^ How to use the Dir class, search for a sub directroy
329986 [hjnash adist] Good day, I am learning Ruby,and doing some experaments.
+ 329988 [badboy heart] artist = 'ABBA'
| 329991 [hjnash adist] Thanks for your reply, I had read the doc but could not get it to work
| 329992 [badboy heart] Dir.glob returns an array, not a string, so your "if artist !=
| 329993 [hjnash adist] I removed the * as I only want exact match. There are only artist
+ 329996 [lasitha.rana] If all you need is to know whether the directory exists, then
  329997 [hjnash adist] Yes this too works, it is simple too.

^ 1.9 on OS X
330001 [jeff schwabc] What is the best way to install Ruby 1.9 on Apple OS X?
+ 330006 [TimHunter nc] Download the tarball from ruby-lang.org, configure, make, make install.
| + 330007 [jeff schwabc] Thanks.  Ordinarily, when I do that dance, I use --prefix to install
| + 330008 [lasitha.rana] YMMV but i had some trouble with gem executable conflicts using the
+ 330011 [luc honk-hon] MacPorts, which allows to install and use both Ruby 1.8 and Ruby 1.9
  330015 [nospam7272 m] I used MacPorts to install 1.9.1 alongside 1.8 -- totally painless. Then
  330021 [arcadiorubio] As already mentioned, MacPorts works fine. It gives you the option of

^ Delegating class methods
330022 [arcadiorubio] how would you forward calls from class methods to a class atribute?
+ 330023 [michael.malo] class Klass
| 330053 [lasitha.rana] No, that would forward to an instance variable and only work with
+ 330055 [albertschlef] class Foo
| + 330056 [albertschlef] class Momo < Foo
| | 330060 [minilith gma] I'm not sure this can really be called a glitch because that's simply
| | 330077 [arcadiorubio] I'm the OP. Thank you all for your replies.
| | + 330078 [ryand-ruby z] No, using a class var there was totally appropriate.
| | + 330081 [robert.dober] oops sorry, you made your point already.
| | + 330100 [lasitha.rana] There is a school of thought that eigenclass [1] instance variables
| |   + 330130 [ryand-ruby z] for the record, I'm NOT in this school of thought. I'm in the school,
| |   + 330154 [gwtmp01 mac.] I don't think I've ever seen the term 'eigenclass variables' used in
| |     + 330158 [rick.denatal] I think that the common term is class instance variables, i.e. they are
| |     | 330179 [gwtmp01 mac.] Sure that works but I also think it is the cause of some confusion
| |     | 330198 [robert.dober] True, yet I think it is the best name I know so far :).
| |     + 330180 [lasitha.rana] Retracted :).  I was attempting to use a phrase that couldn't be
| + 330059 [ryand-ruby z] Because, the OP wanted to use class vars, not class instance vars.
|   330080 [robert.dober] Yes but we do not allow this (easily) ;)
+ 330058 [ryand-ruby z] I'm not thrilled that you have to use a class method to access the

^ Error when running script
330024 [bwinborg rbw] This is the script, it's intent is to read all Error logs.txt files in a
+ 330026 [TimHunter nc] Look at the error message. You're asking Dir.new to open the directory
| 330032 [bwinborg rbw] Thank you that did help, but I still have a problem.
| + 330035 [TimHunter nc] Without seeing your file I can't offer any specific advice. If it was me
| + 330036 [tim burlyhos] That code should work.  Are you sure that the text file's content
|   330045 [bwinborg rbw] I did check the case and it was wrong. I changed it to match and it made
|   330048 [phlip2005 gm] Paths are much easier to manage using / , even on Windows.
|   + 330051 [bwinborg rbw] I am feeling a bit stupid at this point parts of what you have said seem
|   + 330057 [lasitha.rana] I usually agree with anything Phlip says, but not on this :)
+ 330029 [tim burlyhos] log_file_20090221_041817.txt

^ [SUMMARY] Game of Life (#193)
330031 [yahivin gmai] Great job everyone on the response this week. (To view the images

^ Rub 1.9: "inline rescue" doesn't work?
330038 [ibc aliax.ne] 1.8)
+ 330040 [ibc aliax.ne] begin
| 330043 [binary42 gma] => 444
+ 330044 [gregory.t.br] same
  330061 [hramrach cen] I'd see it as a Ruby's failure that the proper check is against DRY.
  + 330093 [phlip2005 gm] DRY is most egregious when the duplicated components are far apart from each
  + 330104 [gregory.t.br] mares.
    330110 [kbloom gmail] The problem with the rescue modifier is that it lumps all types of errors
    330113 [gregory.t.br] obj.capitalize rescue(NoMethodError) 42

^ $LOAD_PATH best practice?
330039 [burdettelama] ...
+ 330041 [TimHunter nc] You can also modify the load path by setting the RUBYLIB environment
+ 330066 [nobu ruby-la] You don't need pathname.
  330069 [Bil.Kleb nas] I've never found a need for Pathname.

^ Re: Rub 1.9: "inline rescue" doesn't work? [SOLVED]
330042 [ibc aliax.ne] $ ruby1.9 -v
330073 [m.fellinger ] That's still ancient. The latest revision is 22705 and the last stable

^ Requesting feedback on Gibberish::Simple, a tiny Ruby 1.9  localization lib
330046 [gregory.t.br] While writing a section on localization for my book[0], I noticed that
+ 330047 [gregory.t.br] Whoops, always forget the links :-/
+ 330065 [chauk.mean g] I just need such a library at the moment.
  330137 [chauk.mean g] - not intrusive regarding the core classes

^ [ANN] doodle 0.2.0 Released
330049 [sean.ohalpin] doodle version 0.2.0 has been released!

^ Gtk::MozEmbed crashes
330052 [sawadatsuyos] Whenever I have a secondary thread running when gtkmozembed is
330594 [kou cozmixng] In <b6c4eb68-c551-4849-959f-16ab23f49755@c36g2000yqn.googlegroups.com>

^ [ANN] mime-types 1.16 Released
330054 [halostatue g] After an excessive amount of time, I've released MIME::Types 1.16. The

^ C wcwidth equivalent in Ruby 1.9
330063 [phasis gmail] I want to know if there is an equivalent to the C function wcwidth in ruby 1.9.

^ passing a method as a paramter
330067 [sarah ultras] I'm probably missing some basic Ruby syntax, but I'm relatively new to
+ 330070 [minilith gma] Instead of User::create, which doesn't return the method as it would
| 330071 [sarah ultras] assert_required_fields User.method(:create), :email, :lastname,
+ 330072 [m.fellinger ] def assert_required_fields(*field_names, &block)
  330074 [sarah ultras] Wow.  Awesome run through of various Ruby syntax options -- I think I'll
  330076 [m.fellinger ] It's the second example, you cannot obtain an instance of Method like
  330109 [sarah ultras] I get the error: (ActiveRecord::Base).create> is not a symbol
  + 330119 [m.fellinger ] Sorry, with rails all bets on normally behaving ruby code are off.
  + 330124 [rick.denatal] def test_should_not_create_user_unless_default_fields
    330126 [sarah ultras] So, how would it magically know to call create on User and not some
    330134 [rick.denatal] Okay, I'm curious where you found the topfunky power tools plugin.  There's
    + 330135 [gwtmp01 mac.] Wow. +10 to Rick for his google-ruby-rails-test-unit-mentoring-fu
    + 330148 [sarah ultras] I'm just getting into TDD. I experimented with cucumber a bit and really

^ how to group visitors using hours
330082 [brazovayeye ] I've got this problem, I have a Visitor class that keep tracks
330084 [m.fellinger ] require 'pp'
330105 [brazovayeye ] Thanks for that!

^ Using YAML for inter-process communication - anything built-in ?
330083 [thibaut.barr] I'm just wondering - I implemented something (http://github.com/thbar/
+ 330086 [shortcutter ] I am not sure about portability of Marshal across Ruby implementations.=20
| 330095 [thibaut.barr] that's a good point. I'll try that if I stick with two ruby parties.
+ 330152 [b.candler po] I came across a YAML-RPC once upon a time; you could try looking for it.
  330165 [gary.yngve g] You're missing the '---' header in these examples.  YAML may behave
  330191 [b.candler po] irb(main):001:0> require "yaml"
  330245 [thibaut.barr] yeah I'm only simple YAML, and it seems to work for me for what I'm
  330251 [b.candler po] One other thought: if it's simple, look at JSON. It's easy to extend to
  330272 [thibaut.barr] I've been thinking about that. One point that made me choose YAML

^ Internet Connectivity,Website accessibility in WATIR
330089 [salil cipher] How to check the following things while using WATIR

^ [ANN] wxRuby 2.0.0
330091 [aff28 delete] I'm happy to announce the release of wxRuby 2.0.0, the comprehensive,
330120 [james.britt ] Very cool.
330153 [alex deletem] Thanks.

^ Re: wxRuby 2.0.0
330092 [rogerpack200] Congrats :)
330187 [alex deletem] I'm +1 on that, in theory. Having different 1.9 builds for Windows
330188 [bbxx789_05ss] wxruby-2.0.0-universal-darwin-9.gem
330192 [alex deletem] I don't know for certain b/c I don't have a 10.4 machine to test on.
331944 [bbxx789_05ss] I finally got around to trying this.  But I can't even untar the wxRuby
331949 [bbxx789_05ss] Ok, there is some weirdness with osx and safari and the names of

^ What does this statement do?
330094 [stan wozniak] I have been wondering what does this statement do and what does it set.
330098 [stan wozniak] I guess this is assigning a string to a variable that is created in the
+ 330099 [TimHunter nc] You're saying that "something" is supposed to be treated like a method
| 330103 [stan wozniak] Ok, this is the example I want to get to work. Method set_field is never
| 330106 [rick.denatal] Yes this is a well-known ruby newbie gotcha.
+ 330101 [jameskilton ] That statement is the same as calling MyClass.something=3D("something else"=
  330121 [shortcutter ] [oracle@ora01 ~]$ ruby y.rb

^ Compiling a Ruby app
330097 [blashyrkh1 h] Does there exist a compiler for compiling Ruby apps?
+ 330128 [rogerpack200] I believe there is a way to do this through using jruby, though I've
+ 330193 [ninja slapha] That is not entirely true. Or rather, it can be "decompiled", all right,
  + 330194 [blashyrkh1 h] Thanks for the input.
  | 330278 [ninja slapha] So does distributing software. Again, this will fail. be prepared for it.
  | 330290 [kyleaschmitt] Heh.  Just try and use software that relies heavily on reflection in a
  | 330309 [randall.alex] The Spring Framework uses a lot of reflection yet many would not call it
  | 330314 [kyleaschmitt] Fair enough.  I never argued that it wasn't the best way to solve some
  + 330201 [rick.denatal] require 'rubygems'
  | 330277 [ninja slapha] I was speaking of compiled languages in general. As a trivial example, a
  | 330293 [flo andersgr] Thats the problem of decompiling native code to a language. Usually,
  | 330417 [kbloom gmail] But decompiling the Java bytecode generated by JRuby would be pretty much
  | 330447 [ninja slapha] It's worth mentioning that these are not mutually exclusive.
  | 330464 [charles.nutt] LLVM does no dynamic optimization at runtime; it only does static
  + 330204 [flo andersgr] Almost every kind of Bytecode is surprisingly well decompilable.
  + 330206 [lists source] You know, I see this argument repeated from time to time on the ruby
    330218 [flo andersgr] My argument is usually a different one: is your code sufficiently
    330228 [kyleaschmitt] Err, not to attempt to de-rail a good open vs closed argument, but
    + 330229 [kyleaschmitt] Note on option B, "Shoes" by why the lucky stiff works this way.
    | 330275 [a99.googlegr] - Axel
    + 330237 [flo andersgr] In the first post, he also said that he wanted to protect his source
      330241 [blashyrkh1 h] Thanks Kyle and Florian, very usefull information

^ how to read csv file which has :quote_char in data field
330111 [salil cipher] How to do this using fastercsv?
330117 [james graypr] It's not really a good for for FasterCSV for the same reason's I

^ [ANN/ADV] Last days of early-bird for Atlanta Ruby Training (April 1-3)
330118 [dblack rubyp] We've got a great training event coming up in Atlanta: Ruby language

^ ruby.h error on OS X
330122 [jeff schwabc] Has anyone else had problems with the ruby 1.9.1 development headers on
330131 [nobu ruby-la] You need to add -I option for platform specific headers, maybe

^ ANN: Sequel 2.11.0 Released
330129 [code jeremye] Sequel is a lightweight database access toolkit for Ruby.

^ [ANN] Mr Bones 2.4.1 (Lacrimal)
330133 [tim.pease gm] ...

^ Re: Mr Bones 2.4.1 (Lacrimal)
330138 [chauk.mean g] I'm just wondering whether rubyforge is the correct place for Mr Bones
330142 [tim.pease gm] I took a look at the bug report.
330157 [chauk.mean g] Thanks. I'm looking forward the next release.
330227 [tim.pease gm] It has been released!  Mr Bones 2.4.2 is now on the rubyforge mirrors.
330269 [chauk.mean g] Thanks for this new release with the removal for the mandatory openssl

^ Is faster using abbreviated parameter names?
330139 [ibc aliax.ne] a)
330141 [shortcutter ] I have no idea.  I guess not.  But you can easily verify for yourself.=20
+ 330144 [ibc aliax.ne] Yes, doing a benchmark the result is more or less the same (any other facto=
| 330150 [b.candler po] I believe you're wrong.
| 330159 [ibc aliax.ne] Thanks, that makes sense :)
+ 330145 [denis haskin] ...
  330160 [ibc aliax.ne] Sure, it was just curiosity :)
  330169 [denis haskin] ...

^ Sockets and Fedora Core 9
330155 [serotonins.g] Apologies if this is well known or I'm posting in the wrong place.
+ 330164 [vjoel path.b] To rule out the difference between ruby 1.8.5 and 1.8.6, you could
+ 330175 [jcmoore pres] You'll much happier if you insert a Kernel#select in this loop...
+ 330190 [b.candler po] I'd say it's probably a Linux multicast issue, and if you translate the

^ [ANN] doodle 0.2.2 Released
330156 [sean.ohalpin] doodle version 0.2.2 has been released!

^ Does Darkfish-Rdoc work properly?
330162 [ibc aliax.ne] I'm not sure if Darkfish-Rdoc is the continuation of RDoc or a fork/version(I
330167 [drbrain segm] It is a generator.
330168 [ibc aliax.ne] True, thanks. But I wonder why using RDoc V1.0.1 - 20041108 I can run "rdoc=
330176 [ryand-ruby z] most ppl generate rdoc via their rakefile and that includes a "clean" =20=

^ [ANN] ZenTest 4.0.0 Released
330163 [ryand-ruby z] ZenTest version 4.0.0 has been released!
330196 [Bil.Kleb nas] To Ryan: congratulations and thank you!
330240 [ryand-ruby z] thanks! I hope you enjoy it!

^ Libraries similar to doodle?
330166 [sean.ohalpin] As part of the revamp of the doodle website, I've added a page listing

^ Using inline "rescue" with error class
330170 [ibc aliax.ne] begin
330181 [lasitha.rana] The rescue statement modifier doesn't take an exception parameter.
330189 [b.candler po] ... which rescues StandardError and all subclasses.
330247 [ibc aliax.ne] Thanks for so good explanation.

^ [ANN] Sinatra 0.9.1 released!
330171 [rtomayko gma] Sinatra 0.9.1 is a feature release. Highlights include support for
330174 [gregory.t.br] Thanks to all these folks.  Sinatra rocks solid, and is a ton of fun to use=

^ [ANN] amalgalite 0.7.6 Released
330177 [jeremy hineg] amalgalite version 0.7.6 has been released.

^ DLL structure creation in ruby
330182 [bas.gouda gm] I have a dll structure with params show in the code below ,

^ Ruby 1.9.1 on Windows - missing DLLs in gem installer
330186 [diego_antisp] I downloaded the Ruby-1.9.1-p0 Binary for Windows. After unpacking the
330281 [luislavena g] If you download garbagecollect releases (the one advertised in Ruby

^ Windows 7 - building win32/api gem
330195 [stan wozniak] I have been trying to install win32-api 1.4.0 gem on windows 7 x64 but
330219 [phasis gmail] I guess you tried to build win32-api module with Visual C++ 9.0.
330225 [stan wozniak] Thanks for your help, it worked like a charm.
330226 [stan wozniak] And BTW, would you mind sharing how to setup build environment and how
330257 [phasis gmail] Build environment is just Visual Studio 2005 x64 command prompt.