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^ [ANN] hoe 1.9.0 Released
329763 [ryand-ruby z] hoe version 1.9.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] rdoc 2.4.1 Released
329768 [drbrain segm] rdoc version 2.4.1 has been released!

^ Ruby/Tk: how to get Scrollbar to stay scrolled on non-scroll widget?
329771 [c-soc-google] I am trying to get a new grid control working (similar to a TreeView
329781 [c-soc-google] Sorry for replying to myself, but I just stumbled on a possible

^ Ruby/Tk: how to get Scrollbar to stay scrolled?
329772 [c-soc-rubyfo] I am trying to get a new grid control working (similar to a TreeView
329780 [c-soc-rubyfo] Sorry for replying to myself, but I just stumbled on a possible

^ how to invoke a exe(eg.vlc.exe) using ruby script
329782 [2006.shilpa ] i m trying to invoke a .exe in ruby script . basically i need to open
329787 [2006.shilpa ] Thanks to Saifi

^ Re: ssleay32.dll, postgresql, extension problem
329789 [sethupathia ] I have done a work-around by renaming the libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll

^ Why does Dir#glob("**/*") miss dot directories?
329793 [timrandg gma] I just noticed the Unix find command is a bit more thorough than
329794 [markus.prinz] ruby -e 'Dir.glob("**/*.rb", ile::FNM_DOTMATCH)'
329827 [timrandg gma] .gem/.find_hidden_me.rb

^ JRuby on Java ME
329795 [charles.nutt] This is using Sun's reference implementation "cvm" with the CDC
+ 329796 [ast atownley] That's great news!  I was wondering about this again since I saw the
+ 329856 [justincollin] This would be awesome!
+ 330448 [billk cts.co] This idea of a stripped-down JRuby running precompiled Ruby code,
  + 330463 [charles.nutt] Yes, and I have applets firmly in mind as I start thinking about
  + 330476 [pbooth nocoi] Bill,
    330482 [billk cts.co] Peter,
    + 330488 [tony medioh.] glxgears in an applet!
    | 330489 [billk cts.co] Hmm... I'm seeing the same thing on Firefox/Mac.  :(
    | 330492 [charles.nutt] FWIW, the JavaFX guys sound hopeful that Apple will release Java updates
    + 330588 [w_a_x_man ya] Consider Clojure.

^ Not able to read a file just created
329797 [tech4me in.c] My Ruby code is as follows
329798 [jg samdorr.n] Try calling File#flush method after writing to the newly created file,
329817 [default spir] If these tricks don't do, try closing the writing filehandle before opening
330184 [tech4me in.c] It did work for me too, thanks you very much.

^ Array performance question
329800 [jim.menard g] Here's a real Array performance mystery. I can't help my friend figure
+ 329806 [shortcutter ] tml
| 329813 [shortcutter ] Here's a better test
+ 329886 [w_a_x_man ya] This variation exhibits the same behavior.
+ 329969 [ryand-ruby z] I don't have time to dig into this, but I believe he's hitting a GC
| 329970 [ryand-ruby z] Poke around gc.c and see what you can figure out. Also, look at the
+ 330850 [Thomas.Enebo] I am betting Ryan is right about GC issues.   JRuby does not fall down

^ How to find the specific row of CSV file.
329804 [salil cipher] I want to change or read only specific row of CSV file, i don't know how
329822 [james graypr] 1.  Open the file you want to read with FasterCSV::open()
329883 [salil cipher] My code is as follows
329905 [cdemyanovich] First, let's create a rough, high-level solution to your problem.
329985 [salil cipher] thanx james & craig
+ 329987 [cdemyanovich] I don't think that there's any intrinsic reason not to use CSV for a 5000
| 329990 [salil cipher] thanx for quick reply
| 330004 [james graypr] fields = line.split(",")
| 330068 [salil cipher] it doesn't work.
| + 330107 [salil cipher] also in fastercsv when :quote_char=>"," and col_sep=>","
| | 330115 [james graypr] I've told you before, these settings will break FasterCSV.  They don't
| + 330108 [cdemyanovich] If I take your earlier attached file of MP3 sales, this simple program
| | + 330112 [salil cipher] Thanx craig.
| | + 330116 [james graypr] File.open(=85) do |f|
| |   330200 [salil cipher] i am using following method to read the csv file and i want to save it
| |   330216 [gregory.t.br] Please read the CSV RFC before posting more questions.  It should
| + 330114 [james graypr] Well, you are telling Ruby you want lines ending in "\r" with the
+ 330002 [james graypr] It would probably be better to iterate over the rows and deal with

^ Re: Letter writing campaign to Jim
329805 [ymendel pobo] Nobody but Jim can fix it. Check out http://rubyforge.org/projects/rake/

^ Image/Pattern Recognition
329808 [bex_3000 hot] Hey folks,
+ 329809 [serabe gmail] You can use get_pixels (
| + 329812 [bex_3000 hot] Wow that's pretty simple! Gotta love Ruby :o) Thanks so much for the
| + 329814 [phlip2005 gm] That is as far from pattern recognition as atoms are from elephants!
| | 329820 [serabe gmail] Becky said that images consist of a grid of squares. I just pointed
| | 329824 [bex_3000 hot] Thanks so much for the responses folks they've been so helpful!
| | + 329825 [bex_3000 hot] Looks like find_similar_region might be what I'm looking for - love this
| | + 329826 [serabe gmail] Take a look at <=> and fcmp methods.
| + 329815 [serabe gmail] BTW, you can use import_pixels and export_pixels too.
+ 329818 [chris.hulan ] Haven't used it but the camellia Image processing library looks like

^ [ANN] webgen 0.5.7 released
329811 [t_leitner gm] Hey everybody!
329861 [mailforgilbe] just wanted to update my webgen install on opensuse 11 /

^ roxml undefined method <<
329816 [matthias.zir] currently i'm trying out the newest version of roxml 2.5.0.
+ 329857 [justincollin] Could you post the actual error message?
+ 330183 [ben.woosley ] Hey inriz,

^ Ruby/Tk version?
329829 [Diego.Viraso] what version of Tk does Ruby 1.9.1 uses? And if they are not uptodate,
330472 [nagai ai.kyu] You'll be able to use any version of Tcl/Tk. If not, it is a bug.
330551 [Maurice.Diam] So is there any argument for not always using
330561 [nagai ai.kyu] And, I think, "disable-stubs" is a little safer than "enable-stubs".

^ what symbol for class methods?
329830 [Diego.Viraso] some methods require as an argument a symbol of a method (e.g.
+ 329840 [bbxx789_05ss] class A
+ 329855 [bbxx789_05ss] Hmm...what does 'it' refer to? Does 'it' refers to alias_method?

^ what symbol for class methods?
329831 [Diego.Viraso] some methods require as an argument a symbol of a method (e.g.

^ what symbol for class methods?
329832 [Diego.Viraso] some methods require as an argument a symbol of a method (e.g.

^ what symbol for class methods?
329833 [Diego.Viraso] some methods require as an argument a symbol of a method (e.g.

^ [QUIZ] Polyrhythm Trainer (#194)
329837 [yahivin gmai] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
330692 [caduceass gm] 11:17 is simply a modified 2:3, but I challenge anyone to do it with

^ Ruby 1.9.1
329838 [csupor.laszl] I installed the Ruby 1.9.1, but I am new in Ruby.

^ Get key pressed
329846 [amichelins g] i need to now how to get a key pressed.
+ 329881 [tomcloyd com] I have an interest in this myself, and hope soon to be acting on it.
| 329902 [james graypr] Here's a blog post you might enjoy, though it won't help with the
| + 329932 [tomcloyd com] James, THANKS! That pretty much nails it. A fine contribution to the
| + 329936 [martindemell] single, hard problem and solves it really, really well.
+ 329935 [tim burlyhos] To be clear, is this a tcpserver running on the local system where you
  329937 [amichelins g] Tim i need to catch the signal ctrl-x on local machine, to shutdown the
  329939 [tim burlyhos] Sorry if I wasn't clear, is the server local to the same machine where

^ [ANN] xml-simple 1.0.12 released
329848 [contact maik] Yo!

^ [ANN] realrand 1.0.3 released
329850 [contact maik] Yo!
329873 [reid.thompso] thanks -- this is a neat lib

^ RUBY 1.9.1. on WINDOWS XP
329854 [csupor.laszl] I have installed the Ruby 1.9.1, but I am new in Ruby.

^ little prob with Date.strptime
329860 [junkone1 gma] for some reason, the Date.strptime is mixing up my date. pl see here.
329862 [xens comcast] you ned %Y, not %y (note the capitalization). im guessing that since

^ Marshal.load does not create new instances?
329871 [ian.trudel g] Marshal does not seem to instantiate given class(es) on load. Moreover,
+ 329875 [bbxx789_05ss] Seems pretty standard across programming languages.
| 329878 [ian.trudel g] Your solution seems great (and it works). However, my problem with it is
| 329900 [pit.capitain] Ian, I'm not sure I understand what you want. AFAIK Marshal only works
| 329907 [shortcutter ] I believe he wants to evolve the class and be able to load data
| + 329941 [ian.trudel g] This is actually how I use Marshal. It works fine if I have only one
| | + 329947 [sean.ohalpin] Well, you could dynamically extend the loaded instances with modules
| | | 329957 [sean.ohalpin] instance = MyData.new("Hello", "World")
| | + 329949 [gwtmp01 mac.] You are establishing ground rules that can't be followed.
| | + 330025 [b.candler po] Instance variables are not part of the class definition at all - even
| | + 330102 [shortcutter ] As Brian has hinted, you can use instance_variable_get etc. to access
| | | 330494 [ian.trudel g] I was actually trying something along this line. My extended modules
| | + 330253 [drbrain segm] class MyObject
| + 330178 [mike.gold.44] ... except languages in which code and data are equivalent!
|   330185 [shortcutter ] Ouch! ;-)
|   330199 [rick.denatal] Ruby has some subtleties in this area when compared to other OO languages.
|   330202 [shortcutter ] Don't they all have? ;-)
+ 330123 [m.fellinger ] ^ manveru

^ updating multiple records for a single model in single form
329887 [vikasg aflat] I am new to ruby, so please excuse me.
329897 [ninja slapha] Ruby doesn't natively support "models" of any kind. You probably want to

^ [ANN] nanoc 2.1.6
329892 [denis.defrey] nanoc 2.1.6 has been released. This release fixes a handful of bugs

^ minitest documentation anywhere?
329893 [tomcloyd com] Well nuts. Trying to get minimally up to speed with some extremely
+ 329894 [denis.defrey] 4539ab/README.rdoc=20
+ 329976 [ryand-ruby z] If there is no CLI, why would "minitest -h" do anything but error with
  330010 [tomcloyd com] OK, fair enough. Please realize that I was fairly confused by the two

^ Hi..About Gsoc 2009 project ideas...
329896 [mastershield] I'm an Computer Science Undergraduate who is currently undergoing training
+ 330242 [mastershield] Just thought of asking about how the things are going on with 2009 GSoc
| 330564 [rogerpack200] Utah Ruby Users group is good--I think that's where Pat Eyler hangs out,
| 330585 [mastershield] Thnx Roger for your kind suggestion. However Pat Eyler suggested me to post
| 330759 [pat.eyler gm] Actually, instead of posting off on the urug list, I'd still recommend
+ 330776 [rogerpack200] If you just want ideas here are a few [or anybody else can contribute
| + 330779 [charles.nutt] in
| + 330846 [rogerpack200] I wonder if you could do this for Rubinius, too.
|   330880 [charles.nutt] Actually right now the closest thing to a fully functional JIT for Ruby
|   330903 [mastershield] Firstly i would like to thank Pat, Roger and Oliver for your kind thoughts
|   + 330928 [rogerpack200] what do you mean by annotation framework?
|   + 330942 [pat.eyler gm] r do
|     331021 [mastershield] Thnx Roger further enlightening us with your prospective  ideas for Ruby
|     331138 [rogerpack200] 'Right currently the only "blessed" annotation is that if you have
+ 330930 [rogerpack200] porting java's testng to ruby [or would that be useful--I suppose

^ Doubt in -- Ruby --> Array --> array.display  -- method
329898 [jazzezravi g] I created few (array's method related) questions in ruby. But I am not
329899 [s.korteling ] 56.display -> prints 56 and returns nil.

^ xml-rpc calling question
329901 [dhf0820.list] I am trying to understand the XMLRPC client library and how to use it
329903 [james graypr] Arrays, Hashes, Numeric types, and simple Strings are all handled the
329922 [dhf0820.list] server = XMLRPC::Client.new2("http://websearch.ramaui.com/ramxml.php")
329959 [james graypr] This looks right to me.

^ How to put multiple values into a variable.
329909 [hjnash adist] I am new to coding, I have tried to place a number of data strings into
+ 329912 [caduceass gm] You did put all the strings into an array called file-link (that is,
+ 329913 [TimHunter nc] file_link = Dir.pwd + filename + mp3_title + mp3_artist
| 329926 [minilith gma] I vaguely remember a blog article with a comparison of several ways of
+ 329915 [jeff schwabc] TTBOMK, Ruby variable names cannot include hyphens.
| 329918 [caduceass gm] Good eye.  I missed that one.  Also to the OP, you could do what you
+ 329919 [pjb informat] This is not possible.  By definition a variable has only one value.
| + 329925 [cyril.wack g] class FileLink
| + 329952 [w_a_x_man ya] file_link =  Dir.pwd, filename, mp3_title, mp3_artist
+ 329940 [lasitha.rana] In addition to all the suggestions above, there is the special case of
+ 330016 [jesnault gma] A struct would do nicely here.

^ Ruby in a Nutshell
329914 [jeff schwabc] I'm thinking of buying & reading Ruby in a Nutshell (O'Reilly, 2001),
329917 [TimHunter nc] You want _The_Ruby_Programming_Language_, by David Flanagan & Yukihiro
329920 [shortcutter ] Jeff, IMHO the upcoming book by David A. Black could be for you -
329994 [jeff schwabc] Thanks, Tim and Robert.  I appreciate the pointers.  I've read a couple
+ 329998 [shortcutter ] You should be aware though that David's new book is solely about Ruby as
| 330000 [jeff schwabc] Yes, thank you.  Duly noted.
+ 330005 [rick.denatal] Well, it's a revised edition of Ruby for Rails, updated to Ruby 1.9, but

^ where to report rubygems bugs
329916 [rogerpack200] I've traditionally reported rubygems bugs to
330034 [drbrain segm] This is the correct place.
330085 [rogerpack200] Thanks for your reply and the info.  I'll try to submit patches more

^ Gets the broadcast address of an IP address
329921 [cyril.wack g] client = UDPSocket.new
329930 [eleanor game] The simplest way to do it is to use a regex to change the last term in
329950 [hassan.schro] IP
329953 [eleanor game] True, but I'm not sure the general case is so easy on the eye ;p
330027 [b.candler po] require 'ipaddr'
330037 [cyril.wack g] Yes, I had use the broadcast address ;)

^ Re: webgen 0.5.7 released
329924 [thomas.leitn] Try updating rubygems to the at least version 1.3.0 - I have already
330009 [mailforgilbe] OK, after updating rubygems to 1.3.1 via =

^ Can't run ruby commands from windows command prompt
329929 [bwinborg rbw] I have installed ruby186-27_rc2.exe on windows XP. I have installed it
329960 [luislavena g] _work.doc
329961 [bwinborg rbw] I did exactly what you said to do. I had already done this several times
329979 [minilith gma] I don't think you really wanted to remove .exe from the PATHEXT
+ 329981 [minilith gma] Or you would have to run ruby as ruby.exe. I'm not sure if this is
+ 330003 [bwinborg rbw] Leo thank you that solved the problem, I can't believe I gig not notice

^ Priorities for JRuby 1.3
329942 [charles.nutt] With JRuby 1.2 almost out the door, we should talk a bit about where to
+ 329948 [james.britt ] Skip it.
| + 329963 [zznmeb gmail] +100
| | + 329974 [james.britt ] That's insane.
| | | 329977 [charles.nutt] My answer to tuning for either Rails or Merb is basically that it means
| | + 329978 [charles.nutt] That's been our general impression too...but I'll keep asking until
| + 329980 [robert.dober] I am sure you can do better than that, maybe  r i d i c o l o u s  s p e e =
+ 329984 [radek.bulat ] JRuby is very fast in micro benchmark but it doesn't run so well rails
| 330018 [charles.nutt] I'm hopeful that we've solved that. There are lingering issues that keep
+ 330014 [kbloom gmail] I use Debian, who included 1.8.7 in their recent stable release, so most
| 330019 [charles.nutt] Well, here's the deal. You're right that a lot of the work *may* already
+ 330017 [lists source] My vote is for these two...better Java integration would mean my company
| + 330020 [charles.nutt] Well, that's certainly motivation for us :)
| + 330149 [Thomas.Enebo] Can I ask which specific features of Java integration are holding you
+ 330087 [chauk.mean g] * And what about win32ole support in JRuby ?
  330146 [Thomas.Enebo] I made something which uses the Jacob library which seems to be mildly
  330161 [chauk.mean g] That's a very good news.

^ Newbie question > Hash workings
329943 [andredeen gm] I am puzzled by the workings a the following program. I placed the
+ 329945 [perfectly.no] There's no bug involved.
+ 329946 [shortcutter ] p works correctly but...
+ 329955 [andredeen gm] Thank you both for seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I fully
  329982 [shortcutter ] Good!
  329983 [andredeen gm] I see the use with an integer default, I specifically meant the
  329999 [shortcutter ] Ah.  Since you talked about "idiom" I thought you were referring to the
  330125 [adam.oddfell] hav = Hash.new {[]}
  330140 [shortcutter ] You probably should get rid of that habit.  And here's why: your
  330376 [overlord gmx] The problem is creating a lot of useless objects and copying over data,
  330404 [shortcutter ] Well, both (creation of objects as well as garbage collection left