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^ Queries save
329541 [arzu_sanli h] one     | book

^ new blog for Ruby-based testers - www.agilerubytester.com
329544 [jknowlton525] and Watir (and RSpec) in the doing of my job (testing web

^ [ANN/ADV] Sample Chapter from "Ruby Best Practices"
329554 [gregory.t.br] == The short story
+ 329572 [james.britt ] Jump on this.  It's great stuff.
| 329655 [pat.eyler gm] Seconded, I've seen several of the chapters and talked with Gregory
| + 329658 [james graypr] Agreed.  It's been a great project to be an early reviewer on.
| + 329666 [radek.bulat ] Mu guess is that there are too many books that describe only ruby (as
|   329667 [acangiano gm] IMHO, "Design Patterns in Ruby" by Russ Olsen is another shiny gem.
|   329673 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II=
|   329675 [gregory.t.br] I've really been wanting to read that book.  It sounds awesome.
|   329679 [pat.eyler gm] It is pretty awesome.  If you want a short taste, here's the interview I
+ 329662 [gregory.t.br] I forgot to mention that for the twitter inclined, you can find book

^ malloc error with String#<< / String#+
329563 [tj vision-me] The repo is here if anyone wants to take a look
329628 [b.candler po] Ruby version? (ruby -v)
329649 [tj vision-me] ruby 1.8.6 (2008-03-03 patchlevel 114) [universal-darwin9.0]
329690 [b.candler po] OK, I'm not a Mac expert I'm afraid.

^ Need Basic RoR Doc
329565 [sankarkumar.] I'm C/UNIX programmer . Can you please somebody give some basic doc to
+ 329576 [saurabh.purn] You can get it here
+ 329627 [b.candler po] If you have a business need for this, then the investment in a good book

^ possibly a stupid question: How do I read / write to a NAS filesystem
329567 [rick bearblu] I have a cheapo WD WorldBook NAS that I would like to access from a
329575 [dylan.star g] You will need to mount the NAS drive, after which you will be able to access
329597 [hramrach cen] Alternatively, you can use smbclient to access the NAS without mounting.
329603 [dylan.star g] I don't understand how you would do this? Do you mean by using smbclient to

^ Need help with Net::HTTP Post
329581 [kulkarni.sud] I am trying do a Net::HTTP post, the post returns with a 201 Created but
329625 [b.candler po] How do you know the post returns with a 201, if it isn't getting past
329631 [kulkarni.sud] That is exactly what I had done, Wireshark shows that the response is
329692 [b.candler po] OK, so post the full, exact headers of both the request and the

^ store all the values in a new array
329587 [remco.zwaan ] the array below is the output from a find(:all)
329589 [flo andersgr] values = ary.collect {|elem| elem.ticket_fees }
329623 [acangiano gm] But be careful with the latter form (known as "symbol to proc"). In Ruby 1.8

^ Block reading from socket and STDIN
329588 [giuseppe.par] here. But I start running out of resources.
+ 329591 [eleanor game] This is off the top of my head, so apologies if it's wrong, but as
| 329600 [dylan.star g] Pretty sure gets doesn't actually block. I believe it is implemented with a
+ 329938 [vjoel path.b] Windows + STDIN.gets == ruby blocks other threads, sorry to say.

^ Thread IO
329594 [martin.ceron] What can I use as a general purpose duplexed IO object to communicate
+ 329596 [martin.ceron] I've thought of creating two pipes (because I understand by nature that
| 329602 [dylan.star g] That's a pretty standard way to do IPC and is generally a good idea. Also
| + 329604 [martin.ceron] I am running on
| | 329610 [martin.ceron] Oh yes, and I'm running on Windows XP SP2 if that makes a difference.
| | 329614 [martin.ceron] The other thing to note is that this does not happen with TCPSocket
| + 329606 [martin.ceron] I have just tried it on
+ 329616 [shortcutter ] You can use class Queue.
+ 329621 [b.candler po] Socket.pair is the low-level way of doing this (equivalent to
  329626 [martin.ceron] Thanks very much Robert and Brian.
  329769 [dylan.star g] Good question. Might be a bug. Not sure how pipes are implemented in windows
  329779 [martin.ceron] Thanks Dylan.

^ XML file comparison
329595 [venkatesh.th] I need to compare XML files. Is there any quick way to do this in ruby
+ 329599 [lucevers gma] You can use xmldiff . (Linux)
+ 329629 [phlip2005 gm] Google for "xslt diff", add an XSLT file to your project, and use it as a template.

^ Attributes
329605 [jprabu2010 g] What is attr_reader, attr_writer ? Explain with any example.
+ 329608 [mark wadham.] 2009/2/26 Prabu Jayaraman <jprabu2010@gmail.com>
+ 329609 [jgabrielygal] First hit is a ruby introductory guide, where this is explained with examples.

^ how to delete local cookie
329618 [hbaoju gmail] I should delete cookie in "C:\Documents and Settings\hxr\Cookies" .
+ 329620 [b.candler po] File.delete("filename") ?
+ 345955 [jazzezravi g] URL -->

^ shell.application.windows doesn't contain IE windows
329619 [wallee vip.s] I found a verty strange thing on my machine: when I run the following
329651 [fekete melko] afaik, the difference between explorer and iexplorer is in they
329777 [wallee vip.s] Yes, they are 2 different applications. But I mean shell ought to find

^ FasterCSV: preserving quoted strings
329633 [Bil.Kleb nas] Google et al are failing me: How do I preserve quoted
329656 [james graypr] I'm not totally sure I understand the question, but your test made it
329674 [Bil.Kleb gma] Sorry for the confusion, my simplified test isn't close enough
329678 [james graypr] Well, then you don't really want a CSV parser.
329722 [Bil.Kleb gma] Ah, OK.  That clears things up.
341032 [marcusleemit] or use :force_quotes => true when FasterCSV.open or FasterCSV.new
341046 [james graypr] other =20

^ "def nothing=(data) false end" returns 'data' instead of 'false'
329634 [ibc aliax.ne] class MyTest
329645 [kbloom gmail] Because when you use test.nothing=123, you're not directly calling the
+ 329646 [gooigpi gmai] Precisely!
| 329653 [ibc aliax.ne] =C2=A0|
+ 329681 [ryand-ruby z] the attrasgn node does the call and returns the value of the arglist

^ Re: What is the Qur°«n?
329638 [kbloom gmail] Discussion of the Quran and other fake "holy" books is off topic for ruby-

^ Re: "def nothing=(data) false end" returns 'data' instead of
329647 [bbxx789_05ss] As a recent thread pointed out: "that's just the way it is".  An equals
+ 329648 [gooigpi gmai] Exactly!
+ 329676 [bbxx789_05ss] ...which had nothing to do with the op's question.  Sorry, I answered a
  329680 [bbxx789_05ss] class A
  329720 [gooigpi gmai] Sorry, typo "puts o.nothing=(123)" should be "puts o.nothing(123)". It

^ Instance Variable Names Available from Class?
329652 [chris.r.gard] In metaprogramming, I know how to get the instance variable names from
+ 329663 [lasitha.rana] #instance_variables really work the way you think it does?
+ 329687 [b.candler po] A class *is* an object, with its own instance variables, and you can see
  329693 [chris.r.gard] What I mean is that I would like to ask a class for the names of
  + 329704 [gwtmp01 mac.] The question doesn't apply in Ruby since instance variables are
  + 329760 [rick.denatal] Rick DeNatale

^ Legal contracts as code?
329654 [djberg96 gma] Anyone out there have a Ruby DSL/library for generating legal contracts?

^ dynamic variable names or using a variable as another's name
329664 [jacob14years] I've done some searching on this topic and it seems to be generally
329677 [matt tidbits] That sounds like a hash where each value is a hash where each value is
329698 [jacob14years] Ok, I'm learning that everything is an object, everything is a pointer
329716 [matt tidbits] What were you *trying* to do?
329736 [jacob14years] Right, that example I'm giving is incorrect - I want to set them like
329843 [matt tidbits] big_hash = Hash.new

^ Fast byte replacement on string
329665 [abarringer b] charset="us-ascii"

^ Can't set watchpoint
329668 [michael webl] I'm running ruby 1.8.6 on Ubuntu Hardy.

^ Session with http/net lib
329670 [lis222 wp.pl] res = Net::HTTP.post_form(URI.parse(www_url),

^ [ANN] Letter writing campaign to Jim
329671 [aaron tender] "Rake version 0.8.4 has been released!" is what you would be reading if
329683 [gregory.t.br] Hahahaha, that's awesome.
329710 [synfinatic g] +1
+ 329712 [gregory.t.br] -greg
+ 329715 [aaron tender] Aaron Patterson
  + 329728 [synfinatic g] Jim
  | + 329733 [jameskilton ] ve
  | + 329734 [ben bleythin] I'm not sure what point you're trying to make... yes it's already
  |   329753 [synfinatic g] According to the OP it's not broken, it's merely a warning of things
  |   + 329756 [ben bleythin] From what I understand, that warning has been in place for quite some
  |   | 329773 [synfinatic g] Honestly, my initial reaction came is based on Aaron's original email
  |   + 329758 [drbrain segm] It seems you don't know our personal relationship with Jim.
  |     329764 [matt technor] Stamps???  You mean I can't send it postage due?
  + 329738 [gregory.t.br] 5c9dcf7047f#comment_15642
    329741 [aaron tender] I recommend something with kittens.  Mine was a Geoduck because they

^ Any plans for a "OneClickInstaller for Ruby 1.9.1?
329672 [ruby.student] TWIMC,
+ 329713 [Usenet Googl] No. The OneClickInstaller is dead. It was much too hard to maintain.
| + 329725 [ snk gna.org] Fatal error: Class 'PDO' not found in
| | 329755 [ruby.student] I received the same error:*Fatal error*: Class 'PDO' not found in *
| + 329750 [jknowlton525] So will the RubyInstaller be functionally like the One-click
|   329807 [luislavena g] installer?
+ 329910 [rogerpack200] There are.  One will be released "soon" now that 1.9.1 itself has been
  329927 [zznmeb gmail] Excellent! Now I have something to play with over the weekend!
  + 329928 [rogerpack200] smack.  Yeah just run gem install rails :)
  + 329944 [michael.broo] I'm jumping into the conversation... For Windows I got impatient waiting

^ Ruby scripting
329682 [bwinborg rbw] Ruby scripting - I am just starting to learn Ruby and I wanted to know
+ 329684 [pat.eyler gm] sounds rather like a homework assignment ....
| 329694 [bwinborg rbw] You are fairly close I am studying ruby and have never programed before
+ 329686 [b.candler po] Start by reading a good Ruby primer -
+ 329691 [acangiano gm] Well, there is this one guy in Japan...

^ Connecting to Cisco device using Ruby
329689 [skumari40 ho] I'm new to Ruby and want to use Ruby for my automation.I'm trying out a
329702 [pbooth nocoi] Did you see http://groups.google.com/group/ruby-talk-google/browse_thread/thread/096cabb08c34182c
329752 [skumari40 ho] t = Net::Telnet::new( "Host" => "","Port" => 2044,"Timeout"

^ RMagick
329695 [ron.green gm] I installed the ImageMagick binary but when I try to install RMagick
+ 329699 [michael.malo] Install the headers for ImageMagick.  If you're using a distro with a
| + 329723 [ron.green gm] I have fixed the problem above. I am running os x 10.5.6.
| | 329743 [TimHunter nc] What does the mkmf.log file have to say?
| | 329774 [ron.green gm] Don't know where it is.
| | + 329775 [ron.green gm] I am running Ruby 1.9.1. Does that matter?
| | + 329776 [ron.green gm] I found it.
| | + 329841 [rmagick gmai] /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/rmagick-2.9.1/ext/RMagick/mkmf.log
| + 329731 [michael.malo] stdint.h is part of the C library.  This should be installed along with
|   + 329739 [ron.green gm] GCC is installed.
|   | 329810 [charles.john] Have you tried either the osx installer from rubyforge (automated
|   | 329845 [ron.green gm] Charles, trying to install the gem.
|   | 329847 [charles.john] And imagemagick installed without issues?
|   | 329852 [ron.green gm] Yes. At the end of the os x install instructions are 3 test commands
|   | 329853 [charles.john] My conclusion would be, then, that the gem does not like ruby 1.9 just
|   | 329858 [TimHunter nc] RMagick works just fine with 1.9.1. I'm waiting for the O.P. to show his
|   | + 329867 [ron.green gm] MKMF.log
|   | | 329869 [TimHunter nc] This can't be all of it. It doesn't include the failure you described in
|   | + 329868 [ron.green gm] mkmf.log
|   | + 329870 [ron.green gm] the Mkmf.log.
|   |   329879 [ron.green gm] Terminal output
|   |   329911 [TimHunter nc] I think your XCode Tools installation is corrupt and you need to reinstall.
|   |   329964 [ron.green gm] I downloaded the newest version of XCode Tools from ADC.
|   |   329989 [TimHunter nc] Well, that was my best shot. Sorry, I don't have any other suggestions.
|   + 329742 [michael.malo] Oh sorry, I was a little blind there.  So have you checked to see
+ 335180 [toreyheinz g] I Ran into some problems with Rmagick after upgrading to Ubuntu 9.04. I
  335182 [serabe gmail] Did you install libmagick*-dev?
  335200 [toreyheinz g] I just checked and I do not have them installed, even though I thought I

^ [ANN] Rumai 2.0.2
329697 [ snk gna.org] Rumai 2.0.2
329711 [dominikho gm] Too bad that I didn't know of rumai back when I was actually using

^ Re: Sample Chapter from "Ruby Best Practices"
329705 [bbxx789_05ss] I have just about 0 technical grasp of ruby, but so far I can understand
329709 [gregory.t.br] That's great.  If you can read this chapter with a reference to dive

^ conversion aid for 1.8.7 to 1.9.x transition?
329708 [tomcloyd com] It seems odd that I've not seen this question here before, but maybe I
329877 [tomcloyd com] I'm puzzled by the underwhelming response to this question. It is a
+ 329880 [jeff schwabc] You appear to have answered your own question before even asking it.
+ 329884 [billk cts.co] I doubt this is the answer you were hoping for.  But deferring
  329888 [tomcloyd com] Bill, Jeff - thanks. Your responses are genuinely helpful to me. I'm
  + 329890 [billk cts.co] Tom,
  | 329931 [tomcloyd com] Thanks Bill. I appreciate reading about your experience. Perhaps I can
  + 329891 [qinzh cn.fuj] unsubscribe

^ Re: Rumai 2.0.2
329721 [ snk gna.org] The project was named wmii-irb in the past, and I don't recall
329874 [dominikho gm] =20

^ Re: shell escape
329727 [ snk gna.org] Nice!  I always wished this method was in the Ruby stdlib.  Maybe it
329729 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II

^ Simple daemon which can speak and listen
329732 [cyril.wack g] simple Ruby daemon (version 1.9 :)) which can speak and listen in the
+ 329735 [michael.malo] sock = UDPSocket.new
+ 329792 [b.candler po] More sexy than what - have you written something already? If so, post it
+ 329799 [eleanor game] Follow the link in my sig and you'll find a couple of presentations
  329863 [cyril.wack g] Totaly awsome :o

^ Ruby 1.9 doesn't hace String#any?
329744 [ibc aliax.ne] ruby 1.9.0 (2007-08-30 patchlevel 0) [i486-linux]
329745 [ibc aliax.ne] Ok I've found that in Ruby 1.9 String is no more an Enumerable (and "any?" =
329754 [gregory.t.br] " is

^ Setting the contents of a file to a variable?
329759 [fixxie.wits ] Ok so...
329766 [justincollin] File.read file
330556 [fixxie.wits ] ok, thanks ill try that but i also found
330680 [b.candler po] BTW, you forgot to close the file. Although that doesn't matter in a
+ 330682 [badboy heart] if you just need the content, use File.read, if you need the lines in an
+ 330687 [reitinge in.] guess = File.open("guess.txt") do |file|
  330738 [badboy heart] did you read my post? why should we use a construct with a block if
  330739 [reitinge in.] If you just want the first line of a file (and that's what I was
  330761 [aipir sympat] Because the block way is the Ruby way, besides it's much more efficient
  330762 [shortcutter ] Frankly, I believe you haven't properly read badboy's posting.  I'll
  330771 [aipir sympat] All programming languages can be abused. This does not make the abuser a
  330831 [shortcutter ] That was just a tool to create the file.  I could have also used a
  330870 [aipir sympat] Oh, I do not think I am the one missing anything. I challenge you to
  330871 [jeff schwabc] It's actually a pretty typical command line, and to Robert's credit,
  330876 [aipir sympat] Yet another defender of obfuscation and deception with fabricated
  330878 [charles.john] "...frustrated mouse pusher..." I will have to remeber that one! :)

^ [ANN] rubyforge 1.0.3 Released
329761 [ryand-ruby z] rubyforge version 1.0.3 has been released!

^ Problem with new ruby install and openssl.rb (on Ubuntu)
329762 [phorgruber g] ruby-talkers,
+ 329765 [justincollin] ruby extconf.rb
| 329783 [phorgruber g] Justin,
+ 329767 [drbrain segm] Firstoff, does `/rho/bin/ruby -ropenssl -e0` work?
| + 329784 [phorgruber g] No it does not work.
| | 329785 [ryand-ruby z] that'll have all the relevant info you need.
| + 329786 [phorgruber g] Eric,
+ 329791 [b.candler po] No you don't... apt-cache shows you which packages are *available* for
  329872 [phorgruber g] Brian,