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^ [SUMMARY] My Little Ruby Valentine (#192)
329031 [yahivin gmai] There was no response to this week's quiz on the mailing list, but

^ Re: encoding problem with tr() and hash keys (1.9.1)
329034 [do1 yandex.r] Problem described is under modern ruby 1.9.1 in utf-8 environment.

^ BlueFeather 0.10 (first) released
329039 [rubyist morp] I have released new software, BlueFeather. This software is extended Markdown converter based on BlueCloth.

^ Questionnaire
329041 [pkuphenix gm] Hey, folks, I am doing a key project at Beijing University on culture

^ rdoc exasperations - could use a little help
329043 [tomcloyd com] I've recently restructured my current project per the recommendations in
+ 329044 [micathom gma] IIRC you use linux. In that case a path starting with a slash denotes
| 329045 [tomcloyd com] Well, that's an interesting notion. I know of those tools, but didn't
+ 329462 [drbrain segm] RDoc doesn't write out the file tagging the directory it generated
  329547 [tomcloyd com] Thanks for looking at this, Eric. I simply haven't had a moment to

^ [ANN] ffi-ncurses 0.3.2
329047 [sean.ohalpin] ...

^ Monitor + killing thread => thread in an aborting state
329050 [fantom15 poc] I am using ruby 1.8.6 (2007-09-24 patchlevel 111) [i386-mswin32].
329052 [alex.katebi ] For one thing you should use ruby 1.9 which uses the OS thread instead of

^ Sockets and connection states
329064 [swertyui gma] I'm trying to wrap my head around socket programming and what the

^ Improving hexadecimal escaping performance
329067 [ibc aliax.ne] - hex_unescape(string)
+ 329099 [bbxx789_05ss] Another output method we use a lot is printf....
+ 329107 [shortcutter ] oo
  329113 [ibc aliax.ne] I did a Benchmark.realtime comparing hex_unescape and hex_escape
  + 329124 [shortcutter ] too
  | 329144 [ibc aliax.ne] Thanks, do you mean that "m[0]" in Ruby 1.9 has a different behaviour
  | 329148 [shortcutter ] 2009/2/23 I=F1aki Baz Castillo <ibc@aliax.net>
  | 329150 [ibc aliax.ne] Clear now, thanks :)
  + 329158 [overlord gmx] For what exactly is 40 microseconds too slow?
    329162 [ibc aliax.ne] I don't mean that, but it's extrange that the inverse method takes
    329223 [overlord gmx] How would you implement these at the core level?

^ ruby nooby
329070 [bigpook gmai] I am clueless. Mostly.
+ 329074 [ninja slapha] Was there a question in there somewhere?
+ 329093 [bbxx789_05ss] File.exist?()

^ Help/Cannot Open Ruby Project in Ide
329071 [devrubygem g] I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong forum.
329073 [phlip2005 gm] They suck. Specifically, they follow the incredibly sucktacular example of
+ 329082 [devrubygem g] Thanks
| 329084 [phlip2005 gm] Unlike some platform we could mention, you cannot do Ruby without learning to
| 329086 [phlip2005 gm] edit and hit <f5> over and over again...
+ 329188 [jeff schwabc] +1 Vim
  329200 [devrubygem g] I tried using vim before, installed it, opened it up and was very
  329233 [devrubygem g] I'm happy that you had a graceful recovery, everything happens for a
  329308 [lyle lylejoh] VI(M) can seem daunting at first, but it's really not hard to learn
  329396 [devrubygem g] Thanks

^ FileUtils.mv behaving not as documented
329072 [alex.decaria] The documentation for FileUtils.mv(src, dest) says that if src and dest
329076 [Rob AgileCon] I think that the difference the documentation is attempting to point
329078 [alex.decaria] Thanks.  Can you explain another curious bit of behavior I've noticed?
329090 [Rob AgileCon] I'm making an educated guess (but it is nonetheless speculation) that

^ Using Find based on method rather than table
329075 [info midhirr] I have a method that returns a date that is either the updated_at field
329079 [phlip2005 gm] Nope!

^ DNS MX lookup issue: local machine returned as MX for an non-existant  domain!
329077 [yemartin gma] Trying to do some email domain validation, I am facing a weird issue
+ 329118 [ibc aliax.ne] So you confirm that  "nslookup -q=mx i-dont-exist-iutjdfuyoxfugy.com"
| 329962 [yemartin gma] No, you misread my message:, "nslookup -q=3Dmx i-dont-exist-
+ 329139 [b.candler po] Also try "dig i-dont-exist-iutjdfuyoxfugy.com mx" - dig is a bit
  329965 [yemartin gma] I tried with dig, but I still see the difference: dig gives me a Non-
  329995 [b.candler po] Possibly - you have the source, so you can trace it / debug it, at
  330050 [yemartin gma] Problem solved. Executive summary: it is a documentation bug. DNS
  330064 [b.candler po] I disagree. DNS queries in normal use should *not* need a trailing dot,

^ [ANN] Speakers Needed: RubyNation Conference Jun 12-13, Washington DC
329081 [gray.herter ] The RubyNation conference organizers are pleased to announce our

^ ruby info
329083 [jayeola gmai] Why isn't there a ruby node within info? Will there ever be one or is
+ 329087 [phlip2005 gm] What do you mean? a ruby.info site? grab it and run with it if you like!
| 329089 [michael.malo] I think he means 'info ruby' much like 'man ruby' although, when I type
| 329095 [jayeola gmai] OK `info ruby` is pretty much the same as `man ruby`. Compare that to
| + 329096 [phlip2005 gm] This is not a joke: "Google ruby" nearly always works for me!
| | 329133 [albertschlef] I think his question amounts to: "Why isn't there an official user-guide
| | 329178 [perrin apoth] =20
| + 329101 [vjoel path.b] Nice thing about info pages is that you can open them in a browser
|   329130 [perrin apoth] =20
+ 329128 [perrin apoth] ...
  329143 [jayeola gmai] I'm sure that most people don't have a problem with ruby buying books,

^ [ANN] nokogiri 1.2.0 Released
329085 [aaron tender] nokogiri version 1.2.0 has been released!
+ 329088 [phlip2005 gm] grabbed! Tx!
+ 329092 [phlip2005 gm] The following is a question, if I got it wrong, and a code snippet if I didn't.
  + 329097 [phlip2005 gm] Nooop. I forgot to test that in the negative - by changing the Then commandment,
  + 329100 [ryand-ruby z] huh?

^ Fetch an Email attachment file through POP3
329098 [deeparaj12 g] hai,

^ Cyclic redundancy check (CRC32) of a file
329105 [uddunneso_22] I try to calculate the CRC32 of a file with a script ruby, but I does
329110 [fred lacave.] If you are under Windows, you need to open the file in binary mode.
329114 [uddunneso_22] Excellent!
329152 [Rob AgileCon] f = File.read('bibi.jpg') ; nil

^ how to install wxruby2 offline
329106 [kadyan.vaibh] This might not be the right question to ask at such a high tech group
329108 [stefano.croc] Yes, you can. Simply, give gem the path of the file you downloaded, instead of
329111 [kadyan.vaibh] ad of
+ 329112 [kadyan.vaibh] tead of
+ 329115 [stefano.croc] * downloaded the file wxruby-1.9.10-x86-linux.gem from
  329117 [kadyan.vaibh] up

^ [ANN] GemInstaller 0.5.1 Released
329109 [thewoolleyma] GemInstaller 0.5.1 has been released!

^ get attributes from database
329119 [arzu_sanli h] i have a class Inpatient with his attributes like name, address, etc.
329126 [jgabrielygal] What you want is usually called ORM: Object-Relational Mapping, which
329171 [arzu_sanli h] i have a separat program which calls inpatient.rb. and here is my class

^ Save an attachment file into the folder
329120 [deeparaj12 g] Hai friends,
329131 [phasis gmail] I recommend you install tmail library(gem install tmail)

^ Array into list of arguments - nicest way?
329121 [toastkid.wil] hey all
+ 329122 [janfri.rubyf] a_method(*arr)
+ 329125 [jgabrielygal] a_method (*arr)
+ 329129 [TimHunter nc] a_method(*arr)
  329132 [toastkid.wil] aha, that makes sense...
  329135 [b.candler po] Click on the chapter "More about Methods"
  329140 [toastkid.wil] Cool.  I'm using the paper version, it's page 83 :)

^ Common Lisp conditions
329146 [gsinclair gm] So far as the search engine on this newsgroup is concerned, there's
+ 329511 [Usenet Googl] They seem to work very well in Ola Bini's new language Ioke
+ 329531 [Usenet Googl] They seem to work very well in Ola Bini's new language Ioke
+ 329714 [cmdicely gma] Exceptions don't need to be errors in Ruby, though conventionally they
  329859 [gsinclair gm] That's very impressive and interesting, Christopher.  Thanks!

^ Re: Game of Life (#193)
329159 [xens comcast] =3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-

^ Ruby 1.9.1 build and Tk
329161 [sangamon net] I've been trying to get Tk to work with Ruby 1.9.1 on OpenSuSE 11.1
329180 [nagai ai.kyu] I can't regenerate your trouble.

^ why does . match non-ascii chars?
329163 [bbxx789_05ss] str = "abcdéf "
329220 [m.fellinger ] The default switch of a regex is actually 'n' already, that only

^ Feeding data to be PUT with Net::HTTP?
329168 [cmarkle comc] Since I am HTTP PUT'ing large amounts of data (ideally using Net::HTTP)
+ 329316 [default spir] have you tried 'httpclient'?there seems to be a streaming post method
+ 329425 [b.candler po] Best way to understand this is to go to the source code - probably
  329439 [cmarkle comc] Brian,

^ sys-filesystem interface advice
329170 [djberg96 gma] I'm going to add the Filesystem.mount_point method. It will simply
329719 [djberg96 gma] Well, since no one chimed in, I went with "returns itself".
+ 329724 [gooigpi gmai] First, sorry, haven't got a clue what you are talking about. There is no
| 329834 [djberg96 gma] On our RHEL box, the device id for '/dev' does not match the device id
+ 329844 [minilith gma] Just a thought: a return value of nil would make it possible for
  329849 [gooigpi gmai] Thank you for your reply. The "gem install sys-filesystem" was not

^ Why Enumerable adds "replace" method?
329174 [ibc aliax.ne] the "replace" method in which I'm not interested. Why this method is added?
329175 [djberg96 gma] d?
329176 [ibc aliax.ne] Sorry, my fault. Thanks a lot.

^ pointer and other questions
329179 [trash tekwis] I just started with ruby and I understand from reading the documentation
+ 329182 [shortcutter ] ListElem = Struct.new :prev, :next, :data
| 329187 [trash tekwis] Ok, that works and solved my problem. Thanks.
| + 329190 [ymendel pobo] This isn't entirely the same with numbers as with many other Ruby data
| | 329193 [shortcutter ] b = 1 # or any other object!
| | 329195 [ymendel pobo] I only pointed it out because there's no way (that I know of) to show
| | + 329196 [shortcutter ] You can use #object_id for that - even for Fixnums. :-)
| | | 329359 [ymendel pobo] Good point, though I still stick to my guns and say that showing this
| | + 329346 [ninja slapha] However, Fixnums can have instance variables, just like any other number.
| |   329355 [rick.denatal] As Robert Klemme pointed out, you can tell whether two variables reference
| |   329374 [lasitha.rana] Ah, good to know!  Thanks Rick.
| + 329191 [shortcutter ] Please think again.  It's the same logic as above.
|   329198 [trash tekwis] well, well. That's one hell of an explantion. But I guess it works out
|   329300 [rick.denatal] This might help
|   329306 [trash tekwis] Yes, thank you. That's a good explanation. I think I got the hang of it
+ 329272 [b.candler po] In Ruby everything is a reference to an object, and you can think of a

^ Thread Deadlock on Ruby 1.8.7
329185 [azimuth-ruby] ...
329211 [vjoel path.b] Given your description, wouldn't Thread.exit be the right method, not
329213 [azimuth-ruby] Eh, probably. I was looking through it all, was more curious about the
329215 [azimuth-ruby] It worked, thank you. I am curious though, what exactly causes the deadlock,
329216 [vjoel path.b] Perhaps all threads were in the sleep/stop state?
329217 [azimuth-ruby] True, if I had the starter script paused so that the main program could

^ Real time airline flight - 24/7
329186 [wugivensnola] *******************************************************************

^ what is best idiom to remove file extension
329201 [jtprince gma] What is the most concise, bulletproof idiom for removing the file
+ 329203 [djberg96 gma] File.basename(file, File.extname(file))
+ 329204 [bbxx789_05ss] name = fname.chomp(File.extname(fname) )
  329205 [bbxx789_05ss] name = fname.chomp(File.extname(fname) ) <------
  329207 [jtprince gma] All great answers - much better than what I was doing before.
  + 329232 [m.fellinger ] File.basename('foo.bar', '.*')
  | 329266 [janfri.rubyf] File.basename('foo.tar.gz', '.*')
  + 329305 [martindemell] =3D> ".vimrc"
    + 329311 [minilith gma] File.basename(fname, '.*') would be shorter. It also handles file names like
    + 330487 [jtprince gma] Shortest, rock-solid idiom for removing the extension, without

^ [OT] Re: Help/Cannot Open Ruby Project in Ide
329221 [jeff schwabc] If you're on something Unixy, try running vimtutor.  It fits nicely in a

^ 1.9.1 regex 6.5 times slower than 1.8.6 in at least one case
329222 [michael.broo] In general I've found Ruby 1.9.1 to be 2 times faster than 1.8.6 and
+ 329249 [dan-ml dan42] As the only guy who would rather use a regex rather than string slicing,
| 329388 [michael.broo] Interesting, I didn't know about those switches.
+ 329389 [Bil.Kleb nas] I found similar results lately, but the difference was more like a
+ 332441 [ shot hot.pl] // Im slowly trawling through my ruby-talk backlog, so apologies

^ [ANN] nokogiri 1.2.1 Released
329225 [aaron tender] nokogiri version 1.2.1 has been released!

^ Fetch an excel sheet name  in ruby
329228 [deeparaj12 g] Hai friends,
+ 329229 [djberg96 gma] gem install spreadsheet
| 329235 [deeparaj12 g] Dan,
+ 329253 [phasis gmail] require 'win32ole'
  329262 [hannes.wyss ] book =3D Spreadsheet.open("/path/to/xls")

^ [ANN] mechanize 0.9.1 Released
329230 [aaron tender] mechanize version 0.9.1 has been released!

^ string and fixnum(float) concatenation....
329237 [jykim altiba] see this source
+ 329247 [botp delmont] #...
| + 329248 [botp delmont] # afaik, "*" is used for field widths, eg,
| + 329258 [jykim altiba] thanks, wrong knowledge is more worse than wrong action.
+ 329256 [overlord gmx] Maybe you meant "%*s" % [ 2, "1" ] if you expect " 1".

^ append static text for all files in a directory
329238 [srinathbtech] How to append static text for all files in application .
+ 329243 [jykim altiba] If your code is normally executed, the following code will give you =20
| 329246 [srinathbtech] thanks for reply.
+ 329260 [overlord gmx] Appending is "inserting" text at the end of the file. If you want to
  329382 [srinathbtech] The code below was working fine , but deleting the first line in the

^ Calling perl function in ruby
329239 [loganathan_g] Below code is used for calling c function in ruby.
+ 329304 [shortcutter ] Additionally to what Brian recommended: did you check whether there is
| 329421 [loganathan_g] Ya, Here is the code to acheive it. But I don't know that whether it is
| + 329424 [maran.asteri] downloaded from http://www.yoshidam.net/perl-0.2.9.tar.gz
| + 329453 [thopre gmail] you should use #!/usr/bin/env ruby
+ 329457 [drbrain segm] There's an Inline::Perl in ZenHacks, but it's never been released.

^ [ANN] qrtools 1.0.0 Released
329240 [aaron tender] qrtools version 1.0.0 has been released!

^ Fetch an excel sheet name  in ruby
329241 [deeparaj12 g] Dan,

^ [ANN] rkelly 1.0.0 Released
329244 [aaron tender] YES.  You read the subject line correctly.  RKelly is released.

^ how to decrypt, after encrypting using digest/sha1
329254 [sri.jjhero g] i encrypted this way using digest/sha1..
329261 [overlord gmx] SHA1 is no encryption scheme, it's a secure hash (also called digest).
329264 [sri.jjhero g] k, thanks simon..

^ Monitor ConditionVariable Contract Clarification
329257 [misterfunnya] I ran into a race case while using the Monitor library and was wonder if

^ Logger in ruby
329259 [vetrivel.bks] Logger class in ruby.
+ 329269 [b.candler po] I suggest you look at the source code. It's probably installed in
+ 329270 [Lurker2006 g] www.51cnnet.net

^ The New Delhi Ruby February Meetup
329263 [kapil vinsol] We're a very open, fun and friendly ruby meetup group in New Delhi,
329286 [sentinel.200] Sounds gr8. will try to meet with you guys in March - am

^ Calling perl function in ruby
329265 [loganathan_g] Below code is used for calling c function in ruby.
329268 [b.candler po] Only by embedding a whole Perl interpreter inside your Ruby interpreter.

^ computer ebooks free download--ruby
329271 [Lurker2006 g] such as:c++,csharp,adobe,ajax,asp.net,head-first,java,linux,my

^ Porting ruby scripts to JRuby
329273 [prakashm hcl] We are using some scripts written in Ruby and want to intergated these
329279 [flo andersgr] If they are in pure ruby 1.8 and have no dependency to C-Extensions
330210 [prakashm hcl] Thanks for your response.

329274 [jjamesha43 y] COMPUTER LANGUAGE;

^ Monitoring time spent running classes and methods
329276 [mario betwar] I would like to know if there is any way to know how much time my
+ 329281 [flo andersgr] I would say: thats highly dependant on the operating system you use.
| 329282 [mario betwar] I'm working on Vista
+ 329283 [aff28 delete] Run the script you're interested in tracing with -rprofile
  329289 [mario betwar] Thanks a lot