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Ruby 1.8.6 Source and Debian Apt-Get Upgrades
328531 [subsorama@gm] ...
329345 [sandor.szuec] According to http://www.ruby-doc.org/core/classes/Fixnum.html

Ruby/Sdl, beginner problem, making sprites...
328534 [slabix@wp pl] I have installed Ruby/Sdl

netbeans 6.5 git://github.com/ activescaffold
328536 [dgwauss@we .] i wanted to install the activescaffold plugin with netbeans.
328538 [flo@an er gr] a) this seems to be a pure Netbeans problem. Rails has no problem with =20=
328540 [dgwauss@we .] a.) what do you mean with base path?

Marshal.dump fails on extended OpenStruct
328537 [synergism@gm] If I subclass OpenStruct and extend the subclass, I cannot
328545 [justincollin] require 'ostruct'
+ 328546 [justincollin] require 'ostruct'
| 328547 [justincollin] I give up. I don't know why the formatting is all weird.
+ 328725 [synergism@gm] Thanks.  I considered that, but the bigger issue is that this makes

wsdl binding not found in ruby but run in php
328542 [amichelins@g] I turn off apache auth to make some test with soap.

328543 [eober@ap le ] Please UNsubscribe

Ruby application session parameters
328550 [tdandrea@lf ] I am trying to create multiple applications that perform different

a little daemon daemonizes, but hangs the logout
328551 [kyleaschmitt] fork and Process.detach.  It's working ok I suppose, except that when
328553 [vjoel@pa h. ] IIUC, Process.detach is not what you need to start a daemon. All it does
328563 [kyleaschmitt] Ahh ok.  It's been so long since I've written a classic daemon in C,
328565 [no@sp m. le ] I googled up this paper, and when I pasted it here I realised I'd
328599 [jcmoore@pr s] There is a perfectly serviceable Daemon class in lib/webrick/server.rb
328745 [b.candler@po] And there is this one from rackup (part of the rack package)
328830 [nobu@ru y- a] Assuming it's possible to check a feature by version number is
328836 [vjoel@pa h. ] It doesn't need to fork twice?
328839 [no@sp m. le ] Apparently it doesn't need to do many of the things mentioned in

Hash acting weird with scRUBYt
328554 [leahy16@gm i] Hey folks,
328555 [Rob@Ag le on] urls.values.each do |url|
328556 [leahy16@gm i] So I tried what you suggested.
328593 [rick.denatal] Some comments.
328621 [Rob@Ag le on] (Note that I've not looked at your new pastie since Rick has.)
328624 [rick.denatal] Which is more the way I'd write this code myself than my pastie example.

bang is not work!!
328557 [kdream95@gm ] OS is CentOs 4.7
+ 328559 [vjoel@pa h. ] What's the output of
+ 328562 [tim@bu ly os] That's normal.  Instead of typing "script_name", type "./script_name".
+ 328564 [lists@be tr ] This is a security feature of your OS/distribution and not about
  328568 [bbxx789_05ss] ..and?
  328572 [jg@sa do r. ] And, you may end up executing the possibly malicious script instead of
  328574 [bbxx789_05ss] So your not supposed to just type ls at a prompt?
  + 328575 [a2800276@gm ] You shouldn't have '.' (the current) directory in the PATH where the shell
  + 328633 [tim@bu ly os] He was saying that without this protection you might not want to.  In

ORA-12546: TNS:permission denied
328558 [kdream95@gm ] I'm trying install ruby & dbi & oci8
328570 [shortcutter@] First, this is totally off topic here.  Second, you're most likely not

Tree structure - how do we link nodes together?
328560 [Aldric Giaco] I know I could just use rubytree, which looks quite nice, but I'd like
+ 328566 [dylan.star@g] I would be inclined to use an array, part of the beauty of dynamic languages
| 328602 [Aldric Giaco] How would .. passing the children by reference work? Is that the same
| + 328620 [rick.denatal] Ruby is a uniformly object oriented language, all values are object
| | 328744 [Aldric Giaco] Great little post.. Thanks, I'd forgotten some of the basics :)
| + 328722 [dylan.star@g] It's fairly common in the c/c++ world to implement tree's with arrays, a
+ 328588 [shortcutter@] We use object references - as always when referring other objects.
| 328601 [Aldric Giaco] Alright, Robert - I don't know how that works in Ruby! Would you provide
| + 328603 [damnbigman@g] class Node
| | 328743 [Aldric Giaco] Oh - DUH !
| + 328657 [shortcutter@] I wasn't aware that you were after _such_ basic information.  Actually,
|   + 328660 [michael.malo] Essentially, the main information you require is that, everything in
|   | 328663 [rick.denatal] Actually, no.
|   | 328665 [gwtmp01@ma .] I thought you were pretty clear in
|   | 328703 [shortcutter@] Well, there are several valid notions of "value" in the domain of
|   + 328746 [Aldric Giaco] I am .. I just had a complete brain fart on this! I understand perfectly
+ 328697 [kbloom@gm il] The easiest equivalence is that essentially everything in Ruby is a
| 328747 [Aldric Giaco] Understood now. Thank you :)
+ 328758 [hramrach@ce ] It depends .. if you are just making trees for the sake of trees (or

How to install/configure ruby as a non-root user
328567 [pbhandari205] I am trying to install ruby as a non-root user. I found that with
328573 [flo@an er gr] Is server your own code?
328649 [pbhandari205] Yes, the server.rb and kernel.rb is internal code. I was starting to go

Newbie - several array questions
328576 [andy.elvey@p] I have several questions involving arrays. First, I'll create a couple
+ 328578 [bbxx789_05ss] arr1 = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
| + 328581 [bbxx789_05ss] resultA = []
| + 328583 [phasis@gm il] arr = arr2.inject(["|"]){|r,e|r<<e<<"|"}
|   328608 [bbxx789_05ss] As long as you realize that inject() is always the most inefficient
|   328623 [jg@sa do r. ] Can you elaborate on your claim? How inefficient, like, by orders of
|   328631 [rick.denatal] I think that the statement that "inject() is always the inefficient solution
|   328699 [andy.elvey@p] ( snip )
+ 328579 [botp@de mo t] # arr1 = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

email in ruby
328580 [vetrivel.bks] Example program to send email with text file attachment in ruby
+ 328582 [tomcloyd@co ] Is there a verb somewhere...anywhere?
| 328595 [rick.denatal] I took it that he hit the send key before typing in HIS example program to
+ 328724 [d_rems@ya oo] r = Ruport::Report.new

Get 19,530 new twitter followers in 30 days?
328584 [manilashaji@] Hey check this out...

My projects
328585 [graycardinal] Sorry, I'm from Siberia :)

328591 [indianchaton] 13 Jan 2009 ... TAMIL CHAT ONLINE. Nice tamil stories, tamil jokes,

expire_fragment with memcached
328597 [spam.meyer@g] We know that memcached or memcached-client doesn't support regex... But
328598 [b.candler@po] Sounds like your question is about the Rails web framework, not about

Watir: problem accessing textfield property
328609 [mario@be wa ] I don't know why but it takes 20 seconds to do this, anybody knows

Rake post test task
328610 [djberg96@gm ] How do I run a task after the fact with Rake?
+ 328617 [tim.pease@gm] task :test do
| 328634 [djberg96@gm ] Thanks Tim, that will work.
+ 328693 [ryand-ruby@z] task :test => :clean DOES work, just _before_ the fact, not after.
  + 328773 [rick.denatal] The after here is a placeholder for code, right? It can't be a task name
  | 328784 [djberg96@gm ] hen
  | 328785 [djberg96@gm ] of
  + 328783 [djberg96@gm ] Interesting, thanks.
  + 328798 [tim.pease@gm] The Rake::Task#execute method will always run the task regardless of
    329650 [djberg96@gm ] her

[ANN] Erubis 2.6.4 released - Rails 2.2 and 2.3 support
328613 [kwatch@gm il] I have released Erubis 2.6.4.

Dummy question about method in class
328614 [sumwo@ya oo ] Dear all
+ 328616 [flo@an er gr] Enumerable is a Module, not a Class. It can be mixed into other
+ 328656 [shortcutter@] Additional to Florian's good explanation: be aware that the version you
+ 328718 [b.candler@po] The Enumerable module can be shared by many classes. Any class which

Newbie - Need Help
328618 [asd111@ma li] I am new to Ruby language and trying to Install Ruby and wxRuby on

Kernel#blah is documented as Object#blah. Why?
328619 [alex.r@as it] There are certain common methods that originate from module Kernel, but
328622 [Rob@Ag le on] Or use a different program for searching the ri docs, like fastri
+ 328625 [rick.denatal] And as the name implies, it's MUCH faster than ri, unless ri has made
+ 328626 [alex.r@as it] Rob,
+ 328647 [matt@ti bi s] Fastri has been broken for months OMM.

ruby on hp-ux 11.00
328628 [ittay.dror@g] ...

Quieting DRb messages in fork() code
328629 [john@st ff l] I've got some code which seems to work well, but the warning messages
328690 [quixoticsyco] The exception is "normal" insofar as being expected behavior from DRb.
328748 [john@st ff l] Duh, I feel like a fool now.  I had forgotten about the $DEBUG setting
328767 [vjoel@pa h. ] Sometimes we all need hug help :)
328797 [john@st ff l] *laugh* That's very true.  Now I'm actually getting useful work out of

HTTPS connection
328630 [eric.ramsey@] I am having a problem connecting to HTTPS. My program use to need to
328635 [Rob@Ag le on] require 'net/https'
328639 [eric.ramsey@] i already had 'net/https'
328646 [Rob@Ag le on] connection = Net::HTTP.new("", 8080)
328648 [eric.ramsey@] I get the 'OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError: certificate verify failed' error
328650 [Rob@Ag le on] Does it work with OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_NONE
328651 [eric.ramsey@] I think I'm getting pass the connection issues, but I'm not getting data
328659 [Rob@Ag le on] Note, this is real code in my answer.  Try putting real code it your
328729 [eric.ramsey@] the program I'm working on was developed by someone else and is
328741 [Rob@Ag le on] You're initialize gets called as part of the behavior of .new right
328791 [eric.ramsey@] irb(main):001:0> require 'net/https'
328799 [Rob@Ag le on] Particularly, one that will let you see the details like Firefox with
328804 [eric.ramsey@] I get to the our JBoss console

Word with an 'S' if quantity > 1
328636 [picpic72@ho ] Is there a method to add an 'S' to a word if there are more than 1 ?
328638 [xens@co ca t] try String#pluralize from the active_support gem
328641 [Rob@Ag le on] 3.times do |n|
328653 [picpic72@ho ] I used your code Rob and it works fine! Thanks :)

BitTorrent Proxy
328644 [gregthegerg@] coming on a port for BitTorrent, I figured I might need the

Clilking  on a link should replace that link with a form
328652 [registeronsi] I need a link that, when clicked, transforms into a form for inputting
328658 [ninja@sl ph ] Ruby doesn't really have anything to do with links, or with JavaScript.
328664 [registeronsi] Oh, yes, you're right.

328662 [picpic72@ho ] I have a question :)
328669 [cmshea@gm il] DateTime.new is an alias for DateTime.civil.  You can see its
328670 [picpic72@ho ] Perfect!
328672 [dominikho@gm] Fire up an instance of irb and see for yourself.
328683 [picpic72@ho ] Thanks for the reply! I got it!

I have to be missing something simple here.
328667 [thermowax@gm] I have some code that was written in the Ruby-1.8ish era.  However,
+ 328678 [tomcloyd@co ] If you have Ruby 1.8.x installed, and then also install 1.9.x, the
| 328749 [thermowax@gm] Tom-
| 328752 [tomcloyd@co ] Don't know if this helps or not, but...
+ 328801 [b.candler@po] This is a compile-time option: ./configure --program-suffix=19

Moving Mechanize to Nokogiri
328673 [leahy16@gm i] Hey guys,
+ 328675 [leahy16@gm i] You know, I just realized that these error messages probably mean that
| 328676 [leahy16@gm i] Regardless, I'm still not sure how to deal with the situation I pastied
+ 328694 [ryand-ruby@z] wait

Dynamic string (depending on a variable)
328674 [picpic72@ho ] Do you have a better way to do this ?
+ 328677 [michael.malo] I think you want to change that to a greater than...
| 328682 [picpic72@ho ] I'm sorry for my english :(
| + 328684 [michael.malo] Sorry, I didn't actually run the code the first time!  It was trying to use Fixnum's + method rather than String's
| | 328685 [picpic72@ho ] Thx it works!
| + 328687 [botp@de mo t] # sentence = "Your ticket expired #{nb_of_days + ' days ago' if
+ 328688 [dylan.star@g] sentence = "Your ticket expired " + (nb_of_days>0? nb_of_days.to_s + " days
  328873 [shortcutter@] irb(main):009:0> nb_of_days = 0

Starting a process from inside Ruby
328679 [elekktretter] Im facing a small dilema trying to start a process called "ezstream"
+ 328680 [michael.malo] I don't know if this works inside rails but the Kernel#fork method is a
| 328689 [azimuth-ruby] Fork would work from what I've read, I believe it starts the other process
+ 328698 [ninja@sl ph ] I think the other posts are right... If it's not part of your app, by
| 328733 [elekktretter] Hmm there seems to be an issue running this code in rails as the 2nd
+ 328737 [elekktretter] Ok ive had some success with using threads instead of forks. Im able to
  328778 [rick.denatal] You might also want to have a look at backgroundrb which is the normal way

script/console : modify an attribute
328681 [picpic72@ho ] I would like to know how to modify a variable in the console?
328714 [b.candler@po] Questions about the Rails application framework, or parts of Rails such
328776 [picpic72@ho ] Ok, I'll post it in the correct forum. Thanks!

Is there a Ruby/Tk-specific forum/site/group?
328691 [c-soc-rubyfo] I'm trying to do non-simple things with Ruby and Tk (on Windows), so is
328730 [mark@ma kr s] For Ruby Tk documentation try http://www.tkdocs.com
+ 328731 [aff28@de et ] Erk - I clicked that link and got a large and seriously NSFW advert at
| 328735 [flo@an er gr] Well, there are people on the Erlang mailing list reporting a similar
+ 328786 [c-soc-rubyfo] Thanks, that's a start.

email problem
328692 [poornima_dgl] I  am trobling wit an email problem for getting my messages.I have

Cannot customize irb initialization
328695 [fredjoha@gm ] Why can't I give a configuration file as argument when I run irb? It
328701 [vjoel@pa h. ] How about
+ 328705 [fredjoha@gm ] I tried that but it didn't work. I don't think irb treats the file
| 328706 [vjoel@pa h. ] What do you mean by "treats as configuration"? How is the effect of -r
| 328824 [fredjoha@gm ] Sorry, I'm crazy. I didn't realize that my config file should be named
+ 328831 [nobu@ru y- a] Yet another way.

"You have to install development tools first." Windows
328696 [alex.vaillan] I'm having some trouble with mkmf.
328816 [alex@de et m] I'd guess this means that you have to install a C-compiler,

Search for an Presence of an XML element in a array
328700 [tech4me@in c] I am reading an XML document and storing in a array.
+ 328704 [shortcutter@] XPath.  You can find it in REXML's tutorial section.
+ 328757 [matt@ti bi s] That seems like a mistake. An XML document *is* a form of data storage -
+ 328788 [bbxx789_05ss] <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
  + 328838 [tech4me@in c] Thank you very much for your responses.
  | 328841 [james.britt@] Use a pull parser and convert the XML into a more sensible data structure.
  + 329635 [tech4me@in c] I have tried the above solution but it searches for the element and
    329688 [shortcutter@] Use case.

literal syntax for array of arrays of strings
328702 [vjoel@pa h. ] a = %w{ a b c d e f }
+ 328707 [botp@de mo t] # Has anyone ever felt the need for something like
| 328708 [vjoel@pa h. ] To avoid an empty array, but I messed that up :(
| 328732 [bbxx789_05ss] What's the difference between %Q and %?
| 328736 [shortcutter@] irb(main):002:0> %{foo bar #{1+2}}
| 328738 [bbxx789_05ss] Uhmm...yeah.  Those are the same results I got.  Why would anyone use %Q
| 328843 [shortcutter@] To make the quoting more obvious.
| 328850 [robert.dober] The new Pickaxe does not mention %, I have posted this to the erratum.
| 329059 [overlord@gm ] Page 320f
| 329066 [robert.dober] Would you mind telling us?
| 329127 [overlord@gm ] "Double-quoted string literals ("stuff", %Q/stuff/, and %/stuff/)
| 329145 [robert.dober] thanx Simon, that what I wanted to know
+ 328709 [shortcutter@] You can also exploit the line iteration capabilities of String, which
+ 328710 [w_a_x_man@ya] class Array
+ 328717 [micathom@gm ] I'd rather prefer a String#to_table method, I guess.
+ 329060 [overlord@gm ] a = [ %w(a b c), %w(d e f) ]
  329063 [vjoel@pa h. ] True, but that doesn't allow copy-and-paste from a source that doesn't