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If you are happy with the direction of Ruby 1.8.7+, respond
327705 [gregory.t.br] I am setting up two threads in the hopes that we can see names
+ 327706 [gregory.t.br] This thread is for if you are *happy* with the backports from Ruby 1.9
| 327716 [ninja@sl ph ] I'm writing two posts.
+ 327707 [dominikho@gm] +1, even though you failed at changing the text of this mail compared
| 327708 [gregory.t.br] Noticed that just after I posted, sorry.
+ 327751 [djberg96@gm ] Given that I have my own fork, I would say the answer is no, I'm not
| + 327817 [zznmeb@gm il] Could you give me a link to that fork?
| + 327873 [micathom@gm ] This is the happy thread and I'm happy with 1.8.7 -- well, sort of but
+ 327765 [pit.capitain] Can you show us some examples of 1.8.6 code that doesn't work in 1.8.7?
| 327770 [radek.bulat@] h=3D{}
| 327777 [pit.capitain] Ah, you mean Hash#hash. Thanks a lot, I didn't know that. But this is
| 327895 [onepoint@st ] No  it doesn't.   Most people  would expect  1.8.7 to  yield  the same
| + 327899 [jcoglan@go g] 2009/2/12 Jeremy Henty <onepoint@starurchin.org>
| | + 327928 [rick.denatal] The problem is that one man's bug is another's breaking change.  Lot's of
| | + 327997 [onepoint@st ] OK, I accept  your point for this particular  change.  It doesn't hold
| |   328034 [pit.capitain] Jeremy, can you show us an example?
| |   + 328061 [shevegen@li ] I am indifferent to it, may I post here as well? :-)
| |   + 328126 [onepoint@st ] Annoyingly, no.   I was repeating something  I was sure  had been said
| + 327902 [cminear@se u] As I read this, my feeling about what "most people" would expect
| | 327909 [Prashant.Sri] I'm in the happy camp, mostly.  It's fine to add new features to an
| + 327963 [phlip2005@gm] I did not know 1.8.6 returned the counterintuitive result. Hence...
+ 327783 [why@ru y- an] Mostly happy. I haven't seen the bogeymen reported by many people in
| + 327788 [TimHunter@nc] +1
| + 327793 [zac@za br wn] +1 for either path that is taken.
| + 327804 [james@gr yp ] I agree with this fully and I don't feel like I've joined a mob.  I'm
| + 327806 [gregory.t.br] Ah, but it's not Matz's issue.  I actually love Ruby 1.9.1,  and every
| | 327879 [rick.denatal] Right to the point!  I too love Ruby 1.9.1 and Matz! but...
| + 327866 [charles.nutt] Unless, of course, the guy can be convinced that he's causing the lady
+ 328341 [tony@me io .] from __future__ import x

Forward / Onward to 1.91 and beyond Re: If you are happy with  thedirection of Ruby 1.8.7+, respond
327746 [john.carter@] Always make forward progress. I'm happy to move to 1.91 and beyond
327749 [gregory.t.br] This isn't about Ruby 1.9.1.  I'm all for that migration too. (My book

Net-Ping  ICMP issues (Windows)
327752 [kevin.anders] I am running into a curious issue with Net-Ping on Windows (XP Pro SP2

Array uniq
327754 [stuart_clark] I am having some troubles with the uniq method for arrays. This is a
+ 327758 [dblack@ru yp] => ["TueAug052008", "TueAug052008", "TueAug052008", "TueAug052008"]
| 327768 [stuart_clark] Thanks for the response.
| + 327771 [pit.capitain] Stuart, in this code you have an array with exactly one element, so
| | 327776 [stuart_clark] Forgive me. What does that line do? The output is listed earlier in the
| + 327778 [dblack@ru yp] printdata.uniq is the same items as printdata, because printdata only
|   327792 [stuart_clark] That makes sense but how do I avoid this? I cant see how. I need to
|   + 327794 [dblack@ru yp] I'm sorry but I'm getting confused. You've got dateCheck, which is a
|   + 327795 [rick.denatal] David and I are trying to tell you the same thing.
|     + 327805 [stuart_clark] Sorry I seemed to have missed your first post. I have tried this code
|     + 327807 [stuart_clark] Up and running now thanks
+ 327766 [rick.denatal] It's hard to say what your code does without more context, but...
| 327772 [stuart_clark] I want something simpler than that to be honest. I just want to get rid
| + 327779 [rick.denatal] I guess you are replying to me.  Perhaps it would be best not to cut
| + 327780 [pit.capitain] my_array = <some code to fill the array>
|   327786 [stuart_clark] Ok
|   327791 [pit.capitain] This is not what I suggested. I just wanted the output of
+ 327828 [julian@co et] Use uniq! Which modifies the receiver in place.

roxml in non-rails?
327757 [rps@sa as co] I have to generate some xml and have been doing a bit of a survey of
328686 [ben.woosley@] Hey Pito,

Rexml Quoting control
327781 [rps@sa as co] I'm generating a xml with Rexml. Pretty straightforward. I have a

327799 [rogerpack200] I like docstrings for being able to know what dynamically generated
327876 [rick.denatal] I guess by docstrings  you mean Python docstrings, yes?
327925 [rogerpack200] I do like the current ri style, and it does 90% of what I'm asking for.
327936 [rick.denatal] See below
329501 [drbrain@se m] ri RDoc::Parser::Ruby

Installing mongrel.
327801 [stewart.math] Hey I am having some trouble install the mongrel gem.  I am using ruby
327860 [luc@ho k- on] <http://www.ruby-forum.com/topic/132022>

1.9 on Vista, would like tips, best practices
327809 [caduceass@gm] I was wondering what is the best way to install 1.9.1 on MS Vista.  Do
+ 327834 [caduceass@gm] Never mind; works find out of the box (the zipped download).  A couple
| 327837 [phlip2005@gm] I just switched from Vista to Kubuntu. The performance difference is like night
| 327840 [zznmeb@gm il] Which KDE do you have? I briefly tried KDE 4.1 on openSUSE 11.1 but
| 327845 [phlip2005@gm] 4.1.3 with Kubuntu 8.10.
| 327848 [zznmeb@gm il] Yeah ... I dearly love Compiz on Gnome but I had to turn it off --
+ 328081 [noespam@ya o] Although I prefer windows, I do ruby in linux + virtualbox. While it's
+ 328173 [rogerpack200] you could also use virtualbox and install ubuntu within it.

ruby.h defining macros
327815 [newhoggy@gm ] When I include ruby.h, I'm getting new macros defined such as strcmpcase,
+ 327839 [lists@be tr ] In my humble opinion, it were a lucky decision to name it
+ 327841 [nobu@ru y- a] There is no strcmpcase, so I guess you meant strcasecmp in

updating ruby gems-->error
327846 [bbxx789_05ss] $ sudo gem update --system

mechanize 0.9.0 on ruby1.9.0/ubuntu  - get(url) error
327851 [edrd.dantes@] i have switched to ruby1.9 because the better encoding support.

[OT] Re: If you are unhappy with the direction of Ruby 1.8.7+, respond
327859 [justincollin] I was looking at Erlang the other day.
327946 [vjoel@pa h. ] Someday, they'll get up to 27B-6.... (sorry, way too off-topic now).

program system-tray without use ruby files
327862 [andycootlapi] I make a game, and I would put my game program in the system tray. But I

String comparisions
327869 [talibhn@gm i] Experts,
+ 327870 [dylan.star@g] strTwo.split(strOne)[1].lstrip
+ 327872 [cidza@ti .i ] p (strTwo.split - strOne.split).join
+ 327874 [alex.katebi@] Look into the ruby full-text search.
+ 327883 [shortcutter@] IMHO your question is by far not specific enough.  What kind of output

327875 [terjhaar@br ] Ive been trying for a couple of days to get connected to vortex wargame
327881 [b.candler@po] This is strange code. If you want to read 16 bytes, just do s.read(16).
327884 [b.candler@po] require 'socket'
327900 [terjhaar@br ] thanks for reply mate!
328305 [b.candler@po] Ruby numbers don't wrap around - they can grow indefinitely large.

WebServices in Rails
327886 [Zafer.Banaga] I am looking at options for implementing webservices in ROR.
327888 [lucevers@gm ] You can use JRuby on Rails, all Java classes are available.

[ANN] Samizdat 0.6.2: Security, Plugins, Flowplayer
327887 [angdraug@gm ] Dedication
327958 [pit.capitain] couple of years ago, where you talked about Samizdat at EuRuKo. I
327969 [angdraug@gm ] Thanks for your support, much appreciated! I remember you from Karlsuhe,
328047 [angdraug@gm ] Heh, just noticed I'm a bit wrong about this, looks like it did pick up, after

* before string
327907 [jonatasdp@gm] '*' before string on initialize method.
+ 327912 [lists@be tr ] Actually, you use the asterisk in front of an array. The asterisk
| 327934 [rick.denatal] All true, except that in this case, it's in the context of a parallel
+ 327915 [shortcutter@] It's not before a String but before an Array.  You can see for yourself
+ 327948 [bbxx789_05ss] @name, @type = *(s.split(':') )
  327950 [bbxx789_05ss] x, y = ["snowboard", "skis", "sled"]
  327953 [bbxx789_05ss] x, y, *remaining = ["snowboard", "skis", "sled", "boots"]

Arrays and Hashes processing :pls help
327908 [aquajags@ya ] i have a long array with structure like this
+ 327913 [matt@ha ps a] I don't understand the need for one line, but....  Also, why an array of
+ 327916 [shortcutter@] Why in a single line?
+ 327944 [w_a_x_man@ya] a =3D [["377", "838"],
| 328012 [aquajags@ya ] thank u so much for the help.
+ 328033 [cmdicely@gm ] original_array = [["377", "838"],

How to auth apache before soap request
327911 [amichelins@g] I am new to ruby.

GUI / graphical games: where to start?
327921 [Aldric Giaco] stuff but I have no idea where to begin - like, for instance, a game of
+ 327929 [xens@co ca t] On Feb 12, 11:42=A0am, Aldric Giacomoni <"aldric[remove]"@trevoke.net>
| 327942 [shawn42@gm i] Rubygame (my favorite)
+ 327940 [martindemell] martin

Manually built library to be required?
327927 [tmcdowell@gm] I manually built the Chipmunk ruby library, and now I have this
327943 [tmcdowell@gm] Is all I need to move the chipmunk.bundle?

Hash order (was: Re: If you are unhappy with the direction of Ruby 1.8.7+, respond)
327935 [dblack@ru yp] Hashes aren't ordered at all in 1.8, as far as I know. This works the
327995 [jcoglan@go g] 2009/2/12 David A. Black <dblack@rubypal.com>
+ 327996 [dblack@ru yp] Sorry, I misunderstood what you were getting at.
+ 328014 [nobu@ru y- a] Hash in 1.8 doesn't define any kind of "order".  It's
| 328071 [rick.denatal] Yes, and this particular kind of change, making something which was
+ 328039 [pit.capitain] James, maybe you missed ruby-talk:327937

Error handling in Ruby scripts
327965 [pbailey@bn .] Can someone please help me with exception handling? I've written some
327973 [xens@co ca t] -o`
328056 [pbailey@bn .] OK. Thanks. Well, obviously, I've got to use backquotes or "system" in
328212 [andrew@an re] You can get the exit status from $?.exitstatus
328465 [pbailey@bn .] Thank you. I'll try that.

Recommendations for localization on Ruby 1.9?
327978 [gregory.t.br] I am researching localization techniques for the 'Reducing Cultural
328109 [ snk@gn .o g] What do you mean by localization tools?  GUIs or text editor plugins
328116 [gregory.t.br] No, I mean libraries for handling translation files within an application.
328169 [alex@de et m] If by "handling" translation files you mean marking translatable strings
328200 [gregory.t.br] Yep, somehting along the lines of ruby-gettext is what I'm looking

Better way to do this?
327980 [rps@sa as co] if (!@options[:namespace].nil?)
+ 327983 [vjoel@pa h. ] hash = {
+ 327984 [lists@be tr ] if (!(h = hash[:value]).nil?)
+ 327985 [tim.pease@gm] if (h = hash[:value])

Autofocus system
327982 [CBlair1986@g] I came across an interesting, simple, and intuitive system to get
328037 [saji@ap c2 .] Interesting system.. What about adding functionality to edit an entry

[ANN] Inochi 0.3.0
327986 [ snk@gn .o g] Inochi 0.3.0

SQLite as a Log?
327987 [james@gr yp ] In a current project we're discussing using SQLite for all application
+ 327989 [vjoel@pa h. ] IIRC one writer blocks the entire sqlite db. You could avoid this using
| + 327992 [kbloom@gm il] tail -F is useful following a log across log rotations. It follows the
| + 328001 [james@gr yp ] That's very interesting.  Thanks for the tip.
+ 327990 [tim.pease@gm] Have you looked into using CouchDB as the logging destination instead?
| + 328002 [james@gr yp ] I appreciate the suggestions but this is for installed software, so I
| + 328088 [jeremy@hi eg] I'll have to take a look at that and possibly do something similar with
|   328111 [james@gr yp ] Yeah, that would be really neat.
+ 327993 [kbloom@gm il] Consider a concurrent RDBMS instead if you can deploy it in your
+ 327999 [matt@ha ps a] Have you considered splunk?  That way you can do queries and event
  328003 [james@gr yp ] I need a local solution.  Thanks for the idea though.
  328008 [matt@ha ps a] I saw you wanted to keep it light, so yeah, it is probably not the best

how to solve xmlsimple.rb warning: already initialized const
328000 [johnroyworld] I am new to ruby on rails with ubuntu server and i got this warning
+ 328006 [johnroyworld] up up up... i need help here
+ 328009 [matt@ha ps a] Seeing your script would help.  However, it looks as though you're

help reading data from a file
328007 [dark_sgtphoe] I have a ruby program that I use to generate text files from a single
+ 328022 [w_a_x_man@ya] puts IO.read("data2")
| 328068 [bbxx789_05ss] puts IO.read("data2.txt")
+ 328092 [bbxx789_05ss] arr = %w{Nashville Orlando Tampa Memphis}
  328098 [bbxx789_05ss] File.open(current_path, "w") do |f|
  330947 [crider@ap xs] Do either of you know anyone with RoR experience & and active security

Bug in converting float to int?
328016 [rubyforum@jd] I just tried this on 1.8.6.  Is this a bug or am I missing something?
+ 328018 [rubyforum@jd] Oh and it looks like this only happens with floats ending in .12.
+ 328019 [mike.gold.44] A FAQ.
+ 328021 [gwtmp01@ma .] Ruby floating point values are stored in binary format.
+ 328023 [no@sp m. le ] <http://docs.sun.com/source/806-3568/ncg_goldberg.html>, entitled
| 328122 [rubyforum@jd] Thanks everyone, quite interesting info there. It looks like I will be
| 328158 [no@sp m. le ] If you've read the Goldberg paper, I doubt I can add anything.
+ 328138 [raphael.clan] Just to tack on my 1.9997438 cents ;)
  328143 [raphael.clan] Just for "fun", I tried the following on g++ 4.01 (PPC version)

bug fixing between gem releases
328017 [sentinel.200] Not sure how to word this ...

Query on XmlConfigFile
328025 [tech4me@in c] I am using XmlConfigFile from as under

Need Gem name
328040 [shanmugam@ra] can someone help me with gem name to extract in ical format.
+ 328117 [jim.menard@g] Use "gem search --remote ical" to search for all gems that have "ical"
+ 328123 [rick.denatal] I assume that you mean icalendar rather than ical, that and vpim are the two

reverse geocoding in rails app
328041 [rizzwanabanu] Hope all are doing well. Actually i need a help for implementing
329420 [njus@la sh u] Lars Haugseth

rb_protect / rb_eval_string and the GC in Ruby 1.8.7
328046 [listaccount@] At the moment I'm trying to extend an application with embedded Ruby and

Instance variables on anonymous objects does not work?
328048 [blambeau@gm ] Could someone explain why the following code does not work?
328049 [blambeau@gm ] Much more strange: why does this one work?? Same behavior on both ruby
328051 [blambeau@gm ] OK, something that I didn't catch of course.
329091 [devrubygem@g] How is the a =... invocation wrong? Just coming from a curious ruby
329094 [lasitha.rana] 01> a = Object.new

How to retrive first 10 items from hash in ruby?
328050 [vikasg@af at] I want to retrieve first 10 items(key value pairs) from given hash{}
+ 328053 [dave.baldwin] You need to save the results.
| + 328055 [Bil.Kleb@na ] Or, alternatively,
| + 328058 [lists@be tr ] As ary is only of temporary use, you don't need to create another
|   328059 [dblack@ru yp] Do you mean ary.shift?
|   328064 [lists@be tr ] Arrgh. Of course.
|   + 328070 [dblack@ru yp] I'd still rather walk through the array than have to coordinate the
|   | 328103 [lists@be tr ] By the way: This is starting to make fun. I don't know how the
|   + 328077 [shortcutter@] Did we have these already?
|     328078 [dblack@ru yp] I think the original split between the sort and the puts was because
+ 328057 [severus@po t] i = 0

How to wait with timeout on conditional variable in ruby 1.9
328063 [sharat.mohan] Earlier in ruby 1.8 we could use code

Meaning of "<<"?
328065 [chris-usenet] I'm currently trying to learn ruby, coming from a perl/unix
+ 328066 [saurabh.purn] If you see the string class documentation of ruby,
| 328170 [julian@co et] I thought + was for concatenation. << actually modifies Its receiver
+ 328067 [dido.sevilla] Ruby is capable of doing operator overloading, and the << operator has
| 328171 [julian@co et] I thought operator overloading was a non-oop way of specifying
| + 328180 [gwtmp01@ma .] Agreed. This is not 'overloading' in the C++ sense of the term.
| + 328191 [bbxx789_05ss] That's called *function* overloading.  In C++, function overloading and
|   + 328205 [julian@co et] Ah! What's operator overloading then?
|   + 328226 [rick.denatal] That's not the way I see it.  In C++ operator overloading is accomplished by
|   | 328227 [bbxx789_05ss] I stand corrected.  Thank you.
|   + 328335 [kbloom@gm il] Ruby restricts you to defining operators in the class of the left-hand
+ 328069 [stefano.croc] This is the documentation for the String << operator (that is, for the
| 328110 [chris-usenet] Thank you all. Very enlightening.
+ 328125 [Herman_Marti] Think of it as a method, not as an operator.
  328189 [chris-usenet] More syntatic sugar, like the "def instance_var=" setter method?