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^ file.puts define newline
327446 [MrBanabas go] just would like to know if I can somehow define the newline delimeter
327447 [badboy heart] hm...I don't think so.
327448 [MrBanabas go] Sure I can do that, but I thought it would be "cleaner" if I could to
+ 327449 [badboy heart] ugly... newline_delimiter = '/r/n' wouldn't work as you expected =D
+ 327457 [bbxx789_05ss] $OUTPUT_RECORD_SEPARATOR = "apple"
  327459 [bbxx789_05ss] Ok, I found one combination that allows me to define the output
  327460 [bbxx789_05ss] Mac OSX 10.4.11

^ sort_by different variables?
327454 [taylorstrait] I have a user control panel that generates an event log by merging
327463 [shortcutter ] irb(main):003:0> a = []
327464 [taylorstrait] Thanks a lot, Robert!

^ Image recognition
327461 [michel.boave] I need to write a software who read an image from a questionary, and
327703 [dominikho gm] magick.

^ SOAP WSDLDriverFactory header params
327465 [shingler gma] class Swrapper
327526 [dbw aber.ac.] Best thing to start off is get the newest version of SOAP4R from gem.

^ How to convert a string of arbitrary size to an array
327466 [ruby.student] Team,
327467 [ben bleythin] "abcdefg".split( // )
+ 327468 [robert.dober] In Ruby1.9 I am quite fond of this
| 327469 [ruby.student] Thank you Robert, it is truly appreciated!
+ 327470 [ruby.student] Aha!

^ Open Source Bridge Call for Proposals: We welcome your ideas (until March 31)
327476 [zznmeb gmail] We are happy to announce that the Open Source Bridge Call for

^ [ANN] rubygoo 0.0.8 Released
327478 [shawn42 gmai] rubygoo version 0.0.8 has been released!
327490 [jameskilton ] Woo, grats!

^ search latest version of file in directory
327479 [mmc_collins ] of each out of the directory. The files look like below. Please tell me
+ 327485 [shortcutter ] dir = "C:/Status2"
+ 327519 [w_a_x_man ya] rx = /^.*_no\d+/

^ rice: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.
327480 [kungfu-free-] I report there after some error (2) that I encounter. In case someone

^ YAML + ASCII Encoded Unicode
327491 [coryw americ] Folks,
327553 [b.candler po] data = File.read("source.txt")

^ Got SystemStackError exception: stack level too deep
327492 [bezan99 gmai] I have master Process that is forking 2 child processes in the
327494 [tony medioh.] It means that you have too many calls to functions which are in turn calling
327498 [bezan99 gmai] I see ...
+ 327500 [azimuth-ruby] Notification for Email Sent completion - #{message}"
| 327501 [bezan99 gmai] ahh No ...thats the issue with my cut copy paste .. sorry I pasted that
| 327502 [azimuth-ruby] if this is all in a single file you should paste all of it. it seems it's
| 327507 [bezan99 gmai] Well there are multiple Files and its complicated.. but I think the
| + 327508 [azimuth-ruby] Trace file? If you're sending attachments, I don't thing the mailing list
| | 327511 [azimuth-ruby] Perhaps your error-checking code is causing the program to restart when the
| + 327509 [tony medioh.] Can you provide the complete stack trace associated with the
+ 327552 [b.candler po] puts e.backtrace.join("\n")
  328307 [bezan99 gmai] Ok .. Well I tested the Code again.
  328311 [b.candler po] Yes, I have written systems like that. They have been robust enough not
  328315 [bezan99 gmai] Thanks..
  328353 [bezan99 gmai] Since it takes 40 hrs for the Real code to cause the System Stack Error
  328366 [b.candler po] def run_function

^ Is anyone using Ruby/Tk on HP-UX 11.11 (PA-RISC)?
327503 [jykim altiba] I am developing some tools based on ruby/tk. but, I always met the
327504 [azimuth-ruby] Sounds like you've got a corrupted library, to me, is there a 'magic'

^ Net-Ssh
327506 [piresg gmail] I'm trying to develop a script that will use net-ssh to performe some
+ 327970 [piresg gmail] Net-Ssh
+ 328304 [b.candler po] I don't think raw Net::SSH waits for a prompt. It works at a lower level

^ Ruby GUI Survey: Results
327510 [alex deletem] The results of the survey of Ruby GUI programming carried out at the end
+ 327512 [zznmeb gmail] And many thanks to you for doing this research!!
+ 327562 [mark markros] Alex, thanks so much for all the effort you put into this, that is very
| 327588 [alex deletem] Thank you, I'm glad it's useful.
| 327604 [mark markros] Thanks for the reply.  I don't disagree at all, but I did want to
| + 327605 [alex deletem] Thanks for the explanation. To summarise: the ruby standard library
| | + 327670 [mark markros] Bingo. :-)
| | + 327747 [perrin apoth] =20
| + 328160 [nagai ai.kyu] Additional Information. :-)
+ 327567 [chauk.mean g] Alex,
+ 327575 [martindemell] That was an excellent survey and analysis. Kudos.
+ 327609 [robert.dober] Let me join my fellow posters in complimenting you on this job.
+ 327612 [perrin apoth] =20

^ [ANN] Gosu 0.7.12 released, with an official website and many  contributions
327514 [julianraschk] Gosu is a free 2D game development library for Ruby and C++, available

^ Re: New to Ruby. Why does the command line pop up an then go
327516 [bbxx789_05ss] Essentially, your program does what you tell it:  open a console window,

^ submit_tag problem
327520 [gani_chinta ] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
327534 [ryand-ruby z] ask in the ruby on rails forum/list.

^ a better way to do this job?
327522 [g.zhen.ning ] topics.each do |f|
+ 327523 [stefano.croc] topics[0..4].each{|f| puts f.title}
+ 327524 [jgabrielygal] topics[0,5].each do |f|
+ 327532 [ryand-ruby z] topics.first(5).each do |f|
| 327542 [julian coret] First doesn't take an argument I'm ruby. It does
| + 327544 [dblack rubyp] $ ruby19 -ve 'puts [1,2,3,4].first(2)'
| + 327554 [james graypr] Would you please stop top posting?  It's just bad manners.
| | 327580 [ryand-ruby z] agreed!
| | 327692 [julian coret] What makes it bad manners? I'm simply posting where my cursor appears.
| | + 327698 [micathom gma] Many people consider it an annoyance. IIRC the netiquette RFC even has
| | | 327823 [julian coret] It's not possible to bottom post while maintaining my signatures on
| | | 327838 [lists bertra] It's not possible for - drum roll - you! Make a decision what
| | | 327844 [julian coret] I find your english unintelligible.
| | | 327871 [lists bertra] Sorry, I didn't guess how difficult it is for you to accept such a
| | | 327956 [ryand-ruby z] Please stop feeding the troll.
| | + 327710 [lists bertra] That's the point. It's not where the reader's eyes appear. What is
| |   327717 [ninja slapha] Agreed. It also makes it that much more difficult to get context. While
| + 327579 [ryand-ruby z] % ruby -ve 'puts [1,2,3,4].first(2)'
|   + 327582 [dblack rubyp] I've clearly got 1.9 on the brain :-)
|   + 327691 [julian coret] Sorry dude. Imust have been having an odd day. I swear my irb said it
+ 327537 [bbxx789_05ss] In my opinion, it's nicer than the first version because it doesn't have
| + 327543 [julian coret] Slices and 'sub-arrays' aren't copies of the objects, they simply
| | + 327546 [dblack rubyp] The same can be said of any array; the objects inside it exist (in
| | | + 327549 [micathom gma] That's a little bit unfair though. If you pushed an infinite number of
| | | | 327555 [dblack rubyp] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| | | + 327655 [sepp2k googl] Ruby arrays are copy-on-write though. So subarray = my_array[100...1000100]
| | |   327674 [dblack rubyp] My memory-eating example was probably unrealistic. Maybe I'm too
| | + 327559 [bbxx789_05ss] Is it your opinion that an array of pointers takes up no memory?  Which
| |   327563 [rick.denatal] Well, an array of  Fixnums takes up the same space as an array of 'pointers'
| + 327548 [dblack rubyp] topics.first(5).each do |t|
| | 327556 [dblack rubyp] Rewind. As Tom points out, first(x) returns an array. (Which in fact
| + 327581 [ryand-ruby z] mentarbation.
+ 327541 [julian coret] Your code also won't work. Your tempvar is not declared and you have
+ 327623 [cmdicely gma] Assuming there is a times=0 before this, and what you want to do is

^ simple HTTP Post Xml request
327528 [emanuelef ti] I'm trying to post a xml to a server for encoding a file
+ 327529 [bbxx789_05ss] Those are incompatible statements.  Servers live somewhere on the net,
+ 327530 [dylan.star g] If the http server doesn't care about the path can't you just use any? such
  327531 [emanuelef ti] thanks for answering.
  + 327538 [bbxx789_05ss] Where is "the server" that you are referring to?  And by "where" I mean
  + 327545 [lasitha.rana] With the disclaimer than i haven't used net/http much, the following
    327550 [emanuelef ti] Thanks a lot !!!

^ mutex
327533 [vetrivel.bks] I have more doutes on mutex.So I need Mutex concepts with more examples.
327565 [shortcutter ] remember.guy do |as, often| as.you_can - without end

^ http to https redirect
327535 [rejikumarrv ] Needed some help with http to https redirection. I have a
327536 [rejikumarrv ] I am based out of Bangalore, India. Please excuse if you find any delay
327539 [rejikumarrv ] Or is it that we have to encrypt the user name & password in the
327540 [rejikumarrv ] I removed the back and forth redirection between http and https. Now it
327547 [rejikumarrv ] Well, just came to know that http analyzer hooks into windows APIs and

^ Question on installing gem upgrades
327558 [mmc_collins ] I have upgraded my gem watir 1.5.6 to 1.6.2 without removing 1.5.6. Do

^ Float in Spreadsheet
327560 [igsnhelp rub] I am using the ruby spreadsheet gem to create Excel files from within
327852 [igsnhelp rub] Can no one help me?
327854 [azimuth-ruby] What's your problem?
327855 [igsnhelp rub] No worries, it's just that spent ages writing this app and everything
+ 327856 [larsch belun] Excel treats 34 and 34.00 as the same number (and Ruby treat 34.0 and
+ 327857 [keeperotphon] This looks like a formatting problem.  I don't have an answer for you, but
  327858 [hannes.wyss ] Jim, Victor,
  327864 [igsnhelp rub] Thanks ever so much for the replies.
  327877 [rick.denatal] Might I suggest is that the real moral is that the community is much more
  327878 [igsnhelp rub] Uh, get off your moral high horse Rick.
  327894 [rick.denatal] All I'm suggesting is that I see lots of questions like your initial post
  327906 [igsnhelp rub] And if all you were trying to do was to make a suggestion (and not sound
  328030 [igsnhelp rub] Alright, I had a couple of emails overnight agreeing (quite politely)

^ calling class method from instance ..
327561 [wbsurfver gm] I was puzzled on this but figured out a way to do it. Figured I'd post
+ 327576 [robert.dober] IMHO this call syntax is optimal, because agnostic to the class name.
+ 327584 [bbxx789_05ss] class Test
| 327600 [rick.denatal] That's fine unless you want to, say, override the class method in a subclass
| 327607 [robert.dober] Good point, but there is another issue here.
+ 327618 [mike.gold.44] I think Object#class is something to be avoided in most cases.  Frankly

^ Regexp ops: get rid of !=~?
327566 [gary.yngve g] The proper way to see if something doesn't match is
+ 327683 [b.candler po] The problem here is ~/bar/
+ 327685 [b.candler po] irb(main):001:0> Regexp.class_eval{undef_method :~}

^ regex to escape special characters
327568 [jgarvin.list] I've got the following string...
+ 327570 [rmagick gmai] irb shows you the result using p, which escapes special characters in
| 327571 [jgarvin.list] Oh, fer cryin' out loud.  Case of the mondays it is.  Thanks.
+ 327574 [badboy heart] you know Regexp.escape ?
  327631 [tomcloyd com] Yikes...thanks for the reminder. I always seem to find 6 hard ways to do

^ Sanity check on File.dirname
327578 [djberg96 gma] I need a quick sanity check.
327653 [pit.capitain] Dan, they differ if the path isn't nested deeply enough, for example

^ String#split "feature"
327583 [gary.yngve g] (in ruby 1.8.6...)
+ 327586 [bbxx789_05ss] =====
| 327587 [Rob AgileCon] Interestingly, this feature is described in String#scan, but the ri
+ 327599 [fred lacave.] It's quite useful.  Note that you can always use non-capturing groups

^ Ruby 1.9 one-click installer - or at least stable binary for windows?
327589 [Aldric Giaco] I read from the official Ruby 1.9.1 thread that none of the devs use
327625 [luislavena g] On Feb 10, 7:18=A0pm, Aldric Giacomoni <"aldric[remove]"@trevoke.net>
327677 [Aldric Giaco] Thank you Luis - I'm still very new to reading newsgroups and I'm using

^ Counting Occurrences of a String in an Array
327594 [shrouded.sho] I'm pretty new to Ruby, and I've been trying to figure out the best
+ 327595 [rodrigo.berm] Sounds like greping !
+ 327596 [dblack rubyp] array.map {|str| str.count('a') }
+ 327597 [fred lacave.] When you need to map elements of an array to another array, the method
+ 327598 [TimHunter nc] irb(main):008:0> a = ["aaa", "aab", "abb", "bbb"]

^ GC and Threads
327601 [james graypr] * Ruby can GC a Thread that has run to completion if you no longer
+ 327602 [james graypr] Actually, this is difficult to judge.  For example, this script has =20
| 327606 [vjoel path.b] Btw, this is the same as
+ 327611 [ninja slapha] Not sure.
  327617 [james graypr] It seems this is at least somewhat true.  See the script I posted

^ how to do the recursion
327610 [chen_li3 yah] In order to study recursion, I want to change a decimal number into a
+ 327613 [pjb informat] This is a local variable.  It won't cross recursive call boundaries!
+ 327619 [w_a_x_man ya] If you found Pascal's code somewhat puzzling, let me explain.
| + 327620 [chen_li3 yah] Thank you for your rubyish code.
| | + 327621 [cmdicely gma] Ruby doesn't really have "functions", as such, but methods of the
| | + 327641 [w_a_x_man ya] That line is not complete by itself.  The following lines provide
| + 327622 [chen_li3 yah] When you define method dec_to_binary, you pass two parameters.
| | + 327640 [w_a_x_man ya] I told dec_to_binary to use the default value [] for result
| | + 327656 [pjb informat] That's possible because we specified a default value of some of these parameters.
| |   327682 [chen_li3 yah] Thanks for the explanation. But I wonder which page in the PickAxe
| + 327624 [pjb informat] Indeed.  But at least, I write _ruby_ code in c.l.r.
|   327644 [w_a_x_man ya] Don't hesitate to post Commune Lisp solutions to problems presented
+ 327686 [matt harpsta] The main idea behind recursion is that we break a problem into a
  327701 [chen_li3 yah] Thank you very much. Your explanation is so sweet!

^ Ruby0 was Re: ruby interpreter written in ruby..
327615 [john.carter ] I strongly agree with you, what you have been doing _is_ very

^ redefining @my_attr=
327626 [mike.cahill ] I want to write a generic validator that ensures an attr value is in a
+ 327628 [james.britt ] The connection between a method foo=(val) and some instance variable
+ 327693 [rick.denatal] No, not in general.  @attrib = value involves a primitive assignment

^ entertainmaint
327630 [ugarugar gma] ...

^ How to reduce your electricity bill
327632 [jwestinghous] How to reduce your electricity bill
327635 [zznmeb gmail] computer room when I hit "CTL-ALT-PageDown". Does that help?

^ unsubcribe
327634 [tom_hoffer y] unsubscribe
327729 [koleenschoon] I just had a question about where and why you use Ruby=2C because I'm doing=
+ 327734 [stefan.klecu] ry
+ 327735 [gregory.t.br] Do not highjack threads.  Start a new post rather than replying to an

^ interval based program
327636 [balavrscse g] I am newbie to Ruby Programming Language. I want to send mail to

^ Problem with mysql gem installation
327638 [ubernoobs gm] doing work with actual web applications. My server, setup in Debian

^ simple class question
327645 [tomcloyd com] Tonight I'm exploring the problem of tossing a value at a class instance
+ 327657 [shortcutter ] There is no problem - other than probably that you do not yet know
| 327659 [tomcloyd com] God help me. I had NO idea about this "#send" business. None. Everything
+ 327661 [bbxx789_05ss] I think you should have got 99.  You called the method t2=(), and t2=()
| 327664 [tomcloyd com] Thanks much for your thoughts. You added some material I didn't see (or
| 327666 [bbxx789_05ss] I'm a ruby beginner too.
+ 327681 [b.candler po] Just to make it clear, although you probably realise by now: you're not

^ FixNum#times is correct?
327646 [ibc aliax.ne] aXJiPiA1LnRpbWVzIHt8aXwgcHV0cyBpfQowCjEKMgozCjQKNQoKCklzIGl0IHRoZSBleHBlY3Rl
+ 327647 [ben bleythin] irb(main):005:0> 5.times {|i| puts i}
| 327650 [ibc aliax.ne] Ops, my IRB configuration is not helping me :)
+ 327648 [stefano.croc] The 5 you see is the return value of 5.times, which irb displays as it does=
+ 327649 [alex simonov] Haha!