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Watir is acting retarded
326957 [rabbitblue@g] This...
+ 327002 [tendonstreng] I am having this exact same problem, and it just started yesterday. I
| 327005 [tendonstreng] Charley Baker (Watir lead developer) had the solution to this in the
| 327014 [rabbitblue@g] That helped. But now I am seeing this...
| 327016 [tendonstreng] Daniel, I think you and I are leading parallel lives. I saw the same
| 327049 [rabbitblue@g] I've always used Watir::IE.start(string).
| 327051 [tendonstreng] That should work as far as I know. You might want to post this question
| + 327053 [tomcloyd@co ] May I humbly suggest that we use another adverb?
| + 327055 [rabbitblue@g] Ah... I'm the retard I guess. Brian, your suggestion did work (thank
|   327082 [tomcloyd@co ] Daniel and other,
+ 327056 [djberg96@gm ] win32-api 1.3.0 or later
  327057 [rabbitblue@g] Duly noted. Installing Watir installed all those things (plus a few

Return actual files only not directories, using Pathname..
326959 [draygen80@gm] I'm very new to Ruby, but I'm learning pretty quickly ..What i'm trying to
+ 326966 [gregory.t.br] Use Pathname.glob
| 326971 [sascha.abel@] You will have to be cautious with this one though, since a directory
+ 326967 [botp@de mo t] #  I'd like to use Pathname,=20

Re: Return actual files only not directories, using Pathname
326965 [bbxx789_05ss] FileList?  I can't find anything in the ruby docs about FileList.
326993 [james@gr yp ] It's part of Rake.

Tcl execution by ruby?
326969 [tuky42@ho ma] is there anyway to run Tcl from Ruby??
+ 326973 [fox@ns l. su] Depends on what you mean run Tcl from Ruby.  If you mean run a Tcl
| 327079 [tuky42@ho ma] Sure thing Ron I'm working on a project which migrate tcl framework onto
| + 327406 [nagai@ai ky ] Ruby/TkORCA (http://www.dumbo.ai.kyutech.ac.jp/~nagai/RubyTk/?RubyTkORCA)
| + 327438 [fox@ns l. su] Well I'm probably being a heretic here, but had you investigated the
+ 327025 [nagai@ai ky ] require 'tk'
  327081 [tuky42@ho ma] Thx Hidetoshi I'm trying with your solution on rails but I've some
  327407 [nagai@ai ky ] As you like. And use fullpath of the tcl file.

connecting to an oracle database
326974 [r.grosmann@g] I have problems connection to an oracle database using dbi.
326983 [shortcutter@] Note, I am not using DBI just trying to throw in my 0.02EUR Oracle knowledge.
326984 [r.grosmann@g] The output of DBI.available_drivers is in my first mail. OCI8 is not
326986 [shortcutter@] Please do not top post.
326994 [r.grosmann@g] I am sorry to have made a mess of my code example + output. The output

How to use Sitealizer Web Stats in rails 2.2 version?
326975 [vikasg@af at] Can any one suggest me how to use "Sitealizer Web Stats"
327033 [ryand-ruby@z] pls ask this on the ruby on rails list. it does not belong here.

Array#choice always produce the same sequence
326979 [stefano.croc] I've just stumbled upon a strange behaviour of Array#choice (using ruby 1.8.7-
326980 [stefano.croc] Sorry, hit the "Send" button too soon. Here's the full version
326981 [r.grosmann@g] irb(main):003:0> a = [1, 2, 3, 4]
326988 [stefano.croc] Maybe I wasn't clear in explaining the issue. Within a single irb session (or
327003 [radek.bulat@] ber

Is there something built-in for this ?
326990 [thibaut.barr] def launch(cmd)
327112 [Aldric Giaco] begin
327247 [thibaut.barr] hum -- not sure actually. Is system() supposed to raise a NameError ?
+ 327294 [Aldric Giaco] I have no idea.. I just started a shell, made up a command name which I
+ 327313 [bbxx789_05ss] begin

Bug in SQLite3 Ruby wrapper when results_as_hash=true?
326999 [jdmuys@kl eg] I am in my first days of Ruby, so I may have done something stupid, but my
327032 [ryand-ruby@z] looks like that is intentional. You can access a value by column name
+ 327085 [jdmuys@kl eg] This may be, but it is not documented as such, and it breaks any attempt to
+ 327086 [jdmuys@kl eg] It seems indeed intentional. The Database class uses a [SQL] Statement class,

How To? Set a watch breakpoint on a constant or variable
327013 [byrnejb@ha t] How does one watch a ruby constant or variable in rdebug so that if the

Scrubyt and selecting options
327019 [thebarge@gm ] Has anyone gotten this to work successfully?  When I try to run

Best way to encrypt/decrypt a word
327022 [ruby.student] I have the need to encrypt/decrypt a one word string. The encrypted word
+ 327023 [ibc@al ax ne] Even if the UNIX password is encrypted by the Ruby programm, if an attacker
| 327028 [ruby.student] er
| + 327031 [ibc@al ax ne] Iaki Baz Castillo
| + 327102 [shortcutter@] 2009/2/5 Ruby Student <ruby.student@gmail.com>
|   327118 [ruby.student] We have two AIX (IBM flavor of UNIX) servers, s1 and s2 for argument sake.
+ 327041 [djberg96@gm ] Rotate the password in the file. Remember the rotation level. And
  327042 [petite.abeil] Cheers,
  327047 [eleanor@ga e] Or at the other extreme use OpenSSL. You'll find RSA and DSA examples

Building 1.9.1 as universal binary on OS X
327034 [alex@de et m] I'd like to build the recently released Ruby 1.9.1 as a universal binary
+ 327052 [adam.oddfell] More importantly, what's the output of these commands?
| 327054 [alex@de et m] /Users/alex/bleed/bin/ruby: Mach-O universal binary with 2 architectures
| 328937 [adam.oddfell] Sorry, it took me so long to respond to this. If the 'file' command
+ 327067 [nobu@ru y- a] Universal binary support was very incomplete and has been dropped.

irb and single quoted strings
327036 [byrnejb@ha t] irb(main):002:0> x = '--rails --exclude something_is_not_right
+ 327037 [fred@la av .] It's just the representation.  IRB always shows strings double quoted,
+ 327038 [tim@bu ly os] You have it right, it's just irb that backwacks it in response.
+ 327039 [azimuth-ruby] \ is an escape character for strings. For example, using

[ANN] Full Ruport Book manuscripts now on Github
327048 [gregory.t.br] I'm happy to announce that my friend Chenoa Siegenthaler has converted
327088 [robert.dober] Hmm I got some problems but with the adapted rakefile and new
327103 [gregory.t.br] Looks like we hardcoded the path for image generation.  I won't be
327171 [rick.denatal] Hmmm, I tried myself on OS X Leopard, figuring I might be able to debug the
327172 [gregory.t.br] Thanks for checking it out.
+ 327173 [gregory.t.br] Sorry, that was pretty ambiguous.  I meant, I installed asciidoc
+ 327175 [robert.dober] 98 pages, affirmative, I had not had any time looking into it though :(
  327344 [rick.denatal] I got it to build, with images, and it's 103 pages.
  327348 [rick.denatal] As a follow-up, I forked the git hub repository and added two tasks to the
  327363 [gregory.t.br] Good stuff, I'll definitely pull in convert_all.   I might try to find
  327379 [rick.denatal] Okay the url is now
  327382 [robert.dober] Great job Rick! Just one question, would this patch for the Rakefile be useful?
  327384 [gregory.t.br] Yeah I plan to do that :)
  327394 [rick.denatal] I actually had it that way at first, but decided to not change too much at

Recursive directory rename problem
327050 [gregg@yo s. ] - trying to standardize on a naming convention for all of my
327075 [mike.gold.44] Dir.entries is not recursive; you want 'find'.  But it has to be a

Fixing Watir Problem, was Re: Watir is acting retarded
327058 [bpettichord@] Daniel,
327074 [djberg96@gm ] Wouldn't hurt I suppose. It would probably be less confusing.
327849 [bpettichord@] Daniel,

sqlite3/activer record permissions problem (no ror)
327059 [ddjolley@gm ] I'm using Ruby and ActiveRecord in a web environment (no ror). The
327099 [wpdster@gm i] My guess is that the sqlite database is owned by root (or by anybody other
327128 [ddjolley@gm ] Unfortunately, the database is owned by 'apache' and assigned to the
327138 [ddjolley@gm ] FWIW, I just got this working by making the directory that contains the
327303 [jeremy@hi eg] That would be because sqlite needs write permissions to the directory so it may

Method Precedence
327060 [aeldaly@gm i] class Example
+ 327061 [phlip2005@gm] When the compiler first encountered Example, it plugged one() and the outer
| 327063 [julian@co et] FYI, it's not a compiler, it's an interpreter.
| 327065 [phlip2005@gm] The terms "compiler" and "interpreter" have never been exclusive - ask a Lisper!
| 327072 [julian@co et] Ah, okay. So Ruby is a compiled language is it?
+ 327062 [julian@co et] What happens when you call the one method is it redefines the two
| 327064 [aeldaly@gm i] I'm doing this as a learning experiment. I would have thought that
| + 327066 [phlip2005@gm] Yes - always think of the interpreter like a text caret skipping thru the
| + 327068 [julian@co et] No
| + 327069 [julian@co et] Yeah, it's as if you opened the class and redefined two... you're right.
| + 327071 [pjb@in or at] Yes.
+ 327070 [lists@be tr ] In case you just want to influence the e object, say
| 327073 [julian@co et] Yeah that's a much better way to do it than instance_eval!
| 327076 [aeldaly@gm i] Thank you all for a very informative thread.
+ 327105 [mike.gold.44] def inside def: "It's undocumented and should not be used nor touched."

Re: Watir is acting
327080 [tomcloyd@co ] meaning? (I know the word, but your usage seem obscure to me, so I don't

Offre tres interressante
327089 [succes344@gm] Bonjour

regex \s == \n???
327090 [tomcloyd@co ] I'm trying to remove extra spaces from a long string which has some
+ 327091 [stefano.croc] According to "The Ruby Programming Language", \s is equivalent to " \t\n\r\f".
+ 327092 [rubytalk@ch ] Tom,
| + 327093 [tomcloyd@co ] Stefano, Joe - thank you! I'm only just getting into regex, so I get
| | 327094 [dblack@ru yp] a.gsub(/[^\S\n]+/, " ")
| | 327174 [tomcloyd@co ] Thanks, David. I continue to be amazed by the depth of your knowledge,
| + 327109 [julian@co et] Can't you use squeeze?
|   327139 [mark@th ma z] Best idea yet. Might as well use a built-in, rather than reinventing
|   327143 [dblack@ru yp] ...
|   327160 [s.korteling@] Is that a 1.9.1 change? In 1.8.6 String#squeeze squeezes everything if
|   327162 [dblack@ru yp] Sorry, my mistake. It does squeeze everything.
|   327189 [julian@co et] Sorry, forgot the " " argument
+ 327095 [mark@th ma z] A newline is a whitespace char. \s is the same as [ \t\r\n\f]. If you

Does something like pty for windows ?
327097 [zhujie2003in] In my work, I often have to control applications running on

Equivalent of  "click_no_wait" using win32ole and threads?
327098 [mbaruah@sp k] I have a watir script to download few files. In the script I am

Question - looking for library to use for query like code?
327106 [mmc_collins@] Can this be done with Ruby? (this may be a shot in the dark)
+ 327115 [jdmuys@kl eg] cars = hash.new
+ 327116 [james@gr yp ] Anything can be done with Ruby.  ;)
+ 327121 [w_a_x_man@ya] data =3D Hash.new {|h,k| h[k] =3D []}

ruby win32api call getMenuItemInfo
327107 [tedbaker@gm ] I have successfully managed to implement the following apis
330811 [dooby@d1 .k ] Very late reply.

strange arrayfields behaviour
327111 [jdmuys@kl eg] Here is a counterintuitive behaviour of the arrayfields.rb module.

iterating over two arrays simultaneously
327117 [jdmuys@kl eg] James' solution to the previous question being so much better than mine (which I
+ 327119 [martindemell] array1.zip(array2) {|i,j| print "#{i} = #{j}\n"}
+ 327120 [james@gr yp ] I think your solution was just fine.
  327124 [jdmuys@kl eg] Yes indeed, quite a lot. Thanks to both of you.

Dynamically create an unknown number of arrays
327122 [shandybleu@y] I need to create an unknow number of arrays on the fly (could be 1 array
+ 327127 [shortcutter@] You can say, or rather: write, that - but the effect would be
| 327133 [shandybleu@y] I have done some digging around and this is what I have written down on
+ 327131 [bbxx789_05ss] apple, banana, strawberry
  327134 [bbxx789_05ss] Whoops.  No quotes around regex's in ruby, and that regex doesn't work

[QUIZ] Mathematical Image Generator (#191)
327126 [yahivin@gm i] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
+ 327140 [sander.land@] The link to the example output is dead.
| 327153 [yahivin@gm i] My explanation of function depth is also somewhat confusing. If anyone
+ 327338 [alex@de et m] I think for a pure speed competition, we'd need a standard set of
+ 327603 [njus@la sh u] This is my first quiz submission. Any comments appreciated.

Special Hash Constructors
327129 [shortcutter@] we frequently do
+ 327136 [cmdicely@gm ] Rather than making class methods on Hash to create special hashes like
+ 327188 [julian@co et] ha = {}
+ 327195 [overlord@gm ] Why not
| + 327199 [micathom@gm ] I personally would appreciate a special constructor for Arrays.
| | 327240 [pit.capitain] I often use
| + 327204 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):001:0> def Hash.with_hashes
|   327205 [shortcutter@] Yes, probably.  I'm not religious about the names.  My point was simply=20
+ 327206 [transfire@gm] I've been using the name #autonew for this last one.
  + 327208 [micathom@gm ] default.dup
  | 327257 [overlord@gm ] I think that's special enough to have its own method.
  + 327221 [shortcutter@] Where's the point of the rescue clause?  The error will show up much
    327238 [transfire@gm] Why would the error show later? It is just so one could pass a
    327250 [shortcutter@] The code block is not executed when you invoke Hash.with - hence there
    327262 [overlord@gm ] The difference between the existing and the new generic is the

Recursive parallel readdir() with drb and slave libraries
327130 [john@st ff l] I'm trying to write a ruby script to do a recursive descent, counting up

[ANN] tagz-4.6.0
327141 [ara.t.howard] NAME
327293 [cwdinfo@gm i] p_{

How can an I use nonblocking I/O with openssl?
327144 [rubyforum@gm] I am using ruby's imap library to connect to gmail via ssl.
327145 [tony@me io .] <snowstorm+rubyforum@gmail.com<snowstorm%2Brubyforum@gmail.com>
327169 [tony@me io .] If there's interest I can release Rev's nonblocking SSL support as a
327197 [rubyforum@gm] I am very interested in as I need IMAP ssl to use non-blocking i/o.
327202 [tony@me io .] <snowstorm+rubyforum@gmail.com<snowstorm%2Brubyforum@gmail.com>

eval statement
327146 [runningwild@] Trying to switch a project of mine from python to ruby.  Love ruby so
+ 327148 [badboy@he rt] why do you want to use eval?
| + 327149 [runningwild@] I want my program to run user-supplied ruby code, and eval is the only
| | 327156 [dblack@ru yp] Yes, but what does *that* mean? :-)
| + 327183 [julian@co et] Why is eval evil?
| + 327191 [pjb@in or at] Why are you saying that eval is evil?
|   + 327193 [w_a_x_man@ya] (def  f(e)
|   + 327198 [cmdicely@gm ] Without taking additional special care, restricting eval to the to a
|     327213 [pjb@in or at] Ok. In CL we say EVAL is evil because it cannot do some things, and in
+ 327150 [mike.gold.44] The thing to remember is that local variables are always determined at
| + 327151 [badboy@he rt] be careful when using eval in irb. It can lead to hasty conclusions (is
| + 327158 [dblack@ru yp] Actually it can't tell whether it's a method or a variable, so you
| | 327180 [mike.gold.44] No, that error message comes from rb_method_missing(), i.e., it was
| | 327181 [mike.gold.44] Or even better,
| | 327184 [dblack@ru yp] []
| | + 327203 [tomcloyd@co ] That's known as "state dependent learning" (but maybe you already know
| | + 327242 [mike.gold.44] Yes, in 1.9 the local table is inside the parser, and a new parser is
| |   327267 [dblack@ru yp] I'll stop trying to make that particular point, which is simpler than
| + 327295 [albertschlef] Yeah. That's why debuggers list local varibales even before we arrive at
|   + 327325 [mike.gold.44] I can't pinpoint where the misunderstanding is.  The _contents_ of 'a=2'
|   + 327328 [dblack@ru yp] if false
+ 327152 [gwtmp01@ma .] Because eval creates a new nested scope rather than sharing the
  327157 [runningwild@] Ok, I see that now, good to know.  Now I have another question.  I want
  327168 [cmdicely@gm ] You can get a binding from any object that has a method to tell you
  327170 [runningwild@] Interesting.  Someone else has shown me a similar way of getting a fresh
  327182 [cmdicely@gm ] The code being eval'd can, as I understand, do anything that a method

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327154 [ cb1@1d s. n] Unlimited Wii Downloads! Wii Games, Wii Music & Much More!

Eurionize - something PDF::Writer and PostScript libs might like
327155 [djberg96@gm ] In short it marks a postscript doc so that it can't be copied by most

NVHOST Website Design & Custom Programming Supports Cancer Charities
327159 [shopbeenvied] NVHOST.com wants to make the world a better place! We will donate 10%

is this an issue for a Ruby installation process (warning: assignment  discards qualifiers from pointer target type)????
327163 [greg.hauptma] I'm on RedHat linux and installing Ruby but do get several warnings
+ 327178 [TimHunter@nc] It's just a warning. Depending on the gcc options you use you get more
+ 327179 [TimHunter@nc] It's just a warning. Depending on the gcc options you use you get more

can not install RubyGems (uninitialized constant YAML::Syck::DefaultLoader  (NameError))
327164 [greg.hauptma] I think I've upset my ruby/gems on my Redhat Linux box (I did an