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^ What kind of inheritance is that?
326771 [grabber gmai] class HTTPServer < ::WEBrick::GenericServer
326773 [micathom gma] class A

^ Hpricot parsing problems
326781 [samthng luuk] I would like to get only post content of forum page without any banners

^ ANN: Sequel 2.10.0 Released
326785 [code jeremye] Sequel is a lightweight database access toolkit for Ruby.
+ 326800 [charles.nutt] Very nice, congrats. And a very nice release announcement too :)
+ 326806 [james.britt ] Very cool!  Thanks for the hard work.

^ ADO.rb
326794 [jschroeder g] websites point me to using 'DBI' but there is a glitch mentioned about
326804 [jonbrenner g] [16:44]jon:~/Downloads/dbi-0.2.2$ find . -name ADO.rb
326809 [jschroeder g] Thanks so much - I thought I was going nuts there for a moment. The
328367 [leslieviljoe] Does anyone know if ADO is being phased out or something? It took me ages to

^ Which File Classto use
326797 [devrubygem g] I am new to Ruby and would like to create a small project that deals
326824 [julian coret] Best thing to do is build your program one step at a time. Pick one
326838 [devrubygem g] Thanks!!! Im guessing I can create an array of those iterations? I see

^ Call a Function
326803 [jas.shelton ] =20
+ 326805 [sepp2k googl] Object#send is the method you want. It takes a method name (follows by a list
| 326823 [julian coret] Wouldn't you have to pass in the calling context (self from the
| 326850 [sepp2k googl] self from the callers pov is also self from send's pov if you invoke it=20
+ 326807 [matt moss.na] Convert the string to a symbol and send it to the appropriate object.
| + 326811 [dominikho gm] That isn't even necessary, sending a string works just as fine.
| | 326816 [matt moss.na] Yeah, after the fact, I tried it like you say. For some reason, I had
| | 326818 [dblack rubyp] The documentation is misleading; it specifies the argument as a
| + 326812 [dblack rubyp] No need to convert it. send will take a string.
+ 326810 [jonbrenner g] Use "eval".
  326813 [dominikho gm] No, please do not.

^ Hpricot 'emptyelem'?
326808 [tmcdowell gm] So I require hpricot, open-uri, and net/http in IRB. I type this bit of
326814 [tmcdowell gm] Ok so I fixed the issue.

^ stupid mkmf
326820 [alex.katebi ] The mkmf gets the list of C source files to be used for the shared library
326828 [radek.bulat ] $srcs =3D [
326862 [alex.katebi ] 2009/2/3 Rados=B3aw Bu=B3at <radek.bulat@gmail.com>
326885 [radek.bulat ] .c]
326886 [vjoel path.b] What ever happened to mkrf?

^ exifr - Ruby EXIF reading library
326821 [benjohn fysh] It's splendid, and highly recommended as absolutely as simple as can be,
326847 [roberto REMO] What about using mini_exiftool? Apart from the fact that it is just a wrapper
326869 [benjohn fysh] Well, I didn't need any of that :-) I'm sure the tool you mention is also

^ RProperties 0.0.1 Released
326831 [tjnogueira o] The first release of RProperties is on the RubyForge now on
326856 [peter rubyra] Great! But I don't really get the advantage of RProperties over built in
326859 [tjnogueira o] You are completly right Peter!
326868 [dominikho gm] I doubt that people coming from Java will discover the beauty of Ruby
326879 [tjnogueira o] Dominik,
326881 [tjnogueira o] "...

^ Net/HTTP get
326832 [tmcdowell gm] doc = Hpricot(open("http://redhanded.hobix.com/index.html"))
326834 [mark thomasz] http.get(URI.parse(img['src']))

^ URI.parse errors!
326836 [tmcdowell gm] resp = Net::HTTP.get(URI.parse("http:#{img['src']}"))
+ 326853 [fox nscl.msu] What are the contents of img['src']... do they include the leading
+ 326867 [dominikho gm] ri/common.rb:436:in

^ Method.new - why not?
326841 [djberg96 gma] Just a random thought that I think was inspired by several people on
+ 326844 [julian coret] File.method(:foreach)
+ 326848 [robert.dober] Not stupid at all. I would even suggest that we do not bind methods to
+ 326877 [matz ruby-la] I don't think the idea itself is stupid at all, but I am afraid that
  326937 [julian coret] There's nothing to stop him writing a new class, say Message, that

^ RubyCocoa and Mac System Icons
326855 [tom.medhurst] I am trying to create an NSImage which contains the system kComputer
328943 [adam.oddfell] First off, since in Ruby all constants begin with a capital letter, all
329028 [tom.medhurst] Thanks for looking into this for me!
329219 [adam.oddfell] On my machine, the constant is kComputerIcon, not kComputer, and yes, it
331091 [tom.medhurst] precious Mac for a couple of weeks (it's been tough! :))
331114 [adam.oddfell] Ok, my final suggestion then is to try using 1919905652 instead of

^ Using a Class (not an instance) into threads
326858 [ibc aliax.ne] uses a Class instead of an instance, and that class has lots of
326871 [coder68 yaho] This is not an example of a "singleton class".  It is merely a class
+ 326872 [ibc aliax.ne] Thanks for pointing it out.
| 326883 [shortcutter ] Actually there is no such thing as a "static method". This term
| + 326905 [ibc aliax.ne] charset="iso-8859-1"
| | 326914 [shortcutter ] I did not look too closely but it seems that the shared state is used
| | 326919 [ibc aliax.ne] IP
| | 326989 [ibc aliax.ne] ass
| | + 326997 [shortcutter ] lass
| | + 327077 [overlord gmx] I don't quite understand that question. Classes are instances, too. And
| |   + 327078 [julian coret] Think when he said shared state he actually meant shared code. Maybe =20
| |   | 327083 [shortcutter ] No, shared state was meant as we are talking about class attributes.
| |   | 327084 [julian coret] LOL yeah,I know
| |   + 327087 [ibc aliax.ne] Exactly, but in my case, if I'd use objects then I would need
| |     327100 [julian coret] What do you mean by faster? For who?
| |     327101 [ibc aliax.ne] class MyClass
| |     327110 [julian coret] LOL yeah I know this, but what did faster mean in that context? More =20
| + 326924 [coder68 yaho] Yes.. sorry about "static" getting in there.. I come from C++ and my
+ 326874 [ibc aliax.ne] Math is a module and its methods are written as Ruby C extensions. Is

^ Recommendation for Ruby 1.9.1 gem compatibility
326863 [nwiger gmail] I just wanted to share this commit I saw from Passenger for Ruby 1.9.1

^ command-line option parsing.. Windows style? '/' instead of '-'
326873 [Aldric Giaco] I installed the commandline gem (

^ Is This Normal?
326888 [alex.katebi ] When I reply to ruby-talk I get an extra copy of my reply.
+ 326890 [dominikho gm] Define "extra copy". How many emails of yourself do you get? One or
+ 326891 [ben bleythin] You're not really getting two copies of your reply, it's an artifact
| + 326892 [dominikho gm] Okay, forget my prior message then, didn't thought of gmail.
| + 326936 [phlip2005 gm] Or you could hit news:comp.lang.ruby , and apply Post-Here-Read-Here.
+ 326894 [matz ruby-la] If you're using gmail, yes.
| 326898 [alex.katebi ] I am a member of Mysql, Ubuntu and other mailing lists. None of them show
| 326912 [radek.bulat ] ow
| 326913 [dominikho gm] Which would render them rather bad lists. Seriously, I want to see
+ 326896 [radek.bulat ] It caught me to. You can check on http://www.ruby-forum.com/forum/4
+ 326899 [alex.katebi ] test

^ [ANN] RProperties 0.0.2 released
326895 [tjnogueira o] RProperties is a ruby implementation of java properties api.

^ Making object methods available externally
326897 [dthomas53 ho] I'm having trouble figuring out a way of creating a method within a
+ 326900 [Rob AgileCon] class CheesePhrase
| 326901 [dthomas53 ho] Thanks a lot, Rob. Is this really the standard way of implementing
| + 326910 [Rob AgileCon] When you need it, yes. However, it isn't typical that you'd do
| | 326916 [rick.denatal] Ruby does have a method Module#module_function which can be used in cases
| | 327113 [mike.gold.44] To make a minor point, I see this use of module_function often, even in
| + 327265 [overlord gmx] Where do you see the redundancy? Nothing is repeated.
+ 326909 [tjnogueira o] class CheesePhrase
+ 326932 [julian coret] Put "self." in front of the method name in it's definition. This is
| 327046 [dthomas53 ho] Thanks for all the responses, guys.
| + 327114 [shortcutter ] Agreed.
| | 327241 [cmdicely gma] I think that depends on why the method is useful at both places; one
| + 327232 [gregory.t.br] Probably s bit extreme for one method, but say you had 10 you wanted
+ 327230 [rogerpack200] you could do something like

^ Dir.foreach() crash
326902 [bdezonia wis] I continue to have a crash with a script I've written that recurses
+ 326934 [bbxx789_05ss] Forward slashes are dangerous in strings because things like \v are
| 326940 [julian coret] You mean backslashes. Yeah, use File::SEPARATOR or just use explicit
| + 326949 [bbxx789_05ss] Whoops.
| + 326995 [bdezonia wis] All \'s in the script are entered as "\\". Like I said this script
+ 326998 [bbxx789_05ss] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
  327017 [bdezonia wis] Thanks for the pointer. I am not running Rails/Mongrel. Just ruby

^ how can run a rake task via "ruby ...." (i.e. so I can then use debug  features of my IDE)
326904 [greg.hauptma] Know how can run a rake task via "ruby ...." (i.e. so I can then use

^ [ANN] (testing/bdd) Speccify, the lightweight option
326907 [mhennemeyer ] I'm proud to release

^ read this see if we could help each outher out :)
326911 [ali_h313 hot] first you should check out the link that is in this post, i have a

^ Netbeans user : ruby console ?
326915 [Aldric Giaco] Anybody know how to use a Ruby console in the Netbeans application? The
326928 [azimuth-ruby] In the Projects panel, right click on the name of your Ruby based project
+ 326968 [me xinuc.org] works for me to
+ 327030 [Aldric Giaco] Duh! Thanks :) Finally going to get rid of the eternally open command

^ Segmentation Fault while using WEBrick
326918 [azimuth-ruby] charset="iso-8859-1"

^ Gem & Classes
326920 [devrubygem g] I'm confused with the difference between gems and classes. Are they
+ 326921 [ibc aliax.ne] Gems are just a way to package a Ruby library/module, no more.
+ 326922 [perfectly.no] A module serves as namespace or as mixin (essentially
| 326923 [devrubygem g] Okay Cool!! Understood :) Thanks Guys. I need to put in some more Ruby time
+ 326929 [julian coret] Gems are packages of code. Classes are part of how you write code.

^ custom assertion message for unit tests
326925 [oudeis nodom] I'm having trouble trying to figure out how to customize an assertion
+ 326931 [Rob AgileCon] $ ruby -r'test/unit'
| 326938 [oudeis nodom] This is certainly an improvement on my version, but it is not completely
| + 326947 [Rob AgileCon] assert_mode 0755, File.stat(@test_file).mode & 0777
| + 326952 [phlip2005 gm] If I felt the request to take the "" off of "0775" sounded a little petty, this
+ 326939 [phlip2005 gm] assert{ '755' == (File.stat(test_file).mode & 0777).to_s(8) }
+ 326976 [sandor.szuec] Maybe it is not necessary to customize the assertion so much.
| 327006 [wbp nodomain] Tricky, but it works!
+ 327000 [kbloom gmail] All of the standard test/unit assertions let you pass a message to be
  327007 [wbp nodomain] Thanks!  This is just what I was looking for.

^ Building 1.9.1 on Debian Lenny - gcc issue
326944 [hramrach cen] While building ruby 1.9.1 on a Debian Lenny box with gcc4.3 (the
+ 326946 [znmeb cesmai] I just built 1.9.1 successfully with gcc 4.3 on openSUSE 11.1 (64-bit
| 326948 [hramrach cen] It's not that it does not build, it's just that it compiles that
+ 326951 [nobu ruby-la] Use optflags=-O3 instead of default -O2.

^ a simple command that splits up a string into numbers and letters
326953 [nephish gmai] Hey all,
+ 326954 [Rob AgileCon] => ["34", "JKBY", "103"]
+ 326955 [tim burlyhos] I don't know if there's anything out there now (there might be), but it
| 326956 [nephish gmai] sorry, how do i split on a \d+ ?
| + 326960 [dandiebolt y] This is pretty close to what you want except for the first null
| + 326961 [tim burlyhos] <please don't quote signatures>
|   326962 [tim burlyhos] Also, remember, there are several ways to do this.  You can use an
+ 326958 [dandiebolt y] I got it on the first try with this split!
  326963 [nephish gmai] way cool, thanks, all
  326964 [dandiebolt y] => ["a", ",", "b", ",", "c"]

^ Watir is acting retarded
326957 [rabbitblue g] This...
+ 327002 [tendonstreng] I am having this exact same problem, and it just started yesterday. I
| 327005 [tendonstreng] Charley Baker (Watir lead developer) had the solution to this in the
| 327014 [rabbitblue g] That helped. But now I am seeing this...
| 327016 [tendonstreng] Daniel, I think you and I are leading parallel lives. I saw the same
| 327049 [rabbitblue g] I've always used Watir::IE.start(string).
| 327051 [tendonstreng] That should work as far as I know. You might want to post this question
| + 327053 [tomcloyd com] May I humbly suggest that we use another adverb?
| + 327055 [rabbitblue g] Ah... I'm the retard I guess. Brian, your suggestion did work (thank
|   327082 [tomcloyd com] Daniel and other,
+ 327056 [djberg96 gma] win32-api 1.3.0 or later
  327057 [rabbitblue g] Duly noted. Installing Watir installed all those things (plus a few

^ Return actual files only not directories, using Pathname..
326959 [draygen80 gm] I'm very new to Ruby, but I'm learning pretty quickly ..What i'm trying to
+ 326966 [gregory.t.br] Use Pathname.glob
| 326971 [sascha.abel ] You will have to be cautious with this one though, since a directory
+ 326967 [botp delmont] #  I'd like to use Pathname,=20

^ Re: Return actual files only not directories, using Pathname
326965 [bbxx789_05ss] FileList?  I can't find anything in the ruby docs about FileList.
326993 [james graypr] It's part of Rake.

^ Tcl execution by ruby?
326969 [tuky42 hotma] is there anyway to run Tcl from Ruby??
+ 326973 [fox nscl.msu] Depends on what you mean run Tcl from Ruby.  If you mean run a Tcl
| 327079 [tuky42 hotma] Sure thing Ron I'm working on a project which migrate tcl framework onto
| + 327406 [nagai ai.kyu] Ruby/TkORCA (http://www.dumbo.ai.kyutech.ac.jp/~nagai/RubyTk/?RubyTkORCA)
| + 327438 [fox nscl.msu] Well I'm probably being a heretic here, but had you investigated the
+ 327025 [nagai ai.kyu] require 'tk'
  327081 [tuky42 hotma] Thx Hidetoshi I'm trying with your solution on rails but I've some
  327407 [nagai ai.kyu] As you like. And use fullpath of the tcl file.

^ connecting to an oracle database
326974 [r.grosmann g] I have problems connection to an oracle database using dbi.
326983 [shortcutter ] Note, I am not using DBI just trying to throw in my 0.02EUR Oracle knowledge.
326984 [r.grosmann g] The output of DBI.available_drivers is in my first mail. OCI8 is not
326986 [shortcutter ] Please do not top post.
326994 [r.grosmann g] I am sorry to have made a mess of my code example + output. The output

^ How to use Sitealizer Web Stats in rails 2.2 version?
326975 [vikasg aflat] Can any one suggest me how to use "Sitealizer Web Stats"
327033 [ryand-ruby z] pls ask this on the ruby on rails list. it does not belong here.

^ Array#choice always produce the same sequence
326979 [stefano.croc] I've just stumbled upon a strange behaviour of Array#choice (using ruby 1.8.7-
326980 [stefano.croc] Sorry, hit the "Send" button too soon. Here's the full version
326981 [r.grosmann g] irb(main):003:0> a = [1, 2, 3, 4]
326988 [stefano.croc] my
327003 [radek.bulat ] ber

^ Is there something built-in for this ?
326990 [thibaut.barr] def launch(cmd)
327112 [Aldric Giaco] begin
327247 [thibaut.barr] hum -- not sure actually. Is system() supposed to raise a NameError ?
+ 327294 [Aldric Giaco] I have no idea.. I just started a shell, made up a command name which I
+ 327313 [bbxx789_05ss] begin

^ Bug in SQLite3 Ruby wrapper when results_as_hash=true?
326999 [jdmuys kleeg] I am in my first days of Ruby, so I may have done something stupid, but my
327032 [ryand-ruby z] looks like that is intentional. You can access a value by column name
+ 327085 [jdmuys kleeg] This may be, but it is not documented as such, and it breaks any attempt to
+ 327086 [jdmuys kleeg] It seems indeed intentional. The Database class uses a [SQL] Statement class,

^ Re: Integration/Antidifferentiation Program
327011 [thedickster ] Hey, has anyone successfully created a program with Ruby that uses
327024 [znmeb cesmai] I'm not sure what you mean by Ruby "using" maxima. Maxima is a
327035 [thedickster ] By "using" maxima, I mean accessing maxima via a pipe in Ruby. I am
+ 327043 [micathom gma] AFAIK the maxima gui itself passes the code on to an inferior lisp
+ 327045 [znmeb cesmai] There are a number of web apps that do this sort of thing -- live math
  327123 [thedickster ] For reinventing the wheel...the best candidate for copying is WMI (uses
  327125 [znmeb cesmai] Sage is an outstanding project, even though it is written in Python. :)