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^ Win32 Binary errors
326369 [azimuth-ruby] specified
326379 [luislavena g] so
326458 [azimuth-ruby] You can get binaries of PDCurses, GDBM, OpenSSL, readline and Zlib at
326470 [ed.odanow wo] I also cannot reach this. Trying to "ping" ( leads to
326471 [eban os.rim.] The hard disk was crashed two days ago.
326473 [phasis gmail] For the time being, you can download the required dll files at

^ Rubinius  -  What happenig ?
326385 [bartee gmail] No news on this for a year...
326390 [gregory.t.br] No.

^ rake db:migrate not working
326392 [rfsllc gmail] I keep getting access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using
326395 [phlip2005 gm] This is a Rails question (Ruby is a language) - further discussion belongs on
326397 [rfsllc gmail] Sorry new to ruby and rails...just learning it all. I tried that and I
326399 [phlip2005 gm] mysql -uroot -p
326404 [rfsllc gmail] i took out the password in the database.yml file and now it says that my
326441 [rfsllc gmail] BUMP
326443 [phlip2005 gm] No bump: Post a new, complete request to the Ruby on Rails Talk forum at Google

^ parentheses for expression over multiple lines (was: global generator of unique symbols)
326396 [thomas faun.] Totally agreed :-)
326401 [matt moss.na] True; I understood what you were getting at... But I think, perhaps,

^ ruby string question
326402 [lyon2003 lyc] Is it possible to modify an existing ruby string without creating a new
+ 326403 [robert.dober] yes
| 326406 [lyon2003 lyc] irb(main):005:0> x = "string"
| 326408 [robert.dober] Yup, I thought this was back-ported to 1.8.7 my error.
+ 326413 [jgabrielygal] => "first string"
| 326420 [lyon2003 lyc] Just what I needed.
+ 326538 [julian coret] x.delete!(x) << "new value"
+ 326539 [micathom gma] I could be totally wrong but IMHO you're asking for two different

^ [SUMMARY] Gathering Ruby Quiz 2 Data (#189)
326410 [yahivin gmai] This quiz was an exercise in Web Scraping
326422 [james graypr] Great summary Daniel.  You've got the new quiz off to a great start.

^ Array#to_h
326412 [rogerpack200] Not that I would find it useful at all, but is there is a Hash#to_a
+ 326416 [dblack rubyp] Not if it's not useful :-) It might be, though. It's been talked about
| + 326482 [shortcutter ] Or even raise an Exception because Array#to_h expects a nested structure
| + 327137 [micathom gma] a =3D ["a","b","c","d"]
| + 327186 [julian coret] It's fairly trivial, isn't it?
|   327187 [dblack rubyp] Yes, if that's the semantics you want. If you're inclined toward
|   + 327190 [julian coret] Sorry David I've since read the other posts :) there must be SOME good
|   + 327200 [micathom gma] With that constructor at hand, it wouldn't be too difficult to get
|     327220 [dblack rubyp] None of this is hard to do without Array#to_h, but there's still the
+ 326417 [jgabrielygal] => nil
+ 326419 [jballanc gma] - Josh
| 326426 [jcoglan goog] 2009/1/31 Joshua Ballanco <jballanc@gmail.com>
+ 326481 [sean.ohalpin] It's useful in Ruby 1.8.x for those enumerable methods which return arrays, e..g
+ 327104 [transfire gm] The variety of possible good definitions make this hard to define. So
| 327108 [shortcutter ] <snip/>
| 327132 [transfire gm] True, but adding a new method is a "bigger deal" than just adding
| 327147 [shortcutter ] Not for me.
| 327196 [overlord gmx] One can read Robert C. Martin's "Clean Code" for the same advice and
+ 327135 [w_a_x_man ya] irb(main):003:0> Hash[ *[:foo,22, :bar,44] ]

^ OptParse bug?
326414 [rogerpack200] require 'optparse'
326424 [vjoel path.b] vjoel : Joel VanderWerf : path berkeley edu : 510 665 3407
326437 [rogerpack200] So were you saying that having help output like
326438 [vjoel path.b] So, both of the following are issues, right?
326442 [fred lacave.] 0:33 fred@ardberg:/data/ruby/blackops% irb

^ [ANN] UnicodeUtils 1.0.0 - case conversion, normalization and more
326430 [perfectly.no] UnicodeUtils implements Unicode algorithms in pure Ruby code.

^ Its a Free Language
326439 [rubfor recit] An attractive aspect of Ruby is how it is usually presented as agnostic
+ 326446 [dblack rubyp] I particularly like the way the functional/procedural programming
+ 326461 [sean.ohalpin] The power of Ruby does not come from its object-orientation alone -
  326464 [dblack rubyp] At the same time, though, I'd say that object orientation per se
  + 326502 [Rob AgileCon] I think you mean:  "On the gripping hand..."
  + 326568 [eleanor game] I like to think of Ruby as being the English of programming languages.
    + 326569 [caduceass gm] Right, as long as everyone remembers not to scuff their knees on the
    + 326653 [matt technor] English does not borrow from other languages. English follows other
      + 326664 [juan_zanos t] English, unlike other languages, is very consistent and =20
      | + 326691 [phlip2005 gm] "Okay" is a real word. "OK" is an historical bacronym. (The published
      | | 326692 [julian coret] Why does this matter?
      | | + 326693 [phlip2005 gm] ...
      | | + 326765 [vjoel path.b] Ah, the irony.
      | |   326770 [phlip2005 gm] I fixed it for you!
      | + 326843 [tomcloyd com] I propose that we allow 'foots'. to be a subclass of foot - for those of
      + 326677 [rick.denatal] Actually, I'd say quite the opposite, English vocabulary is the result of a
        326678 [gwtmp01 mac.] I'd say that English is more like the Borg.  Resistance is futile.

^ Python to Ruby Tutorial (need collborators)
326447 [rt8396 gmail] I am a Python programmer and a Ruby Nuby. I have not found a guide
+ 326448 [julian coret] some_array.select{|item| item>5}
| + 326449 [rt8396 gmail] Absolutely! Ruby<->Python.
| | + 326450 [matt technor] Bad blood?  Python is one of the few languages I can pick on without
| | | + 326453 [znmeb cesmai] I have no experience with Python, but what I've seen looks OK. I've
| | | | 326455 [phlip2005 gm] I have >2 years flight time with Python, and I try very hard not to add to the
| | | + 326454 [phlip2005 gm] +1
| | |   326457 [rt8396 gmail] Oh crap, i started a frost war!!! :D
| | + 326452 [james.britt ] Completely false.
| |   326469 [robert.dober] Agreed. However Python seems to stand in my way. But that might be my
| |   326490 [rt8396 gmail] OK!, OK! no bad blood then. I was wrong. Don't beat me to death with a
| |   + 326514 [robert.dober] Of course not, just tell us with what you want be beaten to death and
| |   + 326517 [ymendel pobo] How do you propose to organize this?
| |     326676 [rt8396 gmail] I was thinking a Google group, or wiki page, or google site, etc...
| |     326754 [gregory.t.br] I think GitHub sounds good for actual collaboration + A google group
| |     326799 [robert.dober] I copy that.
| |     327194 [rt8396 gmail] Robert, are you trying to capitalize on my name? :D
| |     327214 [robert.dober] Let's see I have mine for 47years and 16 days, and you? ;)
| + 326459 [yaserbuntu g] +1!
+ 326466 [tammo tammo-] there is something on

^ What's the "current" Ruby?
326451 [james.britt ] products were born on it. Today Ruby 1.9 series starts its history as
326456 [phlip2005 gm] Do any of the leading Killer Apps, such as Rails, support 1.9?
326463 [b.candler po] It was pretty easy. Little fundamental changed, but a bunch of new
326477 [tim.pease gm] I like the "stabby proc". Just be careful that you don't poke your eye

^ [ANN] test/spec 0.10, a BDD interface for Test::Unit
326462 [chneukirchen] today I'm releasing test/spec 0.10, a library to do BDD with Test::Unit.
326468 [phlip2005 gm] We use TextMate at work. (This may come as a surprise to those of you who read
326478 [james graypr] Here are the regular expressions we use inside TextMate to find specs
326505 [phlip2005 gm] Thanks! I forwarded them to The Usual Suspects!

^ [ANN] Mocha 0.9.5 released / Ruby 1.9 Compatibility
326472 [jamesmead44 ] Mocha 0.9.5 should be compatible with Ruby 1.9.1 using MiniTest or
+ 326486 [dvdplm gmail] Great news!
+ 326518 [gregory.t.br] woohoo!  We can go back to MiniTest for Prawn on 1.9.1, then :)

^ Q: send_file with Ruby 1.9.1 only works for text files
326479 [mark.watson ] When I use Ruby 1.8.6 my Rails app works fine. Under Ruby 1.9.1 in
+ 326485 [dvdplm gmail] Is webrick part of the standard distribution? (been years since I used it!) Does its tests run?
| 326533 [mark.watson ] !) Does its tests run?
+ 326535 [mark.watson ] def extract_header_and_body(data)

^ Ruby 1.9.1 and Rubygems
326480 [uzimonkey gm] Wanting to play with Ruby 1.9.1, I uninstalled (via apt) all my Ruby
326483 [codeblogger ] Ruby 1.9.1 ships with built-in Rubygems. You do not need to install
+ 326484 [dvdplm gmail] Right, but the question still stands: why on earth is the rubygems installer script attempting something so disruptive?
| 326488 [uzimonkey gm] I have now.
+ 326487 [uzimonkey gm] Wow...  I didn't realize that at all!  Has Rubygems been merged with

^ Ruby 1.9.1, Test/Unit, and EventMachine
326489 [google.com e] I'm trying to install my second gem after updating to Ruby 1.9.1, and
326506 [phlip2005 gm] Reports of Ruby 1.8's death were greatly exaggerated. Go back!

^ How to install, and use "tidy" gem
326491 [ian.hobson n] Ruby newbie here.
+ 326492 [ian.hobson n] Darn message was munged by Thunderbird and yours truly!
+ 326495 [shortcutter ] I'd say you need http://tidy.sourceforge.net/ installed on your system -
  326547 [ian.hobson n] Thanks Robert,
  326558 [m.fellinger ] Please watch out if you are using this in a long-running process, as

^ Remove all class methods via remove_method
326493 [dodeantn hot] how do I remove all my class methods like in the following example? --
326642 [coder68 yaho] dodeantn,

^ Link xampp mysql to Ruby's
326496 [rfsllc gmail] I have xampp running on my computer now and I have mysql working with
326499 [hassan.schro] I don't know what "settings" you're referring to, but you can certainly
326500 [rfsllc gmail] how would you go about doing that.
+ 326503 [hassan.schro] How are you intending to use MySQL? From a stand-along Ruby
+ 326504 [zac zacbrown] You would create some settings file and ask the Ruby mysql handler to use those

^ Could someone please explain the magic in this code
326497 [jds340 gmail] I need to use erb templates so I went to look at the documentation. It
+ 326509 [Rob AgileCon] That's a "here document".  <<-'END_PRODUCT' means to take the
| + 326540 [jds340 gmail] Ok thanks for that, I've got it now.
| + 326541 [jds340 gmail] Rob
+ 326512 [b.candler po] Search for "here document" in

^ What's the Status of Ming?
326498 [rubfor recit] I quite like the idea of developing web sites using Flash created by

^ How to download all mp3 files from this website?
326501 [chen_li3 yah] But I cannot see the link to each mp3 file in the source file. I wonder
+ 326507 [phlip2005 gm] Google "Streamripping" to get an idea for the silly arms race currently in
| 326513 [chen_li3 yah] #Use Ruby script to download a webpage ranging from 15274.html to
+ 326508 [mguterl gmai] mp3scrape may work for your needs.
  326515 [chen_li3 yah] Thank you very much.
  326531 [reid.thompso] try
  326633 [chen_li3 yah] gem install main
  326645 [Reid.Thompso] you need to run
  326650 [chen_li3 yah] Thank you very much.
  326742 [Reid.Thompso] you might have more success at
  326783 [chen_li3 yah] Thanks.

^ Re: Definition of "Support levels", 1.9.1 supported platform
326510 [parasew gmai] and ppc) - for leopard, tiger, panther and also older versions. see the

^ ruby 1.9.1-p0 runner.rb errors on Mac OSX Leopard compile
326519 [parasew gmai] we are currently compiling the packages for the Ruby One-Click Installer
326561 [sandor.szuec] Yesterday I compiled it and `make test' runs without errors.

^ Minor 1.8 <-> 1.9 performance comparison gotcha
326520 [gregory.t.br] the other day talking about how much faster Prawn's examples and tests
326522 [znmeb cesmai] It's been a while since I recompiled either of them, but as long as
+ 326523 [vjoel path.b] Has anyone tried this with ruby?
| 326524 [znmeb cesmai] I have done it, but not recently. It's pretty easy to do. For example,
| + 326528 [vjoel path.b] What about
| | 326536 [znmeb cesmai] That should work. Actually, I need to read the manual -- you don't need
| | 326537 [znmeb cesmai] Essentially, if you're compiling and always running on the same system,
| + 326730 [radek.bulat ] export CFLAGS=3D"-O3 -march=3Dnative -mtune=3Dnative"
|   326884 [znmeb cesmai] Well ... gcc will take the *last* option it sees, so it will use -O2 :(.
+ 326715 [roberto REMO] Last time I tried trunk of 1.9 with llvm-gcc-4.2/4.3, it didn't work.

^ Trying to install curb on OS X Leopard Intel
326521 [sera fhwang.] Anybody ever see this problem? I've tried this using taf2's fork of

^ ANN: Rev 0.2.4, a libev-based event framework, now with Ruby 1.8.7  and 1.9.1 support
326525 [tony medioh.] Rev is a high performance event library for Ruby, based around the libev C

^ Re: how do you install a local gem?
326527 [daniel.gona ] on os x rename filename.gem.tar to filename.gem and install gem install

^ Re: logging 0.9.5
326542 [bahaw yahoo.] Does this work in Rails 2.2.2? I tried actually, but it throwing an
326545 [bahaw yahoo.] Could not find RubyGem bones (>= 2.3.0) (Gem::LoadError)
326577 [tim.pease gm] Odd. Logging does not have a runtime dependency on Mr Bones. However,

^ problem with Hello World test, window shut instantly
326543 [karvboy hotm] after installing Ruby.
+ 326546 [yaserbuntu g] A quick fix: add "gets" to the end of your script. This will make your
+ 326552 [ktuffentsame] On Feb 2, 3:48=A0am, Blackthirteen Blackthirteen <karv...@hotmail.com>
+ 326557 [pjb informat] program
  326685 [julian coret] It's because he's using windows and running it without opening a =20

^ Which behaves correctly, Hpricot or Nokogiri?
326544 [ihatespam ho] I've been considering switching to Nokogiri instead of Hpricot, mostly
+ 326559 [radek.bulat ] It's not valid xml. It should be "Big &amp; small..."
| 326626 [ihatespam ho] output is erroneously missing an "l" but I think that's understood...
+ 326638 [phlip2005 gm] The second one is correct, because &amp; is an encoding, and an XML tool should

^ Quicker finding strings? Alternative for array, hash, set?
326548 [patrick.put ] I've been searching for this information already, but cannot really find
326549 [jgabrielygal] If you are only concerned with lookup time, a hash has amortized O(1)
326550 [patrick.put ] That is impressive indeed! No need for any other containers here I
326560 [shortcutter ] If you do not want to attach information to those words then a Set is
+ 326567 [patrick.put ] Is the implementation "under the hood" the same? That would mean my
| + 326574 [jgabrielygal] # File lib/set.rb, line 64
| | 326576 [patrick.put ] Very clear. I should/could have checked this myself. I'm only using Ruby
| + 326587 [sandor.szuec] Set uses a Hash as storage.
+ 326745 [kbloom gmail] A trie might also be a good idea. Some tries were proposed as solutions
  326752 [shortcutter ] Good idea.  But this is only a realistic option if the trie is

^ Variable declarations on one line
326553 [friscodelros] a="al", b="bob", c="carl"
+ 326556 [dblack rubyp] It's because of the precedence and assignment-order rules. It's read
+ 326562 [pjb informat] (a="al"),(b="bob"),(c="carl")
| 326592 [b.candler po] Probably because the OP's way of initialisation is natural to a C
| 326593 [pjb informat] But C has its own precendence pitfalls.  To be on the safe side,
| + 326602 [dominikho gm] Now that's funny. When I read that I had to remember some funny Ruby
| + 326651 [b.candler po] In my experience, using the comma operator in expressions (especially
| + 326656 [dblack rubyp] To be even safer, avoid being doctrinaire about things like
|   326738 [rick.denatal] By the way, the title of this thread prompts me to point out that there is
+ 326564 [micathom gma] b="bob"
+ 326688 [julian coret] Because a = "one", "two", "three" Is identical to a= ["one", "two",

^ Re: ruby 1.9.1-p0 runner.rb errors on Mac OSX Leopard compil
326563 [parasew gmai] sandor, can you tell us which system you are on and which tests exactly
326565 [sandor.szuec] The system as already mentioned (# Mac OSX 10.5.6 (build 9G55) on a =20
326667 [parasew gmai] i am wondering why you have different errors on your tests that we had

^ Native gem roundup!
326570 [charles.nutt] I'm curious what native gems/extensions people are typically using. In
+ 326573 [rogerpack200] I use mysql, mysqlplus, eventmachine, ruby debug, hitimes, win32-api,
| 326705 [charles.nutt] Thanks for the response!
+ 326575 [cminear secu] For me, they would be FastCGI and ruby-postgres, two more examples of
| 326706 [charles.nutt] Cool, thanks. Are you using ruby-postgres through ActiveRecord itself or
| + 326748 [cminear secu] Just through ActiveRecord.
| + 326760 [ben bleythin] I know you weren't asking me, but I'm using both ruby-postgres and the
+ 326590 [b.candler po] * They interact directly with the Ruby interpreter (e.g. rcov,
| 326707 [charles.nutt] Damn good point...you totally trumped me there. So there's three cases,
| + 326722 [b.candler po] I only use it by default, because there are other gems which have
| + 326741 [james graypr] # == Speed Comparisons
+ 326594 [severus post] I use RUDL or Rubygame (SDL wrappers) to make games;
| 326708 [charles.nutt] I think someone was working on SDL over FFI recently, but I don't
+ 326639 [ryand-ruby z] or they're written to get into ruby internals... I don't quite
| 326709 [charles.nutt] Yeah, that's definitely a third category I totally missed. It's an
| 326711 [ryand-ruby z] Yeah. just depends on the impl's API into itself. ParseTree simply
| 326712 [charles.nutt] I'm still interested in producing a PT-compatible sexp from JRuby's AST,
+ 326654 [tomcloyd com] Charlie,
| + 326663 [justincollin] -Justin
| | 326702 [tomcloyd com] Now, THAT's outright cheating. Worse yet, you probably Googled to find
| + 326704 [charles.nutt] I disagree. I think the people most likely to respond to a mailing-list
|   326842 [tomcloyd com] Ah, Charlie, most interesting. Your population of interest isn't those
|   + 326861 [radek.bulat ] ame }.sort
|   | 326880 [vjoel path.b] $ ruby -e 'p Gem::Specification.list.select {|s| s.extensions.size > 0
|   | 326887 [radek.bulat ] map
|   | 326889 [vjoel path.b] Thanks, that works.
|   | 326903 [shawn42 gmai] s.name}.uniq.sort
|   + 326864 [james graypr] Of those, I believe only ruby-debug and webby are gems.  The rest are
|     326906 [tomcloyd com] Ah, the perils of being a part time programmer. Never quite know what
|     326908 [vjoel path.b] yes, ruby is quite a "gem" (oops!) :)
+ 326689 [jos catnook.] strongtyping, used by html-table. I sent the author a patch that makes it work
| 326710 [charles.nutt] I was unaware of strongtyping...very glad you brought it to my
+ 326926 [adam.oddfell] I use Gosu for game development, which I suppose is a wrapper around the
  326927 [julian coret] How would it be technically possible to do jruby cocoa If the machines
  326933 [adam.oddfell] It wouldn't be, but, so? Who says you can't use JRuby on a Mac?
  326935 [logustus gma] I certainly use JRuby on Mac!
  + 326941 [julian coret] The cocoa objective-c java bridge is deprecated from my understanding,
  | 326950 [logustus gma] I'm not sure about the deprecation, although that typically doesn't
  | 327012 [adam.oddfell] I'm not 100% sure of the low-level mechanisms involved, but I do know
  + 327018 [adam.oddfell] Point conceded that the most important thing is that your app does