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Printing problems with 'spreadsheet' gem
325122 [mr_nice66@ya] I'm using the 'spreadsheet' gem to generate a number of invoices
325140 [hannes.wyss@] Jim,
325143 [mr_nice66@ya] I updated the gem and now it works like a charm.

[FFI] how to bind to a function with variable number of args
325126 [keltia@gm il] I'm looking at ruby-ffi 0.2.0 with MRI 1.8.7 (haven't tried with
325193 [luc@ho k- on] module LibC
+ 325194 [luc@ho k- on] Er, the format string should have obviously been "%s-%d" here, sorry.
+ 325322 [roberto@RE O] module LibC
  325323 [luc@ho k- on] Right. setproctitle is not available on OS X.
  325330 [roberto@RE O] ... and the winner is you :)

Bloc param parens |memo, (a, b)|
325135 [tj@vi io -m ] class String
325139 [gwtmp01@ma .] When you enumerate over a hash you get a series of arrays.  Each array
325152 [tj@vi io -m ] Thanks for the reply! I get it now, just never really took the time to

converting multi-byte strings on Windows?
325141 [indiehead@gm] basically i'm reading in a csv file in Windows and it contains a lot of
325295 [indiehead@gm] think i solved it,

Defining an object constructor that look like [] or {} ...?
325145 [sonny.chee@g] Hey Guys,
+ 325148 [micathom@gm ] You should be able to use
| 325195 [fred@la av .] class Array
+ 325150 [matt@mo s. a] Offhand, I doubt you can use || for this task, but you can use [].
+ 325189 [shortcutter@] No, because you would have to change Ruby's syntax.  See the other

325146 [basma31a@ho ] I have a problem with this command ,when I wont to generate the
325212 [basma31a@ho ] OK thanx I found the problem :)

create copy of array without changing original
325151 [jason.lillyw] Why is it that if I create an array, a = [1,2,3]
+ 325155 [jason.lillyw] I just found method dup.
+ 325156 [tim.pease@gm] a = [1,2,3]
+ 325162 [abhi@OC .B r] b = a points to the same area of memory as a for lists.

325153 [hakeye@gm il] ...

Convert String to Float if and only if the content of the string are  digits
325165 [dannyfiru@gm] Long time reader -- first time poster.  Basically, I have a bunch of
325168 [dannyfiru@gm] er,
325208 [jgabrielygal] First of all I would like to ask you some questions about the design

[Ann Lab419::functional] A stream implementation for Ruby
325166 [robert.dober] Streams are lazily evaluated lists. I have been inspired by James'

First bit of hacked-together code, and not sure where I've gone wrong
325175 [alex.m.mcphe] I'm not quite sure how to help myself learn yet, so here is my mal-
325181 [w_a_x_man@ya] Really?

Ruby/tk: Static text on a terminal window?
325176 [tmcdowell@gm] I haven't been able to find it, but is there a way to handle static text
325215 [nagai@ai ky ] Maybe, I don't understand what you want.
325244 [tmcdowell@gm] Not what I was talking about, but awesome non the less. Thanks a bunch!

open_uri.rb  -- 500 Internal Server Error
325178 [vikasg@af at] I am using 'open-uri' & 'pp' ruby library, to open url and gather some
325199 [badboy@he rt] looks like the aflatune-Webserver throws a 500 error if no User-Agent is

Rake project structure,? good?
325179 [peterk@li in] So more Raking - wanting to divide up projects in subdirs into

Compiling Ruby with MSVC
325183 [comm.renh@gm] Well, I managed to build Ruby latest snapshot with nmake. Now I need

SOAP wsdlDriver doesn't work without soap4r?
325187 [henryjen@zt ] I am trying to access a SOAP web service implemented in Java(I

ruby macro bind conflicts tr1 on msvc9.0
325188 [christoph.he] It seems that the macro bind as defined in trunk/include/ruby/win32.h

Perception System Requires iPhone Developer
325192 [perceptwilli] ???  iPhone Application/Software/Game development

Time Compare
325202 [cyrus_dev@ho] is there any direct comparison function in ruby or in rails for time
325203 [badboy@he rt] now = Time.now
+ 325204 [list.rb@gm i] now = Time.now
| 325924 [shortcutter@] Sorry for interrupting you, but this is not a safe idiom.  Why?
| + 325937 [b.candler@po] Danger danger!!!
| | + 325942 [pjb@in or at] That's the second time today I notice that you are required to use
| | | 325945 [b.candler@po] Only if you had to use them all the time, and put them in the wrong
| | + 325943 [shortcutter@] Thanks for the heads up! Originally I did not have the "and" version
| + 325939 [lists@be tr ] Sorry, Robert, but in the second case the binding is
+ 325205 [s.korteling@] Or put the time objects in a range.
  325724 [jarmo.p@gm i] Since Time uses Comparable, then why not use .between? method
  325802 [albertschlef] (Note that #between includes the boundaries. You have more control when

Dual boot system -- share installed gems
325207 [donn@cm cm .] I have a dual boot computer -- Linux and XP.  There is a shared data
325216 [iwasinnamukn] It's probably possible, and it might seem easier at first but sooner or

Shoes Video Support on Linux
325214 [transfire@gm] When downloading Shoes for Linux I did not see a binary package with
325293 [theyojimbo@g] Considering this: http://help.shoooes.net/Video.html I would say the
+ 325398 [rick.chatter] You need to have libvlc (you didn't mention on which os you are on so
+ 325615 [transfire@gm] It's a pre-compiled binary. When I tried the #video method it gave

1.8.6 OCI binary extension question
325217 [TimHunter@nc] I'm trying to build a new release of RMagick that is compatible with the
325225 [luislavena@g] Well, could work, but is doom to failure.
+ 325226 [TimHunter@nc] Thanks for your reply, Luis. Actually I was thinking about waiting for
| 325324 [luislavena@g] he
+ 325466 [rmagick@gm i] Luis,
  325474 [luislavena@g] Is RMagick2 the name of the extension folder?
  325477 [rmagick@gm i] Thanks for your prompt reply, Luis. With the exception of the .so
  325518 [luislavena@g] rake-compiler is expecting that the name you supply to it is the
  + 325567 [rmagick@gm i] Thanks, Luis. I'm eagerly awaiting the next release.
  + 325568 [rmagick@gm i] (Oops. Forgot to answer your question.)

Re: reading file to list
325218 [xahlee@gm il] comp.lang.lisp,comp.lang.scheme,comp.lang.functional,comp.lang.python,comp.lang.ruby
+ 325219 [xahlee@gm il] (defun read-lines (file)
| 325220 [xahlee@gm il] (defun read-lines (file)
+ 325223 [address.good] *Of course* Xah is wrong, as always.
| + 325230 [xahlee@gm il] On Jan 17, 12:30 pm, Andr Thieme <address.good.until.
| | 325233 [address.good] IO.readlines("blob.txt").map{|line| line.split.map{|s| s.to_i }}
| | 325241 [xahlee@gm il] the issue here, is not about whether Ruby has nested map or not. It is
| + 325292 [w_a_x_man@ya] That fails when numbers are separated by more than one space.
| | + 325298 [address.good] I somehow don”Ēt believe you :-)
| | | 325314 [sepp2k@go gl] fibs = Hash.new {|h,k| h[k] = h[k-1] + h[k-2]}.merge(0=>0, 1=>1)
| | + 329419 [shortcutter@] File.readlines("blob.txt").map{|line| line.scan(/\d+/).map{|s| s.to_i }}
| + 329037 [w_a_x_man@ya] java.lang.Exception: Unable to resolve symbol: reader in this context
+ 325251 [xahlee@gm il] Nice (python code).
+ 329310 [nick_keighle] p.=ADlang.ruby
| 329411 [nick_keighle] rt) line)
+ 329415 [nick_keighle] p.=ADlang.ruby
  329486 [xahlee@gm il] I think the following answers that.
  329551 [xahlee@gm il] Here's a actual lisp code. I don't consider it readable, due to the

TkText widget: state(:disabled)
325221 [tmcdowell@gm] I have a TkText widget, and an input field. The text widget is disabled

[ANN][ADV] MountainWest RubyConf registration is open
325224 [james.britt@] Registration for MountainWest RubyConf is open.

Capturing the Ruby generated by Erb
325227 [weyus@at .n ] How can one capture the Ruby source file that gets generated from an Erb
325229 [jftran@ru yf] ERB#src
325281 [weyus@at .n ] Many thanks.  That is quite handy.

C extensions in Vista
325228 [doug14@pa be] I'm posting this to document this effort (for me, and any other poor
325375 [nobu@ru y- a] Editing config.h is an autogenerated file and you must not edit

cloning ruby's svn repo
325231 [jayeola@gm i] from http://blog.emptyway.com/2008/06/19/full-git-clone-of-matz-ruby-subversion-repository/
325325 [jan.svitok@g] Maybe you can just synchronize (however it's called in git-speak) with
325346 [jayeola@gm i] git svn init --prefix=origin/ --stdlayout http://svn.ruby-lang.org/repos.ruby

Building Ruby with Visual Studio 2005
325232 [time.in.worl] ...
325252 [time.in.worl] ...

If you use PDF::Writer, read this post!
325234 [gregory.t.br] I'm getting very few requests for features to add to Prawn that exist
+ 325235 [perfectly.no] Why rename it? Prawn is a nice name, while PDF::Document seems to
| 325236 [gregory.t.br] There are :)
| 325242 [transfire@gm] module Prawn
| 325243 [gregory.t.br] Nah, it'd be mighty annoying to nest all my classes that way. I'm fine
| 325254 [reddvinylene] ...
| + 325256 [martindemell] I have a project that generates lout from ruby and then pdf from lout
| | + 325263 [reddvinylene] ...
| | | 325275 [znmeb@ce ma ] While we're on the subject of PDFs, LaTeX, etc.
| | | 325280 [gregory.t.br] This wouldn't load in OS X Preview.  Interesting to see this stuff
| | | + 325283 [dave@pr gp o] Acrobat is the only one I know, which sucks. I've been wanting to
| | | + 325299 [znmeb@ce ma ] As far as I can tell, only Acrobat Reader on Linux. There may be others
| | |   325301 [gregory.t.br] If you're talking about the technical possibility, yes, since it's
| | + 325279 [gregory.t.br] Yes, the benefit of a pure-Ruby to PDF library is that there aren't
| + 325276 [gregory.t.br] That's certainly not the goal, but actually Jamis Buck's
|   325278 [gregory.t.br] Okay, I have done that, to help encourage discussion on the topic and
|   325345 [gregory.t.br] Ah, that's completely understandable.  Glad we cleared this up.
+ 325788 [jpshack@gm i] Greg,
  325794 [gregory.t.br] But maybe instead, Prawn::Document#text_box should return the
  326217 [jpshack@gm i] Greg,
  326219 [gregory.t.br] Technical Blaag at: http://blog.majesticseacreature.com

Ruby/tk slow threads?
325245 [tmcdowell@gm] My code opens up a text window with an entry field. The text area gets
325574 [nagai@ai ky ] t.insert(:end, inp).see(:end) unless inp.empty?
325575 [tmcdowell@gm] Hmm, thats possible...

[ANN] Rubytet-0.0.1 released!
325247 [WikipedianKi] RubyTet is a tetris clone. It is intended to be a reference

Re: Rubytet-0.0.1 released!
325248 [WikipedianKi] On Jan 17, 9:54=A0pm, "WikipedianK...@gmail.com"

string.tr bug?
325250 [borasque@bo ] Greetings,
325253 [sepp2k@go gl] It's not a bug. For tr ",-@" is the same as ",-./0123456789:;<=>?@". You have

[ANN] Sinatra 0.9.0 released!
325255 [rtomayko@gm ] Sinatra is a DSL for quickly creating web-applications in Ruby with

How can I format Time.now output
325257 [youhaodeyi@g] I use Time.now to get the current date and time. How can I format its
325261 [shortcutter@] robert

installing weft-qda / sqlite-ruby on linpus
325259 [sebastiaanka] This is my first post here, and I'm not even sure it's in the right
325267 [alex@de et m] Christophe Lejeune has provided some helpful instructions on setting
325521 [sebastiaanka] Thank you very much Alex,

What does "@@" mean?
325260 [youhaodeyi@g] In a ruby class, what does a variable "@@name" mean? Does it mean static
+ 325262 [dblack@ru yp] It's a class variable, which is actually a class-hierarchy variable
| 325264 [youhaodeyi@g] Ok thanks. That's why I always got error when access to this variable
| 325266 [shortcutter@] Actually I would recommend against using this beast.  There are some
| 325284 [eustaquioran] 'Beast' was a fun name for them. :-)
+ 325285 [kbloom@gm il] "static variable" means different things in different contexts in C and

Bug in ruby (1.8.7) hash: assignment executes code
325265 [kazaam@ol co] Tested with: ruby 1.8.7 (2008-08-11 patchlevel 72) [i686-linux]
325268 [jan.dvorak@k] Yes.

Help getting file names from directorys on windows.
325269 [hjnash@ad st] I am new to code writting, have to learn Ruby (windows) so I am trying
325273 [david.mullet] puts Dir.glob('*.mp3').first

get not working
325277 [ratanpd@gm i] I have a class Halt. If i type Halt, the output is
+ 325288 [ryand-ruby@z] presumably Halt is both a method Halt() and a class... we can only
+ 325291 [b.candler@po] Did you mean Halt.find(1) ?
  325304 [ratanpd@gm i] I have one db entry:(/db/migrate)
  325307 [b.candler@po] How sure are you? I also use activerecord-2.2.2, and 'get' just gives

Thread starvation
325282 [severus@po t] In my game freeVikings [http://freevikings.sf.net] I have code listed below.
325286 [shortcutter@] elow.
325310 [severus@po t] code in the block goes through a tree of directories and in each reads
325316 [shortcutter@] rs.

Why eval is not failing in the third case ( c3)
325289 [neeraj.jsr@g] => "hello \#{hi}"
+ 325290 [time.in.worl] ...
+ 325297 [kbloom@gm il] In the second and third cases, everything after (and including) the # is

how do i load ActiveSupport::Multibyte
325296 [indiehead@gm] require 'active_support'

[ANN] amalgalite 0.7.1 Released
325300 [jeremy@hi eg] amalgalite version 0.7.1 has been released.

[ANN] crate 0.2.1 Released
325302 [jeremy@hi eg] crate version 0.2.1 has been released.

How to thanks for your beloved ?
325306 [maky19873@gm] Take the chance of the V'Day to show your love, appreciation, and

Re: A stream implementation for Ruby
325309 [b.candler@po] (i.e. a traditional 'each' method which yields an infinite number of

Connecting to a running ruby process
325312 [piyush.pr@gm] ...
+ 325315 [severus@po t] (Maybe it isn't directly what you need, but it might help)
+ 325318 [b.candler@po] Try the ruby-debug gem (which is what rails uses). Unfortunately, the

Installing rsruby gem on windows
325326 [glenn_ritz@y] ...
325391 [simon1tan@ya] Try putting quotation marks around the home like "C:\Program

[ANN] ERBook 6.0.0
325328 [ snk@gn .o g] ERBook 6.0.0

[ANN] Inochi 0.0.0
325329 [ snk@gn .o g] Inochi 0.0.0
+ 325331 [flo@an er gr] Hey,
+ 325343 [flo@an er gr] I now installed both Inochi and Erbook (by using --ignore-dependencies =20=

ip address of client from GServer#serve
325332 [julien.biard] I would like to know if there is a way to take the ip address of client
325333 [b.candler@po] def serve(myClient)
325334 [julien.biard] ...

how can we call a method without using . operator
325335 [bagam_venkat] This might sound a bit wierd but I would like to know if
+ 325338 [b.candler@po] (or __send__ presumably). How about this one?
+ 325339 [jcoglan@go g] ...
| + 325341 [jcoglan@go g] ...
| + 325344 [bagam_venkat] I was asked this question by one of y interviewer...May be he is testing
|   325354 [shortcutter@] No meta programming needed
|   325367 [b.candler@po] Foul ... you used a dot!
|   325377 [shortcutter@] Uh, oh!  I thought nobody would notice.  Cough cough.
|   325426 [simon.a.chia] a = [1,2]
+ 325376 [higgs.bozo@g] Look Ma, no dots!

comparing date problem
325336 [ginkod@gm il] I have a set of dates in my database and would like to only get the
325337 [b.candler@po] SQL problem? Show the SQL you've written already. Consider using the
325342 [ginkod@gm il] I'm using thinking sphinx search engine. an sql syntax in thinking
325373 [b.candler@po] Sphinx is a new one on me - but looking at the project page, it looks
334560 [tanealbhanda] I'm having a similar issue, but can't seem to figure out what the
334565 [tanealbhanda] Actually, I just realized that I also have to take into consideration
334582 [Rob@Ag le on] now.to_date, now.to_date, now.strftime("%H:%M:%S") ]
+ 334588 [tanealbhanda] Cool!  Thanks!  I'm actually home now so will give it a go in the
+ 334649 [tanealbhanda] Just tested this out and it worked like a charm!!!  Much thanks!

db class and connection problems
325347 [luismo00@gm ] I am new in ruby and have a little problem.... I have the following code
325368 [b.candler@po] Show the *exact* error - I mean copy-paste it, including the backtrace.

parsing List results
325348 [ramosbrazil@] =========================
+ 325350 [Rob@Ag le on] require 'pp'
| 325351 [ramosbrazil@] You've got it !!! Thank you so much. It is working the way I want now !
+ 325358 [phlip2005@gm] puts outputs strings, so it calls .to_s on its argument.

Converting binary image file to bmp file using RMagick2.0
325353 [kamaljeet_si] We are trying to convert "image1.txt" file which is a binary file to
+ 325355 [kamaljeet_si] The source file "image1.txt" is 32 bit binary file and the file
| 325380 [jan.dvorak@k] The source file you provided isn't really 32bit, but 16bit (probably in RGB565
| 325383 [kamaljeet_si] OK, if its 16 bit any way around to get it decoded and proper image out
| 325384 [TimHunter@nc] img.write("bmp3:myimage.bmp")
| 325387 [kamaljeet_si] The file out still comes out incorrect. Please see attached file.
| 325442 [kamaljeet_si] Just to know and make sure that if its possible using Ruby + RMagick 2.0
+ 325495 [phasis@gm il] require 'rmagick'
  325629 [kamaljeet_si] The above posting code worked fine for 704/480 binary to image file but
  325661 [phasis@gm il] 2009/1/23 Kamaljeet Saini <kamaljeet_singh_saini@hotmail.com>
  326051 [kamaljeet_si] I was able to get 1 binary files from dev. and tried the following code
  326107 [phasis@gm il] The binary input file is 16bit rgb565 format and upside-down image.
  326110 [kamaljeet_si] The code sent work prefectly fine. Thanks you so much for this help.
  + 326111 [kamaljeet_si] One more thing i forgot to ask please.
  + 326113 [phasis@gm il] file.unpack('S*') is for converting byte array to 16bit integer array.
    326120 [kamaljeet_si] thanks for the reply.
    326127 [phasis@gm il] 0xF800 is hexadecimal number ant equal to 63488 and 0b1111100000000000
    326917 [kamaljeet_si] The attached binary file is not displays image correctly and looks like