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^ ruby json library trouble
324936 [lyesjob gmai] I'm trying to export some data in the Json format using the json_pure
+ 325077 [ij.rubylist ] I did not check, but probably you need to use utf8 strings, at least
+ 325088 [b.candler po] Json *only* supports Unicode text. See http://www.unicode.org/
  + 325089 [b.candler po] Sorry I meant http://www.json.org/ - must engage brain sooner!
  + 325249 [lyesjob gmai] OK, thank you Brian and Izidor,
    325274 [james graypr] If you want more general character encoding information, you may wish
    325404 [lyesjob gmai] Thank you for the quick answer, I will see whate you gave me

^ [ANN] Euruko 2009: Call for papers
324939 [fxn hashref.] As you may know Euruko 2009 is going to be held in Barcelona, 9-10th of May.

^ yield example baffling - need help
324941 [tomcloyd com] I'm studying the yield statement for the first time, today.
+ 324942 [tomcloyd com] Arrgh. What a dolt. I just realized that ALL the yield examples I've
| 324944 [dblack rubyp] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| 324945 [tomcloyd com] David - very nice! Plus, you made me howl with laughter. Yes, I often
+ 324943 [dblack rubyp] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
+ 325100 [b.candler po] Maybe it's clearer if you rewrite myeach to show explicitly the block

^ undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass - how to prevent?
324950 [mmc_collins ] This returns correct value so long as I do not use array[0][i]. The
+ 324956 [shortcutter ] The file handle is not closed properly.  Rather use the block form of
+ 324968 [b.candler po] count1 = Hash.new(0)   # word => count in col1
| 325034 [mmc_collins ] Brian Thanks!! Your code does exactly what I am needing it to do. Thanks
| 325037 [b.candler po] Well, this expression is a shortcut for
+ 324969 [AEtzold gmx.] in some lines of your data, the split function doesn't find the appropriate pattern, so you have
  325036 [b.candler po] When creating an Array, you can fill it with a specific number of

^ central ffi site
324953 [martindemell] There was some talk on the mailing list about setting up a central

^ Prime.include?(1) hangs Ruby scripts and irb
324959 [friscodelros] Ruby version 1.8.6
324967 [AEtzold gmx.] I can confirm that behaviour on Ruby 1.8.7 and Ubuntu 8.04.

^ Catching system signals (UNIX).
324960 [voice root.u] I have little program (daemon), most of time it waiting with sleep
324962 [m.fellinger ] catch('SIGTERM'){ puts "Oh noes!" }

^ A Hash problem
324961 [sumwo yahoo.] Dear all
+ 324964 [andrew andre] #Create a new hash where every key has a default entry of an empty hash
+ 324966 [andrew andre] Sorry about the previous post - I clicked ENTER too soon

^ problem --> "onsubmit" in "remote_form_for" ?????????
324987 [vikasg aflat] I want to check  whether textfield is empty or not at onsubmit event of
324988 [b.candler po] Sorry, but you've stumbled onto the wrong mailing list. This list is for

^ problems with "require 'some-installed-gem'"
324991 [metzeltiger ] I've got a strange problem and hope this is the right place for it.
324993 [badboy heart] you need to: require 'rubygems'
324997 [metzeltiger ] thanks a lot, that works :-)

^ Where do I submit Ruby bugs?
324992 [albertschlef] Say I find some bug in Ruby. Where do I report it?
+ 324995 [badboy heart] you need to register and login first.
+ 324996 [matz ruby-la] You have to create your account to submit an issue to Redmine.

^ Rake Task (or rule) dependency check tweaking
325015 [peterk livin] Given there may be a complex task -
325045 [peterk livin] I got the source to Rake. Pardon the prior post :)

^ IFL 2009: Call for Papers
325020 [ifl2009 shu.] Call for Papers=20
325270 [fox nscl.msu] For those of us that had to go to their website to figure out what IFL

^ Desktop <-> Web
325021 [transfire gm] I want to interface a desktop application to a backend web
+ 325022 [aredridel nb] SOAP and XML-RPC are both good options, as is a REST-style interface.
| 325040 [b.candler po] There are APIs on the client side which are higher level than Net::HTTP.
| + 325041 [james graypr] Ruby 1.8.  I believe it's gone in Ruby 1.9.
| + 325097 [transfire gm] Thanks Brian. Lots of useful info hear. I actually did create web-
|   325105 [b.candler po] Makes sense.
+ 325066 [martindemell] Are you writing the webapp too?
  325083 [transfire gm] yes.
  325093 [martindemell] I'd suggest returning data from the webapp as json, then, and reading
  325096 [transfire gm] I thought about this as well, but how did you go about transporting
  325412 [b.candler po] require 'rubygems'
  325413 [b.candler po] P.S. I'm not sure what is the "right" way to serialize Ruby objects in
  325421 [james graypr] I think it's probably better to think of JSON as simple primitives.
  325422 [b.candler po] For a POST it seems to make sense to think of JSON as a "params" hash,
  325424 [b.candler po] require 'rubygems'
  325727 [transfire gm] Thanks. I'll give it a go.
  325728 [b.candler po] I also learned from the Sinatra list that there is a Rack middleware
  325754 [gethemant gm] Also, why bother converting JSON to YAML on ruby side? Marshalling
  325771 [chiology gma] There's not much in Halcyon you'll find beyond what you've already learned

^ rubygems out of sync?
325026 [bjohnson bin] rubygems is giving me some problems, and I was hoping someone here might
328916 [rover.rhubar] I came across this question several times (and no answers!) while trying
328921 [bjohnson bin] Thanks a lot for posting this. That fixed everything.

^ SQLite3-Ruby version 1.2.3 Installed, SQLite::Database prob
325029 [sid.ravichan] I was trying to install SQLite3 and after a lot of goof ups I've managed
325030 [sid.ravichan] Im sorry I think I got it

^ Programmatically adding an Excel attachment
325039 [greg.kujawa ] I've checked out this page --> http://www.tutorialspoint.com/ruby/ruby_sending_email.htm
325115 [greg.kujawa ] ding_email.htm

^ RubyGem, find path of installed gem through ruby.
325046 [beingthexemp] Hey All,
325113 [tomcloyd com] /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/doc/rubygems-1.3.1/rdoc (Linux - Kubuntu)
325128 [beingthexemp] Hey Tom, Thanks, that information is definitely what I'm looking for.
325129 [beingthexemp] or rather, the "INSTALLATION DIRECTORY."
325130 [tomcloyd com] Hey Tom, Thanks, that information is definitely what I'm looking for.
325132 [tomcloyd com] Bummer. In order to preserve my reputation, I managed to get irb a bit
325133 [tomcloyd com] t.
325134 [beingthexemp] there should be something that's part of the rubygem api, so I don't
325136 [beingthexemp] $ irb
325137 [tomcloyd com] Super - easier. I do get 2 paths, though -
325147 [agoodno gmai] Thanks for this thread - exactly what I needed as well.  I think code to

^ Proc params extension
325047 [tj vision-me] Proc.new { |a,b,c| }.params # => [:a, :b, :c]
325057 [matz ruby-la] Proc.new { |a,b,c| }.parameters
325058 [tj vision-me] perfect! that tree would be fantastic, would it be reasonably possible
+ 325059 [tj vision-me] ps. I know you get this all the time, but thanks for Ruby man! I have
+ 325060 [matz ruby-la] It's possible, but I am not sure if it's reasonably possible, since

^ pachubero: ruby wrapper for the internet of things
325054 [kiaroskuro g] I put together pachubero, a small wrapper for pachube (pachube.com), a

^ `(bacticks) returns "Bad File Descriptor" error with Apache
325062 [s_u_c_k_0000] I wanted to run a command line program from Ruby. I used `(backticks) to

^ will_paginate using post method
325063 [gananapragas] Is the will_paginate plugin will work only for method get....
325092 [b.candler po] Questions about Rails are best asked on a Rails mailing list.

^ about interrupt...
325065 [kdream95 gme] * Test.java

^ Desktop Database Application in Ruby
325067 [rr3800 gmail] Has anyone among the members made database application in Ruby? I want
+ 325072 [mo_mail ongh] It's a desktop GUI software for the SQLite database, written in Ruby.
+ 325090 [b.candler po] See also the answers you got when you asked this exact same question
+ 325095 [richard.j.da] You can use Rails ActiveRecord with any GUI toolkit, it doesn't depend
+ 325125 [logustus gma] Warren,
  325169 [rr3800 gmail] Thanks a lot i really appreciate your help, i'l try to visit monkey bars,

^ Describing degerate dna strings
325070 [george.githi] I am working with strings of 4 letter alphabet a,c,t,g that describe
+ 325091 [b.candler po] Here's a simple recursive expansion, with a block callback for each
| 325098 [george.githi] Thank you!
+ 325101 [jgabrielygal] mention it :-)
  325107 [george.githi] Thank you for referencing me to that quiz, its nice to study the code.
  325109 [jgabrielygal] You are welcome. Just a comment on the above: I have realized that if
  325124 [Rob AgileCon] /ac[ta]cc/.generate
  325164 [jgabrielygal] Good catch !!
  325186 [george.githi] Thank you so much for all the replies. Here is a simple benchmark for
  325191 [shortcutter ] You probably need to execute each variant in a loop multiple times to
  325201 [george.githi] Thanks robert here are the results ran 100000 times for each approach
  325206 [jgabrielygal] It shows that a specialized solution could be more streamlined :-).

^ Popular Ebel Watches
325073 [hualibao466 ] Popular Ebel Watches

^ Fwd: New RubyForge Project Submitted
325076 [robert.dober] New RubyForge Project Submitted

^ to_s(base=2) in 1.8 only?
325079 [thaisiang gm] f.each_byte {|x| print x.to_s(base=2).rjust(8,'0')
+ 325080 [robert.dober] I cannot test with 1.6.4 but probably the following works
+ 325112 [kbloom gmail] Can't speak to the Ruby 1.6 issue, but the base= doesn't add anything to

^ Re: Does Ruby support exception wrapping (exception chaining
325081 [francis.fish] I came up with this based on your ideas but it doesn't have the

^ [ANN] Ruby Manor - videos now available!
325082 [murray.steel] There are only 5 of them (Dan, Paul, Sean, Me & Martin, George) at the

^ How to execute URL in ruby on rails. ?
325087 [vikasg aflat] i have problem, how to excute a URL string in ruby.
325099 [b.candler po] Use Net::HTTP or open-uri. Examples posted here two days ago, see

^ [JOB] Ruby on Rails developers needed at assembla.com
325094 [stukirsch as] Please apply online at https://www.assembla.com/search/show_job/164

^ Son of 10 things! (1.8 to 1.9 transition)
325110 [dblack rubyp] I've posted an update to my recent "10 things to be aware of" post
325180 [sentinel.200] Recently, I had asked someeone on this forum to confirm that "?" still
+ 325196 [fred lacave.] case ch.chr
| 325197 [sentinel.200] ch.chr only works for values < 256. After that it gives an out of range.
+ 325198 [dblack rubyp] $ irb19
  325200 [sentinel.200] No, the x example I mentioned was just an example. I meant more like the
  + 325210 [nico.bonada ] str.getbyte 0
  + 325222 [b.candler po] "a".ord
    325238 [tomcloyd com] And that, folks, is how I EXPECTED things to work, when I first came to
    325423 [lyle lylejoh] Good things come to those who wait.

^ XSLT help
325111 [rubyforum th] is there any tool which will generate XSLT for converting from XML to

^ How to refresh Image through ajax request
325114 [saurav ciphe] I am very new for ruby. I am using Ajax Request(Rmagick in controller)
+ 325182 [ryand-ruby z] pls ask these q's in the rubyonrails forums/lists.
| 325184 [saurav ciphe] I don't have access of that forum due to lost of the password and i
| 325185 [saurav ciphe] Sorry i misunderstood.
| 325209 [amorzka gmai] Have you tried: periodically_call_remote?
| 325303 [saurav ciphe] As i sent you code i have to refresh the whole form not a single element
+ 325311 [albertschlef] Perhaps the browser caches this image. The browser isn't aware that it
  + 325317 [saurav ciphe] that i get the following error
  | + 325319 [ryand-ruby z] this DOES NOT belong on this list.
  | | 325321 [albertschlef] I'm not sure it doesn't belong here. It's an HTML/HTTP issue, not a
  | + 325320 [albertschlef] You added that random string in img_rev.write(). No good. Add it to the
  |   325327 [saurav ciphe] Thanks. Thanks a lot
  + 325340 [phlip2005 gm] Why not use image_path()? Then the number is not random, but a time signature,

^ String interpolation at a later stage
325116 [neeraj.jsr g] x = 'hello'
+ 325118 [jan.h.xie gm] eval %Q["#{y}"]
+ 325131 [chris.hulan ] z =3D '"' + y + '"'
+ 325138 [gwtmp01 mac.] This might not be exactly what you were asking for but might be

^ [QUIZ] Monopoly Walker (#188)
325117 [matt moss.na] Okay, this will be the last quiz I host for Ruby Quiz... I hope to
325272 [yahivin gmai] My solution is pretty straightforward, I have a Property class and a

^ Scraping off a Word document?
325119 [greg.kujawa ] Here's a conceptual question. I have a Word mail merge, with a few
+ 325127 [crwlr verizo] I'm not sure you can do what you want to do.
+ 325173 [phlip2005 gm] Write what you need using the VBA built into Word. Intellisense will make that
+ 325190 [shortcutter ] I'd do it with VB from inside Word.  An alternative might be to use
  325213 [phlip2005 gm] I suspect Word can also barf out an XML representation.
  325237 [greg.kujawa ] t it's
  + 325246 [crwlr verizo] I wound up writing a C# console program to do the work. I just
  + 325258 [shortcutter ] I'd say that's pretty fast.  Good job!
    325271 [david.mullet] FYI, a similar (though not necessarily better) solution using Find &

^ Timeout error--newbie needs help, please
325120 [LinuxMercede] I'm trying to interface with NewsGator's API, which is a RESTful

^ Printing problems with 'spreadsheet' gem
325122 [mr_nice66 ya] I'm using the 'spreadsheet' gem to generate a number of invoices
325140 [hannes.wyss ] Jim,
325143 [mr_nice66 ya] I updated the gem and now it works like a charm.

^ [FFI] how to bind to a function with variable number of args
325126 [keltia gmail] I'm looking at ruby-ffi 0.2.0 with MRI 1.8.7 (haven't tried with
325193 [luc honk-hon] module LibC
+ 325194 [luc honk-hon] Er, the format string should have obviously been "%s-%d" here, sorry.
+ 325322 [roberto REMO] module LibC
  325323 [luc honk-hon] Right. setproctitle is not available on OS X.
  325330 [roberto REMO] ... and the winner is you :)

^ Bloc param parens |memo, (a, b)|
325135 [tj vision-me] class String
325139 [gwtmp01 mac.] When you enumerate over a hash you get a series of arrays.  Each array
325152 [tj vision-me] Thanks for the reply! I get it now, just never really took the time to

^ converting multi-byte strings on Windows?
325141 [indiehead gm] basically i'm reading in a csv file in Windows and it contains a lot of
325295 [indiehead gm] think i solved it,

^ Defining an object constructor that look like [] or {} ...?
325145 [sonny.chee g] Hey Guys,
+ 325148 [micathom gma] You should be able to use
| 325195 [fred lacave.] class Array
+ 325150 [matt moss.na] Offhand, I doubt you can use || for this task, but you can use [].
+ 325189 [shortcutter ] No, because you would have to change Ruby's syntax.  See the other

^ script<LoadError>
325146 [basma31a hot] I have a problem with this command ,when I wont to generate the
325212 [basma31a hot] OK thanx I found the problem :)

^ create copy of array without changing original
325151 [jason.lillyw] Why is it that if I create an array, a = [1,2,3]
+ 325155 [jason.lillyw] I just found method dup.
+ 325156 [tim.pease gm] a = [1,2,3]
+ 325162 [abhi OCF.Ber] b = a points to the same area of memory as a for lists.

^ (none)
325153 [hakeye gmail] unsubscribe

^ Convert String to Float if and only if the content of the string are  digits
325165 [dannyfiru gm] Long time reader -- first time poster.  Basically, I have a bunch of
325168 [dannyfiru gm] er,
325208 [jgabrielygal] First of all I would like to ask you some questions about the design

^ [Ann Lab419::functional] A stream implementation for Ruby
325166 [robert.dober] Streams are lazily evaluated lists. I have been inspired by James'

^ First bit of hacked-together code, and not sure where I've gone wrong
325175 [alex.m.mcphe] I'm not quite sure how to help myself learn yet, so here is my mal-
325181 [w_a_x_man ya] Really?

^ Ruby/tk: Static text on a terminal window?
325176 [tmcdowell gm] I haven't been able to find it, but is there a way to handle static text
325215 [nagai ai.kyu] Maybe, I don't understand what you want.
325244 [tmcdowell gm] Not what I was talking about, but awesome non the less. Thanks a bunch!

^ open_uri.rb  -- 500 Internal Server Error
325178 [vikasg aflat] I am using 'open-uri' & 'pp' ruby library, to open url and gather some
325199 [badboy heart] looks like the aflatune-Webserver throws a 500 error if no User-Agent is

^ Rake project structure,? good?
325179 [peterk livin] So more Raking - wanting to divide up projects in subdirs into

^ Compiling Ruby with MSVC
325183 [comm.renh gm] Well, I managed to build Ruby latest snapshot with nmake. Now I need

^ SOAP wsdlDriver doesn't work without soap4r?
325187 [henryjen ztu] I am trying to access a SOAP web service implemented in Java(I

^ ruby macro bind conflicts tr1 on msvc9.0
325188 [christoph.he] It seems that the macro bind as defined in trunk/include/ruby/win32.h

^ Perception System Requires iPhone Developer
325192 [perceptwilli]   iPhone Application/Software/Game development

^ Time Compare
325202 [cyrus_dev ho] is there any direct comparison function in ruby or in rails for time
325203 [badboy heart] now = Time.now
+ 325204 [list.rb gmai] now = Time.now
| 325924 [shortcutter ] Sorry for interrupting you, but this is not a safe idiom.  Why?
| + 325937 [b.candler po] Danger danger!!!
| | + 325942 [pjb informat] That's the second time today I notice that you are required to use
| | | 325945 [b.candler po] Only if you had to use them all the time, and put them in the wrong
| | + 325943 [shortcutter ] Thanks for the heads up! Originally I did not have the "and" version
| + 325939 [lists bertra] Sorry, Robert, but in the second case the binding is
+ 325205 [s.korteling ] Or put the time objects in a range.
  325724 [jarmo.p gmai] Since Time uses Comparable, then why not use .between? method
  325802 [albertschlef] (Note that #between includes the boundaries. You have more control when