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^ Various problems after installing ruby 1.9.1
324769 [ruby.student] Team,
324839 [shortcutter ] THIS is the first error.  I suggest to restore the old directory
324901 [ruby.student] Thank you for your reply!
324911 [luislavena g] nt

^ float: out of range issues
324772 [christoph.he] it seems I have messed up my system somehow to produce strange

^ Irb documentation queries?
324775 [bjracine glo] I am coming from python and loving ruby (the language), but trying to figur=
+ 324776 [badboy heart] type
+ 324846 [albertschlef] No, it's not possible. Although in Ruby the documentation is embedded in

^ Implementing each and <=>
324777 [sentinel.200] I have a data model and would like to let it be Enumerable. I want to
+ 324778 [badboy heart] def each(&blk)
| 324779 [sentinel.200] okay, i forgot to mention that I was wondering whether the
| + 324780 [badboy heart] I don't think that using send is easier/cleaner
| + 324811 [kbloom gmail] No. This won't work. Send is just a method for calling methods, and
|   324815 [sentinel.200] thanks, (I did forget to put the :each in the lines i put)
+ 324783 [dave pragpro] <=> would normally apply to items in your list, not to the container
| 324784 [sentinel.200] That's whats confusing me. How would i put it?
| 324810 [kbloom gmail] Is there sume useful comparison for comparing two different data models
+ 324825 [b.candler po] include Comparable
  324827 [sentinel.200] I was thinking that including Comparable would give users the ability to

^ [ANN] Grepper 0.9.3: grepping library and commandline tool
324781 [dblack rubyp] I've just released version 0.9.3 of the Grepper library, which
324848 [btricha gmai] Does this functionality already exist in Rush (
325352 [dblack rubyp] I can't seem to reach that site. I'm not involved with that project,
325359 [flo andersgr] It's the official site.

^ Very rank beginner.
324788 [ropebender s] Help.  I am a really new beginner looking at Ruby for the first time.
324791 [tim burlyhos] What site were you using the ruby tutorial from?  What parts of the code
324802 [ropebender s] The tutorial was on http://www.ruby-lang.org/
+ 324803 [pjb informat] Indeed.  def initialize(name = "World")  doesn't initialize anything.
| 324805 [ropebender s] Sure enough ..
| 324807 [tim burlyhos] No need to apologize, sometimes it just takes some patience or an extra
+ 324813 [phlip2005 gm] Don't use irb. If you use Windows, the One Click Installer comes with SciTE.exe.
  + 324883 [ropebender s] When I write an  xxx.rb program in Notebook and try to run it, the cmd
  | 324885 [ropebender s] Now I see, SciTE is an excelent looking universal Text Editor :)  What a
  + 324892 [ropebender s] A very rank beginner that doesn't follow instructions!  F5 you say.  Thanks

^ Help with modules.
324790 [tmcdowell gm] I can't seem to find the answer to this but I know I've seen it
324792 [tmcdowell gm] Nevermind, sorry. I expanded my search on these forums a bit and got an

^ Returning a duplicate from an Array
324793 [loadeddesign] Hey guys,
324794 [acooper prit] Without really looking into it a quick and dirty way would be to just
+ 324796 [loadeddesign] Thanks for the quick reply! However, after trying it, I found that
| 324798 [acooper prit] Yeah, I am winning the typing contest today.
| 324799 [loadeddesign] Thanks! That works great.
+ 324797 [acooper prit] Nevermind that wont work afterall, wasn't thinking about how arrays work
  324829 [b.candler po] def dups(ary)
  324946 [theyojimbo g] a.select{|x| a.index(x) != a.rindex(x)}.uniq
  + 324982 [koflerjim ma] class Array
  | + 324983 [tjnogueira o] class Array
  | + 324985 [jgabrielygal] Regarding this and other solutions: the OP accepted a solution from
  + 324984 [usenet istik] h = Hash.new(0)

^ Point free (pointless) programming in ruby?
324801 [john.carter ] I'm very fond of the notion of Concatenative Languages such as Joy,
324835 [b.candler po] Maybe you could define an Array#to_proc. e.g.
325043 [john.carter ] Cool! I had to spend a bit of time rereading the ri docs and playing
325085 [b.candler po] Sorry, I should have added: this was nothing clever on my behalf. I was

^ Need Beta Testers
324804 [funkaster gm] I'm developing a small ruby [obfuscating|ecrypting|yadayada] extension
324979 [reddvinylene] Yes please, do let me try it out! :-)

^ [ANN] Ruby/ManageSieve 0.4.0
324806 [andre digira] This a new release of Ruby/ManageSieve, adding TLS support.

^ Downloading an MP3 from the internet
324809 [americaskate] I am trying to write a simple script that downloads a music file from the
+ 324812 [andrew andre] Probably because you're not encoding the path
+ 324826 [b.candler po] require 'open-uri'
  324862 [americaskate] Thank you guys very much!
  + 324864 [b.candler po] It was a line-wrap from ruby-forum. Move this to the end of the line
  + 324877 [davividal si] require 'open-uri'

^ Using qui rather than rbuic for qtdesigner .ui files
324814 [brunell cdin] I'm trying to load .ui files at runtime using the qui extension and
324824 [stefano.croc] Not tested, because I'm using Qt 4 while, I think, you're using Qt 3. The i=
325004 [brunell cdin] Many thanks for your kind reply.  I get the following error when running
325025 [stefano.croc] def initialize
325287 [brunell cdin] Well, now I get no errors.  However, the dialog which appears is a blank
325371 [brunell cdin] ##########################################
325510 [stefano.croc] The following should work using a recent svn revision from kdebindings.=20
325512 [stefano.croc] My previous code contained an error: the clicked() signal of @close_btn sho=

^ Finding ruby.h
324816 [newhoggy gma] I'm building ruby extensions across many different OSes and architectures.
+ 324817 [jeremy hineg] require 'rbconfig'
| 324951 [newhoggy gma] Thanks everyone for your help.  I've settled with this solution as I've
+ 324878 [lap.nospam f] My first idea for this kind of problem would be to check GNU autoconf /
+ 324886 [giganews sta] I have used CMake to make a SWIG wrapper with success on Windows and

^ Trying to parse an array of rss feeds without success
324818 [lp.dahito gm] hey folks,
324847 [badboy heart] the error message has all you need to get rid of this mistake.
324850 [lp.dahito gm] I do see the difference... Thank a lot you fixed my problem... I thought

^ Re: code in Controller and Model?
324819 [pc.leung gma] I find some codings in Model class and Controller class.

^ Higher order ruby
324830 [zslevi gmail] foo = lambda {|x| lambda {|y| return x+y}}
+ 324831 [jgabrielygal] When you call foo, or apply it with [], you get another lambda in return.
+ 324832 [blambeau gma] foo.call(3).call(4) should work
+ 324833 [zslevi gmail] I even tried
| 324834 [zslevi gmail] foo = lambda {|x|
| + 324836 [b.candler po] foo[3][4] as shown above. And you don't need 'return' inside the lambda.
| + 324837 [jgabrielygal] As said before you don't need the returns, and you don't need so many
| + 324840 [pjb informat] irb(main):038:0> (foo = (lambda {|x| (lambda {|y| (x + y)})}))
| + 324977 [w_a_x_man ya] Can you see that "proc" is shorter than "lambda"?
|   + 325239 [address.good] 3+4
|   + 325240 [gregory.t.br] But also not the same thing on Ruby 1.9, so it's important to be
|     325313 [b.candler po] Yep, it's best to avoid proc{} entirely, since in ruby 1.8 it's an alias
+ 324841 [micathom gma] foo.(3).(4)

^ Why do true and false have separate classes
324844 [sentinel.200] This has puzzled me a bit. I googled and came up with responses like --
+ 324849 [jameskilton ] It's only the core philosophy of Ruby: You have objects send messages
| + 324851 [sentinel.200] I would assume one class named like "Boolean".
| | 324855 [dblack rubyp] Google for:  ruby "boolean class"
| + 324854 [pjb informat] You could have a Boolean class with a truth value attribute.  But then
|   324859 [dblack rubyp] I know you know you don't need those parentheses. Is this a LISP
|   + 324868 [lap.nospam f] At least this helps text editors keep good indentation ;)
|   | 324970 [janfri.rubyf] At least good editors doesn't need this for correct indentation. :P
|   + 324903 [pjb informat] We can say that yes.  I like the parentheses.  They help my editor to
|     + 324907 [sentinel.200] "Matzacred" - rotfl.
|     | 324917 [pjb informat] __Pascal Bourguignon__
|     + 324910 [mike.gold.44] Is the intended pun "massacred lisp" ... or "Matz' sacred lisp"?
|       324918 [pjb informat] Both are true.
|       + 324974 [w_a_x_man ya] Wrong.  Neither is true.  That is, each is either false or nil.
|       + 324986 [dblack rubyp] You're not the first person, not even the first person on this list,
|         + 325003 [mike.gold.44] Maybe Internet discussions such as this shouldn't be taken so seriously.
|         + 325007 [pjb informat] The wrong doing is in the mindshare.  I agree that it is not as wrong
+ 324856 [matz ruby-la] Unlike Java, true and false are mere representative of boolean values.

^ starting a shell command without wait?
324845 [rolandwinkle] I have a simple problem. I like to start simply executable on windows XP
324857 [rolandwinkle] I found my self the solution!

^ a beginner case question
324861 [taylorstrait] I am using case in to determine the sorting method used for an array as
+ 324865 [jgabrielygal] def single_choice(object)
| 324869 [taylorstrait] Thanks Brian and Jesus - I didn't know you could .reverse a code block.
| 324871 [jgabrielygal] Well, you are not reversing the code block, you are reversing the
+ 324866 [b.candler po] when 'reverse_alpha'
+ 324867 [mmartino ape] I don't mean to be too intrusive as I am a dreadful IT Recruiter that
+ 324930 [fred lacave.] To go a step further than just answering your question, I'd refactor the
  324932 [taylorstrait] That is great usage of regex's -- thanks for showing me that!

^ Ruby Opportunities
324863 [mmartino ape] I don't mean to be too intrusive as I am a dreadful IT Recruiter that

^ Ncurses like library?
324870 [tmcdowell gm] Excuse me, but does anyone know of an Ncurses-like library for Ruby? For
+ 324873 [jgabrielygal] Jesus.
| 324874 [acooper prit] Why is it that site never gets old?
| 324875 [tmcdowell gm] Yeah, that ruby-ncurses binding isn't the best, lots of methods are
| + 324876 [hramrach cen] If you look through the forum somebody suggested curses FFI bindings I
| | 324879 [tmcdowell gm] I'll look into that, thanks.
| | 324978 [hramrach cen] I meant the ruby curses extension that is included in stdlib.
| + 324881 [jgabrielygal] Sorry, from the way you worded your question I assumed you wanted to
|   + 324884 [tmcdowell gm] Looks absolutely perfect. I can't find anything related to getting it to
|   + 325103 [sean.ohalpin] Mostly works (except for macros like getxy on Mac OS/X). See the
|     325170 [tmcdowell gm] Wow, nice. Makes working with Ncurses that much simpler (no
|     327971 [r.basura gma] Has anyone tried this "gem"? --> http://rbcurse.rubyforge.org/
+ 324952 [sentinel.200] I am surprised to hear that ncurses-ruby is not working or the include
| 325001 [phlip2005 gm] Can you use it in an existing console, such as to simply color text, without
| + 325002 [hramrach cen] I guess that's not what curses are meant for in general.
| + 325010 [sentinel.200] I am not exactly certain of what you mean, but have you tried Highline.
+ 325049 [tj vision-me] this might help you as well
  + 325052 [tmcdowell gm] Isn't quite what I was looking for, but man does it look neat! =D
  + 325068 [sentinel.200] Looks really good!
    325071 [tj vision-me] Thanks! that was my first Ruby library every actually haha, its still a

^ Net::SSH serialized commands
324880 [robin.cyril ] I am using Net::SSH v2
324923 [swittenk yah] Not sure if this would accomplish what you are looking for, but you
324927 [robin.cyril ] Thanks for replying.
324928 [swittenk yah] Hm...that looks a bit odd to me. Why do the sessions have to be nested?
324931 [robin.cyril ] e.org/ssh/v2/api/index.html
324933 [swittenk yah] Hm...I'm not an expert, but it seems to me in this case that it'd be
+ 324940 [rodrigo.berm] I would enclose all the commands in a specific script on the target
+ 324971 [robin.cyril ] I may try this, but I want to avoid since this code is executed more
  324973 [robin.cyril ] I did more test.

^ can't alias context from irb_context.
324882 [swittenk yah] Dear ruby-talk,
324906 [swittenk yah] Nobody? :(
324934 [swittenk yah] Ah okay, figured it out. I was requiring RSpec when I didn't really need

^ Regexp in Ruby
324887 [the_beaf hot] names = ["My name is Jack"]
+ 324888 [tmcdowell gm] Hmm, that works for me. I don't know what the /i is for tho. If you need
| + 324890 [tmcdowell gm] Wait a second! Could your problem be this: names is an array. names =~
| + 324893 [tim burlyhos] /i means case insensitive matching.
+ 324891 [jgabrielygal] In your snippet, names is an array, so the method =~ doesn't do
+ 324894 [tim burlyhos] I assume you meant names = "My name is Jack" so it's a string, rather
| 324895 [the_beaf hot] Yes, thanks for your help, it works now.
+ 324975 [w_a_x_man ya] s = "My name is Jack Frost"

^ FileUtils.cp_r is slow?
324889 [plynchnlm gm] drive.   For some reason, with one of my flash drives, copying files
+ 324920 [shortcutter ] Could it be that Windows is doing the copy in the background while cp_r
+ 324921 [shortcutter ] Could it be that Windows is doing the copy in the background while cp_r
+ 325211 [plynchnlm gm] I did some more testing on this.  I found that if I ran FileUtils.cp_r or
  325305 [shortcutter ] Just another idea: if your files reside on two different physical
  325308 [lucevers gma] For file backup I'm using rsync on a Linux system, its possible to start

^ a couple of questions about sqlite
324896 [4pbears eart] i am new to ruby and programming in general, and was wondering a couple
+ 324902 [vjoel path.b] The firefox plugin "SQLite Manager" is a nice GUI.
+ 324916 [bosko.ivanis] =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 Thanks.
  324957 [bosko.ivanis] On Jan 14, 9:25=A0pm, Bosko Ivanisevic <bosko.ivanise...@gmail.com>

^ 10 things to be aware of in 1.8 -> 1.9 transition
324898 [dblack rubyp] I know it's not usual to announce blog posts here, but I'm going to
+ 324904 [vjoel path.b] I do appreciate it, having been slow to test on 1.9.
| + 324908 [dblack rubyp] Sigh -- I forgot to wrap some of them in <pre>.
| + 324989 [b.candler po] No, it's correct as it is. The point is that in ruby 1.8, |x| is
|   325028 [vjoel path.b] x = 1
+ 324905 [james graypr] ruby-1-9
| + 324909 [fred lacave.] Oh yeah.
| | 324972 [roberto REMO] I agree, everything encoding-related will bite people. This is complicated in
| + 324981 [hramrach cen] MjAwOS8xLzE0IEphbWVzIEdyYXkgPGphbWVzQGdyYXlwcm9kdWN0aW9ucy5uZXQ+Ogo+IE9uIEph
|   324990 [james graypr] ruby-1-9
+ 324912 [robert.dober] I believe this is something lots of folks want desperately, YHS included.
| 325017 [phlip2005 gm] I thought the new label: syntax was worth a top-level citation.
| + 325019 [b.candler po] But that isn't going to break any existing code, and I believe the main
| | 325033 [dblack rubyp] Yes -- that one and the ordered hash one are a bit out of step with
| | 325038 [b.candler po] BTW, I think the blog post should link to the presentation by David
| + 325032 [dblack rubyp] It's cool but it doesn't belong on the original list, because it's not
|   + 325048 [phlip2005 gm] - warnings, gotchas, and incompatibilities
|   | 325051 [dblack rubyp] Well, my whole book is about 1.9 :-)
|   + 325053 [robert.dober] Ah there is one tiny little thing which bite me quite hard, maybe you
+ 325009 [m.fellinger ] You might also want to mention (around the point of block-parameters
  325011 [dblack rubyp] I'm not really dealing with 1.8.7 in my book (nor much in general).
  325012 [phlip2005 gm] The problem with that theory that certain Rails sites (I'm not naming any
  325104 [dblack rubyp] I'm not directly concerned with Rails in the book (The Well-Grounded

^ [ANN] nokogiri 1.1.1 Released
324914 [aaron tender] nokogiri version 1.1.1 has been released!

^ Re: nokogiri 1.1.1 Released
324919 [mark.watson ] Thanks Aaron for your work on Nokogiri.
324922 [aaron tender] No.  Unfortunately the jruby release is sort of a lie....  It doesn't
324994 [mark.watson ] On Jan 14, 2:00=A0pm, Aaron Patterson <aa...@tenderlovemaking.com>

^ look at code in a gem
324925 [blufur gmail] simple.  I wanted to compare some strings for similarity, and found
+ 324926 [severus post] Type
+ 324947 [mguterl gmai] ...

^ Quizmaster Retiring: Revenge of the Sith
324935 [matt moss.na] Sorry for the dorky subject line...
+ 324937 [aaron tender] I wish I had time to take over, but I want to say that I appreciate your
+ 324938 [james graypr] I think you did a great job.  I know how hard it is!  Thanks for the
+ 324965 [jgabrielygal] Thanks for running the quiz, you did a great job !!
+ 324976 [fox nscl.msu] How about a 'quiz' group with a group leader rather than a single
| + 324998 [matt moss.na] My personal experience with groups on the Internet is that they
| | 325006 [micathom gma] I personally think a group of quiz masters would necessarily result in
| | 325013 [rick.chatter] Ok of all the people who are commenting i am perhaps the least
| | + 325016 [james graypr] Perl's Quiz of the Week (which I modeled Ruby Quiz off of) had two
| | | 325018 [michael.c.li] Thank you to both James and Matthew for doing the Quiz.
| | + 325024 [jamesbkoppel] Probably the most important part is the comparison; it motivates me to read other people's solutions and contrast them with mine, which was great for introducing me to a variety of libraries and styles.
| + 324999 [ruby.student] can also give it a try if no volunteer is found, to run the weekly quiz. As
| | 325000 [ruby.student] I also think that more people would get involve if the quiz is given once
| | 325005 [jamesbkoppel] I haven't done Ruby Quiz in a while, but when I did, a big draw for me was =
| + 325075 [robert.dober] I'd love that approach and I really would like to be a member rather
+ 325027 [martindemell] Thanks for a great job :)
| 325055 [robert.dober] Sorry Matthew if I let some of our private discussions out here but I
| + 325056 [robert.dober] Sorry folks it's 3am and I should probably go to bed...
| | + 325061 [james graypr] Use away.  I support any idea that keeps the Ruby Quiz alive.  :)
| | + 325064 [martindemell] I don't have the time to actually *run* a quiz, but if someone wants
| |   325074 [robert.dober] And I would happily receive them :)
| + 325121 [matt moss.na] And this is why I am asking for a new quizmaster now.
|   325123 [robert.dober] And this is why I put myself into the queue, but at the end of the queue.
|   325144 [yahivin gmai] I submit my bid to be considered for the position of Quizmaster to
|   325149 [matt moss.na] Daniel Moore contacted me almost immediately after my initial posting
|   + 325154 [robert.dober] Matthew I really appreciated your input. I have however already
|   | 325157 [gregory.t.br] <sighs>
|   | 325158 [robert.dober] I will step back from my project if somebody wants to lead it, but in
|   | 325159 [gregory.t.br] Not necessarily, but you should keep in mind that what Daniel
|   | 325160 [robert.dober] For what concerns the Ruby Quiz 1 and 2 were a one man show, just look
|   | 325161 [gregory.t.br] You completely missed the point.  If you fork a project, you should
|   | + 325163 [robert.dober] You were right I did not get that :(.
|   | + 325167 [matt moss.na] Well said, Gregory.
|   + 325171 [yahivin gmai] I'm very excited to be heading the future Ruby Quiz. Reading the Ruby
|     325174 [dave pragpro] I wonder if every now and then it would be an idea to post a quiz that
|     325177 [james graypr] This is a great point.
+ 325106 [jballanc gma] Well, I never did get into the sort of quiz habit that I always wanted
  325108 [robert.dober] Well I believe that Ruby quizzes should be fun and not a competition,