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^ Re: Ruby 1.9.1 RC1 is released
323678 [luislavena g] e of
323688 [hramrach gma] Tried, works.
323751 [aquasync gma] I'm trying to make one of my libraries run on this rc, and ran into this
+ 323801 [luislavena g] by/binaries/mswin32/unstable/ftp://ftp.ruby-lang.org/pub/ruby/binaries/ming=
| 323861 [luislavena g] Do you have more details about that package? build scripts used?
| 323914 [mo_mail ongh] Thanks Luis and Yugui.
+ 323866 [rogerpack200] May want to ask that on ruby-core

^ Cooolllll Moviiiieeeessss
323697 [pirsompublic] its gooonnnnaaaa beeee gooooddd

^ no such file to load -- builder error
323699 [delraysteve ] with the Rally Rest API, which integrates subversion check-ins with
323709 [ryand-ruby z] gem install builder
323710 [delraysteve ] So, it turns out from reading the Rally discussion for this that Ruby

^ Ruby Noobie needs some help
323700 [rt8396 gmail] I am coming from the python world and trying to learn ruby. Why does
+ 323703 [robert.dober] methods defined with def are not closures.
| + 323707 [default spir] ...
| + 323718 [rt8396 gmail] Robert,
+ 323704 [phlip2005 gm] Where is function 'test()'?
| 323719 [rt8396 gmail] e ticks!)
| 323723 [rt8396 gmail] OK, Thanks everybody i am getting a good insight to how Ruby works
| 323726 [default spir] ...
+ 323705 [TimHunter nc] $cams = ['cam1', 'cam2', 'cam3']
+ 323708 [brabuhr gmai] * test() is not defined anywhere?
+ 323714 [nicholas.wie] Scoping in Python is different.
+ 323811 [w_a_x_man ya] You define "function" but never use it.

^ Building Ruby as a framework on OS X
323711 [kw codebykev] Does anyone know how to build Ruby as a framework on OS X? Downloading
+ 323743 [has.temp3 vi] You could try asking Laurent Sansonetti (lsansonetti at apple com) -
+ 323940 [sandor.szuec] Maybe macruby match your needs: http://www.macruby.org

^ Constant visibility
323712 [nicholas.wie] module Included
323715 [sean.ohalpin] [snip example code]
323759 [bermonruf gm] ...

^ Problems with scRUBYt
323713 [cschaller gm] I am currently scraping a page with scRUBYt and am not getting the
323716 [aaron tender] This is a correctly formatted XML document.  You just have numbers for
323717 [cschaller gm] This gives me a ton of data, but now I have lost the specific pieces of

^ N00b question about Infinity and Float
323724 [kedar.mhaswa] Folks,
323728 [lists bertra] I like this kind of questions. A weird example, though; I would
323730 [znmeb cesmai] Hmmm ... "google" is a Bignum (multi-precision integer). "10" is an

^ Re: AnsiString (#185)
323725 [transfire gm] =A0

^ Re: babelfish 0.0.1
323727 [jdinkel gmai] That's awesome.  I can see having a lot of fun with this.
323760 [bermonruf gm] ...
323761 [ snk gna.org] I agree, the basic mechanism is the same as the core logic[1] of my gem.

^ irb: require returns false?
323731 [carbohydrate] hey everyone (ruby n00b here),
+ 323732 [stefano.croc] require 'singleton'
+ 323733 [severus post] When require returns false it means that the library has already been required.

^ Camellia on OS X?
323734 [ezkl ezkl.or] Has anyone been able to build and use the Camellia library on OS X? I've

^ TudbcGoWeb_RubyGoRails: easy Ruby on top of Rails
323735 [post tudbc.o] Please take a look at the newly released RubyGoRails live demo at

^ about searching constant
323740 [kdream95 gme] class A
+ 323758 [bermonruf gm] ...
| + 323763 [b.candler po] It also works if you change instance_eval to class_eval (or
| + 323836 [b.candler po] Because that's the same as A::WHY
+ 323821 [mike.gold.44] Umm ... You already posted this question, and I answered it.
  323949 [kdream95 gme] I understand it now...

^ jruby good deployment VM for windows(!)
323741 [rogerpack200] As a note, appears from the stories of Jruby [1] that you can actually
323744 [charles.nutt] Yes, in fact there should be no major performance difference on Windows

^ PDF Simple Table question
323745 [arsenally gm] I would like to know how to create a table using PDF::SimpleTable with

^ Happy New Year Ruby Community!
323746 [paqs140482 g] ...
+ 323747 [bothari gmai] Hey,
+ 323755 [sentinel.200] Wish you all a great New year!
  323764 [jcpark soulm] Happy New Year, everyone!
  323766 [dblack rubyp] Good luck! You'll enjoy it.
  323822 [nicholas.wie] Happy new year everybody.
  323839 [paqs140482 g] ...
  323841 [paqs140482 g] ...

^ Ruby arguments into C function are warped
323748 [rabbitblue g] I want to code a few methods in C for speed reasons. The Pick Axe book
323750 [TimHunter nc] Notice that you've declared the arguments to t_add as VALUEs, not ints.
+ 323756 [mkeesan gmai] for a buffer overflow.  Unless your Ruby code somehow guarantees that
| 323762 [b.candler po] Have a look at the RubyInline gem, and FFI
+ 323873 [rabbitblue g] Ah, that seems obvious now. Thanks for the help.

^ How do I pass the name of an instance variable into an object?
323752 [glenn_ritz y] ...
323754 [gdonald gmai] class SomeClass
323770 [glenn_ritz y] ...
323773 [sepp2k googl] object.instance_variable_set(:@variable_name, "value")
323774 [sumangurung ] i just tried putting everything together and it worked great.
323775 [glenn_ritz y] ...
323776 [sepp2k googl] Not at all. The only reason for them to be there in the first place would b=

^ Re: How do I pass the name of an instance variable into an o
323753 [joshnabbott ] Glenn,
323757 [joshnabbott ] Thanks Greg! Much nicer than what I threw together.

^ Mail Fetcher : TCPSocket.open issue
323765 [vipin islets] I want to featch mails from gmail using rails. Am following

^ Help using ruby enumerator idioms
323767 [f.mischa gma] h = []
323820 [mike.gold.44] Yes, I do the same.  In a broader sense, functional style is often
323823 [f.mischa gma] Interesting, thanks a ton for the reply.

^ Access Control confusion
323768 [jcm1981 gmai] ...

^ StringScanner::search_full documentation error - ?
323769 [tomcloyd com] ...

^ help me
323771 [jabhijeet gm] m new to Ruuby on Rails..
323788 [tomcloyd com] Abhijeet -

^ RAA down
323772 [djberg96 gma] I noticed the RAA site has been down for a few days. Anyone have any
323837 [djberg96 gma] Looks like it's back up. Yay!

^ Ruby Command Line One Liner
323777 [a-helfenstei] I try to write a Ruby one-liner that replaces the header information of
+ 323778 [dblack rubyp] The -p flag will do the read/write loop for you, so all you have to do
| 323824 [a-helfenstei] Thanks a lot for your answer.
| 323939 [dblack rubyp] It sounds like you might want -n rather than -p. -n does the same
+ 323779 [hassan.schro] You might be interested in this: <http://rush.heroku.com/>
+ 324017 [w_a_x_man ya] ruby -i.bak -0777 -pe"sub /.*foo/m,'bar'" *.java
  324586 [a-helfenstei] Thanks a lot for the help.

^ rspec file organization
323781 [jon.stenqvis] How should i best organise my custom matcher files, should stay in
323848 [dchelimsky g] I keep them in spec/support/matchers. As for namespacing, I don't
323851 [jon.stenqvis] Thanks for you suggestion, i will go for the support folder. I'm not

^ Help with HTML parsing
323782 [vivnet zenbe] I'm new to Watir\Ruby and need to resolve something that involves HTML
+ 323784 [dandiebolt y] ...
| 323864 [vivnet zenbe] ok, i've started to work with hpricot. i'm debating if i should use
| 323871 [phlip2005 gm] Don't use Hpricot - its XPath support only covers a very few predicate and path
| 324182 [vivnet zenbe] could you give me more pointers on how exactly you would do it using
| 324205 [phlip2005 gm] require 'rexml/document'
| 324452 [tom tommorri] contains(concat(' ', @class, ' '), ' w0 ')
| 324459 [phlip2005 gm] Noted. I'm writing an XPath DSL, above the level of a raw XML library, and I
| 324504 [aaron tender] Couldn't you use CSS selectors when targeting XHTML (or XML even)?  In
| 324509 [phlip2005 gm] I'm going to. As soon as I get off my lazy butt, I will make nokogiri into a
| 324518 [aaron tender] The CSS to XPath conversion can stand alone as a pure ruby library.
+ 324608 [jykim altiba] you can also use ruby library Sanitize (http://wonko.com/post/sanitize)
  349707 [santosh sour] I am using Sanitize.clean(), for freeing contents from html tags, but

^ gem cleanup screw up...
323783 [mguterl gmai] I was running `gem cleanup` today, which was long overdue when I
+ 323790 [djberg96 gma] Can you post the errors? And the output of 'gem env'?
| 323792 [mguterl gmai] Absolutely, should have done this from the beginning...
| + 323793 [mguterl gmai] I need to retract my statement about the .gem files still existing in
| + 323794 [djberg96 gma] Ah, so they're still listed in the cache directory, but don't actually
|   323795 [mguterl gmai] I need to retract my statement about the .gem files still existing in
|   323797 [djberg96 gma] up
|   323879 [mguterl gmai] I just checked the bug tracker.  I believe this bug is related to
+ 323875 [jeremy hineg] sudo gem pristine --all
  323878 [mguterl gmai] For what it's worth this does not work.  Thanks though.

^ Problem with gem, after upgrading to 1.3.1 on linux (ubuntu 8.04)
323786 [paqs140482 g] ...
323787 [tomcloyd com] require 'rubygems'
323789 [paqs140482 g] ...
323817 [giuseppe.ber] This appears to be the same problem I reported in another thread.
323818 [giuseppe.ber] $ export GEM_HOME=/var/lib/gems/1.8
323840 [paqs140482 g] ...

^ [ANN] Mr Bones 2.2.0 (Distal Phalanges)
323798 [tim.pease gm] ...

^ controller-rhtml race
323799 [whiteadi yah] One user, one (new) modem, one computer. He wants to connect to Internet

^ how to remove ipc resources.
323800 [jykim altiba] ...

^ Cheapest Domain Registration & Web Hosting
323803 [sojankf gmai] Cheapest Domain Registration & Web Hosting

^ =?windows-1252?Q?Ambrina=99=3A_Naturally_Increases_Libido_=26_Enhances_St?= =?windows-1252?Q?amina=2E=2E=2E?=
323806 [komalsweet00] Improve Your Sex Life.Increase Your Libido & attain Harder

^ simple garbage problem
323808 [cchayden.nyt] STDIN.each_line { |line| line.split("\t") }
+ 323819 [andrew andre] ...
+ 323865 [rogerpack200] Which version of ruby are you using?  Very old ones have some leaks.
+ 323933 [shortcutter ] Is it really only this line?  How do you feed the big file to stdin?
+ 324060 [charles.nutt] Might be worth trying on JRuby. We've had no such reports, and the

^ Bee Release 0.5.0
323809 [michel.casab] Bee is a build tool running YAML files. These build files have a clean

^ You don't have to be an expert to build a website.
323810 [sojankf gmai] You don't have to be an expert to build a website.

^ Find your perfect match at free of cost
323815 [sojankf gmai] Find your perfect match at free of cost

^ Cheapest Domain & Hosting
323816 [sojankf gmai] Cheapest Domain & Hosting
323852 [tim burlyhos] Most spammers at least offer fake good deals, rather than not good

^ context of self
323825 [sijo maxxion] I tried like
323826 [sepp2k googl] self is the current object (in this case the object just constructed by new).

^ Function to flush the variable
323827 [amitjhs2000 ] Is there any function to flush the value from a variable. I am facing
323828 [andrew andre] ...
323829 [amitjhs2000 ] I am trying to use following code
+ 323830 [andrew andre] ...
| 323834 [michael.c.li] In Ruby you can assign to a constant as many times as you like. You
+ 323831 [sepp2k googl] In ruby there is a method IO#flush which flushes an output stream the same way

^ Testing Framework Usage
323849 [wycats gmail] In the interest of collecting some demographic information on the

323853 [all.dims gma] Delhi Institute of Management & Services

^ Reimplementation address book program
323854 [kerny404 gma] On one of my servers (linux) I have a nice address book over ldap.
323855 [kerny404 gma] I started to do some searches and I find out I can use net/ldap for
323856 [kerny404 gma] Looks like amrita is dead or almost, I find almost no documentation
323886 [kerny404 gma] Is there anybody out there??
323890 [richard.conr] It might help if you actually posed a question, or phrased your problem
323935 [kerny404 gma] Actually there were a few question marks and I thought I explained the
323937 [caduceass gm] These are hard questions to answer, because they involve many other
323981 [kerny404 gma] So I think I will go to rails after, but I like to do things gradually

^ [from Monkey Patching Thread]1.8 to 1.9 compatibility
323860 [robert.dober] As I said in the former thread, I have given some thoughts on this.

^ Re: 1.8 to 1.9 compatibility
323863 [shevegen lin] Maybe someone can do a summary... I myself am struggling with it,
323867 [dave pragpro] If a file contains any characters with the top bit set, you now have =20

^ Re: racc 1.4.6 release
323869 [rogerpack200] I think I may have asked this before but...
323884 [ryand-ruby z] yes
323904 [rogerpack200] So racc has an optional C extension to optimize its performance, and

^ require wackyness
323872 [thespobo gma] First time poster here ... picking up Ruby again after neglecting it for
323874 [Rob AgileCon] paths = %w( classes logic logic/scrapers)
323891 [thespobo gma] Aha!

^ Re: Pure Ruby Zlib::GzipWriter
323877 [djberg96 gma] Regards,
323903 [rogerpack200] Interesting.  I wonder if it's somehow related to
324011 [djberg96 gma] ang.org/issues/show/776
+ 324196 [aquasync gma] I'm most of the way done, just missing dynamic huffman trees, and more
| 324204 [djberg96 gma] Sounds like you're on track. But, you're in a race with Park Heesob. :)
| 324206 [aquasync gma] Heh. :) Somehow I think he's got it covered. That reimplementation of
| 324209 [phasis gmail] I dit it all by hand. There is no royal road to translating C to Ruby:)
| 324261 [djberg96 gma] Excellent, thanks!
| 324328 [phasis gmail] Finally I translated the whole zlib.c to ruby code.
| 324393 [djberg96 gma] . :)
| 324433 [phasis gmail] I fixed some typo and renamed PZlib to Zlib and pzlib.rb to zlib.rb
+ 324200 [phasis gmail] I finished translation and testing of the pure ruby version.
  324203 [djberg96 gma] Awesome!
  324208 [rogerpack200] Maybe you can collaborate? :)
  324318 [aquasync gma] I'm not sure there's much room for collaboration at the Zlib wrapper &
  + 324391 [djberg96 gma] Agreed.
  | 324577 [robert.dober] Hopefully that is not necessary
  | 324662 [djberg96 gma] And the winner is...Park Heesob! We actually had two competitors for
  | + 324673 [michael.lett] This is just awesome, thanks Dan for putting up some cash to make this
  | + 324716 [luislavena g] I have some bucks with Park and Charles names printed on them ;-)
  |   324718 [aquasync gma] Thanks Luis, but never mind, it was more about the challenge, and also
  |   324782 [michael.lett] Charles,
  |   325069 [aquasync gma] Sure feel free to add me on the rubyforge/github, or just copy the
  |   325172 [djberg96 gma] I didn't notice much of a slowdown with Park's version when installing
  + 324421 [djberg96 gma] uby-zlib/tree/master
    324429 [aquasync gma] Yeah the github download functionality seems broken for me most of the
    + 324442 [luislavena g] Luis@KEORE (D:\Users\Luis\projects\oss\ruby-zlib.git)
    | + 324453 [rdp doachris] Yeah I'm in for Readline :)
    | | 324462 [phasis gmail] I guess you are looking for ruby_readline [1] .
    | | 324469 [luislavena g] y web application for bounties? I'm interested in
    | | 324494 [phasis gmail] I found the pure Perl implementation of the readline libraries called
    | | + 324501 [luislavena g] any web application for bounties? I'm interested in
    | | | 324503 [hramrach gma] I guess it's expected. Different implementations give different
    | | | 324511 [luislavena g] e knows any web application for bounties? I'm interested in
    | | | 324559 [phasis gmail] At last, my zlib.rb and rbzlib.rb  passed rubyspec zlib test
    | | | 324564 [djberg96 gma] yone knows any web application for bounties? I'm interested in
    | | + 324506 [hramrach gma] I think the rreadline implementation is compatible. I once tried it
    | + 324565 [djberg96 gma] I think that's a fantastic idea Luis!
    |   324570 [jan.svitok g] What parts of OpenSSL? ;-)
    |   324724 [djberg96 gma] Just the parts that Ruby's openssl wrapper uses.
    + 324563 [djberg96 gma] Ok, I tried again. Reading seemed to work fine. For writing it worked