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^ Re: ERROR: no driver for sqlite3 found (Ruby 1.9.0 + Windows
323284 [rogerpack200] you need gem install sqlite3-ruby

^ Re: RbFind 1.1
323287 [rogerpack200] wow looks cool.
323292 [lists bertra] Did you specify the source I provide?
323295 [rogerpack200] Well I was mostly teasing you for not having deployed it in a way to
323311 [lists bertra] Oops, I totally forgot considering about Windows. Here are two

^ Ruby Best Practices contest extended
323297 [pat.eyler gm] Due to the holiday press, Gregory and I will not be able to judge this

^ unsubscribe Tomasz Wojtunik
323302 [ kedys wp.pl] Komu Mikoj, sypie siano na wia?

^ LibXML::XML to json in ruby
323303 [mingde.hong ] Does anyone aware of any ruby code, gem or plugin available to convert
323308 [dejan.dimic ] Perhaps you can use xml.to_s and then to_json or

^ Re: Solaris, FastCGI, Apache, and "timeout.rb:52: Segmentation fault"
323304 [cratervoid y] Was this ever resolved?  I am also running ruby 1.8.6 on solaris 10 and

^ Re: Announcing Revactor: an Actor model implementation for Ruby 1.9
323305 [wandalassite] The Modeling Industry is made up of the Modeling Agencies, The

^ [OT] Re: Pure Ruby Zlib::GzipWriter
323309 [vjoel path.b] Out of curiosity, how do you suggest doing this? Put the dll in the DATA

^ Re: immediate "sendkeys" with Ruby ? (SketchUp)
323310 [dejan.dimic ] Before sending any keys you should verify to whom you are sending
323323 [mbraga0001 g] Return of AppActivate is true so I think I'm sending to the right place

^ Name that data structure!
323312 [simon.a.chia] I'm using a data structure that I'm sure has been implemented and
+ 323313 [tomcloyd com] Unless I totally don't get it...which just might be the case...my
+ 323314 [gregory.t.br] Except for the ordering, it kind of sounds like a digraph.
| 323316 [tomcloyd com] I believe a directed graph could be a fair match, but somehow it misses
| 323318 [robert.dober] Sounds like a marked graph to me, and not directed at all, or did I
| + 323320 [tomcloyd com] Robert,
| | 323343 [ian.hobson n] What you have described is the associative model of data (storage).
| | 323363 [tomcloyd com] Wow. Ian, this is my holiday gift - from you. I got to this model from
| | 323364 [vjoel path.b] vjoel : Joel VanderWerf : path berkeley edu : 510 665 3407
| | 323374 [tomcloyd com] Absolutely. I see in that article, right away, my sense of this thing's
| | 323382 [no spam.plea] While you guys are contemplating this stuff, you might like to think about
| | 323389 [tomcloyd com] Clifford,
| | 323393 [no spam.plea] Thanks. I've spent fully half of the last two years working on it,
| + 323322 [tomcloyd com] This model encompasses directed graphs, and non-directed ones too (are
|   323334 [simon.a.chia] Ah, great!  I think that's it.
|   + 323345 [usenet istik] If you want to do rather sophisticated things have a look at RSRuby which
|   + 323347 [shortcutter ] The DAG defines a partial order.  You can use it for "topological
+ 323315 [ruby anthrop] Unless there's something more complicated that I am missing, this is a

^ [ADV] JotBot, a JRuby desktop tool for tracking time
323317 [james.britt ] The first commercial JRuby desktop application is available.
323378 [charles.nutt] Cool! I'll pass this on to some friends of mine who probably have a need
323386 [james.britt ] Thanks very much!

^ Error after install
323326 [callenmas ju] ./configure
323327 [brabuhr gmai] . /usr/local/bin/irb
323329 [callenmas ju] when I do that and then run `which` I get the following.
+ 323339 [justincollin] $ . /usr/bin/irb
+ 323340 [b.candler po] No. A dot followed by a filename means "read this file into the shell" -
  323358 [callenmas ju] Thanks guys for replying.
  323361 [hassan.schro] You've already been told: the '.' is wrong, whether it's './' or '. /' -- so
  323362 [callenmas ju] I guess I didn't really understand how the 'which' command worked.
  + 323366 [TimHunter nc] At a command line type "man which". It'll explain to you exactly how the
  + 323367 [hassan.schro] Exactly. Hence my suggestion that, if you want a different version to
    323385 [callenmas ju] Thanks guys for all your help.  I'll be back with more questions soon.

^ How to .exe(instalation file) file of a Ruby Qt application
323330 [feel2work gm] I am developing an application using Ruby Qt. Now i want to make
323337 [max sparkyma] If you are using Ruby 1.8.x, the following link would be a good place to

^ Sequel Newbie question
323331 [m8r-8wb2f4 m] DB = Sequel.connect('mysql://blah:blah@localhost:3306/thyu')
323438 [code jeremye] story is a Hash, not a Sequel::Model.  You are calling Hash#update,

^ Logfile name format in logging
323332 [murugaraj.b ] I am using the "logging" gem for logging.
+ 323338 [dejan.dimic ] You can write your own Logging::Appenders::RollingFileWithTimeStamp
+ 323350 [tim.pease gm] The logging gem does not support this directly. You will need to
  323395 [murugaraj.b ] Thank you so much Tim and Dimic.

^ Problem running simple rail application
323333 [vikasg aflat] I am new in ruby development, so please me, i am asking a very simple
+ 323335 [yaserbuntu g] I think the file extension is causing the problem. Try to change it to
| 323463 [vikasg aflat] Thanks Yaser ,  problem solved by changing file extension.
+ 323336 [dejan.dimic ] rail application"
  + 323462 [vikasg aflat] Thanks Dejan Dimic
  + 323464 [vikasg aflat] Thanks, Dejan Dimic.

^ Cosmetic Surgery Loans
323341 [jerrysocky g] Due to aging of any other circumstances, the adverse impact on our

^ Are all Ruby built-in objects thread safe?
323342 [ihatespam ho] Are all built-in objects thread safe?  For example, if I have an array
+ 323346 [matz ruby-la] For MRI (1.8.x) and YARV (1.9.x), every C implemented methods are
| 323379 [charles.nutt] In JRuby we've made a best attempt to keep the core data structures like
| 323470 [robert.dober] I would very much welcome a set of guaranteed-thread-safe wrapper
| + 323473 [shortcutter ] This is tricky.  There are few things I'd like to say to this: first,
| | + 323487 [robert.dober] ce
| | | 323513 [shortcutter ] <snip>full quote</snip>
| | | 323515 [robert.dober] Oh this was bad work, I messed up, my apologies.
| | + 323508 [overlord gmx] If Hash had a method get_with_default that took a default value or a
| |   + 323509 [robert.dober] I believe you mean
| |   | 323537 [overlord gmx] You are right. There is a little difference: fetch doesn't pass the hash
| |   + 323512 [shortcutter ] Please read my note: this was just an example for the class of
| |     323538 [overlord gmx] Well, my point is it's a bad example. You are asking an object questions
| + 323812 [Usenet Googl] You might want to check out "CHESS: A Systematic Testing Tool for
|   323932 [robert.dober] I'll have a look thanx
+ 323348 [shortcutter ] The answer will sound a bit odd: they are not built to be thread safe
+ 323375 [Usenet Googl] This is a *very* interesting question! And it is a question that can
  + 323380 [charles.nutt] Actually, we made a minimal attempt to ensure that concurrent operations
  + 323401 [ihatespam ho] I don't think this is relevant.  Concurrency isn't about how many
    + 323405 [b.candler po] Not exactly. Ruby green threads aren't fully pre-emptive; they will only
    + 323416 [jballanc gma] On Dec 24, 2008, at 1:56 AM, Just Another Victim of the Ambient
    | 323433 [charles.nutt] And rarely within C-based code, unless that code explicitly yields
    + 323481 [vjoel path.b] Keep in mind though that on smp systems, most instructions are not

^ [ANN]  January Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting
323349 [james.britt ] January '09 Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting

^ Loading up a hash with variables if they are defined
323351 [wpdster gmai] Is there a cleaner, more Rubyesque way to do this?
+ 323352 [jcoglan goog] params = [:prefix, :category_id, :page].inject({}) do |hash, name|
| 323356 [wpdster gmai] Thanks... that's certainly along the lines of what I was searching for.
+ 323354 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):005:0> {:prefix => @prefix, :category_id => @category, :page
+ 323357 [vjoel path.b] Watch out: "only if they are defined" is not the same as "only if they

^ Looking for a way to detach attachment from email at arrival
323353 [vadud3 gmail] I am looking for a ruby way to receive an email with attachment,

^ Net::HTTPResponse#read_body usable for timing?
323359 [denis haskin] I have some simple network performance analysis I need to do; easiest
323407 [b.candler po] The source will be installed somewhere like
323415 [denis haskin] Thanks, Brian -- I was figuring I would probably have to dive into the

^ rjudy
323360 [sperka gmail] does anyone have experience running rjudy lately

^ Integer.step is inclusive?!
323365 [ihatespam ho] I don't know how to post the output of irb so I'll just have to describe
+ 323368 [tim burlyhos] Because 0 to 10 is 11 numbers.  If you want 10 numbers, use 1.upto(10)
+ 323369 [gwtmp01 mac.] On Dec 23, 2008, at 2:36 PM, Just Another Victim of the Ambient
+ 323370 [thopre gmail] because this are eleven numbers: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
| 323414 [fox nscl.msu] DO 100 I = 0,10
+ 323372 [ihatespam ho] D'oh!

^ OptionParser can't tell me about non-options on command line
323371 [alpartis thu] I'd like to have a command line invocation of my ruby script that looks
323373 [alpartis thu] Nevermind ... RTFM ... I just went back to pickaxe 3rd edition and found
323411 [shortcutter ] And if you use parse! (which is what I generally do) the original array

^ Singleton classes
323381 [iwasinnamukn] I'm trying to implement the singleton design in some classes. According
+ 323383 [justincollin] require 'singleton'
| 323394 [iwasinnamukn] Excellent, thanks. I think the docs for that class could be a little
+ 324106 [nolanmeng gm] # unsubscribe

^ script/runner error
323384 [ciriusmex gm] Ok I need some help here. I'm trying to create a script to
323406 [b.candler po] This is a problem with Rails (or InstantRails), so your question is best

^ [ANN] Grepper: object-oriented grepping
323387 [dblack rubyp] If you feel the need to do simple object-oriented grepping, have a
323388 [tjnogueira o] Very cool your idea! I will take a look and make some codes to see the

^ another nil concern
323390 [rubylearner ] irb(main):012:0> nil =~ /foo/
323392 [botp delmont] # irb(main):012:0> nil =3D~ /foo/

323397 [limhuisian h] Can we do a " go label " in ruby just like in asm? i cant find any
323398 [RubyTalk gma] goto
+ 323399 [vjoel path.b] How surreal... someone named RubyTalk is posting to ruby-talk and
+ 323400 [limhuisian h] Cant download from the link http://raa.ruby-lang.org/project/ruby-goto/
  + 323412 [shortcutter ] IMHO "goto" is the worst tool you can use.  One of the alternatives is
  | 323413 [codeblogger ] I agree on the case/when statement. But  I don't think throw/catch is a true
  | 323417 [shortcutter ] No, for error handling you use "raise" and "rescue".  Please pay close
  | 323418 [phlip2005 gm] Then just use return.
  | 323441 [shortcutter ] If it can be used that would definitively my first choice.  Sometimes it
  + 323429 [lists bertra] <http://raa.ruby-lang.org/cache/ruby-goto/ruby-goto.tar.gz>.
    323443 [apeiros gmx.] I used goto to implement a parser for ISO 8601 (in C, generated by ruby)
    323569 [robert.dober] As a matter of fact gotos can make your code clearer, but that has

^ Calling Ruby from Delphi
323403 [numeric att.] I want to call an embedded ruby function from Delphi 2009. A C or C++
+ 323454 [huw darkneon] You can connect Delphi Prism (Chrome/Oxgene) or C# or some other .NET
| 323466 [numeric att.] Thank you for your reply.
+ 323458 [mo_mail ongh] This is some of the stuff that I use in a Borland C++ Builder
  + 323467 [numeric att.] I will give it a try.
  + 324104 [mo_mail ongh] Rob, any luck with this?
    324958 [numeric att.] I haven't had a chance to work on it yet; hopefully I will soon.

^ Strange behaviour with sleep() in a thread...
323408 [ihatespam ho] I have a thread created with Thread.new that does some polling.  I don't
323492 [rogerpack200] If you're on 1.8.x then your two threads are actually one "real thread"

^ Ruby Installation Mac Leopard
323409 [damick netro] I don't know if I post this in the right forum but I would like to
323410 [driodeiros g] I would recommend you to install those bits in your home directory. The
323446 [damick netro] Thanks for the info, but I found another solution. I just recompiled the

^ Newbie - open file permission denied
323420 [rasmith2310 ] I am attempting to open a directory, open each file and send each line
323421 [TimHunter nc] The filenames returned by dir.each are just filenames, not the complete
323424 [brabuhr gmai] Dir.glob("#{INDIR}/*").each do |filename|
323425 [rasmith2310 ] Thank you, the Dir.glob gets rid of the error.

^ run a function as a stand-alone app with arguments
323422 [nephish gmai] Hey all,
323423 [TimHunter nc] if __FILE__ == $0
323426 [nephish gmai] Thanks, good link, think i can get everything i need out of there.

^ newbie qusetion: read a file and print out same file
323427 [joemacbusine] How do I read an input file and print it back to STDOUT
+ 323428 [dblack rubyp] You're working too hard :-)
| 323431 [joemacbusine] I wanted to loop through the input file "line-by-line"
+ 323442 [b.candler po] Interesting output, especially the split 'tree'. To see what's going on,

^ Ini file reader/writer
323430 [send2madhan7] I am new joinee to this forum and also to ruby language.After spent two
323432 [dejan.dimic ] After just a quick look I have to advise you to take look at

^ Testing Data Scrapes
323434 [me michaelbo] I'm here not for code help, but more for some opinions. At the moment
+ 323435 [thopre gmail] # Creates a new Google spreadsheet object.
| 323436 [me michaelbo] Thomas,
+ 323437 [mguterl gmai] Any time that I am testing an external service like this, I tend to
  323439 [me michaelbo] Michael,
  323447 [mguterl gmai] I am of the opinion that when testing external services you should not

^ Funny Christmas wallpapers, theme
323440 [onlinejob4in] Funny Christmas wallpapers, theme

^ Re: Send keystrokes to Firefox or Safari?
323444 [kj004 hotmai] how can i send keystokes to a flash object (i.e. Textbox) in Internet

^ Sending Keystrokes to Flash Textbox
323445 [kj004 hotmai] Not sure if anyone can help me. i have written Ruby code to produce a

^ StressTest
323450 [citrix_linux] Is there a way to allocate memory with a ruby script?
323451 [shortcutter ] ruby -e '"x" * 350_000_000'
323452 [robert.dober] It is true that OP did not state it, but somehow I guess that he does
323456 [citrix_linux] Exactly, I don't want the memory to be released (for a while)
323471 [shortcutter ] You could as well use sleep then.
323478 [citrix_linux] I will indeed, thanks again for your support!

^ DICOM Toolkit in Ruby
323453 [maqboolp hot] We are developing tool for DICOM in Ruby. Here is a simple DICOM File
+ 323455 [Aldric Giaco] Have you guys already looked at http://dicom.rubyforge.org/ ?
+ 323469 [dv voelkerts] sounds interesting, but maybe it is more reliable to build an ruby

^ Introducing TudbcGoWeb Framework for Ruby/JRuby/IronRuby
323459 [post tudbc.o] Please take a look at the newly release free open-source TUDBC's Go Web

^ How To Get Laser Hair Removal Information
323460 [laser.beuaty] How To Get Laser Hair Removal Information

^ How to overwrite old scaffold to new one
323461 [vikasg aflat] I am new to ruby development, so please me, and give me solution.
323476 [tjnogueira o] This link http://www.netbeans.org/kb/docs/ruby/rapid-ruby-weblog.html have

^ Buiding anamgrams
323468 [kerny404 gma] I'm studying ruby (and I really love it even more than python) and I
+ 323474 [shortcutter ] Welcome to the pack!  What a nice Christmas occupation. :-)
| 323475 [tjnogueira o] That's it. In ruby 1.8.6 you cant use this form , only for 1.8.7 and prior
+ 323495 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Andrea,
  323507 [kerny404 gma] Thanks a lot everyone, now I already posted but don't know why it
  323529 [dave pragpro] I think a faster approach, particularly to find multiple anagrams, is

^ Internships, part time jobs, and fresher jobs for students on  SearchMyCampus.com
323472 [groups.smc g] Upload your resume on searchmycampus.com to get part time jobs,

^ Regular Expression Trouble
323482 [chris.websta] Hey!
+ 323483 [dave pragpro] Your problem is that .* is swallowing as many characters as it can. In =20=
+ 323484 [tim burlyhos] .* should probably be set to non greedy .*?, so it doesn't grab things
  323585 [chris.websta] This one actually worked. I tried non-greedies all over, but there.

^ SV: Regular Expression Trouble
323485 [magnus.erick] Howdy!

^ Win32API- GetForegroundWindows()
323488 [diegosanjuli] I'm playing with the API of Windows, but I haven't found much
323491 [david.mullet] a = Win32API.new('user32', 'GetForegroundWindow', [], 'N')
323510 [diegosanjuli] Thanks, now it's running :).
323526 [david.mullet] You can use the GetWindowText API call. Pass it (1) your window handle,
323527 [diegosanjuli] Ok. Thank you very much !! Now It's perfect.

^ MSSQL and Ruby
323490 [Aldric Giaco] Is there a tool besides DBI to connect to MSSQL?

^ ruby -> python
323494 [rogerpack200] I was thinking the other day...wouldn't it be nice to be able to take
323498 [znmeb cesmai] Why introduce Python, when on many platforms, you have the ability to
323500 [rogerpack200] Because I don't want to rewrite my bottlenecks to C--I want to leave
323503 [luislavena g] I know, is silly, but is bytecode translated ;-)
323504 [rogerpack200] Unholy is definitely fascinating.  I'm unsure of it's ability to
323642 [perrin apoth] =20
+ 323656 [robert.dober] What amazes me most however is that it picked your name correctly ;)
+ 323868 [rogerpack200] Yeah--I'm looking for the easiest path here--like from the outside it

^ Re: Pure Ruby Zlib::GzipWriter
323499 [rogerpack200] One thing I use to help me compile on doze is Lavena's rubyinstaller
323502 [djberg96 gma] Excellent Roger, thank you.