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^ Show newest file in directory?
323086 [mmc_collins ] If you have a directory full of files, how can you get the newest file
323099 [mark thomasz] One way...
+ 323101 [mmc_collins ] Thanks Mark.
+ 323104 [shortcutter ] IMHO that should read
  323111 [mike cargal.] Just a pet peeve.... but... Sorts are expensive and should be avoided
  + 323117 [mmc_collins ] Thanks Everyone! Great advice!
  + 323130 [shortcutter ] While we're nitpicking... :-)  In this case File.mtime is most likely

^ Embedded Ruby
323087 [funkaster gm] ruby_init();
+ 323088 [jeremy hineg] This is by design ruby_run() does not return.  I imagine what you want to do is
+ 323089 [funkaster gm] nevermind, rb_eval_string suits my needs :-P

^ rubygems environment in vista
323090 [taylorstrait] I'm having trouble loading RubyGems into my Vista32 environment.  It
323092 [mturner bend] On Dec 18, 2008, at 10:30 AM, Taylor Strait <taylorstrait@gmail.com>
323096 [taylorstrait] Nice call.  The path had been set to something else.  This fixed my

^ .profile in UNIX
323091 [eric.ramsey ] Does anyone know how to access and use the .profile in UNIX while using
+ 323093 [tim burlyhos] How to you mean?  By updating it, parsing it from the file itself, or by
| 323094 [eric.ramsey ] I believe we just need to load it into the session/channel so that we
| + 323095 [tim burlyhos] Sorry, I got you.  I read the post too quickly and for some reason I
| | 323097 [eric.ramsey ] If the only way to get this to work is to set the environment/variables
| | 323153 [rodrigo.berm] cmd=". /home/user/.profile"
| | 323155 [Rob AgileCon] Read the docs about the intended use and behavior of ~/.profile or
| + 323156 [gerardo.sant] If your server is running OpenSSH, you can also use ~/.ssh/environment.
+ 323118 [ara.t.howard] you need to invoke a login shell on the remote host, then

^ [ANN] RbFind 1.1
323106 [lists bertra] yet another find tool: <http://raa.ruby-lang.org/project/rbfind>.

^ [SUMMARY] Mix and Match (#186)
323107 [matt moss.na] _This week's summary is provided by Peter, originally [posted to his =20

^ RAWR can't find jruby_fetch
323108 [leslieviljoe] I am trying to use RAWR to package a netbeans/monkeybars project, but am
323110 [logustus gma] Leslie,
323143 [leslieviljoe] he
323149 [logustus gma] The latest Rawr is dependent on JRuby now. This weekend I'm planning =20
323152 [logustus gma] I just had a chance to actually read the ticket. I would upgrade the =20
323158 [charles.nutt] Note that 1.1.7 is currently trunk and in development. You'd probably be

^ Sleep
323112 [steinfal gma] This program is very simple.  It is suppose to load in the text file, load
+ 323115 [einarmagnus ] It doesn't freeze, but the output is buffered so it appears that way.
+ 323116 [m.fellinger ] $stdout.sync = true
  323165 [steinfal gma] STDOUT.flush

^ block comment problem
323121 [mrsolarlife ] For some reason I'm unable to do block comments. I keep receiving this
323123 [matz ruby-la] "=begin" should start at the beginning of a line.  You cannot indent
+ 323124 [mrsolarlife ] Thanks, that fixed the problem :)
+ 323197 [davebass mus] Any good reason for this?
  + 323217 [vjoel path.b] x \
  + 323262 [matz ruby-la] They're not part of regular syntax, so I want clearly mark as such.

^ shoes Can I add color to a button
323122 [redman acces] This sounds like a silly question. I have not seen anywhere how I can

^ How to check endianess using ruby?
323125 [jan.h.xie gm] What's the right way to check the endianess(big/little endian) of the machi=
323126 [phasis gmail] [1].pack('S')[0]==1 ? 'little' : 'big'
323127 [jan.h.xie gm] achine

^ could this one line Date extension to return the end of financial year date be any more compact?
323129 [greg.hauptma] could this be any more compact or ruby like that it is?
323148 [Rob AgileCon] Well, you could avoid the multiple date creations and step the date
323168 [greg.hauptma] thanks - I like the "this_year << 12" - didn't realize this was available

323133 [hotkatrina4u] Start Your Own INTERNET JOBS AT http://megalinesolutions.googlepages.com/

^ How to implement drag and drop
323134 [arati.sawant] I have a set of draggable objects inside a span. I tried to implement
323135 [arati.sawant] Forgot to mentioned the function name 'MouseClickDrag'.
323144 [toastkid.wil] Have a look at jQuery, it has a variety of different plugins for this

^ can we shut down system through ruby code ? if yes, How?
323136 [sandeep.gupt] Can Ruby code be used to automatically shut down a windows machine.
+ 323138 [phasis gmail] Try http://www.google.com/search?q=ruby+shutdown+windows
+ 323139 [phlip2005 gm] system 'C:\Windows\RUNDLL32.EXE user,exitwindows exit'
+ 323140 [tjnogueira o] Dear Friend,
+ 323141 [shortcutter ] <SCNR>
+ 323142 [damnbigman g] Shutting down locally is easy.  Remotely is a little trickier but still

^ http://www.streetcandy.org
323146 [nikeshoe.nik] Get Nike Shoes at Super Cheap Prices

^ Ruby Prototype/Scriptaculous Wrapper
323147 [btrichardson] Does anyone know of any Ruby Prototype/Scriptaculous JavaScript wrapper

^ Runtime error after moving to 1.8.7
323150 [gerardo.sant] Ruby/Informix works fine on Ruby 1.8.6, but after installing Ruby
+ 323493 [rogerpack200] could ask core
| 325008 [gerardo.sant] Thanks Roger!
+ 325102 [hramrach cen] On 19/12/2008, Gerardo Santana G=C3=B3mez Garrido <gerardo.santana@gmail.co=
  325142 [gerardo.sant] 332]

^ Problem fixed
323159 [eric.ramsey ] Thanks to all the help. We took some of your suggessions and some of our

^ Contribution to RubyGems
323160 [abc3def gmai] I have some ideas on RubyGem optimization. Where should I discuss them?
323161 [tjnogueira o] See on ruby-lang.org.There have some informations about contribuite with
323167 [abc3def gmai] Thank you, Tiago!
323194 [ryand-ruby z] yup yup. that's where you want to start.

^ [QUIZ] Dreaming of a Ruby Christmas (#187)
323166 [matt moss.na] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
+ 323183 [dmerrick ics] Happy holidays, everyone!
+ 323192 [Glen.F.Panko] Whenever I wrap Matzmas presents the wrapping turns out extremely
| 323215 [jballanc gma] I feel compelled to express my sheer amazement. Thank you, Glen, you
| 323216 [shingler gma] I agree, that's v cool :)
+ 323301 [brabuhr gmai] #!/usr/bin/env jruby
| + 323319 [dan danfinni] The documentation
| | 323325 [brabuhr gmai] No significance other than trying to finish before  1:00.  :-)  Maybe
| + 323419 [brabuhr gmai] * removed unnecessary require
+ 323448 [robert.dober] So I leave it to the user which message to display ;)
  323449 [robert.dober] Well as I had to fix a bug, I made the random choice converging, now

^ Last chance for JRubyOne...er...JavaOne proposals
323169 [charles.nutt] Today is the last day for JavaOne proposals, and we're really hoping to
323201 [tjnogueira o] I am reading this e-mail now, but i dont know too much about this

^ Re: [jruby-user] Last chance for JRubyOne...er...JavaOne proposals
323170 [deanwampler ] Hey, Charlie,
323172 [charles.nutt] Great Dean, sounds like a perfect topic. Maybe even more likely to get
323173 [charles.nutt] Thanks Robert :) I think this will be a great year for JRuby...we have

^ DBI:ODBC on Vista:  "could not load driver"
323171 [gmuirhead ea] p require('dbi')
323285 [rogerpack200] I'd make sure the ruby odbc example scripts work [and maybe ditch odbc

^ 1978 != 1978
323174 [shandybleu y] I have these years that I am trying to compare to see if they are equal
+ 323175 [rich.japh gm] My guess is that the way computer represents number is not exactly whole number but I m sure others can better correct this issue
+ 323176 [dblack rubyp] An aside: == returns true or false, so you don't have to do the whole
| 323177 [shandybleu y] With 'puts' I just meant that I did some output statements to see if in
+ 323180 [ jupp gmx.de] It does not (checked). I suppose that the value of @user.dobyear only

^ formula for a x, y plot
323178 [nephish gmai] hey there all,
323179 [vjoel path.b] irb(main):007:0> Math.atan2(-1.0, -1.0)*180/Math::PI % 360
323191 [nephish gmai] Yes ! that helps a lot,

323181 [pratstercs h] I'm a complete novice to Ruby, but I would like to write an FTP server
323184 [onepoint sta] Do  you need  to  do any  programming  at all?   The  NcFTP client  at
323203 [pratstercs h] I would like to do this as a technical excercise first of all, plus I
323263 [onepoint sta] If you want it to run from your server then I think you'll have to
323290 [shevegen lin] This is not so complicated.

^ YAML troubles
323182 [tmcdowell gm] I am working on a ruby MUD server, and I wanted to save a list of
+ 323185 [tmcdowell gm] - Why doesn't the variable 'a' include BOTH of the character data?
| 323186 [einarmagnus ] I don't have an answer to your question but when I needed YAML I found
| 323187 [tmcdowell gm] I had been doing that, but ruby still doesn't read it up from the YAML
| 323188 [Rob AgileCon] YAML.each_document
+ 323195 [b.candler po] class Player

^ inequality test
323189 [enjo20 gmail] I have tested comparison test by using object concept.
323190 [mikael hoilu] !=3D is purely syntactical sugar for !(foo =3D=3D bar). If you send '=3D=3D=

^ ruby midi problem
323193 [rick.chatter] Ok i was going through the book "Ruby practical Projects" and right at
323233 [ben bleythin] A couple of things!
323250 [rick.chatter] I have tried qjackctl but i still don't get any sound, everything goes
323376 [ben bleythin] Don't know what to tell you then, sorry.  If you have access to a

^ unsubscribe
323196 [c.arora gmai] ...

^ get first and last line from txt file - how?
323204 [mmc_collins ] I have txt file with date/time stamps only. I want to grab the first
+ 323205 [TimHunter nc] lines = IO.readlines("queued.txt")
| 323207 [yaserbuntu g] I'm just wondering..
| + 323208 [navouri gmai] It would work the same? Or do you mean without loading up the entire
| | 323209 [yaserbuntu g] Yep, that is exactly what I mean.
| | 323211 [TimHunter nc] If you know where the last line starts (that is, the byte offset of the
| + 323212 [thopre gmail] Yes. Position your file pointer to the last byte in a file, read and
| | 323242 [shortcutter ] You have to admit that this approach is rather inefficient.  Here's a
| | 323247 [thopre gmail] Really?
| | + 323261 [botp delmont] # Really?
| | | 323264 [thopre gmail] t end w a newline, no?
| | | 323289 [shevegen lin] Because your wheel will not work on i.e. Windows without the "tail"
| | | + 323294 [james graypr] Definitely have a look at Elif then.  It's a tail like algorithm in
| | | + 323306 [b.candler po] Sure. But if this particular poster is running under Linux, or cygwin,
| | + 323296 [shortcutter ] Did you make sure that no OS disk buffering distorts this result?  I
| + 323252 [overlord gmx] Yes, of course. It's exactly the same problem as reading the first line.
|   323255 [b.candler po] Why re-invent the wheel?
|   323258 [overlord gmx] Cause there's not always a tool out there to do the job.
+ 323260 [cmshea gmail] Aside from the suggestions already made for getting just the last

^ add text at beginning of a string
323213 [pedrolito la] Sorry for this silly question, but I don't remember how to insert text
323214 [jgabrielygal] I recommend studying this page, it's good to be familiar with the
323219 [phlip2005 gm] ['hello ', s].join
+ 323220 [vjoel path.b] irb(main):001:0> s = " world"
| 323256 [b.candler po] irb(main):001:0> s = " world"
+ 323281 [jgabrielygal] Just a note: both your join method and the + method above will create

^ [ANN] linkparser 1.0.3
323218 [ged FaerieMU] Version 1.0.3 of linkparser has been released.

^ Trying to make modifications to a gem...
323222 [Aldric Giaco] I'm toying around with a gem. How can I easily make changes and test
+ 323228 [ryand-ruby z] it'd be a lot nicer for everyone (assuming your changes are for good,
| 323230 [Aldric Giaco] I will - I am talking with the author via e-mail - but this is also my
+ 323929 [sandor.szuec] Aldric,
  323943 [phlip2005 gm] Monkey patch the gem. Happens all the time.

^ Re: Pure Ruby Zlib::GzipWriter
323224 [rogerpack200] That would indeed be convenient.
323246 [charles.nutt] Of course you could use JRuby, which doesn't have such issues with zlib
323251 [djberg96 gma] On Dec 21, 1:08=A0pm, Charles Oliver Nutter <charles.nut...@sun.com>
323253 [charles.nutt] The JVM includes zlib and obviously has a very nice version for Windows.
323257 [higgs.bozo g] As a cheap shortcut, could you store a base64-encoded zlib dll in a .rb
323266 [djberg96 gma] I'm not really sure how to do that, and it's not really what I'm
323268 [higgs.bozo g] You didn't know how, or didn't understand?  DL is part of the standard
323276 [djberg96 gma] Just to clarify for purposes of the bounty, no DL, and no distributed

^ ruby-debug quit without prompt?
323225 [rogerpack200] Is there a setting somewhere for ruby-debug to avoid the
+ 323226 [rogerpack200] There is
+ 323229 [ryand-ruby z] exit! maybe?
  323232 [rogerpack200] Yeah makes sense to me--I submitted a patch to allow for it.

^ [ANN] hitimes 0.4.0 Released
323234 [jeremy hineg] gem install hitimes

^ Non-newline gets
323235 [me michaelbo] I'm writing a CLI and I want to get some additional information after I
323237 [yaserbuntu g] Don't use puts, use print instead.

^ [ANN] test-unit 2.0.2 Released
323236 [kou cozmixng] test-unit version 2.0.2 has been released!

^ Java Interface
323238 [ernestdarby ] Hoping to see more posts concerning this interface ...
323241 [deanwampler ] You want the jruby mailing lists, then.

^ ERROR: no driver for sqlite3 found (Ruby 1.9.0 + Windows)
323243 [nachocab gma] I'm getting this error after I upgraded Ruby from 1.8 to 1.9.0 and

^ Why Ruby stops working under cygwin
323245 [chen_li3 yah] I want to call voice function using win32ole under cygwin. But Ruby
+ 323249 [Aldric Giaco] Does Cygwin have proper sound drivers installed? Does it know how to
+ 323300 [luislavena g] From my experience Cygwin doens't play nice with Windows Native API.
  323321 [chen_li3 yah] I also have One-Click Ruby Installer on my PC. The problem is that
  323328 [luislavena g] But then Win32OLE will not work properly under Cygwin. There is always
  323355 [chen_li3 yah] Here is my solution: When I use timeout library I use Ruby under cygwin.

^ mkmf creates broken makefile (Windows)
323254 [fischer.jan ] I'm trying to compile the ruby whirlpool library from
323299 [luislavena g] What Ruby version are you trying to use under Cygwin?
323324 [fischer.jan ] it says Ruby 1.8.7-p72-2

^ [HowTo] immediate "sendkeys" with Ruby ? (SketchUp)
323259 [mbraga0001 g] I need to send a key (letter "x" for example) to SketchUp (shortcut) in

^ (none)
323265 [meyerkp gmai] unsubscribe

^ login form
323267 [joh13ny yaho] I just want to create a login form on my RoR project.anyone have a good
323269 [rustam8338 g] please look on the site www.railscasts.com i guess there is a tutorial about
+ 323270 [saji apcc21.] check out http://goldberg.240gl.org/ for the goldberg plugin
+ 323457 [joh13ny yaho] sir thank you for your reply I use the restful_authentication on my

^ Re: haml to erb
323271 [roy wright.o] Write a script to replace the ruby commands in each haml file with a

^ Paginate
323272 [samathaj gma] the error is "undefined method `paginate' for
+ 323274 [tomcloyd com] Samatha,
+ 323275 [d_rems yahoo] 1. This should probably be posted in Ruby on Rails NG.
  323279 [samathaj gma] am very much new to ROR, so i have no idea what all need to be provided
  323293 [d_rems yahoo] Will_paginate has different syntax than original ROR paginate. So you

^ how to make installing Ruby easier for amateurs
323273 [tomcloyd com] Greetings!
+ 323277 [saji apcc21.] It is likely an (K|X)Ubuntu issue than a ruby-gem issue.
+ 323278 [billk cts.co] This appears to be partly a manifestation of the eternal clash
| 323280 [znmeb cesmai] You also need "make", "gcc" and sometimes other libraries / header files
+ 323282 [james.britt ] Forget apt-get for Ruby.  Maybe one day that will work as most people
| + 323288 [shevegen lin] I do not think it ever will. How many years have gone by now since the
| | 323377 [Usenet Googl] Can you explain how this is a fundamental flaw in Linux packaging?
| | 323391 [tomcloyd com] Interesting comment. I have to say that I don't see it as a flaw in
| | + 323396 [justincollin] The next version of Ruby will/does come with RubyGems.
| | | 323477 [davebass mus] Surely Ruby people should be talking to distro people, pointing out the
| | | 323489 [znmeb cesmai] Every distro has a collection of Ruby-specific developers / packagers,
| | + 323465 [flo andersgr] I think the problem is that Ubuntu relies on the Debian packages. =20
| + 323298 [ezmobius gma] If you use this script you should change line 27 to add the --disable-
| | + 323307 [thewoolleyma] I had incorrectly assumed this was the default...
| | + 323564 [ shot hot.pl] Are you sure? ./configure scripts for all of ruby-1.8.6-p287,
| + 323560 [ shot hot.pl] Thanks for sharing! I build all my Ruby versions by hand, and
+ 323344 [anibalrojas ] Tom,
+ 323480 [michael.c.li] Adept, in my extremely limited experience, is not there yet.
  + 323486 [james.britt ] +1
  | 323807 [overlord gmx] Is there no Aptitude on Ubuntu?
  + 323533 [saji apcc21.] I would very much agree with this. I had been using ArchLinux for some