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^ match(f.read)[0].to_a[0]  meaning?
322631 [g.zhen.ning ] my_ip = (require 'open-uri' ; open("http://myip.dk") { |f|
322634 [sepp2k googl] match(f.read)            returns a MatchData object.

^ configure kannel to get the data from database
322633 [mailtorajuit] My project is to send sms to mobile. iam new to rails. how to configure
322636 [ganda ganda.] Generally you need a connection to the SMS gateway. You can connect

^ faire ˝Ďuivalent en python
322637 [kungfu-free-] Si les mˇ╬es options existent c cool pour tpi !

^ please, help to start... for a desktop application...
322639 [pyrhops gmai] I would really like to start the best way. I studied some Java in the

^ the Command Prompt
322641 [gokeeffe16 g] Nice forum,
322646 [list.rb gmai] On Dec 13, 2008, at 10:00 AM, Graham Okeeffe <gokeeffe16@gmail.com>
322647 [gokeeffe16 g] thank you

^ exemple sur le cin˝╬a (rails)
322642 [kungfu-free-] def deleted_roles=(values)

^ Beggining the compiler journey
322643 [rafaelrosafu] I've being working with computer's for 13+ years, but I classify myself
+ 322662 [jens.wille u] maybe "Programming Language Pragmatics" by Michael L. Scott can give
| 322668 [rafaelrosafu] Thanks for the link, I've read the Preface and the took a peek on the
| 322669 [jens.wille u] great.
+ 322676 [martindemell] Take a look at http://www.hokstad.com/writing-a-compiler-in-ruby-bottom-up-step-1.html
  322695 [rafaelrosafu] Jen and Martin,
  322723 [wruyahoo05 c] Topher Cyil's book, "Practical Ruby Projects", has a chapter on parsing
  322839 [ryand-ruby z] agreed.

^ Re: How to run background processes (more than 1 worker) par
322649 [jcmoore pres] Here's my approach to a similar problem. Still not as polished as I'd

^ Starting a Shoes application
322651 [tpreal gmail] I'm having a bit of a problem with understanding how a program is
332245 [dimanhsb gma] Having the same problem here, so I thought I'd raise it. Is this normal

^ Accessing :object after render : partial
322653 [tdelbart yah] in my "Journey" controller / "course_detail" action I render the
+ 322656 [michael.c.li] Probably the @course object is available in your partial in a variable
+ 322658 [ryand-ruby z] please ask these questions on the rubyonrails mailing list.
  322660 [tdelbart yah] Sorry I looked at the forum list and I thought this was the more

^ [ANN] Sundays w. Prawn (Hackfest) -- 2008.12.14
322659 [gregory.t.br] Making myself available to help others hack, discuss projects and

^ www.toptog.comnike sneaker jordan retro gucci prada timberland  lacsote
322661 [wanshizhao2 ] www.toptog.com

^ string.c question
322665 [TimHunter nc] How does rb_str_cat differ from rb_str_buf_cat?
323200 [matz ruby-la] rb_str_buf_cat() is a function to use with strings created by

^ marshal_load, marshal_dump
322666 [TimHunter nc] Currently RMagick uses the old _dump and _load methods to
+ 322760 [matz ruby-la] marshal_dump has high priority over _dump, so you can keep _load as
+ 322842 [drbrain segm] Note that _dump/_load occurs before allocate and marshal_dump/
  322854 [TimHunter nc] Absolutely. I wish I could find some examples of custom
  + 322867 [drbrain segm] Look in RubyGems.  Gem::Specification, Gem::Version and
  | 322888 [TimHunter nc] Excellent! Thanks for the pointer.
  + 322906 [vjoel path.b] class C

^ Need to download a file and then have to verify the contents
322674 [bhavesh1_sha] I have an application [web page], where i have an option to download
322741 [mzilenas gma] you could break this in to several parts.
322769 [bhavesh1_sha] Thanks for the information.

^ Command line utilities in rubygems?
322675 [navouri gmai] I have a small project that I'm working on and I would like the
322677 [dusty.doris ] You can simply add it to the Rakefile.  Here is an example Rakefile
+ 322678 [navouri gmai] That is exactly what I needed! Thanks a million Dusty. I was using a
+ 322679 [navouri gmai] One more quick question if you don't mind, I had been executing the
  322721 [dusty.doris ] s.require_path =3D "lib"

^ Open3
322680 [calcop gmail] you telnet to the system and enter your login name, password ... From
322685 [calcop gmail] Got it fixed. It wasn't that the program wasn't exiting it was that the

^ email structure
322681 [adamtemporar] I have accessed my gmail account and using imap downloaded an email and
322683 [calcop gmail] It's not repeating the message, it is giving you a text version and a
322690 [adamtemporar] ahhh i thought both sections were identical, i didnt notice text and
+ 322728 [james graypr] Sure can.
| 322770 [adamtemporar] thanks james for your proc. The rdoc for tmail doesnt have details for
+ 322772 [b.candler po] If you want to do this in a robust way, google for ruby mime

^ [OT] Alternative web server scripting language
322693 [petite.abeil] Now that Lua [1] appears as a native scripting language in more [2]

^ Get CPU usage
322694 [siss.cy gmai] I would like to get the % of CPU usage of a current Ruby script.
322699 [shortcutter ] $ ruby -e '10.times { 100000.times { 1 + 2 }; p Process.times }'

^ A proper Ruby way to call a procedure by name
322698 [jds340 gmail] I know how to do this using a case statement but I want to know if
322701 [TimHunter nc] ri Object#__send__
322776 [jds340 gmail] Tim

^ Speed up require on win32
322702 [abc3def gmai] I am trying to speedup the ruby1.8.6 'require' function for Windows.
322703 [abc3def gmai] Aha.. I forgot to call WSAStartup. No my_test.exe reports
+ 322719 [shortcutter ] Cheers
+ 322730 [getcha.2k8 g] Your logs looks good.
  322737 [shortcutter ] And I also do not notice any slowdowns of require.
  322936 [abc3def gmai] Probably cygwin is not calling the same OS functions.
  + 322953 [shortcutter ] Yes, that's a likely explanation.
  + 322955 [larsch belun] I see the same issue here, with MSVC builds. However, with MingW
  + 323031 [rogerpack200] Submit a patch to core :)
    323058 [abc3def gmai] This was not a patch, just an experiment. I simply commented a call to

^ ruby 1.9.1: Encoding trouble: broken US-ASCII String
322705 [micathom gma] Right now, I'm not exactly thrilled by the way ruby 1.9 handles
322775 [b.candler po] I asked the same over at ruby-core recently. There were some useful
+ 322779 [micathom gma] Unfortunately, this isn't compatible with ruby 1.8. A script that uses
| 322783 [b.candler po] If all else fails, read the source.
| 322785 [b.candler po] D'oh. I see from original post that you knew this already.
| + 322788 [b.candler po] text = File.open("..") do |f|
| | 322793 [james graypr] $ ruby_dev -e 'p "r=E9sum=E9".encode("ISO-8859-1") =3D~ /foo/'
| | + 322799 [b.candler po] I found that too, but was confused by the "broken US-ASCII string"
| | | 322804 [james graypr] The default encoding is pulled from your environment:  LANG or
| | | 322812 [b.candler po] - if an encoding is chosen in the environment but is unknown to Ruby,
| | | 322912 [micathom gma] "And nl_langinfo(CODESET) is useless on cygwin because it's always US-
| | + 322801 [micathom gma] =A0
| | | 322803 [james graypr] I think it's probably more important to get this encoding interface
| | | 322816 [micathom gma] Well, I'm still stuck with latin-1. It's interesting though that
| | + 322809 [roberto REMO] From what I've seen and experimented with 1.9 for a few months, my main gripe
| |   322813 [matz ruby-la] The whole picture must be complex, since encoding support itself is
| |   322814 [b.candler po] It seems to go against DRY to have to write "r:binary" or "rb:binary"
| |   + 322817 [dave pragpro] You used to have to do that. In recent HEADS, rb sets binary encoding
| |   + 322827 [matz ruby-la] open(path, "rb") is your friend.  It sets encoding to binary.
| |     322836 [b.candler po] Thanks.
| + 322791 [james graypr] Default internal is the encoding IO objects will transcode incoming
+ 322789 [james graypr] The Pickaxe does cover a lot of the new encoding behavior.

^ rubygems install confusion - beginner problems
322709 [tomcloyd com] Yesterday I compiled ruby 1.8.7, and have verified that it's now
322823 [tomcloyd com] Well, the response to this is definitely underwhelming. I'll try to come
322845 [drbrain segm] More important were the last few lines, they'd look something like
322923 [tomcloyd com] Eric,

^ Help with an "easy" regular expression substitution
322710 [ibc aliax.ne] X-Level: ***
+ 322711 [dblack rubyp] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| 322712 [ibc aliax.ne] Thanks, this is valid in Ruby, but I understand such a operation is not=20
| + 322713 [tim burlyhos] sed '/^X-Level: /s/\*/X/g'
| | 322714 [tim burlyhos] Pardin, you probably won't need to backware that meta character.
| + 322716 [dblack rubyp] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
|   322724 [ibc aliax.ne] Great! I didn't know that usage of "sed"!
|   322753 [robert.dober] As we are strolling OT alreeady ;) It is turing complete, and someone
+ 322742 [w_a_x_man ya] s = "X-Level: ***"
+ 322796 [mark thomasz] he
  322824 [kwicher gmai] the
  + 322826 [shawn42 gmai] not sure if I understand what you're trying to do.. but it sounds like ***
  + 322830 [mark thomasz] excuse me...
    + 322831 [dblack rubyp] If you can be sure you won't get any false positives. The original
    + 322887 [sepp2k googl] No, because you just changed the problem. The specified input was the whole
      322892 [mark thomasz] On Dec 16, 7:09=A0am, Sebastian Hungerecker <sep...@googlemail.com>

^ Newbie - error while trying subclass
322715 [sunilbs9999 ] I am trying to subclass in my code (see below). But I am getting the
+ 322717 [dblack rubyp] karaokeSong isn't a constant. Try KaraokeSong (uppercase 'K').
+ 322718 [tim burlyhos] What version of ruby are you using?
| 322720 [sunilbs9999 ] David, Tim - Thanks a lot.
+ 322722 [mike cargal.] Try capitalizing karaokeSong

^ __PRETTY__FUNCTION__ for Ruby?
322725 [john.carter ] We have __FILE__ and __LINE__....
322727 [matz ruby-la] You mean __method__ in 1.9?
322729 [john.carter ] Ah! Sorry! I was looking under the wrong name....
+ 322731 [matz ruby-la] No, 1.8.7 just added a lot of 1.9 features recently.
+ 322735 [gregory.t.br] ruby 1.9.1 (2008-10-28 revision 19983) [i386-darwin9.4.0]

^ Quality of Ruby
322726 [jonas.esp go] I was reading this interesting post [1] about Ruby, and well..., you
+ 322981 [lojicdotcom ] 1) consider the source
| 323005 [robert.dober] He's asking if he is funny, well at that exact moment he is. But never
+ 323001 [caduceass gm] Well, I guess some people like to bitch, and some people like to fix  ;^)

^ [ANN] clafamatt 1.0.0
322732 [avdi avdi.or] clafamatt version 1.0.0

^ unsubscribe
322739 [zhyzh2047 gm] unsubscribe

^ How to Use CTRL + C ie Copy to clipboard text from word file
322746 [talibhn gmai] How to Use CTRL + C ie Copy to clipboard text from word file.
+ 322748 [talibhn gmai] Any one please
+ 322751 [phasis gmail] require 'win32ole'
  322759 [talibhn gmai] Thanks dear,

^ Ruby encryption
322749 [archanab25 g] I want to translate exactly the below php code into ruby for encryption.
322773 [b.candler po] Presumably they're not doing the same things. In particular, I see that
322884 [archanab25 g] Thanks for your reply. Basically, I don't know how to use encryption
322896 [b.candler po] You seem to have most of the basics there. Insert debugging to find out

^ get system encoding?
322752 [christian.ke] I have the following problem.
+ 322754 [jens.wille u] would you mind giving ENV.user_encoding from ruby-nuggets a shot?
+ 322755 [phasis gmail] SGksCgoyMDA4LzEyLzE1IENocmlzdGlhbiBLZXJ0aCA8Y2hyaXN0aWFuLmtlcnRoQGR5bmFtaWNt

^ How to create a music player using ruby
322756 [tejaswinipvk] I want to create a music player like itunes or media player using ruby.
+ 322758 [fekete melko] it depends whether you want to create only GUI for it or you want to make
+ 322771 [aff28 delete] wxRuby (http://wxruby.rubyforge.org) includes the Wx::MediaCtrl which is
+ 322807 [jontyjont bt] <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">

^ Accentuated function names
322757 [djib.nospam ] I've started a new project in Ruby. For once, my sourcecode is not in
322763 [shortcutter ] MjAwOC8xMi8xNSBKZWFuLWJhcHRpc3RlIEiopnRpZXIgPGRqaWIubm9zcGFtQHRoaW5rLXVuZGVy
322764 [djib.nospam ] Thanks for your answer!
+ 322767 [djib.nospam ] It probably hasn't been implemented yet... Oh well...
| 322768 [fred lacave.] It has.  In Ruby 1.9.
| 322777 [djib.nospam ] Excellent !
+ 322781 [pjb informat] Ne te laisse pas dominer par le langage !  La solution c'est de passer
+ 322786 [roberto REMO] As it was already said, 1.9 does support the Encoding string but for 1.8, you may want to try adding "-Ku" to your Ruby invocation.

^ Logger - daliy bckup option available?
322765 [murugaraj.b ] I would like to know is there any option to backup the log file hourly ?
322818 [tim.pease gm] You'll need to use one of the rolling log files from the two ruby
322940 [murugaraj.b ] Thank You so much for your help Tim

^ How to create PDF documents from MS word doc using Ruby
322766 [talibhn gmai] Could you please tell me how to create PDF documents from MS word doc
322787 [phasis gmail] 1. Download and install PDFCreator (http://www.pdfforge.org/products/pdfcreator)
322868 [talibhn gmai] Thanks a lot

^ Running a specific test in a test file.
322778 [jona.hunt777] I remember there was a way to run a specific test from a test file.
322784 [wpdster gmai] $ cd test

^ How to login in a page whit a ruby program
322780 [ecruzg_10 ho] I need to make a program for login and logout in a  web site
+ 322792 [jason.trebil] One option would be to use Watir: http://wtr.rubyforge.org/
+ 322797 [mark thomasz] That's what Mechanize is for.
+ 322822 [jannschu goo] or you can use pure net/http from the standard lib. Then you only need

^ how to run .rb file in ruby
322794 [ripper99 web] project.
323033 [rogerpack200] I believe it's

^ simultaneous ruby batch files
322795 [geagneske83 ] How is it possible to run two simultaneous ruby batch file without the explorer window mixing up.
322810 [shortcutter ] I'd rather have a third file that starts both tests together.  Relying

^ run rb. file in a .rb file (linke run->runfile)
322798 [ripper99 web] jeah, thats it, how to run a ruby file from a controller (rubyfile) same

^ Re: [QUIZ] Mix and Match (#186)
322802 [peter rubyra] Is it possible to post a solution already? (I guess the question is
322806 [matt moss.na] Perhaps a little harder than it may appear, or as you suggest, people
322838 [shingler gma] Seeing as how this quiz has been so quiet, here's a v quick (and very brute
322843 [matt moss.na] Minor point... I probably wasn't clear by "minimize group duplication."
+ 322849 [peter rubyra] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
+ 322851 [einarmagnus ] I am not about to partake but these requirements seem to conflict, no?
  322852 [matt moss.na] By buying more candles.  :D
  + 322853 [peter rubyra] oops that sucks (should have read the quiz more carefully) - my solution
  + 322858 [peter rubyra] Ok so a beefed up version (no duplicates if possible, and as unique as

^ [ANN] doodle 0.1.9 Released
322805 [sean.ohalpin] doodle version 0.1.9 has been released.

^ Walk through directory structure, look at first file, rename dir in consequence.
322815 [Aldric Giaco] This is pretty ugly and doesn't work.. Can't figure out why, but it
322820 [einarmagnus ] def getFilesInDirectory(dir)
322832 [Aldric Giaco] I think I see what this does.. It's pretty neat. How would I use this to
322850 [einarmagnus ] You only want the first file in every directory and every sub-=20
322908 [Aldric Giaco] That does exactly what I need! What a cool solution.. Thank you!

^ [BOUNTY] Pure Ruby Zlib::GzipWriter
322819 [djberg96 gma] There's a project out there called "zliby" [1] which partially

^ Strange rhtml template compile error
322828 [molla5 yahoo] I have the following statement inside an rhtml file

^ simultaneous ruby batch files
322833 [geagneske83 ] How is it possible to run two simultaneous ruby batch file without the explorer window mixing up.

^ [ANN] Mr Bones 2.1.1 (Proximal Phalanges)
322834 [tim.pease gm] Mr Bones version 2.1.1

^ Running an RB file causes IRB to flash and close?
322844 [samuel91119 ] puts "Test String"
322847 [robert.dober] Inhibit your program from dying,

^ Struggling with array searches/queries
322846 [stuart.clark] I am reading delimited lines of data stored in array eg
+ 322856 [azimux gmail] I'd just map the names in a hash.  Something like
+ 322859 [caduceass gm] An approach...

^ How to use ReXML "in the wild"?
322855 [kenneth.m.mc] I'd very much like to use ReXML's XPATH features to extract info from
+ 322857 [peter rubyra] Don't try that ;) REXML in the wild == epic FAIL. At this level, you might
+ 322862 [phlip2005 gm] I have studied REXML for many years, and I still can't figure out how to get it

^ [Ann] Google translate ruby client 1.0
322861 [yedingding g] I have just updated the google translate ruby client based on some comments.

^ Is there any IDE for WATIR development?
322863 [narendra.gol] Is there any IDE existed for watir development and please suggest me
+ 322864 [mzilenas gma] AIFAIK there is no IDE for Watir.
+ 322865 [mzilenas gma] AFAIK there is no IDE for Watir.
| 322866 [narendra.gol] ThankYou :)
+ 322876 [kyleaschmitt] Like others have said, there is no IDE for WATiR, _but_, you should
| 322877 [narendra.gol] Thanks Kyle,
+ 323785 [zzhan zhimin] I am using iTest2 (http://itest2.com/), which has a basic IDE
  + 323791 [znmeb cesmai] It does look interesting. I couldn't find the source code, though --
  | 323902 [zhiminzhan g] Thanks for the interests. At this point of time, we can only provide the
  + 325892 [bpettichord ] Zhimin,
    325902 [zhiminzhan g] The link is now fixed,