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^ All possible letter combinations?
322457 [the_beaf hot] script to ruby?
322458 [dandiebolt y] ...
+ 322459 [the_beaf hot] Thanks!
+ 322525 [caduceass gm] Logically equivalent on 1.8.7, but _don't_do_it_ (far too slow)...
  322848 [mcarpenter f] STRING_LEN = 4 # length of each string to output

^ [ANN] scRUBYt! 0.4.1
322460 [peter rubyra] After more than a year, I'd like to announce a new release of scRUBYt! -

^ Q: FFI and C++?
322464 [onepoint sta] If I want to  wrap a C++ library using FFI, can  it cope with the name
322465 [jameskilton ] Because of the complexity that C++ adds, I doubt that any feasible FFI
+ 322466 [charles.nutt] Wayne and I talked about this a bit, and largely the problem is the
| 322480 [sean.ohalpin] The compile step may not be necessary. I'm looking at using gccxml to
| 322487 [charles.nutt] That would be interesting...if it works, FFI could potentially bind an
+ 322467 [luc honk-hon] The problem in the case of C++ is its non-standardized ABI which =20
+ 322473 [onepoint sta] I was afraid of that.
  + 322475 [alex deletem] Latest SWIG does include C as a target language. In other words it can
  | 322547 [onepoint sta] Very interesting!  Thanks.
  | 322570 [alex deletem] Once you've had a chance to try things out, I'd be very interested in
  | 322750 [onepoint sta] Aha!  I'm looking at binding FTLK1.  Stay tuned for the ffi-fltk1 gem.
  + 322476 [jameskilton ] I'd ask that if you already need to write and compile a wrapper to
    322484 [onepoint sta] To  get portability  across different  Ruby implementations.   This is
    322486 [jameskilton ] Makes sense. Looking forward to see what you get working, and if it's

^ rename to txt file - file not found in list,but in directory
322470 [mmc_collins ] I am trying to rename a file in my directory. I can see this file in
322530 [reid.thompso] require 'fileutils'

^ User Prompt as a pop up - not IRB/command line?
322479 [mmc_collins ] Has anyone heard of Ruby containing a popup window prompt for users? I
+ 322489 [einarmagnus ] einarmagnus
+ 322490 [martindemell] There are various options - check out zerenity, for instance
  + 322512 [mmc_collins ] I think the Zerenity looks good. Thanks.
  + 322520 [vjoel path.b] Or kdialog if you are in kde.
    + 322555 [b.candler po] - old-fashioned tk
    + 322579 [dpalacio uni] If it is KDE, you can use the kdialog command line program or the KDE::Dialog

^ Several units of the System, Help!
322481 [darkskull0 g] need is to open a file with "File", with the exact route, but saying

^ RubyZip:
322491 [allen fisher] software from a server, unzip it, and place it in a directory to be
322493 [allen fisher] Excuse me while I crawl back in my hole. I just discovered the problem.

^ Second Ruby and Rails devroom at Fosdem (Brussels, 7 Feb 2009)
322496 [calamitates ] After last year's success, the Belgian Ruby User Group is happy to announce

^ Rhodes - a microframework for building native mobile device  applications
322502 [adam rhomobi] The Rhodes framework is an open source Ruby-based platform for
+ 322503 [avdi avdi.or] URL?
| 322507 [adam rhomobi] rhomobile.com of course)
+ 322508 [jeremymcanal] Is this allowable by the terms of the iPhone developer program (i.e.,
  + 322523 [adam rhomobi] It is.  All the code is precompiled and we disallow things like
  | 326476 [chad inakane] The website says that commercial licenses are required for commercial
  + 322528 [ruby anthrop] To be clear, the iPhone development terms do not disallow interpreted

^ How to open url in firefox
322504 [avr_1 yahoo.] I was trying to open a url through ruby script in firefox browser.
322505 [avdi avdi.or] No it doesn't.
322509 [avr_1 yahoo.] Thanks for your response.
322510 [avdi avdi.or] OpenURI opens network connections inside Ruby, it doesn't interact

^ $ Young Sweet Innocent Strippers !
322513 [rapidsharebo] ...

^ Invoking Ruby code from a low-level language?
322516 [a.fulton auc] somewhere, but google didn't turn anything up...
+ 322517 [shevegen lin] Have a look at http://www.erikveen.dds.nl/rubyscript2exe/
| 322519 [a.fulton auc] That looks perfect. Not exactly what I had in mind, but it should serve
| 322521 [phlip2005 gm] Have a look at Shoes. It's a complete platform built around Ruby, with both
+ 322531 [reid.thompso] see the section "Embedding a Ruby Interpreter" in the pickaxe book and google
+ 322909 [jeremy hineg] - Shoes          : http://shoooes.net/
  322911 [a.fulton auc] Wow, thanks for the replies everyone. This has given me a lot of
  + 322914 [jeremy hineg] There isn't anything different to link against for the embedded ruby interpreter
  | 322916 [a.fulton auc] Great, thanks very much! It's good to hear from another Mac user, as
  | 322922 [jeremy hineg] Easiest/Best way is to just download the ruby tarball and look at the ruby.h
  + 322927 [reid.thompso] two simple examples -- google for more/more complex examples.

^ How do you add gems to allinoneruby
322522 [williams.jay] Is there a way to add my gems to an allinoneruby?

^ DOS cmd from .rb file
322524 [limhuisian h] Anyway, can i do that?
+ 322537 [a99.googlegr] ans = %x[dir]
+ 322581 [dandiebolt y] ...

^ parallel method return value
322529 [default spir] ...
+ 322532 [matt moss.na] def a_method
+ 322534 [theyojimbo g] How about
+ 322539 [b.candler po] This behaves identically to
  322592 [default spir] ...
  322594 [matt moss.na] But as was pointed out, methods _always_ return one value, even if it
  322598 [default spir] ...
  322601 [matt moss.na] Think of it this way...
  + 322602 [einarmagnus ] He isn't asking ruby to read minds, he is asking about overloading on
  + 322603 [ezmobius gma] irb(main):001:0> def foo
  | 322605 [matt moss.na] You mean like my first example above?   :D
  | 322607 [ezmobius gma] Yes exactly like that! /me wanders off to get some glasses...
  | 322610 [matt moss.na] I can sympathize. It does seem to be "the right way", but it also
  + 322606 [default spir] ...
    + 322608 [matt moss.na] Well, I shouldn't have said, "No, completely impossible."  Other
    + 322609 [caduceass gm] Perhaps bring your interests to the ruby core list.  I like it the way
      322617 [default spir] ...

^ How to parse regular expression by using Treetop parse lib?
322533 [jykim altiba] There is a ruby parse library , as you know, called "Treetop".

^ How to Count pages in a word document
322535 [talibhn gmai] Could you let me know how can I count the no. of pages in a Word
+ 322538 [talibhn gmai] No replies i am surprised
+ 322540 [phasis gmail] require 'win32ole'
| + 322542 [richard.conr] I have found: http://rubyonwindows.blogspot.com/ to be a great
| + 322544 [talibhn gmai] Thanks a lot .... This has make life easier
+ 322632 [g.zhen.ning ] take a look at Ruby cookbook.

^ best technique for detecting charset/character encoding of RSS feeds
322536 [dhchoi gmail] I have a Ruby application that fetches RSS and Atom feeds. I've tried

^ Chat Script
322541 [zangs.dev gm] I need a Chat/Messanger Script which I can integrate in one of my

^ How to get contents of word file page by page
322543 [talibhn gmai] I have a 3 paged document, I want to read contents of each page. How cn
+ 322551 [talibhn gmai] Anyone please
+ 322563 [david.mullet] Assuming...
+ 322564 [phasis gmail] If you want only text contents, try this
  322736 [talibhn gmai] Thanks a lot Park, you are genius.
  + 322738 [mzilenas gma] You must be trying to solve a problem (word document convertation to
  | 322740 [talibhn gmai] Agreed, but I have to create 3 seprate doc files out of one document
  | 322743 [mzilenas gma] If you have Word2pdf like program, then check if you can specify which
  | 322747 [saji apcc21.] Surely, openoffice must have something - you can export word documents
  + 339133 [anandhthiyag] Thanks park... that was good... now say, my word document has got

^ how do I extract the ID name of a Div and its content?
322549 [mahatma.gate] sorry to bother you with such a mundane question, but I tried for 3hours
+ 322552 [robert.dober] CDATA sections, Text elements)
| 322556 [mahatma.gate] Thaaaaaaaank You Robert!
+ 322554 [b.candler po] So, what approach or approaches did you try? What was the solution that
  322557 [mahatma.gate] actual code was this

^ Need help with rubyw
322550 [yacrumb yaho] I'm planning to run ruby setup script from lots of testclasses (NUnit)
322553 [robert.dober] Oh it sleeps just fine, but in a background process, this is the same as ty=

^ want to create a file with variable name
322558 [sri.jjhero g] for example..
322559 [john.slobbe ] f = File.open("#{a}.txt",'a')
322560 [sri.jjhero g] Thank You so much john..

^ problem with parameters
322562 [joripel msn.] First at all sorry if my english is not the best.
322568 [chris.lowis ] Good luck,
322572 [joripel msn.] thanks

^ How to run background processes (more than 1 worker) parallely.
322566 [deepak.gole8] ...
+ 322569 [chris.lowis ] Nanite (http://github.com/ezmobius/nanite/tree/master) maybe? Perhaps
+ 322586 [saurabh.purn] ...
+ 322635 [saji apcc21.] As others mentioned, an adaptation of Google Map-Reduce technique
+ 322644 [shortcutter ] Can you be more specific what you really mean by this?  How does it fail?
| 322782 [deepak.gole8] ...
| 322837 [shortcutter ] Apparently.  Since I don't know the code I cannot really make sense of
+ 322899 [ara.t.howard] use bj
  322969 [gethemant gm] Do you have backtrace of any kind? Can you post your worker code?

^ Multiple Ruby versions for testing
322571 [jcoglan goog] ...
322575 [cdemyanovich] ...
322590 [jcoglan goog] ...
322655 [ryand-ruby z] ruby 1.9.0 has a makefile bug that prevents parallel builds from
322672 [shevegen lin] I wouldn't recommending "my" way of doing it but I compile Ruby

^ profile - output
322573 [severus post] I'm not sure what do all the values printed for every method by 'profile' (that from Ruby's standard library) mean. Could anyone, please, either explain them to me himself or tell me where I could find an explanation?

^ Unit test output verbosity
322577 [krzysieq gaz] ...
322619 [kou cozmixng] In <1817d5e00812120837o7e22147ds5e0d72479b08e891@mail.gmail.com>
322761 [krzysieq gaz] ...
322762 [kou cozmixng] In <1817d5e00812150205l75b4e3a0xb1134b04f7f700cb@mail.gmail.com>

^ FFI Gem on Win32
322578 [simonjsmithu] I need to install the 0.2.0 FFI gem for MRI on a win32 system. I have
322611 [wmeissner gm] Unfortunately, thats just the start of the fun on windows.  There are
+ 322612 [djberg96 gma] No hope for people who want to build it via VC++ ?
| 322614 [wmeissner gm] Sure there is, if someone else wants to go to the effort of porting
| 323479 [simonjsmithu] Unfortunately rebuilding ruby itself from source wont be an option due
+ 323501 [rogerpack200] As a note you can download mingw ruby from [1] or install your own from
  323611 [simonjsmithu] Thanks for your help so far, much appreciated, this looks like it almost
  + 323622 [luislavena g] e"
  | 323667 [simonjsmithu] Cheers, please let me know when/where I can download it from when it is
  | 323677 [luislavena g] I've updated the recipes last night, you can "git pull" to get the
  + 323739 [rogerpack200] Yeah doing rake CHECKOUT=1 helped me overcome that once

^ Function def at end of scripts
322580 [nowhere cox.] I am refactoring an ugly script. I would like it contained all in one
+ 322582 [sepp2k googl] No. The fact that you can't use methods before their definition isn't because
+ 322584 [higgs.bozo g] IIUC you want to do this,
| 322821 [nowhere cox.] Thanks to all for the replies and I'm glad I sparked a bit of
+ 322591 [vjoel path.b] END {
+ 322613 [ara.t.howard] stuff
  322616 [einarmagnus ] #!/usr/bin/env ruby -wKU
  + 322628 [b.candler po] eval DATA.read
  + 322629 [dblack rubyp] ...
    + 322648 [einarmagnus ] "http://www.java2s.com/Code/Ruby/Statement/Thecodeinablocklabeledwiththeke=
    + 322825 [ara.t.howard] class Controller
      322829 [dblack rubyp] I'm not trying to make any big prounouncements or prescriptions about

^ [SUMMARY] AnsiString (#185)
322583 [matt moss.na] It would seem that writing Transfire's desired `ANSIString` class is =20
322600 [robert.dober] Since this quiz doesn't use the Module

^ [QUIZ] Mix and Match (#186)
322587 [matt moss.na] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
+ 322903 [jamesbkoppel] ...
+ 322928 [jamesbkoppel] ...

^ Ruby Blocks and C Function Pointers
322588 [terence_coop] I'm just starting to learn Ruby and would appreciate a simple practical
+ 322885 [sepp2k googl] A function pointer requires a named function to be defined first, which a) is
+ 322972 [chromatophor] they are very different.

^ load image bitmap into array
322593 [l.cioria gma] I'm trying to load a grayscale  image (some standard format will do,
322595 [rmagick gmai] You can do that with RMagick's Image#view.
322596 [l.cioria gma] 16 bit is fine as well.

^ Trouble using Irb as Ruby Console
322597 [btrichardson] I'm attempting to convert a command-line driven application into a
+ 322599 [btrichardson] Oops... the console results should say 'App' instead of 'Antfarm'.  This
+ 322604 [vjoel path.b] The string "test" (and also "hello") is getting evaluated. Try putting

^ Tables word problem in Ruby
322618 [lhanh wichip] My problem is about table in Word. With Ruby I can access, modify, save
322638 [david.mullet] My first thought is that you could convert your tables to tab-delimited
322734 [lhanh wichip] Thank very much for your help. I test both VBA code in word document and
322860 [lhanh wichip] Anyone?

^ need quick check on my rubygems install procedure
322620 [tomcloyd com] I'm running Kubuntu Linux 8.10 - a fresh install. I'm setting up Ruby now.
+ 322621 [tomcloyd com] An update - thought I'd try to install a gem, just to see the response.
| + 322670 [cmdjackryan ] You'll need to compile it without suffix (how escapes me right now, I'm
| + 322671 [list.push gm] Is this thread any help?
|   + 322673 [shevegen lin] I still wonder why debian uses versioned binaries instead of versioned
|   | 322700 [tomcloyd com] Even from my position of great ignorance, this seems like a good
|   + 322706 [tomcloyd com] I'm not sure. For one, I'm not confident I understand it. But if I do,
+ 322841 [drbrain segm] This is not normal.  The output is exceedingly verbose by default

^ Creating directory structures
322622 [navouri gmai] I'm having a bit of a difficult time coming up with a solid way handle
+ 322623 [matt moss.na] FileUtils.makedirs( files.map{ |f| f.dirname }.uniq.reject{ |d|
| 322625 [navouri gmai] I've got to be honest, I was looking for more of a
+ 322630 [navouri gmai] Maybe the whole array idea is just bad altogether. I'll start from the
  322640 [matt moss.na] That seems like a quite reasonable way to do it.
  322645 [navouri gmai] Excellent. That's what I'm looking for, I will follow up with my
  322682 [shortcutter ] There is another option that does not need gsub: use Dir[] with a

^ singleton methods vs. meta instance methods
322624 [dan-ml dan42] If I understand the ruby object model correctly, then an object's
+ 322657 [robert.dober] on
| 322663 [b.candler po] The OP used an *instance* of class Object, not Object itself, and
| 322687 [robert.dober] Brian I referred to exactly the same thing you do in your next post,
| 322689 [b.candler po] Maybe I overlooked something - all these classes and metaclasses can get
| 322691 [robert.dober] Yes it comes down to this and hopefully you are right and I am wrong,
| 322696 [b.candler po] I believe that they are instance methods of the actual class "Class".
| 322697 [dblack rubyp] Here's a demo of the consistency from the Class case to the SomeClass
| 322704 [b.candler po] $ ruby -pe 'gsub(/A/,"String")' sing.rb | ruby -
| 322707 [dblack rubyp] Right; that's what I was demonstrating (the consistency, in that
| 322708 [b.candler po] Oh OK, that's the point Daniel was making too.
+ 322664 [b.candler po] I'm not sure what you mean by that part. I get the same if I use String
  + 322686 [dan-ml dan42] You're right, I can't reproduce this anymore. It seems I got confused at
  | 322688 [robert.dober] ton
  + 322692 [dblack rubyp] I've never liked the "false" flag thing, since it's obscure to begin

^ imap and Tmail. Getting whole email with imap
322626 [adamtemporar] searched on these forums but cant find the answer i need.
322840 [drbrain segm] You can probably get away with ALL.  Otherwise ENVELOPE BODY will get