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^ Why is 1.9 not the standard?
322253 [dbw aber.ac.] charset="us-ascii"

^ status info like rc.status
322254 [kioo intothe] is there already a library I'm not aware of which allows for easy
322393 [shortcutter ] I have no idea what rc.status outputs (my Linux doesn't have it) but
322439 [kioo intothe] I'm sorry for my rather unhelpful description. The functionality I'm

^ problem with array ... object inside disappear
322256 [mr.damien ho] I am becoming crazy with an array behaviour.
322258 [mr.damien ho] OK, the problem seems to be with rake tasks. Inside one of them, there
322259 [mr.damien ho] Finally, I got it. I was modifying the array where I was iterating from
322266 [mr.damien ho] And Yes, I like to speak alone !!! :-)

^ Help on algorythm
322260 [hrpoliveira ] Guys i have been trying to make this algorythm but with no sucess, can
+ 322261 [damnbigman g] "Hey brother Christian with your high and mighty errand, Your actions speak
| 322263 [gregory.t.br] Technical Blaag at: http://blog.majesticseacreature.com
| + 322264 [hrpoliveira ] ok ok,
| + 322265 [robert.dober] and who is going to click on the links for me? Read the stuff? and
| + 322268 [chris.lowis ] Of course, this assumes that one knows the meaning of the English word
| | 322273 [robert.dober] Oh he did not ask for permutations, he asked for combinations, are we
| | + 322276 [damnbigman g] Good point he didn't specifically state that position mattered and did
| | + 322282 [chris.lowis ] No, not at all. I was simply making the observation that selecting the
| |   322292 [robert.dober] Ai ges U R rite ;).
| + 322270 [pat.eyler gm] Gregory, I can't believe you'd use some url shortener of questionable
|   322274 [james graypr] The hilarious site Greg used has the other option built-in.  :(  We
+ 322281 [kbloom gmail] In Ruby 1.8.7

^ Ruby Test Frameworks
322272 [mfurmaniuk y] I'm looking for a Ruby Framework that I can use to aid in testing a
322275 [b.candler po] I don't know of anything specific to 'application and system testing'.
322308 [richard.conr] For the simple stuff, dust is my tool of choice. Its a very simple
+ 322325 [b.candler po] For Rspec I agree - I found it too contrived - but shoulda fitted my
+ 322333 [mfurmaniuk y] Yes, natural language test description is nice, but if it comes at the
+ 322369 [kirbykirbyki] SSdtIGd1ZXNzaW5nIHByb2JhYmx5IHRoZSBJcm9uUnVieSBndXlzIGFyZSB0aGUgb25lcyBnZXR0

^ Completely new programmer lacks direction
322283 [ubernoobs gm] touched python and HLA before jumping into this, and I really lack the
+ 322284 [damnbigman g] Are there any simple tasks you perform regularly or semi-regularly on your
+ 322286 [cdemyanovich] Since you write that you're new to programming, you might like Learn to
| 322312 [richard.conr] Yeah I bought that for my girlfriend. Then she got a bit stuck on the
+ 322295 [rmagick gmai] Why are you interested in programming? What kind of things do you
+ 322296 [Aldric Giaco] My first 'real' program in any language I use is usually "Guess a number
| 322344 [martindemell] This is an excellent first program, IMO. Start with having the
| 322432 [rubyisking c] I agree with Martin. My first programs were Hello World (like every
| 322433 [rubyisking c] Plus, since Ruby was written in C, I could experiment with different
+ 322297 [acooper prit] touched python and HLA before jumping into this, and I really lack the
+ 322311 [caduceass gm] Someone in a previous thread from about a year ago answered a similar
+ 322315 [timrandg gma] My first program moving from Perl to Ruby was a program that colors
| 322316 [raju.gandhi ] Another good place to start would be "Practical Ruby Projects: Ideas
+ 322349 [shortcutter ] What is your motivation to dive into programming at all?  Are you
| 322358 [adamtemporar] If you do a search for posts under my name in quotes youll find some of
+ 322367 [fox nscl.msu] I'm reminded of the dilbert cartoon where the customer asks Alice if
  322368 [list.rb gmai] URL? Sounds funny!

^ compare 2 text files - check for difference - Please help
322285 [mmc_collins ] for any difference in the two.
322301 [b.candler po] "This did not work" is not a useful problem description.
322306 [mmc_collins ] require 'diff/lcs/Array'
322320 [b.candler po] You are using a very odd way of iterating, which is explicitly forbidden
322322 [b.candler po] require 'rubygems'
322380 [mmc_collins ] I just used this on my txt files however, I can't get the script to
322390 [b.candler po] I don't understand.
322392 [mmc_collins ] I have a huge xml file that I am reading in after a submit routine. The
322396 [mmc_collins ] If anything, do you know how to get this into a new text file?

^ Way to many calls to Dir#[]
322288 [tj vision-me] I cannot seem to debug this issue... my entire library does not call
+ 322298 [Aldric Giaco] No .. What does your library do?
+ 322300 [b.candler po] There is probably some elegant debug or tracing way to do this, but
  322309 [tj vision-me] Thanks! that is helping, its all from rubygems
  + 322318 [tj vision-me] its in highline!! if you put this in any file it calls Dir[] like nuts
  | + 322319 [tj vision-me] nvm i fucked that up.. it seems like any required gem is doing that :S
  | + 322321 [james graypr] I disagree.  :)
  + 322324 [b.candler po] Startup with rubygems can be pretty slow. Of course, once your app is
    322326 [tj vision-me] Im not using windows either haha. just took a look at the highline
    322355 [b.candler po] $ pwd
    322399 [tj vision-me] Thanks for investigating, I thought it was for sure some strange

^ Opa asduy88i News
322289 [chaneyfgargu] "You need to be getting that verbal and non-verbal feedback from the

^ http://raa.ruby-lang.org/project/diff-lcs/
322290 [mmc_collins ] If you have used this before, did you have problems with the following
322291 [damnbigman g] require 'rubygems'
322294 [mmc_collins ] thanks Glen

^ Scraping 3rd element with hpricot
322299 [manielse yah] I don't know why I'm struggling with this (not a Ruby expert) but using
322327 [michael.c.li] subclass of Array, so you can index it like any other array.
322337 [manielse yah] Thanks Michael, sometimes it's right in front of you. I was trying to

^ Problem parseing a XML - PullParser
322302 [sebastian ye] I need to parse a XML file "line by line" because of a application
322346 [luc honk-hon] You instantiate a *new* pull parser for *each* line, so the state is =20
322375 [sebastian ye] Mmm, so is there a way to "parse* each line of the XML independently,
+ 322378 [luc honk-hon] Why do you want to do that exactly? If you don't have the whole XML =20
+ 322388 [hutch-lists ] Having written a pull parser, I'd have to say: No.
  322449 [sebastian ye] I need to parse a XML that comes from the stdout of a unix program, the
  + 322456 [luc honk-hon] Right, but since you control the parser state you know exactly when =20
  | 322483 [sebastian ye] Ok i get the point, but i don't see how to detect the EOF (Without using
  | 322485 [luc honk-hon] I'm still not exactly sure of your exact context, but you don't have =20
  | 322567 [hutch-lists ] Just for fun, I tried hacking something together using the pull parser =20=
  + 322576 [mark thomasz] If I understand correctly, you want to keep an IO stream open, and

^ Re: compare 2 text files - check for difference - Please hel
322307 [joshnabbott ] Are you wanting to get the actual differences, or just know if they are
322314 [mmc_collins ] I want to get the difference. I need the difference to prove what is
322317 [joshnabbott ] I see.

^ conratulations.......
322313 [muhamed.hmd ] conratulatios......

^ Given a string find the matching class
322323 [byrnejb hart] I have a situation where I desire to pass a string to a method that
322335 [botpena gmai] 1 class names are constants, thus
322407 [byrnejb hart] Many thanks for this lucid explanation.

^ Re:
322328 [mutati0n.313] not at all

^ want to search value in nested arrays and return other value
322329 [rubyforum th] VALUES = [['value 1', 1], ['value 2', 2], ['value 3', 3]]
+ 322334 [theyojimbo g] Are you the one defining the data structure?
+ 322336 [botpena gmai] did you really check that? it will always return "value 1" ;)

^ Ruby-mysql API on Windows
322338 [jhs408 gmail] Where do I find the latest version of Ruby-mysql API
322453 [rogerpack200] gem install mysql

^ how to find whether a day, is weekend
322339 [sri.jjhero g] how to find whether a given date is a weekend, that is saturday or
+ 322340 [ara.t.howard] [0,6].include?(date.wday)
+ 322341 [driodeiros g] What about ... ?
+ 322342 [sri.jjhero g] Thanks a lot all..

^ chars method
322345 [george.githi] undefined method `chars' for "mystring":String (NoMethodError)
322350 [b.candler po] Sure - it's because ruby 1.8 has no instance method called "chars" in
322353 [george.githi] Thanks Brian
322356 [robert.dober] Not only 1.9, also 1.8.7
+ 322376 [jim.mckercha] George. If you're not yet ready to move up to a newer version of Ruby,
| 322377 [james graypr] Note that your method would probably be better named as bytes() =20
| 322381 [jim.mckercha] Thanks James. I hadn't thought of that :)
+ 343292 [v_ly_cn yaho] Thanks Robert,

^ How can I use Trapping signals in Windows?
322351 [zhujie2003in] I am using ruby 1.8.6-26 in Windows and I want to trapping

^ Open.popen3(cmd) generates always Error::PIPE .....
322352 [jykim altiba] charset=US-ASCII;

^ need only time
322359 [shanmugam ra] how to get time alone from this format
+ 322363 [apeiros gmx.] Use Time.mktime
+ 322365 [ jupp gmx.de] datetime = [1986, 1, 28, 17, 39, 18] # [Y, m, d, H, M, S]; array of integers

^ Standardizing FFI based wrappers
322360 [luc honk-hon] Greetings,
+ 322402 [sean.ohalpin] I'm also interested in feedback. I'm working on an FFI wrapper for
+ 322463 [charles.nutt] I agree with ffi/ path prefix. I agree with FFI:: prefix since there
| 322800 [luc honk-hon] I haved pushed a basic wrapper of zlib to GitHub, it's pretty simple =20
| 322808 [sean.ohalpin] Surely one of the ideas behind providing thin wrappers is that the
+ 322515 [beoran gmail] This proposal looks fine, I like FI::SDL, FFI:SDL_ttf,  FFI::Opengl, etc.
  322811 [julianraschk] Gosu has no connection to the SDL, it is actually a pretty thin layer
  322835 [beoran gmail] Gosu does make use of SDL(indirectly) at least on Linux.

^ Re: want to search value in nested arrays and return other v
322361 [rubyforum th] I need exactly this structure because it is used in options_for_select()
322362 [apeiros gmx.] Try .rassoc(1).first

^ want only the working hours(9am-5pm) between two dates
322371 [sri.jjhero g] want only the working hours(9am-5pm) between two dates, weekends should
+ 322372 [b.candler po] Not sure what you mean. Do you mean (date2 - date1 + 1) * 8 ?
| 322373 [sri.jjhero g] i mean..
| + 322383 [pjb informat] If you have partial days, apply the same principle than in my previous
| + 322394 [dusty.doris ] You could try this beauty of a gem.
+ 322374 [pjb informat] There's 8 hours between 9am-5pm, so 8 hour/working day.

^ Displaying long floats without scientific notation
322379 [s_ayalon hot] I need to display the long forms of numbers read from a database table
322382 [michael.c.li] Use a formatted print statement.
322435 [s_ayalon hot] That's what I needed, thanks.

^ Strange ruby documentation ?!
322386 [alin.popa gm] I noticed soon something weird about Object documentation (in fact, one
322401 [james.britt ] It's the way rdoc currently works; it parses a set of files and rolls up
322403 [alin.popa gm] Thanks James,

^ A bug in c:\InstantRails\ruby\lib\ruby\1.8\net\http.rb?
322395 [ztuaev siban] http = Net::HTTP::Proxy('', 3128, 'user',
322398 [rupert rupes] I've no idea on the ins and outs of your error, but I've used the
322468 [ztuaev siban] Thank you for your advice. I tried your code, but got again stack level
322684 [rupert rupes] not sure that'll help that much as I'm just using the standard latest
322744 [ztuaev siban] Thank you for links about rdebug, I found them very useful. When I ran

^ [ANN] The Ruport Book completely free after New Years
322397 [gregory.t.br] It's no secret that self-publishing a book and putting it under a

^ P shows object values, so can u put P and value in txt?
322400 [mmc_collins ] This is something that I have been working on using diff/lcs. I am
322408 [shortcutter ] Try "ri p".
+ 322409 [mmc_collins ] I tried putting this but it did not work.
| 322410 [matt moss.na] By 'ri p', it was meant that you do that on the command-line.
| 322420 [gregory.t.br] If the OP wants string output from what he sees with Kernel#p,
| + 322421 [mmc_collins ] Greg
| + 322423 [matt moss.na] Yes, that.  :D
+ 322426 [quixoticsyco] I'd like to randomly interject the under-appreciated technique of
  322462 [gregory.t.br] Neat idea.  Thanks for sharing.

^ What do you call this part of an object?
322404 [mmc_collins ] What do you call this part of an object? @action== positions=0,0
322443 [b.candler po] They are instance variables.
322511 [mmc_collins ] Thanks Brian.

^ extracing the URL from hpricot element
322405 [nratlos yaho] First I create the Hpricot element as follows
322406 [dandiebolt y] require 'hpricot'

^ Thread safety resources
322411 [tj vision-me] What would you consider the cleanest, yet effective way to produce
322412 [vjoel path.b] Does your library use threads itself, or do you just want your library
322413 [tj vision-me] Im not talking about any one library specifically, but I suppose both

^ lambda with $1 fails as gsub block
322415 [mike.gold.44] def meth(replace)
+ 322441 [apeiros gmx.] module MDGsub
+ 322442 [b.candler po] def meth(replace)
+ 322447 [robert.dober] Not really, it somehow the proc object that is evaluated "first"

^ why Hash corrupts  'key' object ?
322417 [dmitry1976 g] ===========================
+ 322419 [mike.gold.44] It must be the T_STRING test in hash.c, an optimization, I assume.
| 322434 [dmitry1976 g] Thanks! It works (although I had to implement hash() and eql?() methods
| 322506 [mike.gold.44] Delegation carries a greater degree of decoupling and flexibility.
+ 322437 [shortcutter ] Because Hash copies #dup an unfrozen String.
  322488 [lojicdotcom ] Why would that cause this effect though? The docs say "a String passed
  322500 [mike.gold.44] The answer lies in the rb_hash_aset() function I quoted.  rb_str_new4()
  322585 [lojicdotcom ] That doesn't answer my question. I showed that dup+freeze did not
  322589 [mike.gold.44] You passed in a frozen String, so Hash#[]= did not touch it.  So it was
  322652 [lojicdotcom ] No I didn't. In fact, I didn't even use Hash in the example. Maybe
  322667 [mike.gold.44] Yes, sorry, I misunderstood.  I did re-read your post several times but
  322980 [lojicdotcom ] Wow, complete with a patch! Have you passed this on to the appropriate
  323078 [matz ruby-la] I committed the patch to the trunk.  So it will be available somewhere

^ Folder actions
322418 [einarmagnus ] I need to have a script run every time a file is added to a folder on
+ 322422 [matt moss.na] There is RubyOSA (rubyosa.rubyforge.org) which can do a lot of =20
| 322429 [einarmagnus ] Thank you!
+ 322446 [luc honk-hon] What you want is launchd. Googling for 'launchd WatchPaths' will give =20=
  322461 [matt moss.na] Very cool, I like.

^ copy txt file - only copies 1/3 of the file - what happened?
322424 [mmc_collins ] File.open('oldFile.txt', 'r') do |f1| #file contains XML type data
+ 322425 [matt moss.na] m = f1.read
+ 322427 [botpena gmai] ok, this gets just one line of text fr f1

^ Re: copy txt file - only copies 1/3 of the file - what happe
322428 [mmc_collins ] Thanks for the help Matthew and Guest botp! It worked great.

^ to get help from inside irb console
322431 [sijo maxxion] How to get help from inside irb console I would like to know what the
322445 [b.candler po] Unfortunately the OpenSSL Ruby extensions are not well documented,
322450 [sijo maxxion] Thanks for your reply..I saw this also
322452 [b.candler po] Interesting, irb_help is new to me.

^ problems in String type argument for Regular Expression
322436 [jykim altiba] I've one program to replace text's contents.
+ 322438 [shortcutter ] How about looking at the documentation?
+ 322440 [b.candler po] irb(main):001:0> Regexp.new("[aeiou]")
  322444 [jykim altiba] thanks for your reply, brian.
  322526 [jykim altiba] I mean I have a regular expression as a string.
  322527 [botp delmont] # I mean I have a regular expression as a string.

^ Apache Tapestry Creator to Speak on Clojure, Tapestry 5
322451 [press.saltma] Apache Tapestry Creator to Speak on Clojure, Tapestry 5

^ Out of range on Dates beyond 2038/01/19
322455 [fguillen.mai] from (irb):33:in `local'
+ 322478 [ jupp gmx.de] $ uname -a
+ 322497 [kyleaschmitt] It's not a ruby bug per say, it's a general problem that 32bit systems
  322499 [kyleaschmitt] Err, I should have mentioned, many UNIX and UNIX like systems have
  322545 [fguillen.mai] Thank you people for the information.
  322546 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogRmVybmFuZG8gR3VpbGxlbiBbbWFpbHRvOmZndWlsbGVuLm1haWxAZ21haWwuY29tXSAN
  322548 [fguillen.mai] Wich is the gem I have to install?
  + 322561 [s.korteling ] Date is in the standard library; so no gem to install.
  | 322574 [fguillen.mai] => false
  + 322565 [robert.dober] That is on purpose of course ;)