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^ Re: JRuby 1.1.6RC1 Released
322024 [rogerpack200] Cheers to jruby!

^ Problem with soap and wsdl ..
322025 [wbsurfver gm] If anyone can help me figure this out, I'd appreciate it. I'm trying

^ Array in a Hash
322030 [dfl_maradent] I have the following code,where I have a hash whose entries are
+ 322031 [james graypr] h = Hash.new { |hash, key| hash[key] = Array.new }
+ 322032 [michael.c.li] That form of Hash.new does not create a different new Array for each

^ YAML anchor and alias problem
322034 [stevegooberm] I'm trying to use YAML to load and store a whole bunch of data (with a
322035 [stevegooberm] Belay that - problem found - I didn't have the indenting right

^ Ruby 1.8.7 Lambas: syntax and scoping issue (are these bugs?
322036 [charlton.wan] 1. It seems as though having a lambda as a function argument with a
+ 322039 [dblack rubyp] I'm skipping to #2 if that's OK.
+ 322103 [w_a_x_man ya] The syntax is wrong whether or not you are passing
+ 322116 [higgs.bozo g] Curiously, that works in 1.9.

^ where to put class to run in everything
322040 [nephish gmai] Hey there all,
322044 [m.fellinger ] put it in your filesystem at a place everybody has read access to,
322046 [nephish gmai] thanks

^ [QUIZ] AnsiString (#185)
322043 [matt moss.na] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
+ 322047 [Rob AgileCon] Since the Facets ANSICode was mentioned, I just thought that I'd also
| 322048 [james graypr] => true
+ 322471 [matt moss.na] Summary and new quiz tomorrow.

^ Re: AnsiString (#185)
322051 [transfire gm] Make that 's2.blue'.
322160 [robert.dober] This was a nice quiz, maybe not too challenging, but as Tom put it

^ Ruby and DHCP (Net::DHCP maybe)
322053 [Aldric Giaco] I'd like to query a DHCP server to get information on the reservation. I
322058 [eustaquioran] Seems that there are just some needed files on the trunk/lib directory

^ Ruby vs SELF
322054 [shevegen lin] What are the main differences between Ruby and SELF in day-to-day work
322081 [robert.dober] as a specialisation of the general rule ;).
322083 [m.fellinger ] So it seems to run on linux now (again) as well.
322086 [robert.dober] Il computer non =E8 una macchina intelligente che aiuta le persone
322087 [robert.dober] Me too, but will be nice to play with, thx.

^ formatting print output
322059 [joemacbusine] How do I format the output from print or puts
+ 322062 [_mwryder wor] irb(main):001:0> puts "beagle-status".ljust(20) + "255".rjust(10)
+ 322063 [eustaquioran] a = [["beagle-status",255], ["bibtex",154312], ["bioradtopgm",7844],
  322064 [list.rb gmai] On Dec 5, 2008, at 8:04 PM, "Eust=C3=A1quio Rangel" =

^ Directory searching againist a text file
322060 [stuart.clark] I am in the middle of writing a quick program which will scan the
322102 [w_a_x_man ya] You can read these files if you open them in binary mode.

^ ANN: Sequel 2.8.0 Released
322066 [code jeremye] * Sequel provides thread safety, connection pooling and a concise DSL

^ Cambodia TEFL - Gap Year, Travel & Study, Paid Teaching Job - 
322069 [jobs.teachin] Cambodia TEFL - Gap Year, Travel & Study, Paid Teaching Job

^ Cambodia TEFL - Gap Year, Travel & Study, Paid Teaching Job - 
322070 [jobs.teachin] Cambodia TEFL - Gap Year, Travel & Study, Paid Teaching Job

^ [ANN] shoes 2 (raisins) is go.
322073 [why ruby-lan] Salutations and hi.
+ 322074 [martindemell] Congratulations :)
+ 322220 [robert.dober] Although it is not very Ruby like to repeat other people, remember DROP? ;)
+ 322387 [hutch-lists ] This 'manual' is just wonderful!

^ Non-profit Start-up
322076 [maarnold MIT] I am a student at MIT founding a non-profit, with the mission to
322125 [shortcutter ] According to my news reader you hijacked another thread.  This is a bit

^ An Actor model implementation
322077 [wandalassite] Measurements are far more important than weight, what counts is if you

^ Gruff labels
322090 [ukbell gmail] I have been working on this code for a few days and can't seem to figure
+ 322091 [ukbell gmail] I said up there that "reads = 60" but actually reads should equal 8 for
+ 322172 [rogerpack200] Just guessing, make sure your labels are for "exactly the right x
  322193 [ukbell gmail] Rereading through my description above, this isn't a very good
  322454 [rogerpack200] Odd
  322482 [ukbell gmail] It turned out, my problem was that when I initialized my hash, I

^ How you can save fuel and the environment
322092 [saving.energ] Driving and Car Maintenance Transportation accounts for 66% of U.S.

^ [ANN] Prawn mini-hackfest, Sunday evening (2008.12.07)
322094 [gregory.t.br] I'll be running another Prawn[0] mini-hackfest Sunday, from about 5pm
322163 [gregory.t.br] For those interested in participating, this is still happening, but

^ Remove me from the mailing list
322095 [ceoriley gma] CEO'Riley
322096 [gregory.t.br] Sorry, ruby-talk@ruby-lang.org does not have that feature.
+ 322097 [matz ruby-la] The list does not have that feature, but the list maintainers
| 322099 [gregory.t.br] I didn't know that.  Thanks Matz.
+ 322123 [nobu ruby-la] ruby-talk-ctl@ruby-lang.org does.

^ Free To Join,Survey Programs
322098 [ammed.soudag] Best Survey Programs,Dont Be Jobless,Run Your Minds,Make Best Of Your

^ Proposing an arbitrary precision class building on BigDecimal and being derived from Numeric
322100 [ulrichmutze ] Dear Ruby commuity,

^ [ANN] rubygoo 0.0.7 Released
322101 [shawn42 gmai] rubygoo version 0.0.7 has been released!

^ Javascript book
322104 [jon.stenqvis] I'm looking for a javascript book, in the same quality as dave thomas
322106 [tim burlyhos] Probably something by O'Reilly is a good bet, or Addison Wesley, or P.H.
322112 [lojicdotcom ] Yeah, but don't be surprised if the answer on comp.lang.javascript is
322119 [kib2 free.fr] I really appreciated this one : Eloquent JavaScript

^ rcov coverage question
322107 [cpjolicoeur ] Can someone explain to me why running "rake test:coverage" seems to run

^ Serious Bug in Rails 2.2 using method "_ids" ...?
322108 [buhrmi gmail] Hey Guys,
322109 [buhrmi gmail] oops. This was supposed to go into Rails Forum.

^ Re: Ruby 1.8.7 Lambas: syntax and scoping issue (are these b
322110 [charlton.wan] Sorry, you lost me with your example.
322146 [charlton.wan] That's really interesting. So the parentheses as arguments to the puts

^ Problem installing shoes2 on Vista
322115 [1337indi gma] First...do not mock my ownership of a Vista laptop...I have various

^ Very Basic Question
322117 [gilmangunn c] I have a very basic question... what does "=>" mean? Two books I have
+ 322118 [farrel.lifso] It's how you assign values to keys in a hash.
+ 322120 [perrin apoth] In addition to being used to assign values in hashes, it is also how the
  322137 [yaserbuntu g] Using => in method calls used to puzzle me. I encountered this for the first
  322140 [phlip2005 gm] arg1: 'giving arg1', argN: 'giving argN'
  322155 [gilmangunn c] Thx so much guys... I finally have my app up and running. No doubt more

^ class vrs. method
322124 [tomcloyd com] I've been thinking about this question for days, and have yet to come up
+ 322131 [michael.c.li] Tom,
| 322132 [tomcloyd com] Michael,
+ 322133 [shortcutter ] Interesting question and not easily answered - at least not in 10 words.
| 322134 [tomcloyd com] Robert,
+ 322145 [ara.t.howard] class YouCanTellThisStuffGoesTogether
| 322149 [tomcloyd com] Oh, now THAT's fun (and helpful). Thanks!
+ 322150 [dblack rubyp] remember that classes are not the whole story behind a more
  322154 [tomcloyd com] Nice addition to the discussion. I haven't yet set up a module, but I've

^ Problems with opening and reading data from a file
322127 [stuart.clark] I am trying to read keywords and phrases from a .txt file and run these
322135 [robert.dober] I am not sure \\ works, try simple /.

^ ONLINE JOB 18,000$ Per Month
322129 [don.donno24 ] The World's Biggest new Company KINGFISHER  FROM NEWZELAND Brings Part

^ /opt/build/ruby/lib/ruby/1.8/mkmf.rb:345:in `%': numbered(1) after unnumbered(1) (ArgumentError)
322136 [ittay.dror g] The error in the subject happens to me on HP-UX. What does it mean?
322143 [nobu ruby-la] $ ruby -e '"%s %1$s" % "a"'

^ How to Write to csv file to create bulk address book
322138 [nkanthikiran] I am new to ruby, I am working on script which would  create 'n'
+ 322152 [james graypr] Does the Faker library meet your needs?
+ 322161 [b.candler po] The fastercsv gem lets you open and write CSV files. So you just need to

^ newbie's question: getting parameters given to hello.rb file
322139 [neorus gmx.d] given i have a programme "hello.rb" and i execute it in terminal like
322141 [TimHunter nc] The arguments are in the ARGV array. ARGV[0] is the first argument,

^ Re: newbie's question: getting parameters given to hello.rb
322142 [neorus gmx.d] thank you!
322279 [bob-clruby r] additionally, sometimes it's helpful to know the number of arguments

^ creating a DSL: adding random methods
322144 [dc.pikkle gm] I'm trying to create a simple DSL, using method missing.
+ 322147 [micathom gma] Basically, I only wanted to say that your subject line sounded very
| 322151 [shawn42 gmai] Based on what I'm seeing here, it looks as though you may want something
+ 322153 [dblack rubyp] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,

^ Re: shoes 2 (raisins) is go.
322148 [nospam7272 m] OK, _Why has enticed me to take a look. After playing with some of the
+ 322157 [chris.lowis ] As far as I understand Shoes bundles it's own Ruby interpreter in a
| 322166 [theyojimbo g] Cool!
+ 322211 [why ruby-lan] around on the Shoes list and, fortunately, I've got Dr. Ernie at
  322228 [shevegen lin] _why for president,
  322230 [tim.pease gm] _why is much too nice. I would not want to do that to him!
  322231 [michael.bevi] I should say that depends entirely on what he would be presiding over.

^ Create XML document using XSD schema
322156 [segabor gmai] What is the best way to generate XML from a specific schema? I have a

^ [ANN] UnicodeUtils 0.5.0 - case conversion, normalization and more
322159 [perfectly.no] VW5pY29kZVV0aWxzIGlzIGEgcHVyZSBSdWJ5IGxpYnJhcnkgdGhhdCBpbXBsZW1lbnRzClVuaWNv
322364 [roberto REMO] I do not doubt it is full of very interesting information but I'd love to

^ [ANN] rake-compiler 0.3.0 Released
322162 [luislavena g] cmFrZS1jb21waWxlciB2ZXJzaW9uIDAuMy4wIGhhcyBiZWVuIHJlbGVhc2VkIQoKKiA8aHR0cDov

^ Searching for research internship
322164 [ruby gmail.c] I'm a computer science student and, as part of my formation at Ecole

^ ANN: FirePHRuby 0.2.1 released
322165 [tnt nowhere.] I just released an update of my FirePHRuby script for AJAX development

^ Rubyists Wanted!
322167 [sk btait.com] Rubyists wanted, growing software company in Melbourne.

^ confusing problem while using Mechanize to submit a form wit
322168 [angusguan te] i have met a very confusing problem while using Mechanize to submit a

^ Any rdocs available online ?
322170 [sentinel.200] Is there a link to any documentation (RDOC). I do not mean tutorials. I
322173 [theyojimbo g] I believe you are looking for the Shoes manual itself.

^ Re: Proposing an arbitrary precision class building on BigDe
322174 [rogerpack200] Sounds very cool :)
322883 [ulrichmutze ] thanks for your respond.
323030 [rogerpack200] R definitely looks like a cool library.
327021 [ulrichmutze ] MPFR offers all I looked for (in the wrong places as it is
327029 [rogerpack200] Thanks for your work on this.

^ include module in module
322177 [ittay.dror g] module M
+ 322179 [ittay.dror g] module S
+ 322190 [shortcutter ] There are at least these two possible approaches

^ A quetion about ruby string
322181 [youhaodeyi g] How can I change a string to regular expression? Take this method for an
+ 322182 [fekete melko] classical #{} works...
+ 322183 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogWmhhbyBZaSBbbWFpbHRvOnlvdWhhb2RleWlAZ21haWwuY29tXSANCiMgSG93IGNhbiBJ
+ 322185 [fred lacave.] And, on top of what the others have said, you don't need the forward
  322189 [youhaodeyi g] Does Ruby support RTTI (runtime type identification)? This problem is
  + 322191 [s.korteling ] pattern.instance_of? String
  + 322194 [fekete melko] imho, you can retype it to string by .to_s

^ UTF char issue
322187 [abirami.janu] While reading the data from the text file,the special characters has not
322200 [perfectly.no] MjAwOC8xMi84IEFiaXJhbWkgU2VsdmFtIDxhYmlyYW1pLmphbnVAZ21haWwuY29tPjoKPiBXaGls
322236 [abirami.janu] MEI-Tsjechiƫ en Slowakije Fonds Acc
322237 [matz ruby-la] It doesn't happen on me.  I am afraid that it's caused by encoding
322238 [abirami.janu] While running the same code in SCITE editor it is working fine. Am using
322239 [matz ruby-la] I believe your console lacks ability to print UTF-8 characters.  Even

^ Unable to find the elements related to window
322192 [ngandam osiu] I am novice to ruby ,I am using to test my application.My problem is

^ Re: turn 0.4.0
322195 [djberg96 gma] till
322204 [tim.pease gm] I'll look into it.

^ filtering blocks
322199 [maarten.mort] Is it possible to filter blocks, online, in an elegant way?
322202 [ kai k-du.de] Hm, I think the problem is not to filter a block (that's also possible,

^ string to hash
322205 [jens carroll] get 2 arguments a string and an integer (int_val).
+ 322206 [dave pragpro] How about
| 322209 [jens carroll] Hmmmmmm ... that wasn't as hard as I expected it.
| 322210 [jens carroll] Oh sorry! Dave ... I have your book :-)
+ 322293 [lojicdotcom ] Dave's solution is a good one & "idiomatic Ruby", and it should be
  322790 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):059:0> def nested_hash s, i

^ Re: substitute with keywords
322207 [xahlee gmail] if you really feel that way, post your opinion to ruby community,

^ libxml-ruby is too crazy
322212 [swittenk yah] Okay, if any libxml-ruby developers read this list, I sincerely hope you
+ 322213 [luislavena g] Sorry to interrupt your ranting, but can you please provide a sample
| 322627 [swittenk yah] post. I apologize -- it was the end of a frustrating day. Sorry for
+ 322214 [swittenk yah] Mind you, I fixed the problem by rolling back to version 0.9.4. : )
+ 322215 [mark thomasz] 0.9.6 was released today, and the announcement on the libxml-ruby
  + 322216 [jens.wille u] not sure if that's the issue, but there's been a major change wrt
  + 322267 [phlip2005 gm] Does it work with ruby-1.9.1?

^ Beginner question about attributes
322217 [ swp mho.com] I don't understand why my model (attached) isn't working.
322222 [ymendel pobo] 1. This is a Rails question, not a Ruby question.
322224 [ swp mho.com] Thanks for the response.  I guess there's a lot I don't understand.
+ 322225 [TimHunter nc] You're correct. However, Ruby is a general-purpose programming language
| 322226 [ swp mho.com] Ah, thanks for the clarification.  Yossef got me thinking down a
| + 322227 [TimHunter nc] Don't feel alone. We get one or two new Rails users a week, sometimes
| | 322229 [shevegen lin] Like RMagick :)
| + 322278 [ymendel pobo] To be honest, I didn't really look closely at the model because I had
+ 322269 [phlip2005 gm] A technical question always gets the best answer on the narrowest possible

^ Kernel.exec won't find a file that File.expand_path can
322219 [fritza uchic] I'm doing a fork/exec on a .rb file in the same directory as the parent
322221 [robert.dober] At first sight this seems to be a problem with file permissions can
322277 [fritza uchic] Good leads, thanks.
322280 [robert.dober] Nobody will believe me if I tell you that just after sending my post,

^ So, uh, where's my gem?
322233 [markjreed gm] $ sudo gem install net-sftp
+ 322234 [mguterl gmai] Try "require 'net/sftp'"
+ 322331 [ryand-ruby z] -r is hardcoded, it can't be overridden by rubygems. :(

^ Ruby QT Hiding the mouse
322235 [map7 iinet.c] I'm currently trying to build an application using Ruby with QT which
322240 [stefano.croc] case, the instance of MyWidget), but not for its children or other widget. To

^ pop3 body email
322241 [geagneske83 ] <tr><td>Text1: </td>
322271 [robert.dober] assuming that you have managed to pop your body into one string, what

^ pop3 body email
322242 [geagneske83 ] I have to check the body of the email which is a html code, like the
322305 [b.candler po] If you are already able to read the E-mail via POP3, and the body
322310 [robert.dober] Thx a lot there, but please do not underestimate regexen, especially
322348 [geagneske83 ] Connect with POP3 and get the email

^ (none)
322243 [geagneske83 ] Sorry, I wanted to create a new post only by mistake I gave reply to your post.

^ Why is 1.9 not the standard?
322244 [dbw aber.ac.] charset="utf-8"
322252 [sepp2k googl] Because there's no stable release of ruby 1.9 yet.

^ getting by without a server
322245 [adamtemporar] ive made a simple budgeting script that takes receipts (with the
+ 322250 [chris.lowis ] Access Gmail with net/imap possibly?
+ 322255 [james graypr] As Ara told me recently, email is one of the most reliable and robust
  322257 [adamtemporar] Thank you James and Chris for your responses. Im going ahead with using
  322385 [b.candler po] If you want to go large scale with this application, you could look at a

^ undefined method `parse' for Time:Class Error
322246 [sri.jjhero g] i used this code ..
+ 322247 [sepp2k googl] require 'time'
| 322248 [sri.jjhero g] hey thanks .... :-)
+ 322249 [theaney gmai] You can use the time module.
  322262 [jim.mckercha] Just to add my tuppence.... the same applies to Date.parse (amongst
  322287 [sepp2k googl] The entire Date class is available only after requiring it. Date simply isn't
  + 322330 [pit.capitain] irb(main):001:0> Time.is_a? Module
  | + 322347 [sean.ohalpin] irb(main):001:0> Time.is_a? Class
  | + 322354 [sepp2k googl] I don't think it'd be useful to define the term module to mean "class or
  + 322357 [m.fellinger ] The things you have to "require" are written in ruby and have the