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Gateway In Danger
321801 [james@gr yp ] List members, please take a moment to verify that you are not sending

tk_optionMenu in Ruby/Tk
321804 [kenneth.m.mc] ...
321834 [nagai@ai ky ] Please see line:559--567 of tk/menu.rb.
321837 [kenneth.m.mc] Thanks Hidetoshi!

FasterCsv writing columns
321808 [mr.happy.sna] Can someone help me with FCSV writing ?
321828 [james@gr yp ] I'll sure try.

Curb Install Problems
321811 [red@do he re] Hey
321835 [tom@to mo ri] I had similar problems installing Curb on Ubuntu. I fumbled around and
321899 [red@do he re] Thanks for the reply, I'm trying it out now, will let you know how it

[ANN] HookR version 1.0.0 released
321814 [avdi@av i. r] HookR version 1.0.0
+ 321822 [james@gr yp ] Great project name.  The jokes on the site alone are worth it.  :)
+ 321826 [gregory.t.br] Just had fun playing with this.  However, it seems that HookR doesn't
  321829 [avdi@av i. r] Oops.  I'll fix this ASAP.   Also, Cucumber shouldn't be needed at all

Ruby and legacy Java Applications
321818 [joe@ta kh us] What are some good ways to integrate Ruby into legacy Java
+ 321855 [post@tu bc o] Try the free tool TudbcJRubyServlet
+ 321957 [charles.nutt] In general the easiest way would be to have the Ruby code implement a
  321978 [richard.conr] en
  321983 [charles.nutt] Yup, ought to work just fine. I suppose it only depends on whether you

Re: [QUIZ] Befunge (#184)
321824 [kay@ut hk y.] My solution looks like, not surprisingly, a giant case statement; not

1.8.7 segfault
321827 [portie@bi te] I have a Rails app that keeps on segfaulting if I request a very
+ 321841 [ml@e4 et co ] Quite often I find this is caused by a bad memory SIMM, try running memtst86 or equivalent to
| 321844 [portie@bi te] I am running on a VPS, so cannot check H/W. I am quite sure this is ok.
+ 321845 [rmagick@gm i] Have you tried recompiling with less optimization?
  321849 [portie@bi te] I have compiled with only --enable-pthreads, the rest was all default.
  322028 [portie@bi te] I have moved to ruby enterprise edition (latest version) and the problem
  322037 [matz@ru y- a] What?!  I didn't know REE is a panacea.  Hmmm.

Problems with Ruby/Tk TkProgressbar
321832 [kenneth.m.mc] This doesn't seem to exist, even though irb lists it in tab-completion
321843 [nagai@ai ky ] TkProgressbar is a widget which is one of Ttk (Tile) widget set.

Ruby Serial Port for windows
321836 [riad.gaffar@] Sort of new to Ruby and need help. I have been reading through all the
+ 322175 [rogerpack200] I noted someone had some success using eventmachine with it once.
+ 322188 [chris.lowis@] class DruckInterface
  322208 [riad.gaffar@] Thanks! But I can't seem install this library. Following the readme I

msf/core lib
321839 [lotfiounis@y] this msg has appear when i get to compile a rb script

Ruby with Assembler
321850 [maximiliano@] At university I have to program in Assembler
321859 [kbloom@gm il] It's probably not worth doing, since Ruby is so far above the machine,

[ANN] hookr 1.0.1
321853 [avdi@av i. r] hookr version 1.0.1
321856 [avdi@av i. r] Sorry about the duplicates... I was working out some kinks with the

[ANN] hookr 1.0.1
321854 [avdi@av i. r] hookr version 1.0.1

rescuing a failed %x[] call?
321857 [kyleaschmitt] I know it should be streightforward, but I'm not finding the docs anywhere...
+ 321869 [avdi@av i. r] According to some experiments in IRB, the failed shell command won't
| 321902 [kyleaschmitt] Advi, the problem is I've got a script failing on a "command not
| + 321905 [avdi@av i. r] You may need to use IO.popen() instead, then.
| + 321918 [avdi@av i. r] Just tried it... it works fine for me, outputs the "command not found"
|   321940 [kyleaschmitt] Linux, CentOS/RedHat.  Depending on the box it'll be anywhere from
+ 321873 [botp@de mo t] # I know it should be streightforward, but I'm not finding the
  321903 [kyleaschmitt] Would work, but I can't use system because I need to capture and

Struct class
321858 [keepitsimple] The following code works fine (windows XP, Ruby 1.86)
321862 [james@gr yp ] Sure.
321868 [avdi@av i. r] ...which is a terrific article, I might add, and well worth reading.

New to ruby, using threads
321864 [parangaricut] I'm trying to schedule some task using ruby threads
+ 321866 [rodrigo.berm] def do_something
+ 321867 [default@sp r] ...
+ 321871 [magicloud.ma] The main problem is you have a little misunderstand of thread.
+ 321888 [shortcutter@] You're sleeping 3 seconds plus whatever rand(3) returns in your thread -
+ 321896 [b.candler@po] It works just fine for me (ruby-1.8.6p114, ubuntu hardy). Note that
  321897 [b.candler@po] - Start a single thread

reg exp
321865 [lhanh@wi hi ] A method for detecting a post-translationally modified protein with a
+ 321874 [botp@de mo t] # while element.size do
| 321885 [lhanh@wi hi ] Thank for your help, this is another way. I think I can use "\n" to
+ 321943 [jgabrielygal] I though of split, but then you get an array entry for the "separator"
  321953 [dblack@ru yp] ...
  321971 [jgabrielygal] Neat, thanks. I understand how lookaheads work when it comes to

ruby-iup preview release
321870 [phasis@gm il] I'm pleased to announce the preview release of ruby-iup

Ruby MUD: Requesting help.
321872 [tmcdowell@gm] So, after creating a rather rudimentary MUD client in Ruby as part of my

Re: FFI 0.2.0
321876 [phasis@gm il] I want to use FFI instead of Win32API or win32-api.
321879 [charles.nutt] I think we need help getting a build made, but once we have it we have

JavaOne and CommunityOne
321878 [charles.nutt] I figured I'd post these here too since they're pretty fun events,

'and' keyword?
321881 [list.rb@gm i] ...
+ 321884 [einarmagnus@] How about
+ 321886 [botp@de mo t] # Because puts("hi") yields nil, the second item never
+ 321892 [apeiros@gm .] In my opinion, using logical operators with side-effects is bad style.
+ 321895 [b.candler@po] if true
+ 321962 [robert.dober] What about?
  321970 [list.rb@gm i] On Dec 4, 2008, at 3:51 PM, "Robert Dober" <robert.dober@gmail.com>
  321974 [dblack@ru yp] ...
  321999 [robert.dober] I do not think highly of the following code in general, but if this is

[ANN] heel 1.0.2 Released
321883 [jeremy@hi eg] heel version 1.0.2 has been released.

A question about ruby-doc
321887 [youhaodeyi@g] I installed ruby-doc-stdlib-0.10.1 in my computer and open the index
343278 [jason.lillyw] I often find myself not connected to the Internet and want to read
343279 [jason.lillyw] Well, I think I found the answer to your question. You downloaded the
+ 343284 [drbrain@se m] gem help server
+ 343290 [youhaodeyi@g] Good. I saw that it is released on 06-30-2009.
  343294 [jason.lillyw] This looks promising... http://railsapi.com/

Looking for a pattern
321889 [youhaodeyi@g] I am looking for a pattern to match the last underline and its following
321890 [die_spammer@] "abc_def_ghi".match(/_[^_]*$/)
321891 [youhaodeyi@g] Yes, very good. thanks.

Nigh Stikipad
321893 [transfire@gm] Does anyone know anything about what happened to Stikipad? This was a
+ 321908 [tim.pease@gm] Found this blog post from May of this year ....
| + 321988 [transfire@gm] nal/2008/05/27/stikipad_when_software_in_th...
| + 321996 [martindemell] lines (much as I love webby, it's nice to have wiki-specific features
| + 323796 [transfire@gm] Has anyone considered a class action suite?
+ 321937 [kbloom@gm il] Try to recover what you can from the Internet Archive's way back machine,
  321989 [transfire@gm] Unfortunately I don't think that's possible, it was password protected

Count Coulmns in Excel file
321894 [ganesh.dc@gm] How to count the number of columns in an excel file....
+ 321901 [cdemyanovich] ...
+ 322021 [hannes.wyss@] gem install spreadsheet
+ 324533 [thopre@gm il] require 'rubygems'

[ANN] JRuby 1.1.6RC1 Released
321904 [Thomas.Enebo] The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.1.6RC1!
+ 321911 [joe@ta kh us] The ability to run gems & gem repositories out of jar files sounds =20
| 321939 [nicksieger@g] ies
+ 321913 [perfectly.no] $ bin/jruby --1.9 bin/jirb
| 321944 [charles.nutt] I think Tom is going to patch irb to work correctly for 1.1.6 final. In
+ 321917 [hkurz@jr by ] thanks for your great work. JRuby is an excellent Ruby implementation
  321945 [charles.nutt] Just run "jruby script/server". -S is only to look in jruby's bin dir or
  321951 [hkurz@jr by ] Works like a charm - thank you!

Nuby Rake questions about FileList or File task
321909 [Bob.Archer@a] ...

Rake outputting to stderror
321910 [Bob.Archer@a] ...

[ANN] Ruby-Locale-0.9.0 / Ruby-Locale for Ruby on Rails-0.1.0
321915 [mutoh@hi hw ] I'm pleased to announce 2 new libraries for Localization.

Force a program to stop if runtime exceeds given duration
321920 [Aldric Giaco] Any idea how to do that?
+ 321924 [damnbigman@g] ...
| + 321925 [damnbigman@g] ...
| | 321946 [Aldric Giaco] I think .. Your simple example actually fits my needs :)
| | 321949 [robert.dober] Maybe you should look for the timeout tool on the Web. There is a
| | + 321952 [avdi@av i. r] timeout is unsafe, for certain values of unsafe.  If all you are doing
| | + 322093 [mguterl@gm i] Regards,
| + 321928 [Aldric Giaco] I don't need atomic precision - I need to stop a task that runs
|   + 321931 [damnbigman@g] ...
|   + 322012 [shortcutter@] If you start your job via crontab another reasonably simple approach
+ 321947 [avdi@av i. r] require 'timeout'
| 321956 [Rob@Ag le on] In particular, this can't interrupt system calls and can even be
| + 321958 [jos@ca no k.] Fwiw, coreutils 7.0 will have a `timeout' program; it runs a command with
| + 321959 [avdi@av i. r] As others have noted, using timeout is fraught with peril, and I
+ 322011 [fox@ns l. su] See http://www.ruby-doc.org/core-1.9/classes/Process.html#M003012
  322016 [Aldric Giaco] Everybody automatically assumes that rubyists are using Linux - sadly,
  + 322018 [damnbigman@g] ...
  | + 322019 [damnbigman@g] ...
  | | 322020 [damnbigman@g] ...
  | | 322022 [damnbigman@g] ...
  | + 322029 [shortcutter@] I believe Windows has also a scheduling service.  So you could use
  | + 322052 [Aldric Giaco] It is possible - that is currently how I'm doing it. Part of my MO,
  + 322075 [robert.dober] Hmm to bad wine is not making more progress. However if you cannot

Pattern matching Question
321929 [avr_1@ya oo ] I have a below log text
322186 [ruedi@br hn ] If you don't have a solution yet, please post the original log text to
322203 [avr_1@ya oo ] I got a solution for this. Thank you.

require behavior in presence of two files of the same name
321942 [weyus@at .n ] If I do
321955 [Rob@Ag le on] the first on that it finds while looking through the list in the load

or = for a constant
321960 [Bob.Archer@a] ...
321961 [dblack@ru yp] WORKINGDIR = ENV['CCNetWorkingDirectory'] || "."

java.awt.Polygon equivalent ?
321963 [seurdge.sawa] Im searching for a java.awt.Polygon alike class in Ruby, any cue ?
322041 [seurdge.sawa] Here is the simple implementation that I made to suit my needs just in

Get the modules included into a class object
321965 [oliver.saund] module Foo
321966 [dblack@ru yp] class << Bar
321972 [oliver.saund] Thanks David.

Are the docs correct for spaceship <=> in String?
321967 [thomas.c.mit] First-time poster.. I apologize if I am posting to the wrong group.
321968 [default@sp r] ...
322049 [gregory.t.br] -greg
322055 [thomas.c.mit] actices.com
322057 [eustaquioran] Ouch. Glad to know that the behaviour is right, only the docs are

Are there any Ruby Technical Writers here?
321969 [vito.matro@s] I am a beginner with Ruby who was interested in writing some programs.
321975 [shortcutter@] Can you be even more specific about your idea?  From what you write it
321984 [vito.matro@s] I meant I wanted to write a Ruby program based on Ruby's OOD resources
+ 321985 [vito.matro@s] Re-emphasizing this point above.. I think Ruby OOD is as good as Java's
| 321986 [vito.matro@s] The technical concepts reconsidered is to build off the Ruby OOD, and to
| 321998 [shortcutter@] Despite all the words you did not answer my question.  I'm afraid, if
+ 322005 [martindemell] What JRuby provides access to is not Java per se, but the JVM
+ 322009 [dblack@ru yp] You seem to think that JRuby is some kind of Ruby-killer. It isn't;
  322026 [vito.matro@s] Perhaps, you guys are right about JRuby. I haven't indulged myself in
  322027 [vito.matro@s] Plus, I have just started a not-for-profit organization. It's goals are
  322033 [vito.matro@s] P.S. - I plan on implementing J-Ruby into the program as well but
  + 322042 [robert.dober] I think that you might benefit of a different approach here. Honestly
  + 322078 [shortcutter@] IMHO you would be better off by first writing up a short concept and
    322113 [vito.matro@s] I've changed my mind. Since you made some key-points about the project's
    322114 [vito.matro@s] Actually, I will not charge money for tutorials I've decided. I already

[SUMMARY] Befunge (#184)
321973 [matt@mo s. a] Writing a Befunge interpreter isn't terribly difficult. Some things

[ANN] gauntlet 1.0.0 Released
321976 [ryand-ruby@z] gauntlet version 1.0.0 has been released!
321977 [matt@mo s. a] Damn. I was really hoping this was a 4-player cooperative dungeon

Re: spreadsheet 0.6.0 Released
321979 [emma.sender@] book = Spreadsheet::Workbook.new
322023 [hannes.wyss@] Emma,
386179 [sumeshbabuko] Any updates?
386191 [cremes.devli] I'm going to teach you how to fish.

[ANN] GlassFish gem 0.9.1
321987 [charles.nutt] Greetings!

Re: gauntlet 1.0.0 Released
321992 [nefigah@gm i] The elf shot the food!

Unsubscribe from the mailing list
321993 [rr3800@gm il] How can i unsubscribe from the mailing list.Thanks

Data extraction using Scrubyt
321995 [vipin@is et ] I need to fetch some information from http://www.ebay.in.
322001 [peter@ru yr ] ...
322067 [vipin@is et ] Thanks for the Help... its working fine :)
322071 [peter@ru yr ] ...

database design
322000 [adamtemporar] im new to databases and im currently using a flatfile db called
+ 322003 [shortcutter@] Yes, because in that case you would use a more powerful RDBMS anyway
+ 322038 [caduceass@gm] It really depends on your traffic for updates, inserts, deletes, and
  322068 [adamtemporar] Thanks very much for for both of your comments. I think for this script
  + 322079 [shortcutter@] For example
  + 322201 [cminear@se u] One book that I would definitely recommend is "Mastering Data
    322218 [caduceass@gm] I'll check the book out, but, I'm severely skeptical, having read

Array#shift weird problem
322004 [tenkage@gm i] Can someone explain to me why is this happening ?
+ 322006 [stefano.croc] Because matrix1 and matrix2 are only different names used to refer to the same
+ 322007 [botp@de mo t] # Can someone explain to me why is this happening ?
+ 322008 [robert.dober] x =3D [42] makes x refer to the ArrayObject

Problem with 'gem' command
322010 [tirlipirli@g] I have a problem with 'gem' command. When I try to use it (i.e. 'gem
322045 [luislavena@g] Can you provide more of the output of executing the command from the

Directories and Files processing
322013 [albertlaoan@] I am trying to use Shoes to iterate files in a directory and I just
322017 [Aldric Giaco] Is it an option to do something like this?

Proximity searches in Ruby
322014 [stuart.clark] Does Ruby have the ability to perform proximity searches on data. For
322056 [coder68@ya o] No proximity searches with 1.8.. you would need a full fledged text
322080 [shortcutter@] Or, depending on requirements (especially performance) cook your own.
+ 322082 [robert.dober] Hmm
| + 322084 [m.fellinger@] That would be 10 characters
| | 322085 [robert.dober] Huh??
| | 322126 [shortcutter@] I guess Michael's point was that your version is not a scaled down
| | + 322128 [robert.dober] Use words, I see, if one uses words I can understand that ;)
| | + 322130 [shortcutter@] I played a bit around and came up with a more involved version which
| |   322196 [jens.wille@u] here's my take on the task: Poor Man's Search ;-)
| |   322197 [shortcutter@] I like that name. :-)
| |   322198 [jens.wille@u] thx ;-)
| + 322089 [apeiros@gm .] module StringProximitySearch
+ 322088 [apeiros@gm .] Thanks to Robert we have something to build up on. If you only need to