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Adventures in Optimization.. When a Ruby primitive is the Hog.
321603 [john.carter@] So you've run your code with -rprofile or require 'profile'

Retraction and thanks to Aaron Bedra and Relevance
321604 [cilibrar@gm ] After the previous thread about copyright and ownership of MPI Ruby,
321627 [stu@th nk el] Thanks Rudi!

Adventures in Optimization...Optimizing the stuff you didn't write!
321605 [john.carter@] The heart of Optimization is Benchmarking.

while loop in a here documents
321607 [aditya15417@] form = <<"DONE"
+ 321615 [kbloom@gm il] If you want to use erb, then you can do something like that.
| 321620 [aditya15417@] ww.iit.edu/~kbloom1/
| + 321633 [keeperotphon] ...
| + 321668 [kbloom@gm il] No. You'll have to put the loop outside the string.
+ 321635 [shortcutter@] What exactly are you trying to achieve?  Do you want to have repeated

Different between symbol and string ?
321610 [libo5426@gm ] What is exactly different between symbol and string ? Symbol has never
+ 321614 [matt@mo s. a] In a sense, symbols appear in almost every language, but under another
+ 321616 [ moo@co .o g] ...
  321617 [phlip2005@gm] Except for the Smalltalk #symbol and the Perl "bareword" concept...
  321624 [avdi@av i. r] ...and Lisp symbols...

Identity Token (Rails 2) and REST APIs.
321611 [edeleflie@gm] All,
321665 [b.candler@po] Probably best asked on a Rails mailing list, as it's very specific to

Re: crate 0.1.1 Released
321613 [luislavena@g] Sorry to bring this, but Python packages the standard library and your
321637 [jeremy@hi eg] Cool, I didn't know that.  And I see that the rubyzip library does override
321710 [vjoel@pa h. ] So, still wondering about Luis's question... how do you load extensions?
+ 321737 [jeremy@hi eg] Crate applications are standalone applications.  There is no loading of
+ 321739 [luislavena@g] I got my answer looking at Jeremy presentation at RubyConf.

Timeout error
321621 [diwakar@an l] I am getting timeout error while sending request to API
321664 [b.candler@po] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

Newbie in Ruby...Issues while connecting Ruby with Sqlite3
321623 [manishkalra2] I am a newbie in Ruby. Its very interesting language. Now, my problem is
321628 [michael.c.li] This error message is telling you the filename, then the line number
321632 [ moo@co .o g] atabase.new ?

Not a Ruby person but trying to help a newbie
321625 [chucky23456@] I am a C++ person but trying to help a friend using Ruby.
+ 321626 [chucky23456@] student_name  = 'John Wallace'
+ 321629 [driodeiros@g] my_str = "Dog"

Array deletion
321630 [jazzezravi@g] have an array like,
+ 321634 [shortcutter@] Use delete_at - and read the documentation. :-)
+ 321644 [vamsikrishna] array.delete_at(index). use this to delete particular indexes in an
  321646 [jazzezravi@g] delete_at(index) is useful when need to delete one data. But i want to
  321647 [phasis@gm il] If there is no duplicate data, you can use values_at like this
  + 321648 [jazzezravi@g] Thanks for your code. I will catch u soon with another issue
  + 321650 [pit.capitain] a.values_at(*((0...a.size).to_a - [1, 3, 5, 7]))

How to install sqlite3 in linux?
321638 [youhaodeyi@g] gem install -p sqlite3-ruby
321657 [catflaporama] ...
322180 [youhaodeyi@g] Does anyone help me on this?
322184 [flo@an er gr] Sorry, you didn't even tell us which distribution you are using.
322232 [youhaodeyi@g] I installed ruby-1.8.1 in Linux 2.6.9-1. I built the ruby by the

reddy 0.1.0 released
321640 [tom@to mo ri] Just a quick announcement: Reddy 0.1.0 has been released. It's a

Memory usage with blocks
321641 [newhoggy@gm ] ...
+ 321643 [newhoggy@gm ] ...
+ 321660 [sepp2k@go gl] ay,
  321741 [newhoggy@gm ] ...
  + 321742 [newhoggy@gm ] ...
  + 321759 [sepp2k@go gl] Because tmp can still be accessed using the block even if it's not used in the

Ruby Database Application
321652 [rr3800@gm il] Can someone upload a database application on Ruby? preferably an
+ 321663 [b.candler@po] Assuming you're talking about a web-based application, I recommend you
| 321666 [rr3800@gm il] ...
+ 321673 [reid.thompso] It uses yaml for storage -- converting the storage calls to db calls as

RubyPeople - I am after a Ruby on Rails Developer for the UK
321653 [milkias@op n] Ruby-People.com - Due to recent relocation an opportunity has arisen

Ruby cgi script
321655 [fischer.jan@] I put "script.rb" into the cgi-bin folder of my webhost, but nothing's
+ 321656 [thopre@gm il] Thomas Preymesser
+ 321662 [b.candler@po] I very much doubt "nothing" is happening. But perhaps you don't see
  + 321677 [fischer.jan@] Thanks everyone so far, I'll try some more
  + 321692 [fischer.jan@] Well, telnet can't get a connection for some reason, but what I mean
    + 321701 [hassan.schro] That's bad -- you should figure that out; direct access via telnet is a
    + 321716 [b.candler@po] Then investigate. What *exactly* do you see when you try a telnet?
    | 321831 [fischer.jan@] Hey,
    + 321923 [perrin@ap th] Are you sure the hosting provider actually allows telnet connections?
      321932 [hassan.schro] Dude, totally missing the point -- the idea is to use your local telnet
      + 321941 [mickmon@gm i] ...
      + 321981 [perrin@ap th] You're right -- I missed that point, probably because I tend to use other

How to understand the Benchmark result
321658 [deepak.gole8] ...
+ 321661 [sandor.szuec] The first method is faster because it didn't consume as much CPU time
+ 321785 [pat.eyler@gm] Every once in a while somebody posts a question about benchmarking.

opening/reading a text file - how do u use .find method?
321670 [mmc_collins@] Here I am creating a text file, writing to the text file and then
321788 [yaserbuntu@g] ...
321790 [mmc_collins@] Thanks Yaser -MC

dynamic programming
321679 [dalfrank@gm ] # I have a class Adam
+ 321709 [b.candler@po] You might want to look at the 'memoize' method in ActiveRecord trunk.
| + 321802 [fox@ns l. su] I suggest: don't make blanket statements like that ;-)
| | 321851 [robert.dober] in
| + 321907 [dalfrank@gm ] 'memoize'? Do you mean by the one in Rails 2.2 under

Substring with "..."
321681 [josparbar@gm] I want to know what is the method to take a string and return a
+ 321682 [rupert@ru es] It's not actually part of the ruby api - it's a rails function in
+ 321683 [jim.menard@g] Is this a school assignment? What have you tried so far?
| + 321684 [josparbar@gm] Thaks. The method is truncate. I used that but I couldn't remember the
| | + 321687 [jim.menard@g] You are correct, there aren't. I didn't know you were looking for a
| | + 321768 [shortcutter@] irb(main):009:0> w = ["a", "b" * 17, "c" * 20, "d" * 25]
| + 321735 [ghghghg@gh h] Well, since I'm a Ruby newbie, here's my take (even if the thread author
+ 321732 [kbloom@gm il] Are you looking for http://rubyquiz.com/quiz83.html Short But Unique?
+ 321838 [tim.pease@gm] $ sudo gem install logging

Why is Ruby 1.9 not called Ruby 2.0?
321693 [higgs.bozo@g] Given the systemic and fundamental changes in 1.9, I wonder why it
+ 321704 [gregory.t.br] In Ruby, major change is indicated by x.y.z -> x.(y+1).z, not
| 321717 [transfire@gm] But
| 321722 [gregory.t.br] I follow this pattern for my projects, and I wonder this myself.
+ 321803 [fox@ns l. su] Because Matz gets to decide what the version number is.  No other

Class atrr_accessor
321694 [oliver.saund] Why does this not work?
+ 321699 [transfire@gm] An ideology?
+ 321702 [higgs.bozo@g] You must have miscopied your error message.  I obtain

Code Tunning
321695 [fgiannetti@g] there is a better way to do that?
321696 [farrel.lifso] state = if anArray.include?(id)
321698 [fgiannetti@g] Oh! Im an idiot!

Ruby to JSON - how to store javascript functions
321697 [peter@ru yr ] ...

Trying to get back into Tk
321703 [kenneth.m.mc] After a hiatus of many years, I'm trying to get back into Tk via Ruby.
321728 [nagai@ai ky ] ^^^ Here is the reason of your trouble.

How do you read text file by creating a Hash in a script?
321711 [mmc_collins@] This is some example contents of my text file: logzT09.txt
321713 [b.candler@po] Do you mean, how to read it into a Hash? Just read the file one line at
321715 [mmc_collins@] yes I meant to read it into an Hash. Can you give me a snippet? I just
321718 [b.candler@po] I don't know how exactly you want to split the line into key and value.
321719 [mmc_collins@] Ok thanks. Yes I wanted to reference the row with with what is in the

More tk stuff
321712 [kenneth.m.mc] OK, I dug up an answer to my previous question; here's code to
321727 [nagai@ai ky ] Ruby/Tk supports a more simple way to combine a scrollbar and

About creating a Planner in Ruby
321720 [sandro.pagan] ...
321778 [b.candler@po] If you are learning to program, or learning Ruby, then this may be a

i have only one hour with ruby plz help
321723 [lotfiounis@y] i found a code ruby but i couldn't compile it
321725 [default@sp r] ...
321772 [lotfiounis@y] thanks guy

qt ruby compiling to exe in WinOS
321724 [fl00r@ya de ] What compilers exist for qtruby (windows).
321766 [mail@ms ya .] rubyscript2exe works fine with qt ruby (windows).  Last time I tried

RubyForge not being updated?
321731 [avdi@av i. r] Anyone know what's up with RubyForge?  I submitted a new project three
+ 321738 [transfire@gm] News usually comes out in spurts, which is good b/c it lets stuff stay
+ 321816 [ben@bl yt in] I can't help you with the projects, but I can address the news.  I've
| 321817 [avdi@av i. r] Truth is, until I had a project just itching to be released I never
| 321819 [ben@bl yt in] I think that was the case until fairly recently.  A few months ago I
+ 321935 [tom@in oe he] Sorry for the delay; I approved all the pending projects yesterday.

[ANN] FFI 0.2.0
321733 [wmeissner@gm] Greetings Rubyists.
+ 321736 [sean.ohalpin] [snip list of great new features]
+ 321744 [charles.nutt] Awesome, and thanks for the continued work in parallel on keeping
| + 321747 [sean.ohalpin] I reckon I'll get a first cut at a gem out this week (even though it's
| | 321749 [charles.nutt] RC tomorrow, final 1.1.6 sometime next week!
| + 321793 [charles.nutt] Ahh, now that sounds cool :) I hope you'll have some small demo apps to
+ 321757 [gmane@au bu ] Wayne Meissner said...
| 321792 [charles.nutt] Here's the text of my 0.1.1 announcement, which ought to clear things up
+ 321863 [saji@ap c2 .] Just started learning about Ruby/DL - what are the most significant
| 321875 [charles.nutt] * FFI works on JRuby and Rubinius as well as MRI and 1.9
| + 321898 [luc@ho k- on] * It's actually supported and evolving.
| + 321900 [wmeissner@gm] Those are the major user-visible reasons.  There are other reasons,
|   321933 [charles.nutt] JRuby 1.1.6RC1 is out, so now's a great time to try it :)
+ 321936 [ruby@an hr p] I have been waiting for that feature. Is there a code example of setting up
| + 321948 [charles.nutt] There's a pretty good collection of specs; that's probably your best bet
| | 321950 [charles.nutt] ...
| + 321954 [luc@ho k- on] require "rubygems"
+ 322050 [pbrannan@at ] I'm getting an error trying to install the gem for ffi 0.2.0.  Am I

Is there a Ruby/Tk wiki anywhere?
321734 [kenneth.m.mc] If I get into seriously using Ruby/Tk, I'd like to document what I
321840 [williams.jay] Ken,

Stack level too deep
321743 [newhoggy@gm ] ...
+ 321745 [newhoggy@gm ] ...
+ 321746 [jballanc@gm ] Just a friendly suggestion, but this and your previous query about
| 321997 [newhoggy@gm ] ...
| 322015 [rogerpack200] Not with 1.8.  I might query the ruby core group and see if they have
| 322111 [newhoggy@gm ] ...
+ 321812 [rogerpack200] ulimit -s? [there's also a patch coming soon for 1.8.7 to help with

rubyscript2exe problem
321750 [mewshew@ho m] This is my first post so forgive me if step on any forum conventions.
321751 [higgs.bozo@g] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
+ 321760 [mewshew@ho m] I have already tried the solution in the first link (see above where I
| + 321762 [saji@ap c2 .] Hope you tried the one mentioned at
| | 321771 [mewshew@ho m] Thanks for the response.
| | 321880 [jeremy@hi eg] This sounds like a perfect opportunity to use crate on windows.  Please let me
| | 321990 [mewshew@ho m] Hey Jeremy,
| | 322061 [jeremy@hi eg] No, this is my mistake, I forgot to include logging as a gem dependency.
| + 321991 [higgs.bozo@g] You said that you installed "to the most recent installation", but the
|   322065 [mewshew@ho m] I realised that the version of Ruby on my home PC was ruby186-26, tried
+ 338370 [james@co li ] This fix is not reliable; assignment to $0 doesn't reallocate it's

The latest updated IT certification exams: 000-070
321752 [ycgdsfdqq121] VUE/Prometric Codeļ¼?000-070

[ANN] nokogiri 1.0.7 Released
321755 [aaron@te de ] nokogiri version 1.0.7 has been released!
321805 [avdi@av i. r] Awesome.

RSS::Parser.parse pubdate changing back
321758 [andrew@do de] I have a script that goes into my site and parses the rss feeds, but
321786 [henssel@gm i] Check your feed and see if you have a "pubDate" (literal) and that the

Question about op. overloading
321761 [maarten.mort] class Sudoku
321763 [jgabrielygal] A []= operator is possible. It's syntactic sugar for a method named "[]="
+ 321764 [maarten.mort] So simple, I should have known. :-)
+ 321765 [maarten.mort] What about
  + 321769 [shortcutter@] class X
  + 321776 [b.candler@po] Simpler would be if you use sudoku[r,c] = a
    321777 [maarten.mort] Yeah that's what I did eventually.

Builder::XmlMarkup + output encoding
321767 [molla5@ya oo] Is it possible to use other encodings with xml markup other than

make exe
321773 [lotfiounis@y] how to make a exe file from .rb file
321774 [jgabrielygal] Jesus.
321823 [williams.jay] I use rubyscript2exe

Re: best gui toolkit (Tk, FFI and Swank)
321775 [Maurice.Diam] e.g. allow to compil Ruby with Tk if the Tcl/Tk sources are in

Large file support on Windows
321779 [larsch@be un] Is there any way to get large file support on windows (>2^31 bytes)? I
+ 321782 [s.korteling@] If the filesystem is FAT32 then 4GB is the upper limit, no matter what
| 321784 [larsch@be un] Thanks for your reply, but its been 5+ years since i have used
+ 321795 [djberg96@gm ] File.size will work as expected if you first "require 'win32/file'" in

ipaddr and invalid ipv4 addresses
321780 [martindemell] What's going on here?
+ 321781 [botpena@gm i] => true
| 321783 [martindemell] Ah - my bad, I'm still running 1.8.6 and didn't think to check the
+ 321852 [t3ch.dude@gm] The snippet above is pretty easy to understand if you convert the ip

How do you make a hash key using a wordy string?
321787 [mmc_collins@] How do you make a hash key using a string? For instance,
321791 [deanwampler@] file = File.open("mytext4hash.txt")
321846 [mmc_collins@] Thanks Dean. Makes sense!

need only the tags which are at the first level
321789 [shanmugam@ra] require 'rubygems'
+ 322169 [sri.jjhero@g] guhit..
+ 322251 [sri.jjhero@g] using/..
  322343 [shanmugam@ra] thanks for your reply

string with \
321794 [vrone@ho ma ] string = "abc/ def/ ghi/"
+ 321796 [b.candler@po] Look at String#split, i.e. the split method of the String class
+ 321797 [cdemyanovich] ...
+ 321799 [Rob@Ag le on] => "abc/ def/ ghi/"
  321800 [vrone@ho ma ] thanks Rob,
  + 321806 [Rob@Ag le on] magic("ABC\\Name X\\Gender")
  + 321807 [vrone@ho ma ] thanks Rob, and all for your response
    321810 [david_v_wrig] rather then split, I believe you want scan.
    321813 [vrone@ho ma ] What if There is some optional value which may appear in strings
    321830 [Rob@Ag le on] => [["ABC", "Name"], ["X", "Gender"], ["Z", "Person"]]