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^ Class setter
321184 [keepitsimple] For the life of me I can figure out why the setter below returns "v" and
321185 [ymendel pobo] That's just the way setters work in Ruby. Any method ending in =3D will
321188 [sepp2k googl] That's not really similar. The only connection between new and initialize is
321192 [ymendel pobo] On Nov 26, 10:59=A0am, Sebastian Hungerecker <sep...@googlemail.com>

^ connection failed error
321211 [diwakar angl] I am getting the below error while i try to get response from API. What

^ To get time differnece in hours between two time values
321212 [sijo maxxion] I have two values like incidents.first.created_on  and  Time.now
321214 [theyojimbo g] Time.now-incidents.first.created_on will return you the number of
321219 [florian.assm] (Time.now - incidents.first.created_on) / 1.hour
+ 321229 [sijo maxxion] Thanks for the reply
+ 321239 [robert.dober] I do not think that 1 responds to that message.
  + 321240 [peter rubyra] charset=ISO-8859-2;
  + 328318 [florian.assm] (Time.now-incidents.first.created_on).hours

^ Read Database Metadata
321213 [jorasmi.gaga] I'm reviewing Ruby if its appropriate for my project. I'm planning to
+ 321242 [b.candler po] You can certainly connect to different databases and read metadata. I
| 321301 [jorasmi.gaga] In JDBC, to connect into a database you just need to have a driver for
+ 321245 [flo andersgr] If you want do have a behaviour that matches JDBC, use JRuby and
  321299 [jorasmi.gaga] Thanks Florian for the reply.

^ Design suggestion for translations/mappings from xml
321215 [brian trnsfr] The xml is not named, nor formatted like my objects, so i need to define
+ 321234 [jgabrielygal] module XMLMap
| 321275 [brian trnsfr] Thanks so much for your response!
| 321568 [jgabrielygal] Glad it helped.
| 321606 [brian trnsfr] Wow, that's pretty kickass.
+ 321273 [tom tommorri] Well, if you are going to be parsing lots of different types of XML

^ Alternatives to ?\C-n, ?\M-a etc in ruby 1.9
321216 [sentinel.200] I need to make a rather important design in my 1.8 application, so i
321221 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogTml0IEtoYWlyIFttYWlsdG86c2VudGluZWwuMjAwMUBnbXguY29tXSANCiMgQnV0IHdo
321226 [sentinel.200] irb(main):334:0> "a".ord
321227 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogTml0IEtoYWlyIFttYWlsdG86c2VudGluZWwuMjAwMUBnbXguY29tXSANCiMgPiB3aHkg
321309 [Rob AgileCon] class String
321322 [sentinel.200] Thanks, yes, precisely what i wanted. :-)

^ How to get RedCloth on Ubuntu Hardy?
321220 [michael.ulm ] I try to get RedCloth installed on my Ubuntu Hardy machine. Naturally, I typed
321243 [flo andersgr] You can update RubyGems by installing the rubygems_update gem and

^ AutoIt: Regarging AutoIt usage with Firefox
321222 [anukul.singh] I am trying to automate some operations in Firefox using AutoItX3 dll. I
339526 [agus_85 hotm] I tried it myself and it returns 1 1. This is because you are printing
339528 [anukul.singh] Thanks for your reply. Is it possible for you to send me the script you
339529 [agus_85 hotm] I have the same code that you have, do you have firefox 3.0?? are you
339530 [anukul.singh] Actually, I have been using a very old version of firewatir (1.2.1),

^ unexpected error in time difference
321223 [phasis gmail] I found some unexpected errors in time difference test.
+ 321224 [shortcutter ] Works as designed.  With Time.now -1 the parser parses this as
+ 321225 [jorrel gmail] Time.now().-(1)
+ 321228 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogSGVlc29iIFBhcmsgW21haWx0bzpwaGFzaXNAZ21haWwuY29tXSANCiMtLQ0KIyBpcmIo

^ creating a dynamic hash
321230 [sijo maxxion] I am trying to draw a graph My question is not related to that
321231 [sijo maxxion] I could solve the problem like
+ 321233 [phasis gmail] You can do it like this
| 321236 [dblack rubyp] That's not the same, because you get the same hash n times, instead of
+ 321237 [dblack rubyp] Let Ruby do the work :-)
  321324 [sijo maxxion] Thnaks for all the reply..So could you please tell this differnece

^ Showing file position with FasterCSV
321238 [s_ayalon hot] csv = FasterCSV.open(path_to_file, "r")
321241 [s_ayalon hot] This ends up working, my bad.

^ Performance issues with large files -- ruby vs. python :)
321246 [s_ayalon hot] I'm new to ruby after working with python for a while. My work is
+ 321248 [flo andersgr] It would be nice if you could give us some hints on what libraries you
| 336452 [shortcutter ] Also, which Ruby version are you using?  In my experience, Ruby 1.9.1
+ 336450 [monika.m.mos] 2008/11/27 sa 125 <s_ayalon@hotmail.com>
  + 336566 [s_ayalon hot] it's been a while since I had that problem, and I ended up sticking with
  + 336569 [charles.nutt] You may want to try JRuby; many people who have moved to JRuby have done
  + 336576 [james graypr] Well, I take it to be pretty obvious that FasterCSV (written in Ruby),

^ Problem of UDPSocket on Windows
321247 [leeyouser gm] Use UDP socket to implement an C/S module, Client send messages and Server
321280 [vjoel path.b] Socket.do_not_reverse_lookup = true
321340 [leeyouser gm] Thanks a lot  :)

^ reg exp
321249 [lhanh wichip] In one string as example "The device 13c include something as in Fig. 2a
+ 321252 [cdemyanovich] It would be helpful if you would share several examples of patterns that you
+ 321253 [b.candler po] str.scan(/\d+[a-z]?(?: and \d+[a-z]?)?/).reject { |e| /and/ =~ e }
  321256 [lhanh wichip] "The coefficients are then mixed with the data from mixer 51xy, so that
  321270 [b.candler po] Sorry - that still does not make it clear what you want, especially with
  321305 [lhanh wichip] p str.scan(/.*?\d+[a-z]*(?: and \d+[a-z]*)?/m)

^ unsubscribe
321250 [ranieri.tx g] unsubscribe

^ Re: Performance issues with large files -- ruby vs. python :
321251 [s_ayalon hot] I can't really put the code here since it's on the company's intranet. I
+ 321255 [brabuhr gmai] unless main_hash[date]
| + 321260 [brabuhr gmai] ...
| + 321262 [charles.nutt] DO NOT use unless...else. It's the most confusing conditional construct
|   321269 [robert.dober] I have never heard you shout before, *unless* I am mistaken ;).
|   321272 [brabuhr gmai] I don't think the confusion issue was simply unless, but rather
|   321274 [robert.dober] Hmm that indeed is a little more misleading, sorry for not getting
|   321277 [jballanc gma] Not entirely on topic, but the biggest issue I've had with
+ 321268 [b.candler po] @main_hash.keys will create an array of all the keys, which will be

^ Moving Ruby Application
321259 [tommaso.paci] I am trying to move one application from one server to another both

^ [ANN] turn 0.4.0
321263 [tim.pease gm] turn version 0.4.0

^ Shebang! line not recognized in OS X Leopard??
321264 [generic fran] Newbie to Ruby.
+ 321265 [brabuhr gmai] ./matz.rb
+ 321266 [TimHunter nc] You should use the actual path to ruby on your computer. Also, make sure
  321267 [generic fran] sure
  321311 [laurent.sans] Works for me :-)
  321313 [list.rb gmai] On Nov 27, 2008, at 9:26 PM, "Laurent Sansonetti" <laurent.sansonetti@gmail.com
  321341 [generic fran] Mostly my bad.

^ Ruby's duck typing
321271 [stephan.zimm] I would like to represent certain data by a list; to this end I let
+ 321276 [robert.dober] Personally for some time now, and thanks to the learned opinions here
+ 321279 [sean.ohalpin] The short answer is no.
+ 321296 [lojicdotcom ] Do I understand you correctly that you want a function that works on
  321303 [robert.dober] Which limit Brian? I do not see anything Ruby cannot do where you
  321306 [lojicdotcom ] No, you didn't "miss the obvious" because I didn't provide much detail
  + 321333 [robert.dober] There is an old joke: How do you call a dear without eyes? No idea!
  | 321348 [lojicdotcom ] I have no idear what you're talking about above, but the following
  | 321359 [robert.dober] You got it :)
  | 321363 [lojicdotcom ] I think you've reached an erroneous conclusion - Ruby's dynamic typing
  | 321365 [robert.dober] Sure agree we do not have to prove that Ruby is powerful enough :) and
  | 321399 [Usenet Googl] Here's my little attempt at explaining multimethods / multiple
  | 321402 [robert.dober] Very clear, thank you!
  | 321414 [yaserbuntu g] I strongly second that ;)
  + 321334 [stephan.zimm] Robert, Sean, Brian,
    + 321335 [jgabrielygal] class X
    + 321350 [lojicdotcom ] Don't get me wrong - I love Ruby, but Ruby is slow enough already w/o

^ Noob: Code review my first tutorial homework assignment?
321284 [ruby-forum g] Im reading through tutorials to teach myself Ruby.  I'm a business
+ 321285 [robert.dober] Cheers
| 321316 [ruby-forum g] Thank you for the help.  Does this look better?  It runs with no error
| 321332 [robert.dober] Better, but there is still two yields in your method, one with one
+ 321362 [martindemell] martin

^ private #initialize
321286 [ymendel pobo] My apologies if this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find
+ 321289 [nightphotos ] I don't think the issue is that an object shouldn't be re-initialized, I think
+ 321294 [matz ruby-la] #initialize is, by its design, supposed to be called only from within
  321304 [robert.dober] I am delivering this code to your judgment
  + 321325 [matz ruby-la] It's far better than normal #new replacement.  But it's still not
  + 321327 [mneumann nte] How about this?
    321336 [apeiros gmx.] Wrong hook. new is a class method, so you'll want to extend, so def

^ Programming Noob Chris Pine Tutorial sorting without use of  array.sort method
321287 [jgheal googl] I'm working through the following tutorial http://pine.fm/LearnToProgram/
+ 321290 [fekete melko] so If I'm correct what you are looking for is mistake in your sort code,
+ 321291 [hgs dmu.ac.u] That line doesn't do what you think it does.  Took me a while to spot, with
+ 321293 [caduceass gm] Cheating...
  + 321314 [list.rb gmai] Nice
  + 321315 [list.rb gmai] Although this looks cleaner I think..
  | 321396 [caduceass gm] I like that!
  + 321367 [w_a_x_man ya] Fails when there are duplicates.
    321380 [caduceass gm] Absolutely.  But, read the question again.  It's ambiguous if words

^ Maximum number of files on a disk ?
321288 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear all,
+ 321292 [nightphotos ] For NTFS, the maximum number of files that can be created is 2**32 - 1.
| 321349 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Wayne,
| + 321351 [TimHunter nc] I don't know anything about NTFS. I'm just thinking out loud. I wonder
| + 321358 [nightphotos ] Agreed spaces are no problem, but your file name is somewhat atypical.
|   321462 [pbooth nocoi] 1. Are all these filed in a single directory?
+ 321357 [b.candler po] Under Linux:  df -i

^ "Too many open files" error
321295 [Aldric Giaco] require 'resolv'
321300 [Aldric Giaco] *sigh* Never mind, I was being stupid - just create one object and then

^ eRuby/erb outside of Rails
321297 [jonnynoog gm] I am currently working on planning for the redevelopment of a website.
+ 321307 [post tudbc.o] Try the free tool TudbcJRubyServlet
| 321331 [rasputnik he] Why would you use this rather than Warbler (for example)?
| 321372 [post tudbc.o] Because it is really simple to use. You can create a simple webapp to do
| + 321474 [jonnynoog gm] I appreciate the further suggestions and comments. Thanks very much. :)
| | 321842 [swapan yahoo] Have you checked out sinatra @ http://sinatra.rubyforge.org/
| | 321847 [jeremymcanal] If he's going the web framework route, (tooting my own ghetto horn
| | + 322733 [jonnynoog gm] I had not heard of either Vintage or Sinatra. Thanks again!
| | + 322774 [b.candler po] Interesting. In January you said at
| |   323497 [jeremymcanal] Yeah I haven't had a chance to.  It'd be smart for me to just move it
| + 323496 [post tudbc.o] Try the newly released Go Web Framework http://www.tudbc.org/goweb
+ 321310 [Rob AgileCon] It definitely depends on your hosting environment.  On Joyent, it's as
| 321312 [jonnynoog gm] Thanks for the suggestion. From reading a bit on your site, it sounds
| + 321318 [post tudbc.o] The setup is simple (see the web site for step-by-step instruction),
| | 321319 [jonnynoog gm] Well, that certainly sounds very tempting. :)
| + 323548 [davebass mus] I took a similar pragmatic approach as my web host is rather restrictive
|   323638 [perrin apoth] =20
+ 321339 [b.candler po] Also have a look at erubis: http://www.kuwata-lab.com/erubis/

^ [ANN] UnicodeUtils 0.4.0 - case conversion, normalization and more
321302 [perfectly.no] VW5pY29kZVV0aWxzIGlzIGEgcHVyZSBSdWJ5IGxpYnJhcnkgdGhhdCBpbXBsZW1lbnRzClVuaWNv

^ TudbcJRubyServlet shows JRuby+Tomcat is the fastest web svr
321308 [post tudbc.o] Check out the free TudbcJRubyServlet which shows that JRuby is the

^ Sending post request to API
321317 [diwakar angl] How shall we send a post request to API to get the response?

^ Unable to load mysql drivers
321320 [makarand.km ] I ma trying to use the ruby dbi module to connect to mysql but i am
321321 [makarand.km ] I am using Windows XP

^ Test management system integrated with JIRA and Bugzilla
321323 [sean.gtz gma] Zephyr, which has revolutionized the IT scene, is now making quite a

^ Rest-client posting multipart to rails 2
321328 [edeleflie gm] I'm using rest-client (in a Shoooes app) to post a multi-part form to
321329 [einarmagnus ] Your two first parameters have strings as keys, not symbols.
321330 [edeleflie gm] yeah, but that seems to work fine ...
321337 [mguterl gmai] T24gRnJpLCBOb3YgMjgsIDIwMDggYXQgNDozNCBBTSwgZSBkZWxlZmxpZSA8ZWRlbGVmbGllQGdt

^ [ANN] win32-nio
321342 [djberg96 gma] The Win32Utils team is happy to announce the release of win32-nio 0.0.1.

^ Help with regexp and gsub
321343 [johnsheahan ] I need to be able to match all data before the word "Total:" and then I
+ 321345 [stefano.croc] str = <<EOS
+ 321346 [robert.dober] I would read the lines into an array or split the string by /\r?\n/

^ XMPP4r helper class
321344 [marcin.kulis] can anybody explain me why when I'm trying to check if contact is online

^ [ANN] alter-ego 1.0.0 Released
321347 [avdi avdi.or] alter-ego version 1.0.0 has been released!

^ Removing ^M character from text
321353 [john sflistd] I have some text that I just realized is screwing everything up because
+ 321354 [sepp2k googl] text.delete!("\r")
+ 321355 [mickmon gmai] str = "123^M56"
+ 321360 [robert.dober] A simpler method, applicable if the c-m is coming from line ends
  321368 [john sflistd] Thanks alot everyone...I got it working.
  + 321370 [TimHunter nc] String#inspect will show special characters escaped, so you can just use
  | 321398 [john sflistd] Thanks for the String#inspect, that really helps.
  + 321403 [robert.dober] Rubyquiz can help here ;)

^ What's with the backslashes at the start of words in YAML doc files?
321361 [eric.promisl] Files like

^ regex for capturing images
321366 [ponto bitela] /(https?:(?:/*\w*\.*-*)*(?:\.gif|\.jpg|\.bmp|\.png|\.jpeg))/i
+ 321371 [ruby digital] use text.scan() which matches all occurences
+ 334445 [jazzezravi g] Get all images from given URL

^ Desktop Application
321373 [rr3800 gmail] Total noob on Ruby, didnt start yet but i'm planning to learn the
321374 [rr3800 gmail] is there a site where i can download some sample complete applications
321375 [james.britt ] Monkeybars.
321381 [OliverBurgha] I made this application, which might be interesting but also very big
321385 [rr3800 gmail] It's really hard shifting from pirated windows products to free open source,
321386 [rr3800 gmail] What is the BEST GUI Toolkit for Ruby?
+ 321388 [jballanc gma] Define "BEST"...
| 321390 [cesare.diaz ] I've made a Ruby stand alone application using ActiveRecord for work
+ 321393 [TimHunter nc] There are more opinions than toolkits. Try searching "ruby best gui
  + 321394 [rr3800 gmail] Thread closed.
  + 321413 [james.britt ] Or rephrase the question and include your particular needs regarding

^ accessing one objects methods from within another object
321376 [adamtemporar] Ive created a simple todo list app for the console and tried to
+ 321377 [adamtemporar] sorry the bottom part of that mail was a previous version of my message,
+ 321378 [dblack rubyp] It looks like you're trying to accomplish the M part of MVC in the C

^ problem in Hash  formatted output
321382 [jazzezravi g] I have an Array Like this
+ 321383 [shortcutter ] Another attempt to abuse the community to write code for free.  For this
+ 321384 [apeiros gmx.] *snip*
  321471 [ruby digital] 2 jazzez ravi =>
  321499 [jazzezravi g] Thanks for your kind information. I requested to my client for provide a

^ best gui toolkit
321387 [rr3800 gmail] What is the best GUI toolkit for Ruby?
+ 321389 [alex deletem] The one that does all the things you need it to do.
+ 321392 [TimHunter nc] This is pretty much a perma-thread. Try searching for "ruby best gui
| 321395 [rr3800 gmail] Perma thread in Google? i found ten needle thread in yahoo.
+ 321397 [fekete melko] easy to learn, easy to implement : gtk
| 321690 [perrin apoth] Probably even easier to learn and implement: tk
| + 321700 [dpalacio uni] Why no Windows development? There is a gem for it.
| | + 321706 [kenneth.m.mc] I've always thought Tk has been vastly underrated. It's worth it for
| | | 321708 [vjoel path.b] Agree. Every time I investigate the alternatives, tk is the quickest
| | | + 321714 [default spir] you guys should really look at shoes if you want 2D!
| | | | 321770 [Maurice.Diam] <Control-x><s>  on on canvas or text widget
| | | | 321820 [logustus gma] charset=US-ASCII;
| | | | 321833 [Maurice.Diam] Not exactly the same, I think (but not sure) that it's easier to
| | | + 321753 [nagai ai.kyu] Does anyone want Tcl3D (http://www.tcl3d.org/) support on Ruby/Tk ?
| | |   + 321754 [botp delmont] # Does anyone want Tcl3D (http://www.tcl3d.org/) support on Ruby/Tk ?
| | |   + 321756 [saji apcc21.] that will be fantastic!
| | + 321861 [perrin apoth] y*
| + 321726 [nagai ai.kyu] Please teach me about the features.
|   321729 [ara.t.howard] reason # 42 that tk is a great toolkit.  thanks hidetoshi!
|   321748 [theyojimbo g] I personaly like wxRuby.
+ 321401 [phlip2005 gm] The most widespread and popular GUI system is the web and HTML, so the leading
| + 321407 [robert.dober] I guess that for somebody asking for a GUI and getting confronted with
| | 321410 [shevegen lin] I somewhat agree but
| | 321442 [stefano.croc] qtruby doesn't have a wiki, but there's a lot of documentation you can use.
| + 321412 [james.britt ] But the question was about "the best", not widespread or leading.  (If
|   321563 [phlip2005 gm] That is exactly why I said "widespread and popular", not "best"...
+ 321425 [162144 gmail] If you were so inclined, you could use JRuby and Swing.
+ 321618 [adam.oddfell] If you're only targeting OS X, then Cocoa (via RubyCocoa or MacRuby) are
  + 321619 [default spir] For small apps: Shoeseven simpler than web app + cross platform
  + 321659 [phlip2005 gm] That's far from "obvious" - plenty of toolkits port easily!
    321686 [college914 g] Um...Aptana? Duh...?