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^ Ruby 1.9 binary on ruby-lang.org not built with zlib?
320998 [poddster gma] The binary 1.9 package that's foudn on the ruby website doesn't seem to
321110 [rogerpack200] I'd ask core :)

^ what's wrong with this method
320999 [aditya15417 ] can someone tell me what's wrong with this method??
+ 321000 [matt tidbits] Your pastie consists of a two-line method definition, to_out().
+ 321002 [wpdster gmai] What is the "to_out" method supposed to do?  Is it supposed to return a
+ 321003 [poddster gma] You have a syntax error, for a start. Is this the problem you mean?
  321013 [aditya15417 ] I just want it to return a string.. and for the second line I want to
  + 321018 [poddster gma] Only the _LAST_ statement in a function is the return value. So put that
  + 321020 [mark thomasz] That's exactly what they gave you. Did you try it?

^ Can you run a command line script with arguments, without typing 'ruby' first?
321006 [williams.jay] I would like to do this -> my_script arg1, arg2
+ 321008 [diogoslisboa] chmod a+x my_script (restrict permissions if you want)
| 321022 [williams.jay] I am using win os, so the shabang thing isn't an option for me. I put
| + 321023 [damnbigman g] Yep, in Windows you have to invoke ruby first on the command line.  The
| | 321024 [damnbigman g] If you absolutely must get rid of the need to type ruby first you could use
| | + 321027 [williams.jay] The associations are correct. I reset them just to be sure though. I
| | | + 321030 [kyleaschmitt] Jayson,  hum.  I guess that makes sense.  Now that I'm thinking back I
| | | | + 321034 [pit.capitain] FWIW, I never had problems calling Ruby scripts with command line
| | | | | 321057 [mo_mail ongh] 1. Add Ruby Interpreter path to your path to make sure that you can run
| | | | | 321094 [williams.jay] Mohit,
| | | | + 321042 [jorrel gmail] ruby my_script %*
| | | + 321095 [daniel.schoe] Are command-line arguments included in the file association?
| | |   + 321098 [williams.jay] Daniel,
| | |   | 321106 [daniel.schoe] I don't remember the exact menu/option names, but this should be
| | |   | 321352 [williams.jay] Frustratingly, I got this working fine at work. I can type
| | |   | 321379 [mo_mail ongh] In general, you should need to type in the extension as part of the
| | |   | 321430 [williams.jay] Mohit,
| | |   | 321431 [mo_mail ongh] me too :)
| | |   + 321101 [mo_mail ongh] OK!  I have it here... I just checked through the Windows XP stuff on my
| | |     321103 [williams.jay] WoooHooooo!!! That did it. The arguments were there except the last
| | |     321104 [mo_mail ongh] You're most welcome :)
| | + 321056 [mo_mail ongh] You can associate .rb files with the Ruby Interpreter - that should do
| + 321025 [kyleaschmitt] Jayson, if your not on a real OS, you need to associate the extension
|   + 321026 [damnbigman g] And here I am forgetting the simple steps, doh!
|   + 321099 [james.britt ] That  *used* to happen when installing the 1-click[sic] version.
+ 321010 [tim.pease gm] on any *nix platform, make the script executable and put a hash-bang
  321012 [diogoslisboa] Yes, I forgot the shebang.

^ (OT) Ruby API file for Notepad++
321007 [aidy.lewis g] Has anyone written a Ruby API for Notepad++ that provides Intellisense
321079 [chris.hulan ] There is an api file on the site (http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net/

^ Battleship Tournament 1 week notice
321017 [micah 8thlig] charset=US-ASCII;

^ ODBC, 'Sql server', XP:  beyond connection
321021 [asm.sol exci] I believe I've connected to Microsofts' SQL Express, however, I'm stuck.
+ 321369 [Aldric Giaco] How about rows[0][0] ?
+ 321501 [asm.sol exci] Though I posted on this forum, I found a valuable answer

^ my attr_accessor
321028 [CiberCitizen] I tried to
+ 321032 [ shot hot.pl] f =3D Foo.new {
| 321063 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):001:0> class Foo
+ 321118 [CiberCitizen] My solution above for having

^ Re: Can you run a command line script with arguments, withou
321029 [s.korteling ] puts ARGV
321096 [williams.jay] Doesn't seem to work that way for me. I created a file called args.rb

^ Chris Pine tutorial assistance chapter 7 sort data without use of  .sort method
321037 [jgheal googl] I'm learning to progam and came accross Chris Pine's Ruby Tutorial.
+ 321038 [robert.dober] Pick a simple on for starters; like Bubble Sort (though it is really a
| 321081 [jgheal googl] Thankyou for the responce.
+ 321082 [hgs dmu.ac.u] That's all fairly clear....
| 321111 [jgheal googl] ram/?Chapter=3D07
| + 321121 [hgs dmu.ac.u] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| + 321283 [jgheal googl] ogram/?Chapter=3D07
+ 321083 [cidza tin.it] I am a beginner too;
  + 321085 [list.rb gmai] I'm ashamed to say I recently learned this, but thought is share just
  | + 321087 [cidza tin.it] grazie (italian for thanks)
  | + 321108 [robert.dober] Try
  + 321091 [jgabrielygal] the arguments, which is supposed to give you a better insight on what

^ Good math/stats libraries for Ruby?
321039 [kenneth.m.mc] There seem to be lots of small stats/math libraries for Ruby, but none
321068 [saji apcc21.] Ken,
321077 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Ken,
+ 321084 [micathom gma] On windows you could use the COM/OLE server for R.
+ 321090 [joe talkhous] Math/stats libraries still seem to need a bit of work compared to =20
  321126 [cameron.mcbr] uby
  + 321130 [saji apcc21.] Ruby
  | 321298 [cameron.mcbr] I've run across this a couple times, but have never tried to use it.
  | 321441 [saji apcc21.] I have not much experience with GSL bindings. Looks like a collection of
  + 321176 [joe talkhous] charset=US-ASCII;

^ Chris Pine tutorial assistance chapter 7 sort data without use of  .sort method
321040 [jgheal googl] I'm learning to program and came across Chris Pine's Ruby Tutorial.

^ Hosts with just Ruby?
321044 [kmurph79 hot] I'm looking to host a simple, cheap, website, and since all hosts have
+ 321045 [richard.conr] They do exist alright, I have seen a lot of tutorials for getting
+ 321140 [perrin apoth] Accounts at many shared hosting providers that offer Rails can also be

^ needed - ass kicking rubyist level 4.2
321049 [ara.t.howard] here's the gig
+ 321062 [lojicdotcom ] Sure you're looking for a Python programmer given the multitude of
| 321064 [tony medioh.] Actually that'd be Douglas Adams... too bad there's not a language in
| + 321100 [lojicdotcom ] "Oh no, not again!" :) that's what I get for posting when I'm
| + 321107 [robert.dober] What? Wait,  do you mean that Ada does not stand  for *Ada*ms ????
+ 321102 [martindemell] Best job posting ever :)
  321105 [gregory.t.br] Definitely.  I actually started posting a reply to Ara after realizing

^ pipe in cmd-line text but then reset STDIN for menu
321050 [sio2usa yaho] I'm trying to make a customized pager utility that can process
321066 [b.candler po] I think what you're asking is: how can I write a program which does the
321112 [sio2usa yaho] Brian,

^ Permission problem under WinXP
321051 [RichardDummy] I generated a Ruby on Rails app, which among other things,  had to
321053 [djberg96 gma] data = File.open(name).readlines
+ 321055 [RichardDummy] ed I
+ 321058 [RichardDummy] ed I
  321059 [djberg96 gma] Excellent, glad to hear it.

^ Permission problem under WinXP
321052 [RichardDummy] I generated a Ruby on Rails app, which among other things,  had to

^ Get Paid  100-500$ free one day by click ads
321061 [yingwen 1dis] Get Paid  100-500$ free one day by click ads

^ no such file to load sqlite3
321069 [bjohnson bin] Ever since I updated my gems I have been getting the following error any
321070 [robert.dober] Did you do the threaded
321631 [college914 g] Could you explain this more?  I have seen this error reported over and
+ 321636 [d_rems yahoo] It is not impossible but it is unfortunate litle more complicated. With
| + 321639 [college914 g] Thanks for the quick response!
| + 321642 [saji apcc21.] Maybe it is not necessary to have admin rights. I did this on a machine
+ 321651 [robert.dober] Oops so sorry, you had a problem during installation not using the
  321678 [college914 g] Well, I think you might have a point. I'll try what you're suggesting
  321685 [college914 g] OK, I've tried to compile it locally and I have a basic question.  How
  321688 [college914 g] gem install --version 1.2.3 sqlite3-ruby

^ Re: soap wsa:To
321072 [mttest.un gm] I need to define a wsa header tag in my soap request ... i though that

^ Getting single char from string -- Simpler solution?
321073 [s_ayalon hot] I'm trying to get a single char from string, but doing it like this
321074 [stefano.croc] "hello"[0,1]
321075 [diogoslisboa] => "h"  # note no need for .chr
321078 [s_ayalon hot] Thanks guys, that's exactly what I was looking for.

^ "closed stream" problem
321086 [pbailey bna.] Can someone please help me with this error? It gives an exception of a

^ Getting browser country parameter in Ruby on Rails
321093 [ciriusmex gm] Here is my problem. I have a page on my RoR site which display prices.
321109 [jballanc gma] Best bet is to put the user agent string through a RegExp. The
321113 [flo andersgr] request.env['Accept-Language'] #=> en-us,en;q=0.5
321180 [ciriusmex gm] Thanks for the help, that's great, I'm gonna check it right now ^^

^ Gruff and labeling
321115 [bornemann1 n] I have everything done my output goes to a graph everything is fine
321117 [bornemann1 n] but still need help on how to put the dates(Decades) as the x-col values

^ Hoe or inline C question
321122 [uzytkownik2 ] For some resons I need to use C code (don't worry jruby code will be
321157 [radek.bulat ] QUZBSUsgeW91IGNhbiBidWlsZCBpdCBhbmQgYWRkIGdlbmVyYXRlZCAuc28gZmlsZSB0byB5b3Vy
321196 [uzytkownik2 ] In the ext directory or somewhere else? AFAIU the building == running?

^ Begin else pattern question
321123 [raasdnil gma] def initialize(value)
+ 321124 [rubytraining] One simplification would be to remove the "begin" and the
| 321127 [raasdnil gma] Actually... that cleans it up enough and makes it nice and readable.
| 321131 [rubytraining] ock
+ 321125 [alan.wayne.j] A device that turns exceptions into a return value might assist.
+ 321132 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogTWlrZWwgTGluZHNhYXIgW21haWx0bzpyYWFzZG5pbEBnbWFpbC5jb21dIA0KIyBkZWYg
| 321164 [b.candler po] def initialize(value)
+ 321278 [shortcutter ] def initialize(value)

^ (none)
321128 [althomas02 g] unsubscribe al thomas

^ How to use a passing argument(returned argument)?
321129 [jykim altiba] I have question about how to use a passing argument. firstly let me
+ 321133 [rubytraining] Well, Ruby, being a purely object-oriented language, means that
+ 321135 [jballanc gma] First, the pattern you are looking for is not very object oriented-y. =20=
  321137 [einarmagnus ] I did not know this, google filled me in and this might be relevant to =20=
  + 321138 [jykim altiba] Einar's suggestion is very good and clear everything for me :)
  + 321203 [kbloom gmail] That rocks. Thanks for sharing. I thought that this kind of functionality
  + 321207 [lloyd 2live4] instead of swap(ref{:a}, ref{:b})
    321210 [einarmagnus ] Because his question was about references, swap was just an example.

^ Unsubscribe
321136 [dqbtmb44 com] please remove dqbtmb44@comcast.net from email listing

^ Ruby + FreeBSD = bandwidth killer?
321141 [rabbitblue g] This is a bizarre situation. I have a program that makes heavy use of
321143 [saji apcc21.] has it anything to do with Daemons? I had a similar issue when running
321145 [rabbitblue g] I doubt it. As I said, I can run the same program on Leopard with no
321147 [sean smo.uhi] Have you got any netstat data between the two boxes?
321148 [rabbitblue g] Hmm... each of those show a ton of information. Not sure what you'd want

^ Reflection method name order
321142 [lists gregwi] Can I depend on .methods returning methods in the order they are written
321144 [stefano.croc] class C

^ How to make SSl work with webrick
321146 [bishalachary] I have a web site and I need to make it ssl enabled. I need to now steps
321162 [b.candler po] Go to www.google.com, enter "webrick SSL" into the box, and look at some

^ Exclude members from YAML conversion?
321149 [christian.ke] class user
321151 [ola.bini gma] You can override yaml_properties to return only the ones you want to be
321154 [christian.ke] where do i overwrite this method?
321193 [vjoel path.b] require 'yaml'
321218 [christian.ke] Thx!

^ Sharing ruby code
321152 [CiberCitizen] I've developed a simple plotter of math functions.
321170 [chris.lowis ] If you can package it as a gem, rubyforge is the best place to share it.

^ Problems while creating a new migration file
321153 [vkv_devaki r] I am a ROR beginner. I have a controller named "users" and the
+ 321161 [b.candler po] Welcome, but I'm afraid you're on the wrong list. Please post your
+ 321282 [spamtrap 127] ./script/generate migration AddPasswordToUserModel

^ Contract Ruby Developer Position - Immediate!
321155 [cjestico all] We currently have a 3 month contract position open.

^ KirbyBase : update method problem
321158 [adamtemporar] the basic code below makes kirby complain that im trying to update a
321191 [shawn42 gmai] pt.update(:project_title => "new",:p_tasks=>nil) {|r| r.recno == 1}
321235 [adamtemporar] hey shawn, thanks for that, it does work with the short snippet above,

^ Unofficial Phone,the most cheap mobile phones from china
321159 [yingwen 1dis] Unofficial Phone,the most cheap mobile phones from china

^ attr_reader, default attribute value, and rdoc of attribute
321160 [donn cmscms.] What I want to do is create an attribute, allow it to have a default
+ 321163 [CiberCitizen] I don't know about rdoc, but perhaps the following might help.
+ 321194 [vjoel path.b] Something else to consider, along with the other suggestions, is the -A

^ Re: attr_reader, default attribute value, and rdoc of attrib
321165 [b.candler po] attr_accessor :fld_delimiter
+ 321167 [donn cmscms.] ',')
+ 321168 [transfire gm] ',')
  321171 [b.candler po] class Foo

^ time to back peddle? (Ruby 1.8.7)
321166 [transfire gm] $ ruby -v
+ 321173 [mark thomasz] This happened to me, and it was an "uh-oh" moment for me too. I think
+ 321174 [rogerpack200] For better or worse, the 187 branch is basically the only one that gets
| 321689 [gregory.t.br] Though support was dropped for Ruby <= 1.8.5, 1.8.6 is still
| 321809 [rogerpack200] It is indeed officially supported but, judging from the commit logs,
| 321815 [gregory.t.br] As they should.  The fact that Ruby 1.8.6 is not changing much is a feature.
| 321821 [rogerpack200] LOL. Yeah I'm wish you on this one.  That is is somewhat annoying to
+ 321195 [m.fellinger ] Using it since the release in spring, had an issue in the prerelease
+ 321197 [djberg96 gma] I abandoned it quickly when at least one of my libraries (use) because
| + 321257 [mikhailov.an] As you may know Ruby 1.8.7 don't compatable with Rails(http://
| + 321258 [mikhailov.an] As you may know Ruby 1.8.7 don't compatable with
|   321326 [luc honk-hon] Uh, this page *explicitely* says: "We recommend Ruby 1.8.7 for use
|   321622 [mark thomasz] Yay! It's been fixed. Probably due to this thread.
|   321645 [peter rubyra] charset=US-ASCII;
|   321680 [charles.nutt] Put simply: 1.8.7 has features and behavioral changes that are
+ 321261 [charles.nutt] FWIW, we've decided not to support 1.8.7 in JRuby. That may change if

^ multiplatform pipe open?
321169 [sebastian ye] I'm starting with Ruby and i am trying to migrate some Perl scripts to
321172 [b.candler po] You don't show your Ruby code, but maybe you just need fh.flush after

^ ruby wish list item: more standard rescues
321175 [rogerpack200] Currently in Ruby
321177 [b.candler po] It looks pretty consistent to me. The default is to catch StandardError,
321178 [b.candler po] There was a mistake there, the Timeout::Error line should say
321798 [rogerpack200] Yeah that one is the the kicker, and it is definitely broken.  Any

^ How to get a reference to a block (when no explicit block parameter is used?)
321179 [kenneth.m.mc] In a function, I can find out if a block was given using block_given?,
+ 321181 [janfri.rubyf] def my_meth param, &block
| + 321186 [kenneth.m.mc] Unfortunately, that produces a method that _requires_ a block--I want
| | + 321189 [sepp2k googl] No, it does not.
| | + 321190 [ymendel pobo] On Nov 26, 10:54=A0am, Kenneth McDonald
| |   321208 [kenneth.m.mc] Whoops, apologies to all. Didn't realize &b arguments were optional.
| + 321187 [jcoglan goog] 2008/11/26 Jan Friedrich <janfri.rubyforge@gmail.com>
+ 321182 [pit.capitain] Ken, you can use Proc.new

^ regexp problem
321183 [thai4pental ] I have been searching on the Internet about how to solve my problem. I
321198 [b.candler po] A Regular Expression (by the computer science definition of Regular
321202 [ruby digital] def match_pairs s, l, r
321669 [thai4pental ] Thank you very much Brian. It works fine as long as an incoming string
321671 [thai4pental ] Oops, I was pointing to wrong person in my last post. Brian method is