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^ Found a ruby bug in the URI class, what do I do?
320811 [bjohnson bin] I'm pretty sure this is a bug, and it seem so obvious that I'm thinking
320814 [hassan.schro] No, it's not. Check the DNS RFCs: A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and the hyphen are
320849 [b.candler po] That's not strictly a DNS limitation. However there are old (pre-DNS)

^ Weird conversion in IRB
320812 [jeremywoerti] For some reason I have this line I am pasting from a text file into IRB,
320813 [jeremywoerti] ok, let me re-phrase something. When I made the file, I didn't write it
320820 [jeremywoerti] ok, I've been reading more on it. I guess it's like unicode or
+ 320822 [s.korteling ] Splitting with a regex works.
+ 320848 [b.candler po] irb(main):009:0> src.scan(/./u)
  320862 [jeremywoerti] wow, that's so weird, but it worked! Thanks man.

^ Re: question about initialize
320816 [rogerpack200] Would it be better to have initialize called 'on_new' so that the
320884 [eleanor game] Unfortunately :on_new assumes that :initialize is only ever called

320817 [agsangelina ] #click below websites which have been contain all the information

^ network proximity calculation
320826 [graysonpierc] I'm trying to do a home grown load balancing solution that needs to
320830 [brabuhr gmai] traceroute -n -w 1 -q 1 $USER | awk '{sum += $3} END { printf ("%8.2f\n",sum)}'

^ Can't install rails with gem
320828 [joey.da3rd g] joey@lab:~$ gem --version
320829 [joey.da3rd g] o ya, ubuntu 8.10 intrepid ibex
320837 [maksim.ananj] try "sudo gem install rails" or fix access rights your local gem
320869 [joey.da3rd g] OMG duh! I am still getting used to this "no root account" thing
320872 [michael.tome] That's odd. My Ubuntu box (8.0.4, I think) installs the gem in "./gems"

^ can't convert Hash into String
320831 [rajat79 gmai] I get an XML like this from a hotel API -
320846 [b.candler po] It looks like address is a String
320876 [rajat79 gmai] Brian,

^ ISMM 2009 Call for Papers
320832 [hillelkolodn] International Symposium on Memory Management 2009

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320839 [mckinneymbcr] jumpdates com

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^ asiafriendfinder - Free Online Dating
320843 [mckinneymbcr] asiafriendfinder

^ www asiafriendfinder com - Free Online Dating
320844 [mckinneymbcr] www asiafriendfinder com

^ method def in method vs method def in block
320847 [kdream95 gme] class A
320852 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogS3l1bmcgd29uIENoZW9uIFttYWlsdG86a2RyZWFtOTVAZ21lcmNlLmNvLmtyXSANCiMg

^ TMail now on GitHub
320854 [raasdnil gma] I recently (10 minutes ago) put TMail on github.

^ 2 dimensional array to single arrays
320857 [johnnybutler] I have a nasty loop which creates 2 single arrays from a 2 dimensional
+ 320860 [farrel.lifso] letters, numbers = ["a",1],["b",2],["c",3]].transpose
+ 320871 [michael.tome] my_array = [["a",1],["b",2],["c",3]]

^ how to wrap method of singleton class
320858 [ittay.dror g] class Foo
320861 [jcoglan goog] You can't (at least not without doing some sneaky metaprogramming -- this
320879 [ittay.dror g] class << Foo

^ How to use include? on an array of objects
320863 [pedrolito la] [ product1, product2, product3 ]
+ 320866 [semmons99 gm] Use the 'select' method of array
+ 320867 [jcoglan goog] product_array.any? { |p| p.price.zero? }
+ 320868 [matt moss.na] Given arr = [ product1, product2, product3 ], and you have a 'price'
+ 320881 [ryand-ruby z] c'mon guys... teach a man to fish.

^ Nokogiri problem on Mac OS X
320864 [ranccis gmai] I'm trying to install Merb, first thing I got was an issue with
+ 320896 [aaron tender] Did you install via ports?  Do you know what version of libxml2 you have
+ 320975 [ranccis gmai] libxml2  2.6.30-1001
  321076 [ranccis gmai] Just for the record (literaly) this issue was solved. It was caused

^ faster_csv vs File+split, why it is not faster?
320865 [paqs140482 g] Why I'm getting this result?  is It due just to this specif problem?
320870 [james graypr] Is it true that File.split() is faster than FasterCSV?  Yeah, I bet it
320873 [paqs140482 g] I thought so...

^ Putting string values into array
320874 [johnsheahan ] I have a string that contians about 20 names that are all seperated by a
320875 [stefano.croc] a.split ' '
320878 [mark thomasz] actually just

^ BLT::Tabnotebook - tabnotebook.tcl not found
320877 [me alienempe] I tried to use BLT::Tabnotebook to put my existing Tk components in
320894 [nagai ai.kyu] I'm very sorry. Probably, it depends on a bug on tkextlib/blt.rb.
320911 [me alienempe] thanks, Tabnotebook.new works now.
320972 [nagai ai.kyu] I'm sorry. It's MY fault. =
321009 [nagai ai.kyu] Please try the following patch.
321199 [me alienempe] thanks for the patches!
321209 [nagai ai.kyu] the =
321281 [me alienempe] It works!

^ [SUMMARY] Unit Conversion (#183)
320880 [matt moss.na] The right way, generally, to do a task such as unit conversion is to

^ Error opening a file when filename is passed thru a variable
320883 [avr_1 yahoo.] wrong here ?
320900 [perfectly.no] I suspect that the command returns a string that ends in a

^ WhoIs lookup using Ruby
320885 [andrew andre] Is there a Ruby class or an API I could use for conducting WhoIs lookups
320892 [andrew andre] Nevermind - it looks like my best bet is going to be parsing the output

^ append new line to textfile
320886 [mmc_collins ] I want to create a text file and append a new line to the text file
320888 [semmons99 gm] File.open('logfile.txt', 'w+') do |f1|  f1.write(logline)
+ 320889 [s.korteling ] This will destroy the content of logfile.txt. For appending to a file
| 320891 [semmons99 gm] whoops, sorry about that.
+ 320890 [Rob AgileCon] Eek! No, that's for a read/write file.  You want a mode of 'a' for

^ libxml-ruby segfault on CentOS 5 (64 bit)
320893 [swittenk yah] Wondering if anyone has had issues with libxml-ruby segfaulting on
320903 [jens.wille u] you might want to have a look at the 0.9.3 release charlie just put out (see
321043 [swittenk yah] Yes, yes, oh yay! OMG...so happy. This appears to have fixed the issue.
321067 [jens.wille u] yeah, me too :-)

^ ANN: ThirdBase: A Fast and Easy Date/DateTime Class for Ruby
320895 [code jeremye] = ThirdBase: A Fast and Easy Date/DateTime Class for Ruby

^ Mutlilingual rdoc
320901 [macarui gmai] diferent languages?
320909 [aaron tender] You may need to use Rdoc 2 though.

^ Latent semantic analysis in Ruby
320902 [joe josephwi] For anyone that's interested I've just put together an article on a

^ net/ssh for enable mode on cisco router
320904 [johnsheahan ] I am having trouble getting into enable mode and running commands on a
320939 [b.candler po] Not a direct answer, but I found the Net::SSH API too cumbersome to use
320959 [johnsheahan ] Thanks alot Brian.
320994 [b.candler po] Inside the git repo is an examples/ directory - but perhaps this didn't
321046 [johnsheahan ] Thanks Brian,
321065 [b.candler po] require 'rubygems'

^ Need help understand an expression
320905 [buzzhill ver] Can someone explain the role of the "?" before the "x"
+ 320906 [m.fellinger ] sigma ~ % irb
+ 320907 [michael.c.li] irb(main):004:0> ?a
  320910 [buzzhill ver] Michael Fellinger

^ [QUIZ] Befunge (#184)
320908 [matt moss.na] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
+ 321031 [matt moss.na] Hopefully the quiz isn't intimidating... It's a fairly simple language
| + 321035 [robert.dober] No but the debugger is so much work, and without the debugger there is
| | + 321036 [matt moss.na] I tend to do (-1 + h) % h when I don't recall a language's particular
| | + 321116 [matt moss.na] Oops, yeah, handling . twice.
| |   + 321119 [matt moss.na] 037+"olleH":#v_@
| |   + 321156 [robert.dober] Oops got , and . mixed up.
| |     321200 [robert.dober] For those who want to play around I have extended Matthew's code with
| |     + 321201 [robert.dober] Update
| |     + 321205 [brabuhr gmai] Cool, I took a quick run at adding these couple of extensions to my
| |       321206 [brabuhr gmai] ...
| |       321473 [matt moss.na] Note that Befunge-93 was revised and extended a bit into Funge 98 (http://quadium.net/funge/spec98.html
| |       321475 [robert.dober] b.com/29673
| + 321089 [brabuhr gmai] My first thought was a big case statement like that, but wanted
| | + 321092 [Rob AgileCon] 1 1 + 2 3 + - .
| | | 321097 [brabuhr gmai] Yeah, that would be part of the entirely untested stuff ;-)
| | | 321114 [matt moss.na] If you're going to fix the arg order of - and /, why wouldn't you do
| | | 321120 [brabuhr gmai] Because I never read the spec?  :-)
| | + 321134 [brabuhr gmai] class Befunge93
| |   321139 [einarmagnus ] charset=US-ASCII;
| + 321150 [frank.fische] This post has not much to do with a solution of the current QUIZ, but some
| + 321232 [frank.fische] Here is one of my (more) obfuscated implementations.  It's built
+ 321204 [adam.shelly ] My program follows. I tried to make it as self-documenting as
+ 321848 [matt moss.na] ====
+ 321877 [michael.c.li] I haven't actually finished a Ruby Quiz since #13. Four years is a

^ Using Hpricot with HTML's
320912 [ukbell gmail] I have been working on this program for class all day and am not getting
320913 [aaron tender] Try using the body method.  post_form returns a response object, and you
+ 320916 [ukbell gmail] Thank you so much!!! I can finally get past that part.
+ 320946 [ukbell gmail] Just to continue along with this same program, I am now trying to change

^ Perl quoting convention that avoids excessive backslashes
320914 [kelly.terry.] $foo = qq%This string has both "quotes" and 'apostrophes'%;
320915 [stefano.croc] %Q["abc 'def]

^ Mechanize and encoding
320917 [mariusth gma] I'm trying to scrape a page that both HTTP-header and the HMTL document
321674 [bordelentout] I have had exactly the same problem and the same question.

^ wish list item: Method#to_proc
320918 [rogerpack200] would this be useful/theoretically possible?
+ 320919 [patnakajima ] Not great, since it relies on Ruby2Ruby, but it worked for what I
+ 320923 [ara.t.howard] class UnboundMethod
  + 320924 [rogerpack200] Cool, though I'll admit I don't understand exactly everything that goes
  + 320926 [patnakajima ] The main issue with this approach is that instances of UnboundMethod
  + 320936 [robert.dober] bind( this ).to_proc
    320956 [ara.t.howard] na, just have to perform the late binding in the caller's stead
    321583 [rogerpack200] Wow that is dang cool.

^ Printing right arrow vs. a sane progressbar library
320920 [ shot hot.pl] I want to track the progress of a set of (forkoff=E2=80=99d) processes in
320922 [Rob AgileCon] status=3D'.'*25; print status; (0...25).sort_by{rand}.each{|n| =20
320957 [ shot hot.pl] [C" * n; print 'o'; sleep 0.5 }; print "\n"
320968 [Rob AgileCon] I took a quick look at the code for forkoff and unless you're =20
320973 [ shot hot.pl] =E2=80=99d

^ offline documentation for ruby
320921 [sumwo yahoo.] Dear all
+ 320932 [shortcutter ] Try setting environment variable PAGER to more, e.g.
+ 321217 [nightphotos ] How did you install Ruby on Windows?

^ getting on the rubyforge announce list
320925 [rogerpack200] how does one get an announcement onto the rubyforge.org home page?  I'm
320950 [TimHunter nc] I just do it old-school, by submitting a News item from my project's

^ [ANN] erbook 5.0.0
320927 [ snk gna.org] erbook : write books and documents in eRuby
320955 [deanwampler ] Interesting. I've been using AsciiDoc for DocBook creation. It's good
320977 [gregory.t.br] Though erbook sounds like a very cool project to watch, AsciiDoc just

^ Can I package a Ruby library?
320930 [youhaodeyi g] I made a Ruby project which includes may Ruby source files. I'd like to
320931 [farrel.lifso] Rubygems are what you're looking for. Check out http://www.rubygems.org

^ How can I set default value for each column in a Database?
320934 [youhaodeyi g] I created a database in my rails project and want to set default value
320937 [b.candler po] Scroll down to "migrations", click "learn more"
320940 [youhaodeyi g] Oh sorry for posting to a wrong forum. Thanks.

^ Ruby and SVG
320935 [Rolf.Kemper ] Dear ALL,
+ 320938 [serabe gmail] Take a look at RMagick and RVG.
+ 320941 [kou cozmixng] In <dbc50453-da74-4c26-bec4-e0c78a3a7231@3g2000yqs.googlegroups.com>
+ 320952 [phlip2005 gm] libxml-ruby is going to handle SVG fine - but low level, without awareness of
| 320958 [Rolf.Kemper ] Philip,
+ 320963 [charles.nutt] JRuby + Batik!

^ Ruby Logo
320942 [fredrikhcs g] I changed the color a bit on the Ruby logo, and I think it looks better
+ 320943 [radek.bulat ] T3JpZ2luYWwgaXMgYmV0dGVyIGZvciBtZSA6KS4KCk9uIFN1biwgTm92IDIzLCAyMDA4IGF0IDEy
+ 320954 [reddvinylene] The trick is to stay the same.
+ 320976 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogRnJlZHJpayBTdGFnbGluZyBbbWFpbHRvOmZyZWRyaWtoY3NAZ21haWwuY29tXSANCiMg
| + 320992 [lloyd 2live4] True.  It should be a ruby coloring.  On the other hand, though the GEM
| | 321015 [eregontp gma] I prefer the original color for the gem, but maybe the background color
| + 321477 [fredrikhcs g] Yes, but rubies aren't only red. They vary in color
+ 321060 [fernandohsan] I think the "Atractive Version" lacks some of the elegance of the

^ Fibers (Ruby 1.9)
320945 [robert.dober] I am just beginning fooling around with Fibers. Than I had this
321014 [robert.dober] Let's say no news is good news, here is the generalization of the inject,

^ Storing Array in Hash
320947 [pluhveso gma] I am having the most insane time with Ruby's Hash class.
+ 320948 [luc honk-hon] Hash#values_at returns an array of the requested values, so in your
| 320951 [pluhveso gma] Oh wow...I've been plugging away at this for 4 hours now and that just
| 320953 [shortcutter ] A good tool to try these things out is irb which comes with your Ruby
+ 320949 [stefano.croc] Try replacing lines like

^ Re: erbook 5.0.0
320960 [Diego.Viraso] I am sorry, I don't want to sound argumentative but when are you going
320965 [ snk gna.org] It depends really, as I have other open source projects to tend to and
320966 [ snk gna.org] Err, my response above seems to imply that because erbook is an open
320995 [ snk gna.org] Yes, AsciiDoc seems to provide a lot of nice time-saving shortcuts[1].
+ 320997 [james graypr] That totally depends on the text editor.  For example, indentation
| 321001 [ snk gna.org] I've happily used indentation-based code folding in Vim and jEdit, so I
+ 321005 [gregory.t.br] Well of course, but I was suggesting something a little more polished

^ Free Girls Pictures,Chinese Girls Pictures,Russia Girls
320962 [yingwen 1dis] Free Girls Pictures,Chinese Girls Pictures,Russia Girls

^ In Depth: attr_reader/writer/accessor
320967 [merlin009_50] Can anyone explain exactly what happens when the interpreter interprets
+ 320969 [mguterl gmai] HTH
| 320971 [gregory.t.br] Not an answer to the OP's question, but...
+ 320978 [dblack rubyp] attr_reader and friends are private instance methods of the class
  320979 [merlin009_50] Not that I don't appreciate the other responses but this is exactly what
  325349 [dblack rubyp] Sorry -- this got lost in the inbox pipeline. I have an answer for

^ Facets Series: Hash#rekey
320970 [transfire gm] With the release of Facets 2.5 coming any day now, I decided it was a
321088 [transfire gm] FYI. There was a problem with my rss feed (the urls were mungled). I

^ Ruby's new website
320980 [reddvinylene] Is it just me, or is Ruby's new website way too much? A jumble of bad
+ 320982 [sepp2k googl] What new website? ruby-lang.org looks the same it always did to me.
| 320984 [robert.dober] Copy that, however there is one suggestion I'd like to make.
+ 320983 [billk cts.co] Are we talking about this site? http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/

^ Problem with sqlite3-ruby
320981 [uzytkownik2 ] % gem install sqlite3-ruby
+ 320987 [chris.lowis ] Is it this issue perhaps ?
| 320988 [radek.bulat ] T24gTW9uLCBOb3YgMjQsIDIwMDggYXQgMTo1NSBQTSwgQ2hyaXMgTG93aXMgPGNocmlzLmxvd2lz
| 320993 [chris.lowis ] Apologies for that, I post through ruby-forum and haven't seen your
+ 320989 [mguterl gmai] Regards,
  321016 [uzytkownik2 ] Thanks.

^ string problem
320985 [ganesh.dc gm] mysql query
+ 320990 [dblack rubyp] You'll probably get more responses to ActiveRecord questions on the
+ 320991 [michal.kurek] test666> arr = %w(a b)

^ Re: [merb] Ruby's new website
320986 [mguterl gmai] A lot of people are going to read the last sentence above and write