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what's easiest way to compare a Float & BigDecimal (i.e. like a equals mechanism)
319770 [greg.hauptma] what's easiest way to compare a Float & BigDecimal (i.e. like a equals
+ 319772 [uzimonkey@gm] f = 0.1
| 319773 [greg.hauptma] that works - but my 6.5 number doesn't work - does the following also
| 319774 [rlp1938@gm i] You can rely on comparing floating point numbers for less than or
+ 319802 [pyeniemi@gm ] On Nov 8, 8:26=A0am, Greg Hauptmann <greg.hauptmann.r...@gmail.com>
| 319807 [greg.hauptma] oh so convert the BigDecimal to a float by multiplying by 1.0 you mean first?
| 319882 [uzimonkey@gm] BigDecimal objects should have a to_f method.  Using that would probably
+ 319923 [mark@th ma z] On Nov 8, 1:26=A0am, Greg Hauptmann <greg.hauptmann.r...@gmail.com>

Building Ruby 1.9.1 pre fails on windows
319776 [kania.oliver] I come to the step where I am told to run nmake.

is there a gem command to open up the rdoc for a particular gem in the default browser at the index page???
319777 [greg.hauptma] Is there a gem command to open up the rdoc for a particular gem in the
319779 [jftran@ru yf] look at the 'gem server' command.
319800 [greg.hauptma] thanks - I was kind of fishing for a lower resource intensive shortcut

Problems installing wordnet 0.0.5 on Ubuntu
319782 [paqs140482@g] ...

How to make REXML respect &nbsp; (in 1.9)
319784 [phlip2005@gm] This fails on the second line...

A bug of the monkey patch for REXML
319791 [shugo@ru y- ] A bug of the monkey patch to fix the DoS vulenerability in REXML has

Ruby Battleship Sparring Tournament
319792 [micah@8t li ] ...

319795 [heartifriend] www.goodplaces4.blogspot.com

FasterCSV joining rows?
319799 [krwindham@gm] I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for
319811 [james@gr yp ] I'll try.

String Problems?
319801 [theshakrah@g] There is probably an easy answer to this, but I need help. Recently I've
+ 319805 [stefano.croc] You aren't using puts, you're using p, which is a different thing. puts calls
+ 319808 [sepp2k@go gl] It seems to me that the problem you're having is that whenever you're using
  319810 [theshakrah@g] Thank you so much! It works now. :D

Newbie install problem
319803 [terry@cn su ] Could somene take a moment and translate this into English for me?
319809 [krwindham@gm] rmagick has a ton of prerequisites.
319814 [terry@cn su ] zlib and zlib-devel are installed (from yum). Supposedly ruby has zlib
319818 [krwindham@gm] Ruby-zlib should be built into Ruby 1.8

Transliteration problems
319812 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear all,
319815 [ jupp@gm .d ] It seems as if either your system is broken or the file is not in ISO
319824 [henrik@ny .s] See if http://groups.google.com/group/ruby-talk-google/browse_thread/thread/96c75d3587012556

Memory implications for persistent Proc objects
319813 [farrel.lifso] What are the memory implications for keeping a Proc/closure around
319823 [b.candler@po] big_object may exist in the environment of my_proc, but it's the *same*

319816 [noahsboat2@g] SAFER THAN MAIL $$ THIS SYSTEM TRULY WORKS $$
319848 [theshakrah@g] STOP SPAMMING.

[ANN] CGIAlt 1.0.0 released - re-implementation of cgi.rb
319819 [kwatch@gm il] I have released CGIAlt 1.0.0.

Can't install libxml-ruby
319820 [olsen.chris@] I was getting errors thrown for the libxml-ruby lib when updating my

[ANN] test-unit 2.0.1 Released
319821 [kou@co mi ng] test-unit version 2.0.1 has been released!

Online Jobs
319825 [victoriaerod] Click the website and click the inside image. Enjoy.

Need help finding a pithy corouting example
319827 [dave@pr gp o] I'm looking for a concise but interesting example of corotuines to
319832 [kinch1967@gm] =A0
319833 [dave@pr gp o] I should have said: I saw those, but I was looking for something a

Tar Libs
319834 [transfire@gm] What's the state of tar libraries for Ruby?
319844 [perfectly.no] archive-tar-minitar worked for me.

Moving large amount of files, 1.750.000+
319835 [abeansits@gm] I'm trying to impress my boss and co-workers with Ruby so we
319837 [shortcutter@] Sorry to disappoint you but this amount of copying won't be really fast
+ 319839 [rhkramer@gm ] fast
| + 319850 [rhkramer@gm ] from the CLI (as Robert suggested)--no need to involve any programming
| | 319886 [abeansits@gm] Your probably right, I will start the job on a friday evening and let it
| | 319887 [saji@ap c2 .] This may be a naive suggestion. It may be worthwhile to see if there
| | + 319897 [jan.svitok@g] I guess Ara Howard's threadify
| | | 319905 [abeansits@gm] Thats what I though to. Thanks for confirming this.
| | + 319906 [abeansits@gm] Thanks for your input. I the time wont go down any more I will
| + 319885 [abeansits@gm] Thank you as well Kramer! I will try to clarify...
+ 319884 [abeansits@gm] First of all, thanks for your quick answer!
  319899 [shortcutter@] The command above works on a cygwin shell. Alternatively you can use
  319904 [abeansits@gm] Ok great tip. Will keep it as a backup plan.
  319919 [shortcutter@] xcopy writes all filenames to the console. You can easily redirect
  319930 [s.korteling@] xcopy has (or used to have) problems with long pathnames. Microsoft

[ANN] shared-0.4.2
319840 [ara.t.howard] NAME
319845 [vjoel@pa h. ] shared and enjoyed ;)

Require and symbolic links
319841 [user@do ai .] get ruby interpretor launched automagically.
319846 [perfectly.no] You could try to construct the "real" path with the help of
319913 [user@do ai .] Thanks, I'll give File.readlink a look - You're right about using an
319928 [martindemell] There are projects like hoe that automate the creation of a gem for

changing the value of a hash
319843 [jfferriere@g] I have an active record object collection. I want to change the value of
319853 [b.candler@po] h = s.attributes

Formatting Ruby Text?
319847 [theshakrah@g] using the string literals like \n or \t? For example, can you make text
319855 [apeiros@gm .] Not sure I understand your question correctly. If you mean the

Re: shared-0.4.2
319849 [apeiros@gm .] Thanks a lot for sharing another of your fine libraries :)
+ 319851 [ara.t.howard] well, for starters it *is* based on modules ;-)  the striking
| 319854 [apeiros@gm .] module SharedBeforeFilters
| 319859 [ara.t.howard] what you are missing is that you are good @ ruby ;-)
| 319860 [apeiros@gm .] Add the global methods to Kernel instead of Object (as they are, as I
| 319862 [ara.t.howard] both good ideas.  done.
+ 319852 [ara.t.howard] one last thing - shared.rb is only 44 lines of code so i really don't

design advice for newbie
319856 [goetz.john@g] I have a typical class called Users. Each user has a Role (one of
+ 319879 [caduceass@gm] This question probably belongs in the Rails list/group.
| 319914 [goetz.john@g] You are absolutely right...sorry for the 'mispost'.
+ 319888 [b.candler@po] This sounds fine to me, but for an alternative approach you could
  319916 [goetz.john@g] Thanks, Brian, for the direction. With Todd's advice also, I will

Notepad++ (no debug output, using XP)
319861 [asm.sol@ex i] Notepad++ seems to be a great editor for Ruby, in XP Windows.  However,

Macruby next to Ruby
319863 [pal@pa be gs] I want to try MacRuby. Can I install that next to Ruby installed by
319864 [kirbykirbyki] You can, everything from MacRuby is self-contained in
319865 [pal@pa be gs] Great :-)

Re: question about text_field tag for collect
319866 [wangshoutao@] Nobody has the same problems or I did not describe it clearly?
319869 [thehcdreamer] ...

mechanize 'stop button'
319867 [brian@tr sf ] def get_page

Paperclip plugin changing original image extension
319870 [slythic@gm i] I got what I assume is a pretty simple question.
319872 [slythic@gm i] I decided to just add a maximum image file size for the original image.

about regexp...
319873 [kdream95@gm ] => "aaax.upcasecc"  # I expect 'aaaXcc'
+ 319874 [botp@de mo t] # >> "aaabbxccc".sub(/bb(.)c/, "\\1.upcase")
+ 319875 [vjoel@pa h. ] => "aaaXcc"

how to find self class name inside self difinition  ?
319876 [thaniyarasu@] module Aa
+ 319877 [ shot@ho .p ] (This is correct; the object =E2=80=98Aa::Name=E2=80=99 is of class =E2=80=
| 319889 [thaniyarasu@] Thanks
+ 319878 [apeiros@gm .] Just drop the .class part.
+ 319891 [xue19840909@] module Aa
+ 319894 [steve.6qa8e@] module Aa
  319901 [shortcutter@] That would be my advice as well.  Note also that Module#to_s is an

please resubmit (old) outstanding core bugs to redmine
319881 [rogerpack200] As a note in case I missed sending one previously, if you have any

319890 [hjrocha@gm i] ...

The London Fetish Week Survival Guide for North Americans
319892 [fernandena@g] Magazine BDSM http://magazin.byethost2.com Hands-down, London has some

Watir: links with similar text in a page. How to access?
319893 [mbaruah@sp k] I need Help!
+ 319895 [shourya.sarc] Maybe if you send the HTML, more people can help.=20
| 319896 [mbaruah@sp k] Attaching the portion of HTML that concerns. As described, I need to
| 319909 [shourya.sarc] =20
+ 319918 [bret@pe ti h] ...
  319970 [mbaruah@sp k] Thanks Bret, that worked and I was looking for that exactly.

problem with ssh -> authentication failed
319898 [w.kamienieck] require 'rubygems'
319900 [b.candler@po] I apologise for stating the obvious, but it looks like a wrong username

Problem with object methods?
319902 [theshakrah@g] I recently made an object for a game I'm making. It uses the constructor
319908 [hgs@dm .a .u] You mean that it has an initialize method, and you called new on the
319911 [theshakrah@g] Okay, I made an example.
319917 [hgs@dm .a .u] I suggest you change it like this to see what is going on.
319929 [theshakrah@g] I made all the changes to the test app and ran it, and here's what it
+ 319931 [dblack@ru yp] I'm confused as between 'text' and 'test' in your example. Can you
| 319932 [theshakrah@g] puts "before class : #{self.inspect}"
| 319933 [dblack@ru yp] The test method you're calling at the end is a pre-defined, private
| 319934 [theshakrah@g] All I want is to be able to call upon other methods besides the
| 319935 [dblack@ru yp] Whoops, my last answer was partly wrong, because I misread firstClass
+ 319941 [hgs@dm .a .u] My mistake: I misread your method name as test when it is text.
  319942 [theshakrah@g] class FirstClass
  319945 [s.korteling@] class FirstClass
  + 319946 [hgs@dm .a .u] The reason this won't work is because this variable is not in scope
  + 319948 [theshakrah@g] MY GOD.
    319984 [hgs@dm .a .u] We'd really need to see the code to debug this kind of thing.

Passing array instead of individual parameters?
319903 [stefan.kruge] [New to this fine language, from a Perl background]
+ 319907 [matt@mo s. a] myroutine(*myparamlist)
+ 319910 [stefano.croc] myroutine(*myparamlist)

[ANN] TONIGHT  November Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting
319915 [james.britt@] November Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting

gem mirrors down?
319921 [mark@th ma z] There seem to be some gem mirrors down right now. One example is
319960 [tom@in oe he] Is that URL not responding for you?
320078 [mark@th ma z] It is, so I guess my test was faulty. I assumed the indexes were

How to build a program with command-line interface and autocompletion  support?
319924 [Kirill.Ishan] Is there any analog of Cmd.cmd in Python which helps to build CLI
319927 [ara.t.howard] gem install highline

Look up objects by object_id
319937 [exiquio@gm i] So ruby objects have an object_id. What is the intended purpose of
+ 319939 [shortcutter@] robert
+ 319940 [b.candler@po] The object_id is an encoded version of the object reference and class.
  319943 [exiquio@gm i] thanks for the help

ruby 1.9.1 without native threads?
319938 [thomas.mackl] I downloaded ruby 1.9.1-preview1 and ran ./configure --enable-
319971 [rogerpack200] looks like either a bug in the build or a dependency miniprelude has

Trouble with a dropdown menu on a web page (Watir?)
319944 [chutenro@gm ] I'm trying to select two items in two dropdown menus that are

Comparing variable to multiple values
319949 [russianbandi] if a == "word1" || a == "word2" or || a == "word3"
+ 319950 [alex@de et m] if ["word1", "word2", "word3"].include?(a)
+ 319951 [keeperotphon] ...
+ 319952 [lojicdotcom@] I realize that you probably want a more general solution (which others
| 319974 [shortcutter@] You forgot the anchors.  Your regexp will also match "fooword1bar" which
| + 319976 [s.korteling@] Is this a bug?
| | 319977 [botp@de mo t] # puts "good" if ("word1".."word3").include?("word1bar")
| + 320016 [lojicdotcom@] Interesting - I wouldn't think there would be a difference, but I just
+ 319954 [botp@de mo t] # if a == "word1" || a == "word2" or || a == "word3"

Help me understand this
319953 [elpeeo@ya oo] I have my own theory, but I haven't seen the implementation yet. Or
319955 [botp@de mo t] #...
319956 [elpeeo@ya oo] Thank You !!!!

CGI::Session Problem
319957 [adamhurlburt] I am creating my own random 16 digit session_id and am passing the id

RubyForge upgrading to Subversion 1.5
319959 [tom@in oe he] I'm upgrading RubyForge from Subversion 1.4 to 1.5 this evening.  With

What is that method called?
319981 [davidtrasbo@] Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Pellentesque
+ 319985 [no.spam@pl a] There's no such method in Ruby. You might be thinking of the
+ 319986 [peter@ru yr ] I seriously doubt this is part of standard Ruby.
+ 319987 [mikepaul@sa ] truncate(string, n) where string is the string to be shortened and n is the
  319990 [davidtrasbo@] truncate is what it's called. I was actually searching for 'rails
  319992 [justincollin] ...
  + 319993 [ shot@ho .p ] lit.=20
  | 320008 [nejnejnej@gm] perhaps this works?
  | 320018 [lojicdotcom@] It is nicer to break at word boundaries in some contexts. But if it's
  | 320052 [nejnejnej@gm] if shorttext.empty?
  | 320104 [lojicdotcom@] That fixes the problem of showing only '...', but now 'puts
  + 320017 [lojicdotcom@] In general, for input strings less than the limit, you wouldn't want "..."

testing for ruby 1.9 in extension code
319996 [alex@de et m] In C extension code, what's the canonical way to test whether the ruby
320015 [daniel.schoe] Have you looked at version.h?
320019 [alex@de et m] Thanks, this looked perfect. I wondered why my 'grep VERSION
320080 [robert.dober] May I suggest a different approach, with the fast evolution of Ruby I

How to optimize my ruby code
319997 [sumwo@ya oo ] I am writing a script to get the process image in unix through ssh, then
319999 [b.candler@po] This is fine since you use idx later on to skip the first line, although
320005 [sumwo@ya oo ] Thank you for your clear explanation. I think I learned a great lesson.

TATFT -- The Movie
319998 [bryanliles@g] If someone asked you what you thought about the state of testing in

Re: implementing mvc - using observer pattern - beginner to
320001 [b.candler@po] In a typical MVC, the model would be a class which represents the task,
320006 [adamtemporar] Thank you Brian and Hugh for your help. Ive got a much clearer picture

Ruby Compilation
320002 [rejikumarrv@] I am compiling Ruby on IBM AIX Version of Ruby is 1.8.6. I
+ 320004 [rejikumarrv@] One more thing, ruby or thread.so doesn't have any unresolved
+ 320277 [rubisher@sc ] Don't you try the pakage available at

using regular expressions...
320003 [geekprogramm] require 'open-uri'
320007 [peter@ru yr ] def scrape_case(a_line)

about instance_eval
320010 [kdream95@gm ] class A
320013 [mike.gold.44] A.instance_eval { foo }  # => "I don't know why!!"

Using gnuplot to plot large data set under Windows XP
320012 [aarmbruster@] I've been using gnuplot for the last little while to plot data and I

Re: Notepad++ (any Ruby config?)
320020 [asm.sol@ex i] Is anyone aware of a prepared Ruby-Notepad++ configuration?
320058 [mark@th ma z] Would you consider a better Ruby editor, such as Komodo Edit?
320650 [asm.sol@ex i] Yes, Komodo looks fine, however, it's config seems to have required some
320659 [mark@th ma z] Komodo IDE (as opposed to Edit) comes out of the box with debugging
+ 320692 [mark@th ma z] You may also want to try Ruby in Steel. I haven't tried it (I require
| 320693 [david_v_wrig] I haven't used Notepad++, however here are some other free alternatives.
| 320706 [asm.sol@ex i] Thanks to all of you!  Free, is not critical.  I'll continue the
+ 320711 [asm.sol@ex i] Yes, Komodo IDE (trial version) works fine.  Takes long to boot up, long
  320754 [jcastelain@g] To be honest I can't find better than gvim
  + 320836 [lucevers@gm ] ...
  | 320897 [sgwong513@ho] Netbeans with jvi plugin is the best. However, I miss gvim theme and its
  + 320898 [robert.dober] ...

Need script for the following problem
320023 [sitaramiredd] ...
+ 320046 [jgabrielygal] Take a look at mechanize, or search the archives or google for "web scraping".
| 320049 [shortcutter@] ing".
+ 320961 [tom@to mo ri] That's a particularly efficient way of doing it. Google actually has an
+ 320964 [tom@to mo ri] That's a particularly inefficient way of doing it. Google actually has an