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^ Stylesheet not honored; directory access thwarted
319548 [RichardDummy] I intend to import CVS data from user-selected files a sub-directory
319549 [hassan.schro] An anchor is not a block element, hence is only as wide as its content.
319567 [RichardDummy] On Nov 5, 4:14=A0pm, Hassan Schroeder <hassan.schroe...@gmail.com>

^ Shoes shape location
319554 [williams.jay] In Shoes, how do I get the current location of a shape in a window.

^ is a "?" at end of method name only for boolean result?
319558 [greg.hauptma] when should I use ? at the end of a method name?.  for queries that
+ 319561 [TimHunter nc] By convention the ? suffix is reserved for methods that return a boolean
| 319568 [kbloom gmail] The defined? operater breaks that convention. It returns nil if the name
+ 319566 [matz ruby-la] By convention, they are predicates, which means the return value can
+ 319664 [uzimonkey gm] Is the method asking a question or query?  By the convention, the method

^ Garbage collector segmentation fault
319560 [henke mac.se] I get this every now and then when running some ruby / c++ methods from
+ 319563 [rogerpack200] Was this in an embedded environment? What version of ruby? Is it
| 319584 [henke mac.se] It is always hard to reproduce a bug in garbage collector as it is
| 319627 [rogerpack200] that's tough :)
| 322171 [rogerpack200] Yeah the backtrace doesn't look too suspicious.  A reproducible test
+ 319639 [b.candler po] What do you mean by "ruby / c++ methods"? Have you written your own
+ 323283 [rogerpack200] Check http://www.ruby-forum.com/topic/170608#new it has some recent GC
  323286 [henke mac.se] I'll see if I can try this out. The wrapper code is made with Swig so it

^ Re: ParseTree 3.0.2 Released
319562 [rogerpack200] Thanks for doing that.

^ method names-how to indicate get vs set type of method?
319571 [greg.hauptma] What is the naming convention for method names to clarify whether its
319572 [ymendel pobo] On Nov 5, 9:07=A0pm, "Greg Hauptmann" <greg.hauptmann.r...@gmail.com>

^ [ANN/ADV] Ruby Best Practices (O'Reilly) now a Rough Cut
319574 [gregory.t.br] Since RubyConf is a great time for announcements, I've got one I'd

^ how to quickly find a string towards the end of a large io object
319576 [jtprince gma] How do I scan starting at the end of a big io object to find a string
+ 319577 [ara.t.howard] binary search using seek.  in all honestly though, it'd have to be
| 319578 [sepp2k googl] He didn't say his data was sorted, did he?
+ 319590 [shortcutter ] What is a "massive IO object"?  Are we talking about a large file?  A
+ 319591 [lloyd 2live4] They are correct that more info is needed.  If it is just a huge amount
  319595 [hgs dmu.ac.u] * Will be big string be kept for some time?
  319610 [jtprince gma] I really appreciate all the comments.  They are very helpful.  I
  + 319616 [jtprince gma] Here's roughly what I'm using right now (sort of an amalgamation of
  | + 319619 [ara.t.howard] def tail_search io, re, options = {}
  | + 319623 [ara.t.howard] this one never reads more than pagesize into memory and deals with the
  + 319621 [shortcutter ] def get_param(file_name)
  + 319714 [hgs dmu.ac.u] You can do that with read.

^ DRb + SSH
319581 [saji apcc21.] Dear Gurus,
+ 319605 [ara.t.howard] a @ http://codeforpeople.com/
| 319654 [saji apcc21.] Thanks for the suggestion. However, I thought that was for
| 319716 [ara.t.howard] you cannot.  you can't tunnel drb over a single connection - every drb
| 319717 [b.candler po] ssh lets you set up port forwarding in both directions. It works fine,
| + 319722 [ara.t.howard] i don't *think* that's true.  certain operations in drb will cause a
| + 319724 [ara.t.howard] yeah looks like i might eat my words - hadn't played with that in a
+ 319640 [b.candler po] Google "DRbTutorial". This was hosted on the rubygarden wiki which has
  319656 [saji apcc21.] Thanks very much. I have been googleing to no avail. Yes, there are pointers
  + 319672 [b.candler po] Enter the URL into the Wayback Machine at www.archive.org
  | 319678 [saji apcc21.] Thanks a lot. I appreciate it.
  + 319721 [robert.dober] ers

^ New Version of IBM_DB Rails Adapter/Driver for IBM DataServers now  available
319582 [praveendevar] New version of IBM_DB (1.0.0) is now available. Visit the site

^ Redefine while
319598 [esandin gmai] while loop. In my unit test it always evaluates to false (which is
+ 319599 [mguterl gmai] The problem is that while is not a method in ruby but a keyword [reserved word].
+ 319600 [jameskilton ] Not possible. 'while' is a keyword, not a method.
| 319601 [esandin gmai] Too bad. I thought you could do anything with ruby ;)
| 319617 [pjb informat] No.  You'd need a non-broken lisp to do that.
| + 319658 [w_a_x_man ya] ...
| | 319661 [w_a_x_man ya] ...
| + 319715 [kkylheku gma] ...
+ 319602 [brabuhr gmai] As others already noted, while is a keyword not a method.  But
  319603 [esandin gmai] A good idea, but isn't working in my case. If I mock the condition I
  319647 [shortcutter ] I find your approach suspicious: you write a class with a method whose
  319679 [esandin gmai] That is probably a good idea.

^ Very basic newb Rake question
319607 [kenneth.m.mc] I have a rakefile that was created automatically by NetBeans, and want
319608 [sandor.szuec] # This will list you all commands which the Rakefile in ./ know

^ [ANN] change_class 1.0.0 Released
319612 [ryand-ruby z] change_class version 1.0.0 has been released!

^ Data output
319618 [stuart.clark] I am processing data from an array which basically involves me searching
+ 319630 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Stuart,
+ 319683 [jgabrielygal] This is how I'd do it: first build an histogram of the data. In this case

^ Finding gaps in a sorted sequence
319622 [phodgson lyr] Given a sorted enumeration I need to find the first gap in a sequence.
+ 319624 [brabuhr gmai] $ cat bar.rb
+ 319636 [s.korteling ] The following does not quite meet your specs (it returns an array with
| 319645 [markjreed gm] PH =3D Pete Hodgson
+ 319662 [lojicdotcom ] I think your version is pretty readable. However, it appears you do
+ 319667 [martindemell] irb(main):001:0> g = [1,2,3,5,6,8,9,10]
| 319671 [lojicdotcom ] Beautiful. Excellent use of inject :) I would've thought this would be
| 319720 [robert.dober] Well not quite, it does not return nil if there is no gap, one has to
| 319752 [lojicdotcom ] D'oh! I missed that. Ok, I guess I like my version best again then :)
+ 319669 [suninny gmai] ...

^ Array.include? issue
319629 [jrb562 drexe] I have the following method defined within a class.
319638 [b.candler po] How did you print it? If it were me I'd add
319674 [b.candler po] Oops, add .inspect at the end of the second line.

^ [ANN] flay 1.0.0 Released
319634 [ryand-ruby z] flay version 1.0.0 has been released!

^ Creating object from hash
319635 [ruby gmail.c] class Computer
+ 319644 [stephen.celi] Just wondering if you've looked at OpenStruct?
+ 319648 [shortcutter ] irb(main):001:0> Comp = Struct.new :id do
  319649 [ara.t.howard] and even easier with fattr

^ FasterCVS Question/Problem
319641 [emarthinsen ] I'm using FasterCSV to export order records for our fulfillment partner.
319642 [james graypr] Howdy.
319741 [emarthinsen ] Thanks for your reply (and the great library). It turns out this one was
319742 [james graypr] I'm glad to hear that you got it figured out.  Good luck with the

^ [ANN] Prawn Hackfest Day 1 of 2 @ RubyConf
319643 [gregory.t.br] Tonight will mark the first of a two night hackfest on Prawn[0], the

^ Partial Read From URL
319650 [curi curi.us] Can anyone see a problem with this code to read only 20k from a URL? The
+ 319651 [ara.t.howard] maybe try
| 319652 [curi curi.us] I did try that, but it downloads the entire file in my tests. I tried it
+ 319657 [uzimonkey gm] You can try using the Range header in HTTP.  Not all servers have it

^ Ugh!  gem update -system broke something
319655 [cschaller gm] I ran gem update -system to upgrade from 0.9.4 on a Linux machine and
319691 [cschaller gm] The problem turned out to be that the update reinstalled gems in a
323780 [giuseppe.ber] I seem to have stumbled into the same problem.

^ Ruby Installation
319659 [sirishkumar ] I am trying to install ruby on my XP machine, but I get the error
+ 319673 [b.candler po] Then almost certainly the file is corrupted or incomplete, just as it
| 319685 [sirishkumar ] I haved tested for checksum using md5 utility available in Cygwin, md5
+ 319675 [shourya.sarc] =20
+ 319731 [uzimonkey gm] This visual tutorial might be of interest to you.

^ how can i get the text of entry in TK?
319666 [fzzqd hotmai] I want to get  the text of entry in TK,when run the script,I input
319732 [uzimonkey gm] Here is a working example.

^ (none)
319670 [suninny gmai] ...

^ segmentation fault with ld-2.6.so
319676 [mjbjr sbcglo] Suddenly, all my ruby apps, even the most basic, are seg faulting.
319747 [rogerpack200] did you build from source? have you tried 1.8.6?
319764 [rogerpack200] glad you figured it out.

^ Unix Sockets SOCK_DGRAM
319680 [david.franci] THis is my first post so I hope I do not break any rule with it.
319711 [mail msryan.] On Nov 7, 9:32 am, David Rodriguez
319718 [david.franci] Mark

^ What are you suggestions for raising exceptions
319682 [donn cmscms.] def FLIO.display_error(clss,err)
319687 [shortcutter ] ln should be a frozen constant - this is much more efficient.

^ asian lady hairy amateur
319684 [mnhx112 gmai] ebony beauty

^ Tips for Ruby Sprint
319686 [ehames gmail] In a couple of weeks I'll be leading a course on Ruby in my company.
+ 319690 [james graypr] I don't have a lot of experience, but I've been involved with a couple
| 319817 [robert.dober] if
+ 319765 [rr3800 gmail] ...

^ array.equal?
319688 [nickbh weass] I am not sure where to ask this, but someone after reading this can tell
+ 319692 [shortcutter ] 1. What conclusions did you draw from your test results?
| + 319697 [nickbh weass] Since I went through the documentation for the Array.  equal? method
| | 319704 [sepp2k googl] Wtf? [].methods lists equal? because equal? is defined by Object and is as
| | 319705 [nickbh weass] You gotta chill, I am trying to use a language -- not get anyone riled
| | 319707 [sepp2k googl] I am chilled. My "wtf" was an expression of confusion, not anger or "riled
| | 319709 [nickbh weass] We're cool -- have a wonderful day
| + 319700 [lloyd 2live4] Nicely done, Robert!
+ 319693 [sepp2k googl] 1. Where exactly is it listed? It's not listed in the docs for Array.
| 319701 [nickbh weass] you are correct to say that equal? is not in the Array docs.  However,
| 319703 [nickbh weass] I did find the reference page that you probably used to explain.  I got
+ 319734 [uzimonkey gm] The equal? method comes from the Object class.  The equal? method will
  319735 [sepp2k googl] Not on Array, it's not. Array#eql? behaves like Array#==, not like
  319780 [shortcutter ] The statement isn't true even in the _general case_: eql? and ==

^ named scope lambda string substitution problem
319696 [jdwyah gmail] Sorry for a cross post with rails, but I think this may be more of a
319719 [b.candler po] It's clearly not a syntax error. Post the *exact* exception report you
319738 [jdwyah gmail] Hey Brian,
+ 319749 [mikael hoilu] foo :bar {} # doesn't work.
+ 319750 [mikael hoilu] foo :bar {} # doesn't work.
  319797 [jdwyah gmail] ah! right you are. that solves the problem. That does seem like a
  319798 [mikael hoilu] Sorry about the double post earlier (and lack of special characters), =20=

^ Rails book wanted for non Ruby programmer
319698 [ang.usenet g] ...
+ 319706 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Searching www.amazon.co.uk for "rails php" (without the quotation
| 319710 [ang.usenet g] ...
| + 319712 [dbw aber.ac.] What programming experience do you have?=20
| + 319736 [rupert rupes] I started off with the Pragmatic Programmers "Agile Web Development
|   319739 [mike stok.ca] David Black's "Ruby for Rails" is a good way for people developing
|   319822 [uzimonkey gm] ...
+ 319733 [uzimonkey gm] This is probably a bad idea.  Rails is written in Ruby.  Rails uses many
+ 319858 [goetz.john g] Along with Rupert I also recommend The Pragmatic Programmers Agile Web
  319979 [yaserbuntu g] ...

^ [QUIZ] Sudoku Generator (#182)
319702 [matt moss.na] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
319926 [matt moss.na] If the requirement to create puzzles of specified difficulty (or
319965 [brabuhr gmai] I haven't take the time to look at difficulty level, but have a very
+ 319966 [brabuhr gmai] that might make the puzzles slightly more interesting :-)
+ 319968 [brabuhr gmai] 64.times{puzzle[rand(81)] = 0}
+ 319975 [kkylheku gma] ...
  320011 [brabuhr gmai] Yes, that was my next step, but I never got around to it this past
  320035 [kkylheku gma] ...
  + 320037 [matt moss.na] That alone does not a Sudoku make. Unless you've got some other
  | 320061 [marcelo.maga] I think Kaz meant that you can do without the ugly "pick a
  + 320072 [brabuhr gmai] No, it's not difficult at all.  (But maybe less fun ;-)  Doesn't Ruby

^ Re: Array variable.
319713 [lojicdotcom ] You've left out some important info, but aren't you assigning the same
+ 319958 [overlord gmx] Actually Ruby and C do the same thing here: Assign whatever Array.new
+ 320025 [cbciv yahoo.] It's not a difference in syntax, but a difference in how variables are

^ MountainWest RubyConf 2009 CFP
319726 [pat.eyler gm] Yes, it's that time again.  We're gearing up for the best MWRC ever, and

^ How do I find the location of an element in Shoes
319729 [williams.jay] How do I find the location of an element in Shoes

^ How to sort relevance of query terms?
319730 [tefflox gmai] The first three lines are representative of the problem I face.  You see

^ About Native geocoder
319737 [paqs140482 g] ...

^ Parsing HTML using regexes and arrays.
319743 [geekprogramm] I have a nice little regex to pull the information rich guts from a
319755 [michael.c.li] If you have a string with a repeating pattern that you want an array

^ *** Amazing Bra Deflects Gunshot ****
319744 [rapidsharebo] Bra Saves womans life as deflects bullet !!!!

^ *** Amazing Bra Deflects Gunshot ****
319745 [rapidsharebo] Bra Saves womans life as deflects bullet !!!!
319785 [ptmcnally go] I usually ignore spam but this just made me laugh!
319787 [futureshockx] Well laughter IS medicine for the sole.
+ 319788 [thomasmallen] Hell, that's not spam, that's amazing. Sign me up!
+ 319789 [deetritus ga] Would that be "sole" as in fish, feet or footwear?
  319790 [keeperotphon] ...

^ Problem with "gem cleanup" on OS X 10.5
319748 [kenneth.m.mc] When I try to execute 'sudo gem cleanup' on OS X 10.5, I get the
+ 320009 [dru.reeve gm] On Nov 7, 9:27=A0pm, Kenneth McDonald <kenneth.m.mcdon...@sbcglobal.net>
| 322158 [cdubd10 gmai] I am also having exactly the same problem. No solution yet.
| 322303 [ryand-ruby z] the solution is to ignore it. those gems are installed by apple as
| 322304 [patrick.benn] That doesn't work though.  You can't ignore it - gem cleanup aborts as
| 322332 [ryand-ruby z] ah crap.
+ 323749 [charles.john] You can search for the offending gem with

^ How can I use hpricot with proxy and provide username info?
319753 [cschaller gm] I am using hpricot, but I want to send this through a proxy server.

^ is this a bug?
319758 [rogerpack200] works in linux...
319972 [rogerpack200] To answer my own question, turns out that file descriptors don't "do"

^ [ANN] un 1.0.0 Released
319760 [ryand-ruby z] un version 1.0.0 has been released!
+ 319771 [ara.t.howard] ruh-roh!
| 319804 [ryand-ruby z] gah. I forgot about it... I doubt much of anyone uses the stdlib
+ 319796 [matz ruby-la] Ah, did you know we have a library file un.rb in the standard
  319806 [ryand-ruby z] I did at one point, but I forgot. Given that it requires an explicit

^ rubyscript2exe (sorry, I know) gem won't work at all for me
319761 [chutenro gma] I'm on a Windows 2k3 machine with new (as of maybe 2 days ago)
319762 [higgs.bozo g] I had the same problem.  It works with one-click installer
319767 [chutenro gma] Perfect.  Thanks a million, man.

^ Re: segmentation fault with ld-2.6.so [SOLVED]
319763 [mjbjr sbcglo] Thank you for your response.

^ Re: un 1.0.0 Released
319766 [transfire gm] Why another when we already have Mixology and Mixco?
319783 [ryand-ruby z] oh... the irony...
319828 [transfire gm] If you want to ask me about a project of mine, feel free. But I'm

^ implementing mvc - using observer pattern - beginner to OOP
319769 [adamtemporar] to get better at OOP. I decided to use a flat file db gem called
+ 319781 [jftran rubyf] You should try SimpleConsole,
+ 319794 [hutch-lists ] This is pretty much what MVC tries to deal with. There are variations  on MVC as well.
  319983 [adamtemporar] overkill for what im doing and probably stretching my abilities too far
  319989 [hgs dmu.ac.u] It only needs to be a really simple controller.
  319994 [adamtemporar] Thank you so much for your help clearing that up. Im much closer to
  + 319995 [adamtemporar] Fogot the
  + 320000 [hgs dmu.ac.u] ...