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^ Re: [OT] Re: zip on Linux (or any other *nix)
31950 [mps discomsy] Alright, I just had to respond to this and correct a misconception or
31969 [niklas kagi.] This is a common misconception, but with modern cryptosystems including
32054 [eric badtux.] True. No compression algorithm can compress random data, and the

^ [ANN] RubyGarden RDF feeds available
31952 [Dave Pragmat] RubyGarden now has a set of four RDF feeds, covering the log itself,

^ A couple of issues with the new Windows installer
31959 [ptkwt shell1] I downloaded the ruby165-2.exe which uses the nullsoft installer instead
31960 [gnhurst hurs] I installed this in Win98 a couple days ago and did not have this
+ 31963 [ptkwt shell1] I do too.  Primarily because I discovered that an extension .dll that I
+ 31973 [Stephan.Kaem] Having run the installer on a Win2K box before I knew it askaed for an
| 31993 [andy toolshe] That seems to be a known problem on Win98.  But then, there seem to
| 31997 [ jimm io.com] Then I want your system! It took *forever* to install on my Win98 machine.
| 32017 [andy toolshe] Oh, just a run of the mill 1.2Ghz laptop...
| 32024 [Dave Pragmat] I suspect the difference is the operating system, not the box. All
| + 32038 [andy toolshe] But not all Win98 users have this problem, thus my
| | 32062 [nhodgson big] Windows 98 has some bad slowdowns with particular forms of path. IIRC,
| + 32065 [mkelly2002NO] It might have something to do with resources on Win9x.  I have
|   32087 [andy toolshe] Well that's an easy option to turn off -- or make optional.
|   32116 [Stephan.Kaem] Now, that list isn't necessary. On some michines running Win98 (eg. my box
|   32163 [mkelly2002NO] If that's the case then it's probably a swapping issue or something
+ 32064 [mkelly2002NO] I had the exact same issue on Win98 2nd edition install.

^ Re: druby versions (FYI)
31965 [ptkwt shell1] Which explains why it didn't work.

^ [OT] Re: [ANN] Devel::Logger -- Lightweight logging utility.
31975 [niklas kagi.] A 'meme' is a thought pattern, an idea that has the capability of
31978 [feldt ce.cha] I think Richard Dawkins was first, in his book "The Selfish Gene" from

^ [OT & long] Re: GUI APIs
31990 [x ichimunki.] Please save the Micros~1 bashing for when it's important. They didn't
+ 31998 [alwagner uar] It is extremely rude to extract a quote out of context with no
| 32074 [x ichimunki.] Please accept my apologies, it was completely unintentional. I will be
+ 32019 [ser germane-] Windows, and Windows users, didn't invent parasitism.  Rather, you could
  + 32035 [tobiasreif p] I see your point, but I think it's more than possible to write free
  + 32058 [hal9000 hype] Hal Fulton
  + 32075 [alwagner uar] No, but they carried it to new heights with court certified
    32117 [tobiasreif p] OK. By now, we all know your opinion. thoroughly. No doubt left.

^ Windows Installer Vote Results
31991 [andy toolshe] Thanks to everyone who participated in the vote for
32042 [ljohnson res] Andy,

^ swapping arrays
31996 [monnier inf.] I've tried to comput a half array of n*(n-1) of reals
32005 [matju sympat] I guess your matrix takes 55 megs of ram ?
32010 [monnier inf.] I've tried once it was going up to 240 megs then back to 200, but it

^ Re: ruby 2.0; rubicon
31999 [matju sympat] I see. Then .granularity= can't be done. But #max_stack_size= would have
+ 32007 [matz ruby-la] Let me add this to the "request for Rite".
+ 32076 [chr_news gmx] You can you use them to distinguish constants defined in different
  + 32077 [chr_news gmx] ops;-))                       # => B,D.E,F
  + 32153 [matju sympat] oh, then that's: (Module.nesting[0] || ::Object).constants
    32220 [chr_news gmx] No it is the union of constants for all scopes in Module.nesting.
    32293 [decoux moulo] remove the line with include and you'll have the same problem
    32341 [chr_news gmx] True so my example was flawed  - you need to change the line
    + 32375 [decoux moulo] You just need to write
    | 32383 [chr_news gmx] I guess my point was that this particular loop was created by the include
    + 32385 [matz ruby-la] Yes.  Cyclic mix-in will be prohibited in the next release.

^ Windows ruby(cygwin version) Command Expansion Problem
32003 [yuns us.ibm.] I posted the same question last night but for some reason it disappeared.
+ 32009 [nat.pryce b1] The 'dir' command is implemented by the command-line shell on Windows, and
| 32032 [ptkwt shell1] Thanks, I didn't know about this environment variable.
+ 32014 [Dave Pragmat] Under Windows, 'dir' is built in to the command processor (cmd.exe or
+ 32015 [nobu.nokada ] # I read it and replied once.
+ 32018 [Stephan.Kaem] Strange... I saw it - and see it still.

^ Ruby GUI - ideas from XEBOT?
32006 [spwhite char] Responding to an IRC discussion about what a Ruby GUI could look like,

^ chained method calls with linebreaks
32025 [tobiasreif p] this runs in my ruby 1.6.5 (2001-09-19) [i386-cygwin];
32043 [matz ruby-la] Yes for both questions.

^ OT:  XML  (was: RANT: Ruby GUI API)
32028 [tobiasreif p] Why "dialect"? My view is: XML is a language architecture / notation
32202 [ser germane-] I've heard them referred to as "XML applications", but I find that
32205 [tobiasreif p] Please excuse me; I don't understand what you mean :|
32310 [ser germane-] <xsl:if>... <xsl:choose>...) is a neccessary evil.  I recognise that logic
32323 [tobiasreif p] What's evil about those constructs?
32332 [Dave Pragmat] The evolution of programming languages represents a gradual
32333 [tobiasreif p] XSLT is very high level. Like any other language, one has to become
32337 [Dave Pragmat] Well, I've written some XSLT (a quick find|wc shows 5452 lines of it in
+ 32338 [tobiasreif p] In a nice XML editor like XML Spy, it's quite convenient to write.
+ 32344 [pcs3 mailhos] No arguments there.  For the vast majority of cases, XSLT would be
  32817 [ser germane-] First off, I've been using XSL since, what, 1996? 1997?  Well, whenever I
  32847 [tobiasreif p] I said: pretty good for *some* aplications.

^ Abstracted GUI APIs (was: RANT: Ruby GUI API)
32029 [ser germane-] I'd like to follow up on a thread, and attempt to consolidate some thoughts
+ 32031 [vruz ruby-es] [snip interesting comments]
| + 32051 [chris darkro] Legacy applications are already there and for all intents and purposes dead,
| | 32069 [ser germane-] Good point, although I'd like to keep the scope limited.  I'd like to
| + 32067 [ser germane-] No, I'd like to see the discussion result in an API discription which all
+ 32046 [curt hibbs.c] I think you are right-on about widget integration with the native
| 32070 [ser germane-] I've never run SWT under Windows.  Has anybody?  How well does it integrate?
+ 32082 [alwagner tca] I too would like to make a summary of my obvious displeasure with this

^ new Application announcement
32052 [Jean-Francoi] I am happy to announce the first version of RubyGo, a program that allow

^ [ANN] Ruby Publishing Framework v0.5.0
32056 [bryan terral] Ruby Publishing Framework
+ 32059 [bryan terral] Ok, now that I've gotten this initial release out, I want to talk a bit
| 32345 [tobiasreif p] Did you submit your bugreports to the maintainers, or suggest needed
| 32353 [bryan terral] As this is a problem which transcends more than one or two libraries, I
| 32818 [ser germane-] What sort of namespace handling problems are you talking about?  If you'r
+ 32118 [ysantoso jen] Being lazy, may I ask how does RPF compares to Apache Cocoon 2 or
  32165 [bryan terral] That's a perfectly valid reason!  The whole reason I created this
  32186 [ysantoso jen] [...detailed explaination snipped...]

^ Help me find something
32060 [Dave Pragmat] 1. I while back someone posted a wondering spinning Ruby, written
+ 32063 [ralph.mason ] You can use RubyCOM for question #2
+ 32167 [melis cs.utw] Is http://www.cs.auc.dk/~larsch/ruby/ the one you're looking for?
  32169 [Dave Pragmat] Yes!
  32178 [melis cs.utw] Google Groups rocks :-)

^ problems with ruby/odbc
32066 [andrew_queis] require 'odbc'
32104 [barry_shultz] Andrew,
32166 [andrew_queis] Barry,

^ strangeness on solaris : SystemVIPC
32068 [ahoward fsl.] class Ok

^ Minor thoughts on 'Find' module
32071 [drosih rpi.e] I think it would be nice to have one or two alternate behaviors
+ 32102 [matz ruby-la] Could you propose the possible API of the "new Find"?
| + 32197 [mike lepton.] What about Find.find(root = '.', *options)?
| | + 32232 [matz ruby-la] Hmm.
| | + 32241 [drosih rpi.e] I am new to ruby, so I am not sure what the most-natural API would
| + 32255 [drosih rpi.e] Greetings.
|   32258 [drosih rpi.e] I forgot to explain the other parameters.  "parent_first" means that
|   32270 [drosih rpi.e] It would probably be better for this parameter to be "parent_last"
+ 32139 [david idioma] Isn't it interesting how we seem to read the same lists....  ;-)
+ 32273 [nobu.nokada ] Rather, I want Dir#find (or Path#find maybe).

^ OOP UI Design (was: [ANN] Ruby Publishing Framework v0.5.0)
32078 [tom.hurst cl] "This extract-data-then-shove-it-elsewhere approach requires you to know
+ 32095 [gehlker fast] Ho Hum. Yet another young Turk who knows a whole bunch more about OO
| 32096 [james rubyxm] Are you referring to Holub?  Say what you will about his ideas, but
| 32142 [gehlker fast] Believe me, I know that. I have read Holub with interest and respect in the
| 32151 [james rubyxm] <snip/>
| 32168 [gehlker fast] I'm actually starting to question that. (And I hate myself for it). When I
| + 32180 [billk cts.co] Why?  In Ruby these aren't relegated to being simple getters &
| | + 32181 [gehlker fast] [thread about Holub's call to ban all getters and setters vs attr_accessor]
| | + 32230 [james rubyxm] I think the issue (possbly raised by Holub) is that, regardless of how
| |   + 32260 [billk cts.co] Hmm, Interesting . . . . . . .
| |   | 32302 [billk cts.co] [my rambling snipped]
| |   + 32292 [list chromat] *Very* interesting.  Any pointer to more information on the subject?
| |   | 32361 [james rubyxm] This link (http://javaworld.org/javaworld/jw-06-2001/jw-0622-letters.html) has some
| |   | 32398 [hutch xampl.] Regarding Holub's article... I read it a long time ago and do not recall
| |   + 32306 [ser germane-] I think the reason for asking an object for data is to reduce object bloat.
| |     32808 [ser germane-] I can't believe I spelled "they're" wrong.
| + 32223 [matju sympat] No, encapsulation is like something you do when you need something like
+ 32183 [bryan terral] Well, I'm not quite sure what you want as an answer.  If you want a big

^ Newbie: simple data-type problem
32079 [dlc halibut.] I need to create a data type that is essentially an unsigned 16-bit
32156 [matju sympat] Classes are there to add functionality, not remove it. You want to
32201 [dlc-usenet h] Actually, I'm not really sure whether or not it should be mutable.

^ Windows XP support
32080 [bobx linuxma] Does FXRuby work on Windows XP? I have the home edition and while the
32159 [ljohnson res] I do not have access to a Windows XP box, and am not planning to upgrade
32160 [andy toolshe] There are known problems with Cygwin and Windows XP,
+ 32164 [curt hibbs.c] I'm running Windows XP Professional on my main development machine, and
+ 32174 [ajm nospam.v] upgrade
+ 32175 [elanthis awe] What exactly are these known problems?  I have compiled/run AweMUD w/
+ 32179 [bobx linuxma] /\ndy /\ndy he's our man...if
  32189 [andy toolshe] I don't recall exactly, and since the momentum is swinging
  32218 [bobx linuxma] Known problem = FXRuby does not work on Windows XP

^ Report to Recipient(s)
32084 [HARCOURT har] Incident Information:-

^ Re: Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs - VIRUS!!!!
32085 [john.carter ] Virus scanner bitched about this one.

^ [ANN] BotFrenzy game (pre-alpha)
32086 [leon ugcs.ca] BotFrenzy is multiplayer board game involving robots which are programmed
+ 32092 [jweirich one] This sounds like an interesting idea.  I've been working on a Ruby
+ 32128 [benoit.cerri] Nice idea, I've always liked robotrally.
+ 32129 [benoit.cerri] unfortunately it doesn't seem very windows friendly...
  32198 [leon ugcs.ca] Yep, but I'm working on it. I need to know what gui library works best

^ Re: SysV::IPC, core dump
32088 [ahoward fsl.] uname -a = xxx xxx  5.7 Generic_106541-12 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-5_10
32123 [decoux moulo] sysvipc must use an 'union senum' rather than NUM2INT(v_value) in the call
+ 32200 [ahoward fsl.] Thanks alot!  i'm working on a fix... it seems rb_sem_set_all is also
| 32278 [decoux moulo] Yes, here the problem when I try to compile it
+ 32217 [ahoward fsl.] heres a fix if anyone is interested

^ Mixins at runtime
32093 [ralph.mason ] I need to figure out from a Ruby extension what Mixins a class has at
+ 32094 [nobu.nokada ] VALUE array_of_modules = rb_mod_included_modules(CLASS_OF(obj));
+ 32100 [pcs3 mailhos] irb(main):001:0> module Namespace

32099 [curt hibbs.c] I have a server you could use.
32130 [curt hibbs.c] Curt, thank you very much for the kind offer.  There isn't actually
+ 32132 [curt hibbs.c] I kind of like idea of making allruby.com available to the ruby community.
+ 32157 [list chromat] I was probably half sleeping when I modified the To: field to address
+ 32348 [klemmerj web] If you don't find a home anywhere else I got plenty of room for them.
  32392 [list chromat] Curt mailed me the access parameters to allruby.com, so I'll put them

^ about time for seperate lists?
32106 [anany ece.vi] I'd like to bring up a point here on the list that maybe some of you
+ 32108 [dsafari xtra] I don't mind either way personally, but for what you are saying about the
+ 32109 [dempsejn geo] * ruby-dev could work and be beneficial...
+ 32110 [Ephaeton gmx] Like others said, I don't think it would be good to spin off
| + 32119 [mjais web.de] I think this would be a good solution. a seperate list/newsgroup for GUI
| | 32120 [tobiasreif p] very good idea.
| + 32282 [schneiker ju] o comp.lang.perl.modules.
+ 32111 [vruz ruby-es] too.
+ 32115 [chr_news gmx] The only thing I can add is that agree with you on all points.
+ 32182 [ptkwt shell1] You could read the comp.lang.ruby newsgroup instead of subscribing to the
  + 32195 [anany ece.vi] It's funny that you mention that, because that's exactly what I do. I
  + 32271 [Stephan.Kaem] Woch in turn would lead to a discussion about splitting up the news group
    32324 [ptkwt shell1] I guess the way I read news is probably a bit different from most.  I

^ SyntaxError in specify default values for a method's arguments
32107 [vladare yaho] module Testmod
32113 [decoux moulo] Yes, in a method definition you can specify in this order

^ Holdens bankdirect
32112 [dsafari xtra] 12-3220-0160384-00
32114 [dsafari xtra] Sorry about that, this client automatically fills out the recipient when my

^ [POLL]: ruby-talk seperation
32121 [anany ece.vi] I am proposing a poll in which people will reply to this posting and list
+ 32124 [ballabio mac] 1) ruby-talk     (whatever doesn't fit below - remains the main list)
| 32126 [peter semant] Would this be moderated?
+ 32127 [Stephan.Kaem] let me mention what I wouldn't like to see and why first...
| + 32134 [anany ece.vi] keep track of the poll. It is fairly crude, but it does the job, and I
| | + 32136 [maili31s cli] SugHimsi.
| | | + 32140 [anany ece.vi] The problem is sheer mail volume. 100-150 messages a day on a single
| | | | + 32150 [james rubyxm] I have a similar problem; I've managed to sort through things using Outlook message
| | | | + 32267 [dsafari xtra] I personally don't think the list should be split. By having it all in one
| | | |   32309 [comp.lang.ru] - - I agree. Although I'm not on the list, but access it via the
| | | + 32222 [gotoken notw] How about renaming them to @ja.ruby-lang.org and using
| | |   32234 [gotoken notw] I found another namimg rule for new separated lists.
| | + 32158 [list chromat] ruby-cookbook
| + 32149 [james rubyxm] <snip />
|   32161 [tobiasreif p] True.
+ 32135 [Laurent.Jull] ruby-developers : for those working on Ruby itself
+ 32143 [alwagner tca] I've noticed that as any group feels it is large enough, they start hollering
+ 32144 [Dave Pragmat] This would be far better on a wiki page, don't you think? Otherwise
| + 32145 [peter semant] Perhaps we need only one more list, the announce list. Then if anything
| + 32152 [james rubyxm] Well, the rabble have to start *somewhere*.  But a wiki would save us the trouble
+ 32184 [ptkwt shell1] I'm not going to suggest any new lists - there are good partitions already
| 32185 [Dave Pragmat] But how would I direct stuff posted to the newgroup?
| 32190 [elanthis awe] Either throw it into both lists, or make a separate list for newsgroup
| 32192 [ptkwt shell1] aye, there's the rub...
| 32196 [anany ece.vi] Actually, that's an excellent idea. I really like it! What do other
| 32199 [ptkwt shell1] Actually, people sending messages to the mailing lists wouldn't have to
| 32211 [list chromat] If the newsgroup is moderated, the filtering robot could simply insert
+ 32301 [nobu.nokada ] ruby-holic :-)

^ ruby for DOS
32122 [  L4 di1.net] I am trying to use ruby under DR-DOS 7.03 ( aka Caldera DOS / Novell DOS )
+ 32246 [hielvc home.] try irb by it's self. Its not ruby ../irb. It's its own little ruby
| 32295 [  L4 di1.net] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
+ 32697 [dennis sutch] I don't have any experience with the version of ruby that you are using, nor