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^ How to print an array with floating point numbers?
319362 [schang wxs.n] I tried to print an array with a floating point numbers e.g. x[0,0] =
+ 319365 [shourya.sarc] =3D
| 319387 [schang wxs.n] Many thanks for your answer. I solved the problem. The reason was I used
+ 319369 [ jupp gmx.de] [0.1, 2.3, 4.5, 6.7, 8.9].each { |x| printf("%0.04f\n",x)}

^ how to get  some gem source code?
319364 [g.zhen.ning ] I gem install someone so can use the someone, but how I read the someone
319371 [aff28 delete] The simplest way is just to look at the installed lib files. Look in

^ First ever full day Ruby and Ruby On Rails event in India
319379 [sur.max gmai] If you are in India, and you like to code in Ruby and enjoy Ruby On
319410 [sentinel.200] I suppose this is focused more on rails, correct ? What is the agenda ?

^ Passing a block to a block
319382 [b.candler po] I notice that if you pass a block to a block, you can't use 'yield' to
319433 [w_a_x_man ya] blk is not a block.  It is a Proc object or closure.
319437 [b.candler po] Indeed, there's no problem when you pass them around and invoke them

^ Re: [?? Probable Spam]  Re: How to print an array with floating point numbers?
319386 [schang wxs.n] Many  thanks for your advice. Solving the problem with your suggestion

^ public preview of new, commercial ruby ide
319392 [sean smo.uhi] FYI.

^ net-ssh : popen3
319394 [me alienempe] I want to start and interact with a process on another machine.
319396 [me alienempe] Sorry...

^ Re: FFI 0.1.1 (Foreign Function Interface) for Ruby 1.8.6/7 and 1.9
319395 [sentinel.200] Sean,
+ 319402 [sean.ohalpin] It's a fairly tedious (and largely thankless) task to convert a lib
| + 319411 [luislavena g] Yeah, first layer of implementation and then abstraction (Rubify) is
| + 319413 [sentinel.200] I suppose some of these conversions/wrappers would be "approved" and
+ 319428 [charles.nutt] I'd recommend folks start releasing FFI-based "thin wrappers" for each
| + 319463 [kbloom gmail] The good news is that unlike C libraries, if someone bundles their own
| + 319467 [sean.ohalpin] Maybe I wasn't clear - what you're proposing is exactly what I
|   319468 [charles.nutt] Perfect then :)
|   319535 [sean.ohalpin] That's a little *nix-centric, no? If we had everything under ffi/
|   319538 [sentinel.200] Eagerly awaiting your ncurses port...
|   + 319545 [sean.ohalpin] I'm aiming to get a first cut out this week (just the very basics) to
|   | + 319569 [charles.nutt] It's wide open...let me know if you can't edit.
|   | | 319620 [dsisnero gma] ...
|   | + 319573 [sentinel.200] I am using panels and forms - *heavily*. I understand your last
|   + 320520 [sean.ohalpin] I've just uploaded the ~very raw~ initial port of the core ncurses lib
|     + 320556 [radek.bulat ] SSB0cmllZCB0byBydW4gYWxsIGV4YW1wbGVzIGJ1dCBubyBvbmUgd29ya2VkLiBJdCBwcmludHMg
|     | + 320564 [sean.ohalpin] MjAwOC8xMS8xOCBSYWRvc7NhdyBCdbNhdCA8cmFkZWsuYnVsYXRAZ21haWwuY29tPjoKPiBJIHRy
|     | | 320565 [sean.ohalpin] I notice I got the version number wrong in my earlier post (I said
|     | + 321740 [sean.ohalpin] MjAwOC8xMS8xOCBSYWRvc7NhdyBCdbNhdCA8cmFkZWsuYnVsYXRAZ21haWwuY29tPjoKPiBJIHRy
|     + 320589 [charles.nutt] Very cool :) The early examples worked fine in JRuby but this one seems
+ 319947 [dan-ml dan42] hmm... that code is broken. "x86_64" will match the first regex and
  320014 [lists active] I get the following when I try to compile on windows - any
  320022 [charles.nutt] There needs to be a pre-built gem for win32, but we haven't published

^ remote gem install doesn't work anymore
319397 [trading alte] i'm under ubuntu hardy with gem v1.1.0 installed
319625 [alex deletem] I was getting this the other day on Windows when no gem seemed to want
319681 [trading alte] thx for your help
319689 [trading alte] i finally managed to find a solution.

^ Combination of numbers in an array that add up to x
319401 [hae.lee.subs] sum.
+ 319403 [b.candler po] Google "Knapsack problem"
| + 319406 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Hae,
| | 319520 [hae.lee.subs] Thanks so much!  I downloaded and installed Gecoder with Gecode and
| | 319583 [ruby-talk lo] The simplest way to solve this problem in Gecode/R is probably to use
| | 319594 [hae.lee.subs] so that it lists each possible combination surrounded within their own
| | 319604 [ruby-talk lo] That is covered in
| | 319660 [hae.lee.subs] total values with additional values in the array.  Thank you so much!!!
| | 319677 [ruby-talk lo] I meant that you would modify the code so that the weights and target
| + 319518 [hae.lee.subs] Thanks so much for the suggestion.  I learned a little about the
+ 319408 [ara.t.howard] start by installing the permutations gem (for a brute force solution).
| 319522 [hae.lee.subs] checked the site you mentioned yesterday, but I will revisit to look
+ 319502 [cidza tin.it] beginner, so I took your question as an exercise; the following is the
| 319523 [hae.lee.subs] beginner's perspective, your code looks advanced!  Thanks so much!!!
| 319526 [cidza tin.it] Ciao (Italian for Hi)
| 319530 [b.candler po] This isn't a very good solution - it probably doesn't handle cases where
+ 319596 [phasis gmail] a = [2429.63, 497.87, 51.96, 59.43, 138.4, 66.22, 28.74, 1.75,

^ Showing a spinner ?
319404 [aldric trevo] How do I show a spinner on the command line interface when a ruby script
319407 [rodrigo.berm] Here is the idea ..you can make it better..
+ 319420 [yaserbuntu g] ...
| 319429 [aldric trevo] The STDOUT.flush makes it seem frozen in time - not my idea of a
| 319438 [yaserbuntu g] ...
+ 319423 [aldric trevo] Great, thanks! What other special characters are there? Where can I find
+ 319439 [mark thomasz] n=3D0
| 319510 [rodrigo.berm] woooow ! - I'm becoming obsolete =c
| 319525 [aldric trevo] I don't see anything different about this code, except 'cycle' which is
| 319646 [mark thomasz] You're right--that was a copy and paste error. The assignment
+ 319653 [m.fellinger ] Just had the same thing lying around to keep ssh alive, not much in
  319746 [yaserbuntu g] ...
  319793 [jcmoore pres] Piling on...

^ Ruby on android?
319414 [codermaniac ] Is there some porting effort going on to port ruby to android? I am
319838 [ shot hot.pl] Google, among others, returns this on the first

^ Newbie question: Where to put library .rb files?
319415 [kenneth.m.mc] At our site, newly started using Ruby, we're now starting to get code
+ 319528 [aldric trevo] I don't have a direct answer to your question - but what you're looking
+ 319551 [RichardDummy] On Nov 4, 12:22=A0pm, Kenneth McDonald
+ 319565 [jcmoore pres] To see what your current config is set to cut-n-paste this into

^ Trying to Use "request_pty" Channel Never Closes
319418 [scoobycoder ] I'm trying to interact with a RF Terminal application.  But each time I
+ 319419 [scoobycoder ] Oh, and ignore the comments.
+ 319430 [hgs dmu.ac.u] While you're waiting for someone who knows Net::ssh to reply, I'd add
  319435 [scoobycoder ] Thanks, that got me a little more information.  The output was this.
  319436 [scoobycoder ] OOOOOkaaaaay. :)
  319443 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Pardon the spurious + in my previous example, I started to write it in
  319597 [scoobycoder ] Thanks Hugh,
  + 319694 [scoobycoder ] Okay, so I can't stand when someone finally finds the issue, but doesn't
  | 319695 [scoobycoder ] Last thing, the code above is 2.0 code.  Here is the 1.0 code.
  + 319756 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I'm not talking about an echo command (as per the shell command echo). I'm

^ gtk/glade and combobox
319426 [aullidolunar] [code]
319589 [kou cozmixng] In <10fae550348dec41c50ebfe8a82bf382@ruby-forum.com>

^ Problem with foxGUIb
319432 [glpunzi lord] ...
320056 [meinrad.rech] ...
320059 [glpunzi lord] =3D> true

^ What would you like to know about JRuby?
319440 [charles.nutt] Tom Enebo and I are putting together our JRuby presentation for
+ 319441 [billk cts.co] Applets?
| 319446 [charles.nutt] Yeah, good idea. How about mobile too? We get a lot of questions about
| 319460 [james.britt ] Indeed.  I'd like to hear more about JRuby on the Web for non-Rails
| + 319461 [charles.nutt] Maybe there's enough interest in JRuby practicalities that we should try
| | 319471 [james.britt ] That'd work.  I plan on hacking on Wiimote-driven Monkeybars app
| + 344272 [nathan myobi] I am very interested in rack app deployment to non-glassfish
+ 319564 [rogerpack200] I won't be there but android support :)
+ 320505 [rasputnik he] I'd like a few examples of embedding Ruby into JEE - Ola Binis book had some
| 320514 [charles.nutt] There's actually some work going on in the GlassFish team to make Ruby a
| 320563 [chris nodnol] That sounds rather cool - do you have any pointers to more information?
| 320590 [charles.nutt] Ahh, yeah, a "Beaner" or something to package up Ruby + JRuby for EE
| 320602 [maksim.ananj] I would greatly appreciate some general overview of the internals. Are
| + 320603 [maksim.ananj] Oh, sorry. Rubyconf is over, I have not looked at the date of the
| | 320639 [charles.nutt] No problem :) The talk should be published soon, but I can answer this
| | + 320681 [list.rb gmai] Hey Charles, I often find myself writing jruby scripts in java just
| | | 320736 [charles.nutt] I believe it is planned, but I don't know the status. NB 6.5 largely
| | + 320771 [maksim.ananj] Charles, thanks a lot for your insightful description.
| + 320604 [maksim.ananj] Oh, sorry. Rubyconf is over, I have not looked at the date of the
+ 320601 [maksim.ananj] On Nov 5, 2:51=A0am, Charles Oliver Nutter <charles.nut...@sun.com>
+ 344286 [nick nick-br] I would be interested in hearing about JRuby on Google App Engine.
  344302 [headius head] I love that this thread is revived a year later :)

^ Newbie question on RDoc--top-level functions
319442 [kenneth.m.mc] How do I get a top-level function (one not defined inside a class) to
+ 319448 [transfire gm] On Nov 4, 4:18=A0pm, Kenneth McDonald <kenneth.m.mcdon...@sbcglobal.net>
+ 319452 [ryand-ruby z] global methods get added to Object as private methods, but rdoc

^ [ANN] nokogiri 1.0.3 Released
319445 [aaron tender] nokogiri version 1.0.3 has been released!

^ Can I sell my RubyConf ticket?
319450 [pergesu gmai] Unfortunately I can't make it this year...I saw that there is a waiting
319469 [Rob AgileCon] Kinda late isn't it?
319472 [pergesu gmai] ticket is sold
319516 [james.britt ] Nice.

^ [ANN] ParseTree 3.0.2 Released
319456 [ryand-ruby z] ParseTree version 3.0.2 has been released!
322370 [ed.howland g] I just tried installing ParseTree from a gem and keep getting the message
322414 [ryand-ruby z] seems fine on my end... the name it is reporting is suspect.
322430 [ed.howland g] Yup seems fine now too.

^ [ANN] ruby_parser 2.0.1 Released
319457 [ryand-ruby z] ruby_parser version 2.0.1 has been released!

^ [ANN] ruby2ruby 1.2.1 Released
319458 [ryand-ruby z] ruby2ruby version 1.2.1 has been released!

^ Tmail + IMAP + Attachments
319462 [dustin.webbe] I am working on a script to log in to a mail server via IMAP and pull
319464 [dustin.webbe] Sorry, forgot some important information.
319476 [d_rems yahoo] Didn't tried with tmail but this is how it goes with IMAP.
319633 [dustin.webbe] Thank you that worked. Still having some problems getting it to work but

^ irb and ruby giving different results
319465 [sentinel.200] in IRB,
+ 319493 [wpdster gmai] ...
| 319497 [sentinel.200] I mentioned that i used the same terminal to verify that it was not a
+ 319513 [b.candler po] FWIW, I get 95 with irb187 under Ubuntu Dapper.
  319521 [sentinel.200] 1.8.7 both.
  319524 [b.candler po] My bad; try
  319529 [sentinel.200] 1. > ENV.select{|k,v| k=~/^LC/} give en_US.UTF-8 in both irb and ruby. I
  319754 [b.candler po] Possibly readline isn't calling setlocale until you actually

^ calculating a curve, making a skeleton, exporting to vector,
319470 [nolifetillpl] I don't even know what words I'm supposed to describe this.
319626 [martindemell] That's pretty neat! Can't specifically think of any ruby libraries or

^ replace values in hash
319474 [jason.lillyw] how would I iterate over a hash, such as
+ 319477 [transfire gm] On Nov 5, 1:53=A0am, Jason Lillywhite <jason.lillywh...@gmail.com>
| 319482 [jason.lillyw] Thank you!
| 319527 [transfire gm] On Nov 5, 2:54=A0am, Jason Lillywhite <jason.lillywh...@gmail.com>
| 319543 [transfire gm] For anyone who is interested, here's the definition (and some side
+ 319492 [shourya.sarc] =20
+ 319539 [lojicdotcom ] ~/temp$ cat -b temp.rb
  319912 [james.herdma] ...

^ check for valid email address
319475 [sijo maxxion] I have a text field mail_id I have to prevent the user to enter only
319478 [wvdongen zon] Look into regular expressions and try it yourself
319499 [cdemyanovich] ...

^ Re: Search a word in a string
319479 [wvdongen zon] Try it yourself
319557 [vtypal gmail] irb(main):001:0> s = "Hi this is for test"
319592 [lloyd 2live4] Wouss is correct that a simple search would have shown you the answer.

^ Query if project uses svn or git on Rubyforge
319480 [transfire gm] I need to check to see if a rubyforge project is using git or svn,

^ Double characters in string
319481 [wvdongen zon] I'm looking for a way to put a 'X' between all double characters in a
319484 [jgabrielygal] str.sub(pattern, replacement)         => new_str

^ Re: minitest 1.3.0 Released
319485 [godfat gmail] I am sorry, but I encounter a dependency problem.
319486 [ryand-ruby z] what does this have to do with minitest?
319491 [godfat gmail] in minitest-1.3.0/lib/minitest/unit.rb: 43

^ convert string to array with delimiter
319487 [sumwo yahoo.] Dear all
+ 319488 [farrel.lifso] str.split( ' ' )
+ 319489 [botp delmont] # However, I expect the result like this
+ 319490 [phasis gmail] str.scan(/\S+/)

^ what's wrong about this chomp code?
319494 [g.zhen.ning ] when I was running this code
+ 319495 [stefano.croc] Because chomp will be called on the value returned by f.gets, even when it's
| 319501 [g.zhen.ning ] Thank you for help me understand it. :)
+ 319505 [lloyd 2live4] File.open('1c.txt').each { |line| puts line.chomp }
  319511 [sepp2k googl] File.foreach('1c.txt') {|line| puts line}

^ convert string array to interger array in in one line
319496 [aquajags yah] i have a array like this for e.g
+ 319498 [stefano.croc] a.map{|i| i.map{|s| s.to_i}}
+ 319555 [RichardDummy] aStrings =3D [["0", "0", "0", "0", "0", "3", "3"],
+ 319559 [caduceass gm] Here's a weird one for your enjoyment (arr is your array)...

^ How to log and chain signals
319500 [reiff public] I've been running my own ruby dispatcher on my website for a few years

^ String comparisions and counting
319503 [stuart.clark] I have an array full of strings which represent a date ID. The array
+ 319504 [caduceass gm] [1, 1, 2, 3, 4].count(1)
+ 319506 [list.push gm] A Look into Japanese Ruby List in English
+ 319507 [b.candler po] counts = Hash.new(0)
| + 319509 [b.candler po] if counts.find { |k,v| c >= 5 }
| + 319512 [caduceass gm] Pretty darn good.  Why not use a database?  I guess it comes down to
| + 319519 [stuart.clark] Great stuff thanks. I went the last solution as I only want to pick up
+ 319508 [list.push gm] Is this helpful?

^ What's the Best Way to Mimic an HTTP Request?
319532 [daniel dmies] I'm trying to write a tool that will take a domain as an argument and
+ 319533 [james.herdma] ...
+ 319534 [hassan.schro] Actually, it does -- you just don't see it.
+ 319536 [michael.c.li] That site makes heavy use of redirects. Watch closely while running
| 319537 [daniel dmies] Thanks, much, Michael. Unfortunately I'm not quite tracking on why that
| 319540 [michael.c.li] The site you're hitting makes heavy use of redirects (and not really
| 319542 [daniel dmies] Ah, I see.
+ 319541 [avdi avdi.or] You may want to look into using Mechanize rather than straight-up Net::HTTP.
| 319544 [daniel dmies] Mechanize for Ruby? Interesting. I didn't know Ruby had an
+ 320851 [rubyforum pe] We have had similar issues where we didn't see a redirect when sniffing

^ Ruby has a Face that it wears on its feet
319546 [williams.jay] In my opinion, Ruby's official face should be Shoes. Shoes gives Ruby
+ 319550 [w_a_x_man ya] On Nov 5, 1:17=A0pm, Jayson Williams
| 319552 [williams.jay] Fast fingers
+ 319553 [martindemell] Much as I love Shoes, there is a severe problem with adding it to the
| + 319556 [williams.jay] How about a melding of the two?
| | 319570 [keletmaster ] Giving shoes an official place in the Ruby language hierarchy would open
| | + 319575 [james.britt ] JRuby does that quite well.
| | | 319579 [farrel.lifso] And so does Glade+Ruby/GNOME2
| | | 319759 [james.britt ] One difference is that Java comes with Swing built-in, so if you can run
| | + 319593 [lloyd 2live4] That would not be appropriate.  Ruby is a language.  Making a specific
| | | + 319606 [m.fellinger ] Ever looked into rubys source, it ships with tk bindings.
| | | | 319613 [williams.jay] I have used TK for as long as I have been using Ruby. Tk works well,
| | | + 319632 [_mwryder wor] Business Basic has built in screen and file handling, and is over 25
| | | + 319708 [jballanc gma] This is sort of reminiscent of a discussion I had with some of the
| | + 319615 [alex deletem] As others have pointed out, so do JRuby+Swing, Ruby QT, wxRuby,
| + 319585 [fox nscl.msu] This is how Tk started in Tcl.  First it was a 'special interpreter'
+ 319586 [sanobast-rub] tk is available on many plattforms and has comparable low requirements.