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^ problems with regular expressions and parenthesis
319142 [ddshore hotm] i'm having some trouble with regular expressions in ruby.
+ 319166 [w_a_x_man ya] What do you mean by "so does this one"?
+ 319172 [ddshore hotm] /^([A-Za-z]|\w|\s){1,40}$/
  319174 [ddshore hotm] /^([A-Za-z]|\w|\s){1,40}$/

^ AJAX page.call not working
319145 [rajat79 gmai] ...
319177 [edipofederle] Write in Ruby On Rails categorie.

^ Another require question
319147 [asm.sol exci] I've been learning Ruby for 2 weeks and of course I like it.
319149 [sepp2k googl] That line most certainly does not cause that error. You might want to show the
+ 319160 [asm.sol exci] Thanks Sebastian, and apologies for recent goof.  Again...
| 319164 [wruyahoo05 c] Try
+ 319165 [asm.sol exci] Yike.  I 'knew it' but forgot, not at the surface of my mind/reading.  I
  319723 [asm.sol exci] Let's assume I know nothing.  Though I thought I understood this
  + 319725 [martindemell] Same issue - class and module names are capitalised in ruby.
  | 319728 [asm.sol exci] Thanks Martin, and all!!
  + 319727 [rmagick gmai] In Ruby, case matters. It's Math.sqrt, not math.sqrt, and File.open, not

^ Another require question
319148 [asm.sol exci] I've been learning Ruby for 2 weeks and of course I like it.
319152 [TimHunter nc] I can't offer any advice on (1), but it sure looks like a typo to me.

^ Pass array methods for
319175 [edipofederle] do I define the methods for receiving the "array", something the user
319183 [shortcutter ] It was not very clear (at least to me) and this also looks like a

^ Ruby for Philosophers
319176 [citizenkant ] Maybe I'm helpless; don't know. I use and like to read a lot, to write a
+ 319186 [shortcutter ] I for myself think the reasons for your observation are historic rather
+ 319230 [dlb.id.au gm] as a good starting point (assuming they know ruby).
+ 319257 [b.candler po] If you are thinking of it as a game, and are prepared to persevere
+ 319267 [vikkous gmai] Just some of my thoughts here, not necessarily interesting or even original.
+ 319275 [jcmoore pres] Perhaps a more general description of the concepts that form the
  319373 [citizenkant ] Well,
  319400 [rick.chatter] I would consider myself the last one who can give a tip but maan is

^ [ANN] meow 2.1.0 Released
319178 [aaron tender] meow version 2.1.0 has been released!

^ Different flavors of a gem for different versions of Ruby
319180 [kbloom gmail] I'm updating my SqlStatement gem http://sqlstatement.rubyforge.org/ to be
319190 [dvdplm gmail] Take a look at how the mongrel gem is doing it. It uses a bunch of conditionals to distinguish actions to perform for jruby and mri. adding in Ruby 1.9 support is (fairly) easy.
319340 [kbloom gmail] AFAICT from the metadata of the generated gems, this doesn't do what I

^ Philosopher's questions on Ruby (Was: Ruby for Philosophers)
319184 [ jupp gmx.de] I changed the topic because "Ruby for Philosophers" is highly misleading.
319187 [shortcutter ] g. =20
319188 [micathom gma] I personally would like to see Heidegger's "Sein und Zeit" rewritten
319197 [ jupp gmx.de] May I suggest writing "Critik(*) der reinen Vernunft" by Immanuel Kant in
319203 [vjoel path.b] Rudolph Carnap's "Der logische Aufbau der Welt" (logical reconstruction
319232 [forall.x gma] Why, I am in fact slowly working on implementing in Ruby Montague's

^ Implementing the SongList the container
319191 [edipofederle] the SongList the container, I do not know if I am making sure the class
319192 [edipofederle] Sorry I missed ... too .. already working ... lacked the class Song:)

^ Private visibility for class method
319193 [lianliming g] I got to learn that "private" label in a class definition doesn't
319234 [radek.bulat ] PiBJZiBwcml2YXRlIGhhcyBubyBlZmZlY3Qgb24gdGhlIHZpc2liaWxpdHkgb2YgY2xhc3MgbWV0

^ RubyInline, RDoc comment for C inline method
319194 [daniel.schoe] I am playing around with RubyInline and want to include

^ ruby1.9: lazy versions of Enumerator#select and friends?
319196 [b.candler po] I've been having a play with Enumerators in ruby 1.9, in particular
+ 319198 [dblack rubyp] It did have something like this, but not any more. I'm not sure they
| + 319199 [james graypr] I've seen you asking David, but did you ever get an answer of why this
| | 319200 [dblack rubyp] Shugo answered on ruby-core, mainly on the subject of efficiency, and
| + 319201 [b.candler po] I'd be interested to learn exactly what the dropped feature was.
|   319211 [dblack rubyp] This is the feature that disappeared -- definitely not identical to
|   319236 [b.candler po] OK, I think I see what you're saying now, except I'm not sure exactly
+ 319202 [transfire gm] This doesn't work. But I think I understand what you are after.
  319204 [b.candler po] Sorry, which bit doesn't work?
  319205 [transfire gm] Interesting. Clearly there is something substantially different in
  319207 [b.candler po] 1.9 supports two completely different types of Enumerator objects. The
  319228 [dblack rubyp] Although... they're really the same if you think of it as an

^ check if valid hexadecimal code?
319208 [youngliars g] How would you check if a string is a valid hexadecimal code?
319209 [avdi avdi.or] irb(main):007:0> hex_pattern = /^[[:xdigit:]]+$/
+ 319210 [cdemyanovich] ...
| 319258 [b.candler po] It just stops at the first non-hex character.
+ 319218 [youngliars g] I tried "hex_pattern" with a string like "asdbgg" and it does not
  319219 [avdi avdi.or] irb(main):012:0> hex_pattern === "asdbggg"

^ Trying to open a Lucene-built index with Ferret...
319212 [monojohnny g] But its wipes out the existing index and creates a new empty one - the
319214 [flo andersgr] As far as i know, Ferret-built indexes are not binary-compatible with
319217 [monojohnny g] Thanks Florian, that would be shame if we've lost that binary
+ 319221 [flo andersgr] I don't remember the reasoning behind it, but as far as i know, this
+ 319250 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I have not explicitly checked for this behaviour with the ff.rb

^ [ANN] reek 0.3.0 Released
319213 [kevin ruther] reek version 0.3.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] UnicodeUtils 0.2.0 - more Unicode for Ruby 1.9
319216 [perfectly.no] VW5pY29kZVV0aWxzIGlzIGEgcHVyZSBSdWJ5IGxpYnJhcnkgdGhhdCBwcm92aWRlcyBhZGRpdGlv

^ [ANN] RMagick 2.7.1 released
319220 [TimHunter nc] RMagick 2.7.1 adds a new exception class called

^ Ruby Tk on Windows Vista
319223 [farmsal yaho] I just installed the current version of ActiveTcl 8.5 from ActiveState.
319224 [farmsal yaho] I just checked and I see I do have tk85.dll on the hard drive. (But the
319225 [farmsal yaho] Following a suggestion on another thread ("How can install Tk8.5 to

^ gem update results in multiple versions
319226 [davetron5000] Working on some code I wish to distribute via gem.  When I up the
319260 [perfectly.no] It's normal behaviour. It doesn't hurt, since RubyGems

^ Re: RubyMacros 0.1.0 Released
319227 [transfire gm] Or we could just write our programs in "Macro-Ruby" and to put a death
319245 [micathom gma] Macros help lisp to adapt to about every new idea/trend without making
+ 319254 [b.candler po] It seems to, as long you provide a dummy block: __DIR__{}.
| 319256 [transfire gm] +1
+ 319315 [ryand-ruby z] if $DEBUG then

^ Using XPath: find last text node of each paragraph under the root  node.
319231 [diego heyboy] I want to trim trailing whitespace at the end of all XHTML paragraphs.
+ 319246 [shortcutter ] Could well be both.  When I try '//p/text()[last()]' I get only the
+ 319279 [mark thomasz] Sounds like a bug to me too. Is there a reason you don't want to use a
  319292 [shortcutter ] I can't speak for Diego but I use REXML because it's there and I do not
  319453 [diego heyboy] @Robert: As you suggest, a work around is in order. I had a look at

^ Rake task for building latex?
319239 [stefano.croc] Does anyone know whether there's a rake task to build latex files, including
+ 319247 [ jupp gmx.de] As far as I know there is no such rake task. Almost all people using LaTeX
| 319252 [stefano.croc] Thanks for the answer and for the pointers to the two makefiles. I looked at
+ 319253 [fox nscl.msu] Can't be that hard run latex about 3 times, once for the intial run.
| + 319294 [ jupp gmx.de] Even though it is possible, as far as the portable document format is
| | 319375 [fox nscl.msu] Then you'd better get into parsing latex log files... as there's no
| | 319377 [saji apcc21.] FYI, it may be relevant to check out ConText (wiki.contextgarden.net),
| + 319331 [chris.lowis ] I remember looking at the source for Auctex when I decided to write a
+ 319637 [stefano.croc] ...
  319668 [stefano.croc] ...

^ recursion and variable scope level
319242 [adamtemporar] any spaces using recursion. I can get the string to reverse fine but
+ 319243 [adamtemporar] oh and im doing this as a way to practice recursion. Using
+ 319255 [b.candler po] Yes. The 'spaces' inside the method definition is a completely separate
  319263 [adamtemporar] I dont believe i only just found out that functions can return more than
  319264 [b.candler po] No problem.

^ Problem with YAML not returning exactly the same
319244 [OliverBurgha] ...
319262 [b.candler po] Yes, I can reproduce this here with both 1.8.4 and 1.9.1-preview1.

^ Help with iterating nested arrays
319268 [mitko.kostov] @name = []
319270 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):008:0> arr = [["John", "Daniel", "Marry"],["Having
319283 [mitko.kostov] Thanks, dude.

^ Ruby 1.9.1 - Array.new.choice missing?
319271 [borisschmid ] Just wondering if I missed something. Ruby 1.9.1 doesn't seem to have
319272 [matz ruby-la] It's renamed to #sample.

^ Clean way of pausing a loop?
319273 [kyleaschmitt] It's Monday and it's relatively early, so I apologize if this isn't
+ 319282 [mo_mail ongh] What's wrong with it?  I can only think that if foo allows
+ 319290 [lojicdotcom ] Maybe something like this?
+ 319293 [shortcutter ] robert@fussel ~
  319321 [kyleaschmitt] Hum.  Well those all work, but aren't those basically similar to what
  319322 [shortcutter ] They at least do not do the counting manually.  That's probably more

^ Ruby1.8.6 File.utime question.
319277 [wuzongsheng ] Because of my poor English, I beg there would be some kind guy could
319299 [nobu ruby-la] FAT based file system has no capability to store the odd second
319334 [wuzongsheng ] Thanks very much. I'm going to try :)

^ Constructors
319278 [exiquio gmai] The following is the beginning of a Java-esque new operator.
319284 [stefano.croc] The code
319298 [shortcutter ] Can someone please explain to me what we gain by doing this?
+ 319333 [exiquio gmai] I didn't mean to imply that Ruby needs this. It doesnt. I think that
| 319376 [fox nscl.msu] Why?  If purely as a learning project fine.. but remember language a
+ 319580 [uwe kubosch.] ...

^ Constructors
319281 [exiquio gmai] The following is the beginning of a Java-esque new operator.

^ Ruby Threads in Windows
319285 [davywilson h] I am quite new to Ruby and am working on Windows.
+ 319286 [davywilson h] Oh yes, and the new threads are running exe's e.g.
| 319289 [damnbigman g] ...
| 319291 [davywilson h] Thanks for the quick responses guys.
| 319295 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I'd still advise a step further back.  What are you trying to achieve
| 319384 [davywilson h] OK thanks, I have solved the issue.
+ 319288 [hgs dmu.ac.u] It will be the same as the process id for the whole program. Threads

^ How to proper list files in ftp
319303 [ruby gmail.c] I need to list all files in a ftp server, with the size and full path.

^ [ANN] Parallel::ForkManager 1.0.0 released
319305 [ruby-lists n] It is a Ruby port of a useful Perl module of the same name.

^ Undefined method '[]' I dont know why.
319312 [mati829 gmai] /////////////this function return true or false
319314 [Carey.Nation] Well, it's really telling you that something that you're indexing into
319320 [mati829 gmai] if moznazbudowac?(kolejka[nr],sesja,stan) == true

^ [ANN] Webistrano 1.4 released
319313 [jw innerewut] I just released Webistrano 1.4 at

^ Ruby's take on S.O.L.I.D.
319319 [reglopke cab] I'm curious about everyone's take on Bob Martin's S.O.L.I.D. design
+ 319323 [apeiros gmx.] Do you have any links on it? Or do we have to google ourselfs? :)
| 319327 [reglopke cab] Here are some good links I've been looking at.
| 319328 [cohen.jeff g] am
| + 319449 [reglopke cab] Thanks for the feedback. I was wondering specifically about the LID part
| | + 319455 [deanwampler ] I actually blogged about a few of them on the OM blog a few months ago.
| | + 319514 [doodpants ma] One guiding principle when designing a class heirarchy is that the
| |   + 319531 [deanwampler ] Interesting idea. However, you have to be careful with this. Is a
| |   | 319547 [pergesu gmai] <snip> to make ruby-forum happy...
| |   | 319587 [deanwampler ] Right. That's why I said "clients of Square have a contract". It's an
| |   | 319611 [reglopke cab] An interesting approach that I recently read about was that the "is-a"
| |   + 319609 [rsilvetz gma] On Nov 5, 6:27=A0am, Karl von Laudermann <doodpa...@mailinator.com>
| |     319631 [michael.c.li] Agreed.
| |     319699 [rsilvetz gma] Yes.  Modules offer all sorts of exciting possibilities if behavior
| + 319829 [kbloom gmail] One could espouse a design school in Ruby that used open classes to
+ 319483 [shortcutter ] Probably we do it all the time - and not only with sub classes but

^ Wrapping ruby into one directory
319325 [cfitzhugh ec] We're looking at using ruby on a product and I had a question about how to package up the ruby interpreter into one
+ 319342 [justincollin] I have never used it, but rubyscript2exe is supposed to work on Linux.
+ 319378 [robert.dober] As long as you install from source that should not be a problem, I
  + 319417 [cfitzhugh ec] Thanks.
  | 319421 [robert.dober] I do not think so, but why not try?
  + 319424 [cfitzhugh ec] I also found in ruby.c:  ruby_init_loadpath()

^ [ANN] JRuby 1.1.5 Released
319329 [Thomas.Enebo] The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.1.5!
319360 [charles.nutt] FYI, the updated FFI support is feature-equivalent to the just-released
319444 [mailforgilbe] As for jruby 1.1.4 i'm missing the jruby-complete.jar for 1.1.5 on your
319447 [Thomas.Enebo] jruby and jruby-complete has been deployed to the mavosphere...
319451 [mailforgilbe] ?!
319454 [Thomas.Enebo] Sorry I thought you were a maven user...

^ R statistical package with Ruby
319332 [nairvan gmai] I want to invoke R statiscal package from within ruby. Is there a way
319336 [nairvan gmai] Thanks,
319405 [rsilvetz gma] You could still share the solution for newbies and others.... just a

^ replace spaces with commas?
319335 [indiehead gm] Been looking at the Acts As Taggable On Steriods plugin, by default it
319337 [botp delmont] # @s = "fdsdsf, dsfdsfsd fdsfdsfd dfsfds"
+ 319355 [indiehead gm] thanks Peña, admittedly regular expressions have never been my strong
| + 319361 [henrik nyh.s] Just remember that if you split on both comma and space, you lose the
| | + 319370 [indiehead gm] agree, but what i'm after is the same functionality as flickr has when
| | + 319389 [lloyd 2live4] I would think that you might also want to take care for csv files that
| + 319515 [paqs140482 g] ...
+ 319399 [shortcutter ] This won't retain empty words. If you have to do this you can do

^ General Solution to spawning a Unix process whose arguments cannot be seen by other processes ...
319339 [xeno.campano] I know root can get into anything and hack out this information, but given the
+ 319346 [ara.t.howard] send the commands on stdin to the program.
+ 319348 [phasis gmail] something else in the

^ No documentation for libsvn-ruby...???
319341 [xeno.campano] I noticed I have libsvn-ruby on my Ubuntu server, but I apparently get no ruby
319368 [kou cozmixng] In <490FA634.60302@gmail.com>
319425 [xeno.campano] Okay, at least that's a sanity check.  Thank you for the response.  I will see

^ ANN: Sequel 2.7.0 Released
319343 [code jeremye] * Sequel provides thread safety, connection pooling and a concise DSL

^ How to send mail with High priority
319344 [lu.xiandong ] I try to send mail by net::smtp. it works fine.
319345 [phasis gmail] smtp.open_message_stream('from@example.com', ['dest@example.com']) do |f|
319354 [b.candler po] Which are, of course, ignored by virtually every MTA on the planet,

^ checking emails with ruby
319350 [geagneske83 ] ...
+ 319351 [8si.greg gma] It's possible, depending on the type of email account, and can be done
+ 319352 [shourya.sarc] =20

^ Socket Progamming - Beginner questions
319357 [gin18em hotm] I'm trying to learn Ruby and Socket programming. So far I managed to
+ 319757 [abender gmai] Threads can work, but most networking code I've written uses
| 319868 [gin18em hotm] Thanks Adam!
| 319936 [jcmoore pres] Sockets are just a conduit for data. You can use their blocking
| 320121 [gin18em hotm] Thanks Jeff! I'll check out the code and study them. Hopefully a novice
+ 319768 [rogerpack200] check out eventmachine :)

^ Conditional overriding of operators
319358 [daniel.varta] I am trying to replace .+ operator of Numeric class if and only if
+ 319363 [transfire gm] class Numeric
+ 319372 [pit.capitain] Regards,
+ 319374 [shortcutter ] No, you don't.  You need to implement #coerce and #+, #- etc. in
+ 319383 [andrea.fazzi] Hope that helps.
+ 319388 [daniel.varta] Thanks, guys! coercing mechanism is really useful. Due to multiplication
  319398 [shortcutter ] I am not sure whether this implementation adheres to the contract of
  319409 [daniel.varta] Swapping is the main point here, we exploit commutativity of