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^ neatest way to extend Struct
318371 [martindemell] I want a Structlike class that takes a hash constructor, so I can say
+ 318372 [s.korteling ] require 'ostruct'
| 318373 [martindemell] No, OpenStruct pulls in other things I don't want (the whole 'open' thing).
+ 318374 [vjoel path.b] Something based on this, maybe? I hope Struct#members preserves order...
+ 318375 [dblack rubyp] Do you need to use inheritance, as opposed to just instantiating
  318376 [martindemell] Doh - of course, since you aren't inheriting from Struct, you
  318398 [shortcutter ] Why inheritance at all?   Why do too much?
  + 318399 [drbrain segm] Hey, neat! I didn't know you could do that!
  + 318401 [martindemell] Because I'd have to repeat that for every new struct I created. But
    318405 [shortcutter ] Oh, you want another Struct implementation that does this? I wasn't

^ i need to represent data as percentages
318378 [bornemann1 n] basically i go through a document count up the total number of times the
318379 [TimHunter nc] irb(main):008:0> x = 0.86899
318409 [b.candler po] irb(main):009:0> "%2.0f%%" % (x * 100)
318428 [shortcutter ] In that case you can do  "%.1f%%" % (x * 100), i.e. you do not need

^ [ANN] RedParse 0.8.0 released
318380 [vikkous gmai] = RedParse

^ [ANN] tagz-4.3.0
318386 [ara.t.howard] NAME

^ [ANN] main-2.8.3
318389 [ara.t.howard] NAME

^ [ANN] RubyInline 3.8.0 Released
318390 [ryand-ruby z] RubyInline version 3.8.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] ParseTree 3.0.0 Released
318391 [ryand-ruby z] ParseTree version 3.0.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] ruby2ruby 1.2.0 Released
318392 [ryand-ruby z] ruby2ruby version 1.2.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] ruby_parser 2.0.0 Released
318393 [ryand-ruby z] ruby_parser version 2.0.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] flog 1.2.0 Released
318394 [ryand-ruby z] flog version 1.2.0 has been released!
318411 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Not sure if it was me this time, I'd have to see a diff.  It's a while

^ [ANN] ParseTree 3.0.1 Released (the "I'm a tired dumbass" release)
318395 [ryand-ruby z] ParseTree version 3.0.1 has been released! (the "I'm a tired dumbass"

^ Re: ruby_parser 2.0.0 Released
318400 [mike.gold.44] This is amazing work.  The Ruby collective superorganism thanks you.
318659 [ryand-ruby z] charset=US-ASCII;
318760 [rogerpack200] Rock on. I can finally migrate my projects to 1.9, since they depend on
318778 [b.candler po] Very, very cool.
318853 [jeremymcanal] Hoe should be a developer dependency rather than runtime, right?
318855 [tim.pease gm] That works correctly with rubygems >= 1.3.0
318857 [jeremymcanal] Ahh!  For some reason I thought the runtime/dev stuff was in 1.2.
318861 [jbarnette gm] It was, it just didn't work. ;)

^ Why is irb different from script file?
318402 [kdream95 gme] ## in irb

^ RMagick: Method to invert the colors of an image
318403 [anukul.singh] I am using RMagick gem to work with images. In one of my methods, I want
318404 [phasis gmail] I guess you want to negate the colors.

^ using buttons in CGI
318408 [assafdassa g] I have a problem, I have table such that each line on it is textfield
318412 [b.candler po] You just need another submit button within the original form, something
318416 [assafdassa g] as I see the value of the submit button doesn't pass to the next form, I
318420 [b.candler po] I think it does, so please post your code and output which shows
318421 [assafdassa g] I read on the 'programming Ruby' that the submit button will update the
318423 [b.candler po] But first you need to look at what cgi.params contains; the

^ ANN: EMDRb 0.1.0 (initial release)
318422 [dido.sevilla] SSBhbSBwbGVhc2VkIHRvIGFubm91bmNlIHRoZSByZWxlYXNlIG9mIEVNRFJiIHZlcnNpb24gMC4x

^ Expected difference between 1.8 and 1.9?
318424 [dave.baldwin] Couldn't find anything in the change notes.
318431 [ryand zenspi] don't thread hijack. start a new thread.

^ Mechanize problem with proxies
318425 [jiffier gmai] proxy. This proxy requires basic authentication.

^ how can I disabled the text_field element ?
318433 [assafdassa g] I saw in many places that I can disabled the text_field easily, although
318434 [mguterl gmai] This belongs on the "Ruby on Rails" forum.

^ validating characters before libxml processing
318435 [mike vikingc] I have a Ruby/Rails script which receives data passed into it as a param

^ UTF-8 out of Hpricot
318436 [ranccis gmai] Hey,
318692 [monstars99 g] that works for me

^ Re: main-2.8.3
318439 [sentinel.200] Thanks a lot. The above link gives a long list of libraries. Is there a
318445 [ara.t.howard] no there isn't, though there should be...  it's relatively quick to

^ Are you looking for excitement??
318441 [jaysduc pent] Are you currently bored?  Looking for excitement?  Hate you boss,
318442 [gregory.t.br] Wow, I thought this was a porn advertisement, or maybe an upcoming

^ Iterating through a database result
318443 [dbw aber.ac.] charset="us-ascii"
+ 318444 [hgs dmu.ac.u] puts res_qo.to_a[i][1]
+ 318446 [botpena gmai] i think that should be [i][1]
  318481 [dbw aber.ac.] ah brilliant that worked. Thank you very much :)

^ Re: flog 1.2.0 Released
318450 [rick rickbra] Ryan,
+ 318451 [avdi avdi.or] I'll just note that I watched this video and it's a good talk on the
+ 318455 [ryand zenspi] I'm jumping on this right now, I'll have it off your hands in a few

^ Hartford.rb October meeting: 10/27
318452 [danbernier g] The Hartford Ruby Group is meeting this Monday, 10/27, at 6:00 PM.

^ gemtacular?
318457 [djberg96 gma] Anyone know what happened to gemtacular.com? Is it down for good?

^ Any nice way to get a temporary directory?
318458 [kenneth.m.mc] I'd like to be able to obtain a temporary directory in the same way I
+ 318460 [cdemyanovich] Could you call Dir.mkdir with the result of Dir.tmpdir plus the name of the
| 318461 [kenneth.m.mc] There is, sadly, no Dir.tmpdir function in Ruby.
| 318462 [avdi avdi.or] There is, actually.  You have to require 'tmpdir' and then you'll have it.
| 318465 [kenneth.m.mc] Ah, thank you. Sorry for my previous mistake.
| 318466 [avdi avdi.or] No problem.  Considering there is almost no documentation for the
+ 318468 [ara.t.howard] this keeps backwards compact, but also lets you do
+ 318469 [nobu ruby-la] Dir.mktmpdir is available in lib/tmpdir.rb since 1.8.7.

^ Looking for an archive of pre 2000 ruby-talk
318470 [dave pragpro] Mark-Logic goes back to 2002, and Google Groups to mid 2000. blade
318472 [list.push gm] Here is 1998.
318473 [dave pragpro] top.

^ Re: rspec 1.1.9 Released
318477 [luislavena g] On Oct 24, 2:02=A0am, Charles Oliver Nutter <charles.nut...@sun.com>
318506 [charles.nutt] 1.3 update is planned for JRuby 1.1.5 (soon).

^ Problem with using active support core extensions in my own ruby programs
318482 [lists groll.] #!/usr/bin/ruby
318484 [jorrel gmail] why include ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions::Time::Calculations in Time
318485 [lists groll.] Of course, thank you. It's what you get when refactoring code.

^ Errors while file uploading thr 'net/http' or 'rest-open-uri' client
318483 [saurabh.purn] I am trying to upload a file to API thr the 'net/http' or 'rest-open-uri'
318503 [b.candler po] That's the document I was going to point you at. It Works For Me [TM],
318505 [saurabh.purn] I have used this code, which has solved my problem,

^ Bound macro in ruby
318486 [emanuelef ti] I think it's a simple question but I couldn't find in docs.
318488 [shortcutter ] First of all, there are no macros in Ruby. If anything you would be
318492 [emanuelef ti] in my case it's something I can easy implement with if-clause, but I
+ 318494 [jan.svitok g] def bound(min, value, max)
+ 318495 [shortcutter ] irb(main):001:0> def BOUND(min,val,max) val >=max ? max : val < min ?
  318497 [emanuelef ti] thanks all
  + 318498 [b.candler po] If it existed, I would expect to find it as Range#clip or something like
  + 318504 [pit.capitain] If you want to use #min and #max then you can
    318507 [m.fellinger ] [min, val, max].sort[1]

^ LDAP authentication in Windows 2003 AD
318487 [d_rems yahoo] I am trying to authenticate user against Windows 2003 AD. This is what I
318489 [b.candler po] "ldapsearch" command line to bind successfully to your Windows LDAP
318493 [d_rems yahoo] Could you post some simple quick query how to do it. Net is full of very
318496 [fred lacave.] ldapsearch -x                                          # simple bind
318500 [damnbigman g] er
318501 [brabuhr gmai] (Technically not email address, but UPN; which is generally what I use
318797 [d_rems yahoo] And then in a desperate attempt (when I was searching for something
318799 [damnbigman g] Sorry Damjan, I didn't read your first message closely enough.  Had I

^ [QUIZ] Bowling Scores (#181)
318502 [matt moss.na] Apologies for not having the Long Division quiz summary done yet. It
+ 318609 [andrea.fazzi] Regards,
+ 318611 [elof elof.dk] # a simple no-frills tail-recursive implementation
+ 318615 [kbloom gmail] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
| 318638 [sandro.pagan] === CODE START ===
| 318639 [sandro.pagan] === CODE START (FIX) ===
+ 318666 [jcoglan goog] Quick and dirty solution. Should really be able to factor this into a single
+ 318673 [doug dseifer] -Doug Seifert
+ 318983 [matt moss.na] Sorry, behind schedule again, summary coming tomorrow.

^ How to tell if two paths point to the same file?
318509 [kenneth.m.mc] I've tried using File.expand_path to normalize path names, but this
+ 318510 [nobu ruby-la] File.identical?
| 318516 [kenneth.m.mc] From the documentation, that seems to compare to different files to
| + 318520 [nobu ruby-la] It tells whether two files are an identical file, in other
| | + 318522 [mguterl gmai] File.identical?(file_1, file_2)   =>  true or false
| | + 318524 [higgs.bozo g] I think the terminology is misleading.  I had thought File.identical?
| | | 318539 [kenneth.m.mc] Right, my apologies to Nouyoshi. In English, "identical" typically
| | + 318545 [botp delmont] # >  From the documentation, that seems to compare to different=20
| |   318546 [nobu ruby-la] tils.
| + 318521 [b.candler po] Under Unix, you could do File.stat on each and see if ino and dev are
+ 318511 [ara.t.howard] Pathname.realpath(pathname)
+ 318512 [matt tidbits] Does Pathname#realpath help? m.

^ Object#instance_eval but better
318513 [r rcrowley.o] class Foo
+ 318515 [transfire gm] Ultimately, it's the same thing, whether you do it in Ruby or C. I
| 318591 [kbloom gmail] I can't imagine that it would be slower than simply loading the ruby
+ 318593 [ara.t.howard] reverse your logic: don't force the code to eval inside a context -

^ Aliasing vs Delegation
318514 [transfire gm] Which would you recommend for the implementation of a stub/mock lib?
318529 [transfire gm] An update to this question: In considering it most of the day, I've

^ XML Schema Parser
318517 [bob.riaz pea] Does anyone know of a Ruby xml schema parser? Looks like REXML will not
318518 [cdemyanovich] libxml-ruby might be worth a look: http://libxml.rubyforge.org/ .

^ [ANN] RubyMacros 0.1.0 Released
318523 [vikkous gmai] RubyMacros is a lisp-like macro pre-processor for Ruby. More than just a
+ 318548 [pit.capitain] Sounds interesting. When will you release some code to look at?
+ 318630 [ara.t.howard] only manipulating the syntax tree seems like a real advantage from
  319215 [vikkous gmai] Sorry for the late reply... I thought this thread had died.
  319233 [ara.t.howard] yeah - if they are really a lot faster it's worth considering but, for
  + 319237 [pit.capitain] irb(main):001:0> require "nolocal-spike"
  + 319261 [vikkous gmai] Ok, maybe I'm just being really dense here, but how does that help

^ [ANN] Sipper 1.1.3 Released
318525 [rubylearner ] 1.1.3 of SIPr pronounced as Sipper has been released earlier this month.

^ help with regular expressions
318526 [nairvan gmai] I'm fairly new to programming with regular expressions.  I would like
+ 318530 [s.korteling ] You don't need a regular expression for this. To select the lines which
| 318532 [cdemyanovich] Siep, I can't find any documentation on File#select, and IO#select is not
| + 318533 [mguterl gmai] It is a method from Enumerable.
| | 318534 [cdemyanovich] D'oh, didn't think of Enumerable for some reason. Time to learn more about
| + 318537 [caduceass gm] I couldn't find it explicitly in the docks either, but if you do
|   318544 [botp delmont] # I couldn't find it explicitly in the docks either, but if you do
|   318726 [nairvan gmai] Thanks to all!
+ 318540 [w_a_x_man ya] awk "/\//" myfile
+ 318541 [sepp2k googl] file.grep %r(/)

^ Is it to query foxruby
318528 [chen_li3 yah] Since FoxRuby is bundled with Ruby in window installer. Is it possible

^ ruby openssl "no config database"
318531 [ruby evenflo] I'm creating X509 certificates with ruby openssl. Everything worked

^ xmpp4r broken? examples out of date?
318535 [wonderdog gm] gem install xmpp4r

^ [ANN] RubyInline 3.8.1 Released
318536 [ryand-ruby z] RubyInline version 3.8.1 has been released!

^ [ANN] hoe 1.8.2 Released
318538 [ryand-ruby z] hoe version 1.8.2 has been released!

^ [ANN] Rubygame 2.4 released; Project seeking new maintainer
318542 [jacius gmail] 1. Rubygame 2.4 is now available

^ [ANN] Rack::Cache 0.2, Real HTTP caching for Ruby web apps
318543 [rtomayko gma] I'm pleased to announce the initial release of Rack::Cache, a piece of Rack

^ Word + win32ole - how to find formatting of a word?
318547 [mo_mail ongh] far, I'm able to extract the style and text of each paragraph.  That
318559 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Mohit,
318597 [mo_mail ongh] Thanks for replying!  Converting to HTML and working with that is my
318606 [mo_mail ongh] words = doc.Words
318628 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Mohit,
318642 [mo_mail ongh] Thanks for your reply again!  Yes, it's good to find the answer yourself

^ Conditionally Including Methods From A Module?
318549 [kennycarruth] Is there a way to include only certain methods from a module instead
+ 318551 [mike.gold.44] Not directly.  In general, methods are part of the same module for a
| 318586 [kennycarruth] Thanks so much for the post Mike, very much appreciated and a great
+ 318589 [djberg96 gma] Yep.
+ 324212 [djberg96 gma] gem install use

^ Re: RubyMacros 0.1.0 Released
318550 [micathom gma] I was close to asking the very same question. But then I saw "gem
318571 [vikkous gmai] Sorry, I didn't include any urls since I didn't have the rubyforge
318590 [raganwald gm] The use of "with" is a deliberate design choice. Rather than making

^ Join all text files in a folder, with a single line of Ruby code
318552 [luisbebop gm] I did a single line of code in Ruby, which joins all text files in a
+ 318553 [b.candler po] system("cat *.txt >bigfile")
| + 318560 [shortcutter ] Why not directly invoke "cat" from the shell prompt? :-)
| | 318562 [luisbebop gm] 'Case I'm learning Ruby , and I wanna see some snippets to make some
| + 318598 [mo_mail ongh] and on Windows
+ 318554 [dblack rubyp] Dir["*.txt"].each {|f| merged_file.print(File.read(f)) }
+ 318556 [w_a_x_man ya] ruby -e"puts ARGF.to_a" *.txt >merged
  + 318557 [b.candler po] Note that 'puts' will add a newline to the end of each file which
  + 318563 [luisbebop gm] Without loops, it's very nice!
  + 318564 [shortcutter ] There's also
  | + 318567 [luisbebop gm] I got your point. We need an one loop, to be more efficient.
  | + 318753 [john.carter ] If we're into fast and ugly...
  + 318574 [vjoel path.b] ARGV.replace Dir['*']; print ARGF.read
    318607 [nobu ruby-la] ruby -pe 'BEGIN{ARGV.replace Dir["*"]}'
    318622 [vjoel path.b] ruby -pe'1' *
    318640 [luisbebop gm] Can you explain ? Sorry, but I didn't understand.
    318641 [vjoel path.b] If you run this in a shell, the * expands to all files. The -p switch
    318647 [botp delmont] # >> ruby -pe'1' *
    318648 [vjoel path.b] Ah, you're right. I tried
    318651 [nobu ruby-la] I often use -ep to get rid of quotes and "unused literal"
    318654 [botp delmont] # I often use -ep to get rid of quotes and "unused literal"
    318661 [nobu ruby-la] You needs -p option.
    318662 [botp delmont] # > i just tried that nobu, but it gives no output
    318665 [nobu ruby-la] Each -e needs a following expression, so 'p' after it is
    + 318670 [luisbebop gm] Thanks for all replies. A lot of interesting solutions!
    + 318671 [botpena gmai] dumb me. all the time i thought the quotes were required for -e and

^ Drafting of Ruby International Standard
318555 [shugo ruby-l] I have news to tell you today.
+ 318558 [cdemyanovich] Is your extraction of the language specification from the various
| + 318566 [Bil.Kleb-use] Same questions came to mind.  IMHO, an executable spec is the
| + 318584 [matz ruby-la] It's a separate work.
|   318616 [jballanc gma] Good to hear you weigh in on this topic...
|   318619 [matz ruby-la] Our goal is establish open standard for Ruby language.  ISO Ruby
|   318786 [shugo.maeda ] =A0
+ 318561 [shortcutter ] These are really interesting news!
  318780 [shugo.maeda ] Thank you.