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^ Threading best practices?
318166 [francis.ramm] I am developing a small GUI application using jruby. It will be used
318168 [shortcutter ] What does the rest of the application do in the meantime?
318173 [francis.ramm] Anything that the user is doing at that time. I want to avoid freezing
318183 [david koontz] ss
318277 [francis.ramm] the
318281 [david koontz] Much apologies for the tutorial videos not working.  We did a bit of server

^ timer
318167 [angico angic] Can anybody tell me how to implement kind of a timer in Ruby, similar to
+ 318170 [shortcutter ] Here's a simple one
+ 318171 [b.candler po] Thread.new { loop { handler; sleep 0.2 } }
+ 318176 [vjoel path.b] It's pretty simple, and it corrects for the time taken by the handler.

^ Can anyone tell me why my code isn't working?
318179 [adam_penny h] For some reason the get_mac_by_printer(host_name) method isn't working.
+ 318181 [adam_penny h] Solved it.
+ 318202 [b.candler po] No, nothing to do with variable scoping.
  + 318209 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):002:0> a = [{:name => "a", :value => 3}, {:name => "b",
  + 318211 [b.candler po] def foo

^ REXML and Empty-Elements
318180 [twism113 yah] I have been using REXML to help me merge some XML files. I noticed that
318197 [shortcutter ] Better use the block form of File.open here.

^ Manual Testing
318182 [adamanderson] I'm trying to figure out a good way to incorporate manual testing into
+ 318204 [damphyr free] Shameless plug: Check http://patir.rubyforge.org/rutema for a way to
+ 318810 [adamanderson] I released the gist as the horrible gem.

^ i like to watch my wife - Free Video
318187 [tngloucester] i like to watch my wife

^ moms screwing - Free Video
318188 [tngloucester] moms screwing

^ miley cyrus upskirt - Free Video
318189 [tngloucester] miley cyrus upskirt

^ emma watson upskirt - Free Video
318190 [tngloucester] emma watson upskirt

^ GC patch for 1.9 to run in a separate thread
318191 [rogerpack200] All righty. Here is a patch for anyone adventurous [a diff against ruby
318210 [nobu ruby-la] It seems interesting, but couldn't you clean it up a little?

^ [ANN] rspec 1.1.9 Released
318193 [dchelimsky g] rspec version 1.1.9 has been released!
+ 318292 [rogerpack200] Thanks for rspec--it totally rocks.  The stubbing mechanism and the
+ 318475 [charles.nutt] It seems the spec task somehow depends on spicycode-rcov, which is not

^ [ANN] rspec-rails 1.1.9 Released
318194 [dchelimsky g] rspec-rails version 1.1.9 has been released!

^ Macos sucking up the universe!
318196 [leslieviljoe] I have a small ppc MacMini, and I decided to try and get a nice Ruby
318214 [no spam.plea] Macports is the go, fink unnecessary. Can't say how big the

^ what's different between self.method and class << self?
318200 [g.zhen.ning ] we can define a instance method in lots way.
+ 318226 [wpdster gmai] I asked this same question just a couple of weeks ago.  The answers I was
| 318227 [g.zhen.ning ] what's the meaning of saves some typing????
| 318228 [wpdster gmai] def self.method
+ 318254 [ shot hot.pl] class Example
  318258 [ shot hot.pl] =E2=80=A6or use something like Rails=E2=80=99 cattr_* accessors =E2=80=93 b=

^ Ruby way to take some action only once in a loop?
318215 [dolzenko gma] This example is slightly contrived, but I hope it does illustrate the question.
318224 [nobu ruby-la] if (first=true)..false and first
318225 [shortcutter ] Amazing!
318231 [jftran rubyf] This is awesome, but I don't get all
318233 [lloyd 2live4] You do not say if the "do once" code must rely on something obtained in
318234 [list.rb gmai] 1.times {
318243 [dolzenko gma] The most embarrassing fact about Nobu's solution is its all in Pickaxe
318247 [jftran rubyf] thanks for the explanations.

^ New opportunities To get jobs
318218 [bschools.dim] Delhi Institute of Management & Services

^ DRB: can't run subshell in drb server?
318219 [ittay.dror g] I have a script with
318223 [ittay.dror g] Further analysis shows that the reason is that my path contains a

^ Problems with "scruffy"
318222 [ansuga gmail] I've the last one-click installer and the scruffy gem. And if I try to
318230 [mguterl gmai] T24gVHVlLCBPY3QgMjEsIDIwMDggYXQgNzoyNyBBTSwgQW5kcsOpcyBTdcOhcmV6IDxhbnN1Z2FA
318232 [ansuga gmail] Thanks Michael, I didn't know that "builder" was a gem. Now the error

318235 [kddhayanithi] ...

^ Cygwin: Dir.glob ALWAYS accesses floppy??
318237 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I'm finding under Cygwin, with
318269 [keeperotphon] If cygwin is installed on your c drive, then you will want to avoid
318276 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I'm avoiding that, I'm doing
318297 [shortcutter ] Welcome back, Hugh!
318311 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I'll probably disappear again soon, the traffic levels are rather
318353 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I've not done this yet, partly because there is a Huge amount of output
318397 [shortcutter ] I would be searching for "/cygdrive/a" and see what you get.  If that
318417 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Thanks.

^ Stripping characters off a string
318240 [chy.causer g] I know this is an easy question, but I want to know the best way to do this
+ 318242 [hgs dmu.ac.u] irb(main):001:0> str = "80/tcp"
+ 318244 [dolzenko gma] Isn't it like
  318248 [chy.causer g] Brilliant. Thanks Evgeniy, thanks Hugh.
  318265 [shevegen lin] your_string = "abcdef" # => "abcdef"
  318278 [chy.causer g] Does that really work Marc? I always thought that
  318279 [sepp2k googl] Yes, it does. If you copy and paste that code into irb, you'll see the exac=
  318280 [chy.causer g] Ah, now I see. I missed the ='' on the second line.

^ packing algorithm in Ruby
318241 [jds340 gmail] I have a simple problem in Rails, I need to pack lists of things onto
+ 318245 [hgs dmu.ac.u] might be one way to solve it then
+ 318268 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear John,
  318291 [jds340 gmail] Axel
  + 318299 [calamitates ] A way to solve your problem goes as follows. First write a method
  | 318304 [jds340 gmail] Luckily my data set is so small I don't need to worry about complexity
  + 318305 [shortcutter ] And this is by far not a "simple case" as you said in your first

^ Sugestion - Background process
318246 [marcelo.mach] Before reply Backgroundrb, leaves to explain my situation. I need make a
318262 [gethemant gm] =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D"

^ gems 1.3.0 updates itself every time?
318249 [ news jay.fm] On both my Mac (OS X 10.5.5) and my Linux box (Fedora Core 9), gems 1.2
+ 318252 [yaserbuntu g] The same thing happens with me on my Ubuntu 8.04 installation.
+ 318270 [drbrain segm] But it's not a high priority.  Other than wasting some time, this

^ Ruby on Rails Programmer - Austin, TX
318250 [heathers ame] Ruby on Rails Programmer - Otherinbox

^ Ruby on Rails Jr Programmer - Austin, TX
318251 [heathers ame] Ruby on Rails Junior Programmer/Tester - Otherinbox

^ Where is libopenssl-ruby
318255 [ruby.student] While installing Rails, I came across the fact that I need this library,
+ 318261 [hgs dmu.ac.u] What is your package manager? yum,rpm,apt-get,...?
| 318266 [ruby.student] I've been using rpm under Suse. But I am open to any suggestions.
| 318273 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I can never remember the options for rpm as I last used it over a
+ 318272 [b.candler po] Are you positive? That sounds like a Debian/Ubuntu package to me. Are

^ Help with regular expression
318256 [ruby.student] Team,
+ 318257 [dolzenko gma] /\b[A-Z]+$/
| + 318259 [Rob AgileCon] I think you want to use
| | 318275 [b.candler po] while read firstword rest; do
| | 318333 [ruby.student] Thanks to everyone for your help and recommendations!
| + 318260 [hgs dmu.ac.u] s/not//
|   318267 [ruby.student] Thanks to everyone for your help!
+ 318271 [b.candler po] man sed

^ Odd unit test error
318264 [kenneth.m.mc] It's the part about "uncaught throw 'invalid_test'" that I don't get.
318274 [b.candler po] Can you post the whole backtrace? And what code causes this error?

^ convert html to image
318282 [cjokomay gma] I would like to take an html file, or even just an html string, and
+ 318432 [ jupp gmx.de] Shall the image show (possibly syntax highlighted) HTML source or rendered
| 318490 [jlgonzalez20] d =A0
| 318499 [shevegen lin] I would like to ask this too - is there a somewhat easy way to
+ 318508 [ara.t.howard] look at the image magick label functions, it's possible that alone
+ 318669 [mark thomasz] If you're talking about web page thumbnails (not sure about the OP but

^ Get 10000$+Bonus Without Investment.
318283 [tsrinuvasulu] hai,

^ Any serious attempts at ruby-to-javascript converters ongoing?
318284 [kenneth.m.mc] I know that Ruby to JavaScript compilers have been played with a
318285 [mguterl gmai] Red might be of interest to you.

^ [ANN] Trollop 1.10 released
318286 [wmorgan-ruby] Trollop version 1.10 has been released!
318321 [han.holl gma] @@ -580,6 +580,11 @@
318382 [wmorgan-ruby] I've added something similar, thanks! (Had to go in a different place.)

^ Should I use instance_eval or block.call
318289 [sentinel.200] I am writing a library that will be used by others. Have been reading a
318298 [shortcutter ] This is also true for block.call - it's just another instance. :-)

^ Re: Trollop 1.10 released
318290 [rogerpack200] Thanks for trollop.  It has quickly become quite popular at my
318396 [wmorgan-ruby] Glad to hear it!
318413 [l.peduto gma] great gem!
318447 [wmorgan-ruby] The irritating thing about releasing a new version is that you
+ 318449 [l.peduto gma] Thank you
+ 318453 [ryand-ruby z] ...
  318454 [wmorgan-ruby] And why I use it!

^ $LOAD_PATH and different OSes
318294 [lists gregwi] Looking for best practice guidance on dealing with differing paths to
318300 [boesemar gmx] I suggest to use rubygems, even if you don't write libraries or plan to=20
318355 [lists gregwi] I have considered gems (still unsure how to 'serve' them privately), but
318358 [mguterl gmai] Make sure you're doing "require 'rubygems'" at the top of your script
318361 [lists gregwi] Aha! That puts some pieces together. Thanks.

^ my coolest downloader
318295 [fiona_castil] and music..but downloading is very hassle you must need to wait an hour

^ Why ??
318296 [kdream95 gme] ## in irb
318313 [transfire gm] The toplevel object (aka 'main') delegates some module-equivalent
318314 [sepp2k googl] As far as I'm aware it "delegates" only alias, undef, def, module and class.
318359 [transfire gm] On Oct 22, 7:25=A0am, Sebastian Hungerecker <sep...@googlemail.com>

^ extending object with another object
318301 [ittay.dror g] How is it possible to extend an object using another object?
+ 318303 [b.candler po] It depends exactly on what you're trying to achieve.
| 318310 [ittay.dror g] I want just to get the methods defined in the second object, something like
| 318356 [b.candler po] But I still don't know what the *purpose* of this is, i.e. what actual
+ 318362 [transfire gm] You have to use delegation. Look up delegate.rb.

^ rexml create a tag with literal characters
318302 [onno faber.n] I'm having a problem finding out how to parse literal characters into a
318307 [shortcutter ] require 'rexml/document'

^ Is there a method_eval or similar thing ?
318309 [sentinel.200] I have a method called askyesno which takes a string and returns whether
+ 318315 [sandro.pagan] class Ask
| 318316 [sentinel.200] Thanks, I will be using this whereever there are classes, but would like
| 318317 [gregory.t.br] Sorry to self-promote, but you may want to use HighLine or at least
| + 318320 [sentinel.200] Ah. that's fine :-) I incidentally have been studying *a lot* of code in
| + 318344 [driodeiros g] Is this the main source repository: git://
|   318348 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II
+ 318418 [b.candler po] As you have already realised, you need somewhere to store the bindings
  + 318419 [b.candler po] Oops, I missed a comma from the end of the second line.
  + 318430 [sentinel.200] That is something which immediately struck me as a possibility since I
    318437 [gregory.t.br] How about this? (Someone suggested before using an object to abstract
    318471 [sentinel.200] Looks awesome ! May i use it, with credits of course.
    318474 [gregory.t.br] Sure, no credit necessary, it's fairly generic.  Enjoy!

^ Include code (conditionally) in a class and its subclasses
318318 [fredini hotm] Is there a way to include code in a class and all its subclasses and get
318319 [fredini hotm] Sorry,this is wrong

^ What exactly does "rubyish" or "ruby way" mean?
318323 [sentinel.200] Over the last month I have been reading a lot of blogs, searching, going
+ 318326 [caduceass gm] I avoid phrases like "ruby way" or words like "rubyish" simply because
+ 318327 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Ruby is a [programming] language.  To do things in the ruby way means
+ 318328 [lloyd 2live4] In short, I believe that a program is "rubyish" when it is the language
+ 318331 [shortcutter ] I cannot come up with a clear cut definition, but simplicity is
| 318334 [sentinel.200] Thanks a lot for all the tips.
| 318415 [b.candler po] Ruby has both :-) That is, you will find both getoptlong.rb and
| 318427 [sentinel.200] I *did* mean ruby's getoptlong.
+ 318360 [transfire gm] 1. However something is done in Ruby.
  318388 [sentinel.200] So my code and the user of the library should have the least code to
  318406 [shortcutter ] I'd add that simplicity for the user of the lib is more important than
  318414 [robert.dober] And it might be one of the rare occasion where performance counts.

^ Broken Gems on Windows (still)
318324 [johnts chart] (I realized I posted this originally on the Rails mailing list, when it
318336 [djberg96 gma] Looks like eventmachine is a C extension. You either don't have a
318351 [johnts chart] Whoops...forgot to mention.. I do have (various version) of Visual
318352 [djberg96 gma] Hm. I had to make one (seemingly unrelated) tweak to em.cpp to build

^ [ANN] hoe 1.8.1 Released
318329 [ryand-ruby z] hoe version 1.8.1 has been released!

^ Rake "sh" does not echo command
318330 [brock.ryceng] From what I have read, I would expect the ruby/rake "sh" command to echo
318335 [wpdster gmai] # I like to see the shell commands as they are executed
318337 [brock.ryceng] Thanks Patrick.

^ Processing postgres table
318332 [dbw aber.ac.] I'm using the ruby-postgres gem as ruby-pg isn't installing & as there
318429 [shortcutter ] SELECT question_stem, count(*)

^ What is Ruby equivalent of Python's ' if __name__ == "__main__" '
318338 [kenneth.m.mc] In Python, I can use the test indicated in the subject line to
+ 318341 [stephen.dunc] if $PROGRAM_NAME == __FILE__
+ 318342 [jgabrielygal] if __FILE__ == $0

^ Rake: How do I Override Var's Used by a Rule?
318339 [brock.ryceng] For our rakefile system, we would like to have the ability to build
318343 [brock.ryceng] As usual, right after I finally decide to post something to a forum, I
+ 318345 [brock.ryceng] This is really starting to feel like I am having a conversation with
| 318346 [mguterl gmai] OPT1 = ENV['OPT1'] || 'default value'
| 318363 [brock.ryceng] Thanks Michael. That does help, and that's what I was looking for.
+ 318349 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I'd make them global variables, just to make them stand out, show they

^ Re: Where is libopenssl-ruby - For Rails install - UPDATED!
318340 [ruby.student] Well Team, you might be correct!That been said, I got this error while
318347 [hgs dmu.ac.u] rpm {-i|--install} [install-options] PACKAGE_FILE ...

^ [ANN] rubyforge 1.0.1 Released
318350 [ryand-ruby z] rubyforge version 1.0.1 has been released!

^ Ruby library for audio/video mixing?
318354 [cohen.jeff g] Just a shot in the dark here, but i might help on a project where they
318366 [james.britt ] Let us know what you think.
318438 [cohen.jeff g] Thanks, James - I'll check those out!

^ jruby/netbeans file suffix question
318364 [kenneth.m.mc] I'm getting interested in the Ruby Red project, which translates Ruby
318365 [kenneth.m.mc] Correction, I meant "Ruby Red", not JRuby. I've been spending too much

^ subclass a class in the namespace of the that subclass
318367 [transfire gm] Ever get stuck on a problem, and then after staring at it for way too
+ 318368 [pit.capitain] y = Class.new
| 318381 [transfire gm] Thanks Pit (and David),
| 318383 [dblack rubyp] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
+ 318369 [dblack rubyp] How about this?
| 318384 [transfire gm] (see my response to the Captain)
+ 318370 [jcoglan goog] Could you make Y a module?
| 318385 [transfire gm] That's probably the most justifiable approach under the circumstances
+ 318387 [ara.t.howard] class Y
+ 318407 [shortcutter ] Aren't you introducing a circular dependency here?  I'd try to avoid