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^ Unable to trap C-z, C-y, C-s and C-q
317574 [sentinel.200] I need to trap ^Y, ^Z, ^S, ^Q etc in my app. Have googled a lot but
+ 317585 [sentinel.200] I finally found a workaround.
| 317603 [fiacre.patri] You can't catch SIGKILL or SIGSTOP ... has nothing to do with Ruby.
+ 317625 [fox nscl.msu] probbably best to set the terminal to raw mode if this is unix as I
  317626 [sentinel.200] Thanks to your tip, I just checked curses.raw(), and *there* it is !!!

^ Ruby audio API (hopefully in a new thread, sorry for the duplication)
317583 [joe talkhous] I'm looking for a Ruby audio API.  Is there a good one already
317597 [ben bleythin] Let's start with this... what do you want it to do?  Do you want to
317600 [joe talkhous] I'd like to use it for capturing audio for speech recognition.

^ status of cache in Memoizable
317586 [matt tidbits] [Backstory, skip if desired:]
+ 317592 [cremes.devli] define_method(name) { |*args| cache[args] ||= send(original, *args) }
+ 317594 [james graypr] That variable is kept alive thanks to the magic of closures.  The
  317602 [matt tidbits] Great answer, thanks! m.

^ How to open a file with win32ole
317595 [chen_li3 yah] I want to open a file via win32ole. I find the method 'Open' there but
317604 [gpygood 126.] require 'win32ole'
317634 [chen_li3 yah] Thank you very much for the tips. It is so sweet.

^ Using DBI and MySQL gems
317601 [oherrmann gm] I thought using rubygems that to use the dbi and mysql to access a MySQL
+ 317677 [erik hollens] Unless rubygems has (recently) changed, the 'gem' command doesn't issue
| 317703 [oherrmann gm] Hmmmm... that definitely does not work. When I say "require 'dbi'" it
| 317707 [erik hollens] Is this 1.9? I'm not sure how rubygems would be automatically required
| + 317720 [oherrmann gm] No, I'm 1.8.6... some patch level. I have been doing a lot of testing in
| | 317742 [oherrmann gm] $ ruby -v
| | 317842 [erik hollens] Nah, the book is just old. :) I'm fairly certain I never built an
| + 317837 [gregory.t.br] Via RUBY_OPT
+ 317900 [erik hollens] I just wanted to address this because... it's been driving me nuts all
| 317980 [oherrmann gm] What about the mysql package? Don't you have to do something to load
| 324463 [grehom ntlwo] Did this ever get solved?  I have just built a new setup and wanted to
+ 324465 [dmail pfxcor] require 'DBI'
  324468 [erik hollens] gem 'dbd-mysql'
  342832 [helio.cola g] Hey all...

^ Problem with bind for Socket class
317606 [fekete melko] I have following problem, I'm playing with socket class and I wanted to
317610 [shortcutter ] I remember that on some OS (or particular versions) socket cleanout is
317611 [fekete melko] Yes you are right, after circa 5 minutes it works again. So you say it is
+ 317616 [shortcutter ] Maybe.  You would have to check the web for the particular version of
+ 317617 [antonin.aman] On Oct 14, 8:34=A0am, Vladimir Fekete <fek...@melkor.dnp.fmph.uniba.sk>
  317620 [fekete melko] nope, no help. I still have to wait.

^ Using Net SSH to issue command on remote windows XP
317607 [syeddula cod] I want to issue window's DOS commands like "dir, cp, del..."
+ 317614 [bad_good_lio] what is your source(current) machine is it linux or windows ?
| 317618 [syeddula cod] My source/Current machine is Windows
+ 317624 [phasis gmail] Try psexec.exe ( download at http://live.sysinternals.com/psexec.exe )
  317639 [syeddula cod] Thanks Park !
  + 317674 [phasis gmail] What's your problem with Net SSH?
  + 317681 [robert.dober] Sure can
    317726 [syeddula cod] I have done as quoted by Park.
    317745 [phasis gmail] MjAwOC8xMC8xNiBTYXJpdGhhIFllZGR1bGEgPHN5ZWRkdWxhQGNvZGVncmVlbm5ldHdvcmtzLmNv

^ rubygame / RUDL / Gosu
317619 [severus post] I work on a few ruby games just for fun and use RUDL as my display libr=
317636 [gregory.t.br] y. It seems Rubygame and Gosu are more popular than RUDL. Does anybody know=

^ Threads
317621 [phyprabab ya] threads = []
+ 317622 [phyprabab ya] Never mind, I resolved the issue by reading a bit more.  Sorry to waste the thread.
| 317629 [rhkramer gma] Can you share with us?
| 317633 [piyush.pr gm] I think the reason is that there is nothing called thread.id and thats why
| + 317638 [shortcutter ] Now, this is strange reasoning.  If we're guessing: the reason is more
| + 317648 [phyprabab ya] threads = []
|   317652 [higgs.bozo g] I think your code still isn't quite what you want.  Try
+ 317887 [rogerpack200] Try adding a Thread.abort_on_exception = true to the top.

^ ERB: Format for trim_mode string
317623 [farrel.lifso] In the documentation for ERB.new
326551 [wujunchen gm] maybe your <% ruby code %> must start at the beginning of the line,there

^ Actual directory
317627 [jonas.esp go] Why is used *File.dirname(__FILE__)* instead of simply '.' ?
317628 [antonin.aman] Cause your current directory '.' is not always the location of the

^ Permissions at creating directory
317641 [jonas.esp go] Why a new directory is ignoring my permissions?
+ 317655 [mickmon gmai] Instead of 711, try 0711.
| 317660 [jonas.esp go] I had tried too as with 0700 but nothing.
+ 317680 [b.candler po] So what's "your system"? (i.e. OS and Ruby version)
  317691 [jonas.esp go] Thanks! You gave me the idea.

^ User home
317642 [jonas.esp go] Is there any method to get the value of user home which in Linux would
317644 [jgabrielygal] ENV['HOME']
+ 317647 [jonas.esp go] On 14 oct, 17:31, Jes=FAs Gabriel y Gal=E1n <jgabrielyga...@gmail.com>
+ 317666 [henrik nyh.s] T24gVHVlLCBPY3QgMTQsIDIwMDggYXQgNjozMSBQTSwgSmVzw7pzIEdhYnJpZWwgeSBHYWzDoW4K

^ File hidden
317643 [jonas.esp go] Is there any way of create a hidden file without have any problem in
317646 [keeperotphon] attrib +h <filename.ext>

^ [ANN] BackgrounDRb release 1.1
317645 [gethemant gm] * Much better start/stop functioanlity for BackgrounDRb server

^ Get system name
317649 [jonas.esp go] Is there any method that returns the operating sytem being used?
317650 [keeperotphon] Check out the Ruby Constants... PLATFORM could be one.
317653 [higgs.bozo g] The constant is RUBY_PLATFORM.
+ 317654 [mark cortex-] That's a great alias!  I wish I'd thought of it.
| 317657 [jonas.esp go] I haven't that constant, but 'target_os'.
| 317665 [higgs.bozo g] RUBY_PLATFORM is a top-level constant, apart from Config::CONFIG.
+ 317667 [djberg96 gma] I recommend against this because of JRuby (and probably IronRuby).
  317668 [higgs.bozo g] I wonder if RUBY_PLATFORM should be deprecated, then?
  317910 [jonas.esp go] $ ruby -e 'require "rbconfig"; p Config::CONFIG["host_os"],

^ autoload with rubygems?
317651 [matt tidbits] I'm sure this has been asked before but I couldn't find an actual

^ Remove only TRAILING whitespace
317658 [eric.ramsey ] Is there any way to only remove trailing white space from a string. I
+ 317659 [higgs.bozo g] irb(main):001:0> "sldkfj       ".sub(/\s+\Z/, "")
+ 317661 [lyle lylejoh] String#rstrip will remove just the white space on the end (the "right"
+ 317662 [sdball gmail] str = "  string  "
  317663 [eric.ramsey ] Thank you all for your fast help.

^ What i can change to the design of my site ?
317664 [el.bandito89] It is good the black bg ?

^ Stray questions
317669 [krause1963 g] I've been googling and go through the forum, and I can't find the
317671 [krause1963 g] I'll post it there

^ ERuby.import using vars
317670 [peter iwebsl] I'm trying to use ERuby.import with a var in the path. Is this possible?
317672 [Daniel.vanHo] PiBJJ20gdHJ5aW5nIHRvIHVzZSBFUnVieS5pbXBvcnQgd2l0aCBhIHZhciBpbiB0aGUgcGF0aC4g
317719 [peter iwebsl] Many thanks.

^ Multiple Processors on Windows 64-bit
317673 [btrichardson] Does anyone know if it's possible to force multiple Ruby applications to
+ 317678 [shortcutter ] The default for the OS scheduler (even on Windows) is to distribute
| 317688 [btricha gmai] Thanks for the reply Robert.  I'm accessing a MySQL database from the
| 317692 [shortcutter ] Probably.  This depends on your network connectivity, how MySQL is
| 317705 [btricha gmai] Well, I'm not sure the 'start /affinity' approach is fixing my problem
| 317728 [shortcutter ] Well, what did you expect?  Even if you set affinity, OS scheduling
| 317730 [btricha gmai] I didn't really know what to expect... I'm not a low-level OS guy so I
| 317754 [shortcutter ] No problem.  I just wanted to explain my difficulties in coming up with
+ 317679 [phasis gmail] On Windows 2003 or later, you can manually set CPU affinity using
  317689 [btricha gmai] Thanks Park.  I will definitely try this out.

^ Re: XMPP client with Ruby
317675 [veeraa2003 y] I can send IM to only by setting presence status, But my account have
317676 [ochomoz gmai] Veera,
317682 [veeraa2003 y] No problem, thanks for instant reply. If I can solve the issue, I'l keep

^ Slow IO on Windows
317683 [ittay.dror g] I'm running a Ruby script which loads about 80 ruby files through
317693 [shortcutter ] Are those files on a network file system?  Do you have a virus scanner?

^ Xml Decleration using builder
317684 [dbw aber.ac.] I'm trying to create an XML file and I don't see any way with the
317685 [henrik nyh.s] xml.declare! :DOCTYPE, :questestinterop, :SYSTEM, 'ims_qtiasiv1p2.dtd'
317812 [dbw aber.ac.] xml.render_choice do
317864 [kbloom gmail] Just add a block on the call to render_choice

^ mechanize - could not loading RubyGem hoe...
317686 [rubynewbie y] I installed mechanize as follows : 'gem install mechanize'
317687 [mark thomasz] Just a wild guess...
317690 [rubynewbie y] Maybe a wild guess...but certainly a good guess...It works !
317704 [chen_li3 yah] I installed mechanize as follows : 'gem install mechanize'=0A=0AI tried usi=

^ Lame question about instance variable and attribute
317694 [donn cmscms.] Assuming an attribute :field is defined, is there a processing
+ 317695 [jgabrielygal] @field accessed the instance variable directly, while self.field calls
| 317697 [donn cmscms.] On Oct 15, 9:56=A0am, Jes=FAs Gabriel y Gal=E1n <jgabrielyga...@gmail.com>
| + 317698 [dblack rubyp] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| + 317700 [tpreal gmail] I think never. The exception is when the setter or getter is nontrivial
+ 317702 [bdondo gmail] In terms of speed, it's very close, but using @field is slightly
| 317724 [donn cmscms.] =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0real
+ 317727 [b.candler po] Remember that you don't have to write "self.field" - "field" by itself

^ Rubyscript2exe and "extra" scripts
317696 [damnbigman g] I have a script that has been "compiled" using rubyscript2exe and that

^ Any news on ArachnoRuby / Scriptolutions / Lothar Scholtz
317699 [donn cmscms.] Lothar appears to have disappeared.  His last blog entry was back in
317712 [w_a_x_man ya] He programs in Eiffel, and he posted in that newsgroup
317743 [mao-wj dalia] undescribe

^ Problem stored values in Oracle
317706 [mario betwar] If I enter in my website the value ƥI9ơ'Pt    the last character is
317950 [mario betwar] I found the problem.
318106 [shortcutter ] It's probably also a good idea to check character encoding of the
318114 [mario betwar] How can I check the encoding, encode and decode?
318117 [shortcutter ] If the column type is NVARCHAR2 it's Unicode.  For more info, please
318118 [mario betwar] Thanks a lot.

^ Setting Environmental Variables in Ruby script
317708 [johnsheahan ] I have a scipt that executes a shell command that requires my
+ 317710 [sepp2k googl] ENV["varname"] = "value"
| 317714 [johnsheahan ] Thanks Sebastian...my ruby script takes all the variables without error
+ 317711 [ara.t.howard] #! /bin/bash --login

^ Mechanize and XPath
317709 [rubynewbie y] Is there a way to select links in a scraped mechanize page using XPath
317713 [peter rubyra] charset=US-ASCII;
328661 [leahy16 gmai] Wait a minute, it says the total opposite on the Mechanize page.  But it

^ Private methods fail when called from CGI
317718 [stephen.g.da] Something has really been perplexing to me when trying to use Ruby CGI.

^ Statistic quantile formula or class needed
317721 [neuholger go] I am searching for a ruby class/method to calculate quantile
317955 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear neuholger,

^ (none)
317723 [mpenrow gmai] unsubscribe

^ Could not find RubyGem - because it's not a gem
317729 [djberg96 gma] Sorry, a bit of a cross-post here, because I'm not sure if this is a
+ 317750 [sathish.sale] both library are different
| 317802 [djberg96 gma] On Oct 15, 11:06=A0pm, Sniper Abandon <sathish.salem.1...@gmail.com>
| 317845 [erik hollens] Hey Dan,
+ 318902 [djberg96 gma] ach'

^ [ANN] Mr Bones 2.1.0 (Palimpsest)
317734 [tim.pease gm] Mr Bones version 2.1.0

^ Diff for 2 Text Files
317735 [johnsheahan ] Is there an easy way available in Ruby to compare two text files and
+ 317736 [alex deletem] ...
| 317749 [ryand-ruby z] he said "easy"
| 317763 [johnsheahan ] DOAH! :-)
+ 317777 [ jupp gmx.de] %x(diff file1 file2) # Unix/Linux
  317865 [johnsheahan ] now that's what I call "easy" :-)
  319473 [mark markmcb] You can expand on this approach if you're outputting to an html view
  + 338006 [myschizobudd] how about visual diff like the image
  + 344271 [nathan myobi] I found a good module for this a long time ago. I keep it on my github,

^ [ANN] Dorothy 0.0.1 -- A Z-Machine interpreter library
317740 [eki vying.or] = Dorothy

^ writing emacs commands with your fav lang
317741 [xahlee gmail] Here's a little tutorial that lets you write emacs commands for

^ shoes alert(): "Shoes says:"
317748 [jorrel gmail] When you called 'alert' in shoes, it says in the popup "Shoes says:".
317948 [why ruby-lan] I don't have a way of altering the title, but that's a good idea,
318052 [jorrel gmail] wow thanks!

^ Re: [QUIZ] Uptime Since... (#174)
317751 [hjast89 gmai] charset=us-ascii;

^ Performance metrics
317752 [barjunk attg] Someone that likes perl showed this to me the other day.
317778 [jan.svitok g] Search the archive (http://www.google.sk/search?q=ruby-talk+shootout).
317868 [barjunk attg] =3Drub...

^ Re: Help with leap year programing
317755 [stanbench gm] I have a little modification, I included the minutes in a year.
317756 [keeperotphon] better for the assignment.  You are greatly improving, by the way!
317757 [stanbench gm] Thanks Vic,

^ Big endian convention in Ruby
317758 [z4n9ief gmai] I would like to convert an input (like a file, or a password) into
317767 [shortcutter ] This will give you an array of integer byte values.  I am not sure where
317772 [z4n9ief gmai] Thanks you for you answer.
317800 [b.candler po] ri String#unpack
317820 [shortcutter ] Or use "N" and combine, e.g.
317936 [z4n9ief gmai] Thank you all for your help.
317946 [b.candler po] No. The message itself isn't treated as a 64-bit integer, only the
+ 317947 [b.candler po] Just to make this clearer: the padding operation just pads the message
| 318322 [cyberbaggage] Firstly, forgive me for continuing the topic of SHA-1 here.. but I found
| 318357 [b.candler po] "Integer-Hex" doesn't really mean anything.
| 318456 [cyberbaggage] Pretty much did on the same lines and Instead of N16 I unpacked it as
| 318459 [b.candler po] The only answer I can give is trite: "because there is a bug in your
| 318463 [cyberbaggage] The following is the code that I have set.... I figured that the fix for
| 318479 [b.candler po] Then it's not working perfectly, is it?
| 318480 [b.candler po] ... and I also suggest you start with the message padding. For example,
+ 317953 [z4n9ief gmai] My apology, I had made a confusion between the length of the message and
  318059 [b.candler po] I believe you'll need B*. The letter "A" should unpack to 01000001 (MSB
  318306 [z4n9ief gmai] Many Thanks for all your answers, Brian Candler. I am going to work as

^ How to go from a ruby script to a working website?
317759 [esmero gmail] As you've probably guessed by the title, total newbie here.
+ 317762 [Daniel.vanHo] WW91IGNvdWxkIHVzZSB0aGUgTWVyYi1jb3JlIGluIGNvbWJpbmF0aW9uIHdpdGggdGhlIHBhc3Nl
| 317764 [has.sox gmai] php
+ 317793 [transfire gm] start with cgi.rb
+ 317797 [jim.mckercha] Take a look at one of the frameworks that has been built on top of Ruby
| 318078 [perrin apoth] =20
+ 317803 [b.candler po] For a one-pager app, look at Sinatra. I've only given it a quick try,
+ 317836 [mguterl gmai] Vintage may be of interest to you, although the documentation seems to
+ 317860 [esmero gmail] Thanks for all the replies.
| + 317861 [has.sox gmai] You can use erb or haml for your views.  It depends on what you're
| + 317863 [mguterl gmai] I think merb is a great choice.
+ 318081 [perrin apoth] For extremely simple stuff -- like turning a basic command-line utility