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^ Unable to trap C-z, C-y, C-s and C-q
317574 [sentinel.200] I need to trap ^Y, ^Z, ^S, ^Q etc in my app. Have googled a lot but
+ 317585 [sentinel.200] I finally found a workaround.
| 317603 [fiacre.patri] You can't catch SIGKILL or SIGSTOP ... has nothing to do with Ruby.
+ 317625 [fox nscl.msu] probbably best to set the terminal to raw mode if this is unix as I
  317626 [sentinel.200] Thanks to your tip, I just checked curses.raw(), and *there* it is !!!

^ Ruby audio API (hopefully in a new thread, sorry for the duplication)
317583 [joe talkhous] I'm looking for a Ruby audio API.  Is there a good one already
317597 [ben bleythin] Let's start with this... what do you want it to do?  Do you want to
317600 [joe talkhous] I'd like to use it for capturing audio for speech recognition.

^ status of cache in Memoizable
317586 [matt tidbits] ...
+ 317592 [cremes.devli] define_method(name) { |*args| cache[args] ||= send(original, *args) }
+ 317594 [james graypr] That variable is kept alive thanks to the magic of closures.  The
  317602 [matt tidbits] ...

^ How to open a file with win32ole
317595 [chen_li3 yah] I want to open a file via win32ole. I find the method 'Open' there but
317604 [gpygood 126.] require 'win32ole'
317634 [chen_li3 yah] Thank you very much for the tips. It is so sweet.

^ Using DBI and MySQL gems
317601 [oherrmann gm] I thought using rubygems that to use the dbi and mysql to access a MySQL
+ 317677 [erik hollens] Unless rubygems has (recently) changed, the 'gem' command doesn't issue
| 317703 [oherrmann gm] Hmmmm... that definitely does not work. When I say "require 'dbi'" it
| 317707 [erik hollens] Is this 1.9? I'm not sure how rubygems would be automatically required
| + 317720 [oherrmann gm] No, I'm 1.8.6... some patch level. I have been doing a lot of testing in
| | 317742 [oherrmann gm] $ ruby -v
| | 317842 [erik hollens] Nah, the book is just old. :) I'm fairly certain I never built an
| + 317837 [gregory.t.br] Via RUBY_OPT
+ 317900 [erik hollens] I just wanted to address this because... it's been driving me nuts all
| 317980 [oherrmann gm] What about the mysql package? Don't you have to do something to load
| 324463 [grehom ntlwo] Did this ever get solved?  I have just built a new setup and wanted to
+ 324465 [dmail pfxcor] require 'DBI'
  324468 [erik hollens] gem 'dbd-mysql'
  342832 [helio.cola g] Hey all...

^ Problem with bind for Socket class
317606 [fekete melko] I have following problem, I'm playing with socket class and I wanted to
317610 [shortcutter ] I remember that on some OS (or particular versions) socket cleanout is
317611 [fekete melko] Yes you are right, after circa 5 minutes it works again. So you say it is
+ 317616 [shortcutter ] Maybe.  You would have to check the web for the particular version of
+ 317617 [antonin.aman] On Oct 14, 8:34=A0am, Vladimir Fekete <fek...@melkor.dnp.fmph.uniba.sk>
  317620 [fekete melko] nope, no help. I still have to wait.

^ Using Net SSH to issue command on remote windows XP
317607 [syeddula cod] I want to issue window's DOS commands like "dir, cp, del..."
+ 317614 [bad_good_lio] what is your source(current) machine is it linux or windows ?
| 317618 [syeddula cod] My source/Current machine is Windows
+ 317624 [phasis gmail] Try psexec.exe ( download at http://live.sysinternals.com/psexec.exe )
  317639 [syeddula cod] Thanks Park !
  + 317674 [phasis gmail] What's your problem with Net SSH?
  + 317681 [robert.dober] Sure can
    317726 [syeddula cod] I have done as quoted by Park.
    317745 [phasis gmail] I tested with net-ssh-2.0.4

^ rubygame / RUDL / Gosu
317619 [severus post] I work on a few ruby games just for fun and use RUDL as my display libr=
317636 [gregory.t.br] y. It seems Rubygame and Gosu are more popular than RUDL. Does anybody know=

^ Threads
317621 [phyprabab ya] threads = []
+ 317622 [phyprabab ya] Never mind, I resolved the issue by reading a bit more.  Sorry to waste the thread.
| 317629 [rhkramer gma] Can you share with us?
| 317633 [piyush.pr gm] ...
| + 317638 [shortcutter ] Now, this is strange reasoning.  If we're guessing: the reason is more
| + 317648 [phyprabab ya] threads = []
|   317652 [higgs.bozo g] I think your code still isn't quite what you want.  Try
+ 317887 [rogerpack200] Try adding a Thread.abort_on_exception = true to the top.

^ ERB: Format for trim_mode string
317623 [farrel.lifso] In the documentation for ERB.new
326551 [wujunchen gm] maybe your <% ruby code %> must start at the beginning of the line,there

^ Actual directory
317627 [jonas.esp go] Why is used *File.dirname(__FILE__)* instead of simply '.' ?
317628 [antonin.aman] Cause your current directory '.' is not always the location of the

^ Permissions at creating directory
317641 [jonas.esp go] Why a new directory is ignoring my permissions?
+ 317655 [mickmon gmai] ...
| 317660 [jonas.esp go] I had tried too as with 0700 but nothing.
+ 317680 [b.candler po] So what's "your system"? (i.e. OS and Ruby version)
  317691 [jonas.esp go] Thanks! You gave me the idea.

^ User home
317642 [jonas.esp go] Is there any method to get the value of user home which in Linux would
317644 [jgabrielygal] ENV['HOME']
+ 317647 [jonas.esp go] On 14 oct, 17:31, Jes=FAs Gabriel y Gal=E1n <jgabrielyga...@gmail.com>
+ 317666 [henrik nyh.s] Works fine in OS X.

^ File hidden
317643 [jonas.esp go] Is there any way of create a hidden file without have any problem in
317646 [keeperotphon] ...

^ [ANN] BackgrounDRb release 1.1
317645 [gethemant gm] * Much better start/stop functioanlity for BackgrounDRb server

^ Get system name
317649 [jonas.esp go] Is there any method that returns the operating sytem being used?
317650 [keeperotphon] ...
317653 [higgs.bozo g] The constant is RUBY_PLATFORM.
+ 317654 [mark cortex-] ...
| 317657 [jonas.esp go] I haven't that constant, but 'target_os'.
| 317665 [higgs.bozo g] RUBY_PLATFORM is a top-level constant, apart from Config::CONFIG.
+ 317667 [djberg96 gma] I recommend against this because of JRuby (and probably IronRuby).
  317668 [higgs.bozo g] I wonder if RUBY_PLATFORM should be deprecated, then?
  317910 [jonas.esp go] $ ruby -e 'require "rbconfig"; p Config::CONFIG["host_os"],

^ autoload with rubygems?
317651 [matt tidbits] ...

^ Remove only TRAILING whitespace
317658 [eric.ramsey ] Is there any way to only remove trailing white space from a string. I
+ 317659 [higgs.bozo g] irb(main):001:0> "sldkfj       ".sub(/\s+\Z/, "")
+ 317661 [lyle lylejoh] String#rstrip will remove just the white space on the end (the "right"
+ 317662 [sdball gmail] str = "  string  "
  317663 [eric.ramsey ] Thank you all for your fast help.

^ What i can change to the design of my site ?
317664 [el.bandito89] It is good the black bg ?

^ Stray questions
317669 [krause1963 g] I've been googling and go through the forum, and I can't find the
317671 [krause1963 g] I'll post it there

^ ERuby.import using vars
317670 [peter iwebsl] I'm trying to use ERuby.import with a var in the path. Is this possible?
317672 [Daniel.vanHo] If you use "" instead of '' it should work.
317719 [peter iwebsl] Many thanks.

^ Multiple Processors on Windows 64-bit
317673 [btrichardson] Does anyone know if it's possible to force multiple Ruby applications to
+ 317678 [shortcutter ] The default for the OS scheduler (even on Windows) is to distribute
| 317688 [btricha gmai] Thanks for the reply Robert.  I'm accessing a MySQL database from the
| 317692 [shortcutter ] Probably.  This depends on your network connectivity, how MySQL is
| 317705 [btricha gmai] Well, I'm not sure the 'start /affinity' approach is fixing my problem
| 317728 [shortcutter ] Well, what did you expect?  Even if you set affinity, OS scheduling
| 317730 [btricha gmai] I didn't really know what to expect... I'm not a low-level OS guy so I
| 317754 [shortcutter ] No problem.  I just wanted to explain my difficulties in coming up with
+ 317679 [phasis gmail] On Windows 2003 or later, you can manually set CPU affinity using
  317689 [btricha gmai] Thanks Park.  I will definitely try this out.

^ Slow IO on Windows
317683 [ittay.dror g] I'm running a Ruby script which loads about 80 ruby files through
317693 [shortcutter ] Are those files on a network file system?  Do you have a virus scanner?

^ Xml Decleration using builder
317684 [dbw aber.ac.] I'm trying to create an XML file and I don't see any way with the
317685 [henrik nyh.s] xml.declare! :DOCTYPE, :questestinterop, :SYSTEM, 'ims_qtiasiv1p2.dtd'
317812 [dbw aber.ac.] xml.render_choice do
317864 [kbloom gmail] Just add a block on the call to render_choice

^ mechanize - could not loading RubyGem hoe...
317686 [rubynewbie y] I installed mechanize as follows : 'gem install mechanize'
317687 [mark thomasz] Just a wild guess...
317690 [rubynewbie y] Maybe a wild guess...but certainly a good guess...It works !
317704 [chen_li3 yah] I installed mechanize as follows : 'gem install mechanize'=0A=0AI tried usi=

^ Lame question about instance variable and attribute
317694 [donn cmscms.] Assuming an attribute :field is defined, is there a processing
+ 317695 [jgabrielygal] @field accessed the instance variable directly, while self.field calls
| 317697 [donn cmscms.] On Oct 15, 9:56=A0am, Jes=FAs Gabriel y Gal=E1n <jgabrielyga...@gmail.com>
| + 317698 [dblack rubyp] ...
| + 317700 [tpreal gmail] I think never. The exception is when the setter or getter is nontrivial
+ 317702 [bdondo gmail] In terms of speed, it's very close, but using @field is slightly
| 317724 [donn cmscms.] =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0real
+ 317727 [b.candler po] Remember that you don't have to write "self.field" - "field" by itself

^ Rubyscript2exe and "extra" scripts
317696 [damnbigman g] ...

^ Any news on ArachnoRuby / Scriptolutions / Lothar Scholtz
317699 [donn cmscms.] Lothar appears to have disappeared.  His last blog entry was back in
317712 [w_a_x_man ya] He programs in Eiffel, and he posted in that newsgroup
317743 [mao-wj dalia] undescribe

^ Problem stored values in Oracle
317706 [mario betwar] If I enter in my website the value éI9??q'??nPt???    the last character is
317950 [mario betwar] I found the problem.
318106 [shortcutter ] It's probably also a good idea to check character encoding of the
318114 [mario betwar] How can I check the encoding, encode and decode?
318117 [shortcutter ] If the column type is NVARCHAR2 it's Unicode.  For more info, please
318118 [mario betwar] Thanks a lot.

^ Setting Environmental Variables in Ruby script
317708 [johnsheahan ] I have a scipt that executes a shell command that requires my
+ 317710 [sepp2k googl] ENV["varname"] = "value"
| 317714 [johnsheahan ] Thanks Sebastian...my ruby script takes all the variables without error
+ 317711 [ara.t.howard] #! /bin/bash --login

^ Mechanize and XPath
317709 [rubynewbie y] Is there a way to select links in a scraped mechanize page using XPath
317713 [peter rubyra] ...
328661 [leahy16 gmai] Wait a minute, it says the total opposite on the Mechanize page.  But it

^ Private methods fail when called from CGI
317718 [stephen.g.da] Something has really been perplexing to me when trying to use Ruby CGI.

^ Statistic quantile formula or class needed
317721 [neuholger go] I am searching for a ruby class/method to calculate quantile
317955 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear neuholger,

^ (none)
317723 [mpenrow gmai] ...

^ Could not find RubyGem - because it's not a gem
317729 [djberg96 gma] Sorry, a bit of a cross-post here, because I'm not sure if this is a
+ 317750 [sathish.sale] both library are different
| 317802 [djberg96 gma] On Oct 15, 11:06=A0pm, Sniper Abandon <sathish.salem.1...@gmail.com>
| 317845 [erik hollens] Hey Dan,
+ 318902 [djberg96 gma] ach'

^ [ANN] Mr Bones 2.1.0 (Palimpsest)
317734 [tim.pease gm] ...

^ Diff for 2 Text Files
317735 [johnsheahan ] Is there an easy way available in Ruby to compare two text files and
+ 317736 [alex deletem] ...
| 317749 [ryand-ruby z] he said "easy"
| 317763 [johnsheahan ] DOAH! :-)
+ 317777 [ jupp gmx.de] %x(diff file1 file2) # Unix/Linux
  317865 [johnsheahan ] now that's what I call "easy" :-)
  319473 [mark markmcb] You can expand on this approach if you're outputting to an html view
  + 338006 [myschizobudd] how about visual diff like the image
  + 344271 [nathan myobi] I found a good module for this a long time ago. I keep it on my github,

^ [ANN] Dorothy 0.0.1 -- A Z-Machine interpreter library
317740 [eki vying.or] = Dorothy

^ writing emacs commands with your fav lang
317741 [xahlee gmail] Here's a little tutorial that lets you write emacs commands for

^ shoes alert(): "Shoes says:"
317748 [jorrel gmail] When you called 'alert' in shoes, it says in the popup "Shoes says:".
317948 [why ruby-lan] I don't have a way of altering the title, but that's a good idea,
318052 [jorrel gmail] wow thanks!

^ Re: [QUIZ] Uptime Since... (#174)
317751 [hjast89 gmai] ...

^ Performance metrics
317752 [barjunk attg] Someone that likes perl showed this to me the other day.
317778 [jan.svitok g] Search the archive (http://www.google.sk/search?q=ruby-talk+shootout).
317868 [barjunk attg] Thanks for the link.

^ Big endian convention in Ruby
317758 [z4n9ief gmai] I would like to convert an input (like a file, or a password) into
317767 [shortcutter ] This will give you an array of integer byte values.  I am not sure where
317772 [z4n9ief gmai] Thanks you for you answer.
317800 [b.candler po] ri String#unpack
317820 [shortcutter ] Or use "N" and combine, e.g.
317936 [z4n9ief gmai] Thank you all for your help.
317946 [b.candler po] No. The message itself isn't treated as a 64-bit integer, only the
+ 317947 [b.candler po] Just to make this clearer: the padding operation just pads the message
| 318322 [cyberbaggage] Firstly, forgive me for continuing the topic of SHA-1 here.. but I found
| 318357 [b.candler po] "Integer-Hex" doesn't really mean anything.
| 318456 [cyberbaggage] Pretty much did on the same lines and Instead of N16 I unpacked it as
| 318459 [b.candler po] The only answer I can give is trite: "because there is a bug in your
| 318463 [cyberbaggage] The following is the code that I have set.... I figured that the fix for
| 318479 [b.candler po] Then it's not working perfectly, is it?
| 318480 [b.candler po] ... and I also suggest you start with the message padding. For example,
+ 317953 [z4n9ief gmai] My apology, I had made a confusion between the length of the message and
  318059 [b.candler po] I believe you'll need B*. The letter "A" should unpack to 01000001 (MSB
  318306 [z4n9ief gmai] Many Thanks for all your answers, Brian Candler. I am going to work as

^ How to go from a ruby script to a working website?
317759 [esmero gmail] As you've probably guessed by the title, total newbie here.
+ 317762 [Daniel.vanHo] You could use the Merb-core in combination with the passenger mod for Apache. That mod allows you to run rails and merb applications just like php applications. Just upload and go. And indeed you could use Rails, but it's easier to start with a merb application.
| 317764 [has.sox gmai] ...
+ 317793 [transfire gm] start with cgi.rb
+ 317797 [jim.mckercha] Take a look at one of the frameworks that has been built on top of Ruby
| 318078 [perrin apoth] =20
+ 317803 [b.candler po] For a one-pager app, look at Sinatra. I've only given it a quick try,
+ 317836 [mguterl gmai] Vintage may be of interest to you, although the documentation seems to
+ 317860 [esmero gmail] Thanks for all the replies.
| + 317861 [has.sox gmai] ...
| + 317863 [mguterl gmai] I think merb is a great choice.
+ 318081 [perrin apoth] For extremely simple stuff -- like turning a basic command-line utility

^ Problem with warbler
317760 [bahaw yahoo.] I am using jruby 1.1.4 and installed warbler 0.9.11 in Windows XP.  When
317761 [bahaw yahoo.] Btw, I am using JDK 1.5.
317817 [bahaw yahoo.] I think I have solve the problem with conflicting rake versions.  I can
317843 [bahaw yahoo.] This is what I get when I run Tomcat.  My app was running in Mongrel and
317846 [nicksieger g] Can you check if the Rails gem was included in your war file by doing
317847 [bahaw yahoo.] Nick, thanks for the reply.
317920 [bahaw yahoo.] Ok I think I was to sort it out after all.  I tried freezing rails and
317934 [nicksieger g] This is a known issue -- for some reason the /rails/info/properties