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Accesing core File class
317371 [etaern@ya oo] Hey , I have to deal with some classes written by someone else , and ,
317373 [etaern@ya oo] using ::File worked.

Automatic ClassLoader (to eliminate 'require')
317395 [axyd80@gm il] interpreter encounters an unknown Class and going to raise the
+ 317396 [james.britt@] James Britt
+ 317397 [erikveen@gm ] module AutoRequire
| 317402 [axyd80@gm il] Thanks! It works! :)
| 317403 [tpreal@gm il] There might be some drawbacks in this approach, like now you cannot
| 317404 [axyd80@gm il] I'm hurry up, there are some bugs in current implementation. Do not use
| 339348 [axyd80@gm il] I released it as gem, Quick Start here
| + 339350 [axyd80@gm il] forgot, gem name is RubyExt
| + 339374 [shortcutter@] Maybe you add a little abstract how this is better than "autoload".
|   339376 [axyd80@gm il] Not exactly understood what you mean, as i know 'autoload' works almost
|   339378 [shortcutter@] Not necessarily.  Basically you need this only for the first constant
|   339381 [axyd80@gm il] Now i understood, you are absolutely right, explicit 'require' gives you
|   339382 [axyd80@gm il] Yes, it inspired by Java ClassLoader :)
|   371510 [axyd80@gm il] For some time I used it in my projects and yesterday release it as
|   371763 [jarmo.p@gm i] There is also a require_all gem with similar approaches
|   371764 [tony.arcieri] Also MagicLoader, my almost-complete code loading counterpart to Bundler,
+ 372349 [axyd80@gm il] Wow, nice to see that I'm not alone :)

Wrong file encoding for date.rb on ubuntu
317400 [georg@me ia ] After upgrading ruby via ubuntu package manager the encoding of the

Calc Days from Date
317401 [relzne@bl ew] I am Ruby Beginner. Now I am trying to write a code, that calcs days
317405 [mguterl@gm i] tday = Date.today
317415 [relzne@bl ew] datum =3D Date.Parse(datums)
+ 317420 [dejan.dimic@] There are so many ways people writes a date so it is to be expected to
+ 317427 [caduceass@gm] Well, there's no Now method.

newbie q: stripping duplicates
317406 [pierodancona] This is certainly well known, but not to me.
+ 317407 [stefano.croc] irb(main):005:0> a = [{"aa" => "bb"}, {"aa" => "bb"}]
| + 317408 [cdemyanovich] ...
| + 317409 [pierodancona] $ ruby --version
+ 317410 [lopx@ga et .] 1.8.7 and 1.9.x use deep hashing for hashes, to achieve that in 1.8.6
  + 317411 [pierodancona] Monkeypatched. What a shame.
  + 317412 [tpreal@gm il] So I believe this is sort of a bug in the old version? Because now I can
  | + 317413 [sepp2k@go gl] Yes, but not eql?. In 1.8.6 there were no Hash#hash and Hash#eql? methods so
  | + 317414 [lopx@ga et .] It's not an absurd, just a consequence Hash doesn't have it's own hash
  + 318095 [ shot@ho .p ] Right, and I use =E2=80=98alias eql? =3D=3D=E2=80=99 and hand-crafted hash =

Script runs fine alone but not when called by cron (EPIPE)
317417 [ottoteixeira] Hey, I'm still learning ruby (first week) and I'm having problem with a
317529 [shortcutter@] You do not give near as much detail as needed to properly answer your

Prevents multiple includes of the same module
317418 [user@do ai .] As it is required from few classes I get
317425 [tpreal@gm il] module M;A=8;end

RichUnits 0.4.1
317419 [transfire@gm] I just released RuchUnits 0.4.1.

"FireRuby" (Ruby script for FirePHP)
317421 [tnt@no he e.] Since I couldn't find anything regarding a ruby version of the

Sample for Metaprogramming
317422 [relzne@bl ew] Can anyone give me a good small sample for Metapgramming with Ruby? I
+ 317424 [sepp2k@go gl] require 'fileutils'
| 317656 [perrin@ap th] quite=20
| 317701 [sepp2k@go gl] That's pretty complicated. The first step would be to define what "the same
| 317715 [perrin@ap th] me=20
| + 317722 [sepp2k@go gl] It doesn't, really. CLOS methods are overloadable functions basically, i.e.=
| | 317737 [perrin@ap th] of
| | + 317746 [vjoel@pa h. ] hash table that maps n-tuples of classes to implementation functions.
| | + 317747 [schulte.eric] The following begins with a good overview of the rational behind the use
| + 317733 [schulte.eric] I'm enjoying following this discussion on list, if you do take it off,
|   317738 [perrin@ap th] Noted.
+ 317426 [ara.t.howard] a @ http://codeforpeople.com/
+ 317488 [james@gr yp ] James Edward Gray II

Needing a little help with a ruby program
317428 [spudicus87@g] Ok, so this is what I need to do for the program. I am not the best
317429 [transfire@gm] Study Regexp.

Needing a little help with a ruby program
317430 [spudicus87@g] Ok, so this is what I need to do for the program. I am not the best
317433 [Rob@Ag le on] First, you might be overdoing the directory part.  You may want to

XDG v0.3.0 released
317434 [admin@ti er ] XDG 0.3.0 has been released.

Deamons.rb: changing the pid directory
317435 [mike.nichola] Hey folks,
317456 [b.candler@po] Look in the rdoc documentation for Daemons::Pidfile. If daemons is

ANN: Sequel 2.6.0 Released
317436 [code@je em e] * Sequel provides thread safety, connection pooling and a concise DSL
317437 [jos@ca no k.] I'm curious: given the huge speed improvement using their native metadata
317640 [code@je em e] In MySQL's case, it probably isn't implemented well (surprise,
317739 [jos@ca no k.] This confirms my suspicions. Thanks for sharing, Jeremy.

1.9 bug?
317439 [rogerpack200] here's a function
+ 317441 [rogerpack200] Another 1.9 gems difference [?]
+ 317517 [dvdplm@gm il] I've seen this too; it's especially annoying as it stops rails from booting out of the box.
+ 317613 [drbrain@se m] Something seems to be preventing defined?'s const_missing from being

Compare Arrays
317442 [nonstickglue] Hey, I just have a quick question about arrays.
+ 317444 [caduceass@gm] Hmm.  I'm assuming you are looking for ["fish", "birds"], and if you
| 317461 [ruedi@br hn ] Why not just
| 317464 [dblack@ru yp] ...
+ 317445 [Allan.Peda@i] ...
+ 317446 [christoforev] Im assuming the elements in the array are strings so.....
+ 317455 [b.candler@po] If arr2 is always a superset of arr1, then arr2-arr1

[ANN] hitimes 0.3.0 Released
317447 [jeremy@hi eg] gem install hitimes

317448 [sringartar@g] Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it

[ANN] stickler 0.1.1 Released
317449 [jeremy@hi eg] stickler version 0.1.1 has been released.

Shoes GUI question - downloading body of sites using Ruby
317450 [nathan.wisma] I want to use shoes to be able to download the body of a website that a
317516 [why@ru y- an] You're very, very close.  The problem is that instance variables

Hi  I have a Debian 4 machine with Ruby 1.8.6 (installed from source)  and some gems including Rails 2.1 and Phusion Passenger 2.0.3 (mod_rails,  which needs fastthread and rack gems). I want to update to the latest patch  of that version (1.8.6-p287), but I have my concerns. Can I do it safely? Is  there any warning, any catch? Will I have to reinstall RubyGems and every  single gem? What's your advice before patching? Will all the dependent apps  be screwed up? I'm asking this because, unfortunately, there's no "make  uninstall" command after installing Ruby from source... Really! I tried, but  failed miserably. The only choice I see is to erase the folder where it's  located, I doubt installing the patch overwrites all the files.  Any  suggestion is welcomed. Later...  Juan "The Neurochild" EscajadilloUpdating  Ruby 1.8.6 to 1.8.6-p287 in Debian 4
317451 [neurochild@g] I have a Debian 4 machine with Ruby 1.8.6 (installed from source) and

Updating Ruby 1.8.6 to 1.8.6-p287 in Debian 4
317452 [neurochild@g] I have a Debian 4 machine with Ruby 1.8.6 (installed from source) and
+ 317453 [billk@ct .c ] /opt .
+ 317454 [b.candler@po] Do you have a particular reason to do this?
| 317465 [neurochild@g] I understand your point of view, but as you can see, I have the first
| 317466 [erik@ho le s] # apt-get install checkinstall
| 317477 [kbloom@gm il] You don't want to do that in this case because there are a whole bunch of
| 317481 [b.candler@po] Is there general consensus on the stability of 1.8.7pXXX with Rails?
| + 317495 [ryand-ruby@z] I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole for production. Esp not for
| | 317499 [kbloom@gm il] I don't know Rails, but I do know Debian (and ruby). Using checkinstall
| | 317511 [neurochild@g] I don't install v.1.8.7 yet because of it's not as "stable" as v.
| + 317533 [roberto@RE O] I think we should pretend this release never existed at all and concentrate in
| | 317538 [b.candler@po] I agree entirely.
| | + 317544 [hramrach@ce ] Debian jumping to 1.8.7 is probably the wrong move. Not only there are
| | | 317545 [b.candler@po] OK, thanks. I did read someone having a problem with a behaviour change
| | + 317555 [gregory.t.br] Sorry to Matz and ruby-core, but Ruby 1.8.7 is a failed experiment.
| |   317560 [b.candler@po] I was burned too badly by p230, so I have not touched it yet.
| |   317563 [gregory.t.br] Right, p230 created huge trouble for me and I needed to go back to
| |   317605 [neurochild@g] I'm here to inform all of you that my installation of the latest
| |   331136 [andrea.otto@] can I ask u how u did this? Debian is still using 1.8.5 and I want to
| + 317556 [dblack@ru yp] Jeremy Kemper has been monitoring and fixing things in that area, I
+ 317476 [kbloom@gm il] Upgrade to 1.8.7 from backports.org

Help with some codes
317457 [fina.rpkay@g] heya all!
+ 317459 [ruedi@br hn ] Do you mean mac_conf.each_with_index { |mac, aplist|...?
+ 317482 [b.candler@po] I think your problem line should be changed to

Activating a window using ruby code
317460 [anukul.singh] I am writing a method in ruby named activateWindow(windowHandle).

description, what is it?
317462 [g.zhen.ning@] I read a class like this.what's the description work for?
317469 [sepp2k@go gl] Well, it's not part of ruby core/stdlib, but it seems to be an instance method
317472 [hassan.schro] erm, uh, at <http://www.ruby-doc.org/core/> I find "description" listed
317473 [sepp2k@go gl] Yeah, but that's not the one used in his code snippet.

Re: Hi I have a Debian 4 machine with Ruby 1.8.6 (installed from source) and some gems including Rails 2.1 and Phusion Passenger 2.0.3 (mod_rails, which needs fastthread and rack gems). I want to update to the latest patch of that version (1.8.6-p287
317463 [gregory.t.br] Please don't post your entire message in the subject line.

Re: hitimes 0.3.0 Released
317467 [rogerpack200] Looks nice.  I love how accurate it is over traditional Benchmark.
317515 [jeremy@hi eg] Thanks!

why the object doesn't respond to its method?
317468 [chen_li3@ya ] I want to find out if an object responses to a method. while I can tell
+ 317470 [sepp2k@go gl] My guess is that WIN32OLE handles the call to Visibile via method_missing and
+ 317471 [tpreal@gm il] you call the method Visible= and it's a big difference, generally.
  317489 [chen_li3@ya ] I find the method "Visible" but not"Visible=" here but the
  317491 [tpreal@gm il] This is correct. As it has been said, the respond_to? doesn't work with
  317498 [chen_li3@ya ] Thank you very much for the detailed explanation.
  317521 [tpreal@gm il] The ole methods cannot be detected by respond_to?. This is exactly what
  317565 [chen_li3@ya ] Thank you very much for your time and the help.
  317635 [chen_li3@ya ] I guess I figure out why the object doesn't respond to its method in

[QUIZ][SOLUTION] Modular Arithmetic (#179)
317478 [kbloom@gm il] OK. I decided against that and decided that the operations would be

[ANN] ffmpeg-ruby first release : Now extracting thumbnails
317479 [antonin.aman] ffmpeg-ruby is a ruby C extension binding to ffmpeg/libav* library.

Re: Modular Arithmetic (#179)
317480 [micathom@gm ] Here is a (maybe too) simple proxy solution. Modular division isn't

Re: Hi  I have a Debian 4 machine with Ruby 1.8.6 (installed from source)  and some gems including R
317483 [b.candler@po] The Phusion Passenger website recommends it is used in conjunction with

regexp with accent insensitive ??
317485 [ruby@gm il c] Is there anyway to make the regexp accent-insensitive? (/a/ match with ã
317551 [kbloom@gm il] in which case, I would try replacing the accented letters with periods
317598 [ruby@gm il c] Thank you for your answer, but I'm working with a lot of languages, so I
317744 [kbloom@gm il] You can use a StringScanner (require 'strscan') to properly do this in a

Procedure vs method
317486 [jonas.esp@go] What advantage or difference has a procedure (Proc) over a method?
+ 317490 [phlip2005@gm] Is this for homework or something?
| + 317494 [dblack@ru yp] I think you missed the "(Proc)" in the question. The question is about
| | 317523 [shortcutter@] IMHO it makes sense to not refer to Procs as "procedures" because they
| | + 317532 [martindemell] $ cat test.rb
| | | 317537 [phlip2005@gm] You can store 'bar' & use it later, and it stores its link to 'a'.
| | | 317539 [shortcutter@] I agree that it's a powerful means but I'm not as enthusiastic as you
| | + 317536 [dblack@ru yp] Doesn't that vary by language though? I assume Proc/proc stands for
| |   317540 [shortcutter@] Well, probably you are right although I do not know a language where
| |   317541 [dblack@ru yp] Aren't they in Lisp? I don't mean that the terms are interchangeable,
| + 317528 [jonas.esp@go] I wanted to know why or when is used Proc because it looks that is the
|   317530 [sepp2k@go gl] Often you use Procs that have been created from a block. Using a method
+ 317492 [dblack@ru yp] A method is executed as a direct result of sending a message to an

* Hot Chicks Shooting Guns Naked!!
317487 [kkatovic@pe ] Don't Miss these hot babes shooting high powered guns Naked!

Sorting help
317502 [binh@pi ba y] I would like to request some helping with a sorting problem I have.
+ 317503 [ron_askew@ho] I the values are actually numeric, they should be stored as numerics,
| + 317508 [_mwryder@wo ] The data may be coming from another source that the OP has no control
+ 317504 [matt@mo s. a] arr.sort_by { |str| str.split('.').map { |x| x.to_i } }
+ 317507 [sepp2k@go gl] Having already given one (hopefully) helpful answer, I can't help that the way
+ 317514 [botp@de mo t] # Given an array with values like this ["10.1", "7.4", "10.9", "10.11",
+ 317542 [erikveen@gm ] module Enumerable
+ 317543 [shortcutter@] My advice so far would be to state what order you want to achieve.

Erase this subject, please! It's repeated by accident!
317505 [neurochild@g] Please erase all your messages here. The link above has the same

need help with code translation from VB
317509 [chen_li3@ya ] I copy the following scripts from
+ 317527 [shortcutter@] How much are you willing to pay?
+ 317535 [ jupp@gm .d ] Josef 'Jupp' Schugt

dynamic evaluation from a database
317510 [allan.peda@i] I am writing some functional testing applications in watir and I am most
317526 [shortcutter@] What is the reason for this?  What else data is there that needs to be

require works in ruby not in eruby
317513 [adamhurlburt] I am loading a .rb file from and .rhtml (using an absolute path)and the

Finding pattern in strings
317518 [gsr@fa t- or] How to find the pattern in strings.
317519 [botp@de mo t] # How to find the pattern in strings.
317520 [gsr@fa t- or] Thanks. index will fulfill by requirement.

A New Job Portal
317522 [salviyarose@] Dear All,

undefined symbol: rb_Digest_MD5_Init
317524 [willchu@gm i] I am trying to run a program (s3sync) written in Ruby, but I am getting
+ 317534 [nobu@ru y- a] Seems that md5init.o was compiled without openssl/md5.h but
+ 317561 [Stephen.G.Da] I had a similar issue last week with the md5.so and was advised to downgrade to Ruby 1.8.6.  I did so and that particular issue I was having went away.  Apparently there needs to be a complete recompile of the md5 source code for each platform in Ruby 1.8.7.  I'm not sure who would be responsible to go do that.

Win32API GetOpenFileName - filter problem
317531 [toth@kw gb .] all files instead I defined in the @ofn[:lpstrFilter]. Any idea what
317548 [phasis@gm il] Modify the line
317550 [toth@kw gb .] Perfect! Thanks a lot!

[ANN] spreadsheet 0.6.0 Released
317547 [hannes.wyss@] spreadsheet version 0.6.0 has been released!
317957 [james.herdma] ...

Namespacing my classes
317549 [user@do ai .] this (just a fake example, reflecting reality)
317552 [pjb@in or at] You don't need to put these requires inside the module blocks.
317559 [ymendel@po o] On Oct 13, 9:12=A0am, p...@informatimago.com (Pascal J. Bourguignon)
317567 [shortcutter@] Probably a Lisp fan. :-)
317584 [user@do ai .] Ho, fine ! I didn't know I could reuse Module MyLib in several place to
317589 [shortcutter@] Note also that you do not need the full namespace path when referencing
317599 [higgs.bozo@g] IRB chat!  Now that's an awesome typo.  Or maybe a Freudian slip?  You
317609 [shortcutter@] LOL!  It was definitively unconscious.  I was probably distracted.  I

Entering a newline in the windows command prompt
317553 [simon.a.chia] Took me a while to figure this out and thought it might be useful.

visual studio 2005
317554 [renyu_teng@y] I am newbie for ruby, but I used vs studio for long time. I searched
317577 [rogerpack200] I think the word on the street is that you should compile with VC6.
+ 317593 [renyu_teng@y] VC6 is out of question for me as there are many tools I used can't be
+ 317596 [huw@da kn on] Just to clarify, Ruby In Steel has a free edition for standard Ruby
  + 317630 [renyu_teng@y] thanks for your reply.
  | 317632 [huw@da kn on] We don't have any additions to the Ruby interpreter/libraries so nothing
  + 317631 [lloyd@2l ve ] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

Ruby Audio API
317558 [joe@ta kh us] I'm looking for a Ruby audio API.   Is there a good one already
+ 317564 [shortcutter@] Please do not hijack other threads.  This is a completely different=20
| 317571 [damnbigman@g] ...
| 317581 [shortcutter@] pic
| 317591 [damnbigman@g] ...
| 317615 [shortcutter@] Ah, this might be an explanation: I believe GMail's web frontend does
+ 317575 [joe@ta kh us] My apologies.
  317579 [shortcutter@] Accepted.
  317580 [gregory.t.br] Right, if you reply to a message and replace its subject, the
  317582 [joe@ta kh us] Possible.   I can't remember what exactly I was doing.  I'll repost =20

Accessing Ruby Object in Memory
317566 [btrichardson] I have a long running Ruby simulation in which data is stored to Ruby
+ 317569 [tpreal@gm il] idea to do this. Probably a much better idea would be to start a TCP
| 317587 [vjoel@pa h. ] DRb is the canonical way of doing this if both processes are ruby
| 317590 [vjoel@pa h. ] 1. if the comm seems slow, try setting
+ 317588 [shortcutter@] ...