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^ AIR Jordan Fusions 13 NIKE Jordan Fusion 14 AIR Jordans 15Nike Jordan
316985 [wcspt888 gma] shoes on

^ [ANN] namecase 1.1.0 Released
316987 [aaron tender] namecase version 1.1.0 has been released!
317338 [jamesthepipe] Be aware that this is something you'll need to internationalize -
317383 [aaron tender] I gladly accept patches.  :-)

^ Problem with comparing huge amount of strings
316988 [janfischer m] I got a problem grouping rows in a Database by similarity. What I try to
+ 316996 [martindemell] The problem with relying on a compare function for grouping is that it
| + 316999 [shortcutter ] Also, look into your database's feature set. Most modern RDBMS come
| | 317170 [janfischer m] thank you very much for your hints. I think you both suggest using sth.
| | 317270 [shortcutter ] Yep, I agree.
| + 317016 [b.candler po] Soundex on the first word, perhaps? (See wikipedia)
+ 317021 [ragavsatish ] First at the minimum if you apply Lev distance for each pair of keys you
| 317042 [martindemell] n-gram were my first thought - indeed, I'd started writing out a
| 317057 [ragavsatish ] Yes indeed. The choice of what blocking scheme to use is largely
| 317171 [janfischer m] <gchq3f$1ai$1@news.albasani.net>)
+ 317076 [lloyd 2live4] If you are trying to figure out every kind of typo then I do not think

^ [ANN] zena CMS first public release !
316989 [gaspard teti] After 3 years of work in my cave, I am happy to go out in the sunlight
316990 [ryand-ruby z] first video is brokey.
316992 [gaspard teti] What is wrong with the first video ?
317011 [ryand-ruby z] and the vimeo embedded said it wasn't available.

^ Re: Ruby Linear Algebra Library 1.0.0
316991 [quixoticsyco] It should automatically work; it links to whatever it finds as -llapack.

^ Improved nginx.conf for Ruby On Rails
316993 [reddvinylene] I've been trying to improve the standard nginx.conf for Ruby On Rails

^ [ANN] Free Ruby In Steel IDE includes free Visual Studio
316997 [huw darkneon] Windows users may find this of interest...
317089 [citrix_linux] Thanks!!

^ Hpricot elem index/position
317005 [henryturnerl] Hey,
317030 [mark thomasz] On Oct 6, 10:19=A0am, "henryturnerli...@googlemail.com"
317067 [henryturnerl] I'm writing a broken link reporting type tool. When I find a dodgy tag
317084 [mark thomasz] On Oct 7, 3:58=A0am, "henryturnerli...@googlemail.com"
317087 [henryturnerl] Well, I suppose there are incorrectly formatted links too... I was
317106 [mark thomasz] On Oct 7, 10:28=A0am, "henryturnerli...@googlemail.com"
317154 [mark thomasz] Oops, my example mistakenly used the XML parser, so replace that with
317216 [henryturnerl] Thanks for the hint towards to libxml-ruby! I didn't even know it

^ Printing varible with quotes around it
317007 [js priceline] I am trying to print my variable in a puts statment but add quotes
+ 317008 [mguterl gmai] You need to escape the " with \.
+ 317009 [tpreal gmail] You get this result if you use p instead of puts. But there's also one
+ 317012 [b.candler po] puts "\"#{z}\""

^ Work at home and get 200 $ in week
317010 [arabphoenix ] yes just log in here and get the easy way to work

^ [ANN] Mack Framework 0.8.0 & User Guide
317013 [markykang-ru] The Mack Web Application Framework has just reached version 0.8.0. The

^ Re: Why not adopt "Python Style" indentation for Ruby?
317015 [flyingkite e] Dear Mats,
+ 317018 [james.britt ] Why not adopt "Python Style" indentation for Ruby?   Because that would
| 317024 [flyingkite e] James, thank you for you fast response.
| + 317027 [b.candler po] I find Ruby's syntax as-is works remarkably well. The only problem it
| | + 317031 [joe talkhous] Maybe this is close to what you want.
| | | 317032 [joe talkhous] Sorry, here's a better link.
| | + 317034 [james.britt ] Well, vi/vim/gvim users can have the code auto-format, which will "fix"
| | + 317069 [nobu ruby-la] Python style indentation also can't help you alone.  How can it
| |   317117 [b.candler po] Ooh, that's nice. Now I have a reason to install 1.9 alongside a
| |   317120 [b.candler po] As an observation, I always found ruby's "then" to be a rather
| |   + 317133 [brabuhr gmai] "while then"?  (kinda sounds funny to my ears :)
| |   | 317169 [b.candler po] It does. I was just trying to see what happens if you apply the idea
| |   + 317196 [jeremymcanal] Then you're introducing a big chunk of parser ambiguity.  For example
| |     317204 [b.candler po] I meant it would be equivalent to
| + 317029 [mark thomasz] After you use ruby for a while, you'll stop wanting to make it look
| | 317048 [flyingkite e] Ok. I will try to use ruby more then.  I like ruby's other syntax such
| | 317051 [hassan.schro] If you use an IDE/editor like NetBeans, you don't -- it's inserted for you
| + 317045 [w3gat nwlaga] I've thought that one rather likes the structure of a language learned
|   + 317046 [dblack rubyp] I like the structure of Ruby more than that of BASIC, so there goes
|   | + 317066 [justincollin] Yeah :( Although sometimes I miss the simplicity of ON KEY GOSUB...
|   | + 317073 [gaspard teti] charset=US-ASCII;
|   |   317075 [dblack rubyp] Absolutely. Very few of these "features" really have any absolute
|   |   317080 [flyingkite e] I have to mention in the first line of each post.  I agree the idea of
|   |   + 317083 [dblack rubyp] You can't have a FAQ entry for every aspect of Ruby syntax that
|   |   + 317090 [shortcutter ] How about first learning and using the language instead of suggesting
|   |     + 317098 [flyingkite e] "Open", as my understanding, is allowing others to say something and not
|   |     + 317102 [eregontp gma] I can't stand with the idea of using other chars than braces {} for a block,
|   |       317158 [flyingkite e] Does it looks a little  better if using square brace? since it LOOKs
|   + 317049 [martindemell] Actually, the more I write in scheme, the more I like its structure.
|   + 317061 [stefano.croc] I learned Python first, hated its indentation-based structure, switched to
+ 317040 [justincollin] Like any new language, it takes some time to adjust your eyes and fingers.
| + 317050 [flyingkite e] It's a good way.  It's just that there're  more typings.  If you says
| | 317074 [dblack rubyp] That doesn't follow.
| | 317175 [mike osdn.or] ...me too...
| | 317193 [flyingkite e] 1. I agreed that ruby had better to close the code block using a
| + 317053 [ABilyk maxis] +1=20
|   317054 [rizenine gma] +1
+ 317109 [joe talkhous] It seems that  DSLs in Ruby get some of their power from the optional
+ 317248 [fox nscl.msu] I have to say bluntly I completely disagree with this.  It's an
  317250 [dblack rubyp] Another related matter is the recurrent wish for Ruby to become so
  + 317273 [higgs.bozo g] One already exists: it's called Lisp.  You've just described Lisp.
  + 317276 [flyingkite e] "After you've heard Matz discuss how he thinks about these things, all
    + 317318 [dblack rubyp] For better or worse, I had drifted a bit from the original topic (as I
    | 317384 [flyingkite e] Understood. The taste of people are not always the same.  Discussions
    + 317323 [shortcutter ] Yet at the same time you make reading Ruby code harder for those used to
      317386 [flyingkite e] I didn't intend to propose to Python style at the beginning. In my first

^ extending a class changes from 1.8.4 to 1.8.6
317020 [tmac easystr] require 'date'
317022 [tmac easystr] I suppose I should actually ask a question with that:-)
317023 [jan.svitok g] I suggest looking at lib/date.rb, particularly at Date.now and

317025 [transfire gm] Anyone else interested in creating a RINQ?
317058 [botp delmont] # =
317060 [transfire gm] Interesting. I tried translating this idea to a more complex example.
317068 [botp delmont] #...
317088 [transfire gm] r =3D select(customer, account, bank)  do |c,a,b|
317101 [jeremymcanal] Isn't this basically what Ambition is?
317105 [transfire gm] On Oct 7, 12:29=A0pm, "Jeremy McAnally" <jeremymcana...@gmail.com>
317113 [ymendel pobo] I believe its use of ParseTree is because !=3D and !~ are not methods in
317115 [brian arielp] I think I have unsubscribed to this list twice, and it won't stop coming!

^ Mechanize select list help...?
317036 [mypipeline b] I'm using the excellent WWW::Mechanize to screen scrape a site for UK
317038 [mark thomasz] results.asp)
317111 [mypipeline b] Thanks for the help Mark. You're right I needed to think it through a

^ curb (Was: Re: Mirroring large files over HTTP)
317037 [njus larshau] Today I came across the the curbgem (Ruby bindings for libcurl) while

^ Where is xmlscan/scanner as used in xsd4r
317043 [paulf relax.] 'xmlscanner.rb' (which is part of the in built xsd code) has the

317052 [tsrinuvasulu] hai,

^ How a rails project in netbean reference a ruby source code?
317059 [gao.zhixin i] Ex. sometimes, I want to know the trace of a special method, then I
317086 [damnbigman g] api.rubyonrails.org?

^ Inject two more values to an HashWithIndifferntAccess
317064 [sijo maxxion] I have
317065 [b.candler po] This sounds like a Rails / ActiveSupport / ActionPack question, which

^ TestClass1 < TestClass0 < Test::Unit::TestCase
317070 [esandin gmai] I have a test class, TestClass0, with a few test methods. I specify some
317071 [shortcutter ] I'd choose a completely different pattern: the URL should be part of
317072 [esandin gmai] Hmm, you're probably right. I'm gonna have to think about it.

^ where is hoe.gem
317077 [gpygood 126.] I search "hoe" in rubyforge,but has notiong about it,why?
+ 317078 [etaern yahoo] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
+ 317081 [mguterl gmai] It is located under Seattle.rb
+ 317149 [ryand-ruby z] rubyforge's search isn't great... but this is an easy way to find
  317177 [Bil.Kleb-use] This is easier?  http://google.com/search?q=hoe

^ `require': no such file to load -- win32/sound
317079 [mediastoreSA] I am trying out the following X10 intergratuion with Bamboo  (http://
317082 [djberg96 gma] Fire up an irb session and type 'require "win32/sound"'.

^ `require': no such file to load -- win32/sound
317085 [william antj] I am trying out the following X10 intergratuion with Bamboo  (http://
317095 [jim.mckercha] Have you installed the win32-sound gem?

^ Difference between Foo = Class.new and class Foo
317091 [bdimchef wie] I'm playing around with classes and discovered that
+ 317092 [shortcutter ] ["line", "-e", 1, nil, #<Binding:0x1002f0d4>, false]
| 317094 [bdimchef wie] hmm, interesting.  I'm definitely going to have to use set_trace_func
+ 317093 [matz ruby-la] class Foo
  317096 [bdimchef wie] matz,
  317099 [matz ruby-la] Now I know what you meant.  Literals and expressions do not go through

^ how to remove strange characters
317100 [chen_li3 yah] I grap some info from a webpage. Sometimes I get some stranges
+ 317110 [stephen.celi] SGksCgpPbiBUdWUsIE9jdCA3LCAyMDA4IGF0IDExOjI4IEFNLCBMaSBDaGVuIDxjaGVuX2xpM0B5
| 317189 [chen_li3 yah] Thank you,
| 317197 [chen_li3 yah] Iconv only works for some characters. It doesn't work for the following
| 317198 [paqs140482 g] what do you think doing something like this?
+ 317235 [sentinel.200] Here's a quick hack I used recently. It was messing my display on
  317290 [chen_li3 yah] It works on scenario where iconv doesn't work. Good job!!!

^ Re: hitimes 0.2.1 Released
317107 [rogerpack200] Might be nice to make a plugin for rails such that it augments
317112 [jeremy hineg] Good idea, but first things first, need to get it working on Windows.

^ [Q] best way to inject new functionality into a class
317116 [cremes.devli] I've pretty much made up my mind how to modify my classes, but I
317118 [dblack rubyp] I think they all have their uses, but I'll mention that #extend has

^ load vs require
317119 [wpdster gmai] I started looking through the source code for rake and noticed something
317121 [stefano.croc] According to the ri documentation for require, if you pass it a filename which
317148 [wpdster gmai] Ahhh... I read "Ruby tries adding ``.rb'', ``.so'', and so on to the name"

^ Demand that Obama release his college records! Where is the media?
317122 [guuwwe hotma] Why is it important to see Obama's college records? Because the media
317155 [jwkenne attg] You want to talk academic qualifications? OK, here are some academic
+ 317163 [guuwwe hotma] What makes you think that Obama was qualified to be admitted to any
| + 317164 [reddvinylene] He talks a lot about his younger days in one of his books.
| + 317180 [rlp1938 gmai] Why would McCain pick a moron for VP like Palin who is so demented
|   317182 [flo andersgr] I know this is a touchy topic, but would you please mind keeping that
|   317187 [kaleman ruby] I strongly second that thought.
+ 317165 [binary011010] I enjoy the Ruby Talk mailing list as a reprieve from the politics that
| 317166 [jcoglan goog] 2008/10/8 Phill Davies <binary011010@verizon.net>
| 317167 [mark cortex-] Yeah, it's bad enough having to delete the dozens of unsubscribe messages...
+ 317179 [ jupp gmx.de] i.can_has?('KTHXBAI') // Running out of popcorn

^ managing gems
317123 [tjones acwor] I fairly new to ruby and I am building a script I will need to run on
317124 [teddfox1 mac] Awesome Question.  I was thinking the same thing...
317157 [ezmobius gma] Cheers-

^ [ANN] rutema 1.0.0 released
317125 [damphyr free] rutema version 1.0.0 has been released!

^ Ruby with Oracle forward slash error
317126 [younoeme hot] I am a complete newbie to Ruby, so if this is not the right forum for
317243 [shortcutter ] type.gsub! %r{^/}, ''
317732 [younoeme hot] Many thanks for the reply Robert.  I suppose this command tries to
317753 [shortcutter ] Instead of submitting the whole file as a single statement (string) to
+ 317775 [kubo jiubao.] It is what sqlplus and other Oracle tools do. Oracle cannot run more than
+ 317838 [younoeme hot] Ok -- see what you mean, and doing that does make it a lot better!  Just
  317839 [Rob AgileCon] Don't use gsub! in this case.  You just want gsub (read about what
  317849 [younoeme hot] Ah -- of course!  Ok, that one is resolved.  More generically how do we
  + 317850 [Rob AgileCon] show an example of what type might contain and you'll get more help.
  | 317851 [younoeme hot] ############# BEGINNING OF SQL FILE
  + 317853 [mark thomasz] we
    317855 [younoeme hot] Perfect..!  Was looking for something exactly like this.  Many thanks

^ Looking for more Ruby-like way to create an array
317127 [ssteve mac.c] I'm creating an array that is the result of the members of another array
+ 317128 [TimHunter nc] Try map
| 317131 [ssteve mac.c] Thanks, Tim, Rimantas, and Dan for the unanimous advice. I will study up
+ 317129 [rimantas gma] converted_array = original_array.map{|item| item.to_f * 100}
+ 317130 [dandiebolt y] a=[1,2,3]
+ 317138 [w_a_x_man ya] irb(main):001:0> a =3D 2,3,5,8
  317151 [dblack rubyp] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
  317152 [ABilyk maxis] converted_array =3D original_array.inject([]) {|a, line| a << (line.to_f * =
  317153 [dblack rubyp] I'd definitely favor map over inject for this. It's much more
  + 317160 [joshnabbott ] I agree with David. I did a simple benchmarking test and you can already
  + 317181 [shortcutter ] Absolutely agree!

^ newbie question
317134 [wrsh07 gmail] Greetings all, I think this is generally more a programming question than a
+ 317136 [farrel.lifso] Rounding errors in floating point arithmetic.
+ 317139 [TimHunter nc] A common question. Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floating_point.
+ 317150 [caduceass gm] require 'bigdecimal'

^ Ruby on Solaris 10?
317137 [johnsheahan ] I have a server running Solaris 10 that I need to install Ruby on in
317140 [mickmon gmai] Yes. Absolutely.
+ 317141 [johnsheahan ] that's great news, Michael...thanks for pointing me in the right
+ 317143 [Prashant.Sri] Another distribution for Ruby on Solaris 10 is Coolstack[1].  Coolstack

^ Using ruby-serialport to connect to a printer
317145 [celoserpa gm] Does anyone know if there any API documentation for the ruby-

^ Problem while using scrubyt
317159 [gprabhas gma] in the beginning when I 'require' the 'scrubyt' gem. I am using Ruby

^ Re: rubylexer 0.7.1 Released
317161 [rogerpack200] Looks like it works with 1.8 [though not 1.9]

^ Tex <-> XML
317162 [transfire gm] Anyone have any use for a script that can translate Tex documents to
+ 317266 [h.wickham gm] I do.
+ 317268 [h.wickham gm] I do.

^ [ANN] ruby-ole-1.2.8 released!
317168 [aquasync gma] The new version of ruby-ole has been released!
317191 [james.herdma] Very interesting.  This is probably a ridiculous question, but is there a

^ Accessing source code of a block
317172 [stephan.zimm] Dear all,
+ 317173 [shortcutter ] No, not out of the box.  You would have to use ParseTreee or similar.
+ 317195 [ragavsatish ] As Robert mentioned there is no way to do this out of the box but you

^ How to achieve syncshell service in Net::SSH v2 ?
317174 [cooldudevams] I have been using Net::SSH package for quite a long time and been using

^ SOAP '-' problem
317176 [krzysztofkac] I try to use this wsdl: http://webapi.allegro.pl/uploader.php?wsdl .
317183 [mark thomasz] On Oct 8, 5:33=A0am, Krzysztof Kaczmarek

^ Build problems on OS X PPC
317178 [mike stok.ca] charset=US-ASCII;
317208 [ryand-ruby z] ruby-core would get the quickest response.

^ calling methods of subclassed thread
317184 [christoforev] As you will see at the bottom of this code snippet, i've commented out
+ 317190 [pit.capitain] Chris, add
| 317203 [christoforev] ent.
| 317241 [shortcutter ] It executes and throws but you do not see the exception because
+ 317194 [shortcutter ] self is an instance of Start and not MyThread here.