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^ Visit this sites please
316530 [mayariasxf g] Visit this sites please

^ RubyScript2Exe and fxruby
316534 [linuxnooby y] I have a simple "hello world" fxruby application. When I try to create

^ Project Announcement: Ruby and Rails binary packages for Solaris.
316539 [Prashant.Sri] I'm happy to announce a project/release that delivers Ruby/Rubygems

^ How to emit UTF-8 from console mode program?
316543 [siegfried he] The following perl program works when I run it from urxvt-X console on
316549 [tony twincod] th

^ "ensure" hiding actual error
316551 [sentinel.200] In my main program I have a "begin ensure end".
316566 [shortcutter ] This sounds strange because syntax errors should be caught earlier -
316570 [sentinel.200] Could you elaborate on that? At the moment, I am requiring a Module and
316579 [shortcutter ] When Ruby interpreter loads a file it checks syntax (you can do
316583 [sentinel.200] I've tried to make a trivial case.  Variable x is not initialized.
316585 [tpreal gmail] You caused another exception inside your ensure clause, so the previous
316589 [shortcutter ] Adding to that: an uninitialized variable does not cause a syntax
316594 [sentinel.200] I am not following you. How have i caused another exception in the
+ 316596 [damnbigman g] What happens here if my_form never got a value because there was an error
| 316600 [sentinel.200] Fine. I get that. So is there a better or correct way of doing this so
| + 316602 [damnbigman g] Yeah!
| + 316684 [perfectly.no] Generally, the right way is to put the initialization _before_
|   316685 [sentinel.200] Very interesting answer. Let me be honest -- I've been lost as to where
|   316687 [dave pragpro] This is common in Java, but it is incorrect.
|   316690 [sentinel.200] Oops I forgot to mention that in finally {} one would check for resource
|   316929 [shortcutter ] The pattern is still broken - or put it differently: overly complex.
|   316933 [sentinel.200] Actually, I have left Java 4 years back. However, that being my last
|   316941 [shortcutter ] Well, books are dead wood.  You always have to apply your own reasoning.
+ 316601 [tpreal gmail] In the example you gave, where your ensure clause is @test.strip, you

^ How to run a single test method
316560 [julian.gall ] Is there a way of running a single test in the Ruby testrunner
317568 [danrevel gma] where test_me is the name of the single test you wish to execute.
317576 [julian.gall ] Dear unknown,

^ String delete method help
316561 [keith kjohns] I have a string which hold a URL. I'm trying to use the string .delete
+ 316569 [stefano.croc] * String#delete is a non-destructive method, that is it doesn't change its
| 316575 [keith kjohns] Yes, that helped. I was able to achieve what I thought the delete
| 316581 [dblack rubyp] It's a bit dangerous to chain sub! (and, indeed, the ! means that this
+ 316576 [njus larshau] require 'uri'

^ Re: problem using diff with ruby rscm gem
316562 [jim.mckercha] I wonder if someone is able to help me out. I'm using the RSCM gem to

^ Newbie question- Return method
316571 [james.schoon] I'm trying to teach myself the basics of Ruby (based on the guide at
316573 [wpdster gmai] The word "return" is a reserved word in ruby, just like the words
316577 [lloyd 2live4] You can use it to pick what you want returned if it is not the last
316591 [sepp2k googl] def myMethod s
316637 [lloyd 2live4] While that is true, I wanted to keep it to the point for this thread.  I

^ api calls  using ruby scripting
316578 [rajtooo hotm] I am trying to write some automation script using ruby for some of the
316582 [james graypr] #!/usr/bin/env ruby -wKU

^ Non blocking socket keep blocking on read ?
316580 [seurdge.sawa] I have a problem with a socket that block (and my process alt) when the
316584 [lparravi gma] The server sends you the size of the image, so you can use that to
316586 [seurdge.sawa] Ths Luis !
316593 [lparravi gma] It doesn't matter if the server is using a buffered stream, you'll
316595 [seurdge.sawa] Thx a lot Luis ;-)

^ Remotely passing value on system() or %x[]
316597 [mmabika free] I want to execute a remote bash script that take one string argument by
316607 [stefano.croc] Are you aware that string interpolation doesn't happen in single quoted=20
316688 [mmabika free] Ruby refused to interpolate #{dirc[3]} dispite I have tried the
316691 [stefano.croc] The third line should work. To be sure the falut is of missing interpolation,
316702 [mmabika free] PTOTO -----------> This is done by puts "#{dirc[3]}\n"<---
316705 [mmabika free] It was my remote script that was wrong. Interpolation work.
316844 [b.candler po] system("/path/to/plink", "-pw", "ppp", "xxx@yyyy", "/tmp/essai.ksh",
325676 [tech4me in.c] I have the similar problem for which I tried the solutions in this mail
325681 [b.candler po] String#chomp
325927 [tech4me in.c] When I tried the above, I am getting the error as follows
325941 [sandor.szuec] As Brian already pointed it's String#chomp not Array#chomp.

^ Problem with Mechanize
316610 [zhangzhai 12] I want to use Mechanize to login a sns site.Here is my test code.
318448 [joycodes gma] ФλŪ°졣ꡣڿ榲~
319100 [zhangzhai 12] ꡤۼӾ¶¾ԲİʡФԹԡꡣ

^ Ordered hash hack for < ruby 1.9?
316617 [bjohnson bin] I am having an issue testing my code because hashes don't have a
+ 316619 [lparravi gma] Hash's == method compares if two hashes are equal (
| + 316621 [bjohnson bin] I realize that. My class is creating a hash of complex objects. For me
| | 316638 [transfire gm] Since a hash is an unordered collection, one should not test it
| | 316639 [etaern yahoo] I'm guessing ruby doesn't have a LinkedHashMap kind of collection ,
| | 316748 [kbloom gmail] Use a Dictionary from the factets gem if that's what you want.
| + 316625 [lparravi gma] Just read again the original message and realize I didn't understand
+ 316620 [wpdster gmai] Why not iterate over myhash.keys.sort instead of just myhash.keys?
| 316623 [bjohnson bin] Because for performance it's bad. I don't care if performance is bad in
| 316626 [etaern yahoo] class Hash
| + 316627 [etaern yahoo] That should have been called ordered_keys instead of ordered_values ...
| | + 316629 [bjohnson bin] Awesome, this is exactly what I need, the only problem is that it
| | + 316634 [bjohnson bin] class Hash
| |   316636 [etaern yahoo] this sorts them alphabetically , not by insertion order.
| |   316641 [bjohnson bin] I didn't need them by insertion order, just to be consistent. I
| |   316661 [s.korteling ] This code fills a hash and then iterates the hash to build a string.
| |   316758 [erik hollens] Hash ordering is generally deterministic on read until another write
| + 316755 [erik hollens] hsh.delete("a")
|   316756 [bjohnson bin] Thanks Erik, I agree 100%. I ONLY applied this when testing, where
|   316759 [ara.t.howard] but that invalidates the tests ;-)
+ 316622 [ara.t.howard] gem install orderedhash
+ 316819 [charles.nutt] FWIW, JRuby is 1.8.6ish and has insertion-ordered hashes like 1.9.

^ using Ruby to control a scanner on Windows
316640 [jdinkel gmai] Does anybody know if it is possible to control a flatbed or sheetfed
316683 [monojohnny g] James,

^ what hash method is called in this code?
316644 [etaern yahoo] my_hash = {"a" => "b"}
316657 [ara.t.howard] c code.  you cannot override the creation of literals from within ruby.

^ simple gsub method
316650 [js priceline] def replacer(a, b)
+ 316651 [stefano.croc] Strings returned by gets end in a newline, which doesn't exist in your string,
| 316653 [js priceline] It does help Stefano as I had forgotton about \n so thanks for that but
| 316656 [js priceline] I take that back Stefano....you solved it for me!
+ 316655 [sepp2k googl] You don't use the return value of gsub, so it is thrown away and this line

^ Base64 for URL variant
316658 [jonas.esp go] Does ruby core has any method to create a Base64 for URL variant?
316659 [ara.t.howard] CGI.escape( Base64.encode( 'foobar' ) )
316663 [Rob AgileCon] # base64, but change + and / which are significant to URLs to -

^ [ANN] Ruby Manor tickets now available
316662 [james lazyat] Firstly, apologies if you've already received this information. But in =20=

^ escaped symbols when parsing XLS
316676 [divenvrsk gm] how can I escaped special characters when parsing XLS?

^ printf statement - "args" as an Array (or something...)
316678 [monojohnny g] SELECT col FROM table WHERE a =? AND b =?
316679 [fred lacave.] Splat it.
+ 316680 [monojohnny g] Splatted ! Works - Thanks Fred !
+ 316682 [dblack rubyp] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,

^ Nice websites here123
316681 [dthavoccosta] aHR0cDovL3Bvcm5odWJldmlkZW8udS55dWt1LmNvbS8gcG9ybmh1YmV2aWRlbw0KaHR0cDovL3Jl

^ Parsing non-delimited text file
316686 [panu.kinnari] Following post is a bit lengthy and I am not expecting to get fully
316703 [james graypr] I'm not sure how big the actual data is, but if it's very large you
316706 [panu.kinnari] It is large, example I provided is excerpt from 450 page, 2 mb text
316708 [james graypr] I think that's a fine strategy, yes.
316784 [panu.kinnari] Here is my progress so far. I am now able to extract all relevant info
316832 [  i3w me.com] It is really easy to re-factor from array based to file based.
316875 [panu.kinnari] Yes, thats what I did. Finished next iteration of my code yesterday. Now

^ What does this regexp do?
316693 [dan-ml dan42] => ""
316699 [mark thomasz] Neither one of those make any sense. An optional end-of-string means

^ Re: Cookie Monster (#178)
316694 [matthew.moss] Summary coming tomorrow.
316712 [reddvinylene] I've tried contacting you many times now, is there any particular
316717 [matthew.moss] You sent me email once, not many times... once.
316718 [matthew.moss] My apologies, that was supposed to be sent in email, not to the list.
316727 [robert.dober] Actually I see this more as an opportunity to clear things up for
316746 [matthew.moss] There have been some quite significant, personal changes in my life in

^ [ANN] Gecode/R 1.0.0
316695 [ruby-talk lo] Gecode/R version 1.0.0 has been released.

^ eruby: problem defining a new method for Array
316696 [ruby gmail.c] I installed eruby yesterday and I spend all night programming...
316741 [calamitates ] <d.barbosa+ruby@gmail.com<d.barbosa%2Bruby@gmail.com>
316744 [ruby gmail.c] Thank you for the answer Peter, but the problem remains. Your suggestion
316749 [calamitates ] <d.barbosa+ruby@gmail.com<d.barbosa%2Bruby@gmail.com>
316782 [ruby gmail.c] Thank you, now it works!

^ Building postgres 0.7.1 on Windows
316697 [djberg96 gma] Windows XP Pro

^ Off Topic: Lots of Ruby Jobs Available!
316700 [info rorjobs] Backend Lead Engineer for Social Network Startup at Plinky, Inc.

^ Telnet - login
316701 [adgar.marks ] Dear all,

^ Problem extending (adding methods) to class
316704 [sentinel.200] I am trying to extend a class developed by someone else (its from the
+ 316707 [sentinel.200] On further thought I am wondering if being inside a module makes that
| 316709 [etaern yahoo] why don't you take advantage of open classes ?
| 316711 [sentinel.200] Are you by any chance saying the same thing i have done above, when i
| 316714 [severus post] Class defined inside a module behaves exactly the same as if she was defined
| 316722 [sentinel.200] Thanks, this worked fine.
| 316724 [dblack rubyp] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| 316726 [sentinel.200] Maybe we are onto something. Your code works fine. But doesn't FORM.new
| 316728 [dblack rubyp] *Please* post some real code that contains the error. Otherwise it
| 316729 [sentinel.200] Sorry about not posting reeal code. I tried the same thing -- to bring
| 316734 [sentinel.200] OK David, I will attach a file that comes with ncurses-ruby.
| 316738 [dblack rubyp] OK, I think what's happening here is that the FORM class is overriding
| 316752 [sentinel.200] Sorry if this sounds silly, i forgot to mention that i *had* attached
| + 316781 [ragavsatish ] David is right.
| | 316783 [sentinel.200] Ah, i get it. Thanks for the link to DelegateClass - just had a look at
| | + 316787 [dblack rubyp] Why not use a module?
| | | 316791 [sentinel.200] Interesting. But sorry if I am missing something. as I understand it, i
| | | 316792 [dblack rubyp] It would still have the same 'new' issue. I'm suggesting, though, that
| | | 316795 [sentinel.200] But modules can't maintain state, right.
| | + 316790 [ragavsatish ] Singleton new methods are rare (IO.new, Class.new, Struct.new ..) and
| + 316786 [dblack rubyp] Yes; that's how I figured out that initialize wasn't being called.
+ 316719 [dblack rubyp] Methods you add to a subclass are not visible to instances of the
  316720 [sentinel.200] That is precisely what i did. It worked.  But I am unable to further
  316721 [dblack rubyp] Can you try this and tell me what you get?

^ using win32-service
316710 [silbermm gma] I am trying to create a windows service with Ruby. I have successfully
316713 [silbermm gma] A Ruby Service(the name I
316750 [jdinkel gmai] Did it work before you installed SP3?
316809 [silbermm gma] I should have been more clear... I never tried it on SP2.

^ Re: Unable to [un]install old gems
316716 [ryand-ruby z] Those gems were bundled by apple and are not meant to be removed by
321356 [emmanuel.pin] So I get the same error but as a new user on OSX , and experienced on
321364 [TimHunter nc] I've installed my own version of Ruby and RubyGems. It takes just a few

^ Is Assignment in a Conditional an Idiom?
316723 [worthee gmai] I was just reading the following blog post
+ 316725 [robert.dober] It seems very bad code to me, what is wrong with the following?
| + 316731 [transfire gm] I wouldn't recommend that. Rule of thumb, don't use rescue when a
| | 316780 [robert.dober] You surprise me here Tom, what is rescue for then, I mean the one line
| | 316849 [gregory.t.br] It swallows all possible errors, not just the one you're banking on
| | 316881 [robert.dober] t.
| | 316890 [gregory.t.br] Personal experience only but I believe I've seen virtually every line
| | 316900 [robert.dober] No OP had non strings and wanted them unchanged, so that was just short for
| + 316842 [b.candler po] I think I remember hearing that 'expr rescue val' is not going to rescue
+ 316730 [transfire gm] rity-over-cleverness-but-what-is-clever,
+ 316743 [shortcutter ] I believe this is a bad idiom.  First, the test for "comments" is not
| 316767 [list.rb gmai] Awesome!
| + 316770 [pit.capitain] I find the results of your example very logical. What part exactly
| | 316852 [list.rb gmai] I just figured ruby was looking at the value of a returned from the
| | 316853 [dblack rubyp] Are you talking about this one?
| | 316864 [list.rb gmai] It was late, sorry. I have no idea what I was thinking.
| + 316778 [justincollin] It's not really a feature of Ruby, it is common in many languages and is
| + 316779 [shortcutter ] Good point.  Sorry for not including this.
+ 316785 [dblack rubyp] It depends whose first glance, I guess. It was clear to me, and I

^ pathname's each_entry
316732 [claudio_grec] I noticed that the following code
316733 [djberg96 gma] Nope, Pathname.new doesn't enforce that a particular pathname exists
316737 [claudio_grec] Can you please clarify?
316747 [djberg96 gma] Hm, you're right. I was thinking each_entry simply yielded each piece
316766 [claudio_grec] I tried that before starting this thread
316771 [sean.ohalpin] require 'pathname'
316774 [claudio_grec] You're right.

^ what does %r
316735 [test30zxc gm] match = url.match(%r[http://(.+).site.com/a-(\d+).html])
316736 [sepp2k googl] Regex literal. Like // but without the need to escape any slashes in the re.
316739 [test30zxc gm] thank you very much

^ Great Lakes Ruby Bash - Speaker Form Error
316740 [bdimchef wie] This message is intended for anyone who has submitted a speaker

^ Great Lakes Ruby Bash - Registration Deadline
316742 [bdimchef wie] Great Lakes Ruby Bash will accept registrations up until the
316796 [fox nscl.msu] Having been to the U-M campus on more than one occasion and found
316811 [bdimchef wie] Ron,

^ [SUMMARY] Cookie Monster (#178)
316745 [matthew.moss] I managed to get the summary done today, so here you go!

^ [ANN] RSpec-1.1.7 is released
316753 [dchelimsky g] The RSpec Development is happy to announce the release of rspec-1.1.7
316794 [dvdplm gmail] Nice!

^ Reg. Expressions with file directories
316760 [bornemann1 n] Im writing this program that is suppose to rename files using regular
316765 [bornemann1 n] Here is what i have got so far, but I need to figure out how to rename
316776 [bornemann1 n] Here is my solution to my problem, just thought I would share just

^ How to do ruby setup on linux?
316762 [muasif80 gma] Can anyone explain how ruby can be setup on linux?
316763 [dlb.id.au gm] Which linux?
316772 [muasif80 gma] I have Fedora Core 6 on VmWare. Thanks
+ 316777 [muasif80 gma] The following are the steps that I performed to install ruby on my linux
+ 316845 [b.candler po] Try "yum install ruby"

^ File Column
316764 [pshussain gm] Hai all,